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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Ben Vaughn Combo  Vibrato In the Grotto   Options Mood Swings ('90-'85)  Restless  1985/1992    0:00:00 )  
Pink Slip Daddy  I Got My Eyes On The World   Options Rock Damage and Other Love Songs  Sympathy for the Record Industry  1994  playing live on the show in a matter of minutes!  0:02:06 )  
Lux Interior  introduces the Sic Kidz   Options No Reason To Complain  Apex  1979/1990  at the Hot Club, Philadelphia  0:04:46 )  
Sic Kidz  Interzone   Options No Reason To Complain  Apex  1982?/1990  the roots of Pink Slip Daddy  0:05:05 )  
Sic Kidz  radio ad with Iggy Pop   Options No Reason To Complain  Apex  ?/1990    0:07:53 )  
Sic Kidz  She's My Witch   Options I Could Go To Hell For You  Big Beat  1983  produced by Lux & Ivy  0:08:27 )  
Das Yahoos  She's a Real Scream   Options Sturm Und Drang  Skyclad  1986  another pre Pink Slip Daddy band. written and produced by Ben Vaughn!  0:10:02 )  
Gus Cordovox Quintet  Trash Pickin'   Options various - You're Soaking In It  Apex  1988  another Ben Vaughn written and produced  0:12:39 )  
Pink Slip Daddy live on WFMU!  
engineer: Tom Unish; recorded Jan. 26  
Mick Cancer - loudmouth; Sal Mineo's Only Son - gitbox; Palmyra Delran - tubs; Barb Dwyer - bottom  
Pink Slip Daddy live on WFMU!  Rock Damage   Options         0:20:27 )  
Pink Slip Daddy live on WFMU!  King of Stupidity   Options         0:22:30 )  
Pink Slip Daddy live on WFMU!  Typewriter Blooze   Options         0:26:07 )  
Pink Slip Daddy live on WFMU!  Turn Me Loose   Options         0:30:42 )  
Pink Slip Daddy live on WFMU!  Gotta Tell Somebody   Options         0:33:50 )  
Pink Slip Daddy live on WFMU!  For Lovers Only   Options         0:37:42 )  
Pink Slip Daddy live on WFMU!  Jet Pilot   Options         0:42:50 )  
Pink Slip Daddy live on WFMU!  Jezebel   Options         0:46:39 )  
Pink Slip Daddy live on WFMU!  Everyone's Gone to The Moon   Options         0:48:15 )  
Pink Slip Daddy live on WFMU!  LSD   Options         0:51:49 )  
Pink Slip Daddy live on WFMU!  interview   Options         0:56:06 )  
Pat DiNizio tribute show Saturday night at The Court Tavern  
The Smithereens  Girls About Town   Options Girls About Town 7"  D-Tone Records  1980    1:07:40 )  
The Smithereens  Girl Don't Tell Me   Options Girls About Town 7"  D-Tone Records  1980    1:10:54 )  
Jeff Jefferson  interview   Options       Pat DiNizio tribute show Saturday night at the Court Tavern  1:11:24 )  
Bobby Fuller Four  Another Sad And Lonely Night   Options The Bobby Fuller Four  Ace  1965/1990    1:21:27 )  
Count Five  Pretty Big Mouth   Options Psychotic Reaction  Edsel  1966/1987    1:23:24 )  
Jeff Jefferson  interview   Options       jeff from the swingin' neckbreakers, will be performing as part of the tribute show saturday night  1:25:28 )  
The Smithereens  Tracey's World   Options Beauty and Sadness  Little Ricky  1983    1:38:32 )  
The Smithereens  Behind the Wall of Sleep   Options Live At the Roxy  Entertainment Radio, Inc.  1986    1:42:35 )  
Jeff Jefferson  interview   Options          
The Smithereens  Blood and Roses   Options Live At the Roxy  Entertainment Radio, Inc.  1986    1:53:46 )  
The Smithereens  Drown In My Own Tears   Options Green Thoughts  Capitol   1988    1:58:18 )  
Hi-Risers  Gear Bustin' Sort of a Feller   Options Rockin' Spree  Rock & Roll Inc.  2006  bobby braddock cover  2:03:59 )  
Chris Sprague  Driving Along On 18 Wheels   Options Miles Away  Spinout  2011    2:04:54 )  
Jerry Reed  The Ballad of Gator McKlusky   Options     1976    2:10:39 )  
Stinker Lets Loose!  
new audiobook with stellar cast led by Jon Hamm about the novelization of a '70s trucker cult film that was forgotten for a reason  
Mike Sacks and Mark Rozzo  interview   Options         2:12:45 )  
Mark Rozzo live on WFMU!  Stinker Lets Loose theme   Options         2:25:19 )  
C.J. McKnight  Makin' Time   Options         2:28:54 )  
Jerry Reed  East Bound And Down   Options RCA Country Legends  BMG Heritage  1977/2001    2:32:39 )  
Mike Sacks and Mark Rozzo  interview   Options         2:36:28 )  
Mike Sacks  Stinker Lets Loose reading   Options         2:40:24 )  
Mark Rozzo live on WFMU!  The Legend of Stinker   Options         2:45:42 )  
Mike Sacks and Mark Rozzo  interview   Options         2:48:49 )  
Waylon Jennings  Lonesome, On'ry, & Mean   Options Lonesome, On'ry and Mean  RCA  1973    2:58:09 )  

Listener comments!

  Mon. 1/29/18 12:03pm Bluesman:

Hey Joe and WFMU friends! Ain't missing this one today!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:03pm Greg from ZONE 5:

Yo Joe!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:03pm Dominick:

Hey Hey Hey
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:03pm BronwynB:

hello joe and everyone! i like this band's name
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:04pm Joe B:

greetings all! thanks for tuning in!
  Mon. 1/29/18 12:04pm Kneel Peart:

Where's Surawski?
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:06pm Rich in Washington:

Was that a Lux intro?
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:06pm Stevel:

Oh my! Interest piqued!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:06pm Rich in Washington:

oh. read the playlist.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:06pm medson:

There he is !!! Hey Joe.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:06pm V Priceless:

Heya JB!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:07pm Joe B:

3 guests today!
1. live set from Philly legends Pink Slip Daddy!
2. Jefferson from the Swingin' Neckbreakers on the Pat DiNizio tribute show at the Court Tavern
3. Mike Sacks & Mark Rozzo on the hilarious/insane audiobook Stinker Lets Loose, based on the forgotten 70s trucker cult classic!
  Mon. 1/29/18 12:09pm KP:

Is that like Lux Deluxe
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:11pm adampsyche:

  Mon. 1/29/18 12:12pm Sean B.:

The Sic Kidz. Wow. Cutting right to the chase with that cover of Interzone. Me oh my.
  Mon. 1/29/18 12:14pm queems:

my new theme song
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:15pm steveo:

Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:19pm BronwynB:

excited to hear the live set by some hometown heroes :D
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:21pm Dominick:

oh yeah!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:24pm Parq:

"King of Stupidity" is a title for which there would be fierce competition. Hi Joe, and all. Digging these Philly folks.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:27pm Parq:

In fact, his Philly accent reminds me, I got some calls to make to South Jersey family. Thanks for that.
  Mon. 1/29/18 12:30pm mike the pike:

anyone watch the grammys?
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:32pm steveo:

i read some tweets about the grammys; apparently there was this guy named Sting who performed and nobody's kids had ever heard of him
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:33pm steveo:

same, but Delaware, Parq
  Mon. 1/29/18 12:35pm Bluesman:

Great! Great! Great!
  Mon. 1/29/18 12:35pm Amy:

I was trying to remember the last time I watched the Grammys. It was in the last millennium.
  Mon. 1/29/18 12:35pm mike the pike:

not too many women and white guys on that stage last night
  Mon. 1/29/18 12:40pm frenchee:

I luuuuv this lead singer's voice, either talkin' or singin'. That's really a S. Philly accent? I hear Tennessee....
  Mon. 1/29/18 12:41pm frenchee:

the sound mix is excellent
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:41pm Parq:

Goddammit, that ("For Lovers Only") was beautiful.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:44pm Joe B:

Tom Unish on the sound! great job Tom!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:46pm nickybones:

Tom rules. Hey Joe!
  Mon. 1/29/18 12:48pm frenchee:

Just had a coworker comment on my head-bopping....JEZEBEL
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 12:55pm AdamFromOldeKenzo:

there are subtle drug references in this song if you listen closely
  Mon. 1/29/18 12:56pm KP:

Skip Spence!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:00pm KRYPT:

Loving the show!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:00pm Parq:

Frenchee @ 12:40 - it's a funny thing. Mick's accent reminds me of my cousin's husband, who is from Virginia but has lived in South Jersey for decades. Maybe he is from Philly via somewhere below the M-D Line as well.

Adam @ 12:55 -- right?
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:09pm Jeff formerly from Rahway:

RIP Scotch Plains' own Pat DiNizio.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:11pm BronwynB:

lovin this cover!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:11pm V Priceless:

whoa - this 'Girls About Town' 'reens sounds like a mix of xtc and joe jackson - cool. Pat D forever!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:14pm Jeff formerly from Rahway:

Joe, there will be another Pat Dinizio tribute featuring the Scotch Plainsmen @ Crossroads in Garwood on Sunday, Feb. 25 in the afternoon.
  Mon. 1/29/18 1:20pm Dennis Diken:

hey Joe! hey Keith! see you Saturday nite!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:21pm Parq:

The Dirt Club -- my alma mater!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:25pm Michael 98145:

the Grammies always, always make me appreciate this station more & more
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:25pm Johnny_A:

Another Sad and Lonely Night - sounds like the title of a Smithereens tune!
  Mon. 1/29/18 1:27pm Dennis Diken:

hey Jeff! I tuned in later and mistakenly thought it was Keith H on the air there.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:32pm David Shortell:

According to WRSU's Overnight Sensations Bulletin Board, the February 3rd Court Tavern show sold out last week.
  Mon. 1/29/18 1:43pm Bobby The W:

snuck into the Court to see the Smithereens when they were backing Otis Blackwell.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:44pm thecarvelsnyc:

LOVE Sic Kidz and Pink Slip Daddy!
  Mon. 1/29/18 1:46pm Ted:

A great but sadly underplayed Smithereens song.....Strangers When We Meet
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:48pm Carmichael:

Heya Joe #2 and rekkid luvahs.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:50pm ChrisB.:

The 'reens were supposed to open for Lou Reed at the Ritz one night. Lou cancelled, so they went down to The Court instead. A late announcement on the radio had me there at the end of my 2nd shift. Right around the time of the 1st album release.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:53pm doctorjazz:

Crosswoods in Garwood-that's walking distance from where I live, cool!
  Mon. 1/29/18 1:55pm Dennis Diken:

thanks fellas for a lovely segment! this Special Forces show was recorded the first time we played the Roxy, our first proper LA appearance. May or June '86, I think?
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:56pm Michael 98145:

great song
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:56pm Stevel:

Hey! can you turn this up anymore? I'm up to 11 here!!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:59pm Parq:

Dennis, not to take anything away from Pat or the others, but you killed on that Special Forces set.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 1:59pm northguineahills:

@Stevel: I got mine to elevenity, and it's plenty loud :p
  Mon. 1/29/18 2:00pm Bluesman:

Hey Jeff - good to hear your reminiscing!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:02pm Dano59:

very nice -- so many memories. i interviewed Jim B. once but never got to interact with Pat.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:02pm Michael 98145:

- open road -
  Mon. 1/29/18 2:03pm Bobby The W:

Young kid getting out of the bus at Port Authority to buy his first Rickenbacker in '85 (i think?) spies Dennis Diken in peaked cap.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:13pm ɨkɛ:

VIRGINIA BEACH?!? How DARE you cheat on Ocean City, Maryland!?!?!!?
  Mon. 1/29/18 2:13pm Dennis Diken:

thanks Parq!
  Mon. 1/29/18 2:18pm Marc15:

Don’t forget “Dallas”
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:35pm Folsom:

Jerry Reed / Chet Atkins "Jerry's Breakdown" is pretty good
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:40pm kuba:

hey all, as i tuned in, i overheard them mention jon hamm and paul f tompkins doing something together.... but i didn't really catch it. can anyone help me out?
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:42pm Joe B:

they are onthis audio book
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:42pm ɨkɛ:

Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:45pm northguineahills:

Fenestration, a great name for a dog, especially if you let out through the window!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:46pm Michael 98145:

i could see the fenestration in her eyes
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:48pm northguineahills:

I'm very overly familiar w/ SE GA.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:49pm kuba:

great, thanks joe & ɨkɛ! (fun fact: in germany audible.com "helpfully" and silently redirects me to audible.de, where the book doesn't exist)
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:50pm nickybones:

This has been riveting and incredibly surreal.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:53pm Michael 98145:

thanks again, Joe B
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:56pm Parq:

How 'bout putting out the remake as-is?
  Mon. 1/29/18 2:57pm nardo:

I think I just thought of true calling. I'm going to do novelizations of all the Bowery Boys films.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:58pm ɨkɛ:

@kuba, I actually work for them -- let me check the world rights for this one.
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:58pm V Priceless:

great show Joe - thanks!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 2:58pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks, Joe. See you in February!
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 3:00pm Ike:

@kuba, if you're still there, try this link for DE: www.audible.de...
Avatar Mon. 1/29/18 3:01pm kuba:

still am! thanks!!
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