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Playlist for 13 December 2017 Options | Multiple Flying Dumpster Fires

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Artist Song Album Label Images New Approx. start time
Kramer  Needles and Pins   Options The Brill Building Book Two Featuring Bill Frisell  Tzadik 
Jonathan Kane  Little Drummer Boy   Options    
  0:05:38 (Pop-up)
Bob Dylan  Adeste Fidelis   Options Christmas in the Heart   
  0:19:33 (Pop-up)
Porest  Critic's Coroner   Options Flimsy Tomb   
*   0:22:11 (Pop-up)
Chuck Miller  Lookout Mountain   Options Sixteen Tons of Preachin' Talk: Honky Tonk Radio Girl's 2017 Marathon Premium   
  0:23:42 (Pop-up)
Thurl Ravenscroft  Cool Cool Bottle   Options    
  0:26:22 (Pop-up)
Thurl Ravenscroft  I Aint Afraid   Options    
  0:28:18 (Pop-up)
Gordon Jenkins  The Sixth Dream: The Nightmare   Options Seven Dreams   
  0:30:33 (Pop-up)
Johnny Cash  Hurt   Options    
  0:41:38 (Pop-up)
Wing  It Came Upon the Midnight Clear   Options Everyone Sings Carols With Wing   
  0:45:50 (Pop-up)
Christmas at CPH  Little Drummer Boy / Medley   Options         0:48:34 (Pop-up)
Voivod  The Nile Song   Options The Outer Limits   
  0:52:44 (Pop-up)
Caninus  Locking Jaws   Options    
  0:56:45 (Pop-up)
Helical Snowfall  Woolen Waves   Options    
*   0:57:51 (Pop-up)
Rube Waddell  Metal Circus   Options Hobo Train   
  0:59:56 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Isi   Options    
  1:02:28 (Pop-up)
Clark Terry  Rum and Mumbl;es   Options Feeling Good - Funk Soul & Deep Jazz Gems: The Supreme Sound Of Producer Bob Shad   
*   1:08:59 (Pop-up)
Mumbles  Happy Jose   Options Last Vegas Grind   
  1:11:35 (Pop-up)
Joe Thomas  Mr. Mumbles   Options    
  1:13:47 (Pop-up)
Bootsy Collins  Bass-Rigged System   Options World Wide Funk      *   1:15:56 (Pop-up)
J.B.s  Givin' Up Food for Funk (Parts 1 & 2)   Options    
  1:20:33 (Pop-up)
Rockabye Baby  Freebird   Options    
  1:31:50 (Pop-up)
OCS  The Remote Viewer   Options Memory Of A Cut Off Head   
*   1:33:35 (Pop-up)
Valvola  Baroque Bouquet   Options Harpsichord 2000   
  1:38:49 (Pop-up)
Jean-Paul Amoreux  Boogie for Piano and Harpsichord   Options         1:41:49 (Pop-up)
Die Fabulosen TheKenSchlampen  Das Schup Schup   Options All Together Now! The Teutonic Unison Onanism of Germany's Fave Madchens!   
  1:43:15 (Pop-up)
Antwood  Sublingual   Options Sponsored Content      *   1:51:13 (Pop-up)
Porest  A Few Tracks   Options Flimsy Tomb   
*   1:52:17 (Pop-up)
Melt Banana  Scratch or Stitch   Options         1:57:00 (Pop-up)
John Zorn  The Lips at Sway   Options Filmworks XXII: Volume Two   
  1:58:52 (Pop-up)
Nurse with Wound  Rock and Roll Station   Options The Swinging Reflective II   
  2:02:45 (Pop-up)
The Jingle Cats  Little Drummer Boy   Options Here Comes Santa Claws   
  2:08:55 (Pop-up)
Brooklyn Raga Massive  Cells 1-8   Options Terry Riley In C   
*   2:12:14 (Pop-up)
  Guaraldi, Jingle Cats and In Collage      
  2:21:17 (Pop-up)
Pastor John Rydgren  A Beautiful Girl / Music to Watch Girls Go By   Options Silhouette   
  2:30:56 (Pop-up)
Dan Warren  Congressional Blood Orgy   Options The Trump of Doom   
  2:34:16 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Laughter of the Bells   Options         2:39:32 (Pop-up)
David Nance and Simon Joyner  Angie   Options Goat's Head Soup        2:41:04 (Pop-up)
Marlene Dietrich  Der Trommelmann   Options    
  2:45:17 (Pop-up)
Don Bartnick  Der Koffer Aus Rio   Options    
  2:47:31 (Pop-up)
Franka Potente and Thomas D  Komm Zu Mir   Options    
  2:51:46 (Pop-up)
Shipping Forecast Orchestra  Sail On   Options         2:55:48 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:10am geo in jc:

Good Morning Ken Freedman.
Avatar 🍳 Swag For Life Member 6:16am -Ken:

Morning George! You beat me here AGAIN!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:25am NotARealDoctor:

Am I too early?
Avatar 6:28am cory:

nice dumpster fire
Avatar 🍳 Swag For Life Member 6:30am -Ken:

@NotARealDoctor - Hell no you aint too early! Any requests?
  6:30am Jake K.:

Have you heard the new Porest album? "The Porest Trap" is very Wednesday morning material.
Avatar 🍳 Swag For Life Member 6:31am -Ken:

@Jake - I havent heard it - is it online?
  6:34am ϝϟϝϟ (:

Good morni---

WHAAAAT?! Porest has a new album?!
  6:35am Jake K.:

Yeah, Bandcamp. Called Flimsy Tomb. Surprised it came out so soon after the last one.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:38am Ken From Hyde Park:

Morning, Alabama! My latest WFMU idea is that for the marathon, there should be a pledge choice for the collective fill-in DJs and they would also have their own premium CD. Should I send an email to someone to document that notion?
Avatar 6:48am Losermom:

Good morning! So happy it's Wednesday.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:00am Ken From Hyde Park:

Here is the Porest :
Avatar 🍳 Swag For Life Member 7:01am -Ken:

Thanks for the idea Ken from Hyde Park, your idea is under consideration... you mean ONE premium for all fill-ins?
Avatar 🍳 Swag For Life Member 7:04am -Ken:

Downloading the new Porest NOW!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:11am Ken From Hyde Park:

Correct, one CD containing a one or two song choices per DJ. Thanks for thinking about the suggestion.
Avatar 🍳 8:33am AnAnonymousParty:

Morning all, and Ken. My previous software dev scrum team was named 'Dumpster Fire' and I believe we had that same GIF on our wiki page. Now we're 'Flying Dumpster Fire' and have a GIF of multiple dumpsters burning with debris flying through the air. Weird, huh?
Avatar 🍳 Swag For Life Member 8:42am -Ken:

@AAP Can you send me multiple flying dumpster fires?
Avatar 🍳 8:43am AnAnonymousParty:

Not animated, but I will fwd it.
  8:44am ϝϟϝϟ (:

Great Hazmat update as usual, Kommissar Ken.

Hello everyone!
  8:44am yippie:

ken i humbly submit a thekenschlampen song to your gmail address. its called das schupp schupp lied and i think it would be really great to hear. im gonna wake and bake now
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:45am Ken From Hyde Park:

A little surprised that 'dumpster fire' wasn't the 2017 word of the year. Maybe 2018.
  8:49am yippie:

also its from the album, weihnachten mit den thekenschlampen, known in english as, theKensluts XXmas album
  8:55am ϝϟϝϟ (:

Funny you mention it, Ken from HP. I just read 'Dumpster Fire' was the 2016 Word of the Year according to Wired. Never in my life heard that expression before. My favourite words of the year are: sharknado, ammosexual, omnishambles, Frankenstorm and of course, vuvuzela.
  8:58am Mark Williams:

i just read that those Thekenschlampen did a cover of I Shot the Sheriff. Has that graced the airwaves yet?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:59am Goyim in the AM:

Morning, Ken! May this news report cause you no difficulty or confusion:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:59am NotARealDoctor:

Oh no! Someone started 7 Second Delay instead of Ken's Show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:00am NotARealDoctor:

But... it must be a rerun because of the old theme song...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:01am dale:

will the harrassment alarm be sounding today?
Avatar 9:02am Paul In Bloomfield:

Hey Ken!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:02am Goyim in the AM:

In order to avoid difficulty after the #metooing of his near-namesake, I suggest referring to the group from Cologne as die Fabulosen Thekendamen, which means the fabulous Ken ladies, of course.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:03am dale:

r.i.p. sonny bono...
Avatar 9:03am pantz:

I'm Jonesin' for some Dead. How about Alabama Getaway?!
Avatar 9:03am Brendan in Carroll Gardens:

rip it
  9:04am ϝϟϝϟ (:

Did Sonny Bono die again?
Avatar 9:05am Roberto:

Changing the spelling of your surname won't help, Ken.
  9:05am John in Bklyn:

Sonny died, Sonny has risen, Sonny will come again.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:07am dale:

best song he ever wrote. that and a cowboy's work is never done.
Avatar 9:08am Nick S.:

Harry Unreasoner
  9:08am ϝϟϝϟ (:

A Xmas can't be called Xmas if it doesn't come with the Duane Butane's Xmas song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:08am northguineahills:

The Flaming Lips also do a version of the Little Drummer Boy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:09am NotARealDoctor:

@Dale, Sonny Bono died? Again?!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:09am steveo:

Hi -Ken und andere. Can you delete that bagel gif now?
Avatar 9:11am Mark S:

"Needles and Pins" is a song written by Jack Nitzsche and Sonny Bono. In his autobiography, Bono states that he sang along with Nitzsche's guitar-playing, thus creating both the tune and the lyrics, being guided by the chord progressions
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:12am Webhamster Henry:

Dozens of Little Drummer Boy Challenge Wednesday Morning Timeslot listeners are shaking their fists at you.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:14am steveo:

chill drummer jam yo
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:14am steveo:

(i'm all about the bass)
Avatar 🍳 Swag For Life Member 9:15am -Ken:

Grateful Dead! hmmmm quite a challenge there
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:16am dale:

this song is the real stalling tape.
Avatar 9:17am βrian:

Alabama, yes indeed!
Avatar 9:17am pantz:

You can do it, Ken! Don't harsh my scene.
Avatar 🍳 Swag For Life Member 9:18am -Ken:

@dale hah! You are correct, sir. Had a helluva tuime getting out of Hoboken today and arrived only just in time for the Hazmat report..
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:19am Asheville Jon:

pretty sure that Don Felder wrote little drummer boy
  9:19am ϝϟϝϟ (:

Every time Ken plays Jonathan Kane my mind keeps thinking he is just about to start talking over the music.

I'm so classically conditioned that I feel like a freaking Pavlov's dog. Thanks for nothing, Ken!!
  9:20am queems:

this song is going to keep going until christmas day
  9:20am Listener Robert:

You want a stalling tape, make it the CD version of Bingo's Bolero (Bingo Gazingo's). It's 14 min. +. I've sometimes looped it when I've been especially cranky or something. It's air-friendly, unlike some of the other cuts.
  9:21am yippie:

lotte lenya sings the best alabama song, o moon of alabama. its because she has that thekenschlampen accent .
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:21am dale:

what a little turd that drummer boy was. plays baby jesus a song instead of getting him a jumper or chipping in for diapers.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:21am steveo:

Hey all. Did you know that WFMU has NEVER played Ring Christmas Bells by the Ray Conniff Singers since the BEGINNING of the playlist archives?
Avatar 9:21am Sem:

Morning, SM *Hazmat* Ken, and mid-hump day listeners. Sorry to hear Little Drummer Boy end.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:22am dale:

YES! was gonna ask for phlegm dylan.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:22am Asheville Jon:

ugh, my dog started howling at this bob dylan 'song'
  9:22am yippie:

dylan also has a lotte lenya LP on the front cover of bringing it all back home
  9:22am CHAD PEARSON:

Love this Bob Dylan holiday tune!
  9:22am yippie:

you know we like the foreign language songs Ken
  9:23am queems:

yikes bob
Avatar 9:23am pantz:

Nothing says Christmas like a phlegm filled dirge.
  9:23am yippie:

people like us played this dylan tune consecutively with thekenschlampen before
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:24am dale:

i wish mr. zimmerman had done dreidel dreidel dreidel
Avatar 9:24am Roberto:

This has to be the best Christmas album of all time.
Avatar 9:24am A Better Me:

Sup ye?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:25am dale:

sounds like harry shearer le show.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:26am NotARealDoctor:

@Ken, two years ago your episode from 2 weeks before Christmas synced up in a very meaningful way with the Star Wars Christmas Movie followed by How the Grinch Stole Christmas animated special. Any hints as to which movies we should try to sync this episode up with?
  9:26am ϝϟϝϟ (:

The Dylan song sounds like Scrooge happily singing a Christmas carol song after finding out he is not dead after all as predicted by the Ghost of Xmas.

  9:27am Listener Robert:

The WFMU premium cassette version had Ravel's as the music over which Bingo chanted, but was unauthorized. I prefer the somewhat improvised bolero done by Bob Brainen and R. Stevie Moore on the CD version released later. Bingo sounds the same of course. It may be the most romantic song I've ever heard, but some people can't get past his gravelly voice.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:28am dale:

Avatar 9:29am Nick S.:

  9:29am yippie:

  9:30am queems:

grinch narrator audition tapes
Avatar 9:31am pantz:

That was Grrrrr-acceptable.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:32am Webhamster Henry:

The Grim Grinning Ghosts are coming out to socialize.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:32am zopa:

I'm afraid
  9:32am yippie:

i came to NJ today and its too windy for me to smoke up to tony the tyger
  9:34am yippie:

ill do it anyway im not afraid
Avatar 9:36am βrian:

I got lost among the twisting underground passages of the catechism.
Avatar 9:36am Roberto:

Et tu, mother?
Avatar 9:37am Nick S.:

That was insane.
  9:37am Sam:

Is it Halloween?
Avatar 9:37am (Murakami Whywolf))):

If you like Thurl Ravenscroft's voice, search YouTube or other music source for "Im Tiefen Keller".

(I once read a Russian author who referred to Paul Robeson as a 'baritone' to make his point about Russian basses.)
  9:38am tmorphe:

Saw the Sonny B ref earllier but I was cooking soup - not for hunger -but to heat up the house...
"Sonny Bono - a very good singer but
a very bad skier"
  9:39am Sam:

I stayed in a dive hotel in Amsterdam where the heat didn't work so I had to leave the shower running to fill the place with warm steam.
  9:40am Sam:

Ken I love the way you say "Rock"
Avatar 9:40am βrian:

A bad legislator, too.
  9:41am Kat in Chicago:

I got the Optimized record!
  9:41am Morgan:

  9:41am Blix:

Holiday music? Some Special Ed/Ed Special...the sample manipulation guy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:43am Webhamster Henry:

Nothing says Holiday music like Mickey Katz.
  9:43am ϝϟϝϟ (:

Also not to be confused with Ken Friesman, the fast-food restauranteur.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:43am zopa:

When all else fails, seek comfort in soft rock.
  9:43am yippie:

it all worked out but the storm gods got about half the jay too
Avatar 🍳 9:44am AnAnonymousParty:

Ken 'Fried'-man, a restauranteur?
Avatar 9:44am βrian:

Love this guy's voice.
  9:45am dirt works:

Really messed up that you're on the front page of the paper today for veins pig and you still go on the air and make jokes about it. F you
  9:46am mark v:

nice to hear this one. Sniffle sniffle
  9:46am dirt works:

Being a pig meant to type
Avatar 9:46am Sem:

The real deal, whoever thought to have the Man sing this, when he did, is/was a genius.
  9:46am MUWFInMA:

my empire of dirt — much better than the original the word gravitas makes sense here thx
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:47am Ken From Hyde Park:

The Johnny Cash video is also moving to watch.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:48am northguineahills:

Tru dat, Ken.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:48am NotARealDoctor:

@KFHP, I cry everytime...
  9:48am berbo:

Is this the oldies request line? I'd like to hear that one song by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, please. Thank you.
Avatar 9:48am Roberto:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:48am Sebastian:

bring Wing!
Avatar 9:49am Paul In Bloomfield:

That Johnny Cash video is a true tear jerker. gets me everytime as well
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:49am NotARealDoctor:

I'm so sad that Wing retired. I really hoped to see her in concert... :'(
  9:50am mark v:

I think the through-line to yr show so far is suffering for someone’s sins when it snows.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:51am People Like Us:

You know it was me that showed Wing how to set up a Paypal account to sell her CDs
Avatar 9:51am Nick S.:

  9:51am ϝϟϝϟ (:

I found this on a Wing's youtube video from 2007:

"Buy her music at pay $3 more and she'll sing to you over the phone"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:52am NotARealDoctor:

That's lovely, PLU, I own three of her CDs, so I guess I have you to thank for that
  9:52am yippie:

great job people like us
  9:52am yippie:

also you showed me the thekenschlampen for the first time and changed my life
  9:52am dearmrmiller:

My workmate Felix, whom I torture with this show on a weekly basis, is a bit disappointed to not hear any kazoo yet.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:53am northguineahills:

@fofo: Does that offer still stand, that would make an awesome xmas gift!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:53am steveo:

BREAKING: I bought a plastic trombone. It sounds pretty good.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:54am dale:

oh man - that kid probably had nightmares over that sousaphone solo and with good reason.
  9:54am JakeGould:

I like that fact that Ken who ran “The Spotted Pig” called the after hours 3rd floor hangout room the “Rape Room” and he entertained Charlie Rose and Mario Batali. It’s like some James Elroy level detail.
  9:54am queems:

@steveo doubt it sounds as good as this
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:54am NotARealDoctor:

Stop everything! I know they make plastic "woodwinds", but plastic "brass"?!
  9:54am Lixiviated Life:

Hey Ken! Where the hell is my figgy pudding already?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:55am steveo:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:55am steveo:

Avatar 9:55am PKNY:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:55am NotARealDoctor:

It's weird hearing Uncle Jack's voice again... :|
Avatar 9:55am Nick S.:

Voivod! Saw them do this.
Avatar 9:56am Roberto:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:56am NotARealDoctor:

I'm actually related to him, my last name is what caused me to pick the username...
  9:56am blee:

  9:57am JakeGould:

@NotARealDoctor: You mean “The Spotted Pig” guy?
Avatar 9:58am βrian:

@NotARealDoctor: Do you have Michigan connections? I was acquainted with at least one Kevorkian.
  9:58am ϝϟϝϟ (:

It looks Cheri Pi isn't around so on behalf of her:


(I don't want her to loose her streak)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:58am NotARealDoctor:

I do, my grandfather moved away from the Detroit area when he was a boy, though, so I don't know too many of them
Avatar 9:59am Roberto:

Kind of a tip-off when "pig" is in the name of your establishment. Although I don't approve of the use of that term to refer to people like that since actual pigs are generally sensitive and intelligent.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:59am NotARealDoctor:

But it's a pretty uncommon name in the US and I am related to most Kevorkians through either blood or marriage, chances are they were cousins of mine.
  9:59am SeanG:

Avatar 10:00am βrian:

The one I knew worked for Borders, back when Borders was a thing.
Avatar 10:01am βrian:

Did they serve Spotted Dick, perchance?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:01am dale:

not a real - yeah, i was surprised to see plastic trumpets and things on amazon. they sound good supposedly.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:02am NotARealDoctor:

The original drummer from Everclear married a Kevorkian, she's a cousin of mine
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:02am NotARealDoctor:

I'm named after her father, actually
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:03am NotARealDoctor:

He's a pretty talented painter
  10:03am ϝϟϝϟ (:

They should all group together and do a reality show like The Kardashians. Just imagine what a sensation would be a "The Kevorkians" TV show.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:04am NotARealDoctor:

@Dale, my mother has an aluminum clarinet, it sounded terrible so she turned it into a lamp
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:04am NotARealDoctor:

I have a feeling I'd be the Rob Kardashian of The Kevorkians
  10:05am queems:

i bet it made a cool lamp though
Avatar 10:05am (Murakami Whywolf)):

'Kevork' is cognate to 'George', true? I'm not Armenian, but can pass, and as I've lived in Watertown and Pasadena, I'm concerned that I'm fated to live in Fresno.
Avatar 10:05am Jack:

Oh no! Pat DiNizio, voice of the Smithereens, dies at 62. RIP
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:06am NotARealDoctor:

@queems, it really does, she has it sitting on the piano. She's made a couple others with plastic clarinets, but they don't look near as cool as the aluminum one
Avatar 10:06am (((Murakami Whywolf):

I still want to see "Keeping Up With the Cardassians".
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:07am NotARealDoctor:

@Murakami, Yes! Alternate spelling = Gevorg, my grandfather was named Kevork as well but went by George
  10:07am Sam:

Ken I want to see all those things too. And I want an army of koala bears in little firemen outfits to put out the fire tornado.
Avatar 🍳 10:07am AnAnonymousParty:

A snornado with sharks in it?
  10:08am ϝϟϝϟ (:

You have all the right characters! The Kevorkian lamp maker, the Kevorkian painter, and probably there's a Kovorkian piano player as well, etc. A family dinasty story that as something for everyone.
  10:08am Sam:

Did he touch you Ken?
  10:08am Lixiviated Life:

Admit it Ken. You are in fact, every Ken Friedman
  10:09am Sam:

Now you're going to end up on the no fly list
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:10am northguineahills:

The Council of Ken Fre(i)edmen?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:10am zopa:

saiiiiling, takes me away...
Avatar 10:10am A Better Me:

My KF would never do the funny touching.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:11am dale:

ken - doctor booty grabber with lot's of alarms!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:11am NotARealDoctor:

@ϝϟϝϟ, we all play piano, actually. And we also all play the clarinet. And most of us also play the guitar. Some of us are better at these things than others.
  10:11am JakeGould:

WFMU’s Ken is a “Freedman” with two Es; the good kind. That Spotted Pig creep has an “AI” as in “Aiiieeee! The guy has a rape room!”
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:12am NotARealDoctor:

When I say some of us are better than others, I mean the rest of my family is better than I... I'm the one they're better than...
  10:14am ϝϟϝϟ (:

The other has a rape room and ours has a tape room. That's the difference between our man and the PIG!
Avatar 10:17am βrian:

This needs a little vibraslap.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:17am BronwynB:

morning ken and everyone
  10:17am Lixiviated Life:

Ken’s fried man
  10:18am Sam:

First you break us down with raw terror, then you build us back up with intense funk
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:18am northguineahills:

Is it wrong that I now want to listen to Vanilla Ice?
Avatar 10:18am pantz:

That weren't no Vanilla Ice, yo.
Avatar 10:19am kimzilla:

Now Vanilla Ice, the stars are knocking down your door now Ken. Who's next?!?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:19am JtotheK:

hi ken, hi everyone.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:19am steveo:

  10:19am dirt works:

Very fucked up. Hockenberry and lopate get fired but Friedman gets to remain on the air.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:20am steveo:

-Ken is there a slot available for Jonathan Schwartz?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:22am dale:

no - jonathan schwatz plays too much carly simon.
Avatar 10:24am Wild Neil:

PEACE all. So, it snowed in Buffalo a bit. It snowed like crazy at the Bill game down in Orchard Park!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:24am Ken From Hyde Park:

Bootsy is cool!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:26am dale:

as a former western new yorker, i miss lake effect.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:27am northguineahills:

dayuuuuuuum this JBs!!!
Avatar 🍳 10:27am AnAnonymousParty:

Hey my feets won't stop tappin'!
  10:27am Kerbo:

So dang funky!
Avatar 10:27am βrian:

As a former western Vermonter, so do I.
  10:27am Brendan:

Mornin Ken and all. What the funk’s happening with your bad selves? Nice to see everyone shakin’ their booties.
Avatar 10:28am pantz:

Sounds like some Maori warriors up in this piece!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:28am northguineahills:

Still wishing for a miracle and hoping for snow in FL (the last time it fell and stuck on the ground here was in '89 and we got a whopping 1/4".
  Swag For Life Member 10:28am bk845:

Nice Haka!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:28am northguineahills:

(It was my first white xmas, even after living in DC and Japen).
Avatar 🍳 10:28am AnAnonymousParty:

Won't give up funk for lent though.
  10:29am ϝϟϝϟ (:

There are white people in Japan too, northguineahills.
Avatar 10:31am βrian:

Wouldn't snow in FL mess with my orange juice?
  10:31am yippie:

giving up food for funk is an apt metaphor for donating to wfmu
Avatar 🍳 10:32am AnAnonymousParty:

Boy Scouts do 'Scouting for Funk' where we live. They leave a bag on your door, you fill it up with funk and they pick it up and distribute to those needing funk.
  10:32am Sam:

Can't wait for the Vicky fill in!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:32am northguineahills:

Two more weeks for PLU, I can't wait that long!!!
  10:32am Sam:

There really is a Santa!
  10:33am queems:

sounds like the mta
  10:34am berbo:

Why play Gary Pucket?
'In 1974 “Young Girl” was reissued by popular request in England where it reached number five and achieved a Silver Record Award for the second time.'
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:34am northguineahills:

@βrian: yeah, but not as bad when we get the occasional deep freeze down in the teens once a decade. The freezes of the 80s sent the commercial citrus crops boundary south a good 90km. (remember the deep freeze that made the Space Shuttle Challenger's fuel tank seals contract and snap).
  10:34am Sam:

What's that pitter patter on the roof?!
It's rain dear.
Avatar 10:36am pantz:

@northguineahills I'm not worried about the orange crops this year. My man, Clarence Beeks is on it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:36am Sebastian:

Ken, if you're struggeling to find stuff to play I'd like to renew Cecile's request from last week for some Hubert von Goisern:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:37am NotARealDoctor:

And I'd like to renew my request for some Florence Foster Jenkins!
Avatar 🍳 10:38am AnAnonymousParty:

Thos OCS has a very Pink FLoyd feel to it.
Avatar 10:38am βrian:

Not Florence Henderson?
Avatar 🍳 10:39am Okasa:

Glad tidings! I hope everyone is having a joyous Ken infused Wed morning.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:39am NotARealDoctor:

@Brian, I mean, I guess if you're into that kind of thing...
Avatar 🍳 10:40am AnAnonymousParty:

Or Lola Henderson?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:40am NotARealDoctor:

If things like musical notation and consistent tempo are important to you, I'd say Henderson is the Florence you want, but if you wanna get real crazy, Foster Jenkins is the Florence for you
  10:41am ϝϟϝϟ (:

Or Run Lola Run?

(Which, by the way, Ken, you haven't played the soundtrack in a while)
Avatar 🍳 10:41am AnAnonymousParty:

I'd pay a dollar to hear some Lola Heatherton.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:42am NotARealDoctor:

From The Glory(????) of the Human Voice:
  10:42am yippie: this is the real german lola
  10:42am Agent Peter:

Thursdays at 9
Avatar 10:43am βrian:

That's not E. Edward Gray, is it?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:43am BronwynB:

@NotARealDoctor: I LOVE that trio. It's made it impossible to listen to the actual Faust final trio without laughing. MARGARIIITA!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:43am NotARealDoctor:

This one is a bit shorter if you're pressed for time and still want the FFJ experience:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:44am NotARealDoctor:

@BronwynB, it's definitely my favorite FFJ track
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:45am BronwynB:

it's not actually florence though! it's jenny and thomas burns
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:45am northguineahills:

O in Italia, Firenze (Florence)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:45am BronwynB:

jenny williams and thomas burns, i mean
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:45am northguineahills:

(the city)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:45am NotARealDoctor:

That's not her?! MY GOD!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:46am Jay Goges:

  10:46am yippie:

thank you the beste
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:46am Sebastian:

schup schup schup
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:46am NotARealDoctor:

Ken, if not FFJ, how about some Mrs. Miller?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:46am BronwynB:

@NotARealDoctor: nope, just two randos who walked into a recording studio one day and cut that
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:47am NotARealDoctor:

I genuinely thought that whole album was her!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:48am Kerbo:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:48am Sebastian:

"wenn du wissen willst warum ich bei ihm schmilz" - genius!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:49am BronwynB:

Avatar 🍳 10:49am Okasa:

Dr Freud called. He wants his innuendos back.
  10:49am yippie:

  10:49am ϝϟϝϟ (:


Just to clarify: I am not wishing you dead, TheKenSchamplies.

So Live Fabulosen TheKenschlampen! LIVEEE!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:49am BronwynB:

@NotARealDoctor: sadly i don't think she made enough recordings to fill a whole LP so they had to add her peers
  10:49am yippie:

  10:50am yippie:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:50am Webhamster Henry:

I hope those Ken Sluts weren't working for the EVIL KEN FRIEDMAN.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:50am NotARealDoctor:

Well, it's quite good at any rate. It fit right in and fooled me!
Avatar 10:50am βrian:

Does Ken have a Schlampen Room on the top floor?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:51am northguineahills:

I'm going out on a limb and plant a memory that I've heard Funkedelic use a harpsichord at least once.
  10:52am queems:

i love rubber band christmas
  10:52am yippie:

a frayliche chanuke to everyone the festival of lights
  10:52am ϝϟϝϟ (:


Vicki Bennet "interviewed" Mrs Miller in one of her PLU shows.

Because by 'interviewed' I mean Ken's Heroes of Soft Rock kind of interview.
Avatar 10:53am Mark S:

not to be picky but you spelled onanism wrong
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:53am steveo:

the rubber bands are kinda genius
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:53am NotARealDoctor:

Was that her on WFMU? Is that archived? Please tell me yes!
  10:54am Morgan:

god not branding
  10:54am ϝϟϝϟ (:

Mark S.

It is one of those 'typing with one hand' kind of typos.
Avatar 🍳 10:55am Okasa:

Careful, Ken's bad spelling is sort of a 'sticky' subject.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:55am Passaic River Blues:

@FoFo: Props due for the quip!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:56am zopa:

In defense of Ken's spelling, he did say his computer crashed this morning... again...
Avatar 10:57am Mark S:

Yeah, specially if you're not typing with your favored hand
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:58am Asheville Jon:

is it BBQ Song time?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:00am northguineahills:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:02am northguineahills:

Moar Zorn!
  11:02am ϝϟϝϟ (:


The Mrs Miller interview is in one show probably from the Do or DIY 2007-10 era. Unfortunately I can't find it via google nor the archives.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:03am NotARealDoctor:

I shall just have to perform the hunt manually...
  11:03am charles b:

hey ken, i love your sluts (especially 'yes sir i can boogie') but i hate to disappoint you. 'theken' means bartop, so it's the fabulous bar sluts, though i am sure they'd be ken sluts there too...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:04am northguineahills:

Tonya Harding sounded a lot like a certain Wendy we know ;)
  11:04am yippie:

theken can also mean the ken, duh
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:04am NotARealDoctor:

chuck really knows how to suck the joy out of a room...
  11:05am ϝϟϝϟ (:

The Tonya Harding's endorsment also sound legit.

(Although 'legit' in a kind of Dave Hill kind of way. Is he the one making the voices?)
  11:05am Sam:

The Ken = theken
Uncle Andy = unclean dy
  11:05am Dean:

Mrs. Miller interview is here:
  11:06am ϝϟϝϟ (:


Manually and with both hands preferably.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:07am Sebastian:

what's the problem with the golden-white glitter skates that has her so upset?
Avatar 🍳 Swag For Life Member 11:08am -Ken:

@northguineauhills - That was NOT Cheesemonger Wendy! Good Lord. I suppose you think my Will Shortz ID is fake also?!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:08am coelacanth∅:

somebody switched her hello kitty laces out for barney laces.
  11:09am ϝϟϝϟ (:

Thanks, Dean! It's from a show from 2006! Now I hope NotARealDoctor is still here to read your message because I advised him to check the archives from 2007 to 2010!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:10am Wendy del Formaggio:

@northguineahills: WTF, dude?!? If i were going to impersonate someone, it would hardly be Harding. I'd begin with, I dunno, Asha Bhosle or someone like that.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:11am Wendy del Formaggio:

Or Wing, if I could muster up such talent.
  11:11am queems:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:11am Sebastian:

mhhh, liked that Nurse With Wound
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:12am northguineahills:

Now, I want to hear Wendy do Asha Bhosle (please oh please on Wake 'n Bake).!
  11:12am choggie:

whats the name of this song you're playing meow Ken?
  11:13am Brendan:

I wonder if you Dog Stepped this would it sound okay or create an infinite loop or a rip in the dog space continuum
  11:13am Sam:

I think you have to clip the bar codes off of 50 cat food containers and mail them in to get this CD
  11:14am Beavo:

Why are there dogs in the jungle cats?
Avatar 11:14am ranjit:

have the jingle cats ever done In C?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:15am Wendy del Formaggio:

@northguineahills: NO. I'm conjuring up Krampus and punishing you for accusing me of impersonating a criminal ice skater. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
Avatar 11:16am pantz:

@Wendy You called?
  11:16am ϝϟϝϟ (:

The Jungle Cats? My favourite one hand typo of the far.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:17am northguineahills:

@Wendy: I'll take that!
Avatar 11:17am Mark S:

Just think Bon Jovi will be in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before Link Wray

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - RnR Hall Of Fame:
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:17am Wendy del Formaggio:

@pantz. My, what service! Thank you.
@northguineahills: See pantz for punishment. I'm busy. :-D
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:20am northguineahills:

@pantz: reporting as directed!
Avatar 11:21am pantz:

Your punishment is to roll naked in sappy christmas tree pine needles.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:23am Sebastian:

this is lovely
Avatar 11:24am Crumblebum:

Man, Ken, your show always makes me so grateful for all the acid I dropped over the years, and equally grateful that I'm not tripping right now...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:24am steveo:

woah how'd you make that puzzle guy say kick-ass?
  11:24am thelud:

Vince Guaraldi is the only jazz I can stand.
Avatar 11:25am Mark S:

that does sound like Will Shortzzzz
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:25am Wendy del Formaggio:

Will Shortz! My hero! I'm such a crossword nerd.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:25am steveo:

i heard the charlie brown thing on the radio the last time i got a haircut; best haircut ever
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:26am steveo:

no one said it wasn't shortz KEN
  11:27am JakeGould:

Found a pic of Roy Moore’s “Jew” attorney.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:28am Sebastian:

Will Shortz was on 7SD once, right?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:28am Sebastian:

oh man, not another rerun
  11:29am ϝϟϝϟ (:

I predict that in 20 years Ken's show is going to be jazz-oriented ala Irwin Chusid (and conversely Irwin's show is going to be more Ken-esque).

If I'm not mistaken Ken's started doing radio with classical music (Am I correct, Ken?).
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:29am NotARealDoctor:

Do reruns count as bad shows?
Avatar 11:32am pocket vito:

I don't think Ken is foolish enough to play a rerun of a bad show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:32am NotARealDoctor:

Foolish enough? Probably not. Would he do it to spite Andy Breckman? Maybe...
  11:32am ϝϟϝϟ (:

If the 7SD rerun is of a bad show, then yes. Definitely will be counted as bad show.

So please, Ken, rerun an uninspiring 7SD show. Not that I am going to benefit with the bad $how in$urance policy. Oh, no. Ju$t $aying.
Avatar 11:33am pocket vito:

She's got a paintbrush!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!
  11:33am queems:

perv alert
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:33am steveo:

natural selection made us all, rev. rydgren
  11:33am Brendan:

Ken got any porn for the blind to play over Christmas music, maybe speeded up chipmunky or slowed down in demon voice? Its not for me but for a friend.
  11:33am Tommy in Neversink:

I'm glad I can play piano but If I could play like Guaraldi I'd be gladder..and get more gigs
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:34am BronwynB:

this dude sounds like ken nordine
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:35am Sebastian:

NotARealDoctor has a point, even good reruns are a cop-out I think.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:35am northguineahills:

@pantz: So, I just go outside and roll around (half the trees around here are pine)? I can do that!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:35am steveo:

looks like she's ready for ... a haircut
Avatar 11:36am Mark S:

That's Lux and Ivy from The Cramps
Avatar 11:36am pocket vito:

Please, God didn't make girls, they're just a man's rib. Big whoop.
Avatar 11:36am Sem:

Interior monologues sound so prevvy when you hear them out loud.
Avatar 11:36am dgg:

Pastor John just comes out and says what we're all thinking.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:37am NotARealDoctor:

Pastor John Rydgren for president! You know he's a man of God!
Avatar 11:37am Sem:

*pervvy* is another way to spell it.
  11:38am yippie:

ken i got some more thekenschlampen for you for sure coming next week. thanks for getting down to these real issues
Avatar 🍳 11:38am AnAnonymousParty:

Sexual fluid? Is that something I need to have checked and changed as part of my regular maintenance schedule? Is there a filter too?
Avatar 11:38am Jeff Moore:

... The Aristocrats!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:40am northguineahills:

@AnAnonymousParty: If you're an android like I am, yes, and often!
  11:40am Emilsagroforest:

Dan Carlin?
Avatar 11:41am pocket vito:

Every 10 years you need to get your gender fluid checked.
  11:44am yippie:

angie! reminds of this peyote-girl i once knew
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:45am northguineahills:

@Emilsagroforest:: Dan Warren cuts and pastes his words from his podcasts to make these horrifying stories. He did the same w/ Obama.
  11:48am yippie:

dan warren seems to make a good point that the gay marriage supreme court case unfairly did not extend any rights to adults who have a sexual preference to marry more than one adult
  11:48am jan:

Great xmas covers- love Marlene
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:49am Sebastian:

<3 Marlene
  11:49am yippie:

marlene dietrich is like the godmother of the thekenschlampen with her german language versions
  11:50am JakeGould:

@JeffMoore: The Aristocrats probably refined their act at “The Spotted Pig.”
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:50am northguineahills:

Good point, yippoe!
  11:50am Sam:

It was a baaaaaby animal!
Avatar 11:51am Cecile:

I don't really see it. Loads of German artists did German versions of English songs, and it even went the other way back sometimes (Mack the Knife for example)
Avatar 11:52am Cecile:

Ken, did you get my link to the sad German instructor?
Avatar 11:53am dgg:

I don't know german but I think there's something weird going on.
  11:53am yippie:

mackie messer
Avatar 11:53am Cecile:

yeah, those boys ain't right.
  11:54am yippie:

3groschen oper takes place in london anyway
Avatar 🍳 Swag For Life Member 11:55am -Ken:

Cecile - When did you send that link? have not checked email in around 5 hours but it may have been buried - can you resend?
  11:55am Dean:

It's an update of John Gay's Beggar's Opera.
  11:55am ϝϟϝϟ (:


Coolest name ever or coolestestes name ever?

P.D. Thanks, Ken!
Avatar 11:55am Cecile:

I did stumble across the most blasé, simplistic, idiotic and brilliant piece of EuroDisco today - Supermax's Love Machine.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:56am northguineahills:

Thanks Ken!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:56am Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks for the merry melodies today, Mr. Friedman.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:56am Sebastian:

the 90s....don't miss 'em!
Avatar 11:57am Cecile:

Ken, it's a subliminal German lesson on YouTube. I will post the link in my next comment.
  11:57am yippie:

i just saw an amazing brecht play the caucasian chalk circle
  11:57am yippie:

which he based of a chinese play
Avatar 11:58am Cecile:

here you go:
  11:58am Brendan:

Later dude- thanks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:58am Sebastian:

Merci, Ken!
  11:59am ϝϟϝϟ (:


Can I take the German lessons while sleeping? Not that I don't know German (I did an introductory course in German in 1998). but I would like to improve my ninja deutch skills.
  11:59am yippie:

most amazing art has be stolen and transformed from other art
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:59am Sebastian:

Thomas D is a real dumbass btw
  11:59am Sam:

They have child labor laws in Germany, he's not a drummer boy, just a regular unionized drummer.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:00pm NotARealDoctor:

I once took German in 1998 too! I took 9 weeks! Wo ist die hotel? Ja herr, ich kan boogie!
  12:00pm yippie:

ya ya danke danke
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:00pm BronwynB:

i took german when i went to a nazi, i mean waldorf, school
Avatar 12:01pm Cecile:

fofo, you can. but it would be sad and not really relaxing.
  12:01pm Brendan:

I met a German girl in England who .. oh nevermind
Avatar 12:01pm Papayo:

Pharoah Sanders karma
  12:02pm bobo:

I am a bit late again today but are you still accepting requests?
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