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Unstuck in time, The Avant Ghetto wanders through heavy folk, pastoral noise, spiritual rock, harsh jazz and other dimly lit corners of the universe.

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Options November 20, 2017

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Greg Kowalsky  Tuned to Monochrome   Options L'Orange, L'Orange  Mexican Summer  0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Beast  Tomorrow   Options Vol. 1  Pre-Echo  0:11:26 (Pop‑up)
Pauline Anna Strom  Energies   Options Trans-Millenia Music  RVNG Intl.  0:18:03 (Pop‑up)
Canada Effervescent  Fiji Crystals at Sunrise (Excerpt)   Options Ridin' America  Constellation Tatsu  0:24:49 (Pop‑up)
Ash & Herb  Gone   Options In Now Time Vol. 1  Flower Room  0:32:31 (Pop‑up)
A.R. & Machines ‎  Invitations   Options Echo  Polydor  0:41:48 (Pop‑up)
MV & EE  Stars Are In Your Eyes > Star Jam > Yr My Jam   Options Festive Bake  Child of Microtones  1:10:07 (Pop‑up)
Grateful Dead  Dark Star   Options Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS, 11/13/72  Bootsville  1:26:30 (Pop‑up)
Mike Cooper  Time to Time   Options Places I Know/The Machine Gun Co.  Paradise of Bachelors  2:03:25 (Pop‑up)
Vince Martin  Snow Shadows   Options If the Jasmine Don't Get You...The Bay Breeze Will  Capitol  2:11:29 (Pop‑up)
Wizz Jones  Womankind   Options The Village Thing Tapes  Wundertüte  2:18:24 (Pop‑up)
John Renbourn  National Seven   Options John Renbourn  Transatlantic Records  2:24:22 (Pop‑up)
Meic Stevens  One Night Wonder   Options Ghost Town  Tenth Planet  2:26:58 (Pop‑up)
Antonio Smith  Tiempo De Amar   Options Ven, Seamos Mas... / Somos El Mundo  Branco  2:30:11 (Pop‑up)
Bodine  It's Just My Way   Options Bodine  MGM  2:36:01 (Pop‑up)
Lavender Hill Express  Silly Rhymes   Options Visions / Silly Rhymes  Sonobeat  2:41:59 (Pop‑up)
Alexander  VI   Options Alexander  Self-Released  2:46:57 (Pop‑up)
Martin Carthy  McVeagh   Options Right of Passage  Topic  2:50:48 (Pop‑up)
Richard Thompson   Beat the Retreat   Options Small Town Romance: Live/Solo in New York, 1982  Hannibal  2:57:29 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:02am Aitch:

Greetings Jeff! The shows today have been brilliant, off to a promising start yourself
Avatar 12:04am Jeff Conklin:

Morning, all. Good to hear, Aitch.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:05am Aitch:

4pm here, have you gone into Standard time?
Avatar 12:08am Number Six:

Good Evening, Jeff & All!
Avatar 12:13am Number Six:

I've been hearing Beast quite a bit on FLU lately. Really digging it, def bearing further listening to.
Avatar 12:14am Number Six:

*FMU (hate auto correct)
Avatar 12:16am Jeff Conklin:

While I'm happy for Koen that Beast is getting play here, I'm disappointed because i try to play stuff here nobody plays. I'm torn about that comment...
  12:17am dave:

This show is a balm for my soul, straight up.
  12:17am Dean:

Why? Stuff nobody plays is still stuff.
  12:18am Mike Wolf:

Sounds good from my undisclosed temporary bunker in Baltimore. Pre-Echo is run by a dog-run friend!
  12:20am Dean:

That is to say, stuff somebody else plays that otherwise nobody plays is still the same stuff you play, and it's enjoyable as such.
Avatar 12:20am Jeff Conklin:

@Dean: Call me crazy but I like people tuning in to hear things they havent heard before :P
  12:21am Clint in Reno:

Loving looking up at the night sky to this.
Avatar 12:21am Number Six:

I understand, but it's not your fault when something's so good that everyone likes it. Plus, the shows that I Iisten to all have a bit of crossover in their playlists.
Avatar 12:22am Jeff Conklin:

Stuff that somebody else plays is, by definition, not stuff that nobody plays, right?
  12:23am Bruce S.:

Hi Jeff,- Liking Energies- enjoying the trip though ever expanding space- Thanks
Avatar 12:23am Jeff Conklin:


Thanks for listening!
  12:24am Mike Wolf:

There's not very much here that's suffering from overexposure.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:25am sberger:

Evening all. I haven't heard any of the 3 first artists that you've played so far, and tune in to your show Jeff because I can't hear this stuff, or don't anywhere else. Even things like the Dead jams or deep Neil Young or Byrds cuts, it's all good. So if you play an obscure cut that somebody else on 'FMU played I wouldn't sweat it. I'm sure most tune into your show because overall it's completely unique in how you present stuff. Thanks for that, btw.
  12:26am Dean:

Gotcha, but novelty is more complicated. You could play--yet again--Schubert's D.960, by another performer and it could be new.
Avatar 12:26am Jeff Conklin:

ok, let's set it straight:

I'm totally OK with playing stuff that's been played on the station. I strive not to but it's impossible with such an incredible station such as WFMU...

yikes, people.
  12:27am Dean:

Amen. Proceed.
Avatar 12:28am Number Six:

Couldn't have said it any better. That's why we're all here!
  12:31am Mike Wolf:

Yoinks Jeff!
  12:31am zenkoan:

That Canada Effervescent reminded me of the non-vocal parts of the collab between Vangelis and John Anderson "Olias of Sunhillow"
  12:31am firestone:

I have a sincere question for all the dudes on the comments board this evening. I am stoned, so bear with me. Do you think you are being conditioned by the media – including the news, entertainment, and social media – that abundance is scarce (abundance of love, money, safety, success, etc. - however you define it)? When you compare your life to how it was 10 years ago, can you see a difference in this respect? There are no wrong answers.
  12:34am Mike Wolf:

@firestoner Yes. 10 years ago was late capitalism, now is later capitalism.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:34am Ike:

Every track so far tonight has been outstanding! I'm feeling this. Actually I really should turn off the radio and go to sleep, but I can't. I'm transfixed.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:37am Fuzzy:

Mike hits it on the head, more or less -- our capitalist consumer culture tells us we never have enough...stuff. When actually, I have more than I need.

"I can see the fnords!"
Avatar 12:38am future transport:

firestone : conditioned is an understatement ... its more like .. maximal control of your soul .. if there be such a thing ...and anything else you have of value .. intelligence .. money .. time .. who controls the media has the money ... and the power .. follow the bloodline up to the top .. and what do you find .. who had the technology to create us in the first place .. when has that technology been more evident ?
Avatar 12:38am Jeff Conklin:

Life is considerably more difficult in every metric now than it was 10 years from my vantage point.
Avatar 12:41am Number Six:

@zenkoan: I Don't believe that Vangelis worked with Anderson on Olias. It was widely rumoured but both deny any collaboration on the album.
  12:42am Mike Wolf:

That Ash & Herb was great, really deep puh. I've already got several Bandcamps open.
  12:42am firestone:

Thank you for your answers. @future transport, if you're able, could you explain what you mean by "who had the technology to create us in the first place .. when has that technology been more evident ?"
Avatar 12:43am Number Six:

@Jeff: AGREED!
  12:44am Dean:

"Life" isn't necessarily more difficult. Living in America mos certainly is.
  12:45am Dean:

  12:49am zenkoan:

Interesting, Number Six--thanks. I just dug out the vinyl (!), and in the notes Anderson thanks Vangelis "for his energy", which I always took to mean his help in producing (if not actually composing) the music.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:50am Fuzzy:

@Dean: that's pretty much where I'm at too --I feel I'm doing much better than I was 10 years ago, but my country sure isn't. Was it a real or imagined lack of abundance that convinced people to vote for a "reality" TV con artist to preside over the nation?
  12:50am dave:

Yikes indeed. What’s a balm for my soul here is no particular cut, but the way Jeff lines everything up and gets it so right, hour after hour, week after week. He’s feeling it, I’m feeling it. It’s uncanny. You guys stop thinking, arguing and comparing with 10 years ago, you might actually listen to what a great DJ is laying down, and maybe, who knows, end up happier for it?
  12:52am firestone:

@dave LOL music inspires different things for different people...for me, it sometimes inspires thinking and contemplation (all good)
Avatar 12:53am Jeff Conklin:

I appreciate deeper discussions on here for sure.

Thanks all the same, Dave!
Avatar 12:54am future transport:

firestone : the bible , that is mainly taken from the sumerian tablets tells the same story of the annunaki deity that made us ...cloned beings . the adam .. our god creator .. real and advanced beings who made us in their image ... and have always had us under their thumb from the beginning .. always had the technology .. we can clone now humans ... just as our creators created us ... this level of technology is indicative of the level of power and authority over our freedumb freedom .. when the annunaki left the earth .. their turned over power and leadership to the pharaohs, then the kings , then our present rulers .. all under the same bloodline genetically .. the same family .. all the power plays done by the same family leading up to the top .. even trump in the bloodline .. very difficult to stray outside of a written script .. what would happen if we didnt vote ? it would default to kingship or some fascist or tyranical lleadership ... why is there never peace ? why is everything so difficult to improve upon ? why do the rich maintain their advantage no matter what and make decisions always in their favor that stick .. why isnt democracy working ? why are democrats more and more like republicans ? why does money decide how every issue will go ? why does it say in the bible .. " the gold and silver is mine , saith the lord " ? .. why would god care about gold and silver .. consider who this so called god really is
  12:57am Clint in Reno:

Charles Manson is dead.
Avatar 12:59am Number Six:

@zenkoan: Your welcome. They did, however collaborate on other works, Heaven & Hell is one that comes to mind. I know there were others besides the "official" releases like Jon and Vangelis.
Avatar 1:00am AdamFromOldeKenzo:

rest in power Chazz, ha ha.
  1:01am firestone:

Oh my God, I thought you were joking. It's true!
Avatar 1:03am Number Six:

Charlie's gone? About F'ng time!
Avatar 1:09am future transport:

The Beach Boys sing Charles Manson---Never Learn Not to Love ...
Video for The Beach Boys sing Charles Manson---Never Learn Not to Love▶ 3:09
Mar 18, 2015 - Uploaded by William Ramsey Investigates
The Beach Boys sing Charles Manson---Never Learn Not to Love. Sung by Manson associate Dennis Wilson.

Never Learn Not to Love - Wikipedia
In 1969, "Never Learn Not to Love" was included on the Beach Boys' 15th studio album 20/20. The song was actually an altered version of "Cease to Exist", composed by aspiring folk singer-songwriter and later convicted murder-conspirator Charles Manson. Musically, Wilson deviated from Manson's blues influence, ...
Avatar 1:09am AdamFromOldeKenzo:

He was a pretty good songwriter; if only he'd just stuck with that....
Avatar 1:10am Number Six:

Re: politics (Republican or Democrat-doesn' t matter as they're just the right & left arms of the corporate robot that really controls things) here's someone who said it best: youtu.be...
Avatar 1:11am AdamFromOldeKenzo:

I'm not going to click on any youtube links right now, I'm listening to the show!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:16am Fuzzy:

"It's called "The American Dream" because you have to be asleep to believe it. I only took a quick peek at the Youtube link to verify my hunch that that would be the riff Number Six was referring to. Probably the most astute 3 minutes of Mr. Carlin's career.
Avatar 1:25am future transport:

some would say the 60's counterculture itself was a cia operation .well, check it for yourself .. where did the lsd come from for instance ?
who controls america more recently did 911 and it keeps trickling forward in every major event .. look how few major media companies exist now , when they used to small and more diverse ... net neutrality is about to be phased out if noticed the news .. earth has always been in crisis if you look at history .. its just the methods are technologically upgraded in favor of the rich always ...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:27am I am the Upsetter:

Hi Jeff and other Avant Ghetto dwellers!
  1:28am dave:

Hey, nice moniker Upsetter
  1:48am firestone:

Dark Star is a good soundtrack for tonight. "Searchlight casting for faults in the clouds of delusion. Shall we go, you and I while we can,
through the transitive nightfall of diamonds?"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:07am Hugo (NL):

Is the billboard 'Rihanna, Bieber, Charles Manson' still up? Must be getting a lot of attention this morning...
Avatar 2:21am BEAVO:

Nice cover version of Womankind That first ISB album is definitely in my top 10
Avatar 2:26am BEAVO:

I’m surprised the management of Rihanna and Bieber haven’t served Cease-and-desist.
Avatar 2:32am BEAVO:

I hope no one is planning on playing that awful Manson shit as a “tribute”
Avatar 2:37am future transport:

Beach Boy Mike Love claims bandmate saw Charles Manson kill a ...
Aug 31, 2016 - The group's co-founder Mike Love, 75, revealed in his new memoir "Good Vibrations" that bandmate Dennis Wilson claimed to have witnessed Charles Manson commit a murder in 1969, People reported. The singer recounted the shocking friendship between convicted killer Manson and Wilson, who ...
Avatar 2:55am Jeff Conklin:

Thanks for listening, all. Be well...
Avatar 2:58am future transport:

I'm beating my retreat
Back home to you
I'm beating my retreat
Back home to you
I'm burning all my bridges
I'm burning all my bridges
I'm burning all my bridges
I'm running back home to you

I'm trailing my colours
Back home to you
I'm trailing my colours
Back home to you
This world is filled with sadness
This world is filled with sadness
This world is filled with sadness
I'm running back home to you

I'll follow the drum
Back home to you
I'll follow the drum
Back home to you
There was no joy in my leaving
There was no joy in my leaving
There was no joy in my leaving
I'm running back home to you
Avatar 3:02am Jeff Moore:

Great show (as it tends to be). Good things to listen to at the times of the morning when you played them.
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