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A DIY late night variety show featuring comedy, interviews, live music, guest DJ sets, the occasional phone call, and, of course, weekly music sets spun by your host, Pat Byrne.

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Options July 1, 2017: Pat and friends play and review EVERY SINGLE JANDEK ALBUM!!!

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Intro        0:00:00 ()
Jandek  Naked in the Afternoon   Options Ready For The House  Corwood Industries  0:04:10 ()
Jandek  First You Think Your Fortune's Lovely   Options     0:10:37 ()
Jandek  What Can I Say, What Can I Sing   Options     0:12:57 ()
Jandek  Show Me The Way, O Lord   Options     0:21:58 ()
Jandek  They told Me about you   Options     0:24:25 ()
Jandek  I Knew You Would Leave   Options     0:39:54 ()
Jandek  Your Condition   Options     1:02:17 ()
Jandek  I Need Your Life   Options     1:06:11 ()
Jandek    Put My Dream On This Planet    1:28:53 ()
Jandek  Michael   Options Staring at the Cellophane    1:34:00 ()
Jandek  This is for you   Options     1:37:40 ()
Jandek  Down in a Mirror   Options     1:52:01 ()
Jandek  Eurpoean Jewel   Options Chair Beside a Window    2:02:26 ()
Jandek  Bitter Tale   Options Glad To Get Away    2:08:00 ()
Jandek  First Awake Moment   Options I Woke Up    2:11:07 ()
Music behind DJ:
3 albums at once!   Options     2:29:13 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 9:04pm Bisquat LeClam:

I'm ready!!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 9:05pm maestroso:

Bring it on!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 9:16pm εἶἶkε:

̶S̶i̶m̶p̶s̶o̶n̶s̶ Irwin already did it (sort of):
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:17pm mIke:

Thank you all for this public service. I am ready to receive my Jandek beatdown
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 9:17pm Bisquat LeClam:

this sounds like the soundtrack to a documentary about elephantiasis
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 9:18pm Your Ace From Exchange Place:

Holiday Weekend Jandek Marathon!
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 9:19pm tom from Glasgow:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 9:20pm maestroso:

Wow, I had no idea...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 9:20pm ἶἶἶεK:

This is transcendentally excruciating, like boiling hot yoga or the very best delicious kosher sea salt in a wound. My brain, like my name, is disintegrating.
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 9:20pm geezerette:

Appropriately weird for July 4th, 2017.
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 9:24pm geezerette:

Never, ever, heard of them.
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 9:26pm tom from Glasgow:

two marathons ago i won a bag of Jandek's half-eaten popcorn that he left at the station when he came to play a session. i'm exploring the possibility of using any remaining DNA traces to clone a new Jandek
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 9:26pm Bisquat LeClam:

only thing I know about jandek is you can only get his albums by sending him money and asking for the albums via mail
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 9:26pm herb.nyc:

Isn't Jan Dek the new Trump appointee to head the NEA? Mr, or Ms, Dek has several humanities degrees from the Sam Houston Institute of Technology, or, SHIT.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 9:29pm Your Ace From Exchange Place:

Jan Hammer + Desmond Dekker.
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:30pm gd0:


I tried. I really did.

Back to The Shaggs...
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 9:31pm geezerette:

Sky Saxon's cousin. Both suffered from inherited genetic mutation known in common terms as,"Single Song Compusion".
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 9:33pm geezerette:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 9:35pm eki:

@tom, ROTFL!
Why is Pat pretending this is the pre-public-figure-Jandek era? Is this part of a shtick? Am I too literal?
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:37pm Danne D:

what i wanna here is an Yngdek collaboration
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 9:38pm Your Ace From Exchange Place:

Yngdek! Yngdek!! Yngdek!!!
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:39pm The Mole:

  Sat. 7/1/17 9:39pm Danne D:

that is spelled t-o-u-r-y-n-g-m-a-n
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:39pm BriJet:

Ahoy hoy
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 9:39pm tom from Glasgow:

Port Judith is the Rhode Island town he may allegedly hail from
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:40pm Danne D:

Jandek answers the question: "What if Charles Manson stuck with the music career?"
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:40pm xarp:

jandek actually played a live gig in austin. the pics on his albums featuring an almost albino fresh faced young man -- that's him. also listening to this gives me some insight into where michael gira may have gotten some of the angels of light vibes.
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:41pm Danne D:

BriJet :)
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 9:41pm tom from Glasgow:

he seems to have played out more times in Glasgow than anywhere else, oddly enough
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 9:42pm tom from Glasgow:

i meant Point Judith sorry
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 9:44pm Goateed Evil Ike Doppelgänger:

Pat pretending he can't click links proves this is a shtick of some kind where he's a character who is ignorant that Jandek has "come out", etc., so there's no point in us pointing that out. (Sorry Pat, I'm evil tonight and can't help myself.)
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:46pm Marc15:

Hello Pat, I'm here
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 9:46pm fleep:

Also here. Losing track of why.
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 9:47pm Pat Byrne:

Thanks for the support, everyone!
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:50pm shulgi:

U r welcome yippie
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:51pm Danne D:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 9:52pm fleep:

You know how railroad tracks seem to meet in the distance? That's where the why is now.
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:53pm shulgi:

No more of this retching talk play 2 minutes from every jandek album and make up comments to say also write the album names on the playlist
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 9:54pm cory:

the music is good, this show not so much
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 9:55pm εἶkἶε:

@Danne LOL LOL funnier than Pat right now (sorry! I'm the worst)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 9:55pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

I have zeero familiarity w/ Jandek - so I'm down w/ just diving in, be it bigly or schtickly...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 9:57pm fleep:

My first encounter with Jandek was the one where he plays piano in a tuneful approachable fashion, so knowing he is capable of 'normal' artistry gives his experiments context.
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:58pm shulgi:

Red light special is the best tlc song for girls to strip to
  Sat. 7/1/17 9:58pm zenkoan:

You wouldn't believe it if there weren't video to prove it.
  Sat. 7/1/17 10:00pm herb.nyc:

And now for something completely different --- as it is Canada Day, here is an essay title from Chuck Klosterman's new book, X - "I will choose free will (Canadian reader's note: this is not about Rush)"
  Sat. 7/1/17 10:01pm shulgi:

Hey pat you said every album by jandek in wfmu possession u got some ground to cover
  Sat. 7/1/17 10:02pm Danne D:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 10:04pm fleep:

Callers: please have your evidence and supplementary materials ready when you call. Also your credit card number and your Social.
  Sat. 7/1/17 10:11pm Marc15:

If you Google Jandek, you'll see pictures of him
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 10:12pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This is fantastic! Thanks for playing these selections.
  Sat. 7/1/17 10:13pm zenkoan:

In the youtube vid I posted above--he's jamming at a bar with a great funk rhythm section, of all things, and it's crazy. People are actually dancing at a Jandek show.
  Sat. 7/1/17 10:14pm herb.nyc:

So, aren't we glad NJ budget impasse doesnt affect wfmu, and it's on air now? Well...(sorry for bad joke)
  Sat. 7/1/17 10:16pm ScottC:

Holy Christ! I'm a Dead-Ringer for Jandek - also Thurston Moore...
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 10:24pm Dave in SoDak:

Tuning into WFMU tonight and hearing a tribute to Jandek only verifies the fact that the Fourth of July is historically a cursed holiday for me.

Each year my four-day weekend is ruined as I am met with an exceptionally large amount of pain, misery, despondence, regret, anger, heartburn, diarrhea, rickets & planar fascitis.

Thank you, Jandek. Now go F*** yourself.

Dave from So Dak
  Sat. 7/1/17 10:25pm Danne D:

Jandek Doodle Dandy
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 10:26pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Jandek is the democratic ideal. Jandek is rugged individualism.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 10:28pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Listening on the phone app. Then my dear mother called. Now I'm hearing the proceedings from about 20 minutes ago. Just heard the 10 PM station ID.
  Sat. 7/1/17 10:31pm herb.nyc:

Clay P played a Jandek snippet earlier this week. I joked "I heard a collective sound of stereos turning off".
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 10:37pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Huh...now the buffer ran out and I'm back to real time once again. I hope I didn't miss anything important. "I Need Your Life" had just gotten underway.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 10:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 10:51pm this caller∅:

Wah wah Wahhhhhhhh
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 10:53pm the aquarin∅:

devoid of enligWaHHHHHHHwah wah WAHHHHHH
  Sat. 7/1/17 10:56pm cash:

Oh, chair beside a window, that's an amazing one!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 10:59pm coelacanth∅:

please don't confuse mockery with hate. one does not necessitate the other.
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 11:02pm tom from Glasgow:

now this stuff's great
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 11:03pm Hams:

jandek was actually the sole primary member of the residents before the other guys took over. when he used to spell his name as "jandeck".
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:04pm cash:

I called&left a messg at label hq's, told him what pat's doing&to call in!
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:04pm Shulgi:

If u don't know the album name put in the serial number yippie
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 11:06pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

The critical midspace twixt TheShaggs & 'SisterRay'. We've all been there - but it took courage to commit & codify it. Jandek the Great Liberator. Now we run naked thru the Museums of yesterday...
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:08pm Erik:

Bust out some When The Telephone Melts or Don't Paint Your Teeth. That's classic Jandek
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:08pm N. Ron Hubble:

I'm in Saginaw
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 11:09pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

.../ TheBlackAngel'sDeafSong...
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 11:10pm tom from Glasgow:

this is great radio
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 11:10pm tom from Glasgow:

it's 4:10am here
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 11:11pm Bisquat LeClam:

curious. does anyone think jandek actually knows how to play the guitar? I can't tell if he's a genius or an idiot
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:11pm DionChalksee:

You're in Sagnasty?
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:13pm DionChalksee:

I've called in two weeks in a row trying to get pat to play my strange requests for Afterbirth from Tawas Cty
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:14pm DionChalksee:

Did you ever see Jandek's first gig? A total funk-splosion. Really.
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 11:14pm Bisquat LeClam:

are there videos of jandek live?
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:14pm Ricky_dawg:

I've only heard of Jandek through stories from my mom, but you are BRINGING IT TO LIFE for me Pat Byrne
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 11:15pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...in the jingle Jandek morning - I'm come followin' you...
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 11:15pm Bisquat LeClam:

my mom banged jandek once
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:15pm Marc15:

Just play the CDs
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 11:15pm Hams:

jandek actually came up w/ the name "the residents" when he was living w/ them in shreveport, la.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:15pm DionChalksee:

First Jandek gig:
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:17pm N. Ron Hubble:

My heart speeds up when I breathe in. The server's crashed.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:17pm DionChalksee:

Corwood Industries is raking it in tonight.
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 11:18pm Bisquat LeClam:

what if the whole point of jandek is to play all 75 albums at once?
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:18pm DionChalksee:

N. Ron- are you in Sagnasty, Michigan or one of the other Saginaws?
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 11:19pm tom from Glasgow:

this is horrid. i love it
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:20pm Shulgi:

This sounds more like jandek when u play 3 at once
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:21pm cash:

U mean jandek banged yr mom once.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:21pm DionChalksee:

play the FIRST Jandek gig. DO IT NOW!!


Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 11:21pm tom from Glasgow:

i'm going to watch a YouTube compilation of Russian car crash dashcam footage with the sound down to accompany this
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 11:21pm Bisquat LeClam:

@DionChalskee that first video of him is amazing. that crowd is such a strange cask of characters
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 11:23pm northguineahills:

That's a great idea tom!
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:23pm Marc15:

Does Jandek do the Farkle?
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:23pm DionChalksee:

I'm watching the Saskatchewan Roughriders vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers with Jandek in the background
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:23pm N. Ron Hubble:

No, it's a Jandek song. I'm lovin' the Jandek Megamix, err concept.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 11:24pm northguineahills:

@DionChalksee: I always watch sports w/ music, usually w/ WFMU.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:24pm DionChalksee:

CFL means summer
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:25pm cash:

Brilliant idea, all 75discs at once. The secret code's been cracked.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 11:25pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Didn't Station Manager Ken tape a $5 or $10 bill to one of the station's Jandek albums a couple years ago, to see if any DJ would take it? Also, I'm eating a slice of pizza while listening to Jandek.
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 11:25pm tom from Glasgow:

cycle races are really great to watch on mute with the radio on. we get a lot of that on TV in Europe, not sure how prevalent it is in the US tho
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:25pm DionChalksee:

WFMU better write a HUGE royalty check to Corwood by next Friday.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:26pm Marc15:

Imagine playing "Hit The Post" with Jandek
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:27pm DionChalksee:

@marc hahahahahaha
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 11:27pm Bisquat LeClam:

yo for real I feel like pat has uncovered the truth. this is a flaming lips zaireeka situation where we're supposed to listen to every jandek album at once
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 11:27pm tom from Glasgow:

@Bisquat late pass copped, but that 9:17 comment is very funny
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:27pm cash:

This should improve anyone's pizza eating.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:28pm Stevel:

I'm almost high enough!
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 11:28pm tom from Glasgow:

damn i missed 4:20
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:28pm Stevel:

Pizza is also sounding good.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:28pm Marc15:

This sounds like something Dan Bodha would play
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 11:30pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Are there any recordings of Jandek playing "Star Spangled Banner"?
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 11:31pm tom from Glasgow:

nice. thank you for the dedication my friend
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:31pm Marc15:

And a Grafton Wednesday
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 11:33pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Congratulations on 20 years under Chinese rule, Hong Kong. How have things changed there since the handover?
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:34pm cash:

What a helpful call that was!
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:34pm Marc15:

I'm liking Jandek
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 11:34pm coelacanth∅:

nuge probably can take a punch...he's probably had to many times.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 11:34pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Pat should take three callers at once.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:36pm Danne D:

Dion knows how to live :) I had NASCAR on
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:37pm Danne D:

It still pisses me off that the CFL is down to just the Roughriders. They really shoulda let Ottawa to be the Rough Riders again
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:37pm DionChalksee:

@ Danne- This Blue Bombers/Roughriders game is a barn burner. A hot time in Regina tonight!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 11:37pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I understand the Brady Bunch cruise ship has a Jandek.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:38pm DionChalksee:

RedBlacks is about as good as a replacement name that you are going to find though.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:39pm DionChalksee:

Halifax Ruffryders, Guelph Ruff Ryders, Flin Flon Ruph Riiderz... the possibilities are endless
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 11:39pm coelacanth∅:

he's evading!
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:40pm N. Ron Hubble:

Some jandek turntable scratch n sniff.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:41pm Marc15:

He did a city for every day of the week?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 11:42pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I remember when the CFL expanded to include a bunch of US cities. Ultimately, that was just a big mess and a mistake.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:43pm DionChalksee:

The notion that folks in Shreveport were subjected to bizarre Canadian Football rules is priceless.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 11:44pm Ike:

I bow to you, Pat. Three Jandeks at once is great stuff.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 11:45pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This has taken on the excitement of a marathon show. Make that goal!
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:45pm N. Ron Hubble:

Ottawa Jandeks, Winnipeg Jandeks, Moose Jaw Jandeks.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 11:47pm Ike:

The funniest thing tonight is that I'm pretty sure one of those callers was the real Jandek.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 11:48pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Way up north could have the Whitehorse Jandeks or the Iqaluit Jandeks. East coast could have the St. John Jandeks and the St. John's Jandeks.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:48pm cash:

Yr cheating! Quit cheating.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 11:48pm coelacanth∅:

at this point, with the fake jandeks calling and sounding like asses, the real Jandek might call and pretend to be a fake jandek.
....i would, if i were Jandek.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 11:51pm coelacanth∅:

so, you posted an ad in the aquarium, weekly?
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:54pm Danne D:

Great job Pat and crew! :) Have a Happy 4th all :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 7/1/17 11:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Check and see if he released a 77th album tonight. That'd be a sneaky thing for him to do.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:56pm Carmichael:

Last moment hello!
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:57pm cash:

But, wht about his greatest hits albums?? Not done.
Avatar Sat. 7/1/17 11:57pm Bisquat LeClam:

I feel like I just ran a marathon with my ears
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:57pm Eujenio in jc:

This jandek? http://tisue.net/jandek/discussion.html
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 11:58pm JakeGould:

I’m really happy I missed this. Praying4U Pat!
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:58pm Eujenio in jc:

2 albums was the best. Thanks
Avatar    Sat. 7/1/17 11:59pm tom from Glasgow:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 7/1/17 11:59pm coelacanth∅:

Thanks Pat. 'twas a funny program.
i'm sorry that my mocking on a rag paper rep or a pretend rag rep bothered you enough for you to to post my private email address on the playlist.
- i was being defensive of you.
...i'll try to check that in the future.
  Sat. 7/1/17 11:59pm Carmichael:

I have always loved Jandek.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 7/2/17 12:02am Ken From Hyde Park:

  Sun. 7/9/17 1:33am mb:

I made it through 58 minutes of this farce, my hope was trampled. I do not like an unfunny comedy show that flaunts ignorance. Is this WFMU? Will not listen to these people (besides Jandek) again.
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