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An underground journey through the history of psychedelic rock, modern music, shimmering noise, free jazz, punk, funk, children's records played at the wrong speed, tape cut-up, static, the composition of decomposition, and subversive spoken word.

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Tue. Oct 22nd, Midnight - 3am: Jonathan Herweg (Blurred and Obscured) fills in for Marcel.

Options January 17, 2016: Living In A Post Bowie World

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
  Absolutely Real/Adult Entertainment/Transmission Begins       0:00:00 ()
  Frusciante On Bowie On Coke       0:01:52 ()
The Neon Judgement  The Machine   Options     0:02:38 ()
The Clean  David Bowie   Options Odditities    0:05:20 ()
Earth Jerks  If Everybody Had A Notion   Options The West Is A Mess    0:06:42 ()
David Bowie  Quicksand   Options Hunky Dory    0:10:10 ()
Jean-Marc Foussat, Sylvain Guerineau  Sabra   Options     0:16:03 ()
  Death Poem On Acid     Dialogue from the movie "Teenage Dirtbag"  0:19:02 ()
John Frusciante  Rock N Roll Suicide   Options     0:19:53 ()
Bart De Paepe  Saphire Dreams   Options Solitary Moon    0:23:06 ()
Klaus Layer  Dream Of Yesterday   Options For People Like Us/Restless Adventure    0:28:31 ()
Music behind DJ:
Gas 1   Options Nah Und Fern    0:29:59 ()
Black Pink Purple  Disco In The Snow   Options Ruido Extrano (V/A)    0:36:44 ()
Bellows  Scratching the Wrong Itch   Options Bellows    0:38:09 ()
Dogma Cats  Son   Options Bits V/A    0:42:19 ()
UK Subs  Countdown   Options The Punk Singles Collection    0:46:09 ()
Sammartano  Tonnellata Humana   Options Low Pitched Italy    0:51:59 ()
Illitch  Brisure   Options 10 Suicides    0:54:34 ()
NKVD  trice is just as nice   Options white stained covers    0:58:12 ()
Richard Youngs  Retrace   Options Inside the Future    1:02:49 ()
Music behind DJ:
Gas 1   Options Nah Und Fern    1:06:15 ()
Umwurf  Fruher Wurf   Options FruherWurf    1:12:54 ()
Death Houses  Lanteme   Options .. All But The Crimson Light Remained    1:18:47 ()
Robert Rental   On Location   Options     1:19:52 ()
Totemkopf/CAME22  Purpose and Utopia   Options Ann Harbor    1:23:47 ()
Christina Kubisch   Circles lll   Options Night Flights    1:31:56 ()
Music behind DJ:
      1:46:08 ()
Mick Turner/Tren Brothers  Angel 1   Options Blue Trees    1:51:04 ()
Kleistwahr  The Storm   Options The Return    1:54:56 ()
Deep Freeze Mice  Clarinet Tune   Options     1:58:08 ()
Angel Olsen  Unfucktheworld   Options Burn Your Fire For No Witness    1:58:44 ()
Rambutan  Broken Patterns   Options Born Again For The First Time    2:07:18 ()
The Lines   Cat Bug Jeep   Options     2:10:39 ()
Mark Tucker  Submerged Bat Vortex (A Batstew Nightmare)   Options Batstew    2:17:03 ()
Toru Takemitsu  Bunrakuku   Options Kwaidan OST    2:31:24 ()
Kahil El'Zabar's the Ritual  The Opening   Options Another Kind of Groove    2:34:24 ()
Music behind DJ:
Tony Conrad 
Live   Options Ten Years Alive On The Infinite Plain    2:46:57 ()
Thurston Moore / John Moloney  Ono Soul   Options     2:49:35 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 3:05am Bazinge:

Morning Jonathan!
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 3:09am Ryab:

Hope you're doing well and and not too caffeine-addled Jonathan ! Enjoying the show as always
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 3:10am Jherweg:

Howdy everyone,catching up on my playlist typing,,,,,
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 3:12am Ryab:

So bummed bout Bowie passing and I wasn't even that huge a fan.
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 3:13am Jherweg:

I was, I was shocked and I know that people have been beaten over the head with tributes this week but I couldn't help myself....
  Sun. 1/17/16 3:17am Bklyn kid:

so many others not as young as 69 yo should have passed and yet have not.
  Sun. 1/17/16 3:25am yoryo:

Good Morning! Who was the man who sold the world_?
  Sun. 1/17/16 3:36am Max:

Marnin' all
  Sun. 1/17/16 3:39am wax:

Hi there I'll be talking from my tablet after this
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 3:39am Jherweg:

Tablet talking.....
  Sun. 1/17/16 3:39am wax:

weird how not all comments showed up on the previous board
  Sun. 1/17/16 3:40am nanantatee:

Can't stake my sleep on this insomnia machine
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 3:41am Jherweg:

Why bother?
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 3:44am Ryab:

Insomnia ruins life, truly.
  Sun. 1/17/16 3:45am wax:

I get threats all the time that if I don't bleed just all hell will break loose but I don't believe it because I don't deserve it
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 3:46am Simon P:

Morning Jon and listeners
  Sun. 1/17/16 3:46am Max:

Bleed for me..........
  Sun. 1/17/16 3:47am wax:

I was on my way to north without any resources and then an attorney said that my mom would die of van ativan overdose
  Sun. 1/17/16 3:47am greysquad:

the insomnia machine sux, true.. try getting some work in the dream factory... I've heard they pay pretty good...
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 3:48am Jherweg:

Howdy Simon......
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 3:48am Jherweg:

Max/Wax back n forth.....
  Sun. 1/17/16 3:56am Max:

Wax is a parallel dimension version of me. Like the Wario version.....
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 3:59am Simon P:

bloody parallel universes comin over here and being parallel to ours
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:01am Jherweg:

Wax is the Bizzaro version of Max.
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:04am wax:

yea warrio from supercars how about efly.cum
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:05am faxwax:

  Sun. 1/17/16 4:06am wax:

hey gaycuabk
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:06am Jherweg:

I don't know whats going on...
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:06am wax:

I mean greysquad
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:09am ?:

was is a troll. look at mary wing playlist.
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:09am Max:

Play the Donald Trump SuperHero theme tune!
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:11am mind:

your own business
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:12am wax:

yea get out on MySpace.com or something
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:13am Max:

"when freedom calls......."
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:13am Max:

"stand up tall!"
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:14am Simon P:

Trump was scary but the audience was way more scary
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:14am D in Miami:

I'm here, but I'm sure I'll pass out soon, and all this crazy stuff will produce crazy dreams.
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:15am Jherweg:

Yes trumps supporters scare me more than Trump.
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:15am Max:

I can't believe Bowie died and this happened in the same week ..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPRfP_TEQ-g
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:15am Simon P:

like pre cambrian life forms
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:15am Jherweg:

Thanks For Checking In D
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:15am maximilian j gonzalez:

cool man
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:16am Max:

It's like the burning funeral ship to Valhalla
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:18am wax:

we battle for cream
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:21am wax:

and so forth
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:23am wax:

this song reminded me of the murder mystery frame by velvet underground
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:24am D in Miami:

I'm sure that song and dance put a lot of people in their grave, Max. Bowie is better off having never seen it.
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:24am Simon P:

Robert Rental - nice
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:25am Simon P:

the human race appears to be de evolving
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:26am Max:

It's like the bloody powerpuff girls themesong
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:26am Jherweg:

This is what Devo was talking about!
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:28am D in Miami:

Robots will find it easy to replace us in the future. They will only find us to be a nuisance.
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:30am Simon P:

I'd prefer robots to that Trump crowd
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:32am Simon P:

the Trumpbots
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:37am Simon P:

this ruse to get Clinton elected is going hideously wrong
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:39am Jherweg:

You know what would be fun? To Know The Truth!
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:40am greysquad:

why couldn't Trump choreograph his brand podium into their dance routine? He coulda dumped some cash to make it dance robotic to that "trumpin" robotic beat!
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:40am wax:

A trumpet can be shipped electronically to faxwax523@yahoo.com frequent flyer miles can be permanently cancelled wuts today Saturday? Anyway would do or faxwasx523@gmail.com
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:42am Jherweg:

Trumpin to the Oldies?
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:47am Simon P:

how about bringing the wagon train back
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:47am greysquad:

yep... that be the song he be tooting! Luckily the oldies are dying off, slowly but surely. Elizabeth Warren 2020!
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:47am Max:

The herald of the four horsemen (heralds have trumpets)
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:52am Maximilian j gonzalez:

Hey so I also have mrcoolmax2002@yahoo.com and protrasder1982@live or gmail.com
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:53am Max:

Met any new celebs Jon?........ through your extra work?
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:54am protrader1982@gmail:

for celebs for what purpose
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:55am Max:

cocaine fuelled sex parties obviously
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:56am Jherweg:

I stood in for paul giamati and got to read the other part of a phone conversation off camera to him , but he never said a word to me.
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:57am Max:

everyone knows what a sex crazed drug mule Jon is. Get with the program
  Sun. 1/17/16 4:58am Max:

he's the one from Sideways right?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 1/17/16 4:58am Julie:

Jon how come you don't invite me to coke-fueled sex parties
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 4:59am Jherweg:

Those days are over for me.....
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:01am Wax:

Coke is gross and I don't really like exposure
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:01am Max:

I'll invite you next time Julie
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:02am Simon P:

.....you got to say that, Jon..
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:04am The Illuminati:

Shhh!! Don't tell everybody what is going on. You'll ruin everything.
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:05am wax:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/17/16 5:05am Stanley:

Sleepwalking into an Orwelian future
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 1/17/16 5:06am Julie:

I was on a boat in a glacier park in Alaska no net..only the briefest minutes of cell service
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/17/16 5:07am ! I X Key !:

! Wowie zowie the groupthink is so wacky out (o:
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:07am greysquad:

coke or pepsi?
Freedom of choice
Is what you got
Freedom from choice
Is what you want
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:07am Simon P:

sadly gazing into their hand held devices
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 1/17/16 5:08am cklequ:

I still don't have a cell phone,... it hasn't hurt me yet.
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:09am Hiram Mesa:

I'm awake! I don't know why.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 1/17/16 5:10am Julie:

Hiram: story of my life
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:11am yoryo:

Freedom of becoming an alcoholic and phone addicted
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:12am Simon P:

soon we gonna be paying to get away from the things, like de tox weekends and so forth, paying someone to make the decision for us, but only the well off will be able to afford it
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:12am Max:

oh piss off old people.....

Julie I bet someone on that boat in the glacier park was on Tindr
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:13am Hiram Mesa:

I'm sober. I do have an attachment to my phone though.
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:13am Simon P:

oy, I'm gettin my pension soon, you young upstart!
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:14am poopoo mang:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/17/16 5:14am ! I X Key !:

<----- Not a young person =tells YOU to piss off=
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:15am Max:

yeah yeah.... go stand in a phonebox
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 1/17/16 5:15am Julie:

no Tindr, but my step-bro brought home one of the girls who worked on the boat. No one told me that was an option, there was quite the crew of hot guys
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/17/16 5:16am ! I X Key !:

You really truly should respect your elders.
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:16am poopoo mang:

hey wiggles.
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:17am Max:

You shoulda invited them all back ;)
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:17am yoryo:

pissing the night awaaaay for the ones who drink bier
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:18am Simon P:

I've been here since the beginning of time
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:18am Jherweg:

Hey Brian!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/17/16 5:23am ! I X Key !:

! I love my WFMU keychain/beer opener (o:
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:23am Hiram Mesa:

Are you a the Doctor, Simon? Can I get in your blue box?
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:25am Simon P:

are you saying I spend a lot of time in phoneboxes?
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:26am Jherweg:

Is phonebox code for jerk off Booth? is this some Dr Who Porno thing?
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:26am Hiram Mesa:

most likely
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:27am Simon P:

I'm outta here
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 1/17/16 5:27am Julie:

ooh i wonder if there is dr who porn... beyond the matt smith bondage pictures that is
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:27am Hiram Mesa:

Are you a bad wolf too?
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:31am Simon P:

that big scarf an all
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 1/17/16 5:31am cklequ:

I spend a LOT of time in phoneboxes.
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:32am Jherweg:

This has been the whackiest comments board I've seen in a while.
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:32am Simon P:

  Sun. 1/17/16 5:33am greysquad:

wait... who said Dr. Who had sex with daleks?
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:33am Hiram Mesa:

I probably think about rose tyler too much.
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:34am Simon P:

@JH it's dem Trumpytrolls
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:35am greysquad:

on a serious note... takemitsu's ost to kwaidan is is truly great! and a great movie btw!
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:36am Jherweg:

I'm a Huge Kobayashi fan.
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:40am greysquad:

me too! kwaidan imho is his best, but I loved hara kiri as well... one of these days i"m going to make time for the human condition (via hulu).
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 1/17/16 5:41am Julie:

how can you be done I feel like I JUST got home
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:43am Hiram Mesa:

Fine. Go home. I'm going back to sleep.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/17/16 5:44am ! I X Key !:

Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:45am Simon P:

thanks for the show ol' lazy eyes..bet I got more chins than you
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/17/16 5:46am joeray:

In addition to the soundtracks purchase Japanese Stereo Sound magazines.
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:47am Lunch:

great show
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:47am greysquad:

hey if you win... hire me! As long as we can we can split the findings....
  Sun. 1/17/16 5:47am Max:

tootles Jon...... till the next time
  Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/17/16 5:48am sibeliuss:

chris from seattle checking innnnnnnnnn
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/17/16 5:51am ! I X Key !:

I actually did have a stroke
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/17/16 5:52am ! I X Key !:

When I was 16 because a surgeon fucked up
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 1/17/16 5:53am ! I X Key !:

& look like I had a stroke & have been crippled for life bu I'm still handsome
Avatar Sun. 1/17/16 5:53am Simon P:

hope you're fully recovered !1 Key
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 2/6/16 3:59pm Ike:

I'm digging this archive, and I agree that the NYC ID is cool, but to be pedantic, the Whitney Museum is NOT one of those offering free one-year memberships. Lots of other great museums though are on the list though.
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