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An underground journey through the history of psychedelic rock, modern music, shimmering noise, free jazz, punk, funk, children's records played at the wrong speed, tape cut-up, static, the composition of decomposition, and subversive spoken word.

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Upcoming events:

Tue. Oct 22nd, Midnight - 3am: Jonathan Herweg (Blurred and Obscured) fills in for Marcel.

Options August 9, 2015: Consumed and Replenished

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Artist Track Album Label Format Comments Approx. start time
  Absolutely Real/Adult Entertainment/Transmission Begins           0:00:00 ()
Richard Burton  The Force That Through The Green Fuse Drives Flower   Options Richard Burton Reads Dylan Thomas        0:02:33 ()
Alessandro Cortini  Stambecco   Options Risvegllo        0:03:30 ()
Alan Jefferson  Galactic Nightmare Pt 4   Options         0:07:15 ()
Music behind DJ:
Gas 1   Options Nah Und Fern        0:29:05 ()
Ame Son  Eclosion   Options Catalyse        0:38:58 ()
Pierrot Lunaire  Gudrun   Options Gudrun        0:43:32 ()
ALAN SORRENTI  Aria (end Part)   Options Aria  EMI  LP    0:55:14 ()
Music behind DJ:
Gas 1   Options Han Und Fern        0:56:36 ()
Gam  Sepp Oben Ich Unten   Options Eiszeit        1:03:21 ()
Tyrannosaurus Rex  Highways (Misty Mist)   Options Dust on the Nettles: A Journey Through the British Underground Folk Scene 1967-72        1:11:35 ()
John Frusciante  As Can Be   Options NIandra Lades And Usually Just A T-Shirt        1:12:24 ()
Benjamin Delaney Lion  Samantha Carol Fragments   Options Dust on the Nettles: A Journey Through the British Underground Folk Scene 1967-72        1:16:13 ()
Hormiga  Pipeline   Options Shore        1:20:14 ()
Pole  Evelyse   Options Besombes & Rizet        1:25:43 ()
John Bender  Walk Down Wet Street   Options I Don't Remember Now / I Don't Want To Talk About It    LP box set  From Memories Of Mindless Mechanical Monologues 7xLP Box  1:34:16 ()
Ictus  Social Capillary Hypnosis Pt 1   Options Ictus        1:36:34 ()
Buffalo Daughter  Jellyfish Blues   Options New Rock        1:41:00 ()
Arcane Device  Lathe   Options         1:48:08 ()
  Loaded   If You Turn ON!        1:53:07 ()
Gfenzy  Carbon White   Options NaN        1:54:09 ()
Alternomen Unlimited  Facade   Options Facade EP        1:55:46 ()
Music behind DJ:
Silver Dick 
Galleon   Options There's No Gol        2:12:32 ()
Violeta Päivänkakkara  Sateenkaari   Options A Mutantine Collection (V/A)        2:13:12 ()
Nils Frahm  In A Parking Garage   Options Victoria OST        2:16:14 ()
Kali Z. Fasteau  "A Gift"   Options         2:19:56 ()
Mimaroglu-Hubbard  Threnody for Sharon Tate   Options Sing Me A Song of Songmy        2:30:31 ()
Vitto Ricci  Inferno Part 1   Options I Was Crossing a Bridge        2:36:03 ()
The Dead C  Scarey Nest   Options Runway        2:45:06 ()
Music behind DJ:
Untitled 1   Options Pythagoron        2:50:21 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:03am JakeGould:

Hey there, Jherweg! Slight geek thing but I was clued into this 1976 comic convention footage in NYC and thought you might be into it. Incredibly DIY. www.youtube.com...
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:04am Simon P:

there's only one Dylan..morning Jon
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:05am Hiram Mesa:

Good morning.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 8/9/15 3:05am Ike:

  Sun. 8/9/15 3:06am Kafuka:

Good morning Jonathan!
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:06am Jherweg:

Hey my radio gang, how is everyone this morning!!
  Sun. 8/9/15 3:08am Grey:

hi, or whatever.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:09am Jherweg:

Hey Grey, thanks for checking in .
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:10am Hiram Mesa:

I'm awake! :)
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:11am JakeGould:

I think I am awake.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:13am Jherweg:

Why are you awake, and a better question is how are you awake?
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:14am JakeGould:

Me: Self imposed insomniac project schedule from the last few weeks that only is tapering down this weekend. So I feel drowsy but not just yet…
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:16am Hiram Mesa:

Hi Jake! It's probably the Jesus in me that keeps me animated. Who knows really.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:19am Jherweg:

This 20 minute space prog opener is proof that I'm ill prepared for this show ha ha ha.....
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:20am JakeGould:

@Jherweg: They said “turbo lasers” so is this like freshly post Star Wars like from 1977 or 1978?
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:22am JakeGould:

1979 to 1985? Mama-mia! The last of the true epics. www.discogs.com...
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:22am Mugsy:

If you're really ill prepared, which I highly doubt, take us on a ride thru your musical being. Mornin' Herweg.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:23am Mugsy:

Hi Jake
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:24am Jherweg:

this has now been reissued, it was crazily sought after for years at record fairs and on ebay. I'm not sure it was worth all the Hype, it was a rare record though and the guy did everything on it himself including the artwork. One mans vision!
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:24am JakeGould:

Hey Mugsy! What’s shaking? Hopefully something good!
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:25am JakeGould:

@Jherweg: Yes, here is the reissue. trunkrecords.greedbag.com...
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:26am JakeGould:

And here are details on the original cassette release. www.trunkrecords.com...
  Sun. 8/9/15 3:26am Grey:

argh... wendy carlos returns from the grave.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:28am Jherweg:

I wonder what an original copy of this goes for? not one on discogs.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:28am Mugsy:

Been to Monty Hall a couple times recently. What a wonderful venue. The bands sound great and the comedians seem funnier there.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:28am JakeGould:

This bit right now is very “Last Starfighter”-esque.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:30am Hiram Mesa:

I was listening the the Last Starfighter soundtrack earlier today. weirdos
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:30am Mugsy:

We're painting and the echo just works like a mofo.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:31am Mugsy:

Hola Senor Table.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:31am JakeGould:

@HiramMesa: Me and you are two of the only people on Earth in the past 24 hours who referenced that “Last Starfighter” soundtrack today.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:32am Mugsy:

Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:33am Hiram Mesa:

Holla back atcha Mugsy.
  Sun. 8/9/15 3:34am Marijke:

Morning Jonathan! Up and listening with a fresh cup of coffee! ;-)
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:38am Jherweg:

Yes Marijke!! I can see you sitting there! Sip away and enjoy. (I'm not a serial Killer)
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:41am Mugsy:

I would bet a lot of serial killers would find solace in the music you play. Here, tonight.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:42am Jherweg:

Why do you think I do this? It's certainly not for well adjusted people.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:43am Mugsy:

Well said my friend.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:44am Ryab:

Glad to have you back for the summer, Jonathan!
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:45am Jherweg:

Thanks Ryab,! The archive before last got over 3500 clicks (i check it every 5 minutes) I'm assuming that was you!
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:45am Simon P:

just differently adjusted
  Sun. 8/9/15 3:46am Kafuka:

I could be a serial killer with the seller of discogs that sent me besombes rized curved
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:47am Jherweg:

Did you buy an Original copy Kafuka?
  Sun. 8/9/15 3:49am Kafuka:

No no
  Sun. 8/9/15 3:51am JoeRay:

Ame Son's vocals reminded me of Robert Wyatt.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:52am Jherweg:

I just bought a warped record on ebay the other day and 2 minutes after I asked the seller for a refund he gave it to me which was great. I still don't have the record, Its funny people grade records visually and don't put them on a turntable to see if it wobbles, its one of the perils of buying vintage vinyl, I bought an OG copy of Twinks "think Pink" years ago and spent way too much money on it and never got my money back. Record collectors are scum for the most part, record sellers are even worse!! (I include myself in that)
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:53am Jherweg:

People pack records in those mailers so tight often times too, I think records do best when they have a little room to breath, If you pack a record air tight its warp city.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:54am JakeGould:

@Jherweg: What you’re describing is a key flaw of online buying that nobody can solve; you need to have somethings “in hand” to really know if you want it or if it’s worth it. Sad, weird world of commerce we’re ion now.
  Sun. 8/9/15 3:55am Kafuka:

Record collectors are sick for the most :)
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:56am JakeGould:

@Kafuka: Comic collectors are pretty much the same… I’ve even met fine art collectors who are just well dressed weirdos… Collecting is collecting.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 3:59am Mugsy:

self flatuating yessss
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:03am Mugsy:

Well I DO assume stances at times...
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:04am Jherweg:

I should just sell my entire record collection and get with the digital age.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:05am Bazinge:

Werner Herzog's comments on hipsters

Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:05am Simon P:

you ain't gonna do that, Mr Herweg
  Sun. 8/9/15 4:06am Kafuka:

Jonathan, i think we should donate our record collection to people on the crowd
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:06am Hiram Mesa:

Records are heavy. Please don't sell your vinyl Jonathan. You will regret it. I'm a grey gooer.
  Sun. 8/9/15 4:08am JakeGould:

Yeah, but not everything is going to be digitized. Anyone remember this site from the early 2000s called "Basic Hip • Digital
Indio?" The folks who ran that site digitized tons of obscure LPs and even sold some MP3s of them then disappeared. I miss the old days of MP3 blogs.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:09am Jherweg:

Every time the format changes, information is lost.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:09am Simon P:

maybe hipsters are an amalgam of all the sub cults. Loving this Gam.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:10am Mugsy:

Have a nice day all. Thanks Herweg, stay cool.
  Sun. 8/9/15 4:11am JakeGould:

The site was called "Basic Hip • Digital Oddio." Not that typo I made.
  Sun. 8/9/15 4:13am Kafuka:

We love this gam
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:13am Jherweg:

The term Hipster needs to die. It doesn't mean anything anymore.
  Sun. 8/9/15 4:14am JakeGould:

Up with beatniks!
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:15am Simon P:

hipster like americana yeah what does it mean - I guess it's a marketing invention to sell product
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:18am Jherweg:

Anyone trying to be cool is vilified, we are in anti-cool times. Nothing's cool, cool to not be cool . Subjective objective, self aware blah blah blah.....
  Sun. 8/9/15 4:21am Kafuka:

My friends!!!
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:22am Hiram Mesa:

I like it hot. :)
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:27am Jherweg:

Here is the non warped version Kafuka.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 8/9/15 4:37am coelacanth:

good morning/ evening
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:37am Jherweg:

I always through In some Italian stuff for Kafuka! ha ha
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:38am Jherweg:

  Sun. 8/9/15 4:45am Grey:

Old timey CW folk? :-(
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:49am Jherweg:

Hey it's not really 1790, ye old candle maker,,,,,you're wearing a swatch,,,,,,,
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 4:53am Simon P:

did they have vinyl in 1790?
  Sun. 8/9/15 4:53am Grey:

"if you don't dig it, we'll refund your misery".... you're samples are great.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 5:06am Simon P:

The Church of the Holy Waste of Time
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 8/9/15 5:11am Stanley:

@Jonathan - this one is for you

Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 5:14am Jherweg:

Thanks Stan!!
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 5:17am Jherweg:

Where are you when I need your herbal remedies ha ha ha ha
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 5:25am Hiram Mesa:

It's bananas. They like bananas. I usually let bananas rot and then throw them on the ground because I like fruit flies. There's much better fruit to be had anyway. I really don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to illegal aliens, women's reproductive rights and arms trades anyway. I'll leave that to the apes. Grapes makes wine. What does cheese have to do with anything anyway?
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 5:27am Mugsy:

I get up to pee and Stanley's got a tee
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 5:27am Mugsy:

Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 5:29am Ryab:

Dropping out early for sleeps. Night/Morning all. I'll catch it in the archives for the last bit.
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 5:29am Jherweg:

Thanks for hanging tough!
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 5:36am Simon P:

this Hubbard/Mimaroglu is great. Big fan of that trumpeter
  Sun. 8/9/15 5:37am Grey:

Jeebus, Killer Clowns From Outer Space, and LSD. Your show seems to be made for all three.
  Sun. 8/9/15 5:45am Kafuka:

Great show jon
Avatar Sun. 8/9/15 5:50am Simon P:

thanks Jon
  Sun. 8/9/15 5:55am Jonathan Herweg:

Thanks guys
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