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Music for your inner 17-year old.

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Options June 5, 2015

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Artist Track Album Label New Approx. start time
Time Ghost  Uber Orgone / Intrusion / On Airs, Waters, & Places   Options Cellular  Load  *   0:00:00 ()
Ranger  Shock Skull   Options Skull Splitting Metal!  Ektro  *   0:11:59 ()
Satanic Warmaster  Winter's Hunger   Options Fimbulwinter  Werewolf  *   0:17:07 ()
Gnaw Their Tongues  The Behemoth Crawls Ashore   Options Collected Atrocities: 2005-2008  Crucial Blast  *   0:17:58 ()
Laube  I   Options s/t  Small Doses  *   0:34:48 ()
Arturo Ruiz del Pozo  Lago de Totoras   Options Composiciones Nativas: Music For Native Peruvian Instruments and Magnetophonic Tape  BUH Records  *   0:47:53 ()
Asian Women on the Telephone  Arr By Sugarbaby   Options You Have Reached Your Destination  Feeding Tube  *   0:53:17 ()
Courge  Lycanthrope   Options Mon Nouveau Groupe S'Appelle  Kaka Kids  *   0:59:08 ()
Reklamation  (Trivs du I) Hjo   Options 7" EP  [no label]  *   1:02:41 ()
Autistic Behavior  Perfect Order   Options Shattered Cattle  SRA Records  *   1:05:11 ()
Fang  Diary Of A Mad Werrwoulf   Options Land Shark!  Boner  *   1:08:28 ()
Death Alley  Dead Man's Bones   Options Black Magick Boogieland  Tee Pee  *   1:12:09 ()
Axis: Sova  Ask Me About My Smell   Options Early Surf  Drag City / God?  *   1:17:49 ()
Russel St. Bombings  Cop Speech   Options s/t  Smart Guy  *   1:25:28 ()
J.B. Smith  No More Good Time in the World for Me   Options No More Good Time in the World for Me  Dust to Digital  *   1:37:45 ()
Elder  Compendium   Options Lore  Armageddon Shop  *   1:50:25 ()
TRTRKMMR  Lightning and Thunder, I Break Asunder + some other tracks...   Options Avec la Louillure Nous Entrons  Iron Lung  *   2:01:09 ()
Yellow Eyes  Stillicide   Options Stillicide  Prison Tatt  *   2:08:33 ()
HIRS  Dead Seeds Part II +some other tracks...   Options The Second 100 Songs  SRA Records  *   2:15:16 ()
Nick Hoffman  Den Fuss Im Macken   Options Necropolis  Thessaloniki  *   2:18:43 ()
Joe Crow  Compulsion   Options Compulsion  Dark Entries  *   2:29:44 ()
Rema-Rema  Entry   Options Entry/Exit  Inflammable Material  *   2:34:36 ()
I-LP-O In Dub  Benghazi Affair   Options Communist Dub  Editions Mego  *   2:38:50 ()
Cheena  Did I Tell You Last Night?   Options 7" EP  Sacred Bones  *   2:46:18 ()
Sheer Mag  Whose Side Are You On?   Options 7" EP  Katorga Works  *   2:49:53 ()
Mongoloid  At the Moment of Death   Options 7" EP  Feral Kid  *   2:53:37 ()
Watts  Flash of White Light   Options Flash of White Light  Rum Bar  *   2:58:47 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 6/5/15 9:04pm r in va:

Yay Martha!
One more time!
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:07pm cheri:

hi Martha, can't believe you're leaving us, we're going to miss you!
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:08pm Martha:

Yep - going to try to go out in styyyyyyyyyle -
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 9:08pm Tome:

☺♥☼ - Martha , gonna enjoy these 3 hours as always,, and then ,, when you return , or surprise with a fill in , now and then .. always a joy !
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:10pm cheri:

thank you very much for all the wonderful shows, Martha!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 9:11pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Thanks for everything
- gonna miss ya
- enjoy time away
- come back often & soon.
You're the best !
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 9:11pm Cheri Pi:

Martha! Super digging
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:11pm Martha:

Well, I hope to be back sooner or later - and I am filling in for Liz B next Tuesday - if anyone wants to know about a fill-in you can send me your e-mail - or just look at the most recent archives underneath the regular stuff -
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 9:13pm Cheri Pi:

  Fri. 6/5/15 9:14pm unnameable:

one last Friday night shift at the bookstore with Martha :( Can't wait to see what it brings
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:15pm Martha:

Nice pronunciation CP!
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:15pm Claw!:



*bouncing off walls screaming*
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 9:16pm Cheri Pi:

Album of the year
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:16pm Primp:

I've loved these Fridays Martha
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:16pm Martha:

Thanks all for checking in - and for all the nice words -
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:17pm cheri:

Martha , thnx again for all the great music you played for us!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 6/5/15 9:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

This is like grade school where we'd walk down to the town park for a picnic on the last day of the year. Celebration of the end and the expectation of meeting again someday.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 9:25pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...except the music I had in my head? We actually have it here...
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 9:25pm JakeGould:

Hello Martha!
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:27pm Martha:

Hi all!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 9:28pm Cheri Pi:

  Fri. 6/5/15 9:28pm DieGrinderr:

Thanks for that...
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 9:33pm Rick Heinegeber:

Yea. This show is heavy enough for me. Reminds me of driving large cars.
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:34pm Martha:

I suppose I should warn you - it's going to get (?has already gotten?) self-indulgent tonight - whatever that means...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 9:37pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...self-indulgnet?? - on a Rawk show on FMU ?!??
...but - Ms. Martha - I'm here to study for my career after school !!...
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:39pm Martha:

Oh - that's right, I forgot - it's part of the job description ...
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:52pm Carmichael:

Heya Martha and friends. Tough week for listening, but this is great.
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:54pm Martha:

Hi there- thanks for checking in!
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:56pm Claw!:

I am really enjoying this cut right here.
  Fri. 6/5/15 9:58pm Martha:

Odd band - but great - from Russia -
  Fri. 6/5/15 10:03pm Carmichael:

And being Irish, I don't pronounce your "h" ... :)
  Fri. 6/5/15 10:16pm Carmichael:

Death Alley seems to know how to ROCK!
  Fri. 6/5/15 10:19pm Martha:

Yep - Danish - they know how do things RIGHT over there -
  Fri. 6/5/15 10:20pm Martha:

OK - third time the charm here - I think -
Avatar 🎃 Fri. 6/5/15 10:24pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Elf indulgence?
That's against the law, innit?
  Fri. 6/5/15 10:27pm Martha:

Only if your Catholic, I think - I believe you used to be able to buy them but no more -
  Fri. 6/5/15 10:44pm KP:

Only on Fridays
  Fri. 6/5/15 10:45pm KP:

Hiya, Martha!
  Fri. 6/5/15 10:46pm Martha:

Hey KP, how are you doing? Still down in VA? - was down your way (Charlottesville) for a while, got back three days ago -
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 10:54pm sinister dexter:

loving the sounds Martha
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 10:54pm JakeGould:

Busy working but thanks for the soundtrack.
  Fri. 6/5/15 10:56pm KP:

Chucklesville is pretty far down. Mary Jo went to school there.
  Fri. 6/5/15 10:57pm KP:

When we visit now it's northern va,
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 11:00pm coelacanth:

greetings Martha and all

you're not gone yet i already miss you.
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:01pm cheri:

Martha, we all love you!
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:02pm Martha:

Hi All - thanks for checking in and the good words! - yes, my sister teaches a course there 2/3 semesters, my BoL is at the Emergency Room - did get to watch my nephew play B'Ball, makes it all worthwhile!
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:02pm Martha:

Thanks to you all as well - and apologies for the over-sharing!
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:03pm KP:

There's a good indy freeformish station in Richmond, WRIR.
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:05pm Martha:

I'll have to check that out then -
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:09pm cheri:

I have to be checking out Martha, thank you for the music once again, farewell!
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:10pm Martha:

Thanks for checking in in the first place!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 11:11pm coelacanth:

is this self-indulgent?
...and all this time i thought you were indulging US!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 11:12pm Tome:

..just glad now I'm in my comfy chair ,, diggin' it all so much !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 11:14pm coelacanth:

(i need to get one of those.)
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:16pm Martha:

Let us just all fall into the warm embrace of indulgence - and feel good about ourselves at the same time -
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 11:18pm Tome:

got me through just about.. everything this show , almost 10 years now and few others on here , comfy chair or "uncomfy chair" ,, now savoring and grateful for the "comfy chair" cheers all !!
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:19pm cheri:

goodnight tome!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 11:20pm Tome:

good night to you too cheri .
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:24pm KP:

WRIR is on net like everyone else. Sunrise Ocean Bender is not unlike this but more on psych side as you might imagine. Say hello to Mr. Atavist for me.
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:25pm Claw!:

Popping my head in again briefly before I pop it back out...

Hola, Fish! Lookit what I found:
Wish bob was here...
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:27pm KP:

Refreshing to hear your voice again Martha.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 11:29pm coelacanth:

Olá Bear! i've never seen you here at this time before. and now Martha's leaving! to what do we owe this pleasure?!
...that web-address doesn't get me anywhere. what is it?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 11:31pm coelacanth:

(actually maybe you're her for the beginning of her shows..? i usually come late, when i back home.)
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 11:31pm Risky:

Martha, you sound drunker than me and I think that's cute.
Loving the new Satanic Warmaster, gotta get on a schedule to drop out of the 'weekend warrior' culture. Cheers
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 11:32pm Risky:

Oh man, this tracks got me feeling like a jelly donut right now.
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:33pm Martha:

It is just sadness, washing over me in salty waves of tears and loathing... No! It is my general inability to talk on the air that is responsible - and glad you are liking the track -
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:35pm Martha:

Thanks KP for the info and the kind words - always good to hear from you!
Avatar Fri. 6/5/15 11:36pm Risky:

Oh Martha, Martha. Being sad ain't what it's all about sista.
But sometimes it's ok, this tracks got me swirling about my apartment in the most unbridled abandon.
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:39pm Martha:

Yeah - glad you like the Satanic Warmaster - and who really minds being called cute? - I am just feeling my ?oats? - or whatever - the irresponsibility of non-continuation?
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:45pm Claw!:

I catch Martha in the archives, but since I caught Thomas' and Kurt's last shows today, it only seemed right to try and catch some of Martha's show live. :)

That link is to a news story about that sexy fawn bob shared with us on Tuesday. Her name is Dragon. Apparently she was born at a farm in Michigan and her white face caused her mother to reject her. But there is a happy ending and she is being cared for. Apparently those markings are super-rare in whitetail deer.
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:49pm Martha:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 11:49pm coelacanth:

...so that's cool about the fawn. i hadn't assumed it wasn't foto-chopped. (though i thought i'd have to be an expert)
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:50pm r in va:

Thanks for all the great shows Martha.
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:51pm Claw!:

I didn't think it was 'shopped, but I didn't realize the markings were that noteworthy, either. It was nice to get some back story, I suppose. ;-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Fri. 6/5/15 11:52pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Happy trails and all that, Martha. Will look for your fill-ins and a return to a regular slot if it works out. Thanks!
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:53pm Martha:

Thanks all for the good words - gonna miss you all! - check @wfmu.org for fill-ins or send me an e-mail and I'll let you know - best! - M.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 11:54pm coelacanth:

i just looked at it- really is extraordinary. i get the impression the blue eyes are not as unusual as the white face is.
...i'll say- i've seen many hundreds of white-tail deer and never seen one like that!
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:54pm Claw!:

Thank you for all the rock and sweet tracks you've shared with us, Martha. You will be missed, but it'll just make your fill-ins that much more special! We'll get the pleasure of hearing you Tuesday, anyway. :-) Catch ya then! Have a good weekend.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 6/5/15 11:57pm coelacanth:

Thank you Martha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please stay close.(unless it's bad for you!)

good night Bear!.
ciao y'all!
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:58pm KP:

Martha, I stick by inspirational and add invigorating!
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:58pm KP:

Oh man
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:58pm Claw!:

Buenas noches, Fish. Catch ya on the flipside.
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:58pm Martha:

Thanks all for the good words and the contributions - I'd often be lost w/out them! - and hope t6o see you on the other side! [actually, I've never really known what that means...]
  Fri. 6/5/15 11:59pm Martha:

'night all!
Avatar Sat. 6/6/15 12:00am JakeGould:

Goodnight Martha! May you have a wonderful summer!
  Sat. 6/6/15 12:00am KP:

  Sat. 6/6/15 12:03am Santos L Halper:

A great way to go out! Thanks DJ Martha!
  Sat. 6/6/15 12:05am Bob in DC and/or Virginia:

Good night, Martha! Hurry back!
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