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An underground journey through the history of psychedelic rock, modern music, shimmering noise, free jazz, punk, funk, children's records played at the wrong speed, tape cut-up, static, the composition of decomposition, and subversive spoken word.

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Tue. Oct 22nd, Midnight - 3am: Jonathan Herweg (Blurred and Obscured) fills in for Marcel.

Options April 12, 2015: By The Time You Read This I'll Be Dead

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
  Absolutely Real/Adult Entertainment/Transmission Begins       0:00:00 ()
  Brave New World       0:37:08 ()
Moistboyz  Good Morning America   Options III    0:03:36 ()
White Hills  I,Nomad   Options Walks For Motorists    0:05:10 ()
The Glass Path  Untitled Movement A   Options The Glass Path  Nosttilevo  0:09:04 ()
Music behind DJ:
Gas 1   Options Nah Und Fern    0:25:19 ()
Jed Herson  Airsick   Options A Bad Trip    0:36:13 ()
  Click Click       0:37:26 ()
Lawrence English  Patagonia   Options Viento    0:38:40 ()
Hobo Cubes  Unit   Options Apex Ideals    0:44:59 ()
Flux And Reflux  The Forest   Options Score Plus Trigger 3    0:47:36 ()
Paul Metzger  Of The Passing   Options Tombeaux    0:50:34 ()
Bill Orcutt  Untitled   Options Bill Orcutt/Sir Richard Bishop Split    0:57:41 ()
Music behind DJ:
      1:02:34 ()
AMK  Eon Trap   Options Phonics    1:09:41 ()
E.g Oblique Graph  Affirm Deny   Options Complete Oblique    1:12:36 ()
Konstuktivist  303 soundtracks   Options 1983 Flowmotion Vol. 2    1:18:17 ()
Mind Over Mirrors  Body Gains   Options The Voice Calling    1:26:21 ()
Julian Bradley  Sad Runner's Guts   Options A Companion As Glamourous As Sleeping On Wheels    1:30:37 ()
Nanao Sukaki  If You   Options     1:35:33 ()
Six Organs Of Admittance  Bar-Nasha   Options Transmissions From Sinai (V.A.)    1:36:13 ()
Joshua Burkett  Untitled   Options New Lost Cat City Rambling    1:41:31 ()
Music behind DJ:
      1:41:43 ()
Pahl-Mer  Frequency Ostinato Duet   Options Self Titled    1:49:46 ()
Joanne Robertson  ??   Bolack Moon Days    1:53:13 ()
Vincent Gallo  Was   Options When    1:56:32 ()
Cozmic Corridors  Drauber   Options Cozmic Corridors    2:04:17 ()
Braen Raskovich  Ultimo Istante   Options Drammitico    2:15:29 ()
Dark Sunny Land  Kangaroo Daydream   Options Dark Sunny Land    2:19:29 ()
Piero Heliczer  Birth/Death   Options You Could Hear the Snow Dripping and Falling Into the Deer's Mouth    2:27:34 ()
Michael Yonkers Band  Boy In The Sandbox   Options Microminiature Love    2:28:48 ()
Sociedad De Rechazo  No Title   Options Noize Art Vol 2    2:31:23 ()
Ahmed Malek  Hawajez (Barriers)   Options 1970's Algerian Folk and Pop    2:33:18 ()
Siouxsie & The Banshees  Take Me Back   Options Hyena    2:36:36 ()
Jazz Kuramatto and Arve Henriksen  True Metal   Options Young Wife,Old Cymbal    2:40:20 ()
Music behind DJ:
      2:47:51 ()
A.F. Jones and Derek Rogers  Prallax   Options Pretend ParaLLax    2:51:04 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:05am Ryab:

Morning everybody.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:11am Jherweg:

Morning Ryab!
  Sun. 4/12/15 3:12am Kafuka:

Good morning. White hills will be here next week. Have you seen them live?
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:13am Jherweg:

I didn't even listen to it before I bought it.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:13am Jherweg:

New TOMAGA cassette out.
  Sun. 4/12/15 3:16am Kafuka:

I know. 2 long tracks. I want it!
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:17am Jherweg:

Only a hundred of them, better hurry.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 4/12/15 3:21am Ĩk∑:

Aw dang, White Hills already played in Bklyn on April 3 and I missed it. I keep missing shows. I have to pay more attention to... what, Brooklyn Vegan? What's the best site for this shit?
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:23am Jherweg:

Who knows ?i have too much social anxiety to leave my house let alone go see live music.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:28am Ryab:

Well glad I'm not alone with some of my bullshit man
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:29am sanitariumhill:

Jonathan, I live alone out in the woods and I still go through the same thing
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 4/12/15 3:30am ikє:

Social anxiety?! Never had that, nope, not me. No wait, you told Wm. you have a significant other. If your social anxiety is really that bad, where'd you get an S.O.? This is a role you're playing to test out your acting skills or as part of some hippie performance art project, ISN'T IT? (XD)
  Sun. 4/12/15 3:34am marmalade kitty:

Mojave desert?
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:34am Ryab:

Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:35am Mugsy:

You need to relax man, you are the problem.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:35am Ryab:

I come to FMU for the same reason. That weird connectedness.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 4/12/15 3:37am ℰ Ī Ҡ:

Yeah, wherever you go, there you are. It sucks, doesn't it?
  Sun. 4/12/15 3:37am ?:

I had the same concerns.... where do I feel comfortable in US society? I moved to Vietnam.. and it's been great!
  Sun. 4/12/15 3:38am mojo61:

I totally am digging your rant.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 4/12/15 3:39am Ĩk∑:

Vietnam? Some people tell me that's great, others say it's like China where people are constantly trying to sell you shit and the hustling is really obnoxious. Haven't been there yet myself. Laos is great though.
  Sun. 4/12/15 3:39am mojo61:

Just moved to Chicago after 2o years in Manhattan
and totally loving it.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:40am Jherweg:

I was born in Chicago and I am dying to visit, the winters seem a bit harsher than I could handle maybe though.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:41am Mugsy:

Yeah if you don't feel comfortable here, we implore you to leave.
  Sun. 4/12/15 3:42am mojo61:

My stress levels palpably reduced. Everything is easy and cheap! And i can still feel connected to NYC/NJ (born in Plainfield in 1961) And no hipster bullshit!
  Sun. 4/12/15 3:44am mojo61:

Hey Jherweg. Like the winters in NYC aren't harsh?
Moved here in January (masochist) and many days checking NYC weather it was colder. But I will say the gloomy factor here is higher in the winter.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:44am Mugsy:

C'mon JHerweg, you're from Brooklyn, you could handle it!
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:46am Jherweg:

I just need to NOT live in WIlliamsburg I think.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:47am Mugsy:

Williamsburgification is rampant in NYC/NJ area
  Sun. 4/12/15 3:47am mojo61:

I for one feel quite comfy in NYC. It's my home. And I miss it. But I got a great job here and I'm just really loving the fact that this place has an identity all its own that is not dictated by my beloved NYC
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:49am Ryab:

Sometimes when I listen to noise tracks they become intensely psychedelic in that I feel like I am taking a stroll through my own neural pathways or something. I don't know if it'd just from lack of sleep or what because it doesn't really happen to me during the day.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:50am Ryab:

Like the sound is a vehicle for thoughts.
  Sun. 4/12/15 3:51am mojo61:

It's happening here too. But Chicago seems to have retained a provincial nature that I used to love and hate about NYC. And the drive for "success" seems much less.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 4/12/15 3:53am ikє:

@JH, I recommend Sunset Park or Kensington, though that might be a longer commute for you than for most folks if you work in LIC or Greenpoint or wherever they're filming shit these days.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:53am Ryab:

I don't know why I like noise tracks, 3 years ago I was the type of person that would say they would never be into it.
  Sun. 4/12/15 3:53am mojo61:

And I live in "Boystown" which tonight is on fire with gay/straight/bi/trans/fill in the blank energy in a 4 block stretch of Halsted that no longer exists in NYC.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:54am Jherweg:

I feel the same way Ryab.
  Sun. 4/12/15 3:57am mojo61:

Ok...end of trying to recruit all my friends to move here. And also loving the music Jherweg.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 3:57am Ryab:

Yeah this is all flowing nicely.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 4/12/15 3:59am Ĩk∑:

Agreed, like the sounds.
  Sun. 4/12/15 4:00am mojo61:

A very cute 21 year old puppy dog who needs a friend followed me home from Halsted and is sleeping like an angel on my couch. Where he will stay! But another reason I'm liking the scene here.
  Sun. 4/12/15 4:02am mojo61:

And this hammered dulcimer(?) seems to be soothing the snores of the hammered kid!
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:06am Mugsy:

Jed Hershon died and Wm. Berger knows about it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 4/12/15 4:06am cklequ:

Jed Hershon did die..... my-castle-of-quiet.blogspot.com...
  Sun. 4/12/15 4:06am mojo61:

Yes Chicago where you can rent a 1 br apt in the next gentrified nabe for $300!!!!It is a toddling town. Whatever the fuck that means.
  Sun. 4/12/15 4:09am mojo61:

It was warmer here this winter. And Cook County Hospital is a scary empty shell!
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:09am Ryab:

Stanhope 2016
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 4/12/15 4:11am Eki:

Nah, it won't be Bush-Clinton. The crazies won't let somebody as "moderate" as Jeb get the nomination. How scary is THAT?
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:12am Mugsy:

God forbid, please.
  Sun. 4/12/15 4:14am mojo61:

I like this cut. Reminds me of when I ate lots of acid 30 years ago...and my TM meditations today.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:18am Jherweg:

Good, that means the era of republican politics is over than.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 4/12/15 4:22am ikє:

We've believed that many times in the past, and yet they always resurrect sooner or later, like bad horror villains. Besides, the House of Reps... sigh.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:23am Mugsy:

Good night friends. Have a nice week JHerweg.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:24am Jherweg:

Thanks Mugsy!
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:25am Jherweg:

The Republicans will still run the senate and things on a local level but they won't elect another president anytime soon.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:27am Ryab:

Sauron has been defeated?
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:28am Jherweg:

I mean who knows the Illuminati or who ever really elects the president might have different ideas.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:30am Ryab:

I wonder who has president blood.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:36am Ryab:

You should always tell us where your soundbytes come from. It's like B&O trivia.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:38am Jherweg:

Sometimes I don't even know where they are from , a lot of them I collected on old cassettes and just taped stuff the TV as I was watching random shit.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 4/12/15 4:44am Ĩk∑:

Those Brave New World soundbites were great. Thanks for IDing that because I was wondering where those were from.

Hey, has anybody been watching Netflix's Daredevil? I'm surprised at how good it is. Intense fight scenes.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:51am Jherweg:

I'll check out Daredevil if you say it's good
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 4/12/15 4:52am cklequ:

That Scientology documentary could have been two hours longer. They barely broke the surface.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:58am Jherweg:

I agree it was so interesting. Beck is a Scientoligist. It was scary to watch but I want to know more.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 4:58am Jherweg:

Tom Cruise Is INSANE!
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:05am Ryab:

I've been wondering what the origin of fetishes are, there was a talk show on here somewhere that played that touched on it but I can't seem to remember. Ohwell
  Sun. 4/12/15 5:06am xxx:

I used to hate s&m too, until I found some light erotic stuff that's really fun & playful. It can add a little spice to things. the mask stuff is creepy, but some other fetish stuff can be exciting.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:06am Ryab:

I also think it's funny that anybody higher up in the school of scientology thought they could keep the grand secrets of of it contained.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:09am Jherweg:

I guess i should consider myself lucky to be having any sex at all.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:10am Ryab:

That's the way I think about it. Haha
  Sun. 4/12/15 5:11am xxx:

LOL Yeah, count yourself lucky. Re: Scientologists - think about the kind of sex they have. Now that's probably really creepy.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:13am Ryab:

Look at where you have made my brain go
  Sun. 4/12/15 5:13am xxx:

Down the cozmic corridors...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 4/12/15 5:17am cklequ:

Scientology fetish sex always ends badly.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:23am Jherweg:

I guess the one cool thing about scientologists is that they aren't Uptight about sex, unless you're gay and they shame you into staying in the closet .
  Sun. 4/12/15 5:26am marmalade kitty:

I'm horrified by the "current spate" of Police related murders of unarmed folks in the US, captured on camera. Stories breaking every week or day even, it seems. The BBC news is following the recent stories. I only recently discovered the obvious brutal murder of the "homeless - mentally ill" man in Fullerton California. I found this to be one of the most disturbing haunting videos I've ever seen.The BEEB didn't report or utter one word about that case back in 2011 or to this day..
Movements like OCCUPY are much needed.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:30am Jherweg:

I'm terrified to get stopped by the police, you never know what they are going to do.
  Sun. 4/12/15 5:35am marmalade kitty:

When I say *discovered, I mean learned of..
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:36am Ryab:

YEah well then when they don't do anything, do you not get a sense of sortof respect, astonishment, and relief? They're just people like everyone else. I'm sure it's a thing to call them all pigs but that's a label just like anything else. Personally I'd rather shovel shit than be a cop mainly because they get so much negativity that has just become attached to their profession because of the media.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:37am Ryab:

It's lame that people let themselves be controlled so much by what has been repeated to them.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:38am Jherweg:

That is why WFMU is great, talk about FREEDOM>. where do you get freedom like this on the radio or media in general.
  Sun. 4/12/15 5:39am xxx:

Yeah, I can see both sides - it's horrific how some police are abusing their powers. But I've also personally been helped by detectives when I was assaulted. Police are individuals, and we need to think of them that way.
  Sun. 4/12/15 5:40am marmalade kitty:

If the police were accountable to law like everybody else, (excluding or including the "1%") then I believe the police would earn the trust respect of ordinary people
  Sun. 4/12/15 5:42am marmalade kitty:

unfortunately they are not!
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:44am Ryab:

I agree with all three of you.
  Sun. 4/12/15 5:44am xxx:

It seems more complex than that, unfortunately, because the corruption has spread beyond police departments.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:44am leben:

This show is a nice addition to my sunday painting sessions, glad to have stumbled across it from down here in 'lil old New Zealand. The internet is not completely wasted on my generation, as Louis C.K has put it :p
  Sun. 4/12/15 5:44am Kafuka:

I love that michael yonkers!
  Sun. 4/12/15 5:45am marmalade kitty:

It seems straight forward to me.. okay
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:45am Ryab:

I feel like the cause of a lot of the corruption is due to the cultivation of fear, which is just kindof in a lot of places.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:47am Ryab:

It seems like Jon always kicks up dust and spurs convos, haha. Thanks Herwig, and listeners.
Avatar Sun. 4/12/15 5:47am Ryab:

I'm hitting the hay.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 4/12/15 5:48am kimgland:

great show and words
  Sun. 4/12/15 5:48am i k e:

I hear you on not being able to find yr "people." I think I'm closer than I was before, but....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Fri. 4/17/15 4:24pm SeanG:

I think the problem is the internet--it's the worst thing ever invented.
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