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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Redd Kross  Meet Frankenstein   Favoriting Researching the Blues  Merge  2012    0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Marvelous Darlings  Sleeping Like a Deadman   Favoriting Single Life  Deranged Records  2011  deadman as one word is their doing, not mine  0:03:59 Pop-up)  
Ex Hex  Beast   Favoriting Rips  Merge  2014    0:05:16 Pop-up)  
Russian Roulettes  Party   Favoriting R&R  Off the Hip  2009    0:09:08 Pop-up)  
Paul Collins  For All Eyes To See   Favoriting Feel the Noise  Alive Natural Sound  2014    0:11:40 Pop-up)  
Manfred Mann  Pretty Flamingo   Favoriting Classic Masters  EMI  1966/2002  RIP Jack Bruce  0:14:24 Pop-up)  
Jonly Bonly  Put Together   Favoriting Put Together  12XU  2014    0:16:50 Pop-up)  
King Tuff  Headbanger   Favoriting Black Moon Spell  Sub Pop  2014    0:19:38 Pop-up)  
The Skeletons  Jaguar and Thunderbird   Favoriting various - Brown Eyed Handsome Man: Saint Louis Salutes The Father of Rock and Roll  Undertow      0:30:05 Pop-up)  
Friends Of Cesar Romero  The Hold   Favoriting 7"  Snappy Little Numbers  2014    0:31:39 Pop-up)  
Michael Lynch  She's On Her Way   Favoriting 7"  Market Square  2014    0:34:07 Pop-up)  
The Pink Tiles  Stood Up   Favoriting Introducing the Pink Tiles  Cobra Snake Necktie / Love & Theft  2014    0:36:28 Pop-up)  
The Belltowers  No Matter   Favoriting 7"  Hidden Volume  2014    0:39:19 Pop-up)  
Vicky and the Vengents  Sha Na   Favoriting 7"  Groovers  2013    0:42:27 Pop-up)  
Flesh Lights  Just About Due   Favoriting Free Yourself  12XU  2014    0:44:24 Pop-up)  
Reigning Sound  My My   Favoriting Shattered  Merge  2014  live here on the show Nov. 11  0:52:02 Pop-up)  
The Space Heaters  Hurtin' Kind   Favoriting Under the Influence  Detroit Vinyl - CD Division  2008    0:55:20 Pop-up)  
XL Kings  Stoned Innocent Frankenstein   Favoriting Petite Large    2012    0:58:29 Pop-up)  
The Above live in the studio!  
Engineer: Mike Sin Recorded Oct 18  
David Horowitz - guitar, lead vocals, harmonica; Frank Caira - bass, vocals; Matt Marando - 12-string guitar, guitar, vocals; Christopher Cancelliere - drums  
The Above live on WFMU!  The Prisoner   Favoriting         1:03:35 Pop-up)  
The Above live on WFMU!  Flake Out   Favoriting         1:05:32 Pop-up)  
The Above live on WFMU!  You Make It Real   Favoriting         1:09:08 Pop-up)  
The Above live on WFMU!  Dog Without a Bone   Favoriting         1:10:54 Pop-up)  
The Above live on WFMU!  Goons   Favoriting       Matt on the fuzz!  1:14:59 Pop-up)  
The Above live on WFMU!  Open and Closed   Favoriting         1:18:13 Pop-up)  
The Above live on WFMU!  Holding Back   Favoriting         1:20:05 Pop-up)  
The Above live on WFMU!  We Could Be Together   Favoriting         1:23:17 Pop-up)  
The Above live on WFMU!  Imprisoned   Favoriting         1:25:52 Pop-up)  
The Above live on WFMU!  Coming Around   Favoriting         1:29:40 Pop-up)  
The Above live on WFMU!  West End Supermarket   Favoriting         1:32:37 Pop-up)  
The Above live on WFMU!  interview   Favoriting         1:36:06 Pop-up)  
The Above  I Never Had Much To Say   Favoriting Waterbury Street  Teen Sound  2014    1:43:53 Pop-up)  
The Ar-Kaics  Sick and Tired   Favoriting 7"  Hidden Volume  2014    1:45:45 Pop-up)  
The Donnas  Speedin' Back To My Baby   Favoriting 7"  Lookout  1998    1:48:43 Pop-up)  
Nude Beach  Yesterday   Favoriting 77  Don Giovanni  2014    1:52:00 Pop-up)  
The Smashcasters  Motivated Heartbreaker   Favoriting s/t    2005    1:55:24 Pop-up)  
The Fumestones  Queen of My Dreams   Favoriting Fiver Than Ever  H-Records  2004    1:57:15 Pop-up)  
Figures of Light  I Want Money   Favoriting Too Many Bills, Not Enough Thrills EP  FoL records  2013  yes that is mick collins on lead guitar!  2:08:47 Pop-up)  
The Young  Dressed In Black   Favoriting Chrome Cactus  Matador  2014    2:10:04 Pop-up)  
Maggie Björklund  Name In the Sand   Favoriting Shaken  Bloodshot  2014    2:12:39 Pop-up)  
Friends of Dean Martinez  All the Pretty Horses   Favoriting Live at Club 2  Aero      2:16:05 Pop-up)  
White Fence  Afraid of What It's Worth   Favoriting For the Recently Found Innocent  Drag City  2014    2:18:47 Pop-up)  
Ty Segall  Feel   Favoriting Manipulator  Drag City  2014    2:22:58 Pop-up)  
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires  The Weeds Downtown   Favoriting Dereconstructed  Sub Pop  2014    2:31:02 Pop-up)  
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires  Mississippi Bottomland   Favoriting Dereconstructed  Sub Pop  2014  playing live here on the show next week!  2:36:37 Pop-up)  
The Muzzlers  He Waits   Favoriting Wash Your Hands  no label  2014    2:39:17 Pop-up)  
The Green Pajamas  Happy Halloween   Favoriting Happy Halloween!  Green Monkey  1984/2014    2:41:47 Pop-up)  
King Penguin  She Don't Care About Time   Favoriting 7"  Fruits de Mer Records  2014  Byrds cover  2:47:42 Pop-up)  
The Delusionaires  The Scrump   Favoriting 7"  Hidden Volume  2014    2:53:30 Pop-up)  
Triks and the Paramounts  Doe maar net zoals ik   Favoriting various - From the Kitchen To the Garage: Dutch Girls and Girl Groups in the Sixties  Waterpipe      2:56:19 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:04pm KevinWho:

thank goodness Joe is back!
  12:04pm KevinWho:

(was a little frightened after last week)
Avatar 12:04pm Sem Chumbo:

Hiya, Joe and good afternoon. Can't wait to hear my favourite three chords again today. What are the odds?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:04pm common:

hey joe!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:05pm MattBelow:

Joe is back after a rock n roll weekend!
Avatar 12:05pm SmokinJ:

Redd Kross Rule! Hiya Joe!
Avatar 12:14pm Joe B:

Hi everyone! thanks for tuning in! Great live set from The Above coming up today! Probably about 1 pm
Avatar 12:15pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Rawk !
  12:16pm KevinWho:

Collins was awesome, of course, at Get Hip (two Thursdays ago)
  12:16pm geokopp:

Yo Mr Rockhead!!
Avatar 12:18pm KP:

the Pretty Flamingo himself ... Smokin' Joe Belock!
Avatar 12:23pm Parq:

Way digging the lush sound of this King Tuff.
  12:26pm Figures of Light:

Pledging my love ....
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:28pm Fuzzy:

She Was Like A Beautiful Rainbow, mannnn...
Avatar 12:30pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- a *Bearded Rainbow ! - SWLABR ...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:31pm Fuzzy:

Gah -- you are correct, sir! I am much ashame!
  12:32pm KevinWho:

... "plus he's dead"!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:33pm Mike Sin:

IMHO, Jack Bruce's work with the Graham Bond Organization on those two LPs is fabulous!
Avatar 12:34pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...no not very 3CM - but Cream damn important to me ; I would posit Jack Bruce as uncredited as wunna Thee Great Rawk Vocalists - as well as Bassists...Writer...
  12:34pm Figures of Light:

Yes, Graham Bond Organisation (British spelling, please) is much underrated ---
Avatar 12:35pm Joe B:

I only know a few GBO cuts, and not sure if Jack is on them!
  12:36pm Figures of Light:

The Friends of Cesar Romero??? I met him once in a restaurant in Los Angeles in the late 1970s -- dapper, debonair, just what you would expect.
Avatar 12:37pm Joe B:

hey Wheeler! wow! that is incredible!
  12:38pm Figures of Light:

Yes, we sent him a bottle of wine, and he came over to our table, sat down, chatted - a real gent!
Avatar 12:38pm Joe B:

You are right kevin, almost didn't make it back!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:39pm MattBelow:

This Pink Tiles tune is the winner on the LP
  12:40pm Figures of Light:

I vote for Dog Party as best new band of 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 . . .
Avatar 12:43pm Parq:

@ Pink Tiles singer:

  12:43pm Hidden Volume:

Man, thanks for spinning The BellTowers!
  12:44pm Figures of Light:

Yes, The Belltowers really ring my chimes!
Avatar 12:44pm Joe B:

thanks for putting it out! played the other side last week!
  12:45pm Figures of Light:

That hamburger looks really good ----
  12:46pm Figures of Light:

Always amazes me how you find such killer bands week after week -- a one man archive, is you --
  12:47pm Hidden Volume:

Cool! I hope to put out another one next year.
Avatar 12:48pm Joe B:

and your Quitty 7" is single of the year!
  1:01pm Hidden Volume:

Oh wow! That's amazing. They're a great band.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:06pm ChrisB.:

Love all of The Above!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:06pm Mike East:

The Above!
Hey Joe!
Avatar 1:07pm KP:

Flake Out!
Avatar 1:08pm Sem Chumbo:

Above and beyond, just what you'd expect on 3-Chord Monte. Thanks for this, Joe!
  1:09pm ?:

Anyone listening in Toronto. The Above will be in town friday Nov 7th at The Sister 1554 Queen St. W.
Avatar 1:09pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...what's wrong here? - Oh!: I need to turn this the hell up !! ...
Avatar 1:09pm KP:

The Cow, she moos!
Avatar 1:10pm Joe B:

The Above playing this Saturday night Nov 1 at The Delancey with Palmyra Delran, the GTV's and Stupidity!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:10pm Dominick:

  1:17pm Hidden Volume:

The Above: That's some nasty fuzz, boys.
Avatar 1:18pm dmikeq:

Avatar 1:21pm KP:

Great Byrdsian 12 in there.
  1:23pm Esther Crow:

yyyyyyyeeeeeoooowww! joe rockhead!! great show! love the above!! can't wait for saturday's huge show!!
Avatar 1:23pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yes !
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:24pm SeanG:

pledge pledge pledge!
Avatar 1:27pm d¢ pät:

that's some swell drumming there.
Avatar 1:46pm FernandoBelmondo:

I am not gonna miss this gig on saturday!
Avatar 1:48pm dmikeq:

Excellent set guys!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:48pm Hidden Volume:

Heyyy, those Ar-Kaics!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:51pm efd:

ha, I never knew about this Donnas cover!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:52pm Cubicle Carl:

Yowza. Ace Frehley cover.
Avatar 1:53pm MenfussMike:

i was BLASTING this Ace Frehley record over the weekend. STILL kills!
Avatar 1:55pm FernandoBelmondo:

Hell yeah, I'm spending Helloween weekend in NYC, straight from Sao Paulo, Brazil! Already got ticket for Los Straitjackets and The Fleshtones on friday. Got any other tips to a foreign listener?
Avatar 1:55pm Joe B:

wow, I got one past efd! Not an easy task!
Avatar 1:56pm Joe B:

Fernando - Burger Records Caravan of Stars Thursday at Bowery Ballroom!
Avatar 1:58pm FernandoBelmondo:

WOW! That's sounds fun, if only I can get past the jet lag. I'm landing on thursday morning, but I'll do my best to get there. Thanks Joe!
  2:07pm John L.:

Brother JT and Bunnybrains will be at BSP, in Kingston, this Thursday. Brother JT will be taping an episode of his online show, Tripping Balls, at the venue.
Avatar 👻 2:11pm Hoboken Jack:

nice tune Figures of Light!
Avatar 2:13pm Cheri Pi:

Ooooh this is dark and witchy. Heya JB!
Avatar 2:16pm Joe B:

CP i think you would dig this whole record by The Young!
Avatar 2:20pm Sem Chumbo:

Yup, liking this mucho. Louder is better, too, I find.
Avatar 2:22pm Cheri Pi:

I plan on checking it out on your say-so.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:24pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Howdy Joe & all Belockland! Show is Above all reasonable expectations...Sorry, couldn't hep myself!
  2:27pm Bluesman:

Kevin you appear to be thinking "Above" the box ;0
  2:29pm Mark:

This might be Ty Segall's greatest record yet!
Avatar 👻 2:31pm Hoboken Jack:

Björklund's earlier LP had the Calexico guys all over it.
Avatar 2:34pm Joe B:

Thanks Jack! John Convertino is on this one, maybe some of the others
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:50pm Mike East:

Great Byrdsian 12 in there.
  2:52pm KevinWho:

Joe B, ever heard the Andrew Gold / Fraternal Order Of The All's "Space And Time"? it's brilliant
Avatar 👻 Swag For Life Member 2:54pm Jeff from Rahway:

Great show Joe!
Avatar 2:55pm Sem Chumbo:

See ya next time, Joe!
Avatar 2:55pm FernandoBelmondo:

Awesome show!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar 2:58pm Joe B:

thanks everybody! appreciate it, had a blast!
  3:03pm dennis diken:

splendid show Joe!
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