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Professor Dum Dum, scientist of music, performs experiments in music and human behaviour. Living, breathing volunteers subject themselves to his verbal vivisection, helping all to understand what laymen call "absurdity." (Visit homepage.)

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Options September 9, 2014

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
oktor  All Gone In Moments   Options All Gone in Moments  KRG  0:00:00 ()
King Diamond  A Visit From The Dead   Options Conspiracy  Roadrunner Records  0:11:40 ()
Midnattsol  A Poet's Prayer   Options The Metamorphosis Melody  Napalm Records  0:17:43 ()
Satan's Host  Hellfire   Options Celebration for the Love of Satan  Moribund Records  0:31:57 ()
Suffocation  Synthetically Revived   Options Pierced From Within  Roadrunner Records  0:37:08 ()
Infernal Majesty  None Shall Defy   Options None Shall Defy  Displeased Records  0:41:01 ()
Massacra  Enjoy the Violence   Options Enjoy the Violence  Cargo Records  0:58:08 ()
Bloodthorn  The End Offensive   Options War III  Season of Mist  1:01:41 ()
Saturnus  The Fall of Nakkiel   Options Paradise Belongs to you  Euphonious Records  1:07:15 ()
Mourning Beloveth  It Almost Looked Human   Options Dust  Sentinel  1:11:12 ()
Drapsnatt  Gusten   Options Hymner Till Undergangen  Nordvis  1:24:32 ()
Void of Silence  Daemons from My Imagination   Options Toward the Dusk  Nocturnal Music  1:31:03 ()
Mayhem  Pure Fucking Armageddon   Options European Legions  Season of Mist  1:41:42 ()
Paradise Lost  Shades of God   Options Draconian Times  Music for nations  1:45:37 ()
Siegfried  Jerusalem   Options Siegfried  Napalm Records  1:53:31 ()
Goatess  The Oracle   Options Goatess  Svart Records  1:57:27 ()
Memento Mori  Burned by Light   Options Songs for the Apocalypse  Black Mark Productions  2:04:42 ()
Mercyful Fat  nuns have no Fun   Options The Beginning  Roadrunner Records  2:10:25 ()
Sodom  Christ Passion   Options Mortal Way of Live  RC Records  2:14:40 ()
Slayer  Black magic   Options Show No Mercy  Restless  2:18:40 ()
Zgard  Contemplation   Options Contemplation  Svarga music  2:22:22 ()
My Dying Bride  For You   Options Like Gods of the Sun  Peaceville  2:31:31 ()
Last Crack  my Burning Time   Options Burning Time  Roadrunner Records  2:35:46 ()
Pestilence  Stigmatized   Options Testimony of the Ancients  Roadrunner Records  2:40:42 ()
Not Fragile  Down in the Streets   Options Who Dares Wins  Delton Records  2:42:39 ()
Savn  Lenselens hand   Options Savn  CDR Records  2:47:00 ()
Atrocity  Let's Dance   Options Werk 80  Swanlake  2:52:33 ()
Parzival  Dies Irae   Options Anathema Maranatha  Euphonious Records  2:57:10 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 9/9/14 12:08am ccrides:

I always wanted to catch this show live!!!...'High', Professor!!...:)O(:...
Avatar Tue. 9/9/14 12:09am Bill Zebub:

  Tue. 9/9/14 12:09am ccrides:

Is 'it' OK if I play this for all my friends???...:)O(:...
Avatar Tue. 9/9/14 12:11am Bill Zebub:

Play it for the world, and spread the wondrous music
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:11am ccrides:

Thanks, William...you are a gentleman and a scholar!!!...:)O(:...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/9/14 12:16am sinister dexter:

yes!! King Diamond!!
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:17am Phillip In Brooklyn:

Good evening professor:)
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:18am Phillip In Brooklyn:

King diamond:) I have all their music on my hard drive
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:19am Phillip In Brooklyn:

Soon, very soon I'll have all my music in the clouds all 600gigs of it
Avatar Tue. 9/9/14 12:21am Bill Zebub:

I want to play some live Mercyful Fate, but only if there is enough clamor for it here. Raise thy voice!
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:23am Phillip In Brooklyn:

Yes!!! Mercyfull Fate:)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/9/14 12:23am sinister dexter:

Mercyful Fate!! i have King Diamonds signature on my Mercyful Fate cd ... put that in your cloud?
Avatar Tue. 9/9/14 12:23am Tome:

...agrees with the above wholeheartedly !
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:26am ccrides:

These are some very good points, professor!!!...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:26am Phillip In Brooklyn:

I agree totally! From now on we should call the moon "Harvey"
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:27am ccrides:

I like capitalizing 'the' as in The Moon..!..:)O(:...
Avatar Tue. 9/9/14 12:28am Tome:

should I say Celtic Frost , or ,, Candlemass
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:29am ccrides:

If we were all the same 'it' would be a boring world..!..hehehe...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:29am Phillip In Brooklyn:

Type o'negative - everything dies
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:31am ccrides:

It's not my fault that I have blonde(sp) hair and blue eyes!!!...LOL...:)O(:...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/9/14 12:33am sinister dexter:

  Tue. 9/9/14 12:34am ccrides:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/9/14 12:35am sinister dexter:

anyone out there in the poetry club?
Avatar Tue. 9/9/14 12:36am Bill Zebub:

I don't even know if people will call for the topic, let alone poem. But if four of you priomise to write a poem I shall make a contest
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:36am Phillip In Brooklyn:

I'm allergic to peanut butter so that leaves me out of a peanut butter and baby Jesus sandwich
Avatar Tue. 9/9/14 12:37am Tome:

YEA !!!!
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:38am ccrides:

I can be I
You can be you
Don't step on me
I will stand for you
Treat me fair
I'll treat you 'true'...
don't cry, babe
I'm you!!!...C.C...:)O(:...
Avatar Tue. 9/9/14 12:44am Tome:

OH I so had this record and loved it death when it came out,, !
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/9/14 12:45am sinister dexter:

a sandwich huh? with peanut butter?
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:47am ccrides:

Ahhhh...the curious taste of acid rain upon my tongue..!..:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:52am ccrides:

I don't want to talk..!..I just wanna post...people say I sound too much like a girl on the phone...sorry!!!...hehehe...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:55am ccrides:

I remember hearing that Rod Stewart had to have his stomach pumped out???...)O(...
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:56am ccrides:

  Tue. 9/9/14 12:57am ccrides:

I we restricted to certain 'meters'???...LOL...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 12:58am ccrides:

  Tue. 9/9/14 1:00am ccrides:

Baby Jesus
if 'you'...
like peanut butter???
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/9/14 1:01am sinister dexter:

mom totally in garbage .... sorry 'bout the expletive Professor
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:06am ccrides:

There is not a whole lot of info, out there, on the Baby Jesus...I kinda think him and Superman are a lot alike...they couldn't help but do good...mmmm...from the very start!!!...:)O(:...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/9/14 1:07am sinister dexter:

this is cool as fuck
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:09am ccrides:

Oh yeah!!!...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:12am ccrides:

My gut tells me that a lot of extra ordinary things may happen tonight!!!...:)O(:..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/9/14 1:12am sinister dexter:

@ccrides ..... you are so full of shit
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:13am ccrides:

I am totally serious...every single second!!!...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:15am ccrides:

'It' all depends on what 'plane/plain' you are on!!!...hehehe...:)O(:...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/9/14 1:19am sinister dexter:

ahhh ... the metal sounds real good tonight! .... cheers all!
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:19am ccrides:

We should light a 'big' fire!!!...)O(...
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:20am ccrides:

I am 'not' calling!!!...hehehe...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:21am Gerl:

What kind of poem?
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:22am ccrides:

I don't even call Chris T...so forget 'it', baby!!!...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:25am ccrides:

Just rememnber... don't hold him too long in your hand...mmmm...because he melts better in your mouth!!!...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:33am Gerl:

  Tue. 9/9/14 1:33am Gerl:

Whats the number??
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:35am ccrides:

Gerl...off the cuff, will be fine!!!...:)O(:...
Avatar Tue. 9/9/14 1:38am Bill Zebub:

Off-the-cuff is not acceptable. AS mentioned on the air, any structure except couplet or haiku
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:39am ccrides:

Something like this...
Baby Jesus
Sittin in the Sun
Cutting up with peanuts
just for fun...etc...

  Tue. 9/9/14 1:39am Gerl:

the number!? I tried callin
Avatar Tue. 9/9/14 1:40am Bill Zebub:

That would have been good, but the topic fo rthe poem is about killing th ugly baby jesus with bubblegum
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:41am Gerl:

I have one
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/9/14 1:41am sinister dexter:

  Tue. 9/9/14 1:41am ccrides:

Very well, then...Bill...go ahead and make 'it' hard for people!!!...LOL...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:43am ccrides:

Hahaha...here we go!!!...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:49am ccrides:

Bubblegum doesn't kill...unless, somehow, 'it' manages to suffocate you, in an unexpected way?!?...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:53am ccrides:

Because you are a masochist..!..like Chris T..!...hehehe...:)O(:..
  Tue. 9/9/14 1:58am ccrides:

Wow..!..That kinda reminds me of 'Tool' with a little James Hetfield and some nice girl singers in the background!!!... *smile* ...:)O(:...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/9/14 1:59am sinister dexter:

yes! GOATESS!!!
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:01am ccrides:

Jesus!!!...won't you fucking whistle?!?...:)O(:..
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:06am ccrides:

Bill...you have so much to do..!..Butt not enough!!!!...:)O(:...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 9/9/14 2:06am sinister dexter:

what is this?!! wow!!
Avatar Tue. 9/9/14 2:07am Bill Zebub:

Mememnto Mori features the singer from Candlemass (Messiah Marcolin)
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:10am ccrides:

Enjoy the time...while you're alive...etc...)O(...
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:12am ccrides:

Heavy Metal..!..)O(...
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:14am ccrides:

So far...I think that 'Tool' is the most creative band of the last 15 years or so...MHO...?...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:15am ccrides:

Maybe 20 years???...:)O(:...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 9/9/14 2:20am Ken From Hyde Park:

Gee, that full moon is bright tonight.
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:21am ccrides:

The full Moon always makes me horny!!!...hehehe...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:25am ccrides:

Especially when there is a lot of humidity in the air..!.. *smile* ...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:29am ccrides:

I like Dryness!!!...with a little breeze that will blow up your shorts!!!...hehehe...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:34am ccrides:

Oh Yeah...this 'one' has a nice feel to 'it'!!!...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:37am ccrides:

  Tue. 9/9/14 2:38am ccrides:

You see...'it's all in the delivery!!!...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:41am ccrides:

'It's easy to get mixed up!!!...)O(...
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:48am ccrides:

Very nice!!!...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 2:56am ccrides:

I haven't been able to comfortably dance since I tripped in 1971!!!...'it' just feels weird...for some reason...I have a hard time with girlz!!...:)O(:...
  Tue. 9/9/14 3:02am ccrides:

Toppermost of the Poppermost!!!...:)O(:...
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