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Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, guys in bars, and her own Grandma Phyllis about where love and sex meets technology.

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Options August 13, 2014: #33 - Loves to Laugh

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Beex  Beat, Beat   Options On the Free Music Archive  0:00:00 ()
Grandma Phyllis      0:01:19 ()
Andrea and Sam    Follow Sam on Twitter @samlistens  0:07:27 ()
Dan Sheehan    I Suck At Tinder  0:26:12 ()
Dan Sheehan    I Suck at Tinder on Facebook  0:27:03 ()
      0:31:13 ()
      0:32:07 ()
      0:33:51 ()
      0:35:38 ()
Sword and the Stone      0:37:01 ()
Dan Sheehan    Follow Dan on Twitter  0:37:48 ()
Juanitos  Exotica   Options On the Free Music Archive  0:40:45 ()
Mickey and the Devil Mask    Follow Mickey on Twitter  0:43:27 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:04pm Danne D:

Andrea :) You are great. Don't let any trolls out there get you down!

Hi Everyone :)
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:04pm BadGuyZero:

Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:05pm Callieflower:

Yay for Grandma Phyllis!
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:05pm Ange:

This is about how we're all trolls when we make fun of online dating -- glad you guys are listening!
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:08pm BadGuyZero:

I make fun of online dating to conceal my inability to do it correctly.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:09pm JakeGould:

Hey folks! So happy to be here. Hate to interrupt, but I am stuck at an airport in Turkey. And I desperately need $500 right away or else I go to the jailing.
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:09pm yanni:

i make fun of online dating because it is pitiful . good bye.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:10pm JakeGould:

I used to be on OK Cupid until I realized how fruitless & ultimately disconnected it is. Waste of time. Real world is better. Also, I need that $500 most urgently.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:12pm Ange:

What are the online dating cliches that annoy you guys the most?
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:13pm Callieflower:

Men saying that they're "sick of being burned" and want someone with "no drama"
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:13pm BadGuyZero:

My "loves to laugh" is when people on OK Cupid put "it wouldn't be private then" [or some variation] as their response to "The most private thing I'm willing to admit."
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:13pm yanni:

um , how about online dating ? How many dates do you need?
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:13pm JakeGould:

@Ange, people who post that they like to go to dive bars.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/13/14 7:13pm Skirkie:

"Tired of the bar scene"
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:14pm Danne D:

"overarching"? Was that a pun there?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/13/14 7:14pm Skirkie:

Laid back
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:14pm Danne D:

"Partner in crime"
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:15pm JakeGould:

Who brags about parallel parking in an online ad?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/13/14 7:15pm Skirkie:

I have never seen bragging about parallel parking.
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:15pm Sam:

When you say "I love to laugh" you're saying you have a good sense of humor. There's nothing wrong with that, it's important. Some people don't love to laugh.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:15pm Danne D:

"I like all kinds of music except rap and country"
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:16pm BadGuyZero:

Sometimes when I'm bored I'll do a search for profiles with the word "Mumford" and hide every one of them.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:16pm northguineahills:

Who can't parallel park? I don't even own a car, and it's still no problem even in the city.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/13/14 7:16pm Skirkie:

Or being a foodie in general, which goes for real life as well.

"Oh, you like food? No me, I hate that stuff."

Everybody likes food.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:17pm JakeGould:

@Amnge, “I make a mean breakfast.” Is that like code for morning sex?
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:18pm Ange:

I think the parallel parking stuff might be more specific to California -- in NY/NJ we can all parallel park like a champ
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:18pm Danne D:

The theme seems to be that Ange thinks everything is coded about sex :o)
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:18pm Ange:

@Jake -- As my intern pointed out, I clearly think everything on online dating profiles is code for sex..!
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:19pm Sam:

You go Ange! This guy is too quick to criticize. It's good to mention the stuff you like, even if it's conventional.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/13/14 7:20pm Skirkie:

I had wfmu in my favorites section once upon a time.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:20pm Callieflower:

I do look at that to see if a dude is into super creepy movies and musicians. It says a lot
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:20pm BadGuyZero:

I'm annoyed by people who boast about not owning a television. Like they think they're so above all of us.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:20pm Danne D:

Wow, I just found the 100% perfect profile in this regard.

References that she's looking for her Clyde, y'know like Bonnie and Clyde.

And yes brunchin' is one of the six things she can't live without.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/13/14 7:20pm Skirkie:

It means he'll talk your ear off about beer.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:21pm Ange:

I'm very pro-listing WFMU in your profile -- or obscure bands that only a WFMU listener would understand
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:21pm Danne D:

@Skirkie - true, I think it's more about him justifying to himself the money he spent on the homebrew kit.
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:22pm Sam:

You brew your own beer = you're a total hipster dork
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:22pm BadGuyZero:

I mention WFMU.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/13/14 7:22pm Skirkie:

It also means he knows how to clean and sanitize things, the home brewer.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:22pm Danne D:

@Ange - I'm pro-WFMU in the profile as well.

On a different note they give me way more Vegans in my results than I think possible.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:22pm BadGuyZero:

Having a baby that you bottle feed also means you know how to clean and sanitize things.
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:23pm Robert:

So were you lying when you said you could say it on the radio, or did you just think better of it later?
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:23pm northguineahills:

Well, isn't dating all about sex anyways?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/13/14 7:23pm Skirkie:

Homebrew is like a baby that you only have to worry about for like a month.
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:24pm Marc:

Andrea that was great, about homebrew very good!
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:24pm BadGuyZero:

I hate when people post group photos and multiple people are in every one and they don't indicate in any way which one they are.
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:24pm P-90:

The guys who say they make their own beer DON'T mean with a kit they got for Christmas, it's a hobby like gardening, they're really into it, and yes, they might talk about it a lot.
And NO, it's not about....
...Andrea, were you drinking when you did this interview?
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:25pm Ange:

I thought I could say that on the radio -- but then I got too scared. As a rule of thumb, I am overly careful these days. The word was, um, ejaculate.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:25pm Callieflower:

lol, Andrea :)
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:25pm BadGuyZero:

I can't remember who said that it was ok to date a guy that owns a Leonard Cohen album/CD, but if he has more than one that's a sign that he's an asshole.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:26pm JakeGould:

@Ange “…clearly think everything on online dating profiles is code for sex..!” I pretty much do not disagree with that. You have a good sense of… Something.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:26pm Callieflower:

I've never done yoga, so Sam is my new future husband, right?
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:26pm northguineahills:

yeah, I have some friends that brew beer, it took a few years before they tweaked it right. Now, it's good drinking.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:26pm Ange:

Not drinking for this one! But it was at midnight while I was prepping the show last night. All my narration was done at 3am FYI....
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:26pm Robert:

It was, verbatim, "ejaculate"? Not something vulgar for that?

Yeah, I guess you never know these days -- where "these days" has been about 30 yrs.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:27pm dale:

i'm an fmu supporter - AND a home brewer and wine maker. this conversation is pretentious.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:27pm BadGuyZero:

If I've learned anything from OK Cupid it's that my romantic possibilities would likely improve greatly by moving across the country.
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:29pm Robert:

I think what Howard Stern showed (when distinguishing from the treatment Oprah Winfrey got) was that talking about this subject matter and giggling draws the fire, while doing it with a perfectly straight "face" doesn't.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:29pm Callieflower:

this is one of the reasons why I'm happy to leave Vermont and move to NYC: there will actually be a dating pool
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/13/14 7:30pm Jeff:

Yeah, basically dating is all about finding someone to have sex with (and, sure, also do other stuff), but writing profiles and other initial communication are all about having the good taste not to actually talk about the sex part. Not at first.
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:30pm P-90:

Andrea: I've seen a lot of these "profile pages", and I think a LOT of what people say is about sex, but mentioning yoga is usually not about sex, "into brunch" is definitely not about sex, and "brews beer" is SO NOT about sex, or male........bodily fluids
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:30pm northguineahills:

Well, I'm probably doing the opposite. Leaving NYC to a place w/ no dating pool now that I'm breaking up w/ my gf of 8 years.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:32pm Danne D:

Have a great night everyone :)
Signing off.

Keep up the good stuff, Andrea :)
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:38pm P-90:

I believe that's the young King Arthur that breaks the girl chipmunk's heart
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:40pm P-90:

I think he's right, I think some of the wittiest, most interesting people post some of the blandest profiles.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:41pm JakeGould:

I believe that guys who brag about their home-brew beer have small hoo-hahs. So I do think it is about overcompensating.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:41pm JakeGould:

Also, “The Secret of Nimh” is clearly a code for the female g-spot.
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:42pm P-90:

@Jake: so "The Sword in the Stone' is code for....?
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:45pm JakeGould:

“The Sword in the Stone” is all about the Arthurian legend of getting pegged by a monk after brunch.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:46pm dale:

..while in the downward dog position.
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:47pm P-90:

...while parallel parked in front of the beer brewing supplies store.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:48pm JakeGould:

Also, after drinking the monk’s special magical brew.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:48pm Callieflower:

I had so many men online lecture me to tell me that the only way I'd find a decent man would be if I were to make a Christian Mingle profile
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:48pm Callieflower:

Then I just told them to shut up and stop trying to tell me how to date
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:51pm P-90:

He needs much, much more than "a hug."
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:52pm dale:

came back to my place and see my carboys.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:52pm dale:

"come". COME.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:54pm dale:

why do so many people today sound like a squeeky screen door trailing off into a quiet question mark?
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:55pm JakeGould:

Dale, I think millenials are known to be extra apologetic for little to no reason.
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:55pm like:

like like like like etc.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:57pm JakeGould:

Jesus, this guy is blubbering.
  Wed. 8/13/14 7:57pm P-90:

He's having a small meltdown
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:58pm JakeGould:

Also, 9 years is not a big difference.
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:59pm BadGuyZero:

Obviously she's never heard "Car Talk."
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 7:59pm JakeGould:

“Car Talk” is horrible. THERE I SAID IT!
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 8:01pm JakeGould:

And my “Car Talk” is horrible, it means I like cuddling.
  Wed. 8/13/14 8:01pm P-90:

Not being stuck with the strict 60-minute limit must help when doing the podcast version
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 8:02pm dale:

jake - you don't know your johnson rod from your king pin
Avatar Wed. 8/13/14 8:05pm Callieflower:

Car Talk makes me so uncomfortable
  Tue. 8/19/14 10:47am Amanda:

I say I do yoga in my profile so that guys will think I do more than go to work and binge watch on Netflix. Thank you Sam for that.

-- Amanda (Sam's Sister)
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