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An underground journey through the history of psychedelic rock, modern music, shimmering noise, free jazz, punk, funk, children's records played at the wrong speed, tape cut-up, static, the composition of decomposition, and subversive spoken word.

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Tue. Oct 22nd, Midnight - 3am: Jonathan Herweg (Blurred and Obscured) fills in for Marcel.

Options August 10, 2014: I tried so hard................really........

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Artist Track Album Label Format Comments Approx. start time
  Absolutely Real           0:00:00 ()
  Adult Entertainment           0:02:37 ()
  Transmission Begins           0:02:57 ()
  The Cute Factor/Whole World Is Garbage           0:03:25 ()
DJ Female Convict Scorpion  Pibbin Vane   Options How Metal Is Time Travel?        0:05:12 ()
  The Strain The Tension (Blacking Out)           0:05:57 ()
Delta-Sleep-Inducing Peptide  Rotation Of Vague Visions   Options Heavy Barrage!        0:07:23 ()
Clone  Son of Octabred   Options       Wrong Speed  0:10:50 ()
Bremen  Hollow Wave   Options Bremen        0:30:15 ()
Floris Vanhoof  Electronic Mantra   Options Split/ Dolphins Into the Future    7"    0:42:06 ()
Devin Flynn  Moreover   Options Light Show Music for Joshua White & Gary Panter  Arbitrary Signs  LP    0:47:44 ()
The Psyche  Yesterdays Obsession   Options Anxious Color [V/A]    LP    0:53:06 ()
Johnny Dowd  Murder   Options Live In Morgantown        0:55:56 ()
  Pills are GOOD!           1:03:01 ()
Zodiacs  Messin Up   Options Gone        1:03:35 ()
Michael Karoli & Polly Eltes  One Thing (Or The Other)   Options Afrokraut Control Car      Wrong Speed  1:14:53 ()
Square Pi  Response In Dark   Options That Dark Day        1:21:30 ()
  Soundwaves act Like BOMBS!           1:28:49 ()
Mika Vainio  Docks   Options Kilo        1:30:45 ()
  Electronic sounds??           1:39:51 ()
  Mysterious Sounds??           1:40:11 ()
Massimo Falascone  Alias Me   Options Variazioni Mumacs        1:41:27 ()
  Each Sounds More Destructive than the last.           1:41:54 ()
Exocomet  Germ Free   Options Exocomet        1:42:54 ()
Sam Shalabi  Live On CKUT   Options Total Eclipse V/A LIve On Ckut 90.3 FM        1:46:16 ()
  That Noise!           1:50:02 ()
Boris  Feedback   Options The Limits of Control Soundtrack        1:50:58 ()
  The Source Of That Destructive Sound           1:53:48 ()
Special Request  Capsules (Lee Gamble remix)   Options Hardcore EP        1:54:44 ()
C Joynes  Bones For Dogs   Options Revenants, Prodigies, & the Restless Dead        2:04:39 ()
Filipe Felizardo  II   Options Guitar Soli For The Moa And The Frog        2:10:09 ()
Kadri Gopalnath  Gyana Vinayagane   Options Saxaphone        2:18:44 ()
Sunroof!  The Afternoon Droned Voluftously On In Exquisite Fucking Boredom (Golden Pollen (Excerpt))   Options Temple Music VoL. 2        2:28:41 ()
Charles Gordon  Trauma   Options Charles Gordon    Cassette    2:32:30 ()
Alien City  Cathode Ray   Options Alien City        2:35:11 ()
Victor Herrero  Jacara Zingara   Options Anacorerta        2:38:57 ()
Kemialliset Ystävät  Alempana Knin Enkelit   Options Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa        2:44:50 ()
Alcerte  Live On CKUT   Options         2:50:09 ()
Cecil Taylor  Bemsha Swing   Options The Complete Collection        2:53:53 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:05am Bayta:

Hiya. Tried hard to do what?
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:06am coalhard:

Jon you picked up right where my mind left off
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:08am coalhard:

the cute I meant not the garbage part
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:10am Bayta:

I seem to remember a discussion on if time travel is metal at all. Now which show was that on?
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:11am coalhard:

why don't we make a movie of a man who makes a time machine out of an old record player that is haunted by Elvis
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:12am coalhard:

Just hope they catch the guy who shot Elvis and ring his neck
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:14am Jherweg:

I tried to make a good radio show.
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:15am coalhard:

I have johnny cash on suspect list after all he admitted to shooting a man in Reno just to watch him sing
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:16am Bayta:

This Clone track is pretty sweet. Interesting backstory to it too.
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:17am coalhard:

your doing fine pay no attention to us over here
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:18am Bayta:

I reserve judgment until I hear it all, but this is a fine beginning.
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:19am Jherweg:

I know Bayta, thank goodness for Andy Votel!
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:21am coalhard:

I know some dj's would rather we talk about music playing which is good so we try to do that too
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:21am Bayta:

Hear hear
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:23am Jherweg:

I'm Playing this at the wrong speed on purpose.
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:23am Bayta:

Ah. What speed are you playing it at? And what is it supposed to be?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sun. 8/10/14 3:25am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...what is all this cute garbage - ??
...FMU on & reading MacKenziePhillips' memoir - despite working weekends...sleep ought to be involved somewhere - but just gotta hear the good stuff sometimes...
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:25am Jherweg:

It's a 45 rpm 12 inch but it sounds wayyy trippier at 33 rpm so thats what I went with .......
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:25am Bayta:

Kind of cool to find out that this "birthing" album was recorded the year I was born.
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:27am coalhard:

put blinker on next time you slow down I almost hit Bayta in the ass--kidding you know I love ya
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:29am Bayta:

Oh another super moon? How many of those are we getting this year altogether?
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:29am Bayta:

It looked pretty cool earlier this evening before the clouds came in.
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:30am coalhard:

Congress said we could have 3 this summer but this one is the best
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:30am david from ks:

,,,Zappa was always on it ,,
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:31am listener mark:

Supper Moon!
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:32am Jherweg:

Yeah Super MOON!
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:33am coalhard:

Neil Armstrong once stepped on supper moons cape I heard
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:33am Bayta:

Not so super apparently - www.space.com...
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:39am Bayta:

This Bremen, on the other hand, is pretty super.
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:39am coalhard:

I'll be glad when that probe lands on comet--I'm almost out --cleans my sink real good
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:39am Jherweg:

It's good moon music!
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:40am david from ks:

,,if the mindless use of geo-engineering is not stopped their may not be tide left to turn by the moon`s power !
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:42am coalhard:

Fracking is bad on any planet
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:42am Bayta:

Is that the theme for today's show? Moon music? I can dig that.
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:46am coalhard:

My little kitty cat has blue eyes I named her Misty Moonlight after old George Morgan song "in the misty moonlight"
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:50am Jherweg:

It's turning into a moon music show but that wasn't what I had planned.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 8/10/14 3:50am Ken From Hyde Park:

This song kind of reminds me of cats purring. WFMU has been playing a guy's symphony for eleven cats recently, too.
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:50am vlad:

hi every one just tuned in!
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:51am coalhard:

Thank you Jherweg for putting up with us/me mostly me just having so much fun and thanks for music it inspires
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:55am Bayta:

Symphony for eleven cats? What?
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:57am vlad:

nice groove on this track
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 8/10/14 3:58am Ken From Hyde Park:

Terry Fox / Labyrinth Scored for the Purrs of 11 Cats on Tamar's fill-in show recently - wfmu.org...
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 3:59am Bayta:

Interesting. Will have to give that a listen later. Thanks for the link, Ken.
  Sun. 8/10/14 3:59am coalhard:

Morgantown is a city in a state shaped like a turkey can you guess?
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:04am coalhard:

I live in that state shaped like a turkey actually live where butt hole located on that turkey yea west Virginia!
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:06am vlad:

space groove dosage!
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:09am coalhard:

Pot is safer we grow the best shipped to Colorado on orange planes if you know what I mean
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:14am coalhard:

just the good ol boys never meanin no harm do do dobie I ferget rest of words
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:16am coalhard:

Kidding my mind is sharp--that is why I listen to WFMU and so should you
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:21am coalhard:

My grandpa grew uh meant made moonshine and he was a fire and brimstone minister lived till 98 miles per hour
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:23am Bayta:

Another trippy wrong speed track. Nice.
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:24am Bayta:

Oh wait. That's not what we're listening to now. I like this, wrong speed or not.
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:25am coalhard:

Due to WFMU pot sales way up at any speed also like to thank little Debbie cakes
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:29am Bayta:

Looks like you have the album name wrong. It's "That Dark Day"
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:29am coalhard:

WAIT hold on if everybody spends money on pot --how will WFMU survive answer is easy people need brain food too duh
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:29am vlad:

  Sun. 8/10/14 4:35am coalhard:

Pot sales go up so does WFMU stock go up and with taxes we can get Maggie that operation that the republicans took away from her
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:36am Bayta:

That ended too soon
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:37am coalhard:

Great songs so good
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:39am Bayta:

Just use the mobile web version of facebook. I'd never get their app and give them access to my contacts and stuff.
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:41am vlad:

sounds electric
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:42am Bayta:

And mysterious
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:43am Bayta:

Btw, in the last set, that should be MikA Vainio.
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:50am coalhard:

Did you know you can listen to your local scanner on internet just turn their volume down a bit and listen to what is going on around you while you listen to music ?
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:51am Bayta:

Good oud
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:52am coalhard:

Saved my life once during flood
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:53am vlad:

Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:53am Bayta:

Hey, a song I actually know. How can this be?
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:54am Jherweg:

I thought you knew everything Bayta?
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:55am coalhard:

Just go to broadcastify.com click on your state and then county--hear police calls and fire calls and listen under music
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:55am Bayta:

Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:56am Jherweg:

I'm just busting your balls fella.
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:56am coalhard:

meant broadcastify
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:57am Bayta:

Tit for tat, eh? Fine fine
  Sun. 8/10/14 4:57am vlad:

loving this!
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 4:58am Bayta:

@coalhard - That would feel too much like being at work, so I'll pass.
  Sun. 8/10/14 5:00am coalhard:

ok I am first responder too
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:01am Bayta:

Oh, I'm not. Just work on the radios ya'll use.
  Sun. 8/10/14 5:02am coalhard:

  Sun. 8/10/14 5:08am coalhard:

I never get high at the station we all swear on that we have each others back I'm at fire station 1000 till morn
  Sun. 8/10/14 5:16am Ollie:

Neat show today Jonathan
  Sun. 8/10/14 5:18am coalhard:

Yes a fantastic show! pencil me in for next week too
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:18am Bayta:

Carnatic music?
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:19am Jherweg:

Thanks Guys I appreciate the effort it takes to stay up and listen.
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:21am Jherweg:

Raga Sax!
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:22am Bayta:

Ah Kadri Gopalnath. Should've known. Feels like I'm back home in Madras.
  Sun. 8/10/14 5:22am Ollie:

It's 10:20am here in UK. But a great way to start a Sunday.
  Sun. 8/10/14 5:24am Ollie:

I don't think I would easily have guessed that this was on the sax. Such a different context for it to be played in. Love it.
  Sun. 8/10/14 5:28am coalhard:

There is a big giant moon coming up behind you Ollie will arrive when both our continents are dark tell it I was never here
  Sun. 8/10/14 5:31am coalhard:

actually I was here but just left
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:31am Bayta:

Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:32am Jherweg:

That one I typed EXACTLY as it is on the label.
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:34am Bayta:

Haha ok. Just wondering if it was a typo or a new word I didn't know.
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:38am Bayta:

I liked that Charles Gordon more =/
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:42am Bayta:

Isn't that the name of the new Kemialliset Ystävät album?
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:46am Bayta:

Yup, this one. Was just listening to it earlier today. Or yesterday, technically.
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:46am Jherweg:

I got a little ahead of myself on my written playlist.
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:49am Bayta:

No worries. I just got excited when I saw a familiar title. One of my favourites this year too.
Avatar Sun. 8/10/14 5:56am Bayta:

Good show. Kinda liked that last set, disjointed as it was.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Sun. 8/10/14 5:56am Bas NL:

Thanks Jonathan!
  Sun. 8/10/14 5:57am vlad:

cool show...!
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