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The promise of joy, the magic of blather. A call-in show for the New Age of Inquiry. The Man can't bust our chit-chat. (Visit homepage.)

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Options August 1, 2014: Awkward Conversations with a Hooker

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:02pm Frangry:

Hi Weirdos!
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:02pm Just Ted:

Hello everyone!
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:03pm Dan from Augusta:

Hello ladies!
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Wow, what a topic!
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:03pm Just Ted:

Time to put on the Red Light
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:03pm P-90:

Greetings Ladies!
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:04pm Kevlicki:

Hi Frangry
Hi Michele
Hi Johnny muller
Hi madman
Hi danne d
Hi ken from Hyde park
Hi Robyn
Hi tommy o Shea
Hi laurel
Hi Cale
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:04pm MisterJohnny:

Is that a new record?
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:04pm Kevlicki:

Hi all the other weirdos
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:04pm Dan from Augusta:

Did you survive the Sharknado in NYC?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:04pm robyn:

soooooooooooo what are scientologists like in bed?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:04pm MisterJohnny:

Does Michele still do BURP therapy?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:05pm Sem Chumbo:

@robyn: very clear in their needs.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:05pm Kevlicki:

Michele what did the email say?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:05pm madman:

hey everybody its good to be back
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:05pm robyn:

hi kevlicki, hi all, hi watchful eyes and ears of station manager ken
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:06pm Kevlicki:

Proper would be "sex worker"
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:06pm MisterJohnny:

Ladies of the Evening?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:07pm Dan from Augusta:

Beer from Delaware.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:07pm robyn:

@kevlicki yeah this topic makes me a little uncomfortable
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:07pm MisterJohnny:

Ms. Hooker, is this the job you chose on career day?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:07pm dale:

i wanna hear frangry do an emergency alert bulletin due to the storms. how could anyone take it seriously coming out of that voice?
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:07pm P-90:

"What's your father like"? Ugh
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:07pm alberto:

how deep is your love?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:07pm robyn:

waiting for you like you're waiting for us, michele
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:07pm dale:

"uh, mom?"
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:08pm MisterJohnny:

Is your pimp a nice guy?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:08pm Just Ted:

please don't make me explain the denture thing
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:08pm Kevlicki:

Robyn I won't be calling in for this one, but I think the weirdos may represent
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:08pm arturo:

If that's the Chicory Stout then you have un-evolved (or de-evolved) taste buds. Oh, and is it okay if I cry?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:08pm dale:

i'm SO predictable.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:08pm chalmers:

Would you like to borrow my sweater?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:08pm Just Ted:

What about: Things you don't want a hooker to say to you???
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:09pm Dan from Augusta:

Asking a hooker in Amsterdam if her country is known as Holland or the Netherlands.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:09pm MisterJohnny:

Would Frangry ever pimp Michele out?

What if it was to raise money for WFMU?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:10pm Just Ted:

Do you take Barter?
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:10pm 09075:

"those aren't blisters"
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:10pm Mr. Machine:

Ask her what kind of suitcase she'd like to be taken home in when we're done.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:10pm Rinky Dink:

What's the name of your race horse?
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:10pm Nathan:

My step sister asked a prostitute if she could buy a sample of her urine so she could have a reason to keep seeing this doctor.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:10pm dale:

'do you accept WIC or food stamps?'
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:10pm Dan from Augusta:

True story.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:11pm cglenn:

Cum here often?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:11pm arturo:

"What grade are you in?"
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:12pm robyn:

"I guess that's racist - you can say 'penis'! uhhhhh...
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:12pm Kevlicki:

Yeah Michele!
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:12pm Miss Ogeny:

What now??
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:12pm MisterJohnny:

Ms. Hooker, how do feel about legalizing prostitution?
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:12pm Kevlicki:

Whoa Michele!
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:13pm arturo:

I was.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:13pm robyn:

Dead babies are funny. We were all babies.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:13pm MisterJohnny:

Dead Hooker-Baby jokes, anyone?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:14pm madman:

  Fri. 8/1/14 6:14pm Kevlicki:

I've been seeing too many dead children in the news can we steer it away from that?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:14pm Dan from Augusta:

Very bad idea.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:14pm Mr. Machine:

What do you get when you stab a baby in the head? A boner.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:14pm Johnny Muller:

future suw topic: things you've done on snow white
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:14pm robyn:

LOL @Mr. Machine
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:15pm Kevlicki:

What if it's a mrs and you get corrected by the hooker
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:15pm MisterJohnny:

Is you Mother proud of you?
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:15pm chalmers:

Has any billionaire ever taken you to the opera like Richard Gere did with Julia Roberts?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:15pm arturo:

Building upon what the caller said: "I'll have a blowjob and...the lady will have something of equal or lesser value."
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:15pm Just Ted:

Plan C anyone?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:16pm dale:

'do you have a heart of gold?'
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:16pm robyn:

"Have you ever heard of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ?"
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:16pm MisterJohnny:

Ms. Hooker, do you have a heart of gold, or is that just Hollywood bullshit?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:16pm Mr. Machine:

Laaaaaamest call ever.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:16pm Dan from Augusta:

He is a stalker.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:17pm dale:

'as you're in the sex trade can i trade some gum and cigarettes?'
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:17pm 98987-098:

"is it extra for my dog"
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:17pm Just Ted:

This would be better if everyone had seen the documentary "Hookers at the Point. You would totally get the Denture reference.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:17pm MisterJohnny:

Ms. Hooker, where do you get your outfits???
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:18pm Mr. Loopington:

Meth, coke and hookers... God's children.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:18pm Chris:

Does this look infected to you?
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:18pm Jimmy:

Before we get started, you're not a dude, right?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:18pm MisterJohnny:

Do any Hookers hang out in front of WFMU???
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:18pm Just Ted:

Good one Robyn
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:18pm robyn:

Yeah, I have a story. My soul, every day at work.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:19pm aslan:

so are you into prog???
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:19pm P-90:

"Prostitution Stories" -that topic is wide open, so to speak
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:19pm Kevlicki:

Asking a hooker any SUW topic, "what's the name of your boat? What's the weirdest thing you've memorized, what's the thing you have up on....
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:19pm MisterJohnny:

Why does Michele assume that all prostitutes are women?

She needs to get enlightened.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:20pm BADBRAIN:

nice robyn
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:20pm BennettCap:

To the hooker: Plan B?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:20pm dale:

the hookers by the greyhound station in nyc used to lift their skirts and show their wangs.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:20pm arturo:

Right on, @MisterJohnny
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:20pm Just Ted:

This guy sounds like he's calling from a dark alley.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:21pm MisterJohnny:

Prostitution is ILLEGAL in Las Vegas, duh!!!
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:21pm Just Ted:

Kind of enhances the story
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:22pm Mr. Loopington:

I happen to BE a high-end escort.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:22pm arturo:

"Do you have any vegan or gluten-free options?"
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:22pm MisterJohnny:

Ms. Hooker, can we french kiss???
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:22pm Bobby:

"After were done wanna watch Finding Carter?"
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:22pm Kevlicki:

"I like to look at you when we're doing it" Michele
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:23pm totallybiased:

Wow. Can I have my Norton Anthology back? I need it for my final.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:23pm robyn:

My brother claims he is bullied by a local prostitute at the convenience store because she doesn't think he has anything to offer her. As he buys light granola yogurt berry parfait.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:23pm arturo:

Sam the caller sounded pretty hot to me.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:24pm Just Ted:

Thats Robert Redford
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:24pm arturo:

she's "clipping"
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:25pm Just Ted:

Can you role-play a Free Form Radio Host?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:25pm Mr. Machine:

You can ask them if they ever watched "True Detective"....cause they're gonna need one to find your body later.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:25pm Bobby:

"hey Mr prostitute guy ,,,how can i get in the business..."
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:25pm MisterJohnny:

What if you hired a tranny and he/she had a bigger penis than you do. Embarrassing...
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:25pm BADBRAIN:

do I get fries with that?
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:25pm Skirkie:

"What's your return policy?"
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:26pm dale:

'have you met your obamacare deductible yet?'
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:26pm MisterJohnny:

Slept with??? Come on, Frangry.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:26pm Bo:

two words : scabies
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:26pm robyn:

"no more than 10" Madman follows the ladies' rules of sexual disclosure
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:27pm arturo:

Best line ever to a hooker: "Your loss."
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:27pm MisterJohnny:

  Fri. 8/1/14 6:27pm Bo:

"mind if i post this on the internet?"
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:28pm Kevlicki:

Bo you could ask for their prescription of lindane
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:28pm MisterJohnny:

Ms. Hooker, can I record this on my GoPro???
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:30pm robyn:

i hope she fell into a waffle
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:30pm Mr. Loopington:

Ask her, "Can you spend a hundred bucks..."
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:30pm Dereck:

"were streaming live ..."
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:30pm Just Ted:

I'm going to need a receipt. You know, for tax purposes.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:31pm MisterJohnny:

Ms. Hooker, will you accept a personal check?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:31pm robyn:

In real life this guy is undoubtedly a raging asshole.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:31pm Dereck:

"whats squirting???"
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:31pm Danne D:

Hi. everyone :)
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:33pm MisterJohnny:

Ms. Hooker, I've got this weird kink. I want to call you "FRANGRY", and I want you to call me "Station Manager Ken". Is that cool?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:34pm Mr. Machine:

Why did the dead baby cross the road? Cause it was in the raccoons mouth.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:34pm TheMarmot:

Tommy O'Shea is on Ayahuasca
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:34pm stavros:

"do you mind if i talk about this on the radio next friday?"
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:34pm robyn:

LOL @TheMarmot
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:35pm Mr. Machine:

I'm convinced if you sped up Tommy's voice on tape he would sound sober.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:35pm Fuzzy:

Hiya, Wasca!
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:35pm arturo:

This dude is awesome.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:35pm Mr. Loopington:

Wrong. Fruit seller is the oldest profession.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:35pm dale:

'some one who hooks?'
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:35pm Domino:

"so are you into 'freeform'?"
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:36pm listener mark:

General Hooker, from the American Civil War.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:36pm BennettCap:

Have you tried Scientology?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:36pm MisterJohnny:

Tommy O'Shea makes me feel a little better about myself.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:36pm Kevlicki:

Michele is silent
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:36pm stavros:

"how do you explain your yelp reviews?"
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:37pm TheMarmot:

Cheers to that, @MisterJohnny
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:37pm Kevlicki:

Ooh new billy jam mashup of tommy o'shea
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:37pm Kevlicki:

Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:37pm Just Ted:

I have a GREAT idea for a reality show. Tommy O'She traveling through europe staying in youth hostiles.

Scratch that Tommy O'Shea period.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:37pm Fuzzy:

Tijuana, Subic Bay -- where do I start?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:38pm MisterJohnny:

Ms. Hooker, does the Girlfriend Experience include the silent treatment and general bitchiness?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:38pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:38pm Just Ted:

Awesom MisterJohnny
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:39pm Domino:

i wish the 90 year old guy was in hot pants
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:39pm dale:

if she was a 31 year prostitute was she like 51?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:39pm MisterJohnny:

Its called the Ruth Buzzy.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:40pm totallybiased:

Me n my ex were in red light amsterdam (pre cell) and I tried taking a pic with a disposable and one hooker darted out from her window booth into the cobblestone street and chased/berated us in Flemmish out of the square.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:42pm Kevlicki:

Oh those Paterson hookers
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:42pm robyn:

@domino that would've been pretty badass (literally? hurr hurr).
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:42pm hookerfrompatterson:

you people are sick
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:42pm Mr. Machine:

Once you enter into Patterson you are fucked so no hooker is needed.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:43pm TheMarmot:

'Just incredible.' - Gumby HAHAHAHHA
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:43pm MisterJohnny:

  Fri. 8/1/14 6:43pm BADBRAIN:

where did you get those boots?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:43pm MisterJohnny:

Layla Luvstosuck
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:43pm dale:

awww, that exchange was cute.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:44pm MisterJohnny:

Latisha Jizzmouth
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:44pm MisterJohnny:

Mia Buttbeopen
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:44pm robyn:

Madman had sex with a 31 year old prostitute, Frangry has HBOGO, helluva show.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:45pm Kevlicki:

Michele's escort "client meeting"
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:45pm TOMMY O SHEA:

Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:45pm MisterJohnny:

Aunt Jizzie
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:45pm robyn:

hahaha @kevlicki
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:45pm hookerfrompatterson:

"so you heard about me on WFMU? whats a WFMU?"
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:46pm Mr. Machine:

I want to here this guy say. "Get the papers get the papers".
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:46pm Detroit Mac:

In 1970... during my 1st week in NYC, I caught a late night ride with friends in a VW bus up the Bowery. At the red light at Bleeker there was a hooker standing next to a line of Hell's Angels Choppers parked in front of CBGBs. She caught our eye and pulled up her dress to show she was wearing no underwear. With her other hand, she pointed to her crotch. When we declined to respond, she drunkenly flipped us the bird, and fell across the motorcycles... which fell like dominos. We drove away while a couple of the Angels came storming out the door
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:46pm Danne D:

so if Madman owned a brothel would the woman managing it be Madman's Madame?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:46pm MisterJohnny:

Was it CLIENT 9???
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:47pm Kevlicki:

Well done danne d
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:47pm robyn:

Madman is basically Al Swearengen, isn't he
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:47pm dale:

is he opening and closing a gym locker? what is he saying?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:48pm Mr. Machine:

No. He's Sloth from the Goonies.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:48pm Kevlicki:

WTf is this guy saying?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:48pm Mr. Machine:

Press 2 for human.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:48pm Just Ted:

quite rough, like strippers in the daylight
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:48pm BADBRAIN:

what the hell is he talking about
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:49pm MisterJohnny:

Ms. Hooker, would you prefer to be called a SEX-WORKER???
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:49pm dale:

if you buy a hooker's time can you ask her to clean your apartment or scoop cat boxes?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:50pm Mr. Machine:

Wow. The English language at it's very best tonight huh?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:50pm 4chewnahdoe:

Five Dollar Hooker cartoon I made: youtu.be...
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:50pm robyn:

Oh Jesus Christ this happened today
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:50pm Mr. Machine:

You know it's bad when the host yawns.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:50pm 4chewnahdoe:

  Fri. 8/1/14 6:50pm BADBRAIN:

Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:50pm Fuzzy:

  Fri. 8/1/14 6:51pm hookerfrompatterson:

by fmu lisners see ya'll tonight at broadway and memorial
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:51pm stavros:

these calls are getting really weird
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:51pm Mr. Machine:

  Fri. 8/1/14 6:51pm Danne D:

we need a Tommy O'Shea appreciation night where everyone calls in like him :)
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:51pm MisterJohnny:

Ms. Hooker will you give me a five minute warning before my time is up???
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:52pm BADBRAIN:

whatever drugs these people are on i want some
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:52pm stavros:

is this the nyquil caller hour?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:52pm robyn:

  Fri. 8/1/14 6:52pm Skirkie:

Oddly, a lot of creepy mumblers calling in with prostitution stories.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:52pm Mr. Machine:

Next weeks topic. Why do you need a straight jacket?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:52pm Fuzzy:

More like a strap-on guy, amirite?
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:52pm BADBRAIN:

whatever drugs these people are on I want some
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:52pm robyn:

"fisherman" Foodbed shines through!
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:53pm P-90:

This topic(s) did not exactly bring out the best in the Weirdos
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:54pm Fuzzy:

But I'm laugh!
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:54pm Just Ted:

So like Tyrion in Game of Thrones
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:54pm MisterJohnny:

Was it Tommy O'Shea who's first time was with a Hooker???
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:54pm 4chewnahdoe:

I like that straightjacket comment
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:54pm dale:

i was freelancing at an agency and the woman who signed off on my bills propositioned me one night when everyone was out. she got really drunk and threatened to not pay my invoices and finally offered me $30 to have sex. i kept my dignity intact.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:55pm cosmic matrix:

just tuned in. DIGITAL CLIPPING....c'mon.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:55pm stavros:

this my be the weirdest week of calls
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:55pm Mr. Machine:

This episodes demographic is 45+ and skuzzy.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:55pm robyn:

oh dale. that is ...... so awkward.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:55pm Just Ted:

Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:56pm Frangry:

Michele has to do some emergency test, bye weirdos!!
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:56pm Mr. Machine:

Yeah....I'm bringin skuzzy back.
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:56pm BADBRAIN:

bye you guys, love you!
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:56pm Dereck:

my first time was with myself so i paid me five dollars that started my career as a high dollar prostitute
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:56pm 4chewnahdoe:

Emergency test? You mean for the tropical storm warning?
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:56pm Mr. Machine:

Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:56pm Just Ted:

It could only be better if it involved a banana peel
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:57pm BADBRAIN:

bye you guys, love you !!!!
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:57pm Just Ted:

I heard it online
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:57pm robyn:

go get 'em prostitutes. don't take no guff. bye guys.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:57pm arturo:

It worked. we heard it.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:57pm stavros:

when a hooker tells you you need an emergency test
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:57pm Mr. Machine:

It worked. We heard it
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:58pm Fuzzy:

I heard the buzzes
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:58pm P-90:

Sounded like a good EAS test out here
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:58pm Kevlicki:

Michele should expect another email from ken!
  Fri. 8/1/14 6:58pm BADBRAINBASE:

Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:58pm 4chewnahdoe:

I heard it!
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:58pm Mr. Machine:

Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:58pm dale:

oh god - grangry and michele is our best line of defense. i heard the warning tones on the radio michele.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:58pm arturo:

Oh yeah, I'm number two.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:58pm 4chewnahdoe:

It went out over the internet. It worked.
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 6:59pm robyn:

no need for an emergency signal. THIS TOWN OF SIN SHOULD BE SWEPT AWAY
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 7:13pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 7:19pm MisterJohnny:

How much would it cost for your daughter to join us???
Avatar Fri. 8/1/14 7:21pm robyn:

LOL @MisterJohnny
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