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easy, not difficult... (webcast)

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Track Artist Album / Format
Options Get Happy/ MUSIC BETWEEN DJ: Mr. Lucky   Jane Horrocks / Henry Mancini  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)  
Options The Souk   DJ Logic & Jason Miles  "Global Noize" compil. Lp (CD)  
Options River Of Orchids (Home Demo)   XTC  "Homespun Apple Venus" Lp (CD)  
Options Oya   Meta Meta   "Metal Metal" Lp (CD) *  
Options Dead Metal Forever   Alvarius B  "What Man Can Do With An Acoustic Guitar" Lp (CD) *  
Options The Human Economy   Chicago Underground Duo  "Locus" Lp (CD) *  
Options Poison Ivy League   Elvis Presley  "Elvis Greatest Shit" Lp (Vinyl)  
Options Utopia   Chicks On Speed  "Astravaganza" Lp (CD) *  
Options MUSIC BEHIND DJ: Daly's Tune / FMU Locked Groove   Tommy Daly  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)  
Options Song For Herb   Big Blood  "Fight For Your Dinner, Vol. 1" (CD) *  
Options The Tinker Song   Ergo Phizmiz  "The Peacock" Lp (CD) *  
Options You Keep Me Hangin' On   The Supremes  PH edit (MP3)  
Options September   Earth Wind & Fire  PH Clubbing edit (MP3)  
Options Forever Be   Kelis  "Food" Lp (CD) *  
Options Wait Until Tomorrow (alternate track)   The Jimi Hendrix Experience  "The Southeby Auction Tapes" Lp (CD-R)  
Options Sleeping Alone   Lykke Li  "I Never Learn" Lp (CD) *  
Options MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Here It Comes/ FMU Locked Groove   Freddie Fresh  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)  
Options (some of) Aural Correspondence   Glomag Vs. Moi  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)  
Options Cycle / Morning   Beck  "Morning Phase" Lp (CD) *  
Options In The Pines   Dave Van Ronk  "Down In Washington Square" box set (CD) *  
Options Insufficiently Breathless   Trans Am  "Volume X" Lp (CD) *  
Options The Act Committed   Durutti Column  "L.C." Lp (Vinyl)  
Options Successful Hippies   Michael Vee / Harry Reasoner  "Drumminglife" edit (MP3)  
Options The Heat Shuts Down The Acid Test   Merry Pranksters  Fillmore Acid Test: 1/08/66 (MP3)  
Options Friend Of The Devil   Grateful Dead  CleofusBouncingBean mashup (MP3)  
Options Feelin' Fine   The Mighty Boosh (excerpt)  Bleezeblock remix (MP3)  
Options Dirty Sneakers & Underwear   Emily Wells  "Mama Remixed" Lp (CD-R)  
Options Water & Religion   Wolfgang Press Vs. William Orbit  WatermelonHard Mashup (MP3)  
Options You Ain't The One (Tall Black Guy Remix)   Charlie Johnson's Paradise Ten Orchestra  "Boardwalk Empire Presents: Sounds Of The Onyx" Ep (CD)  
Options Feel Free   Mr. Scruff  "Friendly Bacteria" Lp (CD) *  
Options MUSIC BEHIND THE DJ: Why?... and We Repeat... Why?   Taj Mahal  "Music Keeps Me Together" Lp (Vinyl)  
Options Screen Shot   Swans  "To Be Kind" Lp (CD) *  
Options Savage Victory   Thee Oh Sees  "Drop" Lp (CD) *  
Options Old Man River   Marc Ribot Trio  "Live At The Village Vanguard" Lp (CD) *  
Options Lacewings   The Clientele  "Suburban Light" Lp (CD) *  
Options Give A Damn   Spanky & Our Gang  "Spanky's Greatest Hits" Lp (CD)  
Options We Are Normal   The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band  "The Best of The Bonzo Dog Band" Lp (CD)  
Options Ritual   Yes  "Yes Remixes" Lp (CD)  
Options Luminol   Steven Wilson  "The Raven That Refused To Sing" Lp (CD)  
Options Dance Macabre   The Westminster Philharmonic Orchestra  "The Bride of Frankenstein (Score by Franz Waxman)" soundtrack Lp (CD)  
Options end theme(s)   Alfred Vs. Nelson (with his Orchestra)  fxo mix - mashup (CD-R)  

Listener comments!

Avatar 6:03am fxo:

I am present and somewhat accounted for...
Avatar 6:04am Jay/London:

good morning Frank am on holiday and the sun is out and all is happy now i have your show as well .. let the music begin ....
Avatar 6:08am fxo:

hey Jay. Here, in Jersey City, the skies are wet. Glad you're on board. Enjoy your weather, whether...
Avatar 6:11am 3d-nyc:

The rain in Brooklyn woke me up early.
Good Morning Frank, Jay, et all.
Avatar 6:17am fxo:

hey 3d.
Avatar 6:18am Sem Chumbo:

This is an ear-opener, Frank. Hiya from sunny Nova Scotia, all.
Avatar 6:23am fxo:

morning sem. To quote Johnny Carson, more to come...
  6:24am Marmalade Kitty:

Good morning fxo & all...
Avatar 6:24am nah:

sunny Sweden would also like to greet everyone with a "good-day!"
  6:27am Marmalade Kitty:

Just been washing green fly from my plants :P
  6:30am ans:

Yooooo, chicks on speed!!!!!!!!
Avatar 6:32am Jay/London:

its very muggy in London now think thunder storm on way that should get rid of some of your green fly Marmalade Kitty
  6:38am Marmalade Kitty:

greenfly feeding frenzy over for now at least.. most bugs hate soap suds but it doesnt harm the plants, in fact they quite enjoy.. like plant pampering :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:39am adrian in mpls:

Morning all! Frank, yr making waking up to feed the howling cats worth it!
  6:43am Marmalade Kitty:

the plants are no longer for consumption! I hope the bees are ok with that.. do bees like soap?
Avatar 6:44am fxo:

thanks Adrian. & hello also to ans, MK, nah, and the rest of us with Festivus.
  6:54am Mr & Mrs. Bee:

Do you like soapy honey?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:02am maestroso:

G'morning FXO, present and accounted for in somewhat rainy Livingston...
  7:02am P-90:

Good Morning @ DJ fxo and everyone on both sides of the pond.

I generally don't make requests, but could we please hear Jeff Goldblum this morning? I kinda need a fix...
Avatar 7:06am fxo:

mornin' P, and 'stroso, drive carefully. No soap radio.
  7:07am Marmalade Kitty:

Sorry, Mr & Mrs. Bee's! Ladybirds! where are ya?
  7:18am Marmalade Kitty:

I thought this was coldplay at first
Avatar 7:19am Sem Chumbo:

@MK: love that avatar. Is that in Manchester, or what?
  7:22am Marmalade Kitty:

I wish! :) It's in Malaga, Spain.
Avatar 7:22am kat330:


Hi Frank and all those gathered!
Avatar 7:23am Sem Chumbo:

Hey, Kat.
  7:25am Marmalade Kitty:

They started chasing me when I took the photo!!
Avatar 7:25am kat330:

Howdy, Sem!
Adding to the buggy discussion in progress: Last Thursday night -- and a beee-U-tiful night it was -- just before 10 pm we went out on our deck awaiting the ISS pass. There was our trusty bat flitting all around and gobbling down all the insects he could manage. And then the fireflies started winking here and there, no doubt proving more of, ahem, light meal for our bat.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:26am Guido from Cologne:

Good Morning Frank and Guten TZAG everyone in the world.
Holiday here!
Absolutely unusual for me to have the Moneday early bird DeeJay in along with that quiet atmosphere at home.
Avatar 7:27am fxo:

afternoon Guido, and mornin' kat.
Avatar 7:27am kat330:

And as for the always thrilling Space Station crossing, which has us always vigorously waving up to it, we've never found to be true what is suggested in today's APOD (bottom middle): apod.nasa.gov...
But one can always hope. :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:29am Guido from Cologne:

high summer temperatures here, sultry air and thunderstorms coming up.
  7:30am P-90:

Guten TZAG Guido.
What holiday do you celebrate today?
Avatar 7:30am fxo:

thanks for the "Astronomy Picture of the Day".
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:32am Guido from Cologne:

I see some astronauts waving?
But it is cloudy!
What does that mean?
Avatar 7:32am Philo Gristle:

Greets, Frank, been a fantastic set! Like kat said, the backyard bat is always a nice surprise to catch a sight of, alongside skinks and bunnies and other wildlife.
Avatar 7:33am kat330:

@Guido: Hah! Do they have enormous eyes and long, thin limbs?
  7:34am P-90:

voice of Harry Reasoner
Avatar 7:37am kat330:

Would this track be subtitled UNsuccessful Hippies? ;)
  7:39am P-90:

January 1966? "Pioneer Hippies"
  7:41am Marmalade Kitty:

I once saw an orange ball of light in the sky before sunset. It was about the size of the moon, and then it slowly split apart into two then dissapeared! and I had no idea what it could have been..? The chart suggests it was a bolide? Thanks Kat! :)
Avatar 7:41am kat330:

@P-90: Certainly of an early wave, but I think some preceded that.
Avatar 7:43am kat330:

@MK: Cool! Edutaining is my aspiration in life. ;) Philo and I caught one of the longest-lived meteor streaks from our deck. Very low in the sky and lasting a full seven seconds. Spectacular.
  7:43am P-90:

Down in the South Pacific I actually saw the "green flash" once
  7:44am Marmalade Kitty:

It was a near miss whatever it was.. pretty scary and exciting at the same time!
Avatar 7:47am kat330:

Did anyone report it or find anything? We did a bit of digging in the hours/days after our sighting to find out how far it was visible and where it might have landed, but someone suggested it might have been skimming the atmosphere and so never broke apart.
  7:49am Marmalade Kitty:

I'm trying to remember what year it was. I'm sure someone would have a record of it..
  7:50am Meghan:

Morning! Haven't heard that Wolfgang Press in a while! Thanks!
Avatar 7:52am kat330:

Theme park Meghan? Hi there!
  7:52am Marmalade Kitty:

April or May 1994. The explosion seemed to go on for at least 30 seconds, slow motion
  7:53am Marmalade Kitty:

we were freaked by it :)
Avatar 7:54am kat330:

@MK: Wow, that does sound thrilling. Never had any close encounters on that level. Our meteor was just a cosmic surfer dude.
  7:54am Meghan:

Ha. Yes the one! Morning Kat!
Avatar 7:57am kat330:

@Meghan: Sorry to be such an absentee Thurs. am, but it's always been a difficult scheduling issue for me. I do try whenever I can though.
  8:06am Meghan:

Ha. Don't be silly! It's all good!
  8:07am Marmalade Kitty:

Is my mad dog avitar signed by Kat? :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:07am Guido from Cologne:

WFMU Swans hit?
Avatar 8:07am T_Jay Pauli:

hi Mr O'Toole, thanks for the music .. sharp set coming up? he he / hi every1
Avatar 8:07am kat330:

:) In the words of Brian Fellow, "That's crazy." Sending }}}}}}} healing vibes Tracy Morgan's way.
  8:09am Marmalade Kitty:

or yat?
Avatar 8:10am T_Jay Pauli:

are you in a point of forgiving every1 who ever made you feel bad in your life?
Avatar 8:10am kat330:

@Frank: I'm curious if you found my newest at SC without my sending you a specific mail notification? It was tedious doing that on my last one, so figured I'd take my chances with the Stream there. Let me know if you did or didn't?
Avatar 8:11am T_Jay Pauli:

i'm glad i didn't ever confronted people when i knew i was still growing up, and recognized my weakness and immaturity, in a spontaneous way.. wooss and coward .. lets say
Avatar 8:11am fxo:

healing vibes for all, especially to Tracy Morgan & co.
Avatar 8:12am T_Jay Pauli:

but elevation and knowledge will never make hide no more
Avatar 8:13am kat330:

@MK: Yeah, I think the dog has a serious hatred for Kat gang graffiti.
Avatar 8:14am T_Jay Pauli:

i canalized my frustration at home .. thats why moms revealing and acknowledging her present, a 12 year old that has to stop and think before doing any thing else
Avatar 8:15am T_Jay Pauli:

or saying / she is picking her other self in the point she left it
Avatar 8:16am T_Jay Pauli:

because i dont laugh at stupidity i laugh at danger
  8:17am ?:

@ Thee Oh sees-
Nice driving sound.. a new group?
Avatar 8:18am T_Jay Pauli:

father as well but to him im a bit more rational but colder ... with mom is kind of a soul scream!! """"where are you ?"""""
Avatar 8:19am kat330:

Yes, I really enjoyed that TOS track.
Avatar 8:19am fxo:

?: recent, as with the new millenium.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:19am common:

oh monday. hello frank and all!
Avatar 8:22am kat330:

Old Man River, another fave song from the first third of the last century.
  8:23am Marmalade Kitty:

I like Graffiti in the odd place. UK councils have an instantaneous removal policy and harsh penalties. There are a couple of buildings in Manchester with sanctioned graffiti art, which is nice to see.
Avatar 8:24am 3d-nyc:

sorry bout the "?", I had to re-boot-

just googled them and from San fran- 1997-
Avatar 8:24am T_Jay Pauli:

let me ask all of you :
Avatar 8:24am kat330:

@fxo: off the keys now to workout, but hope you will LMK about my ? at 8:10? Trying to find out if I can depend on the SC Stream alone.

Later, all! THANKS, Frank! (still listening)
Avatar 8:26am T_Jay Pauli:

would you consider normal to be forced into catolicism and then unconsciously every time you were about to departe to some more time away from your parents (extraordinary high times as youngster in youth camps, christian and not (by my forcing), the expression they would ridiculously say would be: "look for yourself"
  8:28am Marmalade Kitty:

see ya, Kat!
Avatar 8:28am T_Jay Pauli:

do you see the contrasense? of course i felt bad and kept sailing un-routed
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:29am Parq:

Funny how nothing about this Spanky song is the least bit dated.
Avatar 8:30am T_Jay Pauli:

how can there exist a God if he doesn't guide our sail .. we would be asleep while i was away from home?
Avatar 8:30am Sem Chumbo:

Swans to Spanky: I gotta hand it to you, Frank. Free form lives on Monday mornings:)
  8:31am P-90:

What Sem said!
"Swans to Spanky" indeed
  8:32am Marmalade Kitty:

dated is cool, thats why we have retro, no, Parq?
Avatar 8:33am T_Jay Pauli:

ok no answer direct ... ruins once more, nice
Avatar 8:36am T_Jay Pauli:

"take care?" .... what is that? - are we superior or know more of the other person that we feel and need to tell them to "look out" or "be safe" ... come on
Avatar 8:38am T_Jay Pauli:

"take care on this words" should be the start of some new constitution..
  8:40am Marmalade Kitty:

it's dangerous out there, TJP
Avatar 8:41am T_Jay Pauli:

i think we should say goodbye as: "until further notice"
Avatar 8:42am T_Jay Pauli:

no need to do strange finger disposition hand signs tough
Avatar 8:43am T_Jay Pauli:

or "see you ahead" or "will look forward to this moment soon"
  8:43am P-90:

"Nous sommes du soleil" (We are of the sun),
a nice prayer for this downpour-drenched morning in NY/NJ
Avatar 8:44am Sem Chumbo:

Been a wild ride this morning, fxo. Loved every second. Catch you next time, if the fates will allow. Later!
Avatar 8:44am T_Jay Pauli:

or simply "bis" "bis, yourself, and bis to you too"
Avatar 8:44am Brian in UK:

Belated hello Frank.
We are normal and we want our freeform. My personal statement.
  8:45am P-90:

Ciao Chumbo!
Avatar 8:49am fxo:

points of view taken. Hello to Brian in UK, and common. Thanks for all the cool comments. The archive of this show will be available in a few hours. In the meantime, thanks. We'll connect again, next Monday.
Avatar 8:50am Sem Chumbo:

See ya around, P-90!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:55am maestroso:

This Steven Wilson piece is great.
  8:55am Marmalade Kitty:

Graet show fxo
Peace all.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:56am Guido from Cologne:

Loved it!
CU Frank!
  8:57am P-90:

Thanks, Frank, as always, for a job well done! Have a fabulacious week for yourself!

And bring Jeff Goldblum next time, maybe?
Avatar 8:58am T_Jay Pauli:

thanks Frank
Avatar 8:59am T_Jay Pauli:

im no reptilian
Avatar 8:59am T_Jay Pauli:

i believe in neanderthals
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