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The promise of joy, the magic of blather. A call-in show for the New Age of Inquiry. The Man can't bust our chit-chat. (Visit homepage.)

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Options June 6, 2014: What did you give up on?

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:00pm Ken From Hyde Park:

WFMU - Providing only the best in weirdo-based entertainment!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:00pm Frangry:

  Fri. 6/6/14 6:00pm Carmichael:

Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:00pm Just Ted:

Whats up everyone
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:01pm T_Jay Pauli:

Hi F & M and every1.. heres audio gif for the theme song internetopia.squarespace.com
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:01pm T_Jay Pauli:

its not a gif
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:02pm robyn:

I've given up on Frangry understanding what "Nice" means.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:02pm Dan from Augusta:

You are always funny.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:02pm Just Ted:

SUW Live road trip
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:02pm Carmichael:

Nice "again"???
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:02pm Kevlicki:

Hi weirdos
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:03pm Colin:

I'm a loser!
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:03pm Kevlicki:

I haven't given up on SUW even after last week
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:03pm Dan from Augusta:

I am outside drinking.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:03pm Cecile:

I gave up on Elvis Costello after Armed Forces.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:03pm T_Jay Pauli:

and its not audio
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:03pm Marcel M:

Hi weirdos!!!! I shared Ken's feeling last week, but.... I kept listening for some reason.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:03pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What's the backup TOPIC?
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:03pm ian:

I gave up on working in the video game industry.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:04pm Pete Fein:

After rallying thousands to protest in streets all over the world, I gave it all up to cook dinner.

Really: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-17914501
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:04pm P-90:

Good Afternoon, Ladies.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:04pm robyn:

I feel like the very uncomfortable third wheel of this show right now.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:04pm T_Jay Pauli:

wow Michelle's on a hot run yeah! cheer up girl, im in your support!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:04pm Just Ted:

  Fri. 6/6/14 6:04pm Kevlicki:

I'm glad you hVe gotten back to real topics and away from shitty pop culture topics
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:04pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I think FRANGRY could be a serial killer...
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:04pm map:

New rule: you guys should say your names at the beginning of the show because I can't tell who is who.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:05pm Cecile:

I gave up on being understood by my family
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:05pm Cecile:

I gave up on Star Wars after Return of the Jedi.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:05pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Has SUW ever done a remote???
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:06pm Carmichael:

Lets get that demographic rolling!!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:06pm robyn:

@Cecile I think that is an important psychological milestone. I would like to reach that.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:06pm Dan from Augusta:

I gave up after your first caller.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:06pm Frangry:

@map: we do!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:06pm Just Ted:

Where would a remote be broadcast from?
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:06pm Marcel M:

@Cecile: haha. I just rewatched 4 and 5 and had not watched Return in a while and I forgot how freaking bad it is.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:07pm T_Jay Pauli:

i gave up trolling (not really, but im glad i never did) as an addiction or fake ego woossing
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:07pm Cecile:

It's kind of a lonely place, but less frustrating on a day by day basis
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:07pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I gave up on LIFE twenty years ago.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:07pm Cecile:

they look pretty, but are so sucky.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:07pm P-90:

I gave up n magical violence.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:07pm robyn:

Michele is a Tarantino type, Frangry a Lorena Bobbit.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:07pm madman:

YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:08pm map:

Missed it then
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:08pm T_Jay Pauli:

i gave up arts school: nyxxx.se...
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:08pm Cecile:

  Fri. 6/6/14 6:08pm Andrew Brown:

I gave up on calling in.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:09pm MISTER JOHNNY:

FRANGRY is a black-belt in Magical Verbal Violence.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:09pm Carmichael:

Warning: boring callers are coming.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:09pm robyn:

Frangry clearly gave up on her meds
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:09pm Jesus:

My new band "Magical Violence"
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:10pm map:

I gave up collie for Lent
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:10pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:10pm Cecile:

Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:10pm Bonesy Maroney:

I'm giving up on keeping good pens at my desk because my shady coworkers always steal them. :(
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:10pm Dan from Augusta:

I gave up on expecting a decent topic on this show.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:10pm Peanut:

I've given up on looking for the "holy grail of jobs". Working just sucks no matter what.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:10pm Jesus:

I gave up on this government
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:11pm Just Ted:

Frangry a inside newscaster type Michele is more the reporter they send into gang territory.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:11pm Carmichael:

Frangry said WTF at exactly the same time I did!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:11pm T_Jay Pauli:

i gave up on seeking psychotherapy, but i tend to aknowledge that i miss some holistic treatment maybe in group or small ones is that a shot in the leg?
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:11pm P-90:

I gave up on estrogen.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:11pm Peteski:

Frangry doesn't call me anymore
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:12pm Cecile:

  Fri. 6/6/14 6:12pm ed:

I gave up on being a meterologist.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:12pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I give up on FRANGRY & MICHELE.

I spoke with them at the RECORD FAIR, but neither told me to "HAVE A GOOD ONE."

So disappointing.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:13pm Dan from Augusta:

I gave up on judging people.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:13pm Bonesy Maroney:

Ham. I gave up on ham.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:13pm alberto:

women, working & wishes
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:13pm robyn:

I hope Obama calls in and tells us he's given up on America
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:14pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I gave up on giving up on things.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:14pm Cecile:

exactly, that is exactly it.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:15pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Canaries used to mine coal with their beaks...
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:15pm dale:

i've given up on air fresheners that say they smell like a real spring meadow.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:16pm Colin:

I almost gave up on miller high life because of these artist series cans
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:16pm Dan from Augusta:

Canary in a coal mine is a Devo song.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:16pm Kevlicki:

I have up on electoral politics long ago, kinda part of being an anarchist
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:16pm robyn:

The correct pronunciation of "debacle" actually sounds like what it describes. It's a car accident of a word.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:16pm P-90:

They brought canaries WITH them into the mines, the canaries would pass out from bad air before the humans would, so they were like an alarm system
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:16pm Studio B Ben:

I'm just about ready to give up on trying to get any work done today.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:16pm dale:

i've given up on michael j. fox having another sitcom
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:16pm Kevlicki:

@dan it's a Police song too
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:16pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:16pm Cecile:

no, it's working in a coal mine. which was originally by Lee Dorsey.

Canary in a Coal Mine is a Police song.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:17pm P-90:

@ Dan: it's a Police song
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:17pm dale:

i gave up on hating shut up weirdo and learned to love it.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:18pm Peanut:

Madonna (like gave up on her around 1998)
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:18pm Studio B Ben:

Apparently DJ gave up on SUW. DJ DON'T CAR
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:18pm robyn:

...i don't think the canaries went to sleep.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:18pm YETI BOB:

there have been a few songs with 'canary in a coal mine' in the title
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:19pm warhamster:

Why would a canary ever voluntarily fly down into the mine.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:19pm dale:

i think the canaries died from carbon monoxide or dioxide.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:19pm warhamster:

The canaries definitely died.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:19pm MISTER JOHNNY:

The canaries used to wear cute little miners hats with a little lamps on the front.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:19pm King Dean:

I'm Welsh so I'm an expert on coal mining and the canary didn't pass out it was dead
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:19pm Colin:

Yeah where's DJ
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:20pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I gave up on bats inhabiting the bat-house I bought and put up in a tree in my yard. Most bats have died off with a nasal disease/fungus.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:20pm Jesus:

Tommy O'Shea gave up on moderation.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:20pm robyn:

the real question is, as a result of the gas, did the canaries reach a state of enlightenment only seconds before they died, gaining insight into secrets of existence the miners can only hope to grasp?
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:20pm Kevlicki:

Madman, don't give up!
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:21pm MISTER JOHNNY:

the welsh canaries used to sing men of harlech as they died...
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:21pm P-90:

I gave up on saying "bee-yotch."
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:21pm Bonesy Maroney:

I gave up on developing a core.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:21pm Studio B Ben:

I didn't give up on adulthood; adulthood gave up on me.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:22pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Tommy O'Shea gave up on the bottle...NOT.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:23pm MISTER JOHNNY:


Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:23pm Bonesy Maroney:

I have a creamy nougat center instead.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:23pm Jim the Poet:

I am downstairs! Can you buzz me in!?
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:23pm Just Ted:

Michele WINS!
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:24pm Kevlicki:

Michele is giving up on tommy o'shea!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:24pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Jim the Poet gave up on knocking.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:24pm Peanut:

that tight pants thing was so .... yeah no
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:24pm Studio B Ben:

Gumby, I gave up on any sort of pants a long time ago.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:25pm Peanut:

Queen Latifa coming out of the closet.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:25pm dale:

must be a lot of old creepy pervs at a SUW get together. if i lived closer i'd be one
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:25pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Frangry gave up on panties long ago...
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:25pm ed:

oh snap, Anna
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:26pm ian:

you called it dale.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:26pm P-90:

I love it when ladies call in and hit on Frangry and Michele
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:26pm Studio B Ben:

I gave up trying to hide my thunder.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:27pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I gave up on the Puerto Rican Day Parade...
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:27pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:27pm robyn:

Good for Anna. I like the brazenness with which Frangry put her on the list.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:27pm Curlyswirly:

I would not renounce nor refrain from
giving an upturned thumb
to you beauteous lassies whose voices brighten
a world whose intelligence seems to tighten
into a strangled, mangled gasp
with genuine voices almost impossible to grasp.
But I rebuke, refute and give up on
the nonsense of online comments dire
which causes my brain to perspire.
Only Frangry, only Michelle--
the rest can go directly to hell!
Eat me...don't tweet me!!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:27pm dale:

his WANG
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:27pm P-90:

I gave up on superhero movies.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:27pm MISTER JOHNNY:



The world needs to KNOW!!!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:28pm dale:

his thunder is his achers
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:28pm Chimpy:

I gave up on trying to control my foot fungus.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:29pm MISTER JOHNNY:

45 year old break dancers must be pretty rare...
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:29pm Studio B Ben:

Oh, awkward? Yeah, I gave up on trying to be not awkward back in my teens. That's definitely part of my thunder.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:30pm MISTER JOHNNY:

FRANGRY needed to go wiggle her ass...
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:31pm Kevlicki:

Yes it is an Irish goodbye
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:31pm robyn:

Kale, spreading his seed...
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:32pm T_Jay Pauli:

"i gave up looking for answers" kinda a could be by Louis CK
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:32pm Jesus:

Shake that soft stuff
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:32pm Bonesy Maroney:

I could go for a French Dip right now.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:32pm Eric:

I'll dip you with my dipstick.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:33pm MISTER JOHNNY:

It's called an Irish Goodbye. It's also called "Ghosting."
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:33pm Creepycrawly:

I encourage my fellow listeners to give it ALL up! Remove it all
and start again and again. Once you reach the point you wish to achieve, give it UP. Amen! Starting a Cult after the show...
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:33pm SeanG:

Michele's laugh is adorable
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:33pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:33pm T_Jay Pauli:

me too michele
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:33pm TheMarmot:

I bet Michele has great oral hygiene.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:33pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:34pm dale:

i need a pillow between my legs so i don't get back pain when i sleep on my side. i can't freeball in case i pull that pillow up to my face in my sleep
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:34pm robyn:

Michele and I have the same oral hygiene non-routine. If you're only sleeping for a few hours who cares anyway
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:34pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Too much COKE, Michele???
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:34pm PJ:

I gave up on Trader Joes. Stupid waiting lines. Stupid food.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:34pm Pete:

jewish goodbyes are the opposite of irish goodbyes - you stand by the front door & keep talking for another 20 minutes
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:34pm lord freakington:

I given up on trying to get through on the phone--- a small defeat but still...
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:36pm robyn:

shout out to janitors.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:37pm Kevlicki:

Michele has given up!
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:37pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Are you saying I'm funny? Like I'm a clown amusing you?!?!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:37pm dale:

grievings and computations
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:38pm T_Jay Pauli:

im also on the opinion of madman you should show yourselves more in order to protect you best interests or not.. thats the thing
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:38pm dale:

you should say 'turn down your radio'
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:38pm P-90:

Girlfriends are allowed at meetups?
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:38pm Studio B Ben:

Kevlicki needs to give up on listening to his radio while he's calling in. Turn it down!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:39pm madman:

  Fri. 6/6/14 6:39pm Robert Mould:

I give up on 'Having a good one,' Ladies, as in Frangry's "Have a good one" sign-off! Too pat for this brat...Give me some more swan song, eh? Thanks, God (believe in me)
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:39pm robyn:

who needs god when you've got laurel - wfmu
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:39pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:39pm T_Jay Pauli:

sticking behind same photos is like stopping the time but that is not too accorded to the life of a public figure
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:39pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Nice call-back, Frangry...
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:40pm Kevlicki:

Sorry Ben. It's def a pet peeve of mine
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:40pm Kevlicki:

Robyn Robyn Robyn
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:40pm Bonesy Maroney:

Magical Violence is the best substitute phrase for curse I have ever heard.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:41pm Studio B Ben:

No worries. It wasn't bad--I have overactive headphones and ears--but I thought it might make a mediocre joke. I should really give up on making mediocre jokes.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:41pm robyn:

@Kevlicki, I know I feel bad for putting laurel on blast. I couldn't help it tho.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:43pm Kayle in Toronto:

I seriously type stuff like "ahahahahaha" so often out of pure "LOL" rejection
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:43pm Studio B Ben:

I've given up on building a tolerance. I am always going to be a lightweight.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:44pm robyn:

i gave up on trying to get orga...nized.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:44pm Dan from Augusta:

I gave up on this topic after my first martini.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:44pm Kevlicki:

Robyn, I should worship her more then
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:45pm MISTER JOHNNY:

How many different color pens does Michele have?
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:45pm Laurel:

Hi Michele and Frangry. I gave up on not becoming a character on your show, thanks to Kevlicki calling in so much and following you guys on the internet.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:45pm Dan from Augusta:

I need some one to organize my closet.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:46pm robyn:

@Kevlicki LOL (for real) I'm sure you're right!
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:46pm Laurel:

Yeah Kevlicki, maybe you should listen to Robyn.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:46pm dale:

i gave up on nbc's prime time lineup
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:46pm madman:

Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:47pm Just Ted:

Michele, do you have a 4 or 6 color pen or do you roll on individuals? Seriously.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:47pm Kevlicki:

Hi laurel, you're on the radio
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:47pm Eric:

I gave up on merino wool boxer shorts.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:47pm Jim the Poet:

I need to give up board opping
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:47pm Dan from Augusta:

I gave up on Morning Joe on MSNBC.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:47pm Studio B Ben:

I gave up on two things about five years ago: low rent and eventual retirement.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:48pm robyn:

  Fri. 6/6/14 6:48pm Kevlicki:

Frangrys new east Williamsburg apt search word "bathtub"
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:48pm Studio B Ben:

@Jim: No! Sportsy Talk wouldn't be the same without your board operation!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:48pm dale:

baths are good for the soul and your aching bones
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:48pm MISTER JOHNNY:

When is FRANGRY going to be on "Dancing With The Stars"???
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:48pm Eric:

I would use the bidet before getting into the bath.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:49pm Just Ted:

Michele is right post bath shower is the way to go.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:49pm Dan from Augusta:

Dilution is the solution to the pollution.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:51pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Quick shower first, then a long bath, then another quick shower.

If you don't do it this way, then you are a fucking animal.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:51pm robyn:

Magical Violence would be heavy.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:51pm Kayle in Toronto:

gotta soap up and shampoo while the bath water is draining then just rinse it all off once the water's gone... for efficiency!
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:51pm Kevlicki:

  Fri. 6/6/14 6:51pm listener monica:

i gave up on facebook. i am not into baby pictures and babies in general and both of my nieces and nephew are expecting. ugh. there is no way i can be polite.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:51pm Studio B Ben:

I have not given up on Billy Jam. I doubt I ever will.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:52pm robyn:

@monica good one.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:52pm YETI BOB:

you gotta blow yr nose!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:52pm Peanut:

  Fri. 6/6/14 6:52pm Kevlicki:

I look forward to the day I give up on the internet
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:53pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Maybe FRANGRY should appear on "Drunken Ass-Wiggling With The STARS!!!"
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:53pm BennettCap:

Poop mustache then a nice bath. Don't forget to rinse!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:53pm robyn:

he's in an emo Dr. Who episode
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:53pm dale:

he's using a microwave - at a gas station
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:54pm LexRay:

I gave up on Liking the movie Napoleon dynamite.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:54pm Peanut:

Im gonna say that last dude was heroin.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:54pm dale:

keep him on the line - he;s really loaded. make him cry
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:54pm Studio B Ben:

I'veeef givven uppon wimmun /drinks
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:54pm Kevlicki:

Dale are you standing next to him waiting to hear your burrito?
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:54pm Just Ted:

take a bath, drain, re-fill, add bleach, bathe, then air dry.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:54pm robyn:

god knows how this show would go if it was airing at like 10 pm
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:55pm Kevlicki:

Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:55pm Just Ted:

oh then irradiate yourself just in case
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:55pm robyn:

I never realized until then that "winning" and "women" sound the same. well, in that voice.
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:55pm Kayle in Toronto:

@Just Ted giving up on skin?
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:55pm InSamsara:

Irish Carbombs are outdated...You need to have a Paul Walker: Irish Carbomb followed w/ a Fireball chaser
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:55pm Colin:

Called it
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:56pm dale:

don't eat gas station food - except the ice cream at stewarts
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:56pm Studio B Ben:

TJ with the late entry win, I think.
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:56pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Bath Tip - don't forget the EPSOM SALTS, people!!! It's important!
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:56pm Colin:

Oh wait wrong J
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:56pm Kevlicki:

Without god guilt barely exists!
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:56pm robyn:

Hold hands and think of Magical Violence
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:57pm Frangry:

Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:57pm steve:

give TJ a show on FMU
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:57pm Studio B Ben:

  Fri. 6/6/14 6:57pm Jesus:

TJ sniper win
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:57pm SeanG:

that was fun!
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:57pm Kevlicki:

Next week weirdos
  Fri. 6/6/14 6:58pm MISTER JOHNNY:

I give up...
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:58pm robyn:

good show... have a great weekend filled with inner peace or your choice of any of the drugs described on the show today y'all
Avatar Fri. 6/6/14 6:59pm madman:

  Fri. 6/6/14 7:01pm Joe Intersection:

i gave up on expecting things to go right. Now I expect chaos.
  Sat. 6/7/14 2:38am OYSTA':

I wish they did two shows a week :F
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