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Andrea Silenzi speaks with friends, experts, guys in bars, and her own Grandma Phyllis about where love and sex meets technology.

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Options March 5, 2014: #14 - Another Radio Show with Too Many Co-hosts & A Tote Bag (Marathon Week 2)

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    The show where I make my goal, and then some. You won't believe who I have to call...   
Andrea and Randy and Jim and Grandma Phyllis       
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Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 6:52pm Ange:

Thank you guys for donating! Tonight's show is going to be something!
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:01pm BadGuyZero:

Good evening!
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:02pm P-90:

Hi! Ms. Silenzi and BGZ!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 3/5/14 7:05pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I need to go out for groceries now. Laters!
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:10pm tomasz.:

Andrea, you rule!
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:12pm BadGuyZero:

Did she just say that Andrea is heroin?
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:14pm cosmic matrix:

randy is an asshole.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:14pm cosmic matrix:

love the show!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:14pm Studio B Ben:

We need pictures of the studio right now.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:17pm glenn:

randy's a douche. pledge to punch randy.
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:17pm M:

Dump Randy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:18pm Studio B Ben:

Soak Randy
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:21pm cubeman:

Randy's about to bail
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:21pm JonnyGato:

Is "Randy" for real, or is someone doing an act? Guys like that who have to make everything about themselves suck the life out of girls like her.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:21pm BadGuyZero:

Somebody call a waaaaaaaahmbulance to take him home.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:21pm LeeRosevere:

he was at 275.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:21pm glenn:

randy's like a dumb american male non-cop version of saga noren.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:22pm Studio B Ben:

If we meet the goal, can we get a picture of Randy in the studio?
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:23pm JOEY:

ARENA FOOTBALL bringin' Randy and Jim the Poet together!
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:23pm glenn:

lee rosevere from c.b.c? you rawk.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:23pm woj:

how much to make randy spin the wheel of fate?
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:23pm Close Listener:

"Liberal radio"? What a moron.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:23pm cosmic matrix:

my jaw is just, like, dropped. this guy. oh. my. fucking god.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:23pm LeeRosevere:

@glenn.. yup. thanks! how do you know cbc?
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:24pm cosmic matrix:

poor guy is mentally unhealthy.
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:24pm P-90:

Creeps like this ALWAYS have a story about the Navy Seals
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:24pm glenn:

  Wed. 3/5/14 7:24pm JonnyGato:

I'm not pledging shit while he's on. My question for Randy: why are you on the air?
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:24pm BadGuyZero:

Randy is like James Spader's character in "Pretty In Pink."
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:24pm glenn:

i'm from toronto.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:25pm LeeRosevere:

@glenn wow, cool! Well I'm surprised you know BC shows from Toronto.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:26pm BadGuyZero:

I'm changing my mind. Randy is Patrick Bateman.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:26pm glenn:

i googled clarinet polka by george barnes and your mixcloud came up. you have great taste.
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:27pm cubeman:

I hope Randy is some kind-of "conceptual" comedian
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:27pm WO Town Wick:

Randy is helping this show reach dizzying new heights! Another pledge on the way-- Bad Guy Zero is spot on--this is 2013 Patrick Bateman, I hope he is real and not being a character
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:27pm LeeRosevere:

@glenn well, as a WFMU listener, I would say you do as well.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:28pm cosmic matrix:

our goal should be for randy to realize how awfully he treats others
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:29pm glenn:

i'm sure there are people here who would disagree.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:30pm WO Town Wick:

"Why don't you write advertising." I love this guy so much.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:31pm LeeRosevere:

Andrea, if you call Nick with Randy around, he certainly won't listen.
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:33pm M:

Randy is obviously a whackobird Republican.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:33pm glenn:

randy will be doing prison radio if he keeps up.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:34pm woj:

"people don't like you." laughed so hard, the cats ran away.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:34pm glenn:

that's a tautology, m.
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:34pm P-90:

Is Danne D there to smack Randy around for all his listener friends?
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:35pm cosmic matrix:

andrea, why do you let him get away with being so rude?
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:36pm glenn:

yes, randy. you are making it up.
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:37pm P-90:

Does he mean a Celtic cross?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:37pm Studio B Ben:

He just said "Yo"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:37pm woj:

where oh where is darrell issa when you need a mic turned off?
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:38pm cosmic matrix:

YAY andrea!!!!!!
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:38pm P-90:

He said "I'm a gunslinger,Yo"
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:38pm glenn:

please. there is only one version of american woman.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:38pm cosmic matrix:

i'm about to up my pledge JUST FOR TAKING HIM OFF THE FUCKING AIR
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:40pm LeeRosevere:

Bill is my new hero.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:40pm WO Town Wick:

I bet "physical problems" == STD's
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:41pm JakeGould:

Hi! Here late! Randy? Fake-city. 100% fake. So fake. Such fake. Wow!
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:42pm glenn:

honest to god, i'm going to pick up my shut-up-you-stupid-right-wing-twat hockey stick and beat randy over the head with it.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:43pm JakeGould:

Glenn, what do I have to pledge for that to happen?
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:43pm M:

I was going to pledge but I wont as long as Randy's on the air.
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:44pm Alex:

Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:44pm glenn:

air fare to jersey city.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:44pm Studio B Ben:

How much to pledge to never hear Randy's poetry again? I'll go steal that amount if necessary.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:45pm glenn:

how could this possibly go wrong?
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:45pm JakeGould:

Ben, you in studio B? Please. You are so close. Please do something.
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:46pm M:

The amount of the station goal
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:46pm Studio B Ben:

@Jake: Sadly, I'm three time zones away. I just adopt the Studio B microphone, but I can't remotely control it to bop Randy in the noggin.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 3/5/14 7:46pm listener james from westwood:

M, pledge to keep the Randys of the world OFF the air!
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:47pm glenn:

sorry. if you call your ex you've already lost.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:47pm stavros:

Awww. Nick sounds real sweet.
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:48pm M:

10 min left of that Whackobird.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:48pm cosmic matrix:

hmm....why are they only representing popular opinion of randy on the air, when virtually all of these comments are negative....??? i just called, upped my pledged, gave a negative comment about him and we haven't heard it. WHAT THE FUCK.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:49pm cosmic matrix:

could he be fake? if so, now it's not funny.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:49pm Skirkie:

I want you to make your goal but I don't want you to have to do those things.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:50pm cosmic matrix:

@M, i think it's $5000?
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:50pm JakeGould:

@Skirkie, discouraging masochism actually ensures it.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:51pm cosmic matrix:

oh, 4000.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 3/5/14 7:51pm listener james from westwood:

That is one impressive haul in an hour. Well done, Andrea!!
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:51pm P-90:

Guy number 1. He was bland but not obnoxious
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:52pm stavros:

Yay guy #1
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:53pm Skirkie:

I love that Randy keeps getting cut off though.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 🎃 Wed. 3/5/14 7:53pm listener james from westwood:

BOOM. Congrats on the goal!!
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:54pm stavros:

Randy is the perfect supervillain for this radio show. He makes the hero look better every week.
  Wed. 3/5/14 7:54pm P-90:

Way to go Ange
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:54pm Studio B Ben:

Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:55pm JakeGould:

Skirkie, the equipment at WFMU seems to hate Randy as much as anyone else.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:56pm Rob W:

It couldn't happen to a nicer WFMU radio personality. Go Andrea!
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:56pm cosmic matrix:

this is very good radio.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:56pm stavros:

Congrats on the goal!
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:56pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 7:57pm Studio B Ben:

Mike #1 seems cool.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:57pm stavros:

Obviously take dating advice from Andy "the blood" breckman
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:58pm cosmic matrix:

randy and dad!!!!!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 7:59pm cosmic matrix:

oh no!!!!!!!
  Wed. 3/5/14 8:00pm P-90:

Italian Dad WILL come all the way from Fla. to break Randy's face
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 8:00pm chris:

Congrats on Raising above and beyond!
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 8:00pm cosmic matrix:

what a show!! what.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 8:01pm JakeGould:

Can Randy go to the bathroom & flush himself down the toilet?
  Wed. 3/5/14 8:01pm P-90:

Congratulations, Andrea!!! Enjoy it!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 3/5/14 8:02pm WO Town Wick:

"Car service" ?!

Congrats Andrea and nice co-hosting tonight Jim.
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 8:02pm JakeGould:

Congrats on reaching your goal! Out goal should be to figure out how to ditch that tosser, Randy.
  Wed. 3/5/14 8:04pm P-90:

Comment pf the Night Award: to stavros. for "supervillian"
Avatar Wed. 3/5/14 8:07pm stavros:

I don't get why everybody is calling for the exile of Randy. Despite how (very) horrible he is or pretends to be, wouldn't you agree that his role in the show is entertaining? I think the episodes without him are great as well, but calling for him to be gone is ridiculous. He is the perfect supervillain to this show and its listeners.
  Thu. 3/6/14 10:06am Conspiracy Theorist:

The part of Randy was conceived and played by Jon Wurster. This has been a A Sharrpling Production. Or could have been.
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