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Like a newborn baby discovering the melodies of existence for the first time! Experimental-hardcore-post-pop-punk-nuevo-hippie-dance-noise for the uncontrollably self-conscious. ALSO: Talking!

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Options January 13, 2014: .357 LOVER Live! Special guest Young Niko!

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
amEdeo & Therese  amEdeo & Therese   Options amEdeo & Therese  amEdeo & Therese  0:00:00 ()
Pink Floyd  Is There Anybody Out There?   Options The Wall    0:27:17 ()
Dio  Holy Diver   Options Holy Diver  Warner Bros Records  0:30:34 ()
Focus  Hocus Pocus 2010   Options The Best of Focus  Red Bullet  0:34:48 ()
Corn Mo  Hava Nagila Monster (Original Recording)   Options Diorama of the Golden Lion  Corn Mo  0:37:22 ()
Slayer  Evil Has No Boundaries   Options Show No Mercy  Metal Blade Records  0:39:31 ()
Foetus  Pratheism   Options Soak  Ectopic Ents  0:42:48 ()
Sisters of Mercy  Gimme Shelter   Options Some Girls Wander By Mistake  Elektra  0:48:06 ()
Kenny Loggins  Danger Zone   Options Top Gun  Columbia  0:54:01 ()
Music behind DJ:
      0:58:30 ()

.357 Lover is Corn Mo, Steve Dawson, Ron Salvo, Avi Fox-Rosen, and Dave Wallin!
Their new album is called "The Purchase Of The North Pole" you can order it HERE!
Super special thanks to musical starman, Ernie Indradat, for engineering the set!
.357 Lover  Get Me Off   Options .357 Lover Live on amEdeo with amEdeo on WFMU!  .357 Lover  1:14:05 ()
.357 Lover  Girl On A Wire   Options .357 Lover Live on amEdeo with amEdeo on WFMU!  .357 Lover  1:16:23 ()
.357 Lover  Girls & Gasoline   Options .357 Lover Live on amEdeo with amEdeo on WFMU!  .357 Lover  1:19:38 ()
.357 Lover  Pageant Parade   Options .357 Lover Live on amEdeo with amEdeo on WFMU!  .357 Lover  1:23:14 ()
.357 Lover  The Purchase Of The North Pole   Options .357 Lover Live on amEdeo with amEdeo on WFMU!  .357 Lover  1:26:51 ()
Meat Loaf  Bat Out Of Hell (Live)   Options Meat Loaf Live  Epic  1:36:03 ()
Judas Priest  Breaking The Law   Options British Steel - 30th Anniversary Edition  Columbia  1:46:42 ()
Frankie Goes To Hollywood  Born To Run   Options Welcome to the Pleasuredome  Island Records  1:48:54 ()
Music behind DJ:
      1:53:29 ()
Queen  Killer Queen (Tack Piano Track)   Options Ebony and Ivory Revisited: Dave Mandl's 2013 Marathon Premium  WFMU   
Music behind DJ:
      3:00:15 ()
Berlin  Masquerade   Options Metro: Greatest Hits  Cleopatra Records  3:02:14 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:01am Matt from Springfield:

Scattie Otis!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:02am Matt from Springfield:

Whoa! Man!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:03am Matt from Springfield:

I've seen "Encino Man" at least 5 times. Though, not within the past decade.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:08am Matt from Springfield:

Taylor Ham assaults have wiped out Newark's gains in their fight against crime.

Phegyo assaults will come next, if we don't watch out...
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:08am ! I X Key !:

they do not forgive
they do not forget
expect them
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:10am ! I X Key !:

ROFLMAO OMG awesome spidey gif! at the top of the playlist!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:10am Matt from Springfield:

A-Ha Bee!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:13am Gold:

Aux Faux Kato? Yes, it's great for guacamole!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:13am Matt from Springfield:

As always, Scott Williams...Scott Williams...
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:15am ! I X Key !:

The worst, most common kind of headache i get is tension headaches from leaning fwd & looking up
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:16am Matt from Springfield:

Is the Hollywood Murder Campaign behind the Murder FBI??

@I X Flex your shoulder blades back on occasion! It will make you feel better.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:17am Matt from Springfield:

I waved my head in One Direction...and gave them all concussions!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:18am ! I X Key !:

What would happen if everyone in the world did something at the same time, & it was to read all 5 books of the Hitchhiker's Trilogy again -- everyone having read it at least once already
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:20am Matt from Springfield:

Saint Etiennce...
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:21am ! I X Key !:

When does the marathon start?
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:22am ! I X Key !:

& how long does it go for this year without The Best Show?
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:23am ! I X Key !:

I don't necessarily know & necessarily want to!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:23am ! I X Key !:

Necessarily & definitely!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:23am Matt from Springfield:

Two weeks, same as always. Dave Hill will take over fundraising duty for the Tuesday evening slot.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:25am ! I X Key !:

ty & ty @mfs, I'll remember that & that
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:26am Matt from Springfield:

Wow, I think this is the song Dio sings at the South Park school dance! (RIP Dio...)

No prob I X!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/13/14 3:27am BadGuyZero:

Website and streams are working for me again.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:27am amEdeo:

Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:27am ! I X Key !:

hooray working!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:29am ! I X Key !:

What's like what you say when someone sneezes, but for sniffling?
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:29am Matt from Springfield:

Hooray for fun, especially when it's working!

Hi amEdeo and hi again late night fans!!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:30am amEdeo:

Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:30am ! I X Key !:

! HI !
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:30am Matt from Springfield:

Can't wait for the ever-more-bastardized Hocus Pocus 2014, with its dubstep/reggae/Grateful Dead interludes and monologue by Sting in the middle.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:32am amEdeo:

Oh jeepers, yes. I am already in love with that idea!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:32am Matt from Springfield:

"Gesundheit", to your health always works!
Even for stubbing their toe!

AWAKE TOGETHER! Conscious of One Consciousness! Timothy Leary's ghost chuckles!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:32am pooped top:

MFS looking forward to that Focus cover too! Hello DJ amEdeo love the gifs! If I could afford a gif I would buy one of yours.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:33am Matt from Springfield:

@amEdeo/PT: Heh! Like you said, I think that if they're going to mess with their classic, they might as well REALLY mess with it! It's only proper.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:34am Matt from Springfield:

Just in time for Slayer, BGZ!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:36am Whooda:

However, between the time I owned the original Hocus Pocus and now, my eye sight is less than 20/20 focused, So I would appreciate it if they also throw in a little auto-tune as well.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:37am amEdeo:

@WHOODA: Sting will of course be auto-tuned.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:37am ! I X Key !:



Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:39am Matt from Springfield:

But of course! :D
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:40am Matt from Springfield:

The bottom GIF goes GREAT with this song!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:41am ! I X Key !:

You can count on him for what's right & just
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:42am ! I X Key !:

hahahahh &lfs yis that went together awesomely
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:43am ! I X Key !:

I!ll exclaim how awesome that was
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:44am ! I X Key !:

Mr. Thirlwell things lead straight & direct to the awesomeness part of my brain!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:44am tapered hole zert:

You wonderfully mischievous DJ types at FMU sent me into a Youtube blackhole oblivion by baiting me into it with Sisters of Mercy and Stones covers.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:45am amEdeo:

It's our duty. OUR DUTY.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:49am Matt from Springfield:

YEAH!! Ori-zhin-all "Danger Zone"! Start breaking into a macho 80s montage!!!

Love and Rockets "Ball of Confusion" is my fave 80s goth rock cover of a 1970 era song.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:50am Matt from Springfield:

Sisters of Mercy -> Kenny Loggins -- BRAVO! Not even a high Casey Kasem would be crazy enough to attempt that move, yet transitions like this are just a fact of life at WFMU! Thanks for fulfilling your duty(ies), DJs!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:50am ! I X Key !:

You sinkhole black hole crazies! I can only quake at the white hole you make happen next!

(White holes are a phenomenon here & there in the universe that keep making more energy appear out from them that the thing about them is that they're just beyond human comprehension & you have to accept that you can't understand how that feckin even works)
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:51am ! I X Key !:

is that JGT in th background
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:52am nut wrench city limits:

That sounds good MFS. Gothic Ball of Confusion? Did you catch that DJ amEdeo? And make it snappy.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:52am ! I X Key !:

Do I know that sample from him?
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:52am Matt from Springfield:

Not being dead is easy -- it's *continuing* to not be dead that many have a problem with.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/13/14 3:53am BadGuyZero:

This YouTube video pairs well with the Spider Man gif.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:53am ! I X Key !:

My books are ridden with having been written
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:54am ! I X Key !:

My advice for being a centegenarian is just to keep on livin'
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:55am ! I X Key !:

dip dip dip dip dip
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:57am I slightly stink:

! I X Key !: Sooner or later we all get ridden.
ZBG like the (John Hurt style) Spidey Launch
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:57am ! I X Key !:

ummmmmmmm JGT's label is Ectopic Ents, so that & then Ents can stand for Entertainments or Entities??!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 3:58am Matt from Springfield:

Wuh oh! Your dog may be an agent of the Murder CIA! Or even the Murder K9GB!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/13/14 3:59am BadGuyZero:

Slayer - "Reign In Blood"
Weezer - "Weezer" [blue]
Melvins - "Houdini"
Supersuckers - "La Mano Cornuda"
Turbonegro - "Ass Cobra"
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:01am ! I X Key !:

literally, literally called "Ectopic Ents"??!!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:04am Matt from Springfield:

An unexamined playlist is not worth trusting!!!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:05am balloon gas:

! I X Key !: I just got a revelation on how to find white holes! We just need to hold a big lit match up to one and if it flares out with flame we will know it's just a God fart! I should have gone into science instead of waste-water treatment.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:06am ! I X Key !:

I have not said this online yet!

"My New Year's resolution is to be a better chef, exercise more, read a zillion books, & be completely boring & generic!"
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:09am ! I X Key !:

I switched from all kinds of herbs & spices around the world to salt & pepper
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:09am Matt from Springfield:

Sounds like a unique rock opera number.

@balloon gas: Apply the scientific method to wastewater treatment -- maximize either the water OR waste!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:10am ! I X Key !:

But also I'd say I've read about one stanza of poetry all year until Glenn Jones said, "All over the world," less than usual
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:11am Eaglossa Dilemma:

! I X Key ! come on. put some sacrifice into it! I've switched from creamy to crunchy peanut butter.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:13am rainbow wallpaper:

NO OPEN FLAME AT THE POOP CONVEYOR! You trying to get us all killed or something MFS!?
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:16am ! I X Key !:

Maybe next year I'll resolve to follow through on my resolutions for more than a week
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:19am Matt from Springfield:

Well you can prevent flames OR start them, all depends how you use the science..
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:19am amEdeo:

Also something to consider: are you the firestarter?!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:20am ! I X Key !:

overall throughout the year
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:21am Matt from Springfield:

I haven't taken lessons from a young Drew Barrymore and aging George C. Scott yet, but I think I need to!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:21am ! I X Key !:

! Are you th prodigy?
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:22am amEdeo:

Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:25am amEdeo:

Wait, what's this about George C. Scott now?
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:27am Matt from Springfield:

Haven't seen the film Firestarter yet, but apparently George C. Scott plays an unlikable old man in that.
  Mon. 1/13/14 4:29am Madi:

Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:30am amEdeo:

Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:30am amEdeo:

@MfS: Ah. The villain PERHAPS?!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:32am Matt from Springfield:

MAYHAPS! I shall yet have to see.

Thanks to .357 Lover, Ernie Indradat, amEdeo and WFMU! That's new to me!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:34am Matt from Springfield:

The halfway point is probably the best for me to check out right now. Thanks for an always great show and virtual reality experience rented by the half-hour at teaser low interest rates!

Have a great week amEdeo and everyone! See you later!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:35am amEdeo:

Hooray for discovery! They are delightful and full of operatic rocking's.

Have a great rest of the week Matt! Everyone start talking about eating meatloaf or something comparable!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:36am Sandy Ditch Tow Service:

Thanks for the special hard rock center in the show with .357 Lover. Ernie Indradat your're a God!
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:37am Matt from Springfield:

I will, thanks!
Meatball subs, mincemeat pies and ground meat sausages are great places to start too! :)
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:38am dingleberry:

Seize ya' later MFS. The check is in the mail....wait...I don't even owe you money...do I?
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:39am ! I X Key !:

th Mr. loaf himself
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:42am dodge ball for pit bulls:

Meatloaf is a much to sensitive social issue to breach in a public forum (I like lots of ketchup on top) or not.
  Mon. 1/13/14 4:42am Madi:

Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:44am amEdeo:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/13/14 4:44am BadGuyZero:

Did you notice that the songs in .357 Lover's set were played in alphabetical order?
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:45am amEdeo:

Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:46am don't look in the band saw:

A playlist savant! That's cool.
  Mon. 1/13/14 4:47am Madi:

I have had more than enough loaf except for Reynaldo but I was actually enjoying Judas WITH YOU
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:48am ! I X Key !:

im sorry if Throbbing Gristle or Psychic TV ever happened without my noticing it
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/13/14 4:52am BadGuyZero:

Nudist Priest
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:57am ! I X Key !:

oololololololololol ahahahahhaaahahah wwwowie zow on that classic thing that happened
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:57am ! I X Key !:

blood outta my heart
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:57am Sam Bvca:

Rudiest Preist
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 4:58am ! I X Key !:

Might you if you rowed across a windswept ocean a long way, sweat gallons?
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:01am ! I X Key !:

th kids & their nanotumblrs
There have been people younger than tumblr born since tumblr this whole time :O
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:01am ! I X Key !:

Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:03am safer than art:

What is the actual punishment for a non-DJ person if he plays a promo copy? Right hand chopped off or what? Is it legal to transport it out of the studio?
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:06am ! I X Key !:

Static electricity comes from stillness & dryness, so is more of a problem in the winter, so making the air have more moisture in it by making more sitting or otherwise lovely waters helps & is something i think is awesome to do every winter?
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:09am feeding tube frenzy:

I love the image of a crackling blue arc jumping between the mic grill and braces making his ears more red each time.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:10am ! I X Key !:

Were a potato placed on a deep sea Holmium seep, the halflife of the Holmium would be very short
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:10am ! I X Key !:

Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:19am ! I X Key !:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/13/14 5:21am BadGuyZero:

When you mentioned your guest's name earlier I assumed it was going to be Neko Spooner.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:23am ! I X Key !:

@comments what was the choice of demographic other than TG? I don't even remember the other w/e
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:24am ! I X Key !:


Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:26am ! I X Key !:

When I am here from the future, what will I do to myself & everything now?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/13/14 5:29am BadGuyZero:

Maybe John Titter was a Lectroid from Planet 10.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:31am ! I X Key !:

Ewie-zewie on soda & sugar addiction & tastes
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:31am ! I X Key !:

Me, personally, I'm so into umami & sour & bitter
  Mon. 1/13/14 5:36am Benedict C.:

One can't condemn an entity such as Reddit in its entirety. After all, it is composed of many individual boards, each of which deserves to be judged on its own individual merits. That said, there have been many reprehensible effects caused by the injudiscious mis-use of the avenues of self-expression such online institutions offer.
And good wishes for a happy and prosperous 2014, amEdeo.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:38am ! I X Key !:

My grandmother threw out all my comics with Magneto in them, & all my comic books, & I don't think I'll ever forgive her
  Mon. 1/13/14 5:39am k beach:

Diamonds a big jew, dont forget it.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:40am ! I X Key !:

A veyyr fair statement, &BC
  Mon. 1/13/14 5:47am Magneto:

Yes, my old khaver Neil Diamond and I are both Jewish. What's the point of mentioning it? What difference does it make?
  Mon. 1/13/14 5:48am k beach:

Meatloaf also a Jew
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:48am ! I X Key !:

I have known the loaf once with th hubs! Because of how I go & yum all up, we used bison! Bison meatloaf!
  Mon. 1/13/14 5:48am k beach:

Gotta represent the great jewish rockstarzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 1/13/14 5:48am BadGuyZero:

My parents were extras in a movie that Meat Loaf was in.

A few years ago at a film festival Meat Loaf was exiting the men's room as I was entering. Our eyes met and I said the one thing I had always wanted to say to him: "'Black Dog' ruled!" He looked at me like I had lost me mind.
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:49am ! I X Key !:

(Other than when I war wee, not with the tubs)
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:52am ! I X Key !:

Steve Reich, Jorie Graham, also Jews
  Mon. 1/13/14 5:54am k beach:

Would be a very dark film without the sun glasses
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:54am ! I X Key !:

I'm pretty sue Bernie is a boss of my state, VT
Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 5:56am amEdeo:

Avatar    Mon. 1/13/14 12:38pm Matt from Springfield:

@dingleberry: That's all right, check received anyway, and thanks! ;)
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