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Options October 31, 2013: Traveling through Western Africa- Sierra Leone to Ghana

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Artist Track Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Ebenezer Calender & His Maringar Band  Double Decker Bus   Options       0:00:00 ()
Super Combo Kings  Memuna   Options       0:03:09 ()
Sabanoh 75  Carry On   Options       0:08:31 ()
Afro National  Money Palava   Options       0:11:36 ()
Dr Oloh   Koko   Options       0:16:02 ()
African Connection  Tiembelema   Options       0:25:15 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk         0:29:29 ()
Ceasar Gartor  Yeh Kek Yea   Options       0:34:15 ()
Princess Fatu Gayflor  Tikey Leyway   Options World Classics: Jegjeg Surya      0:38:01 ()
Morris Dorley  Who Are You Baby   Options       0:41:36 ()
Mr T-Kpan Nimley (Kplenkenten Man of Africa)  Fly Was Living   Options       0:47:06 ()
Tecumseh Roberts  Coming Home (Aye Yah)   Options       0:51:30 ()
Sundaygar Dearboy  Ugly Baboo   Options       0:56:12 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore         0:59:45 ()
Zouglou Net  Coco   Options       1:04:39 ()
Alpha Blondy  La Bataille d'Abidjan   Options Mystic Power      1:09:41 ()
Tiken Jah Fakoly  Sors De Ma Tele   Options African Revolution      1:14:05 ()
Ernesto Djedje  Zibote   Options       1:17:43 ()
Daouda  Cherie Coco   Options       1:23:00 ()
Petit Yode et L'Enfant Siro  Paris   Options Foutou Sauce Graine      1:27:34 ()
Douk Saga  Saga Cite   Options Chateau Rouge Vol 2: Sapologie      1:33:32 ()
Meiway  Rouler Moutou   Options       1:38:42 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach         1:42:51 ()
Adama Drame  Soun Kalo   Options Sindi      1:50:40 ()
Victor Deme  Djon'maya   Options Victor Deme      1:56:56 ()
Compaore Issouf  Dambakale   Options Bambara Mystic Soul: The Raw Sound of Burkina Faso 1974-1979      2:00:46 ()
Amadou Ballake et Les 5 Consuls  Renouveau   Options       2:05:17 ()
Coulibaly Tidiani  Doro Daga   Options       2:09:57 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk         2:16:50 ()
Black Beats Band  Agoogyi   Options       2:24:20 ()
ET Mensah and the Tempos  Freedom   Options       2:27:25 ()
Wulomei  Akrowa   Options       2:29:41 ()
Uppers International  Dankasa   Options Afro-Beat Airways: West African Shock Waves, Ghana & Togo 1972-1978  Analog Africa    2:33:33 ()
The African Brothers International Band  Wompe Masem   Options Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968-1981      2:37:08 ()
Ebo Taylor  Heaven   Options Ebo Taylor      2:41:22 ()
Dr. Paa Bobo  Enya Adwo   Options       2:47:26 ()
African Brothers Band  Ngyegye No So   Options Afro-Beat Airways: West African Shock Waves, Ghana & Togo 1972-1978      2:52:15 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:01am Sem Chumbo:

Hiya, Meghan, good morning. Along again this morning. Can't get enough of this on-going West African theme.
Oh, yah: BOO!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:02am glenn:

boo to you too.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:03am Matt from Springfield:

West Africa - spooooooky!
Not all themes pair up nicely :) Morning Meghan and everyone!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:05am Meghan:

morning all! Yeah since I've done a Halloween theme before.... and we need to continue our traveling!
  Thu. 10/31/13 6:08am Andrew:

Hi Meghan & Matt & glenn & Sem ^_^
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:09am Sem Chumbo:

Hi, glenn. How's everything in TO, or as someone called it, a city like New York if it were run by the Swiss?
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:10am mauri:

gooood morning all
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:11am Matt from Springfield:

Hey Andrew, Sem, glenn and mauri!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:12am Meghan:

morning andrew and mauri
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:12am glenn:

well, today is a big day. court documents and search warrants to be released in re: our moron mayor and his crack dealing / video stealing buddies.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:13am glenn:

and that was peter ustinov that said that.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:17am Matt from Springfield:

Kuku for Koko!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:19am Sem Chumbo:

Ever quotable, Mr. Ustinov.
Rob Ford and Mike Duffy: separated at birth?, speaking of morons.
Hi, Matt, and Andrew & ystävämme Suomessa.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:19am Guido (Cologne):

... and no Lou Reed from Africa ....
... just kidding.
Good morning everyone!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:19am Davee:

Greetings and good morning all.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:19am Meghan:

haha! nope! I save my deaths until the end of the year.... plus I figure you all need a bit of a Lou break....
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:21am mauri:

crack and videos.. what... sounds strange glenn. Finland needs something as absurd like that too.
sunny day here by the lake. sunenergy and african beats making me dance. I'll be warming up the sauna in the evening.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:23am glenn:

oh man. mike duffy. i have a huge man crush on him.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:24am glenn:

mauri: just google rob ford crack video. you'll laugh, you'll cry.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:26am Matt from Springfield:

@Meghan: That's right...start thinking of that quintessential Lou song for October...at least it doesn't look like another 2012 - that was an insane number of famous deaths! Two specials' worth of tributes!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:27am Guido (Cologne):

... some Voodoo-Zombies maybe for Halloween ...
How is Voodoo in West Africa? No Idea ...
... alright, I'm a bit dull maybe ... just kidding again.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:30am Matt from Springfield:

Guten Tag, Guido aus Köln!
That's true, Voodoo was derived from West African traditions - good connection!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:33am Matt from Springfield:

Oh, Burkina Faso - did you find anything from Thomas Sankara? He was the leader of Burkina Faso, played guitar, played in a band Tout-à-Coup Jazz before rising to power; even wrote the national anthem for the country!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:34am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Vodoun is a complete Religion, the more you learn
- & since slaves basically came from West Africa, it had a huge influence on the Blues & so Rock - the connections are surprisingly direct - from West Africa to the Caribbean to N'Orleans. It's something that fascinates me. 'Mambo' for instance originally meant a Voudon Priestess. A lot of the drumming in Latin music is virtually unaltered from these ceremonial roots...
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:36am Guido (Cologne):

Halli - hallo ... alles schreibeb Deutsch jetzt! Toll!

@Meghan -
Africa is just perfect for me in the morning!
Cheering up!
You might continue with some more 10 or 20 shows like this, as far as my appetites are concerned.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:36am mauri:

I guess then the next mayor will do crocodile...
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:40am Matt from Springfield:

@mauri: Or Krokodil as commonly spelled. Cheesh...
"artificial heroin" artificial "spice" pot, street 'ludes in South Africa, cheap substitutes just end up being horribly worse than the originals, the world over.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:40am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Hey everyone!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:42am glenn:

i've never heard of crocodile as a drug.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:42am Meghan:

Hey Elwyn!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:42am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...of course - the first thing they tried to do in Slavery was obliterate the connections & control people completely - so drums & dance were banned, & the survival of African influences in the Western Hemisphere/the Americas is an amazing & heroic thing. In N'Orleans, drum & dance were allowed openly where the slavemasters could keep watch once a week in Congo Square - as specific a place for the birth of African-American music as we have...
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:43am Matt from Springfield:

Wiki article corresponds to desomorphine: en.wikipedia.org...

Hey RRN63! Hey Spatulator Elwyn!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:44am Sem Chumbo:

glenn: www.heavy.com...
  Thu. 10/31/13 6:45am Andrew:

xplains why I like Latin music so much O_O
its African roots. Love the beats ^_^
hi guido, davee, mauri, revolution rabbit & spatulator ^_^
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:45am Matt from Springfield:

Congo Square...that's amazing! The whole world has benefitted from those African rhythms surviving by blending into a uniquely American music.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:49am mauri:

drum & dance allowed. was it something similar with capoeira?
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:51am glenn:

dear sweet jesus. that's awful.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:52am glenn:

the krokodil, i mean. not this awesome music.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 6:56am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...slaves were even prohibited from crossing their legs & certain movements, so far-reaching was the ban on dance - so things like 'Jump for Joy' & leaping in the air have a socio-political relevance as well as just being exuberant dance...It's easy to forget that this Music we take for granted is a steel hardened in the hottest flame.
- Also - in the Western European - @ least since Christianity - the deep Spiritual belief is that the Body & the Earth are corrupted by Satan, & the Music that reflects the Divine is not Rhythmic but Harmonic & Melodic
- but in the West African tradition - you access the Divine through the Body & Rhythm - through Possession by the Deity, even. Europeans disparaged African music as 'primitive', but it had no way of notating it's complex polyrhythms! It represents a completely different way of relating to the Universe & Spirituality through your Body & Music. So, in a way, those uptight southern preachers were right!
mauri: Every place in the Americas - North & South - had slaves from different regions of West Africa, a different socio-political experience of Slavery, & a unique blend of African, European & even NativeAmerIndian influences. In Haiti, for example, the Slaves rebelled & won! & Vodoun is a major religion there. It's also the poorest place in the Western Hemisphere, because white countries refused to recognize & honor it...But there are similarities too, yes. My understanding is capoeira is like a martial art disguised as a dance!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:01am Matt from Springfield:

A "steel hardened in the hottest flame" -- so true.
I've written here before about how the slave rebellion in Haiti sapped much of the Revolutionary spirit of early America - "for me, not for thee"...
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:01am doca:

Hello, Meghan! I'm checking in just to give you my feedback on the Africa-themed shows. I must say I've never had access to such a comprehensive collection of music from Africa (and it's not something which I didn't have any knowledge before). I'm also favoriting every show so as to make it easy to search for the artists, songs and discs later. This said, I think it would be awesome if you did something marathon-related about it, but I have to say I think you have too much material for just one audio CD. Thanks!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:02am doca:

They say Côte d'Ivoire has a busy nightlife...
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:03am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

It's your show Meghan. You can do a whole show on Nigeria if you want to.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:06am Dave B:

< looks in coffee box
FUCK! ... no coffee
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:06am Sem Chumbo:

Sheik Djibouti, a Zappa fun-w/ words album title.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:08am glenn:

man, this cup of coffee is good. oh look, a full pot over there. damn, life is good.
  Thu. 10/31/13 7:09am Andrew:

love the music tonight ^_^
yeh Revolution Rabbit, I think it's the polyrhythms that get me ^_^
love this zouglou net track ^_^
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:10am Dave B:

Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:11am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- I love the African travelog here - what's not to enjoy - ?!
- but it might be too much to fit in my head & grasp & retain - on one pass anyhow! I'm not necessarily ☆ing individual tracks as distinct from each other - & I'm not sure how much I'm learning what I should be about the differences between regions - altho' anything I pick up might be more than I knew before - & the journey is still going on ! By the very same token, admire the ambition...
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:11am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Wakey wakey Evil Brady!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:13am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yerknow - always impressed w/ the handling of Themes here...
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:17am Meghan:

I'd do more than one CD
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:17am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...one could just as easily make an argument for how much has been left out, I am quite sure...
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:19am Dave B:

Speaking of CDs,are you gonna do the CD swap again this marathon?
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:20am Meghan:

yep, another CD swap! Get your ideas together....
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:23am Dave B:

oh - and congrats to the Sox for winning one at home for a change. Is Boston burning?
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:23am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...like, if you're a fan of Rob Weisberg's World Music program, you experience a kind of disorientation & awe that can actually be a little humbling! You are rewarded w/ rich new experiences & maybe even a little more understanding of the World...
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:24am Meghan:

I can imagine Boston is going insane!
  Thu. 10/31/13 7:27am Andrew:

you can certainly hear different styles (and no doubt african musicians have been influenced by other world music) can hear the reggae sounds in some of this music & calypso
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:28am glenn:

wicked insane.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:32am doca:

@RRN63: yes, I agree with you, Rob Weisberg show is one of my favorites, but it seems more difficult if you want to get a panoramic view of world's music.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:34am doca:

By the way, speaking in Africa, do you know this? It's an ex-Ivory Coast diplomat who received enlightenment and started creating this "feral alphabet", as he says. It's on Venice Biennale this year. www.caacart.com...
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:37am Meghan:

I like the illustrations for the letters.....
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:41am doca:

@Andrew: you can also hear the influence on northeastern Brazilian rhythmns, even the poppier ones, like Axé and guitarrada
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:41am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Does Diet Coke lose it's chemical potency after a day? I'm feeling sleepy now.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:43am Dave B:

Here you go Elwyn

Happy Halloween

Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:45am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Evil Brady, I'll install this at work during slack off time!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:46am Dave B:

where slack off time = 9am to 5pm, right?
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:49am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

@Evil Brady, hell no. I get in around 10:30 if I am lucky.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:50am Dave B:

every time I hear the word "Cameroon" this comes to mind:

Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:51am Meghan:

Every time I hear the word Cameroon.... I think of macaroons.... and I get hungry....
  Thu. 10/31/13 7:54am Andrew:

yeh doca, like this Adama Drame song, you can hear the south american sound

everything's so connected O_O
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:55am duke:

This Adama Drame drum thing is fantastic.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:56am Meghan:

it's so interesting to hear the influences of the rest of the world in each country. See who had passed through each country....
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 7:58am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Land not yet contaminated by Western main stream music...
  Thu. 10/31/13 8:00am Andrew:

this Victor Deme song sounds like a song I've heard before. I wonder who influenced who?
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:00am duke:

This is great too. You're killin' it today Meghan
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:03am Meghan:

If you all can "LIKE" the songs that you dig, I will use that as an indicator for what songs to use for my DJ premium this year.....
  Thu. 10/31/13 8:07am Andrew:

love them ^_^
victor deme, compoare issouf & amadou ballake. all amazing! ^_^
I'd like them, but I have to register first
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:08am Meghan:

ha! Andrew, you can give me a list if you want!
  Thu. 10/31/13 8:08am Janster *Jamster*:

Greeeeeat! Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:12am Meghan:

So close to my goal..... please please please help me reach it! Only have 11% left!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:12am doca:

@Spatulator: I guess the thing is not so much being contamined or not, because western music was equally "contamined" with African music and the results were great. I also know there's some house music scenes in South and West Africa which are in the same manner "pure" and "contamined" and sound great.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:15am Meghan:

Oh there is a tremendous amount of music from Africa that has the auto tune on all vocals. It's so bad! Remember, I am hand selecting the stuff that I think is good.
  Thu. 10/31/13 8:15am Andrew:

*imagines some african based radio station playing the exotic sounds of dolly parton, eminem & taylor swift*
  Thu. 10/31/13 8:17am Janski the *Jamster* Hamster:

Loving the show! In Cornwall..
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:22am doca:

Meghan, the internet says there's 55 countries in Africa, so there'll be 55 songs on the CDs?
  Thu. 10/31/13 8:23am Andrew:

i was just looking at this blog when I looked up Amadou Ballake

is that the same one?
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:25am Meghan:

Thanks Janski!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:25am Meghan:

Doca.... that should be the plan.... though we shall see!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:26am Dave B:

Check the "Paris DJs" label for some good stuff (and killer graphic design)

Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:27am Green Mountain Man Mark:

Corn Weenie from Port Said.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:27am glenn:

yeah, but by next week there could be 6o countries in africa. or 45. you never know.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:27am Meghan:

That's it Andrew!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:29am Meghan:

sad but true Glenn.... sad but true...
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:39am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

I've got to go. See you all next week!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:40am Meghan:

Until next week Elwyn!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:41am Ken From Hyde Park:

Lovely show today. How many more Africa shows will there be? Or was this the last of them?
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:43am Meghan:

I am going to keep going until I have hit every country..... so it could take me until the end of this schedule.....
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:43am doca:

oh there's no doubt why they call it highlife!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:45am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...has been said - you can close your eyes, but not your ears
- the 'contamination' (African~European) has been going on @ least 600 years !
- & I'm the type would go so far as to say - @ the end of the day - all Humanity - all Life on Earth is African. As Keith Richards said - there's something in this Music that speaks to the way real people walk & f@#k...
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:45am Meghan:

This Ebo Taylor track is soooo damn good.... I listen to this one a LOT
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:48am Ken From Hyde Park:

Great...you're mining the mother lode (borrowing that from Doug Schulkind). Ken's show yesterday had a recording from a Ghana post office. I thought there was a recording of Ghanian truck driver music, but I wasn't able to find that on the webs.
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:49am Meghan:

oh that post office track is gorgeous....
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:50am Dave B:

Dr. Paa Bobo - Thanks to the cabbie who drove me home the other night!
  Thu. 10/31/13 8:54am Andrew:

reminds me of the African soccer song I got from here
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:57am northguineahills:

Man, this has been superbly awesome, Meghan! But why stop in Africa? (that could keep you busy for a year). Thanks!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 8:58am Cheri Pi:

Thanks Meghan!!!
Avatar Thu. 10/31/13 9:00am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- a fun set indeed !
...little did I know that after taking us on your vacation you would take us all thru the Largest Continent !...
  Thu. 10/31/13 9:00am Andrew:

noooooo O_Q
could listen to your show another 3 hours ^_^

thanks meghan! loved it!
see you later everyone
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