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October 26, 2013 Favoriting
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Favoriting The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

On WFMU | 91.1, 90.1, 91.9 FM & wfmu.org
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Wednesday 6 - 8pm (EST) | On WFMU's Rock'N'Soul Radio
Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Clinic   Favoriting Shazam!. A&M. 0:00:00 Pop-up)  
JOEL R.L. PHELPS  Cherry Blossom Hours   Favoriting 0:06:30 Pop-up)  
PANICS  Best Band   Favoriting Gulcher. 7". 0:07:07 Pop-up)  
FIRE EXIT  Timewall   Favoriting Last Laugh. 7". Reissue of classic "Kilt" by Death '78 classic -NR 0:09:01 Pop-up)  
THE BASTARDS  Funky Bastard   Favoriting Sing Sing. 7". Funky Bastard, funky. -NR 0:11:38 Pop-up)  
VOX POP  Cab Driver   Favoriting Munster. 7". -NR 0:13:12 Pop-up)  
TEACHER'S PET  Hooked On You   Favoriting Clone. 7". 0:15:29 Pop-up)  
SKYHOOKS  Women In Uniform   Favoriting United Artists. 7". (1978) 0:18:57 Pop-up)  
GROUPIES DELITE & THE SANDWICH BAND  Rock & Roll   Favoriting Electrola. 7". 0:22:52 Pop-up)  
NEIL DIAMOND  Thank the Lord For the Night Time   Favoriting Bang!. 7". 0:26:53 Pop-up)  
A PASSING FANCY  I'm Losing Tonight   Favoriting Ugly Pop. 7". -NR 0:29:34 Pop-up)  
MICK FARREN  Let's Loot the Supemarket Again Like We Did Last Summer   Favoriting Stiff. 7". 0:33:08 Pop-up)  
999  My Street Stinks   Favoriting Albion. 7". (1978) 0:35:04 Pop-up)  
NUBS  Job   Favoriting Last Laugh. 7". Reissue of KBD monster. -NR 0:36:40 Pop-up)  
STEVE TREATMENT  Tempest Fashion Baby   Favoriting Zodiac Fashions. 7". (1979) 0:38:37 Pop-up)  
BLANK POSTCARDS  I'm Covered In Mess   Favoriting Laptop Smashing Party. 7". (2013) Staten Island represent. -NR 0:40:45 Pop-up)  
IMAGINARY ICONS  Eye-Cons   Favoriting Daggerman. 7". (2006) 0:42:32 Pop-up)  
HEADCOATEES  The Prize   Favoriting Sympathy for the Record Industry. 7". 0:46:16 Pop-up)  
RICH CROOK  Black Eyed Kid   Favoriting PTrash. 7". (2013) Ex Lost Sounds and Lover -NR 0:47:33 Pop-up)  
PASTICHE  Flash of the Moment   Favoriting Euphoria!. 7". (1976) 0:51:55 Pop-up)  
BARBARA MANNING  B4 We Go Under   Favoriting Teen Beat. 7". (1993) 0:55:17 Pop-up)  
THE BYRDS  8 Miles High   Favoriting Columbia. 7". 0:58:03 Pop-up)  
GREENHORNES  Lampfire   Favoriting Infinity Cat Recordings. 7". Tour only split w/ Jeff the Brotherhood 1:03:12 Pop-up)  
MONKS  Pretty Suzanne   Favoriting Red Lounge. 7". OG 1967 1:05:36 Pop-up)  
Music behind DJ:
  7". 1:19:54 Pop-up)  
LITTLE KILLERS  messin' around   Favoriting Crypt. 7". (2003) 1:20:29 Pop-up)  
FLAMIN' GROOVIES  Somethin' Else   Favoriting Norton. 7". -NR 1:22:49 Pop-up)  
HEAVY TIMES  I'm Single   Favoriting Hozac. 7". 1:25:59 Pop-up)  
HUNGRY TIGER  Fee Fi Fo Fum   Favoriting White Whale. 7". (1969) 1:28:23 Pop-up)  
THE TROGGS  I Can't Control Myself   Favoriting Page One. 7". 1:30:02 Pop-up)  
STATE OF MICKEY AND TOMMY  With Love from 1 to 5   Favoriting Mercury Records. (1967) 1:33:54 Pop-up)  
BLACK HOLLIES  Tired of Being Lonely   Favoriting Ernest Jenning Record Co.. 7". (2005) 1:37:24 Pop-up)  
PEOPLES TEMPLE  Looters Game   Favoriting Hozac. 7". (2012) 1:41:01 Pop-up)  
MICK COLLINS & DANNY KROHA  Red   Favoriting Winter Blues and Greens: Epitaphs And Elegies By Kim Vincent Fowley. Norton. 7". (2013) -NR 1:42:44 Pop-up)  
    1:44:19 Pop-up)  
MARY WEISS WITH REIGNING SOUND  Stop and Think It Over   Favoriting 1:59:33 Pop-up)  
PERSONAL & THE PIZZAS  Tearjerker   Favoriting Windian Records. 2:03:38 Pop-up)  
STRAPPING FIELDHANDS  Sitting On Her Whiskers   Favoriting Richie. 7". (2013) -NR 2:05:09 Pop-up)  
MIKAL CRONIN  Tide   Favoriting Goner. 7". (2013) -NR 2:07:51 Pop-up)  
3DS  Hey Seuss   Favoriting Merge. 7". 2:09:59 Pop-up)  
THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APARTMENTS  baboon's liver   Favoriting Siltbreeze. 7". 2:12:40 Pop-up)  
TY SEGALL  Cherry Red   Favoriting 2:15:34 Pop-up)  
GEORDIE  All Because of You   Favoriting Pink Elephant. 7". 2:19:33 Pop-up)  
GINO AND THE GOONS  Stand Tall   Favoriting Pelican Pow Wow. 7". (2013) -NR 2:20:52 Pop-up)  
HEAVY LIDS    Pelican Pow Pow. 2:23:58 Pop-up)  
EX CULT  Mister Fantasy   Favoriting Goner. 7". (2013) 2:28:53 Pop-up)  
GOTOBEDS  Television Addict   Favoriting Gravity Reverse. 2:30:16 Pop-up)  
MYSTICS  Play Your Game   Favoriting 2:32:50 Pop-up)  
RAY WOOLF AND THE AVENGERS  Little Things That Happen   Favoriting Rola. 7". (2013) 2:38:23 Pop-up)  
THE MCCOYS  Sorrow   Favoriting Bang!. 2:40:06 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:24pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Cherry blossoms for all...forever!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:25pm common:

terre! spelled your name right
Avatar 3:27pm Danne D:

Hey Terre :)
Hey Everyone :)

Y'know how Terre has all these awesome live bands? Well imagine if these shows were in front of a live audience and you can like go and stuff. Pledge to WFMU during this Silent Studio of tomorrow Marathon fundraiser and it can happen :)
  3:31pm Brock:

Some of these songs are right-channel only.
Avatar 3:32pm Danne D:

I'm hearing the same thing Brock - basically nothing out of left channel for me to - just some pop and hiss
Avatar 🍒 Swag For Life Member 3:32pm AP Paulie B (sitting at home):

I've noticed that as well. May be a bad connection on whatever turntable.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:35pm Terre T:

Let me know if this issue improves.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:36pm common:

i thought it was my speakers.
  3:38pm Brock:

The skyhooks is still hard-panned
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Still right channel only for me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:40pm common:

same here
Avatar 🍒 Swag For Life Member 3:40pm AP Paulie B (sitting at home)::

Guys, this seems to be a technical issue with a particular turntable. Sit tight and hopefully it will be resolved.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:40pm common:

sounds great on that turntable!
Avatar 3:41pm On the Yazoo:

I thought they fixed that turntable.
Hey all.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Groupies coming from both speakers.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 3:44pm common:

yea yea!
Avatar 3:45pm thriftstoreleather:

oh man, what Mr. Diamond song is this!
Avatar 3:46pm thriftstoreleather:

  3:51pm Marmalade Kitty:

Hellofrom windy England, TerreT!
Avatar 🍒 Swag For Life Member 3:54pm AP Paulie B (sitting at home):::

Word is from WFMU studio A that a faulty stylus on Turntable 3 has been replaced. Should be smooth stereo sailing from here on in.
Avatar 3:55pm Danne D:

This is why I subscribe to the APPaulieBNewsNetwork :)
Avatar 🍒 Swag For Life Member 3:57pm AP Paulie B (sitting at home):

This minor malfunction does serve to show why you should pledge to WFMU during the October silent marathon. This place is falling apart!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:01pm Skirkie:

Held together with gaffer's tape and hope.
Avatar 4:03pm Danne D:

AP Paulie B is on message :) Please Pledge if you haven't already done so :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:08pm Skirkie:

There's also that "Oh shit, I don't have a heart yet." moment.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:10pm Terre T:

Hey gang! Thanx for tunin' in! Crazy and fun times with all these short 45s!
  4:10pm JimDe:

Terre played this in 1999 or 2000, remember?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:11pm chris_in_space:

Pastiche tune just blew my mind.
  4:12pm JimDe:

Terre played this in 1999 or 2000, remember?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:14pm Hugh:

Ha! Laptop Smashing Party! (He said typing on his new laptop.)
Avatar 4:17pm On the Yazoo:

8 miles high with the pops and clicks.. Just the way I like it.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:17pm common:

Avatar 4:18pm On the Yazoo:

8 miles high with the pops and clicks.. Just the way I like it.
Avatar 4:18pm dk:

i pretty much can't hear the original '8 miles high' without encountering an overpowering desire to to hear the hüskers version.
  4:19pm Marmalade Kitty:

Jangle..! :)
Avatar 4:23pm Danne D:

I remember back in the day once in a long while I'd call Terre during her show - I was nice enough to remind her to cue up ;)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:25pm common:

nice distorto bass monks!
Avatar 4:25pm dk:

pheow, this monks song is great!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

RIP Marcia Wallace (aka Mrs. Krabappel), age 70.
Avatar 4:45pm Danne D:

Right channel again :(
Avatar 4:45pm Danne D:

ah you're getting quicker at catching it though :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 4:51pm Ken From Hyde Park:

When the right channel dies, we'll be left in silence.
Avatar 4:53pm thriftstoreleather:

loving the show Terre! yo Greenhornes, Cincinnati represents. The Rati Nati!
Avatar 4:57pm thriftstoreleather:

these Black Hollies rule.
Avatar 5:04pm BadGuyZero:

  5:04pm that diabetic guy:

Terre T
Please no pop music that the big name stations play up the dial
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:08pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Who adopted turntable 3 in the last marathon?
Avatar 5:10pm Danne D:

are you calling protective services, KFHP?
Avatar 5:19pm Danne D:

Terre please play 3 hours of prog rock

Or just do what you always do :)
Avatar 5:20pm Danne D:

(i.e. I leave the music choices to the master) :)
Avatar 5:30pm Danne D:

Terre did you play that Hey Seuss song in honor of Ted Cruz? ;)
Avatar 5:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

(((((( 4◯5s ))))))
<{ }_RAWK___@
  5:34pm Marmalade Kitty:

Baboon's liver! liking that guitar combo..
Avatar 🍒 Swag For Life Member 5:35pm eyenoise:

Cherry Blossom Clinic Singles Going Steady 24 hour stream please!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 5:35pm Rob W:

Hey Nate and Nick the Bard - Rob here from Barbes - let us know if you can hear us in cue, thanks!
Avatar 🍒 Swag For Life Member 5:36pm eyenoise:

I bet Terre has enough 7"s in her personal collection to play non-stop 24/7 for a year without repeats.
  5:40pm Steve-O:

Terre, could you tell us where you got that version of "Stop and Think It Over"? I didn't get to finish listening to it(POS Toshiba went standby without warning me first.), and would love to finish it.

(Or, just send me an email.)
Avatar 5:40pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...sweet crow on a stick lookit that playlist...
Avatar 🍒 Swag For Life Member 5:46pm eyenoise:

Steve-O: www.discogs.com...
  5:57pm Steve-O:

Thanks, Eyenoise. =)

Anyway, great show today, Terre.....and hope you play that Mary Weiss tune again sometime! =D
Avatar 5:57pm Danne D:

Thanks for a great show as always Terre :)
Have a good weekend everyone :)
Avatar 🍒 Swag For Life Member 5:58pm eyenoise:

Terre T always the best!
Avatar 5:59pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Thx As Ever !
  6:00pm better call Saul:

This sounds like the Futurama theme song
Avatar 6:06pm Danne D:

BGZ for the win! :)
  6:06pm Ignore Function:

Thank You, TT.
Avatar 6:06pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- awright bgz ! everybody! Appreciated for good of all !
...I'm poor but will Pledge when can.
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