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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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Options May 1, 2013: The Fifth Elephant

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Owada   Hello   Options 0:00:00 ()
Ennio Morricone   Nothing To Do (Nulla Da Fare)   Options 0:00:53 ()
Ichi   音の葉とんび   0:02:53 ()
Francis Bebey   Tumu Pakara   Options 0:06:41 ()
LB   Be Near Me (Backup Read Error)   Options 0:11:22 ()
Covox   Computer Love   Options 0:13:29 ()
Scratchmatic   Sound of the Street   Options 0:15:02 ()
DJ Lance Lockarm   Don't You Want My Big Head   Options 0:17:56 ()
Rank Sinatra   Donna You Wanna Me Baby   Options 0:19:48 ()
Music behind DJ:
Ennio Morricone  
Sauna   Options 0:22:42 ()
Petra Haden   A Fistful of Dollars Theme   Options 0:27:37 ()
Meredith Monk   Part I. Personal Climate - Future Quest (The Call)   Options 0:29:22 ()
(with) Caroline Bergvall   Via   Options 0:32:52 ()
Woody Phillips   Beethoven's Fifth   Options 0:36:14 ()
Blanketship   SOS   Options 0:40:34 ()
John Oswald   Parade   Options 0:42:07 ()
(with) Kenneth Goldsmith   Fidget - 15:00   Options 0:42:30 ()
Yon Visell and Irene Moon   Bakers Dozen   Options 0:46:14 ()
George Lucas   Track 30   Options 0:48:33 ()
(with) Feng Hao   Pleasure   Options 0:49:12 ()
(and) Dick Higgins   Danger Music Number Seventeen   Options 0:49:53 ()
(also) Roger Miller   England Swings   Options 0:50:09 ()
(then) Remo Scha   Kata Dee Do Day Nat a Doh - 1987   Options 0:50:26 ()
from I'm On My Journey Home   Eephing   Options 0:50:54 ()
Satanicpornocultshop   C'est Bien Trop Tard - Catherine Ferroyer Blanch   Options 0:51:20 ()
Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin   69 Annee Erotique   Options 0:52:12 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Prisoner  
Return of Number 2   Options 0:54:58 ()
Owada   Start Middle End   Options 0:58:38 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:01pm Danne D:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:01pm People Like Us:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:01pm G:

well, hello you. long time no hear/here
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:01pm cklequ:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:01pm pacific standard simon:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:01pm Amanda:

Hi Vicki!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:02pm People Like Us:

I'm already behind
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:02pm Kat in Chicago:

Hello AND hooray!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:02pm People Like Us:

Hi Amanda! Hi all
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Great stuff Vicki!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:03pm Amanda:

I tried to intimidate Ken and Andy into starting on time, but you can guess how intimidating I am...
  Wed. 5/1/13 7:04pm MrFab:

Great to have you back, Vicki. Been missing my regular doses of DIY.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:04pm People Like Us:

very nice to be back - thanks for turning up
oh they are always two minutes late, especially when you're listening through the intertubes
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:05pm People Like Us:

hi Mr Fab!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:05pm glenn:

this is great stuff.
  Wed. 5/1/13 7:06pm MrFab:

Picked up the DVD of "Keystone Kut-ups" at Amoeba recently - FANTASTIC. Go get it, peoples.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:06pm amEdeo:

The Fifth Elephant! Ecstatic!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:06pm People Like Us:

oh good!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:07pm People Like Us:

Yes, I had a what-shall-I-call-the-show panic moments before
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:08pm glenn:

understated elephants?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:09pm People Like Us:

it was either this or "The Time That Land Forgot"
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:09pm amEdeo:

Oh, that's a good one too.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:12pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Out of curiosity
- what's your opinion of this? :
Big B Radio - JPOP | The Hot Station for Asian Music
...that's a StreamAddress & it won't put that last bit in a Link, so have to Copy&Paste.
- I wonder if it's too 'Top40' with no/not enuff 'filtering'?...

...Can you step in the same Warhol paintbucket twice??...
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:13pm Bryce:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:13pm People Like Us:

I've already played more tracks than you Bryce :)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:14pm amEdeo:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:14pm Bryce:

i have delicate fingers!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:14pm Amanda:

Way to give the board-op a heart attack, LB
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:14pm fleep:

Refreshing, like an frosty cola for your ears.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:14pm People Like Us:

ha ha
  Wed. 5/1/13 7:15pm dale:

i think martin fry got pretty mechanical at the end of abc's run, too
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:15pm People Like Us:

it's 8 bit music, austerity music
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:15pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Just numbers?
  Wed. 5/1/13 7:16pm dale:

do you have a regular slot miss vicki? will we hear the aunties soon?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:16pm amEdeo:

All numbers no sound.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:17pm Danne D:

Wonderful to hear you Vicki :)
I have to catch the rest on archive :(

Have a wonderful night folks :) Probably back later :)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:17pm Amanda:

8-bit is my whole childhood!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:17pm fleep:

Let's get the parity started
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:17pm People Like Us:

not presently on the radio I don't, but I have archives, as do the aunties
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:17pm People Like Us:

ta ta for now Danne
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:18pm People Like Us:

Let's Get This Partly Started
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:19pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

  Wed. 5/1/13 7:19pm Adrian in London:

Well, if this ain't the perfect soundtrack for the snooker I don't know what ain't. Isn't. Is not. *sigh*
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:19pm Gwendolyn Macrae:

I wont be tardy for the party
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:20pm SeanG:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:20pm People Like Us:

hi Adrian, I believe if you can't play a snooker to it then don't do it, feel the same about riding mules
  Wed. 5/1/13 7:20pm Adrian in London:

"Pot black!!!"
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:20pm People Like Us:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:21pm amEdeo:

Oh Snooker, I was good at Snooker. Never been much for pool or mules.
  Wed. 5/1/13 7:22pm MrFab:

"Get this potty started"

- my three-yearr-old daughter
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:22pm People Like Us:

try combining both - austerity measures. Just team up with something incongruous - double bill adverts, double plots in feature films
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:23pm People Like Us:

look, I'm typing too
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:25pm amEdeo:

How many things can't you do at the same time?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:25pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...or a Station w/ five streams...
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:25pm charlespowne:

Come over to The Wire offices after you finish, Vicki, we're having a party tonight! Mike says hi.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:26pm Bryce:

hi, charles powne!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:26pm People Like Us:

hi Charles! Did you hear LB? I got that from you! Yes, I'm on my way!
  Wed. 5/1/13 7:27pm Robert:

If you're hard-core radio, you don't have to be British to say "zed".
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:28pm People Like Us:

Zed Leppelin
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:28pm charlespowne:

ha! no I was in the basement digging through boxes, and just walked in on Rank Sinatra. I have to run to the post office in a moment, so I'll catch the show once it's archived. xoxocp
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:29pm People Like Us:

say hi to Mike at the Post Office
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:30pm People Like Us:

blimey, half an hour just passed
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:32pm People Like Us:

when are these hearts going to wither away?
  Wed. 5/1/13 7:32pm Zepelim:

Hi! Welcome back! :)
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:33pm People Like Us:

hello Zepelim!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:34pm G:

Dante, the very beginning, various translations
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:35pm G:

Via means way in Italian; it's the end of the first line of the Inferno
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:35pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Pair of Dice Lost - Milton Bradley, 1952...
Avatar    Wed. 5/1/13 7:37pm Michael:

Hiya Vicki and welcome back to the live side!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:37pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...not the Circle of Hell for trite Commenters
- but I can see it from here...
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:37pm People Like Us:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:40pm amEdeo:

Is it just me or are those
wuh-wuh-wuh's synthetic dog voices?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:41pm People Like Us:

it's just you
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:42pm sFrances from VA:

It's been a real treat to get to listen to this in real time vs archives for once!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:42pm amEdeo:

It always is... isn't it?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:42pm People Like Us:

yes, it's always you
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:44pm amEdeo:

That's what I thought. I didn't want to say it. But now I have.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:45pm northguineahills:

Son of a hoser! Vicki is on and I missed 3/4 of it. I curse Siva!
Avatar    Wed. 5/1/13 7:46pm Michael:

And we get some extended Kenny G with live Vicki. Cool beans.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:46pm amEdeo:

I read that as "salvia"
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:47pm People Like Us:

I curse saliva
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:48pm amEdeo:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:49pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Shiva/saliva: any wonder w/ *this* tongue - ? :
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:50pm People Like Us:

have a nice dinner, everyone
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:51pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

So that's the legendary Kenny G - !?
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:51pm amEdeo:

Have a nice night, every person like us.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:52pm People Like Us:

paste paste paste paste
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:52pm kham:

  Wed. 5/1/13 7:52pm Cliff:

Thank you for this entertaining hour of stochasticity.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:53pm People Like Us:

when it's just a one hour show and you have three hours of music what can you eh
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:53pm kham:

That one guy yelling sounded like the monster guy in Goonies.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:53pm People Like Us:

I'm not gone yet
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:53pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Whata neat-o Show.
: )
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:54pm kham:

The idea of people discovering do or diy for the first time gives me great joy.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:55pm People Like Us:

thanks for checking in peoples! Don't forget to listen to Radio Boredcast stream on the frontpage :)
  Wed. 5/1/13 7:55pm Cliff:

I caught the last five or so shows two years ago, happy to hear it again!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:55pm northguineahills:

The Dick Higgins was nice...., man I need a sandwich... Thanks Vicki!
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:56pm amEdeo:

Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:56pm fleep:

Please return soon. Thanks, Vicki.
  Wed. 5/1/13 7:57pm 12539:

Merci, Vicki. Come back soon.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:57pm Amanda:

Beautiful show. It's been a pleasure to listen to.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:57pm People Like Us:

tap taptap tap
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:57pm G:

if only this was happening in this slot for the summer, as erstwhile.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:57pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...fill-in (or just another stream?) DJ's are maybe like George @ the end of the Beatles - ??: get a lotta good stuff stored up...
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:57pm People Like Us:

thanks Amanda :)
thanks all, hope to be back soon.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:58pm People Like Us:

one more track to go...
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 7:59pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...not to say you have a great voice but what is your marital status?...Oh look it's Spring now...
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 8:00pm People Like Us:

bye for now peoples!
Avatar    Wed. 5/1/13 8:00pm Michael:

Thanks Vicki! Do return when you can.
Avatar Wed. 5/1/13 8:00pm amEdeo:


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