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The Failure of Noise
The Failure of Sound
The Failure of Rock
The Failure of the Avant Garde
The Failure of the Space Age
The Failure of Jazz
The Failure of Psychedelia
The Failure of Krautrock
The Failure of Electronic
The Failure of Pop
The Failure of Free-form
The Failure of the 20th Century

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Options March 28, 2013: the sound of Failure is the sound of salvation

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Artist Track Album Format Comments Approx. start time
James Last  Mr. Giant Man   Options Voodoo Party      0:00:00 ()
Spontaneous Music Orchestra  Sustained Piece (instrumental)   Options Mouthpiece      0:08:46 ()
Cornelius Cardew  page 169   Options Treasie    Performed by Keith Rowe & Oren Ambarchi  0:22:57 ()
Iannis Xenakis  Orient-Occident   Options GRM Works 1957-1962      0:24:19 ()
Hartmut Geerken  Bandura #2   Options As the Face      0:44:54 ()
Koboku Senju  Joining the Queue to Become One of Those Ordinary Ghosts part 1 (excerpt)   Options Joining the Queue to Become One of Those Ordinary Ghosts      0:46:55 ()
Henri Chopin  Indicatif II   Options Audiopoeme      1:11:59 ()
Pierre Henry  song 6   Options Variations on a Door and a Sigh      1:19:23 ()
Pierre Henry  Death   Options Variations on a Door and a Sigh      1:19:44 ()
Bob Cobbing and Ann Locwood  Khajrej extrait   Options   7"    1:22:59 ()
Hartmut Geerken  Bandura #3   Options As the Face      1:23:36 ()
Philip Sanderson  Introduction   Options Hollow Gravity      1:31:34 ()
Philip Sanderson  Prefabrication   Options Hollow Gravity      1:33:19 ()
Broadcast  Monica's Burial   Options Berberian Sound Studio      1:34:38 ()
Broadcast  Found scalded, Found Drowned   Options Berberian Sound Studio      1:50:18 ()
Broadcast  Monica (Her Parents have been informed)   Options Berberian Sound Studio      1:50:18 ()
Broadcast  The Fifth Claw   Options Berberian Sound Studio      1:51:25 ()
Clark-Hutchinson  Impromptu In ‘E’ Minor   Options A=MH2      1:56:33 ()
Alexander Turnquist  Standing at the Entrance of a Hidden City   Options imaginational anthem volume 5      1:57:57 ()
Heldon (Richard Pinhas)  O.D.B.   Options Singles Collection 1972-1980      2:00:29 ()
Tor Lundvall  2:00 AM   Options Empty City      2:06:43 ()
Isreal Quellet  The Last Drones   Options Rythmes d'Etain      2:07:34 ()
Music behind DJ:
Fleetwood Mac 
Albatross   Options The Pious Bird of Good Omen      2:10:28 ()
Pelt  Of Jack's Darbari Wings of Dirt   Options Effigy      2:24:53 ()
Supersilent  Untitled   Options 5      2:29:42 ()
akiyama / carlsson/ nakamura/ olsson  Göteborg (excerpt)   Options In Search of Wild Tulips      2:35:36 ()
Music behind DJ:
        2:46:10 ()
Insect Ark  Lift Off   Options Long Arms      2:46:47 ()
Electric Sandwich  China   Options Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2      2:49:04 ()
Paul Lydon  A Transparent Pipe   Options Sanndreymi      2:56:44 ()
Emil Richards  Garnet (January)   Options Stones      3:09:05 ()
Conrad Schnitzler  Fata Morgana   Options Deutsche Elektronische Musik 2      3:11:21 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:11pm DCE:

holy Thursday, Fabio!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:16pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The Failure of Winter.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:17pm DCE:

I believe tonight's repast will definitely NOT be my last supper.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:20pm DCE:

I love scritchy sounds!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:21pm Chris from DC:

Here it's the failure of spring.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:25pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- according to a friend of mine:

The Failure of Luigi Russolo to Get Credit for Being the First Industrial Musician :

Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:25pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How are the cherry blossoms in DC this year?
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:28pm Carmichael:

Ohhhh, Fabio. Roll me over, Romeo.
  Thu. 3/28/13 3:28pm Ken of Brooklyn:

FINALLY able to listen in real time, phenomenal start!!!!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:29pm Chris from DC:

I usually avoid that whole circus at the Tidal Basin, since there are plenty of uncrowded neighborhoods where you can see cherry blossoms. But I think they aren't quite ready to pop yet as far as I know?
  Thu. 3/28/13 3:39pm nic:

all great
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:43pm tim from champaign:

The show's been hitting the spot, Fabio! Many thanks.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:47pm steve:

failure of spring is right! the weird almost-warm we're experiencing in nyc is more annoying than if it was just indisputably cold. grrr
  Thu. 3/28/13 3:48pm Rich:

cut 16kHz and above and this is pretty nice sounding. Otherwise there is a crazy whine in it....
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:50pm northguineahills:

Grrr..., missed Xenakis... I'm going to pout in the corner.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:50pm Cecile:

Failure of Cheez-its.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:51pm Cecile:

to fix all the is boring and wrong in the work sphere.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:52pm Cecile:

failure of flute-tinged witch rock.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:53pm Cheri Pi:

Cecile! back from your NWOFTWR meeting?
  Thu. 3/28/13 3:54pm jeanli:

hi fabio! awesome show as usual...please if you get a minute can you announce my retrospective screenings at Anthology this weekend?? THE REAL WORLD AT LAST BECOMES A MYTH--3 programs of film, video and projections by JEANNE LIOTTA, Friday 730 pm: SCIENCE MIX, Saturday 6pm: IRL MIX, and Saturday 8pm: WORDY MIX............thx!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:54pm Cheri Pi:

splinkity splonkity frittttererererererrerererererererer squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:55pm Cecile:

Yes. And now i have cheezits stuck to my teeth from annoyed eating of Cheezits. FAIL.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:55pm Cheri Pi:

the failure of the failure of the voivod ascii assail.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:55pm steve:

i like the sound of the flute, pretty much always.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:56pm Cheri Pi:

Totally Cheeze-teeth fail.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:56pm steve:

nice ascii sound poetry Cheri!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:57pm Cheri Pi:

Steve, you have to check out girl doom combo Blood Ceremony, the band for flute-likers.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:58pm Cecile:

they are pretty great.
and their label described them as "flute-tinged witch rock", one of the greatest descriptors EVER.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 3:59pm steve:

sweet... i will definitely check that out.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:00pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

grrr. missed everything. ima punch myself innaface.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:01pm DCE:

well hell man there's still two solid hours left...don't punch too hard.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:02pm the glowing one:

Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:02pm Cecile:

and carve an internet phrase in your arm while you're at it. Like LOL.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:04pm glenn:

hey cecile, what is the name of that blog where the guy rewrites the myths?
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:05pm Cecile:

can you follow it at all?
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:05pm Cecile:

myths retold
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:05pm Cecile:

He's a good actor!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:06pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

L .-
O =.=..=.= ~~
\m\ /m/
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:09pm Cecile:

it brought down a studio!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:10pm tim from champaign:

Sweet. Spring Breakers is showing at the local LCD cineplex.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:11pm Mike East:

I remember seeing Thunderbolt and Lightfoot on NY cable access (or maybe BCAT) years ago
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:13pm steve:

sorry i spaced out... whats the movie that brought down the studio?
Avatar    Thu. 3/28/13 4:14pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Heaven's Gate?
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:15pm Ike:

Heaven's Gate. Haven't seen it. Is it as much of a jingoistic snooze as Deer Hunter?
Avatar    Thu. 3/28/13 4:18pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Me neither, but Wikipedia has a Vincent Canby quote about it: "a forced four-hour walking tour of one's own living room."
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:19pm Looms:

Watched Heaven's Gate once, interesting subject, boring movie.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:20pm steve:

Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:25pm Mike East:

client was just freaked out by the screaming...me:"oh, thats just my weird radio station. Nothing to worry about. Will that be cash or charge?"
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:26pm glenn:

myths retold. thanks. VERY funny stuff.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:26pm northguineahills:

I once did a piece inspired by this one, playing the old gate in front of my apt bldg and playing the edifice as it were a percussion instrument. My neighbors were wondering what I was doing at 1am.
  Thu. 3/28/13 4:26pm Fredericks:

This Geerken puts me in the mood for some Chadbourne.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:26pm ottovonbqe:

| - -
| >
| ====*
| '''
|| \
|| \
|| /
|| /
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:29pm steve:

lots of techno-esque sounds in this set!
  Thu. 3/28/13 4:31pm nic:

all great
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:31pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

@V@ }~~
L .- <eeheeheehee - !
O =.=..=.= ~~
\m\ /m/
  Thu. 3/28/13 4:35pm erika:

dude r u okay?
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:37pm DCE:

I think that's what an aneurysm looks like
  Thu. 3/28/13 4:40pm Bz:

Fabio's hits are the shit!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:41pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...who knows what has happened to the FluteTingedWitch...
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:45pm G:

Must be the season of the flute-tinged witch.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:45pm Caryn:

Hello all! And to sum up: a) flute-tinged witch music? Yay! b) "Heaven's Gate"? Actually not half bad, but weak in spots. c) I'm sorry Ike, but I am disagreeing with you on "Deerhunter" soooooo much...
  Thu. 3/28/13 4:47pm erika:

#strong jam
Avatar    Thu. 3/28/13 4:50pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Funny, I read quickly and thought Berberian Sound Studio was the artist. This could pass for a remix of the 60s Johnny Berberian Middle Eastern/Rock fusion records.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:51pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I agree w/ Ms. erika - of course, it could just be a symptom of my condition...
  Thu. 3/28/13 4:53pm erika:

this one is glorious though
  Thu. 3/28/13 4:53pm erika:

sorry, i'll stop
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:55pm northguineahills:

....or Cathy Berberian
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

: indeed - as highly critical, ravenous & insatibale KultureVultures - we are quite satifactorily momentarily pacificied by your choices of selection...
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 4:57pm Wretch:

Reminding me of the Heat soundtrack. (a good thing)
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:00pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- & I don't even know what pacificied means.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:00pm G:

pacified, fwiw
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:01pm glenn:

this reminds of a john cale song, which i can't think of right now.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:01pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Big thanks for the Heldon. Proper vibe for this here.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:03pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Cale? Eno? King Crimson? Adrian Belew?

...Like, btw.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:08pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Pipe Organ - ?!
...now we have fun...
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:11pm glenn:

yay albatross.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:14pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Yes. Volume Uppy.
  Thu. 3/28/13 5:14pm erika:

really gathering my #strength from this one
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:16pm glenn:

pie - us.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:16pm Cecile:

your inner Brother John Rydgren is coming out.

  Thu. 3/28/13 5:16pm erika:

Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:17pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Papaya? Yes please (aids digestion).
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:21pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Yes Sir, I enjoyed the set.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:22pm steve:

i think my meeting was cancelled! i get to hear Clay and the Fabio / Clay transition! yeah!!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:26pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Aw c'mon! All the Stations play this - !
...This is way kewl.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:26pm Mike East:

yeah, pie me, too!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:27pm Mike East:

(not in the face, though)
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:27pm Special Man:

Anybody wanna join in on a jazz cigarette in anticipation of the Dusty Show? Hate to be småwkin' alone ...
Totally enjoying the seasick violin vibe just now.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:28pm Mike East:

pass it here, Special Man. Want a slice of my pie?
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:29pm Special Man:

Watts in the pie?
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:30pm Mike East:

I dunno. glenn, Cecile, erika - what kind of pie are we getting?
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:30pm northguineahills:

I'll take the next pass.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:31pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Good lord. Got yanked into a vortex in the middle of Heldon and just now back. Pinhas Interruptus. Uncool, man.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:31pm steve:

its one of those "jazz pies"
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:31pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Rough but excellent ride. Lotsa fun. Hope you didn't mind me playing in yer yard, Mister.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:31pm Special Man:

Make it a horsey-beef pan-european pie. Killing floor seconds from across Europa. All kinds of International Meats. Jazz cigarette is hereby handed to Mike East ...
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:32pm glenn:

papaya pie? say that five times fast.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:32pm northguineahills:

Man, Pelt and Supersilent, back to back! I dig.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:33pm Special Man:

Glenn, I'm considering saying it inside my head instead of »out loud«. Does that count?
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:33pm Special Man:

I'm stoned and need human attention. Please give me your full attention.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:34pm glenn:

(chicken) :)
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:34pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Not Voivod, but still good.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:35pm Special Man:

I'm alone and it would feel awkward to say it out loud. A touchy priest lives next door and he is sick and tired of my antics. British houses are wafer-thin: I hear the thoughts of the neighbours. It's uncomfortable.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:36pm Mike East:

(inhales)*coughcough - Jesus, what's in that?! (passes to ngh)
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:38pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

[crashes through side window boots-first, flailing devil-horn fingers, lands in full-on mosh posture... pause... looks around... sits quietly on floor and begins to sway like an overmedicated jellyfish]
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:41pm sFrances from VA:

this is so very lovely.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:41pm Special Man:

Good to have you join our drum circle of trust Rev. Turnip Druid. Anything goes man.
  Thu. 3/28/13 5:45pm erika:

squeezing in a few more is a #strong call!
  Thu. 3/28/13 5:47pm erika:

oops, Mike East - i'd like a chicken pot pie, as it's almost dinner time. what do you think? something with lots of protein to help build our muscle #strength
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:47pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

ooh. jellyfishin' again.
  Thu. 3/28/13 5:48pm nic:

great great great show !!!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:48pm Mike East:

sounds great, erika. It'll go nicely with the pot in the jazz cigarette.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:49pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

goddamn. The glissando/slide/whatever guitar is a brilliant touch in this.
  Thu. 3/28/13 5:49pm erika:

lol, is a jazz cigarette a real thing?
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:50pm northguineahills:

Cough! hello! that was nice, thanks.

Now, about a jellyfish salad....
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:50pm Cecile:

it's marijuanas
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Jellyfishin' with the best of yinze! Great tracks!
Hey everybody, don't bogart that jazz tabacky, pass it 'round...
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:52pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Camberwell Carrot? I've got the ears for it. Why the hell not.
  Thu. 3/28/13 5:54pm Sean in Bristol, UK:

This track is the dog's bollocks, awesome
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:57pm glenn:

some electric band names. rateyourmusic.com...
  Thu. 3/28/13 5:58pm Night Al:

I think the last song blew my speakers out.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

"Vanilla Fudge started out as a band called The Electric Pigeons who cut a demo record as Pigeons"....
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 5:59pm Matt from Springfield:

The Electric Elves are my fave of those names.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:00pm glenn:

big eggs, anybody? news.nationalpost.com...
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:00pm Special Man:

Mighty real is the jazz cigarette. Glad I made it long enough to cross the Atlantic fer ye Americanos to bogarth it. You just need that smooth high to transition you from Fab-i-ola to Clay-world.
  Thu. 3/28/13 6:01pm erika:

now this is some real #strength through #failure!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:01pm Cecile:

You will have to do the Failure of Dusty show.
  Thu. 3/28/13 6:01pm Night Al:

I knew those street interviews in Washington Square Park would be the end of the Pidge eventually...
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:01pm Special Man:

My buttcheeks have been rubbing against each other for 26 years and only NOW am I paying the price.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:01pm glenn:

play some clay type music, fabs. STARCASTLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
  Thu. 3/28/13 6:02pm nic:

glad he's late
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:03pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Ruh-ro. Maybe you & Clay should set up some kind of joint data space like on Dropbox or something where you can download his files and play them when he can't make it.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:03pm ottovonbqe:

clay pigeon was just smoking a jazz cigarette, man!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:03pm Special Man:

Play some »Clay Pigoen running down the street« music, like that movie with Tom Hanks where he plays that not so bright person.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:04pm G:

a clay pigeon wouldn't run, it would toddle :)
  Thu. 3/28/13 6:04pm blee:

Play some dirty old clown!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

SPARKS? That's a Pidge band as well!! Play them, Fabio, to transition the shows! :)
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:05pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Elephant bird Easter eggs. Wouldn't that be cool to see?
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

@otto: Otto von Brooklyn-Queens Expressway? Like that moniker!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:05pm Special Man:

stop foulmouthing da pidge.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

@Fab: Oh yes, there *are* many problems re: Clay!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:06pm northguineahills:

Whole Foods awhile back used to carry ratite eggs, such as ostrich and emu. I always wanted to try one.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The Failure of Public Transportation
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:06pm Matt from Springfield:

@Special: Clay isn't here to defend himself, but it's all part of that magical Fab-Clay Diumvirate bromance! ;)
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:07pm glenn:

those are clay - pigeon eggs.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:07pm Cecile:

Fabio loves him some Sparks. Can't say I blame him.

This is grrrrroooovy
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:07pm G:

The Failure of Timing :)
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:07pm Matt from Springfield:

@NGH: Do they still? I remember an article about that, but I don't know if every WF has them. You'd probably have to ask for them in back.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:08pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: Hope Clay doesn't have a 60 min tape tonight!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:08pm G:

#Fabio: What's your message of peace and love for the Pidge? :)
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:08pm Special Man:

ya gott it matt! da pidge is never late. da pidge arrives exactly when he means to. he meant to give us all time to fry up our last pig egg and just rejoice in that air of eggy proteinas.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:08pm Ike:

He may have a legit excuse. I got a PATHalert about some kind of delay a few min. ago.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:09pm Special Man:

he'll just play it at 1.?x speed {sped up according to late arrival}
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:10pm G:

Hoboken flooded, it's on the news. That wouldn't be it, would it? Wouldn't he have called?
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:10pm sFrances from VA:

I've got this playing on my desktop & my iPad, so they're slightly out of sync & making the dreamiest loop.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:11pm G:

Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:11pm sFrances from VA:

It's keeping me calm whilst wondering whereabouts is Clay.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:11pm Special Man:

FUCGK IT, I'm rolling anotha ... småwkin' tahm.
Avatar    Thu. 3/28/13 6:12pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Oh great, I bet this will mean more boiler stories.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:12pm Matt from Springfield:

That IS good!!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:12pm G:

The Failiure of On-Time Arrival.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The Failure of Infrastructure
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:13pm Special Man:

FUCK YEAH! boiler stories
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:13pm glenn:

sorry guys. five seconds of i love lucy is five seconds too much.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:13pm northguineahills:

I don't usually go to Whole Foods, but an ex-coworker did, and brought to work after her lunch break. It supposedly contains as much egg albumen and yolk as 36 chicken eggs. Also, you need a pick and hammer to break them.
Avatar    Thu. 3/28/13 6:13pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

The listening millions are glaring at Clay.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:14pm Special Man:

Give us the story, sped up!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:14pm G:

flood affects some of jersey city:

Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:14pm Matt from Springfield:

All right, love his stories! You def have to save that for next week!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:15pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:19pm Caryn:

@ngh: well, not really. You can use a chef's knife. Just turn the ostrich egg on its side and with a swift chopping motion, do little chops with the knife as you turn the egg, thus breaking the egg in a straight line along its middle.
Avatar    Thu. 3/28/13 6:19pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

The Dusty Show peanut gallery is currently homeless.
Avatar    Thu. 3/28/13 6:20pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Yes! Bicker! Give 'em hell, Clay!
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:20pm the glowing one:

Clay brings out the music snob in Fabio, lol.
Avatar Thu. 3/28/13 6:23pm Matt from Springfield:

Ewww, Hostess Fruit Pies! You can get much better apple/cherry premade mini pies from other bakeries. Calorie-laden as hell, though.
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