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Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 13, 2013: Marathon Week 2: Wheel of Fate and Stockade Radio

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The 2013 Seven Second Delay Wheel of Fate Fundraising Episode

Every $15 pledger gets the punchline to this joke, written by Evan Breckman:

"Which is more horrrible, a boy jumping off the Empire State building, or a boy jumping off the Empire State building with snakes on his head?"

For every $1000 raised, Andy or Ken spin the WHEEL OF FATE!

Here are the items on the Wheel of Fate tonight. Andy or Ken will:

Have hot wet noodles poured into their underwear;

Drink body shots! Drink a shot out of the other guy's belly button;

Give the other host a piggyback ride around the phoneroom while the rider high fives all the volunteers;

Receive a lapdance from a male volunteer;

Talk on-air in babytalk for 2 minutes;

Commission Black Velvet artist Jorge to make a realistic velvet painting of them romantically intertwined;

DJ a music show with Andy's iPod (if Ken) or co-host Ken's morning show (if Andy);

Stuff their faces with marshmallows until they can no longer utter the phrase "Chubby Bunny" in a discernible manner;

Sing a karaoke song of the other's choosing on the air;

Give everyone in the phoneroom ten bucks;

Get a lapdance from their co-host;

Crawl through the volunteers' legs as they get whacked on the butt;

Use The Eagles as bed music for his next show (if Ken) or do a Satanicpornocultshop special (if Andy);

Perform one of Andy's songs in its entirety;

Disrobe down to a towel and have FMU volunteers stroke them and say positive, encouraging things like "Andy, you're so powerful."

Tell a boiler story or do a tabletop drum solo;

Following the Wheel of Fate segment, there will be a brief DJ battle. Following that, Ken and Andy will try to reach a grand total for the show. If it is reached, then Ken and Andy will do a show in April from Washington Square Park in NYC while locked into a stockade.

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Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:02pm G:

Still not ready, eh?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:03pm G:

Trying to trim some time off that interminable two hours
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:04pm Caryn:

Of course, Ken's willingness to do the bathroom licking last week suddenly made much more sense after today's revelation about Rammstein and the WFMU toilets...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:04pm Dan B From Upstate:

Bad day for us here. Looking forward to 7SD helping to put me at ease and relax. Go get em, guys!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:05pm G:

It's only a 115 minute show now. Whew!
Avatar    Wed. 3/13/13 6:05pm cklequ:

Nice, the punchline is from is an Evan joke.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:06pm Caryn:

I'm so hoping for the wheel to land on that DJing challenge. I want that to happen!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:07pm Andrea:

Uh oh: twitter.com...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:07pm hamburger:

are all the outcomes evenly spread on the wheel?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:07pm G:

Andy zeroed right in on the actual out-of-pocket option
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:08pm Caryn:

Hoping the show will take my mind away from the fact that a third adverse reaction to my antibiotics has made itself known...
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:08pm MISTER JOHNNY:

It says "RAPE" on the wheel.

Did I read that right?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:08pm PMD:

I can believe I didn't get through because I didn't call. But I'm excited to listen!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:09pm Nick the Bard:

Get the wheel going, I had to run around all over to find those damn marshmallows
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:09pm Caryn:

Hang on, the wheel has an option entitled "rape". That doesn't seem to match any of the items listed on the playlist page. WTH?!?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:09pm G:

It's a very gentle rape.
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:09pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Who rapes whom, and how?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:10pm Mike Noble:

noodle underpants was sort of my idea!
Avatar    Wed. 3/13/13 6:10pm cklequ:

It's in all caps, so you know it's legitimate rape.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:10pm Matt from Springfield:

Now Andy was also being soaked for both of Tom Scharpling's Marathon shows, right? That's mainly why we pledged there...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:11pm Mike Noble:

i wanted it to be a full pair of pants, tied at the ankles, filled with cold chinese noodles!
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:11pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Full contact lap dance?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:11pm Dan B From Upstate:

Ang and Laura on the webcam!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:11pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

No worries. Famous billionaire TV writers' bodies have a way of shutting that down.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:11pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: One host should have a gentle rape, the other should have a rental grape.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:14pm kevin g:

I kind of feel like Evan's joke is already great without the punchline.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:14pm hamburger:

hmm how comes last year's wheel of fate isn't available on the archives?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:14pm Caryn:

Heh! Rev., I see you're practising for your reign's political aspects.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:15pm Matt from Springfield:

You can say "butthead" as an insult to someone, as long as you don't mean the anus on the head.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:16pm Dan B From Upstate:

@hamburger: some financial details were revealed that they probably don't want easily available.
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:17pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Piggyback Rape!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:17pm Matt from Springfield:

@hamburger: I walked out of work for the day, pledged on my cellphone and listened to the Archive later to make sure they got it (Feb 29 2012, so I pledged for Leap Day, to support an extra day of operations). But then I noticed it was pulled--maybe they're going to pull it to re-air later as a "special".
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:17pm G:

Can Andy really lift Ken up?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:17pm hamburger:

  Wed. 3/13/13 6:17pm curtis:

hey ken,andy and all other ... greets from berlin (ger)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:18pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: Ken's the little puppet, who pulls the strings on his master--of course Andy can lift him up!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:19pm Mike Noble:

i think they should give the 3 producers more screen/mic time.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:19pm G:

Andy got to stand still, not carry Ken around the room. I'm saying Andy can't really give a piggyback ride to a grown man with the shape he's in :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:20pm Caryn:

The producers all seem very young and attractive. How is Andy complaining about that?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:20pm Matt from Springfield:

But that's only two producers per Andy! How do they manage that difficult host??
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:21pm Matt from Springfield:

OTOH, they're not counting the corrections officers who control Andy's transfer to his radio detention...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:23pm G:

(Ken really wanted to get the towel one.)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:23pm Andrea:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:23pm Matt from Springfield:

Can we cancel the towel-ego-trip by pledging to the next level?!?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:24pm Bank Rob:

they'll stroke Ken and say MOROSELY, "you're so powerful, Ken..."
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Sing "Fly Me To The Moon", Andy!
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:24pm Simon:

Can anyone else not see the video, or is it just me?
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:24pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is this the RAPE???
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:25pm Rick in WO Town:

Video is not safe for work anymore!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:26pm amanda c:

for the record, i was the first $75 pledge!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:26pm Caryn:

Andy, you slap or pinch yourself to find out if you're asleep, not the microphone!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:26pm G:

This is the feel-up
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:27pm MISTER JOHNNY:

My un-see button don't work!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Evan is so NOT your entire writing staff!!
If that was the case you'd actually be FUNNY!! ;)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:30pm Bank Rob:

How can I become a volunteer or producer who gets to hang out with these wonderful people and drink Dogfish head beer?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:30pm amanda c:

i think ken forgot that we can actually see them this week. rape denial.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:31pm Windy City:

Love you guys, even from damaged bandwidth.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:31pm Caryn:

Seriously, Ken, you are in for a nasty surprise if you land on that "rape"... But apparently, Andy has become the "boy who cried 'rape joke'" and is not believed.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:32pm Matt from Springfield:

@Rob: you'd probably have to bring in the Dogfish Head beer (at least occasionally, and alternate with other contributors). And be in the Jersey City area. And that's about it!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Since it's almost Easter, and the challenge is called "Chubby Bunny", instead of eating plain marshmallows they should eat Peeps until they can't talk.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:33pm Caryn:

@Rob: you contact the volunteer coordinator. Easy peasy.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:33pm G:

My uncle lives over the back fence from the Dogfish Head beer guy. They are building a new factory on Delaware. Someone is drinking it, that's for sure...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:34pm Bank Rob:

Got it! Thanks, kids!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:34pm Andrea:

What do you want to hear them get on the wheel?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:34pm amanda c:

noodle underwear!! just cuz andy is dreading it so much.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:35pm G:

We'd like to see how "RAPE" is actually interpreted.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:35pm Sigurdur:

Hi all people
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:35pm Caryn:

Clearly, Ken was so exposed to bacteria and viruses by all his licking that his tolerance was higher once the food poisoning bacteria came a-calling.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:35pm Andrea:

Paddy Waggon
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:36pm Mutant:

I'm enjoying this direct involvement in the torture
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:36pm Bank Rob:

Check his ID if he writes that check
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:36pm Matt from Springfield:

No prob, Rob!

Hello Sigurdur!
Avatar    Wed. 3/13/13 6:36pm cklequ:

All you Dogfish Head people are lucky.
My state's absurd laws don't allow it.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:37pm Caryn:

Gotta give it up for Andy for that ground glass line. Zing!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:37pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Mithirades, was it, you stabbed himself because he inoculated himself from every poison and couldn't die?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:37pm Sigurdur:

Peter edin cara,,,, sara ....
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:38pm kevin g:

Times like this, you're truly greatfull for webcam technology.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:38pm Mutant:

Punish the rich guy!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:38pm Matt from Springfield:


Are you in Alabama? I've heard about their limited sales of beer brands due to a narrow range of permitted beers.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:38pm amanda c:

he's not gonna fit!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:38pm chinchilla:

the wheel of fate truly is the finest moment of the marathon.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:38pm Sigurdur:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:39pm hamburger:

aw feel bad for andy - didn't think that was possible
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:39pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mutant: EAT The Rich Guy!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:39pm Sigurdur:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:39pm Bad Ronald:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:40pm Mike Noble:

with my last pledge i attempted to trick ken into reading a short william carlos williams poem on the air. FAIL
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:40pm Chris M.:

someone will have a gif of that, right?
Avatar    Wed. 3/13/13 6:41pm cklequ:

@Matt: Rhode Island (luckily, i don't have to go too far in any direction to get it).

Small state, small brain.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:41pm Caryn:

@Matt: Mithridates VI, yep.
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:42pm ed:

Andy's only 58?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:42pm Sigurdur:

The plummer issssssssssss
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:42pm amanda c:

ken will have a j/gif of it i'm sure.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:42pm Andrea:

Chris M - I made a video that is being uploaded to YouTube right now....
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:43pm Matt from Springfield:

"WFMU: Use our restrooms! They're cheaper, and safer, than some restaurants!"

Thanks Caryn (I trusted your Classical Greek knowledge would come through :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:43pm amanda c:

wait- ken had no idea it actually said rape?! that was really hilarious.
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:44pm Arne:

I am just coming back from Yo La Tengo's live show in Berlin. They are in truly fine form - and they can't wait to come live onto WFMU's marathon, so they said on stage. It'll be something like 4am local time here in Berlin.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:44pm Sigurdur:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:44pm Andrea:

Andy snuck RAPE on there before the show. He was very sneaky about it!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:44pm Caryn:

Ken should check the wheel now that Andy has been alone with it again. For all he knows, 90 % of the post-it notes now say "rape".
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:45pm Sigurdur:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:45pm Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

Is the Ustream working for anyone? I just got home and it's not working for me.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:45pm amanda c:

good point @caryn!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:46pm amanda c:

un-fail mike!
Avatar    Wed. 3/13/13 6:46pm cklequ:

Isn't Yo La Tengo on tomorrow morning?
They're coming straight from Berlin to this?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: It will bite Andy back, since "rape" doesn't specify who is on the *receiving* end.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:47pm Caryn:

@cklequ: they will be broadcasting from Berlin
Avatar    Wed. 3/13/13 6:47pm cklequ:

That makes more sense...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:48pm Mutant:

Needs more Andrea
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:48pm PMD:

Wish I could watch and comment on playlist at same time.
Oh, duh, multiple windows.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:48pm Andrea:

I screwed up filming this... but enjoy nonetheless! www.youtube.com...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:49pm Andrea:

@cklequ They will be joining us from a studio in Berlin during Faye's show tomorrow! 9-12
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:50pm Mutant:

Now that's a quick turnaround!
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:50pm uncle flowed:

Listen geniuses… Not called stockades they're called stocks. Stockades are fortresses stocks are the colonial punishment that you were talking about so get it right or get an education.
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:50pm uncle flowed:

Listen geniuses… Not called stockades they're called stocks. Stockades are fortresses stocks are the colonial punishment that you were talking about so get it right or get an education.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:51pm Sigurdur:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:51pm Sigurdur:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:52pm Sigurdur:

  Wed. 3/13/13 6:53pm conrad:

"It'll be something like 4am local time here in Berlin."

No, it will be 3-6pm I think.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:53pm Sigurdur:

CuM On !!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:54pm Sigurdur:

Ring ring ring
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:55pm Srdjo:

yeah +6 hours = berlin, belgrade...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:55pm hamburger:

does the punchline come through the email?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:55pm Sigurdur:

Ken and golden helll should consider matiing...... hehehehe
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:56pm MISTER JOHNNY:

What's more dangerous: licking a toilet, or doing an Andy body-shot?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:57pm Sigurdur:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:57pm Andrea:

Am I right? Does anyone more more 7SD?
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:57pm Reason:

Making Andy pledge just the difference to the next level and not a full $1000 is an incentive for listeners not to pledge a lot when it gets close to another spin.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:58pm Mutant:

Hopefully there is no navel lint
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:58pm hamburger:

stalling for more than 5 minutes should to equate to an extra spin / previous spin exception invalid!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:58pm Caryn:

Andy's changing the post-its again!
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:59pm Reason:

Pretty buff, btw.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 6:59pm Srdjo:

ken and iggy pop have the same personal trainer
  Wed. 3/13/13 6:59pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is that a "FUZZY NAVEL?"
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:00pm Paddy Wagon!:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:00pm Mutant:

Good one
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:01pm kevin g:

And then times like this make you rethink your earlier feelings about webcam technology.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:02pm G:

Dear God.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:02pm chinchilla:

that was one of the funniest things i ever did saw.
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:02pm Reason:

Greatest 7SD moment after the waterboarding.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:02pm Caryn:

@Reason: half of the challenges are there just to give Ken a possibility to show off his torso.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:02pm Chris M.:

i can't believe he swallowed!
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:02pm Courtney:

I've been listening to SSD for 10 years, and that was the all time highlight.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:03pm Andrea:

I got the video! It's going up on YouTube now...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:03pm Sigurdur:

Life is beatiful
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:03pm G:

Andy swallows. Now we know.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:03pm hamburger:

hmm.. andy didn't bring his listerine for that
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:04pm Dan B From Upstate:

That... Was amazing!
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:04pm MISTER JOHNNY:

Is Andy gonna sing "Railroad Bill?"
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:05pm G:

If he actually did the navel shot with swallow, what's gonna happen when RAPE comes up?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Last year they wouldn't be on at this time--I'd hate to say it, but thank you indirectly, DJ/Rupture!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:05pm Sigurdur:

Slowwwww Death
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:06pm Sigurdur:

sooooo slowwwwww
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:06pm G:

That was a little Tom sarcasm, that last comment he left
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Stick around until EFD, Andy! Then, you might get a Jo Jo Gunne!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:08pm Sigurdur:

Yeah Man Ring Ring Ring
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:12pm Matt from Springfield:

The Trojan Safeway! Why didn't I think of this before!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:12pm Chris M.:

i need more spins. EVERYBODY PLEDGE!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:12pm Andrea:

Can we top body shot? What do you want to see?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:12pm G:

alternate title: Cape Fruit
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:13pm Mutant:

This is making me rethink not getting the stickers. I thought they were just stickers...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:13pm Andrea:

$475 away!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:14pm Caryn:

This whole fruit discussion goes into my "top 7SD moments of the year" list.
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:14pm Reason:

Manson Family Fruit Stickers
Avatar    Wed. 3/13/13 7:15pm cklequ:

That fruit sticker bit might have been the best thing i've ever heard on this show.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:15pm G:

Captain Jack is actually on a loop in Andy's masturbatorium
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:15pm Holly in NC:

Hi all - just fyi for me, "rape" is never funny.
See y'all during efd's show, I hope! :-)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:15pm Caryn:

Aw, now I'm thinking of "Gilmore Girls"...
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:15pm Reason:

All the Billy Joel you need for today: http://gawker.com/5990118/billy-joel-stuns-vanderbilt-with-once+in+a+lifetime-answer-to-students-question
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:16pm Bad Ronald:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:16pm Nick the Bard:

Leave the Billy Joel on, please?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:16pm Sigurdur:

OOOOOOoo YeAAAhhhh........ fucking ring please
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Yeah, Nat Roe's Reverse AC Chartsweep!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:17pm Chris M.:

i just got a migraine.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:18pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn,cklequ YES! That is what 7SD is all about!
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:18pm cosmic matrix:

good arrangement, decent singing, decent song.... annoying yes, but decent also yet.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:18pm Dan B From Upstate:

I HATE that I like this billy Joel song. But I'd never admit to liking it...
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:19pm cosmic matrix:

dan b, there is a little bit of music snobbery going on here. it's okay, to be expected.
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:19pm cosmic matrix:

play ALLENTOWN!!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:19pm G:

@Dan B: Don't worry, we won't report this violation to the Hipster Credential Committee
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:20pm Webster:

Now play Roseanna by Toto
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:20pm cosmic matrix:

hey, ken, just throw the track though some thick FX!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:20pm amanda c:

nothing can be worse than the michael buble song that he played this morning.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Ahem, this track was the beginning of Billy's "Glass Houses" album, you Billadummies!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:21pm Caryn:

@Dan B: that was one of the Billy Joel songs I like. This one, though... ugh. I do think that breaking glass noise at the start is him crashing his car into another house, though, so there's that.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:21pm Sigurdur:

  Wed. 3/13/13 7:21pm cosmic matrix:

then play africa by poco
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:22pm Sigurdur:

its smoko timeoooo
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:22pm G:

and owner of a lonely heart
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:22pm Webster:

Oh no CM, Africa is Toto too!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:23pm amanda c:

hey ken, do you know where i can get some weed around randolph, nj?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:23pm Caryn:

Aw, the ustream objected to this song so much it went off...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:23pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

I've seen potheads who subtracted better.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:23pm Nick the Bard:

Booooo, leave the Billy Joel on
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:24pm G:

"Thwacket!" was what the very first NJ governor's wife used to call out loudly when hubby was hitting the right spot.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Everybody CLAP!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:24pm Windy City:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:24pm cosmic matrix:

webster, for real? man. i will NEVER get this straight.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:27pm cosmic matrix:

i guess i'm not the only one: wiki.answers.com...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:27pm G:

em pathetic things
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:27pm cosmic matrix:

i miss the video feed... did sandy steal it?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Tom is rubbing it in tonight! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:28pm Sigurdur:

Ill get wet
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:29pm G:

the feed is still there. i see it. the problem is on your end! :(
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:29pm Mutant:

Chubby bunny time!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:29pm hamburger:

Andy gets some nice premiums ;) / cop out
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:29pm Sigurdur:

Meira Bogi,,,,,, shot the glass
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:30pm jk:

Chubby Bunny has caused at least two deaths, both from suffocation due to the throat being blocked with marshmallows.

On June 4, 1999, 12-year-old Catherine "Casey" Fish died after choking on four marshmallows while playing Chubby Bunny. The contest was scheduled for the annual Care Fair held at Hoffman Elementary School in Chicago's North Shore area. It was to be supervised, but Casey and some of her friends began playing while the teacher was momentarily away. She collapsed, and was taken to Glenbrook Hospital, where she died a few hours later. Fish's parents subsequently sued the school district and appeared on Oprah to warn about the dangers of Chubby Bunny.[3][4][5]

On September 12, 2006, Janet Rudd, 32, from London, Ontario, Canada died in a Chubby Bunny competition at the Western Fair. St John Ambulance volunteers came to Rudd's aid with a defibrillator and suction equipment, but were unable to remove the blockage in the unconscious woman's throat.[6]
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:31pm Sigurdur:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:31pm chinchilla:

oh my the danger!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:31pm G:

County Morgue-y Bunny
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:31pm cosmic matrix:

where feed??
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:31pm Mutant:

I had no idea that was a real thing
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:32pm G:

wfmu.org front page has the feed. click on ustream there and you can see the feed at upstream
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:32pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: It wouldn't work for 7SD, without a morbid side to it.
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:33pm Courtney:

I can't wait to see how my Ken n Andy n Chris plate looks next to my Ken n Andy n Barack plate.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:33pm Sigurdur:

Jipppi ..... love love love
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Master bator-builder?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:34pm cosmic matrix:

@G, thanks!! ...i swear it wasn't there before...
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:35pm Trixie 1927:

I have plans for those stickers...MWAHAHAHA!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:36pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

That rescue requires a shop-vac.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:36pm G:

Stockade Building Ed: Don't forget to lose the keys.
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:37pm Ralphine:

That looks like a pillory to me.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:37pm Kayle in Toronto:

"We'll unlock them when we reach our 2014 fundraising goal"
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:37pm Webster:

Hey, a bit o trivia regarding Poco. The cover art for their hit album Legend was created by Phil Hartman, who later became the popular comedian who was murdered by his mentally disturbed, drug addled wife.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:38pm G:

Shhh, don't tell them, Ralphine!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:39pm Caryn:

A Prius? Oh, Ken, that's a crappy car! You can be environmental in way better wheels.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:41pm Sigurdur:

oooooo sooo sLoW
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Marshmallows are like glass shards on the mouth!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:42pm Andrea:

Pledge from Ira Kaplan from Yo La Tengo! See him perform with the band live from Berlin 9am-12pm tomorrow (Thurs) on Faye's show
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Poop on a COP CAR, in the stocks, in Washington Square Park!!!
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:42pm Reason:

Matt from Springfield: :D
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:43pm glenn:

matt, if you ever come to toronto, we're going to greg's ice cream shop for some roasted marshmallow ice cream. the best thing in the universe.
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:43pm James:

You're talking about a pillory not stocks!
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:43pm Reason:

A lot of poop jokes on 7SD in this age of Obama, btw.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:44pm cosmic matrix:

i remember stephen bishop playing this song on TV with one of those little electonic autoharp synths...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:44pm cosmic matrix:

when dem called.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:44pm Matt from Springfield:

The 3rd Dog Night isn't as good as the 2nd, or 4th.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:45pm Matt from Springfield:

Is this Stephen Bishop?!??
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:45pm g:

Falsetto is disturbing.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks for staffing the phone room, BGZ! :D

Thanks Reason :) And I'd love to try that, glenn!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:46pm Kayle in Toronto:

You gotta listen to the whole Dog Night series in order to get the true experience
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:46pm Sigurdur:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:47pm Andrea:

BODY SHOT: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:47pm cosmic matrix:

oh, the suzuki omnichord.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:47pm Matt from Springfield:

@Andrea: Unfortunately I can't make it for the live Yo La Tengo from Berlin tomorrow, but my ♥ 4 YLT = ∞! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:47pm Matt from Springfield:

YES! Got it! :)
"Charming Guitar Player"
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:48pm Dean Wormer:

ahhhhh. animal house love. double secret probation for EVERYBODY..
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:49pm tomasz.:

their juke album from last year was great
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:49pm Matt from Springfield:

John Landis' epiphet for his friend Stephen B. in all his movies; Kentucky Fried Movie "Charming Guy", Blues Brothers "Charming Trooper", Twilight Zone Movie "Charming G.I.", etc.
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:50pm Poomaster:

Love Andy's soft-rock, late-70s-hit ipod selections. "On and On"....OMG.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:50pm Matt from Springfield:

@Dean: Well, only one thing we can do now: Road Trip!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:50pm Kayle in Toronto:

The new pope *did* say "let's start this path... of fraternity". Catholic Animal House.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:50pm Andrea:

Tom called again...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:51pm Andrea:

And Andy rolls..... SWITCH
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:51pm Mutant:

Double switch!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:51pm Andrea:

And Ken rolls.... SWITCH!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:51pm Bank Rob:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:52pm Andrea:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:52pm hamburger:

classic 7sd anti climax :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:52pm Bank Rob:

a capella karaoke?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:53pm Sigurdur:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:53pm Bad Ronald:

The Body Shot Kills!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:53pm kevin g:

take my ears. please!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:54pm Matt from Springfield:

@hamburger: Great, as I'm very against 7SD climax!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:55pm hamburger:

hah - perfect ending
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:55pm Reason:

I am loving this.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Meet the new tricks. Same as the old tricks.
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:56pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:56pm chinchilla:

yup great anti-ending
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:56pm Andrea:

Did you guys watch the body shot video yet? www.youtube.com...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:57pm Dan B From Upstate:

Isn't "losing my religion" a seven second delay euphemism for anal sex?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Zats...I was out until just now. Did I miss much?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:58pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

What Scharpling didn't say is they made his show so much better by comparison!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:58pm glenn:

doesn't andy have another nipple to pierce?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks guys! Great thank you present!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:59pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Poor, poor Lamin has to pick up the pieces yet again.
  Wed. 3/13/13 7:59pm Reason:

Dan B: No, just gay sex.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 7:59pm Mutant:

Good job guys
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 8:01pm Matt from Springfield:

All right! G'night Ken and Andy and volunteers and pledgers!
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