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Power ballads, toy commercials, items from the buzz bin, and other happy singalong songs. The best of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today!

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Options March 13, 2013: MARATHON WEEK 2 (fill-in for Duane) with co-host Thomas Storck!

PLEASE CALL 1-800-989-9368 to enter your pledge NOW!!!

$75 or more gets you my premium, PLAYERS' WORKTIME, about jobs. You can listen to it at YOUR job.

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
The Five Stairsteps and Cubie  Dear Prudence   Options      
All  Million Bucks   Options     0:03:11 ()
Alejandro Escovedo  Man Of The World   Options Big Station  WIN THIS CD! Pledge in the next few minutes!  0:05:58 ()
J. Geils Band  Give It To Me   Options     0:18:12 ()
Pete Droge and the Sinners  Brakeman   Options   On my premium, PLAYERS' WORKTIME, which can and will be yours for a pledge of $75 dollars or more!  0:24:02 ()
The Men  Turn It Around   Options   THIS IS AN LP!  0:37:24 ()
Wreckless Eric  Take the Cash (K.A.S.H.)   Options     0:47:07 ()
Tina Harvey  Nowhere to Run   Options She's A Heartbreaker: 20 Blue Eyed Soul Stings, Uk Floor Fillers, v. 4 (V/A)  PLEDGE NOW to win this wonderful collection!20 unknown blue-eyed soul lost classix!  0:50:47 ()
George Formby  When I'm Cleaning Windows   Options   On Players' Worktime, my premium CD!~!~!  1:06:00 ()
Van Dyke Parks  Come to the Sunshine   Options Arrangements Vol 1  WIN THIS CD NOW!  1:08:24 ()
Ted Taylor  You Got To Feel It   Options     1:11:41 ()
The Fall  Cowboy George   Options   WIN IT!!! Pledge now now now  1:27:09 ()
Flash and the Pan  Media Man   Options   On my premium!!! PLAYERS' WORKTIME will be yours for a pledge of $75 or more!  1:32:45 ()
Jay and the Americans  This Magic Moment   Options     1:39:12 ()
Split Enz  Hard Act to Follow   Options     1:53:25 ()
Beachwood Sparks  Forget the Song   Options   WIN THIS CD! Pledge now! A pledge of $15 or more gets you in the running!  1:56:10 ()
The Rays  Elevator Operator   Options   On my premium! Pledge pledge pledge! $75 and up gets it to ye.  1:59:49 ()
The Riverdales  Give It Up   Options     2:11:13 ()
The Greenhornes  Underestimator   Options   WIN IT WIN IT Pledge now!!!  2:17:10 ()
Nick Lowe  Switch Board Susan   Options   On my premium!!!  2:20:16 ()
The Magnetic Fields  I'm Sorry I Love You   Options     2:24:01 ()
Waylon Jennings  Amanda   Options     2:26:55 ()
Patsy Cline  Strange   Options   WIN THIS!  2:43:09 ()
Black Mountain  The Hair Song   Options   OR THIS! Pledge now at 1-800-989-9368  2:45:04 ()
The Oranges Band  All That Money (You'll Get Over It)   Options     2:49:06 ()
The Grapevine  I Can't Get Enough of You   Options     2:55:31 ()

Duane is away at SXSW in Texas! We love him and you can pledge for his show, too. Click here to credit your pledge to Duane.

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:06pm Uncle Michael:

Where is everyone?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:06pm Skirkie:

I love this picture.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:07pm Amanda:

Oh, they're here. Hi UM!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:07pm Skirkie:

Link's not up on the home page, is the thing.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:08pm Uncle Michael:

  Wed. 3/13/13 12:09pm bpd:

Just pledged. Felt so good. But don't take my word for it. Do it yourself!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:10pm Rich in Washington:

Who's doing the drawerings? They're lovely.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:12pm Doug Schulkind:

Thank you Thomas!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:14pm Eugene:

Hi Amanda!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:14pm Scott McDowell:

Hey someone besides Amanda who knows how to fix this: playlist isn't linked from the wfmu homepage.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:14pm Danne D:

Hi AmNazz :)

What Skirkie said - the link to the playlist chat is not up on the home page.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:15pm efd:

Amanda, when you have a moment (ha ha) I think you may need to change the status of your playlist to "live-Accu."
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:15pm efd:

Or maybe Kenzo can magically change it for you if he's lurking.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:16pm efd:

@Rich in Washington, those drawings are from the lovely Amanda herself! Just one more reason to pledge!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:17pm G:

You just hit exactly 800K, now over 2/3 of the way to goal...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:17pm Van in DC:

Amanda! Greetings!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:17pm efd:

There we go, link is on the homepage now.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:18pm Danne D:

@G I'll pretend that the pledge I just sent in got that to the $800k ;)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:18pm Skirkie:

Shoutout to 66.66666666666666%
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:18pm Doug Schulkind:

Hurtling westbound on Amtrak, I was able to connect the playlist to the WFMU homepage.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:18pm G:

The link to the playlist was not on the homepage till just now, Uncle M. I didn't have time to see if I could go in the back way...
  Wed. 3/13/13 12:18pm bpd:

Yeah, getting the premium, suckers. You gotta do that too. Make it happen.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:18pm I X Key!:

! Good on ya, Matt from Springfield (o:
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:19pm Scott McDowell:

Doug, you're a magician.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:19pm Danne D:

@Skirkie 66 is a good number :)

Doug demonstrates the technological dominance of WFMU
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:19pm G:

It was 20 bucks under 800K for a few minutes, Danne. You could actually be right.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:19pm Ike:

Wow, that really does look like Joe McGasko.
  Wed. 3/13/13 12:19pm vern:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:20pm Sigurdur:

The sound of ringing phones Is beatiful,,, hearing names of fellow listeners beatiful...... 420 in my land
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:21pm Danne D:

lol G - it's at 801,000+ now :)
  Wed. 3/13/13 12:23pm bpd:

Look at that, I pledge, I win a CD. What could happen to you if you pledge? A CD? A high-five from a friend? True love? Only one way to find out.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:25pm G:

Is Geils pronounced as a hard G or as a J? [ducks]
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:26pm Amanda:

I want my Gif of Geils
  Wed. 3/13/13 12:26pm Chris Crash:

AMANDA! This is your father speaking! What's this loud & obnoxious rock n roll sound you're playing?!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:27pm G:

Geil actually means "horny" in German, and it's pronounced as a hard G. Geil is one of the many useful German slang words I learned from watching subtitled Beavis and Butthead episodes in Berlin.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:28pm Amanda:

Sorry, Dad! (gives the finger underneath hooded sweatshirt)

For the record, my playlist was live AND Accu, but there must have been a ghost in the machine. Anyway, that's all in the past.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:28pm Sigurdur:

ooo fich... lol
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:29pm glenn:

i wonder if chuck knoblauch knows knoblauch is german for garlic.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:29pm Amanda:

Thank you, Doug, for being our guardian angel as always!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:29pm efd:

ghostus ex machina
  Wed. 3/13/13 12:30pm David E:

Just ate a piece of Bacon to the line about him frying bacon, oh the irony.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:31pm Alanis Morrisette:

No, that's coincidence.
  Wed. 3/13/13 12:31pm Chris Crash:

Flip around the letters in J Giles Band, and you get Bad Jingles
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:32pm Caryn:

And we have our "Hard Days Night" lines of the day!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:32pm Ike:

With merely 8 words -- "Sorry, Dad! (gives the finger underneath hooded sweatshirt)" -- Amanda sent me back in time, and for just a moment, I was a teenager again. Wow. Also, yikes. Also, wow.
  Wed. 3/13/13 12:33pm David E:

Whoops, I meant coincidence. Either way, great song!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:34pm Sigurdur:

Give give give................. so they can do it for next year
  Wed. 3/13/13 12:35pm Chris Crash:

Open Your Heart was one of the best albums of last year. I love how the first 2 songs are a nuclear strike, and then gets mellow for a bit.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:36pm Michele:

Hi Amanda and Thomas! Have a great show, you guys sound like you are having fun. xo
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:37pm Danne D:

Hooray for Chris Crash for adopting Amanda :D
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:37pm Chris Crash:

HUZZAH!!! Just be home at 11.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:38pm Danne D:

Hi FoodBed :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:40pm Jeff Golick:

More stoopid jokes please.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:40pm Jeff Golick:

This The Men song is The GOOD.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:41pm Chris Crash:

By the way, an anagram for Amanda Nazario is A Amazonian Rad. Fitting? She's indeed rad with the strength of an Amazonian.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:41pm Artie:

Everybody's a winner when Amanda's on the air.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:41pm MattBelow:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:41pm Jeff Golick:

@Doug: please be careful while hurtling. Like, don't hurtle yourself.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:42pm Amanda:

Hi hi hi, Michele, Jeff, Scott, efd, Danne, Chris, Artie, Dave E, and everyone eating bacon! And everyone else!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:42pm tim from champaign:

The intro riff to this The Men jam is a marriage of Suspect Device and Rod Stewart's Gasoline Alley.
Pledge, Pledge, Pledge!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:42pm Amanda:

What's up, Matt from the Below!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:43pm Chris Crash:

All bacon lovers know of this establishment, right? www.baconery.com
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:45pm steve:

Chris- i'm stunned that i didn't know about that place!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:45pm MattBelow:

Hey Amanda!
Great show so far!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:46pm Jeff Golick:

@Chris Crash: also this bacolicio.us...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:46pm Chris Crash:

My favorite are the bacon chocolate chip cookies and the banana bread.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:47pm Jeff Golick:

Better yet: bacolicio.us...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:47pm Ike:

As Dave Mandl & Fabio have noted before, Brooklyn pledges should come with their specific neighborhood listed because there are just too many Matts and Joes et al. from there! Heh.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:49pm steve:

i wonder if the baconery will host my birthday party
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:49pm Sigurdur:

I am serously gettin hungry........ WfMu sounds and a semi full english meal .....oyeah ring ring ring
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:52pm Caryn:

@steve: if not, you can order the 24-piece party pack home... the "chocolate bacon with bacon" really is their version of "spam, spam, spam and spam" isn't it?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:54pm Caryn:

I so want that bacon pecan pie, though... and the maple syrup bacon blondies...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:56pm fleep:

Makin' pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes, I'll take some bacon and put it in a pancake
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 12:56pm Mike Noble:

so excited she ejectulated all over the CD player
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:00pm Jeff:

Oh, Mike.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:00pm Sigurdur:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:01pm Ike:

I've been listening to the marathon nearly non-stop for days, and it's making me loopy. If my comments descend into total incoherence and frivolity, then I apologize in advance. ;P

Hey, Caryn of Finland pledged!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:04pm Caryn:

@Ike: my 25th pledge of the Marathon, if you count all the Prize Account pledges as individual. Phew!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:05pm steve:

damn Caryn... how many prizes have you won?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:05pm listener james from westwood:

apologies for the delay ... parental health mayhem ... hope everyone else is doing well this wednesday.
  Wed. 3/13/13 1:06pm herb:

ooh, thanks for telling me i won the blue-eyed sole (can i have it grilled, plz? i'm so funny.). this'll also allow me to mention this, for the 4th time, that *if* one can donate an extra 1% of their total, plz do. i've been doing so for past few years. it may not be easy for all, however. we gotta gotta help WFMU.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:06pm Doug Schulkind:

Someone say Pittsburgh?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:06pm glenn:

studio pea!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:06pm Mike East:

my local record store in Pompton Lakes always plays FMU.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:07pm ndbob:

afternoon Amanda and everyone!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:07pm Mike Noble:

carnegie mellon gives a freeride scholarship to 1 bag pipe player every year.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:07pm Caryn:

@steve: 8, so an okay ratio. Didn't win a thing last Marathon, so it's nice to get something this time.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:07pm BadGuyZero:

Hello! I am no longer at the studio looking at Amanda through twin panes of glass. I am at my temporary residence [a.k.a. a friend's couch] in lovely Jersey City. I'll be back at FMU later for Seven Second Delay.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:07pm fleep:

listener james: aside from Coldwater seizing up, just fine, and good thoughts towards your parental situation
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:08pm steve:

nice! ive made about a dozen pledges and won 3 so far
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:09pm listener james from westwood:

thanks, fleep. likely have to jet soon for follow-up. my advice to you all: don't get old. delay it as long as possible. outsource it to a portrait in the attic if you can.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:11pm Skirkie:

See ya then BGZ
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:11pm Van in DC:

Great advice!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:11pm Amanda:

I f***ing adore this Van Dyke Parks. You can win it! Thomas and I cannot, and we are bummed about that. Call 800-989-9368 NOW!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:14pm Chris Crash:

This is making me long for sunny spring weather.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:14pm listener james from westwood:

where the nazario scenario is playing, there is where you will find sunny spring weather.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:16pm Uncle Michael:

This morning has been chaos.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:17pm MattBelow:

George had the best speaking voice
  Wed. 3/13/13 1:18pm Jaco (South Africa):

Wreckless Eric! Just earlier today I found a copy of the soundtrack to That Summer! on vinyl in a pawnshop. There's a Wreckless Eric song on there called Whole Wide World. I've never heard him before and it's such a great song. Cool coincidence!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:18pm MattBelow:

Need some bumpers from Help! George has some ZINGERS in that
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:18pm Chris Crash:

I liked it a few weeks ago when you didn't have the drops and you said them yourself.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:22pm Chris Crash:

Speaking of naked people through windows, has everyone seen the movie Body Double?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:25pm anarchivist:

What happens with the swag when we up our pledges? E.g. if you donate 180 dollars over the week in smaller pledges.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:25pm Caryn:

@MattBelow: I'm quite partial to his "I'm always getting winked at these days. It used to be you, didn't it, Paul?"
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:25pm SeanG:

Thomas's show rocks! first heard it last Sunday
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:28pm BadGuyZero:

Your Future Our Clutter-uh
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:28pm Parq:

I could dig some drop-ins from other scenes in Hard Day's Night -- "Oh -- I'm Ringo's sister!"
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:28pm Caryn:

@anarchivist: they tend to add it together and may ask you by e-mail what swag you want that you're now eligible for. Alternatively, you can contact Joe McG about it yourself.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:28pm BadGuyZero:

If you're using a rotary phone it takes five minutes to dial the number.
  Wed. 3/13/13 1:29pm esha:

i also have a copy of your future our clutter in my car at all times i feel youuu
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:30pm Jeff Golick:

He's very clean.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:30pm anarchivist:

Great! Thanks Caryn.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:30pm Caryn:

@Parq: just the occasional "You're a swine." would do me.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:31pm Jeff Golick:

also fond of: they loom large in his legend.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:32pm BadGuyZero:

Every time someone on FMU plays The Fall I'm compelled to post these two items of greatness:


Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:33pm Van in DC:

@anarchivist: This year I am keeping generally not selecting any swag when donating (for the most part)...I am keeping a spreadsheet of all my donations (program, date, amount, Ref #, any swag selected)...sending to Joe when I am done with my full list of selections :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:34pm Caryn:

"Hey, you won't interfere with the basic rugged concept of me personality, will you madam?" is something I'd love to borrow from George and use whenever I'm getting my hair done. Well, without the "rugged" part.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:36pm anarchivist:

Good idea, Van! I already selected some though. If I don't hear from them I'll contact Joe. Have all the ref #'s in my inbox. :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:38pm Parq:

Caryn, stop being taller than me.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:39pm Caryn:

Parq, it's me active compensatory factor.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:40pm Caryn:

@BGZ: hah, NME's current no. 1 story is awesome!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:40pm Van in DC:

I'm really just hoping to be a lucky Primavera Sound Festival winner this year :)
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:45pm Uncle Michael:

Gotta dash. Been enjoying sweatin' to the oldies here, Amanda....see you all later.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:45pm Van in DC:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:47pm Chris Crash:

I once went to a ice cream store in Arlington VA, and they had Viagra ice cream!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:49pm fleep:

If your ice cream cone lasts longer than four hours ... see your doctor.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:50pm Caryn:

That cow still looks like it morphs into a pig when it lowers its head. Spooky!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:51pm efd:

You're both right! BT + EFD tonight!
  Wed. 3/13/13 1:51pm ?:

If less than four hours; Viagra Falls.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:51pm BadGuyZero:

@Caryn: Ooh...thank you for bringing that to my attention. I didn't even see that. This is one of the most glorious sentences I've read in a while: "Reports suggest that Gallagher had turned up at the pub on Sunday with his former Oasis bandmate Bonehead and that they had been turned away with the bar and restaurant full of families celebrating Mother's Day."

Bonehead? Really???
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:52pm Van in DC:

Wow, thanks! And thank you for the much too kind words...I'm just happy to be able to help where I can
  Wed. 3/13/13 1:53pm StillNotSureWhatDylansTarantulaMeans:

George's Opinion - YouTube &#9658; 3:42
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:54pm Caryn:

@BGZ: heh, actually (while that story is awesome), I meant the week's no. 1 news story: www.nme.com...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:56pm steve:

can anyone name the bed music?
  Wed. 3/13/13 1:58pm Derek:

Yay, the boys from Te Awamutu!
  Wed. 3/13/13 1:58pm Listening Out There:

..the bed music is "Sleepytime Way Down South"...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 1:59pm Artie:

Three Hour Show! I just realized. It's a Marathon Miracle!!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:00pm Caryn:

Of course, there've been a couple of bed musics during the show...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:01pm Amanda:

Haha, the most recent bad music was actually "Torn" by Natalie Imbruglia.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:01pm BadGuyZero:

@Caryn: That's pretty great too.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:06pm BadGuyZero:

If I were still at the FMU studios I would probably be putting on a little "Maybe" show right now.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:07pm fleep:

  Wed. 3/13/13 2:08pm Savoy Brown:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:11pm Dave B:

  Wed. 3/13/13 2:12pm Listening Out There:

...for the Pope to be, play "Smoke on the Water"...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:14pm Caryn:

Or in honour of the smoke, Michael Jackson's "Black or White".
  Wed. 3/13/13 2:15pm Listening Out There:

..."Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" might also be a good fit...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:16pm Dave B:

Habemus Popeye!

  Wed. 3/13/13 2:17pm ?:

Pass the Kutchie from the Left Hand Side?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:18pm Caryn:

I also wanted to learn the steel drums when I was young! Still do, actually.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:19pm BadGuyZero:

The sounds of Whitesnake in Vatican City signal the election of a new pope.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:19pm XPat of Leche de Noche:

if I had my way, my basement would be filled with steel drums, tablas, giant bass drums, etc, etc...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:22pm Danne D:

Best way to celebrate the new pope is to pledge to Nazario Scenario. Nazario being a good biblical name :)
  Wed. 3/13/13 2:23pm Listening Out There:

Meet the new Pope...Same as the old Pope...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:23pm Skirkie:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:23pm Dave B:

@XPat - How's about a Gamelan? Here's one looking for a home:

Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:26pm Danne D:

Love that @skirkie :) won a Lord Buckley CD a couple of marathons back
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:31pm Parq:

Aww, this is really nice.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:34pm joe:

What version of Hazy Shade of Winter is that playing behind Amanda anybody know?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:35pm joe:

Safe journey Doug was a pleasure to meet you in person.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:37pm Doug Schulkind:

Yeah! Great meeting you, too!
  Wed. 3/13/13 2:38pm Grant:

Ponied up $50 CANADIAN for Nazario Scenario .. which is like $82.50 ... all the way from St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:38pm Parq:

Sorry, but that's bizarre. I love participating in the comments, but where would anyone get the idea that a WFMU radio show is a democracy?
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:41pm Ike:

Yeah, I presume they meant to say something more like "free speech zone." "Democracy" and "dictatorship" don't really apply in this musical arena. Apples and orangutans.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:49pm Mike East:

I had a song that proclaimed my old band The Imperialists to be the "Dictators of Rock & Roll"
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:50pm Andrew Waterloo:

Is that "free speech zone" or "a place with zero community and social standards"
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:57pm Van in DC:

Work has intervened for a while for me, but wanted to say thanks for a great show Amanda & Thomas!
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:57pm Ike:

Not sure what you're getting at, Andrew...? I like this "community." It's fun. And usually reasonably civil.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 2:58pm Brian Trauma:

If there were such a thing as democracy then there would be an option not to vote for any of the selected candidates at an election.
  Wed. 3/13/13 2:59pm StillNotSureWhatDylansTarantulaMeans:

XPat of Leche de Noche: @ great risk of mentioning anything Dead-related 'round here - Mickey Hart would be your man for that, I think...
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 3:00pm Brian Trauma:

Pope Hieronymus the Naughty sounds good to me.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 3:00pm Andrew Waterloo:

@Ike, the community here is excellent. What I'm getting at is that most people who complain about 'free speech' are really complaining about the fact that no one wants to deal with their rude behaviour.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 3:01pm Ike:

Ah, yes, OK. Not always true, but I understand your point.
Avatar Wed. 3/13/13 3:02pm Ike:

Wow, DJs and co-hosts have forgotten the blank card strategy. Stick a blank card in the deck of pledge cards for that last caller whose call is still coming in. If you draw the blank card, that last caller wins.
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