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Options March 7, 2013: Marathon Week 1 with co-host Joe Belock

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
The Gories  Gimme Some Money   Options 7"  Sub Pop  0:00:00 ()
Bill Allen & the Backbeats  Please Give Me Something   Options Imperial Rockabillies  Imperial  0:03:01 ()
NRBQ  Ain't No Free   Options At Yankee Stadium  Mercury  0:05:24 ()
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages  Willie Meehan   Options Savage Kings  Munster  0:27:46 ()
Ivory Lee Jackson  I'm A Country Boy   Options Bayou Blues Blasters  Goldband  0:28:12 ()
DMZ  Teenage Head   Options DMZ Radio Demos/Lyres Live At Cantone's  Munster  0:30:29 ()
Flamin' Groovies  Baby Scratch My Back   Options 7"  Norton  0:32:32 ()
Walter Page & his Blue Devils  Squabblin'   Options How Low Can You Go? Anthology Of The String Bass 1925-1941  Dust To Digital  0:48:07 ()
Bill Johnson's Louisiana Jug Band  Don't Drink It In Here   Options How Low Can You Go? Anthology Of The String Bass 1925-1941  Dust To Digital  0:50:43 ()
John Paul Keith & The One Four Fives  Anyone Can Do It   Options The Man That Time Forgot  Big Legal Mess  0:57:42 ()
Tami Lynn  Money (That's What I Want)   Options Still Spicy Gumbo Stew: Original AFO New Orleans R&B  Ace  0:59:31 ()
Melvin Davis  I Won't Come Crawling Back to You   Options 7"  Norton  1:02:24 ()
King Khan & the Shrines  Crackin' Up   Options Supreme Genius of....  Vice  1:15:02 ()
The Renegades  Thirteen Women   Options 7"  Norton  1:16:28 ()
Charley Jordan  Keep It Clean   Options Down In The Basement: Joe Bussard's Treasure Trove Of Vintage 78s 1926-1937  Old Hat  1:27:23 ()
The Corley Family  Give The World A Smile   Options Down In The Basement: Joe Bussard's Treasure Trove Of Vintage 78s 1926-1937  Old Hat  1:28:54 ()
Mickie Most & the Gear  Money Honey   Options Jimmy Page: Session Man, Vol. 1  Voxx  1:32:02 ()
The McCoys  Come On Let's Go   Options 7"  Bang  1:34:22 ()
Elvis Presley  Burning Love   Options 7"  RCA Victor  1:37:07 ()
The Yayhoos  What Are We Waiting For?   Options Fear Not The Obvious  Bloodshot  1:39:40 ()
Dale Hawkins  Suzie Q   Options 7"  Checker  1:50:37 ()
Slim Harpo  I Need Money (Keep Your Alibis)   Options Tip On In  Excello  1:51:38 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 12:15pm Artie:

Oh my yes.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 1:54pm Uncle Michael:

How can I be in two places at once...
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 1:55pm Doug Schulkind:

@Uncle Michael
Talent. And psychopharmaceuticals.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 1:59pm Uncle Michael:

Not necessarily in that order.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:01pm Artie:

Tabs. Browser tabs, not the other kind.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:02pm Uncle Michael:

Stay away from the brown Firefox.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:04pm listener james from westwood:

oh, god, did you eat all this acid?!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:04pm listener james from westwood:

howdy matt and hello, all!!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:05pm Joe B:

Hi everybody! thanks for tuning in, please show your support for Matt and his great show! Pledge of $75 or more will automatically get you Matt's premium CD, Them's the Guitar Breaks! and that same 75 also puts you in the running for the grand prize, a great 6-pack of Norton Records 45s!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:05pm MattBelow:

More echo!!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:06pm pacific standard simon:

Whee! Matt F! Switching from beer to whiskey!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:06pm Artie:

The other Tabs taste of saccharine and should be avoided. Matt's show on the other hand tastes of awesome and should be relished.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:06pm duke:

If God dropped acid, would He see people?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:06pm Uncle Michael:

A Gimme Some Money cover! Cool.
  Thu. 3/7/13 2:07pm KRISTIN:

We love to play this when we fundraise.
I guess everyone does. YEAH!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:08pm Joe B:

in addition to the aforementioned cool stuff, a pledge of $15 or more will get you into the drawing for our first prize of the afternoon, a killer album from Barrence Whitfield & the Savages, Savage Kings!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:08pm Uncle Michael:

So...now I gotta get used to calling Simon "Simon."
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:08pm Parq:

The Gories! Two things I love are bands with female drummers and bands with drummers who use maracas as drumsticks. The Gories have a female drummer who uses maracas as drumsticks. Nuff said.
  Thu. 3/7/13 2:08pm KRISTIN:

sorry about the yelling I just got a little excited there.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:10pm northguineahills:

I destroyed my Mexican maracas the last time I used them as drum sticks, but they were supposed to be touristy souvenirs, not actual musical instruments.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:11pm Dominick:

It might be credit it might be barter
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:11pm duke:

Ain't no free, 'cept freeform.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:12pm pacific standard simon:

@U.M.Hell, yeah - as an attention hog, I found that I wanted my name out there.

@Parq - Right on.

@KRISTIN - With Joe B in the house, we might have to get used to it.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:12pm Parq:

NGH, using cheap souvenir maracas and destroying them in the process of using them as drumsticks totally gets extra points.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:14pm Nate K:

And just for the record I do plan to get that premium (despite forgetting to check it off when I pledged)!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:17pm Uncle Michael:

Simon, is your WBC game televised or webalized?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:17pm pacific standard simon:

It's the M5 squad!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:18pm Uncle Michael:

I just googled M-Squad. I admit it.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:19pm Uncle Michael:

What do I pledge for a sixer of Colt 45s?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:20pm duke:

@Uncle Count Basie did the theme?!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:20pm pacific standard simon:

U-Michael, it's on MLB cable channel -- probably extended cable, but not premium (such as HBO).
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:22pm Uncle Michael:

@ Simon Are you a Giants fan?

@Duke Whoa.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:22pm listener james from westwood:

um, if you can, watch a snippet of m-squad, immediately followed by the police squad! ep that parodies it. amazing.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:23pm Doug Schulkind:

Greetings from Amtrak. Wish it was Hamtramck, but close enough.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:23pm Uncle Michael:

@James I see that video on Youtube
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:23pm listener james from westwood:

better hamtrak than slamtrak!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:23pm duke:

M Squad is on Netflix - DVD not streaming
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:23pm Lewis:

I have a great soundtrack CD from M-Squad...
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:24pm Gaylord Fields:

Now play that song about Butterbean Esch! What, there isn't one? Stupid world!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:25pm pacific standard simon:

I am, Michael, I am! Hoping to see Sergio Romo pitch for Mexico.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:25pm Doug Schulkind:

Or at least Butterbeans and Susie.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:25pm Gaylord Fields:

@Doug: That would get my chitlns circulating!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:25pm Uncle Michael:

Yes it's me.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:26pm Doug Schulkind:

Yes, that's Unka Michael!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:26pm Uncle Michael:

@Simon I can't get past Brian Wilson...otherwise...I'd have no Giants issues.
  Thu. 3/7/13 2:27pm Kristin:

dude I just did the do. does the electronic thing tell you? if not I just told you.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:27pm Doug Schulkind:

On the stream, we can circulate chitlins without FCC interference!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:27pm MattBelow:

Yeah! Boston themed show!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:28pm listener james from westwood:

w00t! thanks very much, gents!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:28pm SeanG:

I'm here, Bosstown represent!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:30pm listener james from westwood:

joe, your van halen imitation almost had me spitting clif bar on my screen.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:31pm listener james from westwood:

it's been a very long time since i graduated from bc; does boston even have a combat zone anymore?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:31pm MattBelow:

@James: Worcester is the combat zone now
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:34pm pacific standard simon:

Funny stuff, guys.

@Michael - Wilson is history, although I enjoyed his occasional color commentary on the Giants' broadcasts last season. I'll be subscribing to the Giants on the web, this season -- not much of a Mariners fan.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 2:36pm Michael:

James - combat zone is no more. I think there's still one strip club there. Chinatown expanded and sort of has taken over Washington Street.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:37pm pacific standard simon:

Awesome Groovies cover -- this is why I love Matt5A.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:39pm Uncle Michael:

@Simon Wilson is history? I had not heard.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:41pm listener james from westwood:

interesting; that's what i figured. chinatown had its edge back in the late 80s, too. while waiting at a stoplight there, i saw one guy run out of an alleyway chased by another guy waving a length of heating duct over his head, which he then began beating the first guy with.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:41pm listener james from westwood:

the first guy may or may not have yelled, "i came here for the duck! the DUCK!"
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:44pm pacific standard simon:

@U-Michael - We shouldn't even be having this conversation without Todd-o-phonic Todd in the mix. Yes, Wilson was eligible for arbitration, and the Giants, understandably, declined to give him an offer.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:44pm Skirkie:

Joe will say "fuck" for a pledge of $75
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 2:44pm Michael:

Heh. The other interest down there is Emerson who's elbowed into the area buying real estate and refurbing some theaters which actually is a good thing. I worked on Washington Street in the late 80's early 90's and it was quite wild then.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:46pm pacific standard simon:

I will say "fuck" at the drop of a hat.
  Thu. 3/7/13 2:47pm Kristin:

Balls Square represent. Right on!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:47pm MattBelow:

Fuckin' hell. Potty mouths all youse guys
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:48pm pacific standard simon:

Get down, Gaylord.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:48pm pacific standard simon:

#1, Michael Shelley.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:49pm Uncle Michael:

@Simon Because his arm is ruined or because he's insufferable douchebag?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:49pm listener james from westwood:

they gave us a scare talk in freshman year orientation at boston college about the bad areas of the city. this only made me curious about them.
  Thu. 3/7/13 2:49pm Kristin:

I'm'a win that grand prize, bitches.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:49pm SeanG:

Mike's has a bar now too
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:50pm Uncle Michael:

I blame Matt for all this gutter language.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:50pm pacific standard simon:

Thank you so much, fellas -- all my pledgin' goes out to GTDR streams, this year.
  Thu. 3/7/13 2:51pm the cook:

Little Building, corner of Washington and Boylston, apparently full of students now instead of offices, lobby arcade and my eye doctor -- target of earliest solo trips into the city decades ago.
  Thu. 3/7/13 2:52pm the cook:

Correction: Tremont and Boylston
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 2:52pm Michael:

cook: I worked in the Little Building as well. Owned by Emerson now. We moved to 120 Boylston. Emerson bought that one too.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:55pm Uncle Michael:

My brother lived on School Street in Summah-ville.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:57pm Dominick:

cookin' wit' gas youse guyz
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:57pm Joe B:

thanks everybody who has pledged so far! almost at the halfway point of the show, could use a few more pledges now! a great prize up for grabs, 3CD set How Low Can You Go!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:57pm Uncle Michael:

I found the complete M-Squad on DVD on amazon for $30.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:58pm pacific standard simon:

@U-Michael - because he'd had TWO Tommy John surgeries, was in rehab, and expected the same salary he got last year when he couldn't pitch at all. I understand pride, and it's conceivable that he could reach an agreement with the Giants, but it's more likely that another team (The Royals, maybe?) will grab him up.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 2:59pm Uncle Michael:

Thank heavens I live too close to Kansas City to see Royals games on mlb.tv.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:02pm pacific standard simon:

In Memoriam, Mickey Baker!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:03pm Doug Schulkind:

@Uncle Michael
I don't have a TV, so I don't have to watch the Pirates. 20 straight seasons below .500 — a North American sports franchise record.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:07pm MattBelow:

This version of Money is the tops
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:08pm Joe B:

Wow, no TV. i thought i was pushing it by not having cable!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:09pm Joe B:

halfway through the show and about halfway home! let's getsome pledges!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:09pm pacific standard simon:

It IS great -- though The Beatles (and others) are top shelf, too.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:11pm Uncle Michael:

@Doug. I'm a Cubs fan so boo-frickin'-hoo.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:12pm Uncle Michael:

My next EBS show features the b-side of the Barret Strong original version of Money.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:13pm pacific standard simon:

I would be a Cubs fan, if I weren't a Giants fan. The first baseball game I ever saw in person was the Cubs beating the snot out of the Dodgers in 1964.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:15pm Uncle Michael:

Were you on solid food in 1964?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:17pm listener james from westwood:

omg, that "13 women" cut is a fucking blowtorch. evan could not play it enough for my tastes.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:17pm pacific standard simon:

Oh yass...
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:19pm pacific standard simon:

C'mon, guys, can't you please email Todd-o-phonic Todd and get him in here?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:20pm Uncle Michael:

Is Todd pro or anti Giant?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:20pm Doug Schulkind:

Pulling in to Philly. The dang train is cutting power as it switches from diesel to electric. Play something on Diesel Only!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:20pm Joe B:

he is the no. 1 giants fan in the world! baseball giants that is
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:20pm pacific standard simon:

Pro, dude!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:21pm Joe B:

ha! hang in there doug! pirates struggling but your orioles are coming off a great year!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:22pm Uncle Michael:

I can stand a Wilson-free Giant franchise...besides...my SF cousins have great season tickets and I always get seats.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:22pm listener james from westwood:

Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:22pm pacific standard simon:

Bet if I talk the Giants up enough, and you get Todd here, he will pledge.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:22pm Joe B:

let's get THIRTEEN PLEDGERS between now and 4 pm!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:24pm efd:

One down!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:24pm Parq:

Hah. This Renegades 45 became kind of a running joke in our house back when EFD was playing it extra-heavy.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:24pm Uncle Michael:

We're gettin' EF'D up now!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:25pm Mary Wing:

Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:25pm pacific standard simon:

I'm more of a Buster Posey guy, myself.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:26pm Uncle Michael:

Buster gonna move to another position?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:26pm Mary Wing:

Let's hear from the FIVEASH WOMEN!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:29pm pacific standard simon:

I'm saving one for next week, with Ted Barron.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:29pm listener james from westwood:

congrats joe & ned! get in on this joe broussard giveaway, y'all. the documentary about him that was screened at the recfair was a treat.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:30pm Joe B:

great point Mary!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:31pm efd:

My sports talk show will be called EF'D Up - Thanks Uncle Michael for the idea.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:32pm Gaylord Fields:

We really do need a sports show on WFMU, or at least a podcast.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:33pm Uncle Michael:

I'd be happy to call in and bash the Brewers, White Sox and Cardinals every week.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:33pm Doug Schulkind:

Jesus, Evan, that comment is worth at least a coupla pledges!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:34pm Mary Wing:

Maybe that could be the show to replace Mudd Up on Wednesdays! Seven Second Delay into sports talk.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:35pm efd:

And it can be called "Our Dirty Secret: WFMU DJs Who Like Sports"
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:35pm pacific standard simon:

Buster most likely will move to first base, to extend his career, eventually. I hope to see him go to management before I die.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:37pm Uncle Michael:

You can spot players with a future as managers. While he'll never be a superstar, Darwin Barney has 'manager' written all over him.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:37pm Joe B:

and efd there are a lot of them!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:37pm efd:

That's certainly not an unusual path for catchers, including the managerial part.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:38pm pacific standard simon:

@Gaylord - I like it, but I wouldn't know how to format it.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:38pm Uncle Michael:

I think Posey probably ought to make the move as soon as he can be replaced behind the plate. He'll get a lot more ABs at 1st as the years go by.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:39pm Matt F:

This is the part where we try to get you to pledge by not talking for a while and just playing records!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:40pm Doug Schulkind:

We are now less than one full "Mouse" pledge ($365) away from smashing the goal. Can we get a 365ash pledge?!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:40pm MattBelow:

Was that the Hermit's studio backing band on the Most track?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:41pm Joe B:

Matt not sure! Matt f says page on guitar!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:41pm efd:

It probably would have helped Joe Mauer if he'd started transitioning sooner, but I an see how it would be tough for a player to give up the catcher role.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:42pm Matt F:

MattB- Dunno. I think it's Jimmy Page on Gtr
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:42pm Joe B:

funny, gary carter played outfield at the beginning of his career!i guess because they had barry foote
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:43pm Joe B:

let's see some love for Matt and his great show!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:44pm Doug Schulkind:

@Joe B
The FCC has no jurisdiction over this stream, but I do. There shall be no mention of Gary Carter here.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:45pm Uncle Michael:

No love for the Kid, eh?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:45pm Joe B:

ok how about elrod hendricks? andy etchebarren?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:46pm Dominick:

Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:46pm Joe B:

yes what are YOU waiting for! 14 minutes to go!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:48pm Doug Schulkind:

I shall speak no ill of the dead, but give me Mackey Sasser and day.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:49pm listener james from westwood:

the mighty edifice that is fmu is built of the bricks of many basic pledges. each $15 will help raise a wall of freeform that will repel both the next sandy and the insidious tendrils of the man. pledge to help build it high!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:49pm pacific standard simon:

@U-Michael - But the thing is, the Giants still need him behind the plate. After the Giants trade Lincecum to the Mariners, who knows what could happen?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:50pm MattBelow:

Smash the state!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:50pm Joe B:

ed hearn
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:51pm Doug Schulkind:

Didn't Insidious Tendrils play on Pat Duncan's show?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:52pm Uncle Michael:

I dunno...He hits too well for the position. He needs to be in the lineup every day. It's not that hard to find a catcher that works well with a pitching staff that hits like...well, a catcher. Posey is great behind the plate but he's more valuable *at* it.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:54pm listener james from westwood:

hah, if not on his, doug, then surely on my castle of quiet!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:54pm Gaylord Fields:

@pacific standard simon: Freeform like a knuckler, baby! Hey, that could be the name: The Knuckler! Either that, or The Eephus Pitch!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:54pm pacific standard simon:

C'mon, people --I am giving up my access to the World Baseball Classic for this.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:55pm Joe B:

Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:56pm Joe B:

live remote from chicago - hair metal demolition night
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:57pm Matt F:

Can we do it? We Need Money, Keep your alibis! Do it for Slim Harpo!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 3:59pm Uncle Michael:

Great show you two. Lotsa fun.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 4:00pm Doug Schulkind:

You've got just enough time to take a nap and carbo load before the next live show rolls around on this here 24-hour Drummer Stream. Give the Drummer Some hits the streamwaves tomorrow morning at 9am (ET). Joining me, live from Studio C at the WFMU Mothership, will be co-host DJ Monica!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 4:00pm MattBelow:

Don't be faint hearted. Great show guys!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 4:00pm listener james from westwood:

loved it, gents; thanks for pledging, all, and see y'all at nine tomorrow!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 4:01pm Doug Schulkind:

Matt and Joe, you can go straight through to 9am tomorrow!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 4:04pm Mary Wing:

Ya big goofballs!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 4:05pm Matt F:

Whoops! Sorry and thanks everybody!
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