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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Wes Dakus  Sour Biscuits   Options various - Dancehall Stringbusters! Crunchy Guitar Instros from the 60s  Sundazed  1965/2004    0:00:00 )  
Randy and the Radiants  My Way of Thinking   Options Memphis Beat: The Sun Recordings 1964-1966  Big Beat  1966/2007    0:04:03 )  
Hi-Risers  One Note Joe   Options Rockin' Spree  Rock and Roll Inc.  2006    0:06:19 )  
Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers  Sock It to 'Em JB Part 1   Options various - Shakin' Fit  Candy  1966/1992    0:07:40 )  
Jerry Lee Lewis  Rockin' My Life Away   Options All Killer No Filler  Rhino  1979/1993    0:09:42 )  
Nude Beach  Radio   Options Nude Beach II  Other Music  2012  current prise! pledge 15 or more to get in the drawing!  0:19:26 )  
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs  Take What You Can Get   Options The MGM Singles  Sundazed  1967/2011    0:21:21 )  
Underdogs  Get Down On Your Knees   Options various - Friday at the Hideout!  Norton  1966/2001    0:25:24 )  
Ventures  A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You   Options Super Psychedelics  Sundazed  1967/2012  current prize TWO Ventures Cds for ONE pledge! call now!  0:33:08 )  
Ventures  Hawaii 5-0   Options Hawaii 5-0  Sundazed  1969/2012    0:34:34 )  
Ventures  Psychedelic Venture   Options Super Psychedelics  Sundazed  1967/2012    0:36:17 )  
The Cherokees  Uprisin'   Options       on the premium!  0:52:10 )  
Ribeye Brothers  Disappointment Punch   Options Call of the Scrapheap  Main Man  2013  current prize!  0:56:41 )  
Ribeye Brothers  Circle Sky   Options Call of the Scrapheap  Main Man  2013  current prize call now! or go to the web wfmu.org  0:57:32 )  
The Keys  Louie's Louie Louie   Options various - Battle of Rat Fink Hill: Crude Unissued Pittsburgh Instrumentals 1961-1963  Norton  1963/2011  current prize!  1:12:41 )  
Sonics  Super Pport   Options various - Battle of Rat Fink Hill: Crude Unissued Pittsburgh Instrumentals 1961-1963  Norton  1961/2011  current prize!  1:13:58 )  
The Chicago Cubs  Pennant Fever   Options 7"  Checker    something tells me this isn't really the Chicago Cubs!  1:22:51 )  
The Fowls  The Yanks Are the Champs   Options 7"  Rotten Rat  1977?    1:21:52 )  
Shelley Faberes  Football Season's Over   Options 7"  Colpix  1964    1:21:41 )  
Dale Hawkins  L.A. Memphis Tyler Texas   Options various - Country Funk  Light in the Attic  1969/2012  current prize!  1:32:00 )  
Rolling Stones  The Last Time   Options The London Years  ABKCO  1965/1989  part of the grand prize! pledge 75 or more to get in the drawing!  1:36:15 )  
Rolling Stones  19th Nervous Breakdown   Options The London Years  ABKCO  1966/1989    1:40:33 )  
Link Wray  Fire and Brimstone   Options various - Country Funk  Light in the Attic  1974/2012  current prize! pledge 15 or more now to get in the drawing!  1:43:15 )  
Neil Young with Crazy Horse  Psychedlic Pill   Options Psychedelic Pill  Reprise  2012  part if the current prize TWO albums up for grabs for a pledge of $15 or more!  1:55:35 )  
Neil Young with Crazy Horse  Oh Susannah   Options Americana  Reprise  2012    1:58:31 )  
Tico and the Triumphs  Motorcycle   Options       on the premium  2:04:47 )  
Don & Dewey  Farmer John   Options various - The Specialty Story  Specialty  1959/1994    2:06:36 )  
Flamin' Groovies  Tallahassee Lassie   Options Slow Death  Norton  1972/2002    2:08:52 )  
Gene Cornish  Let's Do the Capri   Options 7"      on the premium CD  2:20:51 )  
Skip and Johnny  More Marathon   Options Kim Fowley: King of the Creeps  Norton  1963/2013  part of the current prize! pledge now to get in the drawing!  2:22:00 )  
John Paul Jones  Kalani Honey   Options Kim Fowley: King of the Creeps  Norton  1962/2013    2:24:05 )  
Larry Green and the Rhythmaires  Watch Your Step   Options Kim Fowley: King of the Creeps  Norton  1965/2013  part of the current prize! $15 or more  2:26:38 )  
Grains of Sand  Goin' Away Baby   Options Kim Fowley: King of the Creeps  Norton  1966/2013  part oif current prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  2:28:38 )  
Mickey Lee Lane  Hey Sah Lo Ney   Options       not a prize, just a great song!  2:39:48 )  
Larry Williams  She Said Yeah   Options various - The Specialty Story  Specialty  1959/1994    2:39:57 )  
Bob Taylor and the Counts  Thunder   Options El Paso Rock Vol 4 - Thunder: Border Town Rock N' Roll 1958-1962  Norton  2013  title track to current prize! pledge now to get int he drawing!  2:42:45 )  
Max Alexander and the Hi-Fi Combo  Little Rome   Options El Paso Rock Vol 4 - Thunder: Border Town Rock N' Roll 1958-1962  Norton  2013  current prize! pledge 15 or more to get in the running!  2:45:25 )  
The Jam  Just Who Is the Five O'Clock Hero (demo)   Options The Gift DELUXE EDITION      CURRENT PRIZE! pledge now to get in the drawing!  2:53:25 )  
David Marks and the Marksmen  Food Fair   Options The Ultimate Collector's Edition 1963-65    1964    2:57:20 )  

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:06pm Tome:

It's sTompin' Time yeeee hawwww !!!!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:07pm KP:

One Note, One Note, One Note Joe!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:09pm Parq:

He's right, of course.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:09pm SmokinJ:

Hey Joe!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:09pm efd:

yikes, I'm having flashbacks to my 2011 marathon show!
  Tue. 3/5/13 12:10pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Are We Having (Surf) Punk Yet? Are We Having Funk Yet?
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:10pm KP:

Three Chords, One Note.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:11pm Joe B:

hi everyone, thanks for tuning in! todd-o-phonic todd in the MC chair, ready to take your pledges!
  Tue. 3/5/13 12:11pm geokopp:

Joe and Todd!! Yippeee!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:12pm Carmichael:

Good day, all. I'm on Tony Coulter's board as well, cheering people on for FMU!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:13pm Joe B:

1st prize up for grabs - Nude Beach II album by Nude Beach! pledge $15 or more now to get in the running!
  Tue. 3/5/13 12:13pm Joe:

'ello folks
How come Todd is so reserved today?
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:14pm Carmichael:

Whos' playing guitar on this JLL? Sounds like Albert Lee.
  Tue. 3/5/13 12:14pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...that's it - I'm keeping Tues. as my Saturday...
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:15pm Joe B:

For people new to the marathon, here's how the prizes work: Every 15-20 minutes we will put a new prize or two up for grabs - a book, a CD, an LP, a 45 pack, etc. Anyone who pledges IN THAT TIME PERIOD is put into a drawing for that prize. When enough people are in, we will draw for that prize, then start over with a new prize and - hopefully - a new batch of pledgers!

Prizes are separate from the premium CD, which anyone who pledges during a particular show at $75 AUTOMATICALLY gets that premium in addition to any other prizes you might win. And with a grand prize, that is pledges at a certain level get into one final drawing at the end of the show!

Our grand prize for today is a Rolling Stones super DVD pack! Ed Sullivan, the Bigegr Bang and more!

The premium for this show - yours AUTOMATICALLY for a pledge of $75 or more is called Celebrities at Their BEST! The answer compilation to Celebrities at their Worst series, I have put together a disc chock full of great tracks that showcase some of your favorite classic rock stars, game show hosts, actors and other assorted bozos before they were famous, and in most cases, before the sucked!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:15pm Joe B:

james burton
  Tue. 3/5/13 12:18pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...'course - if I can get it together to get a computer streaming @ my Thrift Store job...everday...
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:19pm tim from champaign:

Go Joe! You can do it!
  Tue. 3/5/13 12:21pm Grandpa:

Let's hear it for the old man demographic!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:21pm Joe B:

FYI the term Mouse of Today pledge - the term originated as the House of Tomorrow pledge when WFMU was located in East Orange NJ and needing to move pronto. Once we settled on our Jersey City location, the name changed to the House of TODAY pledge. Once we got settled in, it morphed from house to MOUSE of Today pledge, with said monies being directed 100% into our webcasting operations.

I know there is a lot of info being thrown at you so dont forget to go to the pledge page where it is all spelled out nice and clear!

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:21pm Sigurdur:

I like grandpa!
  Tue. 3/5/13 12:22pm Grandpa:

Grandpa is gruff but loveable
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:23pm pierre:

here ! Bonjour Joe and Todd !
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:23pm Sigurdur:

well put gramps
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:23pm Carmichael:

THanks Joe!
  Tue. 3/5/13 12:24pm Sam:

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:24pm Danne D:

Oddly enough I can hear Todd without having the stream turned on :)
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:25pm Sigurdur:

Heart me .... because i heart wfmu
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:26pm KP:

Where's my heart? ... Let me rephrase that.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:27pm Sigurdur:

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:29pm Sigurdur:

I am starting to enjoy my own pathetic self on the only commenting room i use on the internet
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:30pm Skirkie:

Oh snap, Danne D, Ira just stole your joke.
  Tue. 3/5/13 12:31pm Joe:

Yo la tango makes me feel small :)
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:31pm Danne D:

lol Skirkie naah I think it's great minds thinking alike.

(and also a pretty standard Todd joke)
  Tue. 3/5/13 12:32pm Joe:

Oh come on Joe you are at least tied for 13th
  Tue. 3/5/13 12:33pm chinchilla:

so i was looking to set up a pledge account and then i can split it among many shows while building up to a mouse pledge... could someone tell me if this is in fact possible? :)
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:33pm Danne D:

God Bless the person on phone number 1, btw. I've sat in that seat next to Todd.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:34pm Sem Chumbo:

Got myself some Marty swag earlier today, and still shopping.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:35pm Skirkie:

That reminds me, gotta grab a handful of earplugs to bring over.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:37pm Joe McG:

Hey, chinchilla--Actually, the time for a prize account is passed. That's for people who pledge ahead of the marathon so they don't miss out on prizes. Now that the marathon is happening, just pledge when you want and the pledges will add up to whatever amount you have in mind.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:37pm Sigurdur:

If your Boss does not allow you to make phone calls then please at least consider changing employment
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:38pm Danne D:

Hi Chinchilla - the good news is that WFMU does offer what is called a prize account.

The bad news is that the deadline for that is March 4th.

The good news is you can still essentially do it the old fashion way. Pledge a bunch of times as you go and build up to the mouse. It would be helpful to the WFMU slaves if you indicated that you intend your pledge to be part of a bigger pledge :)
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:39pm Joe B:

Thanks Joe for clarifying! yes, pledge to a variety of shows! Hi to all, thanks for tuning in ... and hopefully pledging!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:39pm Danne D:

and thanks Chinchilla :)
  Tue. 3/5/13 12:40pm Anna Anabolic:

great show so far, as always! keep it up joe and todd!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:40pm Matt F:

I always find myself trying to guess which Xmas song it's gonna turn into after the first couple of bars of a Ventures song! I can't help it.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:40pm Caryn:

@chinchilla: you can't do the prize account anymore (meaning pledging small amounts during each show to enter prize drawings), but you can give e.g. a mouse pledge, and then above the swag options where it asks if you want to credit a specific show, you can pick a number of different shows to divide it up amongst.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:40pm Danne D:

WFMU will send a swag double-check form after the marathon, so for example if you are entitled to 7 DJ premiums you'll have a chance to pick 'em out/clarify your choices then.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:41pm efd:

wait, what??? Tommy Roe at BB Kings?!?!!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:41pm Danne D:

you can do it the Caryn way too. (But you can totally do $15 a shot and still try to win prizes). Both ways are totally legit :)
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:42pm KP:

Oh god, MJM LOVES tommy roe!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:43pm Skirkie:

It helps to keep pledge peppering notes.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:43pm efd:

I wonder if he'll do "Money Is My Pay."
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:43pm Danne D:

Oh no, Joe B is gonna do a Vermont Teddy Bear read! the commercial forces are trying to take over already!
  Tue. 3/5/13 12:44pm Joe:

Lol efd same response here
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:44pm Danne D:

(for those outside NYC that music is usually used as bed music for commercial reads on sports station WFAN)
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:45pm Danne D:

I heard Joe Belock will name the name Pope Marky I upon installation as Pope.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:50pm KP:

Hey, ho! Let's go, pledge, pledge, pledge!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:55pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Had no idea this song had anything to do with Seals & Crofts...WHA HAPPENED?!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:57pm Parq:

Weren't Seals & Crofts also on "Tequila" -- along with Glenn Campbell?
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:58pm Joe B:

they joined the champs but after tequila
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 12:59pm Matt F:

The Monkee speaks his mind!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:01pm Caryn:

The liquid paper heir speaks his mind!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:02pm KP:

Danne D, i just keep pledging then have my brother the lawyer sort it out.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:03pm Parq:

I was gonna say, Caryn, if I had inherited a fortune, I know my hind would be pretty damn hesitant about taking high-stress work.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:03pm KP:

One of?
  Tue. 3/5/13 1:05pm chinchilla:

thanks Joe McG and Danne D and everyone else for explaining! and thanks to Joe and Toddaphonic, can't wait to start throwin those pledges in the ring!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:11pm Joe B:

dont let this be the future of wfmu!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:11pm Caryn:

@Parq: true dat. You'd definitely occupy yourself with your fave activities. Of course, if that just happened to be a high-stress job...
  Tue. 3/5/13 1:12pm Sean Daily:

Maybe it'll be Sportsy Talk? I'd listen to that...
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:12pm Caryn:

Then again, a WFMU-style sports show ("Let's talk about cheese rolling." "Now, our report from the wife-carrying championships!") might be entertaining.
  Tue. 3/5/13 1:15pm Bruce G:

Hey I listen to sports radio and Three Chord Monte.
  Tue. 3/5/13 1:16pm Joe:

I think every slipped into a coma during the sports talk
  Tue. 3/5/13 1:17pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

- MooouUuKegel- !
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:17pm MattBelow:

Right on Joe and Todd!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:20pm Parq:

Bruce G -- yeah, well you're weird.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:21pm Parq:

And if there's one thing we don't tolerate at FMU, it's weird people. Excuse me, I have to go back to knitting a football jersey for my pet goat.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:21pm efd:

well I'll be turning off the radio now.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:22pm SeanG:

Everytime I look at Joe B's avatar, it looks like a dude with a turban and handkerchief wearing sunglasses.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:23pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Oh, that's not what it is??
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:24pm Parq:

Sean, unbelievable. I see a guy in a wide brimmed hat with sunglasses, but I was afraid to say so.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:24pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Wait...THAT'S not what it is?
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:25pm Caryn:

I do suspect that Ken might have misjudged that. An ordinary sports show? No. But a WFMU-style one? All bo-taoshi, rubber boot throwing, octopush, buzkashi and swamp football? Come on, I'd listen to that!
  Tue. 3/5/13 1:25pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

@SeanG: 'xactly!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:26pm Caryn:

@Sean G & Parq: it is, indeed, very similar to Arafat in a pastel scarf.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:34pm Sigurdur:

The world competion of moblie phone throwing is a good one
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:34pm Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Google's "similar images" search doesn't turn up anyone in sunglasses or a turban!

But, it does find this dog picture, which is kinda close:

And it DOES get closer when I feed it the tiny image that's the one fooling us humans: (Warning, some smutty results)

Eureka, it found this!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:37pm Sigurdur:

Allot of K s ey
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:38pm Sigurdur:

well i gotta go ive got a dinner invite, thank you WfMu for today and good luck
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:38pm Joe B:

thanks to everyone who has pledged so far! i can' see the cards, they are in another room, but it is greatly appreciated!
  Tue. 3/5/13 1:40pm Bruce G:

Darn it did my pledge get read and I missed it. I did the link you posted on facebook prior to the show starting. Yes it was credited to Three Chord Monte.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:41pm Matt F:

Please get with the new format. I think I can speak for Evan "Funk" Davies as well as myself when I request that you play John Kiley's version of "The Impossible Dream" with Rico Petrocelli on drums.
  Tue. 3/5/13 1:47pm Bruce G:

Let really get the sports rock connection going. How about playing The Freebirds - Bad Street USA.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:48pm efd:

Right, this is going to give me a lot more time to play my various baseball team season highlight LPs.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:49pm Skirkie:

Let me know if any of yous need my "Tug McGraw recites Casey at the Bat" LP
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:50pm efd:

Already have it, Skirkie!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:51pm Parq:

A few years back, I met a volunteer who had an idea for a baseball-themed FMU show. If only he'd known he was simply ahead of his time.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:51pm Skirkie:

Ok then. Phillies Fever 7-inch?
  Tue. 3/5/13 1:52pm Bruce G:

Would the 2012 Red Sox one just be a toilet flushing. And I live in Mass, but that was just one giant waste of time.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:53pm Danne D:

@EFD I suggest you branch out to other sports: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:53pm efd:

Skirkie, I might take you up on that! And yeah, Bruce G, I think the 2012 Red Sox highlights record would be a one-sided 45.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:53pm Gaylord Fields:


You're welcome, efd.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:53pm efd:

Sorry Danne, I'm trying to reach a wide audience here.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:54pm Danne D:

Holy crap this dude wants $79 but that song:
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:54pm Danne D:

@efd boooooooooooooo
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:55pm efd:

OK, Gaylord, I'm willing to concede there might be something to this hockey thing after all.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:55pm MattBelow:

@Danne D: pretty sure I just saw that record at Academy in Brooklyn for like 2 dollars
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:55pm Danne D:

See, EFD, Gaylord appreciates a good sports song :)
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:56pm Danne D:

@MattBelow - probably - maybe the ebay link I had was from a storage wars auction
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:56pm Danne D:

@MattBelow I would gladly give you $3 for it.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:56pm Skirkie:

The single is from '76 so could even start with it. www.youtube.com...
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:57pm Gaylord Fields:

@efd: If you pronounce yourself immune to the charms of Derek "The Turk" Sanderson, then you are made of hardier stuff than the rest of us.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 1:58pm Danne D:

Here's a good one for football: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:00pm efd:

Actually I was a big Bruins fan when I was a kid largely due to Mr. Sanderson as well as Bobby Orr, Gerry Cheevers, Ted Green, "Pie" McKenzie et al. I lost interest after a while, though, and it never really came back.
Skirkie, good call - Dan Epstein actually played that when I had him on a couple of years ago, but we didn't start with it.
  Tue. 3/5/13 2:01pm Bruce G:

@EFD - Bruins are back in a big way. Old school hockey!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:02pm Matt F:

Gaylord, I can't believe efd hasn't already come back with this: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:02pm HEAT:

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:06pm Terre T:

HEYA JOE BEEEEE! This show is so great as ever. U & Todd are so great together
  Tue. 3/5/13 2:07pm r i s k y:

THREE QUARTER MONTY! Lets go all the way!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:07pm Danne D:

Terre T :)
  Tue. 3/5/13 2:08pm WheredSilentFundraisersGo?:

What happened to silent fundraisers. Not feeling inspired by pseudo-excitement coming from the speakers...
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:11pm Matt F:

WSFG, is "Farmer John" not real excitement?
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:11pm S.A. from S.F.:

The silent minority speaks...
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:11pm KP:

Joe is closing in 100%. We're going to do it!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:12pm Mike East:

silent fundraisers are in the fall. This is the marathon. Perhaps you are unfamiliar. The excitement is real because the fact that WFMU is able to exist is amazing.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:12pm HEAT:

I keep thinking I am hearing clips from the david lee roth soundboard in the background hahaha
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:12pm Danne D:

@WheredSilent FMU's once a year marathon has always had on-air pitching. 'cept it's once a year and only for 2 weeks.

The silent fundraiser which WFMU had in October is of more recent vintage.

The regular fundraiser features lots of swag and prizes and mayhem. Many of us enjoy hearing our favorite DJs get team up each year to get WFMU over the hump each year.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:14pm Danne D:

Most non-commercial stations have 3 or even 4 on-air pledgeathons each year. They are (IMO) less fun and are not as fresh and fun as FMU's marathon.
  Tue. 3/5/13 2:16pm WheredSilentFundraisersGo?:

So glad your others are silent. My life is so much sadder during marathons. I guess you gotta do it... But, I never give during - only randomly throughout the year...
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:16pm KP:

wow. We want kim!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:17pm Danne D:

The vast majority of FMU's funding comes from the on-air appeal. By being listener supported and not at the bequest of government entities and the like FMU is able to maintain it's independence and avoid the perils of things like sequesters and the like.

Thanks for giving whenever you give Whered :)
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:17pm Michael Shelley:

Not feeling inspired by nonconstructive haters who hide behind pseudonyms like "WheredSilentFundraisersGo"
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:19pm Ike:

@Where'dSilent, people simply don't give anywhere near as much money during silent fundraisers. And I think FMU's out-loud marathons are fun to listen to. The DJ pair-ups often really crackle.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:21pm Mike East:

I agree. Marathon programming is some of the best of the year. Especially when you compare it to the garbage that runs during the NPR pledge drives.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:22pm KP:

Hey ho, Let's Joe!
  Tue. 3/5/13 2:22pm Capris:

Do me! Do me!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:22pm Todd-o-phonic Todd:

This not pseudo-excitement! This is realer than you'll ever be, baby!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:23pm KP:

B, as in the insect. Lock as in Ness.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:24pm HEAT:

This is one of the best radio dance parties I've been to !!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:25pm KP:

Skip, as in the Byrds' Skip Battin!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:26pm Gaylord Fields:

@Todd-o-phonic: That Skip and Johnny song would be so much better as "Do the Annual Fundraising Drive."
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:26pm S.A. from S.F.:

Just yesterday posted something on my Tumblr about FMU marathons being better programming than other stations' NON-marathons.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:27pm KP:

Holy moly! over 10G. The People's Choice!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:28pm Danne D:

And if you prefer to hear music during these two weeks, Whered, and you support the station during the as you mentioned that you do, you can catch up archives during these 2 weeks. Through the support of mouse of today pledges FMU has those massive archives available whenever you want 'em :)
  Tue. 3/5/13 2:29pm WheredSilentFundraisersGo?:

Y'all bringing in mad cash, to keep things going, that is exciting. Im just a hater as pointed out previously. I didn't realize anyone enjoyed the marathons. Its the only time of year I don't listen.
Dont worry, I give in the off-season, keep things smooth.

Comparing with other stations is like comparing to the worst thing you can imagine. 'course its better.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:31pm leche de noche (formerly known as dcp):

just dropped some grains of sand in the bucket...
  Tue. 3/5/13 2:31pm WheredSilentFundraisersGo?:

Just to be clear, I f***ing love wfmu. Going to go listen to some archives (thanks Danne D)
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:32pm Danne D:

Thank you Whered :) lots of ways to support and enjoy the station. It's all good.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:33pm MD:

This is my 27th Marathon...they get better each year...you don't know FMU if you don't look foward to the MARATHONS!!!!!!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:33pm KP:

Fourth and goal!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:33pm HEAT:

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:33pm KP:

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:35pm S.A. from S.F.:

Scream real loud when you hear the secret word!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:37pm Danne D:

wooohoo :)
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:37pm Skirkie:

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:37pm Brian C.:

Weird to hear Todd-o-phonic-Todd and read the phrase "silent fundraiser" -- there's a paradox for you
  Tue. 3/5/13 2:39pm Bruce G:

There was no gun to my head about watching that doc. Its like how people hate watch that show GIRLS.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:39pm S.A. from S.F.:

Indeed, Brian -- Todd's noisy by nature, AND WE LOVE IT!!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:41pm KP:

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:44pm S.A. from S.F.:

This is the original version of "She Said Yeah", isn't it? I don't think I've ever heard it before -- strange but true.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:46pm KP:

The Eleven Percent!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:47pm Jeff:

Step up! Send this nice man your money, so he can keep playing those singles!

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:50pm Jeff:

Keep him the champ.

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:51pm KP:

Jeff that is AWESOME!
  Tue. 3/5/13 2:52pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Love hearin' Originals of tunes that I am very familiar w/ from Detroit Cobras, &tc. 'n' all of it.
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:53pm leche de noche (formerly known as dcp):

incredible tune...
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:54pm Planet Tyler:

Nice pics Jeff - -
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:54pm KP:

This song is fantastic. Where else are you gong to hear this!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 2:59pm HEAT:

1% LEFT!!!! GO GO GO
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 3:00pm S.A. from S.F.:

  Tue. 3/5/13 3:00pm Sybil:

Joe Belock and Todd-O-Phonic Todd in the PM! What could be finer?
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 3:00pm KP:

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 3:01pm HEAT:

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 3:01pm Danne D:

Way to go Joe!!!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 3:01pm braveness23:

hot damn!
Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 3:02pm KP:

Avatar Tue. 3/5/13 3:02pm Caryn:

Goooooooooooaaaaal! Suddenly it is sports radio in here.
  Wed. 3/13/13 12:22pm Marie:

Hey, late comment: Joe and Todd are the BESTEST!
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