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Options March 6, 2013: WFMU 2013 Rent Party - Week 1 with co-host Jason Sigal

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Marco Benevento  Fireworks   Options TigerFace  0:04:42 ()
Jack Wilson  Do It   Options Jazz Messengers: Heroes of Hard Bop (Irwin's 2013 marathon premium)  0:15:22 ()
Tony Seymour ("Onword T")  Not Un-Like a Rolling Stone   Options Not Un-Like a Rolling Stone  0:21:22 ()
Lava Children  The Kraken's Daughter   Options Lava Children  0:39:09 ()
Carey's Problem  Led Zepplin   Options Arena of Shame  0:41:20 ()
Noel Coward  What's Going to Happen to the Tots?   Options The Noel Coward Album  0:45:35 ()
Cults Percussion Ensemble  Irish Washerwoman   Options Cults Percussion Ensemble  1:03:04 ()
Bobby Timmons  A Little Busy   Options Jazz Messengers: Heroes of Hard Bop (Irwin's 2013 marathon premium)  1:04:13 ()
Acid House Kings  Do What You Wanna Do   Options Sing Along with the Acid House Kings  1:10:16 ()
Jenny O.  Automechanic   Options Automechanic  1:25:35 ()
Mighty Mike  Imagine a Jump   Options Mighty Mike  1:29:12 ()
The Womb  Freak Flag Fly   Options Flee the Scene  1:31:20 ()
Cruella de Ville  Two Dreadful Children   Options Cruella de Ville  1:53:31 ()
Benoit Charest & Kid Koala  Suicide Cliff   Options The Raymond Scott Songbook (Japan)  1:59:29 ()
Klaus Beyer and Osaka Popstar  Shaolin Affen (Shaolin Monkeys)   Options 7" single  2:02:32 ()
McCoy Tyner  Impressions   Options Trident  2:16:05 ()
Dan Tullis & Joel Clark  The Tullis & Clark Expedition   Options The Tullis & Clark Expedition  2:21:03 ()
Yo La Tengo  Two Trains   Options Fade  2:39:56 ()
Professor Elemental  I'm British   Options Father of Invention  2:44:20 ()
Lilac Time  All for Love & Love for All   Options & Love for All  2:47:23 ()
The Old Codger  Money   Options Hotcakes and Hot Mamas (suppressed 2004 album)  2:50:30 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:00pm rrg:

Once again, it's All-Request Wednesday!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:02pm PMD:

Woo hoo Irwin!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes We Can! No nobody can't!
The only request I have: is for listeners to PLEDGE!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:05pm rrg:

With Pledge, enjoy a beautifully transparent and long-lasting shine that stands up to the wear and tear of heavy traffic.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:06pm Sem Chumbo:

Dr. Seuss nailed it.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Pledging keeps WFMU clean and shiny! And smelling like lemon. Or, at least not what it smelled like before.
  Wed. 3/6/13 3:08pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Irwin VS. Jason - !
- Awlright - !
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:09pm rrg:

An amazing cleaner that not only cleans tile and vinyl floors, it also protects them to keep them cleaner longer. And the shine!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:10pm Matt from Springfield:

Fake it with authority, Irwin!
Just like every week! ;)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:11pm rrg:

Well, I'm sold.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:12pm Matt from Springfield:

Well, except for Andy Breckman, and his 20+ years of court-ordered detention on 7SD.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:13pm rrg:

19% raised! Very good. That's up from 3:00pm.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:16pm tomasz.:

that Marco Benevento was fresh
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:18pm hamburger:

Always wondered if that Fireworks song was based on another older song? (not as a rip off)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:18pm Carmichael:

Up to 21%! You'll be at 200% in no time!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:21pm G:

Already took this CD as one of my premiums...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@hamburger: I think he might have lifted parts of it from a classical piece (Handel's "Music for the Royal Fireworks", maybe?)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:22pm rrg:

No Amanda this year.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:24pm hamburger:

thanks Matt!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:24pm tomasz.:

wow what is THIS
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:25pm I X Key!:

! Thanks for the awesome music, Irwin (o:
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:25pm I X Key!:

Almost 22%! Go team!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:26pm rrg:

Tony Seymour: www.youtube.com...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:27pm Jason Sigal:

We're off to a great start here!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Time to give up the DJ seat to those 25 year old young hip vulture DJs, Irwin.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:34pm Matt from Springfield:

In short: $$$ = WFMU = swag = FUN!!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:35pm G:

Pitch to the "swing" listeners :p
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:36pm G:

Check Clarence Henry's mid/late 70s disco phase
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:36pm tomasz.:

every song in the genre is just a disco remix of Paul McCartney's "The Frog Song (We All Stand Together)" tbh
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:36pm Caryn:

Frogs are amphibians, not reptiles, Irwin. And now for some French disco!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:37pm Matt from Springfield:

I wish those other stations syndicated WFMU programs!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:38pm Ken From Hyde Park:

RIP Alvin Lee of Ten Years After.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:38pm I X Key!:

How do you get different-colored little hearts?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:39pm hamburger:

this is a radio station where two guys sit around to see how long a radio delay will take from a caller's phone... where else are you going to hear that?! :D
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:39pm Caryn:

@IXK: the colours are the same as the avatar name colour, and depend just on whether you've clicked on that person's name at some point.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:40pm Matt from Springfield:

How many servers? You mean how many waitstaff WFMU had, to bring eggs n' bacon and coffee to DJs?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:40pm hamburger:

@I X Key: Pledge!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:40pm Matt from Springfield:

No, thank YOU, swag! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:43pm I X Key!:

@Caryn ok thanks for clarifying!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:43pm rrg:

They were a really good band.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:43pm Sugarfly Waterloo:

I love this song
  Wed. 3/6/13 3:44pm Brett:

I like this song!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:45pm Caryn:

@IXK: no prob. And the clicked and unclicked colours depend on the font colours at each playlist. And as hamburger said, whether someone has a heart at all depends on whether they've pledged.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:45pm tomasz.:

i actually like this song a good deal more than Led Zeppelin
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:46pm Roberto:

Why no Physical Graffiti?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:47pm G:

no Mud Shark reference? WTF?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:48pm rrg:

You'd be friends with the flowers and the boy who shoots the arrows if you only had a heart.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:48pm Matt from Springfield:

@Roberto: I noticed that--an irony, since Physical Graffiti had the song their rhythm was based off of, "Houses of the Holy".
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:48pm G:

We heartily agree
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:49pm Matt from Springfield:

The crazy band Carey's Problem, followed by Sir Noel! Where else?!?! :D
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:49pm tomasz.:

ha ha, Noel Coward was tripping
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:49pm Matt from Springfield:

@listeners: Btw, ARE there any grown-ups at WFMU?? At the station or the comment boards? HAVE there ever been?!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:50pm I X Key!:

@Caryn Pledged to the show that's on or during the Marathon yet? Do you see your own little heart?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:50pm Roberto:

Ah well. In the end it's Carey's problem, not mine.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:51pm Matt from Springfield:

YES!!!!!! TY IRWIN!!! ♥♥♥
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:51pm Jeff:

What Matt from S said.

But of course I have an enormous appetite for Noël Coward songs.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:52pm Caryn:

Ironically, Sit Noel's song is about the naked kids on the cover of Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy".
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:52pm Caryn:

@IXK: at any time during the Marathon. Although it can take a while for the heart to appear.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:53pm Caryn:

D'oh! "Sir" Noel, not "Sit" Noel...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:53pm rrg:

I knew what you meant, Karyn.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:54pm G:

Caryn, betrayed by her own digits :p
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:54pm Jeff:

I didn't know that about the Jazz Messengers. I'm just used to reading Art Blakey's name.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:54pm rrg:

Thirty-five percent!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:54pm Caryn:

Of course, Noel is sitting by the piano while he sings these things, so... "Sit, Sir Noel!"
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Yay! Starter packs are great, esp for the stuff you're not yet knowledgable about.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:56pm Carmichael:

At least there was a "Kraken" reference. It's about time ...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:57pm AnAnonymousParty:

Say, I just found $50 in the pocket of an old jacket. Does anyone want it?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:58pm I X Key!:

I gave a mouse pledge woohoo
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 3:59pm rrg:

Jason keeps saying you "automatically" get this or that premium if you pledge, but that's not true. You have to choose, or you get nothing. Except the satisfaction of having pledged, of course.
  Wed. 3/6/13 3:59pm Reinis:

Hey! I am illustrator from Latvia, Europe, and I am doing illustrations for kids book right now! I really like to listen to WFMU while working!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:03pm Matt from Springfield:

@rrg: Actually, if you pledge $75 or more during a show (e.g. during Irwin's show), you will "automagically" get Irwin's hard bop premium, UNLESS you specify something different.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:03pm hamburger:

I want to see your illustrations Reinis!
  Wed. 3/6/13 4:03pm Judge Smails:

You'll get nothing and like it!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Cheers, Reinis! Many people are so inspired by listening to WFMU!
  Wed. 3/6/13 4:05pm Reinis:

Oh, Thanks for interest!!! here you go: http://reinispetersons.com
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:06pm rrg:

You mean the form is automatically pre-filled in with the premium of whoever's show is currently on?

That's a modest but still unexpected-by-me level of sophistication in the pledge software.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:07pm Irwin:

Thanks to all of you for pledging (and listening and commenting). Sorry, too busy behind the scenes to join the conversation today.
  Wed. 3/6/13 4:07pm Listening Out There:

Took a quick look at your site, Reinis. Great stuff!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:08pm Carmichael:

Reinis, there is a large population of Latvians and Lithuanians in my hometown of Sacramento. I have no idea why, but it's an interesting phenomenon.
  Wed. 3/6/13 4:09pm Buck Turgidson:

Yea Reinis - excellent work.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:09pm Carmichael:

Irwin's too busy to actively ignore us. It's just a happy accident for him. :-)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:09pm rrg:

Descendants of refugees from the Soviet Union, perhaps?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:11pm Reinis:

Thanks!! @Carmichael & @rrg Yes, I believe so. Lot of people from here emigratet to States after WW2.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:13pm Carmichael:

No, I mean right off the boat immigrants, here less than 2 years or so. Brought their food and music with them, which is nice.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:13pm rrg:

I would sing along with the Acid Kings if I knew the words.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:13pm Matt from Springfield:

GO handclaps!! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:14pm hamburger:

oh my gosh Reinis that is some seriously great stuff!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:14pm Jason Sigal:

The Cults Percussion Ensemble is up for grabs, a young people percussion group, and with a pledge of $75 you are also eligible for Irwin's Jazz Messengers premium. You're right @rrg that you should be sure to select the premium you want, either online or by mail. In fact, you could get any premium of your choice.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:14pm rrg:

STEREO handclaps.
  Wed. 3/6/13 4:15pm tony seymour:

Hey thanks for playing not un-like a rolling stone! that makes you the first. if its possiible can you provide people with the link on to you tube?


We are in need of some hits on youtube to get the attention of the industry folks. Much thanks for doing that. ONWARD and ONWORD!
  Wed. 3/6/13 4:15pm Madame Zumba:

Pledge today and get a free Zumba session!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Madame, may we also Zumba round the Tuba down in Cuba?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:17pm G:

Wow, tony seymour hears he's been played and is on the comments in under an hour. them's results :)
  Wed. 3/6/13 4:17pm bbell:

Wow! I just pledged 2 minutes ago and heard that I won! Cool! Yes, I've been listening since the 80's, and all you youngin's out to pledge, too!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:17pm Katya Oddio:

"Why's everybody watching TV? I got records, people" -R. Stevie Moore
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:18pm Orangutan Spectre (Reinis):

Wow, Tony Seymour! You're here! I reallu dug your piece! I mean, really! Already went to youtube and saved it! Thanks for making such a great stuff!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:19pm bbell:

Yes, we keep tuning in for the Wabi-sabi (transience and imperfection, which make it all too perfect!)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:19pm Caryn:

@rrg: at least last Marathon, if you went straight to the Marathon swag page from the WFMU main page, nothing was preselected, but if you pledged via the pledge widget on a programme's page, your pledge was preselected as going to that programme (with that programme's swag if you pledged 75 bucks or over). Not sure if it's the same way now.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:20pm Matt from Springfield:

BAS!!! HE is a long time, devoted listener and pledger from Utrecht, in the Netherlands! He rocks!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:22pm Brian C.:

Love this groovy pop!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:23pm Matt from Springfield:

Leonard is pushing 80--but 80 is certainly not pushing him! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:24pm rrg:

That Sylvie Simmons show was a hurricane-era show.

I divide time up that way now. At least for a while longer.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:25pm Caryn:

Come on, Irwin, you know Bas! He won the Primavera trip last Marathon!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:28pm rrg:

How many servers?

Seriously, how many? What does the WFMU computing infrastructure look like?
  Wed. 3/6/13 4:30pm Husband Man:

Ha ha Irwin LOVES pop country!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:30pm braveness23:

It's really just an old Mac Quadra
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:31pm Matt from Springfield:

Errg! This obscene mashup again!
Hate this track, LOVE Irwin for playing it!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:31pm Carmichael:

Insta-mute! No Imagine will ever reach my ears again, in any iteration.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:32pm Orangutan Spectre:

Wow, nice cover. A bit of Ozzy in that long "neeeeeeeeeeeed" ha ha
  Wed. 3/6/13 4:33pm chris:

Completely disturbing mash up. So Irwin!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Hooray! Maybe I can finally find a good home!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:41pm hamburger:

Woop Matt from Springfield shout out!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:41pm Carmichael:

Matt is a "serial" commenter.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:41pm G:

Irwin's putting you in foster care, Matt :p
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:41pm rrg:

We don't know but we have a guess.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Stay with me on Evergreen Terrace, Jason!!
  Wed. 3/6/13 4:42pm Listening Out There:

Matt is from Springfield, Mars. It can now be revealed...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:42pm Caryn:

Matt has said which Springfield he's from, unlike a certain yellow family...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Thank you, LOT. Want a Mars bar? I can fry one for you..
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:44pm Dominick:

Is Rusty the squirrel still around?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:44pm Carmichael:

That is a great book you made, Irwin. I bought it a few years ago and enjoyed it and the accompanying CD.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:44pm Roberto:

Basic arithmetic fail.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:45pm G:

Nah, he's a musical mess though :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:45pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: Nah uh! They gave me a granola bar, and told me there will be a dog there! And that this is only "until things are better"!...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:45pm G:

I was gonna be nice and not mention that, Roberto 0:)
  Wed. 3/6/13 4:46pm Listening Out There:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:46pm Roberto:

I had to mention it to avoid becoming a decade older than I already am.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:46pm Matt from Springfield:

4x as old as the average retiree you mean!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:47pm G:

1978 - 2013 = 35. not 45, fwiw. but 35 is still pretty wack
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:53pm Matt from Springfield:

And so WFMU is the lone survivor, of the Ghost Campus.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:56pm Irwin:

G: Thanks for correcting the math error.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Cruella de Ville!! Another FMU discovery, love these people!
Art punk cabaret!
  Wed. 3/6/13 4:57pm Alison Porchnik:

sitting here with a line in my arm waiting for my double-barreled MRI listening via phone - this sure beats reading Ladies Home Journal, Allure, and People en Espanol!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:57pm Dominick:

Wee wee wee wee wee wee wee wee ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 4:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@AP: Best of luck with that!
(I doubt if you can listen during the MRI, but how much better would that be!)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:00pm hamburger:

Irwin taking elevator music to high brow!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:01pm rrg:

You know, even on an iPhone you should be able to log in so we can be sure it's really you.
  Wed. 3/6/13 5:03pm Listening Out There:

Ah. Benoit Charest...of the Triplettes de Belleville soundtrack. More neat-o stuff....
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:05pm Parq:

Never heard this Klaus Beyer. A Number One Hit, as Michael S would say.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:05pm Jason Sigal:

Klaus Beyes and Osaka Popstar 7" + T-Shirt is a prize for our next drawing!
  Wed. 3/6/13 5:06pm Fredericks:

This sounds a bit like Motorhead with a backward vocal track.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:06pm rrg:

But...you need a turntable to play that. Who has that?
  Wed. 3/6/13 5:07pm Alison Porchnik:

Thx Matt. I think sometimes you can get ear phones, but not here - and even so WFMU would be medically contraindicated.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:09pm rrg:

Hey, that cow in the pledge bar MOVED.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Springfield is a small annex of WFMU-Land, that's all you need to know, Jason! :)
  Wed. 3/6/13 5:09pm Alison Porchnik:

@rrg, the line using my right arm so I'm texting w/left thumb. Not easy so you'll just have to trust me.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@rrg: Not, moooooved? Or did you slightly resist the pun?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:11pm glenn:

monetary miscegenation. bring it on.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:12pm Matt from Springfield:

All right!!!! Woooohooooo! Thanks Irwin and Jason and WFMU!
LUV Klaus B, and that Shaolin Affen! Thrilled to have!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:12pm Caryn:

Well, that covered every iteration of the name, except Matt von Springfield.
  Wed. 3/6/13 5:12pm ?:

When that cows stretches forward, for a moment she looks more like a sow in silhouette, really :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:13pm rrg:

I believe you, AP. Thousands wouldn't. (That's a Briticism.)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:13pm G:

? was me. Login timed out, I guess...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:14pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Don't forget Matt de Springfield! Or my fave variation, as pierre once translated: Matt du Champs du Printemps ;)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:14pm Caryn:

@G: there does seem to be some slimming photoshopping going on there. Stretching cow pics brought to you by Cosmo!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:14pm G:

Matthias von Sprungenfeld
  Wed. 3/6/13 5:15pm the Count of Al Dente:

Speaking of confusion, back in the 80's weren't you my "ol' pal Uncle Irwin?"
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:15pm Caryn:

@Matt: or the Finnish version, Matti Kevätpeltolainen.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:16pm Matt from Springfield:

:) Caryn
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:17pm rrg:

And the MRI will be nothing at all. Some buzzing in your ears, a few hours of unconsciousness, and then you're fine.

All right, all right, I'm kidding. You know that but someone else might not.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:19pm rrg:

Never "Uncle" Irwin, I don't think.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:19pm SeanG:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:22pm Carmichael:

@rrg: That's the legendary >50% cow movement, destined to take the place of the mud shark in your mythology.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:22pm Caryn:

@Matt: or Matthaeus Vernum Agro, in Latin
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@rrg Before my time, but haven't listeners described Irwin from those days as "Uncle Irwin" and "Ol'Pal Irwin", but not both in combination?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:24pm rrg:

This is really odd in headphones.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:24pm Caryn:

Or Agro Vernum, if you want to make it sound a bit more like a proper Latin name.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:24pm Carmichael:

@Alison: Are you in one of those MRIs where you can move? My MRI machine was a claustrophobic crush-tube that scared the bejeezus out of me.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Tallis & Clark! POST-commercial!
Thanks Caryn!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:25pm rrg:

"Ol' Pal Irwin", yes. I don't remember "Uncle Irwin".

But that's just me.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:25pm Matt from Springfield:

And the Chopped & Screwed Remix! One of the best remakes!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:26pm Caryn:

I remember "uncle" and "ol' pal". A beloved Irwin bears many names...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:26pm rrg:

Cleaning up all that bejeezus after someone exits the MRI is a really messy job.
  Wed. 3/6/13 5:29pm G:

SelectQuote currently uses a new radio ad campaign premise.

Now Tullis & Clark belong to the ages.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:29pm Matt from Springfield:

The same - NO MORE!!! :D
  Wed. 3/6/13 5:30pm Brett:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:33pm rrg:

Now the cow has stopped moving. Why?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:34pm rrg:

I wonder how AP's MRI is coming along...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:35pm Caryn:

@rrg: I've noticed that the cow seems to get winded pretty fast and stop moving until the 100 %. Whether it just deems constant mooing to be a bore, whether it's in bad condition, or whether it does this to egg us on to pledge more, who knows?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:36pm Carmichael:

The legendary <75% sudden cow stoppage, more popular than the mystery dance.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:37pm rrg:

Not ALL the DJs are volunteers.
  Wed. 3/6/13 5:38pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Been in the tub - but - We Have CowKegel - !!!...Can't wait to see how the True State of CogDow Tao appears (@100%)
...My crap Browser won't let me do too much @ once
- but from what little I can see right now @ http://www.reinispetersons.com/ I'm thinkin' Ed Gorey & maybe Ralph Steadman - only for starters - & I am likin' it a lot!
- Triplettes de Belleville : I was *gonna* complain against the racial slur against the French - & then ironically ask if them Disco Frogs is *edible* : P~~~ ...
- If I'm gonna Pledge after Payday - can I have a Provisional Heart : ((♥)) - or is this just dirty rotten cheatin' - ?! : P
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:39pm rrg:

Yeah, they did their shows but they didn't record them for the archive! Damnation.
  Wed. 3/6/13 5:40pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Ah! - CowKegelCessation...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:41pm Carmichael:

Cool, you could rent the downstairs out for barmitzvahs and proms.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:41pm Jeff:

Another fine reason to dive into the running for that Yo La Tengo book: it has one of my photos of the band in it.

Just sayin'.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:42pm Carmichael:

And the guys in my avatar could work the door.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Special one time only disaster relief event, rrg. Sometimes you just have to be here ;)

With that in mind I tried to comment on various highlights of those gloriously FC-free webcasts, to leave some record of those shows :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:44pm rrg:

I saw Yo La Tengo live only once: Penn and Gilbert did "Who's on First?" live and YLT followed them on the bill. Somewhere in Hoboken. Sometime in the 1990s.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:46pm rrg:

It still bugs me, Matt. I mean, I would have recorded the shows myself (it's easy) if I'd had any idea it would be necessary. But I was a little preoccupied with the after-effects of the hurricane that day.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:47pm rrg:

Clotted cream tea! I love those.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:47pm Matt from Springfield:

The Prof!
  Wed. 3/6/13 5:48pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...'DearBoy' makes me thinka Keefy Moon don'cherknow...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:49pm Jason Sigal:

would a kind listener adopt Irwin's playlist and comments board before the end of the show? Here it is in WFMU's adoption gallery

  Wed. 3/6/13 5:49pm other david:


I do love The Prof

Donation next week, pip pip!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:49pm rrg:

Best line in that: "We're terribly sorry about Piers Morgan."
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:51pm G:

@rrg: As they should be. -- For him and also-mentioned Simon Cowell. Oh, and Gordon Ramsay. And Jamie Oliver. And...

OK, I better shut up now:)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:53pm other david:

I do love how the Prof's rivalry with Mr. B was more or less settled after they had to share a room in Paris.

Gentlemen, good chaps.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:53pm Carmichael:

This sounds like Adam Sandler.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:54pm rrg:

G: I agree that all those apologies are called for.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:55pm rrg:

Okay, I think I adopted it. Did I, Jason?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi OD!
  Wed. 3/6/13 5:55pm Fredericks:

Hey, @4:15 tony seymour: I gave you a hit on the Tubes. Half a hit, actually.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:55pm G:

@Jason: You can't do a monthly "swag for life" pledge and adopt anything, because adoption requires an upfront lump sum, not monthly payments. So I chose swag for life this year. I was this board's adopter in 2011, if memory serves, its first adoptive year...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:55pm Caryn:

I do get sentimental about clotted cream teas and Hattie Jacques. Pussy humour and pink hair are always welcome.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:56pm other david:

Hey Matt & other folks.. have been away from WFMU-land for a while, back for pledgetime though.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:57pm PMD:

Hi Irwin, I'm a pledge for life and part of it is for you!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:57pm rrg:

I guess this is the end of the show, isn't it?

Well fine, be that way. Catch you all later.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:58pm PMD:

@G - I didn't know I couldn't adopt anything! So sad.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 5:58pm Caryn:

@G: that's what I thought, and then yesterday, I was told you could adopt with monthly payments. So who knows? I have applied for adoption rights. If I'm successful, then monthly payments are fine, if not, then fine. Currently the issue seems to be up in the air, with WFMU contradicting its own rules.
  Wed. 3/6/13 5:59pm Alison Porchnik:

There, that's over. Just in time for the end of the show.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:00pm Carmichael:

Maybe Andy can explain the rules. He's crazy enough to understand them.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

So it is...thanks Irwin and Jason and pledgers! A fun time was had by most!

Have a good evening everyone!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:01pm Caryn:

Aw, I kinda wish Irwin had played more stuff from his premium. Just so I could decide if I absolutely want it or not (this whittling down is hard).
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:02pm G:

@Caryn: As we progress through life, systematic thought is always the last stage to be attained :-)
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:03pm lou:

I adopted The Codger last year as a swag-4-lifer.
Here's the explanation I received then (may not apply this year): Yes you do qualify, but we are holding off for a bit on taking the perpetual pledgers requests until the early pledgers get a chance to adopt.
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