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Options February 20, 2013: Carnival of Something!

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Dani House  Crazy & Ignored   Options Unlucky Distortion Relief  0:03:30 ()
Fountains of Wayne  Go, Hippie   Options Utopia Parkway  0:05:43 ()
Lava Children  When I Was the Moon   Options Lava Children  0:09:36 ()
Pete Galub  Boat   Options Candy Tears  0:13:09 ()
Kevin Ayers  Don't Let It Get You Down   Options Bananamour  0:26:30 ()
Kevin Ayers  Hymn   Options Bananamour  0:30:08 ()
Kevin Ayers  Girl on a Swing   Options Joy of a Toy  0:34:36 ()
Siamese Temple Ball (Thai Orchestra)  Track 1   Options Siamese Temple Ball  0:37:26 ()
Professor Elemental  Oh Geoffrey!   Options Father of Invention  0:43:06 ()
Rank and File  Rank and File   Options Sundown  0:46:49 ()
Moon Duo  Motorcycle, I Love You   Options Escape  0:58:01 ()
Dave King  Highly Varnished Academic Realism   Options Indelicate  1:05:30 ()
Claire Judice  Talking Cat   Options Talking Cat & Space & Other Stories  1:07:25 ()
Amor de Días  Hampshire Lullaby   Options The House at Sea  1:09:14 ()
Brian Protheroe  Venice   Options Venice (single)  1:12:15 ()
Nick Brooke  Grand Isle   Options Border Towns  1:16:23 ()
Jenny O  Automechanic   Options Automechanic  1:25:27 ()
Radio Stars  No Russians in Russia   Options Somewhere There's a Place for Us  1:28:57 ()
Stevie Dinner  The New Sleaze   Options Stevie Dinner  1:32:03 ()
Blue Mitchell  Mona   Options The Thing to Do  1:37:31 ()
Tame Impala  Feels Like We Only Go Backwards   Options Log Cabin Sessions  1:42:55 ()
The Durutti Column  Slipping Away   Options Tempus Fugit  1:46:13 ()
Neil Younger  Fast Trip to Tulsa   Options Younger Than Young  1:49:11 ()
Dotsy Dot  Twenty   Options Dotsy Dot  1:53:08 ()
Neil Halstead  See You on Rooftops   Options Seasons  2:00:36 ()
John Schneider (subjective voice); Garry Eister (objective voice and piano)  December 7, 1935 - Night. Four Black Walls.   Options Harry Partch: Bitter Music  2:05:59 ()
M. Ward  Chinese Translation   Options Post-War  2:13:55 ()
101 Crustaceans  Nothing's Ever Level   Options Train Bolt Roller  2:18:04 ()
Dada  Playboy in Outerspace   Options Dada  2:22:44 ()
Yo La Tengo  Paddle Forward   Options Fade  2:27:37 ()
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers  Giantis   Options Like Someone in Love  2:36:21 ()
Papercuts  Once We Walked in the Sunlight   Options You Can Have What You Want  2:41:57 ()
Percy Sledge  Whiter Shade of Pale   Options Whiter Shade of Pale  2:46:40 ()
Daniel Harnett  Good Things   Options Brand New Love  2:51:57 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 2:59pm rrg:

It's Wednesday afternoon and it's freezing. That's where I'm coming from.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:00pm rrg:

I'm glad we got that settled.
  Wed. 2/20/13 3:00pm Clark Barr:

Thou shalt not mess with the Opening Number!
  Wed. 2/20/13 3:01pm Alison Porchnik:

Carnival of Snark
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:01pm rrg:

Yes I can.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:02pm rrg:

Hey, log in there, AP. At least if you want to convince us that it's really you.

Remember: no arithmetic!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:02pm Caryn:

No I can't.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:03pm rrg:

Yes you CAN!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:04pm fleep:

Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:04pm Alison Porchnik:

How can you ever know I'm not really you? Maybe I'm Irwin.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:05pm duke:

Play some Wild Tones.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:05pm Dominick:

Got my head at the back of my speaker now
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:06pm Irwin:

Hey, Porchnik is impersonating my cat! Cut it out!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:08pm Alison Porchnik:

You may have the cat, but I own the image. Basic intellectual property law, Sherlock.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:12pm Alison Porchnik:

Wouldn't you like a lunchbox or a t-shirt with my picture on it? Contact Alison Porchnik for all merchandising opportunities.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:12pm Clark Barr:

I'm getting down. I'm funky!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:13pm Alison Porchnik:

What about Fountains of Wayne?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:17pm Clark Barr:

Were the Fountains Wayne-napped?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:18pm Caryn:

The name of the FoW song and album are owned by a third party. Intellectual property law states Irwin would have to pay royalties if he mentions either. So he's just gonna play the song, but not write the info down anywhere.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:20pm Clark Barr:

Which third party? Libertairan, Working Families, Independence, Green or Birthday?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:21pm Caryn:

I'm unable to answer, as they also own the rights to their own name, and I ain't paying for that!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:21pm hamburger:

@Caryn: What if he wrote the title backwards?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:22pm rrg:

Or in Pig Latin?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:22pm Caryn:

@hamburger: or maybe in anagram form?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:23pm rrg:

I'm singing along, all right.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:23pm hamburger:

yes! subvert!!!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:23pm rrg:

A true love of mine, a true love of mine, a true love of mine.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:24pm hamburger:

I saw an old chinese dude wearing a 'niek' cap with a swoosh. made me wonder, what is it the people who made it thought they were getting anyway with
  Wed. 2/20/13 3:24pm common:

liked the sniffin' along.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:24pm rrg:

Well, put that title "Go Hippie" in the playlist, Mr. DJ.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:24pm Caryn:

Now let's try to determine whether that was the real song title, or an anagram of it...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:25pm Caryn:

Oh, Irwin, a lot of time, dying is a good career move.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:26pm rrg:

"A little talcum
Is always walcum."

-- Crosby, Stills, Ogden, and Nash
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:27pm Caryn:

You shouldn't drink when operating station equipment? No-one's apparently told this to the SUW crew most weeks.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:39pm rrg:

Hey. I have that song ("Track 1") many times in my iTunes.

So many covers of it.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:40pm Irwin:

@rrg: they stole the title. Damn Siamese. Both of them.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:41pm Clark Barr:

Gosh, I like The Inflatable Boy Clams version of Track 1 more than this!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi there Irwin! Hey everybody, CSO&N and otherwise!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:42pm Matt from Springfield:

@Clark Barr: "Skeletons", wasn't it?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:43pm Clark Barr:

Nope it's "I'm Sorry"!
  Wed. 2/20/13 3:43pm Laura L:

BBC online says Ayers died in his sleep. Resting peacefully resulting in resting in peace, it seems--zzzzzzz............
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:43pm hamburger:

oh boy - loving this Track 1
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:43pm rrg:

Some artists call it "Track 01". But it's really the same song.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:43pm Matt from Springfield:

OH NO! Kevin Ayers, truly a classic round these parts... :(
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:45pm rrg:

Porridge is my usual breakfast fare too. But I prepare it myself.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:45pm Matt from Springfield:

@Clark: Also a great one! They actually credited a 1926 song the background harmony was based off of. I've only ever had digital tracks of the IBCs so not sure which was the original "track 1".
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:47pm Woo:

Age 68 thru 72 is the new 27 for rock death.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Geoffrey is a prime mate of mine. A prime chap as well.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:47pm rrg:

I just found out Professor Elemental's real name. But I won't ever use it.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:48pm rrg:

Sundown, you better take care.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:49pm Clark Barr:

Butcher Baby, They're going to blow you away!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:50pm Mr. Lowry:

I bet Irwin just wrote "Track 1" because it really said: ติดตามหนึ่ง
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:51pm rrg:

Now, that's clever, Mr. Lowry.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:52pm Matt from Springfield:

Prob true, Mr. Lowry! Brian Turner has often typed "Track _" or "Untitled", some allege because he has a bin of assorted unlabeled CDs he's pulling out!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:52pm Woo:

is Exene singing on Rank and File?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:53pm Matt from Springfield:

I've got a fever. And the only prescription: is more cowpunk.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Everybody's got something to hide, except for Professor Elemental and his monkey butler.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:56pm hamburger:

@Matt from Sprinfield: that monkey butler is always busy with the shovel!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:57pm rrg:

Who volunteers there? Very young people? Very old people? Unemployed people? True believers?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:57pm Matt from Springfield:

You're not a BBC DJ! Do NOT say "The" Yo La Tengo!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:58pm the glowing one:

No YOU proof it, Irwin!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:58pm Alison Porchnik:

Who volunteers? The disaffected and hopeless. The dregs of society. And that's the way they like it.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:59pm the glowing one:

*prove* OMG!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:59pm rrg:

I hope the archive version of this show includes the false start. I will feel cheated (on behalf of the people of the future) if it doesn't.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey hamburger! And, monkey butlers don't speak, another plus for that profession!

@rrg: Yes. And then some.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 3:59pm hamburger:

@rrg: I believe Andy Breckman would refer to them as 'The Un-Google-ables"
  Wed. 2/20/13 3:59pm Listening Out There:

...if The Irwin Chusid chooses to say "The Yo La Tengo," so be it, I say...
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:00pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

'How can you ever know I'm not really you?'
- How can *you* know I'm not - ?
- I know you are but what am I...

- Exene has a show Sunday P.M.'s on Devil's Night Radio!...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Volunteer set = rrgs + APs + etc
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:00pm Planet Tyler:

I volunteered at WFMU when I lived near-ish. Had a diner meal w Irwin and Scott even. (No, Irwin, I'm not expecting you to remember) To answer rrg: True Believer
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Awesome, Planet Tyler! Was that the great diner that's no longer there?
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:01pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

'Los' Yo La Tengo - ??...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:02pm Alison Porchnik:

I was just kidding, of course. If I knew any of the volunteers, I'm sure they would be some of my closest friends. Heck, I've even sort of volunteered myself!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:02pm Carmichael:

This Moon Duo is cosmically awesome, Irwin.
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:03pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Moon Duo sounds like Suicide & Spacemen 3 in a good mood together...which is pretty good...
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:04pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...just hard to believe...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:05pm Planet Tyler:

@Matt - oy vey it was soooo long ago.... I do remember saying something on the air to get people to pledge though during Scott's show - something like "Don't push your Grandma and her wheelchair out the window, Pledge to WFMU instead!"
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:07pm Matt from Springfield:

"WFMU: It'd be practically murder to push us out the window!"
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:07pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

All variations on National Lampoons' 'buy mag or I shoot dog' cover.
...Or Blazing Saddles words I cannot say...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:08pm rrg:

It's official. Our dentist has retired. We just got the letter. Farewell, Dr. Zicht.

I just wanted to tell someone.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Claire Judice! It's been a while!
She sings the blues!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:09pm Alison Porchnik:

Just mention that it's tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. That usually does it.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:09pm rrg:

That's fine because I HAVE the blues.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:09pm Alison Porchnik:

She sure can wail the blues, that Claire.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:10pm Woo:

Spoken word interlude. Cool, Claire.
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:10pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

I love you Claire.

(...I just don't trust you...)
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@rrg: And that's the tooth.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:10pm Matt from Springfield:

@RRN63: Great name for an indie rock album!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:11pm hamburger:

when you sing talking cat as a kid, you're 'cute', sing it as an adult and you're 'weird' / same applies with poopin your pants I guess, so no complaints.
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:11pm Laura L:

Amor de Días has a show coming up 3/22 at Knitting Factory in Bklyn, don't they.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:11pm rrg:

Not a single typo in the playlist. So far.

That lifts my spirits.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:12pm DCE:

Alasdair, my man...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:12pm Matt from Springfield:

@hamburger: Childhood is merely a temporary immunity from being forcefully removed from a bus and being taken for examination.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:13pm Irwin:

@LL: AdD @ KF 3/22 and Maxwell's 3/21.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey DCE! Alasdair is great, in any of his bands.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:14pm rrg:

The Knitting Factory is in Brooklyn?

Used to be down there below Canal Street, but I'm SO far out of date. I think the last time I was there, Kramer was the "artist in residence". That was (a) a long time, and (b) for only a short time.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:14pm Caryn:

@hamburger: until you reach old age. Then it becomes ok again.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:15pm hamburger:

just thought I'd add, I didn't want to imply that poopin your pants was cute. just an acceptance thing. / yes Matt from Springfield. Except sometimes it's yourself who's taking you off the bus. #mindblown :o)
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:16pm Mike East:

@rrg - yeah - used to be on Leonard st., I think. They moved to Bklyn a couple years ago. Haven't been to the new location.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:17pm Alison Porchnik:

RRG - it moved to Williamsburg in 2008.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:17pm Matt from Springfield:

#mindISblown! :)
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:17pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...& what does Daniel Johnston have to say about all this - ??
(MRRReeeowwW - !!!)
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:17pm Caryn:

This pooping discussion makes me think of the two journalists who just started a big furore by writing a story that was just about taking a long-distance bus trip and pooping your pants in your seat.
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:18pm Tiago Miguel:

hello from Portugal, no dendist available.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:19pm efd:

Irwin is the only one of my Facebook friends who likes the official Brian Protheroe FB page.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Olá Tiago! Hope you find a dentist soon.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:20pm DCE:

are you guys hungry too?
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:21pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Incontinence on two continents.

...Have we reached bottom yet already - ?

...That's not a pun...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:21pm Matt from Springfield:

A little, DCE. What are you thinking of? I have some almonds nearby that are sounding good.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:21pm Cory:

hehe... bottom
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:23pm Caryn:

@DCE: nah, just had chicken a while back. Now have to abstain from eating for a few hours to take my meds.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:23pm rrg:

Always, Caryn? Or just because it was chicken?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:24pm Mike East:

i have two clementines. You can have one if you want, DCE.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:25pm efd:

Chrysalis is correct! He also just released an even newer single called "Broken Bridges." I haven't heard it yet, though.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:25pm rrg:

Chicken is in my future too!

What are the chances of that?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:25pm DCE:

Mike, if you just toss it out the window in a westerly fashion I'm sure it will make its way here.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:26pm rrg:

I'm hooked already.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:28pm Caryn:

@rrg: always (well, for the next 2 months). 2 hours before meds and 1 hour after meds has to be food-free.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:29pm Mike East:

no prob. here it comes... HEADS UP!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:30pm Mike East:

shit, I don't think it even made it across the hudson.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:30pm rrg:

I think (but haven't confirmed) that the place where these clever Dr. Seuss cartoons are coming from is here, "The Advertising Artwork of Dr. Seuss":


A fun site to peruse.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:31pm Alison Porchnik:

I can verify that, RRG
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:31pm rrg:

Hey. Where did this clementine come from?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:31pm DCE:

no, wait, I think I see it on the horizon...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:33pm DCE:

that's a side of Dr Seuss I never saw before
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:33pm Caryn:

There are bucketloads of Russians in Russia! They're just over there, a couple of miles that way. *points* Unless they've all run away... Dammit, should I go check? Oh hey, what's that clementine doing there?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:34pm DCE:

the clementine heard 'round the world
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:35pm hamburger:

hey, I got a clementine too. the playlist is orange. oh boy. it's happening isn't it?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:35pm rrg:

Don't get too close to that Iron Curtain, Caryn. I heard it might be radioactive.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:36pm Irwin:

That's not a clementine. It's a squirrel in a clementine costume. Watch its behavior. Not clementine-like at all.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:37pm Caryn:

@rrg: oh, we already got plenty of radioactivity during Chernobyl. We're all full up. But since I shouldn't have citrus with my meds, I'll send this clementine back around DCE's way. Before any of the radioactivity rubs off on it.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:38pm Matt from Springfield:

So the squirrels are making their clementine costumes from the playlist background? Be careful of the next orange fruit you see...
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:38pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

I know I said already, Caryn
- remember yogurt has living things that are good to help w/ antibiotix killing both the bad & good things
- & miso soup is very nourishing, fermented, & I think soothing to the tum-tum - altho' has a lot of sodium (salty)...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:38pm Caryn:

@Irwin: luckily, being so close to Russia, Boris and Natasha can come take care of it. I hear they have experience with squirrels. And moose, apparently. Though not a lot of success, I have surmised.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:40pm rrg:

Is citrus the problem, or grapefruit in particular?

I was surprised to find out about grapefruit's peculiar (and not widely-known) interactions with some medications.

Maybe that clementine is fine for you. It will certainly be tastier than a grapefruit.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:40pm Caryn:

@RRN63: yoghurt in the fridge, miso soup not available. But taking a pill once a day to keep the stomach ok.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:41pm rrg:

Is that a Brit thing? ("Yoghurt"?)
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:42pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Are clementines the same as tangerines - ??? & when did they change it - ?? Are the tangerines squirrelproof - ???
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:42pm Fredericks:

THIS IS NOT HARD BOP! But, it is beautiful.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Ooooh, Vince Guaraldi smoooooth! Like this!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:42pm G:

Good that there is virtually always some legit jazz here in the weekly Weds-afternoon genre surfing. Boy, has jazz's stock unfairly fallen on the mainstream market in the last half century. (Check the sales figures.) It's turned into America's homegrown classical music -- in other words, everyone says it's great, but the hump of the bellcurve never listens to it.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:43pm Matt from Springfield:

@Fredericks: The softer side of hard bop.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:43pm rrg:

Hey, who you calling a hump?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:44pm Matt from Springfield:

@rrg: YOU, if you don't deviate standardly!!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:45pm Aharon:

Another middling cover of those 5th graders.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:45pm G:

"My Humps" is the hump of the bellcurve, rrg :)
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:45pm Alison Porchnik:

Irwin, you and your Tame Impalas! This was going through my head incessantly this morning and now you have to go and play it again. I don't know whether to be pleased or dismayed. As per usual.
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:46pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Grapefruit interacts w/ all kindsa stuff - ! Google agrees...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:46pm G:

I'm just wild about Tame Impalas
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Don't tame *these* Impalas! :D
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:47pm Irwin:

Infinite earworm, that tune.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:47pm DCE:

I concur
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:47pm hamburger:

Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:48pm Caryn:

The tangerine and clementine are different, but related citrus fruits. Clementines are a type of mandarin orange, and are almost always seedless. Tangerines are not mandarins, and have seeds.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:49pm rrg:

Well, I'm just wild about Harry, and Harry's wild about me. But I'll give these tame impalas a bit more listening time.
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:50pm Joe B:

This is great! Hi Irwin!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:50pm hamburger:

Neil Younger. Get it??? :o)
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Neil Young-er!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:50pm rrg:

It's a world of laughter, a world of tears. It's a world of hopes and a world of fears. There's so much that we share that it's time we're aware: it's a small world after all!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:51pm DCE:

Neil was hard-pressed for time that day...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:51pm Clark Barr:

Did he sing with Crosbyer, Stillser and Nasher?
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:52pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

- Ya want Hard Bop - ?? :

Modern Jazz - ?? :


...Now leave the nice Free-Form DJ alone - !

- Yeah - Jazz a tax write-off for labels - except for Diana Krall & Norah Jones mebee
...America's Classical - exactly right...

- WWOZ is much worth Bookmarking imho...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:52pm G:

Young man, take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you'll be
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:53pm glenn:

neil younger? that's not very original. theneilyounguns.com
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:54pm Mike East:

tangerines are also harder to peel, in my experience. My daughter gets mad at me if I get tangerines.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:55pm rrg:

SoundHound doesn't know this. Neither does Shazam.

How good can it be?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:56pm Clark Barr:

Drop a dime before I walk away
Anytime you want, I'll gladly play
Money feeds my music machine
Now listen while I play my green tangerine
Listen while I play my green tangerine!
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:56pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Thanx - !

...& the squirrels- ?!?...

(...The FDA is hard-pressed, of course...)
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:56pm rrg:

Kids! I don't know what's wrong with these kids today. Kids! Who can understand anything they say?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:57pm Caryn:

The chemicals in grapefruit that inhibit drugs are also (in smaller quantities) in other citrus fruit and in apples.
But my pills interact with all kinds of stuff. Have to avoid zinc, iron, potassium, sunlight, citrus,... And calcium for several hours before and after. Still, better than my friend, who for 3 years, was only allowed to eat pineapple. She now recoils from pineapple because of that.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:57pm G:

@Caryn: That's a pill alright.
  Wed. 2/20/13 4:58pm mb:

I'm waiting on the Tamer Impalas, which would be slowed down?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 4:59pm Matt from Springfield:

What was wrong with the Old Sleaze?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:02pm G:

past its sell-by date
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:03pm Caryn:

@Matt: it was supposed to be 100 % old sleaze, but was in DNA tests found to include traces of horse meat.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:06pm glenn:

was today "change your picture day"? i must have missed the memo.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:07pm Carmichael:

My darlin' gave me my clementine.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:07pm Droll:

Sleaze, by definition, breeds autonomously in the wild. All sleaze contains horse meat DNA nowadays. The Monsanto sleaze-starlink DNA case is being heard by the SCotUS today.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:08pm G:

apparently so, glenn
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:08pm Droll:

Glenn, Thanks for reminding me to change my picture!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:09pm G:

my pic turned into old sleaze. what could i do?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:10pm Caryn:

I did think about changing my pic earlier today...
Well, better late than never.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:10pm Irwin:

This is from Partch's hobo journal 1935-36.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:11pm G:

tx for the backgrd info
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:12pm dan:

Next track plz
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:12pm Clay P:

Is that one of them Duke boys?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:12pm Irwin:

Eight-month diary, with piano notations. Never recorded, long considered lost.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:12pm Matt from Springfield:

Hobo Partch, via Gilbert & Sullivan.
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:12pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

- Sunlight & antibiotix - that's right.
...but that's a long list for you, Caryn!: I get it - you must not eat for hours...
- We wish you wellness.

...Heard in News that the Irish had to sell inumerable horses they got in the 'Celtic Tiger' boom - & have had to unload during the Crash...& this is the origin of some of this meat...
- I no longer eat animals, myself...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:13pm Caryn:

@Clay: who knew Bo had it in him? :)
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:13pm Fredericks:

THIS IS NOT HARD BOP! But, it is Harry Partch!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:13pm Lizardner Dave:

I miss Kenny G.
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:14pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Alright - who dropped that stuff on Tom Lehrer - ???
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:14pm Fredericks:

Clay P, you are bold.
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:14pm Citizen:

I miss the middle-class.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:15pm rrg:

I knew an M. Ward once.

Don't think it was this guy, though.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:15pm dan:

I am the middle class
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:16pm Clay P:

Irwin, sure hope you're drumming for marathon!
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:16pm Fredericks:

THIS IS M. Ward!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:16pm Matt from Springfield:

And I'm already missing the horse-lasagna.
Not really, but horsagna, horse d'oeuvres and others are ever-so-fun to say.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:16pm rrg:

Or singing. Singing is better.
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:17pm Fredericks:

Clay P. you are even bolder!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:17pm rrg:

I'm glad that I pay no attention to the news, because I don't know what the hell youse-all are talking about with your horsey talk.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Irwin drumming in the Hoof & Mouth is a Listener Right, though! He's done it in all the previous ones, no backing down now!!
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:18pm Fredericks:

Hey Matt, whatever happened to the Soft-Bop scene?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:18pm Caryn:

@RRN63: thanks. I just hope I haven't been going on about it too much. Don't want to do that.

@Irwin: have you been practising your Hoof & Mouth song a lot?
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:19pm Clay P:

John Saxon was a Bold One! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wTU33dZmGs
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:19pm Matt from Springfield:

@rrg: Be glad you don't live in the EU, then :)
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:19pm glenn:

soft bop got hold of some cheap cialis off the net.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:20pm Irwin:

Not drumming w/H&M again this year. Maybe next. Too much real life on my desk right now.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:20pm fleep:

if your bop lasts longer than four hours, call a jazz combo
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:20pm rrg:

But a song or two, maybe?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:21pm Irwin:

But I am singing w/H&M. A supprize song.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:21pm rrg:

Say no more.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:22pm Caryn:

@rrg: I was similarly in the dark about the asteroid strike. Then I caught the news.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:23pm G:

striking news, huh, caryn?
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:24pm Clay P:

No drumming. Ouch. That's a blow. Glad you're singing, at least.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:24pm Caryn:

I keep staring at Matt's avatar pic. I half expect it to start singing "Mull of Kintyre" at me.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:24pm Carmichael:

Irwin, I hope you sing the Theme from Mannix.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:24pm glenn:

irwin will prolly do a mindy mcready song, just because.
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:25pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...Kenny G is invited by some nice friends|
- they drop it on him
...& he is tripping his squirrel nuts off @ a Tom Waits concert
- & suddenly
- in a flash - !
...He GETS IT ALL...
...Could happen...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:25pm Caryn:

Irwin will be doing an Eeliks:en song. Taking a while to learn the imaginary language, though.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:26pm Droll:

If Irwin has a H&M surprise planned, I recommend attendees bring eye protection and possibly a change of clothes.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:26pm rrg:

Who's the black private dick who's a sex machine to all the chicks? Mannix! (Damn right.)
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:26pm G:

Hush your mouth!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:28pm Caryn:

If Irwin's H&M act is to juggle clementines while dressed in a squirrel costume (or vice versa), that'll be... something.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:28pm rrg:

Finally, the Yo La Tengo.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: I think the photo is from before that, prob taken by Linda. If you're lucky, you'll get a song from Ram instead! Maybe even "Uncle Albert"! :)
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:30pm Matt from Springfield:

@Fredericks: Soft-Bop, when unsealed and left out, becomes Hard-Bop. Always make sure to re-seal your Soft-Bop in a Ziploc bag.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:30pm Caryn:

@Matt: hey, as long as it's anything but "Bip Bop", I'll be fine. Or "Wonderful Christmastime". Then again, the Irwin treatment might make even those two entertaining. Though I doubt it.
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:31pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

You Keepin' it Real Caryn.

...If yer Bop lasts more than four hours
- yer probably John Coltrane & we ready for the New Thing...

...It's the Death of the Kewl @ FMU...

- I have no 'tar/pic yet
- so imagine it changing.
...No horse or squirrel. I'm Year of the Hare, okay?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:32pm G:

"Doctor, what happened is my bop hardened, and even after way more than four hours it just won't soften again. It hurts!"
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:32pm rrg:

I still don't know what was so great about that depression.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:33pm Mike East:

i hope Irwin covers Amanda. Or is that too obvious?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:34pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: "There's your problem--you beeped when you should have bopped."
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:34pm rrg:

  Wed. 2/20/13 5:34pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Harry was a Hobo - & ...Parched.
Needed a Clementine.
...Okay - *you* be funny for a while...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:34pm Caryn:

@rrg: it was a misquote. Rockefeller said snarkily, "Oh great, a depression!" A very young Rupert Murdoch overheard him. A name for an era is born.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:34pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mike: I'm hoping for the "Led Zepp'lin" cover!
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:34pm Art:

Harry Partch slept in the town where I live during his amble -- mentioning it briefly in his journal.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Gary will be upset that there's no Year of the Squirrel in Eastern astrology.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:36pm Caryn:

Oh if only someone would've made a pedophilia joke, Andy would've laughed even louder. He's predictable that way.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:37pm Matt from Springfield:

That's how you know he's Andy--he can never disguise himself, as long as you tell a rape joke his laugh will show itself.

"Chunky Latina In Drag" is a good name for a debut comedy album. Ken as Cher from the H&M would make a good cover too.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:37pm Irwin:

@Matt: Quite rightly so.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:38pm Caryn:

@Matt: oh don't say that right when we got rid of Kendra's evil spirit. You'll draw her back in again!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:39pm Irwin:

LEE MORGAN on trumpet.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:39pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: The physical manifestation of a exorcised spirit in a photograph shouldn't draw Kendra back, unless people start incanting before the image--hey, are Kendra's eyes looking RIGHT at me now?!?..
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:41pm Caryn:

@Matt: that's why Gary has begun to practice Norse rituals. He's very drawn to Ratatoskr.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:43pm rrg:

Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow Caryn, thanks! That's the most badass squirrel of all mythology I've seen! (Can't believe I would ever say that...!)
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:46pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

I think Murdoch is in fact that old.
...We all think of crazy crap like inventing our own instrumrnets - but here's this crazy nobody tramp named Partch who *actually does* all of that...Good thing Les Paul didn't show him an electric guitar, or it'd have been just another version of Louie Louie...I have nothing to say...have a reasonably pleasant nocturnal experience, in the imperative...
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:47pm rrg:

Wow. Where do you find this stuff?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:50pm Irwin:

Don't recall where. Maybe Pandora? Maybe Anesidora?
  Wed. 2/20/13 5:50pm adam:

hey pidgy!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:52pm G:

Maybe the Astral Plane :)
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:52pm rrg:

I see that there is an album called "Percy Sledge's Greatest Hits" that claims to have it.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:53pm Carmichael:

Maybe Deteriorata?
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:54pm Matt from Springfield:

@RRN63: I also state in the imperative for you to have a reasonably pleasant nocturnal experience! Same goes for Irwin and all you Irwinites here! :)
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:55pm Matt from Springfield:

And I agree, w/ an electric guitar Harry Partch probably would have been an early Arthur Brown or something like that!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:56pm rrg:

Hey. It's not 6pm yet!

All right, then. Have it your way.

G'night, all.
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:56pm G:

Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:56pm Droll:

Show over already? See you in the archives for the first half!
Have a fun day all!
Avatar Wed. 2/20/13 5:59pm Caryn:

@Matt: don't forget the white squirrel in the Kalevala who helps invent beer. That's pretty good too.
Avatar Thu. 2/21/13 9:00am Michael:

Just caught the end of the show this morning Irwin and loved that Partch piece - more please!
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