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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Lovin' Spoonful  Other Side Of This Life (instrumental)   Options Do You Believe In Magic  Kama Sutra  1965/2002    0:00:00 )  
Lovin' Spoonful  Other Side Of This Life   Options Do You Believe In Magic  Kama Sutra  1965/2002  Joe Butler on vocals!, Fred Neil cover  0:02:04 )  
Randy & The Radiants  My Way of Thinking   Options Memphis Beat: The Sun Recordings 1964-1966  Big Beat  1966/2007    0:05:03 )  
Born Liars  View From Here   Options Exit Smiling  Mortville  2006  Thanks to listener Wes from Charlottesville, Va.!  0:07:14 )  
David Johansen  Cool Metro   Options s/t  Culture Factory USA  1978/2012    0:10:04 )  
Chubby Checker  Back in the U.S.S.R.   Options 7"  Buddah  1969    0:15:16 )  
Ribeye Brothers  Disappointment Punch   Options Call of the Scrapheap  Main Man  2013    0:17:34 )  
A-Bones  You Can't Beat It   Options Daddy Wants a Cold Beer ... and Other Million Sellers  Norton  2004  Troggs cover  0:19:14 )  
Troggs  Feels Like a Woman   Options Archeology (1966-1976)  Fontana  1972/1992  RIP Reg Presley  0:21:12 )  
Low Cut Connie  Show Your Face   Options Get Out the Lotion    2011  playing live here on the show next week!  0:32:19 )  
Sweet Talk  Same Place   Options Pickup Lines  12XU  2013    0:34:50 )  
Born Loose  China Bus Express   Options s/t  Drug Front Records  2012  Larry May of the Candy Snatchers!  0:36:27 )  
Midnight Woolf  New Kind of Kick   Options I'll Be a Dog  Off the Hip  2012  Cramps cover, RIP Lux 4 years ago  0:41:10 )  
Triple Hex  That Ain't Enough   Options ep  Mon Amie  2013    0:44:22 )  
Organs  Main Line Woman   Options cdr version of new 7"  Chickpea Records  2013    0:47:44 )  
Triple Thick  All Banged Up   Options Dark Night    2013    0:50:16 )  
Palmyra Delran  You're My Brian Jones   Options You Are What You Absorb  Apex East  2012  Michael Lynch on bass!  0:57:48 )  
Greg Kihn Band  For You   Options Best of Beserkley '75-'84  Riot media  1977/2012    0:59:36 )  
Vicky and the Vengents  That's Why I Cry   Options A New Dawn    2009    1:04:15 )  
Royal Hangmen  You Better Tell That Girl   Options s/t  Screaming Apple  2012    1:06:27 )  
Brett Rosenberg Problem  She's My Baby Tonight   Options Destroyer  Hi-Fi  2002    1:09:26 )  
Games  Different Times   Options s/t  HoZac  2012  live on Evan's show last week! check archive!  1:11:50 )  
Wyldlife  The First Time's the Worst   Options The Time Has Come To Rock and Roll    2013    1:14:32 )  
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires live in the studio!  
Engineer: David Mambach  
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires live on WFMU!!  Company Man   Options         1:19:32 )  
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires live on WFMU!!  Dereconstructed   Options         1:22:59 )  
Lee Bains III - guitar, vocals; Blake Williamson - drums, vocals; Matt Wurtele, guitar, hollering; Eric Wallace - bass  
tour dates here: http://thegloryfires.com/  
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires live on WFMU!!  Weeds Downtown   Options         1:27:02 )  
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires live on WFMU!!  We Ain't Country   Options         1:31:15 )  
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires live on WFMU!!  We Dare Defend Our Rights   Options         1:33:55 )  
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires live on WFMU!!  Dirt Track   Options         1:37:54 )  
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires live on WFMU!!  interview   Options         1:43:03 )  
Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires  The Red, Red Dirt of Home   Options There Is a Bomb in Gilead  Alive Natural Sound  2012    1:56:25 )  
Moving Sidewalks  Flashback   Options The Complete Collection  Rock Beat  1969/2012  Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, reunting March 30 in NYC!  1:58:02 )  
Lee Ranaldo  Angles   Options Between the Times and the Tides  Matador  2012    2:05:13 )  
Denise James  Waited So Long   Options Promises  Rainbow Quartz  2006    2:06:26 )  
The Oubliettes  Brand New Life   Options Lil' One-Arm  Masters At Paradise  2012    2:10:04 )  
Buttersprites  Panic Attack   Options s/t  Dionysus  2005    2:11:59 )  
The Shimmys  Saturday Date   Options various - Hellbound Honeys  Off the Hip  2006    2:13:57 )  
The Outer Mongolian Herd  Hey Joe   Options various - Psychedelic States:Alabama in the 60s Vol. 2  Gear Fab  1968/2002  Birmingham!  2:19:46 )  
The Swingin' Lamp-Liters  Get Away   Options various - Psychedelic States:Alabama in the 60s Vol. 2  Gear Fab  1967/2002  more Birmingham, Ala.!  2:22:00 )  
String & the Beans  Come Back To Me   Options various - Psychedelic States:Alabama in the 60s Vol. 2  Gear Fab  1966/2002  Birmingham, Ala.!  2:24:42 )  
The Vikings  Come On and Love Me   Options various - Psychedelic States:Alabama in the 60s Vol. 2  Gear Fab  1966/2002  Birmingham!  2:26:37 )  
The Stolen Children  Set Me Free   Options various - Psychedelic States:Alabama in the 60s Vol. 2  Gear Fab  1967/2002     
The "In"  Just Give Me Time   Options         2:33:26 )  
Pete Galub  Boat   Options Candy Tears    2013    2:39:49 )  
Drew Smith's Lonely Choir  Diamonds   Options s/t  Fat Caddy Records  2008    2:46:21 )  
Lee Hazlewood feat. Suzi Jane Hokom  Califia (Stone Rider)   Options The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Backsides (1966-71)  Light in the Attic  1969/2012    2:48:32 )  
Box Elders  Hole In My Head   Options Alice And Friends  Goner  2009    2:51:12 )  
New Surfsiders  Til I Die   Options 7"  Norton  2012    2:52:46 )  

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:03pm Fuzzy:

Howdy Joe -- looking forward to another fine afternoon of rocknroll...
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:06pm Cheri Pi:

Here we go!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:09pm Woo:

I Can't Control Myself by the Troggs was banned but not in my listening area. It began and ended with a scream and mentioned low-cut slacks not once but twice. RIP Reg Presley.
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:11pm SmokinJ:

  Tue. 2/5/13 12:12pm frenchee:

Hi Joe, this is the perfect way to burn through copy edits and rewrites at work...with RnR and "Be like the insect"-LOCK!
  Tue. 2/5/13 12:12pm whattawino:

I feel Cool just hearing this gem! Thx Joe!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:13pm S.A. from S.F.:

I raise my bottle of Session Black Lager in toast!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:18pm S.A. from S.F.:

Chubby still couldn't beat Fats' version of "Everybody's Got Something To Hide".
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:24pm efd:

I hope you're going to relay the story that Billy Miller shared on Facebook regarding "You Can't Beat It."
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:33pm pierre:

Bon-jour Joe !
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:34pm Joe Belock:

Hi everyone! thanks for tuning in! a little behind on the commenta!

Live music from Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires coming up in a little bit!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:34pm Joe Belock:

You are right S.A.!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:35pm Joe Belock:

efd, by request!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:37pm S.A. from S.F.:

Hi, Joe -- good thing we don't have to choose between 'em, eh?
  Tue. 2/5/13 12:44pm squeezle:

Don't hear enough Cramps imo
like Susie needs Dick or is it dick
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:44pm pierre:

it's been 4 years that Lux Interior passed away ?
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:46pm efd:

Thanks for playing my request, Joe!
  Tue. 2/5/13 12:47pm rz:

Triple Hex EP is great top to bottom!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:48pm Michael K.:

LOVE this TRIPLE HEX song! Tell Me MoRe!!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:50pm Stevel:

Perky set!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:52pm S.A. from S.F.:

@Stevel - Music to make your nipples hard.
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:53pm G:

I was listening, not reading, and for awhile I was thinking that was "I woke up this morning all backed up" :( :)
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 12:58pm Droll:

G, When they feel better, the bathroom's on the right.
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:01pm G:

Exactly, Droll! And I'll get to your email by later today, after work....
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:02pm jljl:

Love this song, even when Bruce is doing it.
  Tue. 2/5/13 1:02pm squeezle:

me likee some Palmyra Delran
  Tue. 2/5/13 1:03pm squeezle:

One long f'n emergency for realz
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:03pm Droll:

G, No hurry.
jljl, Yes, add this to the list of good Springsteen songs made great by other bands.
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:09pm Mike East:

late, but present. good afternoon, Joe B.
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:14pm fleep:

The first cup of coffee makes the second cup of coffee possible. The second cup of coffee makes life possible. G'day Joe.
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:17pm S.A. from S.F.:

Serious fuzz!
  Tue. 2/5/13 1:18pm whattawino:

New Wyldlife discovered on Joe's show! Yay...
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:19pm G:

fleep needs joe before he can type a comment to Joe :)
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:21pm G:

Ever since they updated the hamster treadmills here, overnight Fri/Sat, the comments pop right up virtually immediately, without that 30-60 secs of buffering seen in the first weeks of the new system!

I just figured it out. -- Deer antler extract in those little water sipping bottles in the hamster cages.
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:27pm G:

Puttin' the LIVE in live here...
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:29pm Joe Belock:

Lee and the glory Fires plus NJ's own Trash Ride TONIGHT at Ray Capo's Cantina in New Brunswick NJ!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:29pm Joe Belock:

and Saturday night at maxwell's with WYLDLIFE and neutron Drivers!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:31pm Sem Chumbo:

Know I know what Keith meant when he said "Mick is rock, I'm roll." Jesus, this bunch doesn't leave anything at home.
  Tue. 2/5/13 1:34pm paula pc:

am super-digging this...they are really something live. THANKS, Joe!!
  Tue. 2/5/13 1:37pm mr. breeze:

BIG BABY loves LB's & the Glory Fires. Thanks!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:44pm fleep:

That was an amazing set.
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 1:45pm G:

I call deer antler extract usage, guys! :)
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 2:08pm efd:

I'm going to start a minimal synth band called Der Antler Extrakt.
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 2:08pm Mike Sin:

Snuck away during lunch to listen to some of the Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires set on my phone. Nice job all around!
  Tue. 2/5/13 2:11pm Stace:

Hey Joe, Great show! Dug the Glory Fires!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 2:18pm jljl:

Hey Droll: I actually like the Bruce version better I think (and I don't like that many songs by him) but it was cool hearing Greg K. and trying to figure out how I knew that song.
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 2:39pm efd:

Thanks Joe!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 2:41pm Joe Belock:

to clarify, explorers club show is Thursday, their FMU appearance is saturday morning!
  Tue. 2/5/13 2:46pm phat:

Had to step out for a meeting, so I missed the live set. Rats! However, this has been a great set Joe. This Pete Galub character kicks it!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 2:47pm KP:

Spell check changed Galub to halibut. Either way awesome.
  Tue. 2/5/13 2:52pm missv:

DN is now in beautiful midtown Manhattan! I have a gorgeous view of 6th ave!
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 2:53pm KP:

Sounds like Clarence White in there with Lee.
Avatar Tue. 2/5/13 2:53pm Joe B:

stop gloating Miss V!
  Tue. 2/5/13 2:55pm missv:

That's my only talent JB!
  Tue. 2/5/13 2:58pm ?:

They reported that Jay Z's barber finally got convicted for trying to set some folks on fire in the EV.
  Tue. 2/5/13 3:01pm Toddophonic:

Reg will always be my favorite Presley.
  Wed. 2/6/13 5:55pm Ajax:

Great show Joe! Never trust a company man.
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