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Music to slaughter livestock to; 5,000 factory farmers can't all be wrong. (Visit homepage.)

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Options January 17, 2013: Peer Pressure Guest = Mike Sabatini of ATTACKER

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
His Hero Is Gone  Carry On   Options   0:00:00 ()
Doomtree  Severed   Options   0:04:31 ()
Motorhead  In The Name Of Tragedy   Options The World Is Ours Volume 2  0:06:46 ()
Code  The Cotton Optic   Options   0:14:27 ()
Attacker  Forgotten   Options   0:19:29 ()
Golden Void  Art of Invading   Options   0:22:29 ()
Gamma Ray  Wings of Destiny   Options   0:26:50 ()
Occultus  Primitive Sea   Options   0:38:15 ()
Voivod  Voivod   Options   0:42:03 ()
Grief  If the World Was Flat   Options   0:46:19 ()
Black Elk  stab   Options   0:52:45 ()
The Sword  The Hidden Masters   Options   0:55:58 ()
Baptists  Crutching Trails   Options   1:00:54 ()
Attacker  This Is Power   Options   1:02:06 ()
PEER PRESSURE segment with Mike Sabatini of ATTACKER as Guest DJ
Interview With Mike Sabatini of Attacker      1:27:56 ()
Sacred Oath  The King Must Die   Options   1:28:22 ()
Arctic Flame  Man Made Man   Options   1:33:37 ()
Interview With Mike Sabatini of Attacker      1:38:59 ()
Attacker  As they Descend/Giants of Canaan   Options   1:47:27 ()
Accept  Fast As A Shark   Options   1:54:05 ()
Liege Lord  Eye of the Storm   Options   1:57:48 ()
Interview With Mike Sabatini of Attacker      2:02:13 ()
Operatika Element  Haunting in the Night   Options   2:11:39 ()
Attacker  The Glen of the Ghost   Options   2:16:53 ()
Steel Assassin  Hill of Crosses   Options   2:23:38 ()
Interview With Mike Sabatini of Attacker      2:30:12 ()
Present Darkness  Present Darkness   Options   2:34:12 ()
Attacker  (Call On) The Attacker   Options   2:40:11 ()
Hex Machine  Chub   Options   2:43:41 ()
Indian Handcrafts  Lion at the Door   Options   2:46:05 ()
The Secret  Vermin of Dust   Options   2:49:52 ()
Pierced Arrows  Zip My Lip   Options   2:53:31 ()
Big Nature  Codex   Options   2:57:35 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 1/17/13 12:04pm coe:

'ello folks
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:07pm BSI:

and behold, let the flurry of favorite-ing begin...
  Thu. 1/17/13 12:07pm Luna:

  Thu. 1/17/13 12:08pm eric:

Starting off with His Hero Is Gone! Diane, you're my hero!!!!!!
  Thu. 1/17/13 12:11pm looch:

Play megadeth or bathory haha plz
  Thu. 1/17/13 12:12pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:13pm pierre:

Bonsoir Diane !
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:13pm Cecile:

hola, now with pictures.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:14pm coe:

wait does this mean no more math? That's not good I needed that math once a week.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:14pm pierre:

Cecile is one of us… one of us…
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:15pm BSI:

...with a briefcase of champions, yet...
  Thu. 1/17/13 12:15pm Alexis:

Hail!!!!! Motorhead
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:15pm Cecile:

coe, there's an iPod game called koozac that will keep your math skills in line. It's like math and tetris in one.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:16pm Diane Kamikaze:

Hi All! Thanks for tuning in! I'm sure we'll be hearing some oldschool with Mike from Attacker coming in. Please post any questions you have for him! THANKS~!
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:17pm Cecile:

Mike, which of the Big Four thrash bands do you want to hit with cinder blocks and why?
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:18pm Cecile:

hey, favoriting doesn't seem to be working for me.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:20pm eric:

Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:20pm Cecile:

hey, never heard attacker before today, but this sounds good
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:22pm joe:

Cecile don't forget we don't hit members of the Big Four with cinder blocks we give them a good Lars beating :)
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:23pm Cecile:

That's right, we give 'em a Lars-slapping.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:25pm BSI:

Must run out and forage for grubs and beetles. If anyone tries to take my seat, hiss menacingly and agitate your mandibles in a threatening posture...... please.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:27pm coe:

Fear not BSI they will not get through on our watch
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:27pm Cecile:

ay ay, BSI!
Hey, they are not sad wings of destiny. I feel gypped.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:28pm Cecile:

Oh, boys! Run up that hill with your broadswords!
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:29pm Cecile:

well, not real sad wings of destiny. Pretty darn chipper wings of destiny.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:29pm Cheri Pi:

  Thu. 1/17/13 12:29pm the glowing one:

oh hi, WFMU's now become a social media business venture!
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:30pm Cheri Pi:

Oh yes! I can get behind this.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:31pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:32pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:32pm coe:

Hey Hey Cheri
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:33pm coe:

Saw Mike play many years ago with Jersey Dogs at the China Club in Hillsdale opening for Mucky Pup. Those poor parrots.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:33pm Cheri Pi:

Howdy Coe!
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:39pm Cheri Pi:

that's what I'm talking aboot right here.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:39pm the glowing one:

omg, I've joined the cult
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:41pm Cheri Pi:

I need an understudy to scream for me if Voivod gets played after 2pm, stoopid meeting.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:41pm Andrew Waterloo:

I figured I was well into the cult when I traded all my worldly possessions for CD-Rs and T-Shirts
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:43pm Cheri Pi:

Drums, like baseball cards in the wheel of a bicycle. VOIVODDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:44pm coe:

@andrew yeah pretty much once you have a listener number you have a virtual kool ade cup.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:44pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 12:49pm eric:

Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:02pm eric:

Killing it Diane!
  Thu. 1/17/13 1:03pm r i s k y:

Hey all! Go Diane! Thrashin Thursday!
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:08pm coe:

Hey Mike
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:08pm BSI:

I have missed much groove.
  Thu. 1/17/13 1:10pm fred:

Good afternoon Diane and everybody.
Nothing like some Voivod to get me ready to see Peter Brötzmann in a couple of hours
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:15pm coe:

yup there was a glassed in case on the back wall that they kept two birds in. It was so damn surreal.
  Thu. 1/17/13 1:16pm kevin kennedy:

Just want to wish Mike..and everyone in Attacker the best of Luck with the New Album..and. touring..From all the Guy"s in Exxplorer Best Wishes to all~!!
  Thu. 1/17/13 1:21pm Anthony:

Mike & The Boys in Attacker are gonna make some noise in 2013!!!
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:35pm braveness23:

The new, improved and math-free B23 here!
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:38pm Cheri Pi:

Hey B23 :)
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:39pm pierre:

I like those lamenting guitars on this one
  Thu. 1/17/13 1:45pm common:

man...i never clean my drums...dirty.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:47pm Mike East:

I was talking to someone not even five minutes ago about how I bleed every time I play drums. (he was a drummer who needed a bandaid so he wouldn't bleed on the drums)
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:50pm Cheri Pi:

True Power metal, just the way nature intended. great stuff Attacker!!!
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:50pm Cheri Pi:

Side note-I always pronounced Accept as Axe-Sept. am I wrong?
  Thu. 1/17/13 1:53pm InBrkly:

Is the circumflex as metal as the umlaut? You could have used the spelling Kenân.
  Thu. 1/17/13 1:55pm Gog:

Yeah, Accept!
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:55pm PKNY:

UDO! \m/
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:57pm Cheri Pi:

well, I'm off to a meeting. I expect answers in the archives.
  Thu. 1/17/13 1:57pm demon:

Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:58pm PKNY:

Accept were the first band I ever saw live, opening for Kiss in '84. Good times!
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 1:58pm Mike East:

does anyone from North Jersey know who did the song in the commercial for Zapp Comics? (this is going back 15 or more years)
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:05pm Cecile:

Good answer, Mike!
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:28pm pierre:

oh my this is heavy !
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:29pm coe:

@Mike I have to answer that with...There was a Zapp Coimcs commercial :)
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:29pm BSI:

alright, this Steel Assassin tune has "future earworm" written all over it.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:31pm pierre:

BSI : I couldn't have said it better !
  Thu. 1/17/13 2:34pm demon:

Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:41pm Mike East:

yes, coe. very very low budget, but had a cool instrumental metal song playing as pictures of superheroes and villains flashed on the screen.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:43pm braveness23:

I think I found a bug in the new playlist. Try clicking on 'WFMU Home' at the top of the playlist.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:45pm braveness23:

it does something... not sure what... but it doesn't take me to the home page
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:46pm pierre:

@ braveness23: I tried, nothing special happened.
It got me to the homepage. Weird.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:48pm Dave B:

I think you mean the little link next profile login, no?
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:49pm braveness23:

wait... you said "nothing happened" and you said "it got me to the homepage". am I suffering a lapse of logic or are you?
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:50pm Mike East:

@braveness23 - a grey box appeared across the top for a minute then dissappeared. I also did not get home.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:51pm pierre:

@ braveness23: I might be not very logic, sorry :)
But, well, yes, It simply got me to the homepage, like it suppose to do.
(am I imagining thing know, it's difficult to tell as i'm having a beer right now…)
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:52pm pierre:

braveness23: oh nooo, wait, yeah sorry I clicked on the wrong button; It does that with me as well, grey box, then nothing. (i must stop beers)
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:54pm coe:

There seems to be changes going on real time as it is still in Beta. So I would definetly expect some digital gremlins to rear their heads.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:54pm Dave B:

never stop the beers.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:55pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I also get the grey box thingy.
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:55pm pierre:

@ Dave B : word ! (when is it that i'll have the pleasure to share one with you in Paris at le bouillon belge btw ?)
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:56pm Kurt Gottschalk:


(i just wanted to see my picture pop up.)
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 2:59pm coe:

I always wondered how I was supposed to tell the diffrence between the emergency alert system and some normal FMU programming
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 3:00pm pierre:

@ coe : to me that's the beauty of WFMU, everything can be WFMU, and WFMU can be everything
Avatar Thu. 1/17/13 3:01pm joe:

Thanks DK
  Thu. 1/17/13 3:11pm jeff:

Hey Diane Great show! How about Lenny fro Devil Haus guest dj? The old buy our records gang.
  Thu. 1/17/13 3:44pm Frank Footer:

Attacker Rocking the house!!!!
  Thu. 1/17/13 3:46pm Frank da Cop:

Awesome, just Awesome!!!!
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