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Options January 2, 2013: Can't we just kick 2013 down the road — all the way to 2014?

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Cogs (Patrick Wray)  New Year Black   Options Afternoons  0:03:41 (Pop‑up)
Acid House Kings  Do What You Wanna Do   Options Sing Along With the Acid House Kings  0:07:36 (Pop‑up)
The Kiosk  Mr. Chomsky   Options I Shall Be Rereleased  0:10:36 (Pop‑up)
The Clientele  Bookshop Casanova   Options God Save the Clientele  0:20:47 (Pop‑up)
Katell Keineg  What's The Only Thing Worse Than the End of Time   Options What's the Only Thing Worse Than the End of Time?  0:24:30 (Pop‑up)
Optiganally Yours  Beebo   Options Spotlight on Optiganally Yours  0:28:31 (Pop‑up)
The Chores  Names For Numbers   Options The Chores Existed  0:32:18 (Pop‑up)
Blondie  Rip Her to Shreds   Options Blondie  0:34:09 (Pop‑up)
Dave King  Bees   Options Indelicate  0:37:20 (Pop‑up)
Schnauzer Radio Orchestra  P to Pause   Options Music for a 1950s Video Game  0:43:22 (Pop‑up)
George Formby  Swimmin' With the Wimmin   Options George Formby Favorites  0:46:47 (Pop‑up)
Lane & Luis  Suck It For the U.S.A.   Options Suck It For the U.S.A.  0:57:59 (Pop‑up)
Yo La Tengo  Ohm   Options Fade  1:00:50 (Pop‑up)
The We Are Unique! Ensemble  Detour #2 (I Love Paris)   Options The We Are Unique! Ensemble  1:06:54 (Pop‑up)
The Hold Steady  Joke About Jamaica   Options Stay Positive  1:11:37 (Pop‑up)
Aimee Mann  Crazytown   Options Charmer  1:16:16 (Pop‑up)
Patti Page  With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming   Options Patti Page's Golden Hits  1:23:45 (Pop‑up)
Patti Page  You Don't Know Me   Options Go On Home: Country & Western Hits Vol. 2  1:26:38 (Pop‑up)
Patti Page  Detour   Options Patti Page's Golden Hits  1:28:59 (Pop‑up)
Jefferson Airplane  How Do You Feel   Options Surrealistic Pillow  1:33:33 (Pop‑up)
POP ETC  How Will I Know   Options YT vid  1:36:36 (Pop‑up)
Art Blakey  The Freedom Rider   Options The Freedom Rider  1:39:50 (Pop‑up)
Robert Mitchum  Lonely Movies   Options Tornado Souvenirs (Scott Richardson)  1:47:39 (Pop‑up)
Eric Matthews  Sincere Sensation   Options It's Heavy in Here  1:49:14 (Pop‑up)
Naomi Hall  The Gnome   Options Honeymoon on Neptune  1:52:04 (Pop‑up)
Ben Williams  The Lee Morgan Story   Options State of the Art  1:58:49 (Pop‑up)
Lee Morgan  Gary's Notebook   Options The Sidewinder  2:03:17 (Pop‑up)
Gerry Gibbs  Soundtrack for Routines on the Road   Options Moving On  2:09:16 (Pop‑up)
Fernando Lamas  The King and the Chorus Girl   Options Monkeypiece Theater  2:13:10 (Pop‑up)
Frank Pahl  The Romantic Side of Schizophrenia   Options The Romantic Side of Schizophrenia  2:16:58 (Pop‑up)
Koichi Sugii  Yagi-Bushi   Options Japanese Jazz & Salon Music 1936-1941, Vol. 3  2:20:05 (Pop‑up)
Caravan  Waterloo Lily   Options Waterloo Lily  2:29:39 (Pop‑up)
The Sinceros  Disappearing   Options Pet Rock  2:36:02 (Pop‑up)
Chris Cohen  Don't Look Today   Options Overgrown Path  2:39:49 (Pop‑up)
Jason Karaban  A Far Better Place   Options Mayfly  2:44:03 (Pop‑up)
Angil & the Hiddentracks  When He Says Your Name   Options Now  2:46:18 (Pop‑up)
Cal Tjader  Minority   Options Rebop: The Savoy Originals  2:50:15 (Pop‑up)
Cults Percussion Ensemble  Polymers   Options Cults Percussion Ensemble  2:53:39 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  3:04pm ...:

Happy New Year Irwin!
  3:04pm Listening Out There:

"Deep Thoughts" is just too deep for me. I'm shallow...
  3:05pm Shallow Thought:

Ever since Ken lectured Duane about being late months ago, Duane is never late. That task has devolved to Irwin. It will take decades to move it around the entire 168 hour weekly schedule one shift at a time, though.
  3:07pm G:

Check what happens when you click on "2013"
  3:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Happy New Year everyone! Irwin, listeners and punctuation...
  3:07pm thatpatsmith:

Hey Irwin, happy new year. Was Johnny Carson any good as a drummer?
  3:08pm Caryn:

I keep looking over the "deep thought" and pondering whether I consider it a deep thought or just a "Sedona, Arizona thought". Can't decide.
  3:09pm Uncle Michael:

I want Deep Thoughts by Chris Penn.
  3:09pm G:

Click on the picture. OMFG, is Sean Penn longwinded!!!! Without a good scriptwriter giving him wording to memorize, he'd have had zero career.
  3:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Is Sean Penn actually the girl speaking to the San Francisco city council a few years ago? And on drugs? And staying up all night to complete a Philosophy 130 assignment?
  3:11pm Matt from Springfield:

...and plugged into Google Translate and translated into Spanish, then Danish, then Japanese, then Maori, then back to English?...
  3:11pm Dave B:

I'd be happy with Deep Thoughts by Penn Jillette

Happy New Year
  3:12pm Caryn:

@G: that's most actors for you. That's why improv during movie shoots should be left to a select few.
@Uncle Michael: I want Chris Penn's deep thought to explain how his "Footloose" role fits in with the rest of his career.
  3:13pm G:

Bingo, Caryn. That was what I was thinking. "Shut up and act!" :-)
  3:15pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, General Norman Schwarzkopf just died...
  3:15pm Michael:

Hiya old pal. Happy New Year and all that stuff.
  3:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Michaels, Uncle and regular!
  3:16pm The General:

Actually that was 5 days ago
  3:16pm Irwin:

Happy New Jersey, all!
  3:17pm G:

My parents gave me a New Sweater for Xmas. No New Jersey, though.
  3:19pm glenn:

yeah, matt, i was gonna say. maybe they'll keep his body in the rotunda of the white house. does the white house have a rotunda? or just a good old fashioned foyer?
  3:20pm G:

Was he all that rotund?
  3:20pm General Blackhead:

War is a profane thing.
  3:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Damn. Serves me right for not looking at the Washington Post last Friday...

@glenn: The Capitol has a rotunda, where some citizens are "laid in state" publicly. The White House doesn't, but does a portico on the South Lawn.
  3:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Old? It's a WFM New station!
  3:23pm Caryn:

Yeah, the end of December saw a lot of older stars passing on, what with Charles Durning, Jack Klugman, Ray Collins, Fontella Bass, and Harry Carey Jr. all dying.
  3:23pm Matt from Springfield:

Amanda. That's actually what I want from you.
  3:23pm Laura L:

The whole Sean Penn piece would read better if he'd used "that thing upon my neck" wherever possible instead of "head."
  3:24pm Caryn:

Oh, and Gerry Anderson. That was sad.
  3:25pm glenn:

or maybe used his william shatner voice.
  3:25pm Ike:

G, are you the same G who was stuck in Catonsville over the holidays? That's funny, my grandmom lived there way back in the day.
  3:26pm Matt from Springfield:

God Save the Cli-entele! That's another great blast from the [relatively recent] past!
I thought this was Cotton Mather for a second there.
  3:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@glenn: Si si si! William Shatner, reading and acting that Penn out, with an instrumental pop version of "Here, There and Everywhere" or something similar as a backing track.
  3:29pm still b/p:

Go into Penn Station and gather a dozen separate fragments of overheard remarks, and see if stringing them together produces something more lucid or effective.
  3:30pm Matt from Springfield:

"What's the Only Thing Worse Than the End of Time?"
Probably discovering that time has reached its end, but YOU are still here...

<*Genuine* Deep Thought! HA! > :)
  3:31pm Matt from Springfield:

@still b/p: If that still doesn't work, cut the strung together text into quarters, and rearrange a la Bill Burroughs. That should be more sensical.
  3:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Optiganally Yours, again! Hooray!
  3:33pm Sigurdur:

base, stone & rain and Iceland
  3:35pm Caryn:

@Matt: thanks for that image. Now I keep imagining Shatner saying all this in an actual ST episode, to try and make some supercomputer collapse under a logical fallacy.
And what's worse than the end of time? You still being there, then realising that Sean Penn is there with you, rambling on incoherently like he's talking pseudo-deeply with Oprah, and since time no longer exists, you know there is no end in sight to the rambling.
  3:35pm glenn:

stations of the penn. not as jesusy, and way more mumbly.
  3:38pm Andrew Waterloo:

Sean Penn shouldn't use acid while he's serving his children breakfast cereal
  3:39pm Droll:

My reading of the "thing around our neck" was "Albatross". Unlike most "albatross" substitutions, the meaning doesn't change one iota.
  3:39pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Yeah, exactly! Or, just plain burning up the computer's available memory with this "infinite" loop of rambling.
  3:40pm still b/p:

'Course, provokin' him thisaway, we're all in line now to receive a message in his native lingo: a punch-out.
  3:42pm General Dreedle:

Penn's political rants might be a bit screwy but he's a pretty fair actor.
  3:44pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh, and just for S&Gs...Google Translate doesn't have Maori, but when I when backwards from Japanese>Danish>Spanish:

"That Thing Indeed upon our neck was not created decoratively, and in using our heads with our hearts, our eyes must use Also, and Set Them Clearly, not upon one healing mechanism, prevention not upon one, but upon All Those That Can connective dots allow future generations to freedom The Possibility of Including peace and safety."
  3:44pm Caryn:

@sb/p: But Penn must realise that these things upon the ends of our arms were not created decoratively, but to type connective letters that can allow future commenters the possibility of a freedom to mock Sean Penn in peace and safety!
  3:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Doesn't even compare with this gem, derived in the same manner:

" "What is the one thing worse than the end of time?"
Time has come to an end, you will still be here probably discover..." :)
  3:48pm Life of Brian prophet:

"There shall in that time be rumours of things going astray, erm, and there shall be a great confusion as to where things really are, and nobody will really know where lieth those little things wi-with the sort of raffier-work base, that has an attachment. At that time, a friend shall lose his friend's hammer, and the young shall not know where lieth the things possessed by their fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before, about eight o'clock."
  3:49pm Caryn:

Maybe Penn has signed on for a "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" sequel, and has been getting more and more high to prepare for his return to the role of Spicoli? That certainly seems like the writing of a stoner.
  3:51pm Uncle Michael:

  3:52pm Keith in VT:

Time to that thing upon our neck out of here.
  3:52pm A Python art critic:

Some people have made the mistake of seeing Shunt's work as a load of rubbish about railway timetables, but clever people like me, who talk loudly in restaurants, see this as a deliberate ambiguity, a plea for understanding in a mechanized world. The points are frozen, the beast is dead. What is the difference? What indeed is the point? The point is frozen, the beast is late out of Paddington. The point is taken. If La Fontaine's elk would spurn Tom Jones the engine must be our head, the dining car our oesophagus, the guard's van our left lung, the cattle truck our shins, the first-class compartment the piece of skin at the nape of the neck and the level crossing an electric elk called Simon. The clarity is devastating. But where is the ambiguity? It's over there in a box. Shunt is saying the 8.15 from Gillingham when in reality he means the 8.13 from Gillingham. The train is the same only the time is altered. Ecce homo, ergo elk. La Fontaine knew his sister and knew her bloody well. The point is taken, the beast is moulting, the fluff gets up your nose. The illusion is complete; it is reality, the reality is illusion and the ambiguity is the only truth. But is the truth, as Hitchcock observes, in the box? No there isn't room, the ambiguity has put on weight. The point is taken, the elk is dead, the beast stops at Swindon, Chabrol stops at nothing, I'm having treatment and La Fontaine can get knotted.
  3:53pm Droll:

Matt, Automatic translation is so 2012. In 2013 the big fun comes from YouTube's automatic transcription/closed-captioning.
  3:55pm glenn:

verily, droll speaks the truth.
  3:55pm Matt from Springfield:

@Art Critic: :) Always been a huge fan of yours! "Ecce homo, ergo elk!"

@Droll: REALLY? Oh hells yeah!!
  3:56pm Matt from Springfield:

I thought "friendly" was Irwin's "F-word"...
  3:56pm glenn:

elk be some scary ass ungulates.
  3:57pm Caryn:

@Matt: That is indeed my favourite Python moment. I, sadly, know it by heart. BTW, sorry to clog up the comments with that. Man, it's longer than you think...
  3:57pm Matt from Springfield:

@glenn: Have any elk attacks make the CBC news lately?
  3:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Trailing zeros are the worst! But, LEADING zeroes should be MANDATORY!!!!11!!!1one!!
  4:01pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Sadly, but impressively!! Kudos! Cleese's performance of that also really makes the piece.
(A funnier edition of "Lucky's Speech" from Waiting For Godot, IMO.)
  4:02pm glenn:

let's see, shall we?
  4:02pm Caryn:

@Matt: yeah, you really have to say it with the same spurts and stops as Cleese.
  4:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Lane & Luis "Suck It For the U.S.A."! This is the #1 pop hit on mainstream radio, in my alternate imaginary universe!
  4:04pm Alison Porchnik:

Nice inspirational poster. I wonder if Irwin designed that himself.
  4:04pm green mountain man mark:

Yeah I know about those animals. Step into any Elks Club party and you will see.
  4:04pm glenn:

  4:05pm Matt from Springfield:

And, "666" on that last one! :)
  4:05pm still b/p:

"Deep Thoughts" is borrowed. How about "Penn and Pensive"...?
  4:07pm Alison Porchnik:

I believe Sean and Jack Handey are intimately acquainted. Jack does a lot of relief work in Haiti these days.
  4:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Some forbidden love story there between the Montacows and Capuelks!
But what a harsh "welfare reform" in Banff! No job training or day care vouchers, just deported off to the national park??
  4:09pm green mountain man mark:

I used to work in an Italian restaurant years ago. At the bar once there was a kind of rednecky guy there with a friend. He ordered a glass of wine at the bar and when he received it he looked at the glass perplexed then looked at the bartender and said "You know at the Elks Club they fill the glass right up!"
  4:10pm Matt from Springfield:

YLT--never a bad album, never a bad song.
  4:10pm Irwin:

Patti Page R.I.P.
  4:11pm glenn:

just out of curiosity - is there a celebrity death rss feed?
  4:12pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mark: Seriously? The wineglass to the top is an old trope heard about for years, across many cultures (Hong Kongers now say that about the mainland Chinese at their restaurants).

But knowing small town fraternal men's clubs, that wouldn't surprise me if they did "top it off"!
  4:12pm Caryn:

I suggest a 1-2 or Fontella Bass and Patti Page to end the show.
  4:14pm glenn:

i was at a restaurant once where the cheese tray went past and a rednecky type said, and i quote " there's three kinds of cheese. ya got your orange, ya got your yellow and ya got your marble"
  4:15pm Caryn:

Man, the Grammys mean certain death nowadays. First Whitney, now Patti. Damn you, Grammys!
  4:15pm Matt from Springfield:

"Clara Ann Fowler (November 8, 1927 - January 1, 2013)"
And yes, we haven't heard Irwin's Fontella tribute yet!
  4:16pm Irwin:

This is a song about Led Zep. No, not really. Just about a joke about LZ.
  4:16pm CDB:

@Glenn: http://rawdataserver.com/CDB/data.html
  4:16pm Matt from Springfield:

"Fowler became a featured singer on a 15-minute radio program on radio station KTUL, Tulsa, Oklahoma, at age 18. The program was sponsored by the "Page Milk Company." On the air, Fowler was dubbed "Patti Page," after the Page Milk Company."
  4:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Jamaica joke about Zeppelin?
  4:18pm Alison Porchnik:

I heard they were a really good band. But IMHO the Kennedy Center has hit hard times these days.
  4:18pm Irwin:

D'yer Mak'er
  4:19pm Mike East:

I think d'yer mak'er was LZ's joke about Jamaica
  4:19pm Woo:

wah wah wah wah wah
  4:19pm Alison Porchnik:

DIYer Maker
  4:19pm Caryn:

"Hey, Robert Plant! Jamaican me crazy!" Ba-dum-pum.
  4:21pm Caryn:

Hah, looked up at the tv, and on the Letterman repeat tonight: Plant, Page & Jones. Spooky!
  4:21pm Matt from Springfield:

@AP: Some have pronounced that song title as "Jamaica", but you have the appropriate pronunciation down. Like "Did you *make* her" scrunched together.
  4:23pm Uncle Michael:

Me missus is away on 'oliday.

Jamaica (d'yer mak 'er)?

Nah, she went of 'er own accord.
  4:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@AP: Speaking of which, I'm holding Irwin to his "Led Zepp'lin" Hoof & Mouth promise!! A fun time that will be :)
  4:26pm glenn:

mary ford was the first, which makes sense.
  4:27pm G:

@Ike 3:25: Yes, my brother has lived in Catonsville since about 2000, used to live on the water in Severna Park in the 90s. My parents then moved to C'ville in 2007 to a retirement place. So this is my family commute, BK to Catonsville.

Catonsville started long ago as a resort for people trying to get out of Baltimore in the summer, and now it seems to have evolved into an especially heavy retirement area.

Sorry about the delay, my gf wanted gin rummy practice to stand up to the card sharks in my family.
  4:30pm G:

Patti, that's some class right there.
  4:32pm Matt from Springfield:

My grandmother liked Patti Page. And Joni James. And other alliterative stage names too, I'm sure.
  4:35pm Koobas:

too busy nonstop commenting to listen to the goddam radio show
  4:38pm Woo:

Grace Slick turns 74 in 2013.
  4:39pm Happy Listener:

You play some good hippie noise for a Republican, Irwin. Happy New Year!
  4:39pm Matt from Springfield:

Nice! Thought this was the Mamas & Papas -- nice layered harmonies from JA.
  4:39pm G:

@Woo: new band name, Jefferson Assisted Living
  4:40pm Alison Porchnik:

Republicans are hippies too
  4:42pm Idiotlogue:

for reference:

Libertarian ≠ Republican

many Republicans = DemocratLite
  4:48pm Alison Porchnik:

Hippies can't play like this, I don't care what anyone says.
  4:51pm G:

FWIW, in my experience long careful work tends to accomplish more than fuzzyheaded generalities. I suspect that's true in music, too. So I'd second Alison P.
  4:53pm common:

crazy, high robert mitchum.
  4:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Go Naomi Hall! She's got the Syd Barrett PF vibe down pat!
  4:59pm glenn:

hey irwin, did you hear patti page died?
  5:00pm Matt from Springfield:

It's Scott Richardson's album -- we're all just making cameos in it.
  5:01pm G:

@glenn: let me know when you get to the punchline :-)
  5:02pm Alison Porchnik:

Free pencil for the first 15 callers
  5:03pm Irwin:

Call 1-800-FreeNoseJob.com NOW!
  5:04pm Matt from Springfield:

It's cool how Lee Morgan has a hip hop tribute. I bet this was funded with a grant from the Chusid Foundation for Peachy Things.
  5:05pm G:

But is their theme as good as 1-877-KARS4KIDS?
  5:05pm Matt from Springfield:

WHERE'S the "dot" key on my phone?!
  5:06pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: Super-tremendo-mashup: Tullis & Clark/Kars 4 Kids/666 into a 1-800-FreeNoseJob.com commercial.
  5:06pm Caryn:

@Matt: heh. But I think it's a 1.
  5:08pm Alison Porchnik:

Only three pencils left!
  5:08pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: The 1 used to be a stand-in for Q and Z, but ever since cell phones I notice more and more phones fit the Q on the 7 and Z on the 9; and the 1 remains blank.
  5:09pm Matt from Springfield:

@AP: Are all pencils guaranteed to have the bite marks of an actor or dentist on them?
  5:10pm Droll:

Not only you can pick your nose, you can pick any nose in the catalog. Send your ring size with order. Satisfaction guaranteed or your FREE back.
  5:10pm G:

Is that pencils thing serious, or a joke?

Do they say "I, Pencil" on them?
  5:10pm Alison Porchnik:

No, they smell factory-fresh
  5:11pm Alison Porchnik:

The pencils, not the noses, that is.
  5:12pm Caryn:

@Matt: nowadays, with the touch screens and full keypads on a lot of phones, the issue varies. On a lot of older mobile phones, the alphabet starts from 2, but 1 could contain punctuation. So that's the best bet.
  5:15pm Irwin:

We have pencils for 1-800-FreeNoseJob.com. Just tell us where to send them. Alison is our mail clerk.
  5:15pm G:

Vacuuming time.
  5:18pm Matt from Springfield:

I was hoping it would give a long buzz when "your" line comes up :)
Apes are fine, however!
  5:20pm Listening Out There:

Dave the Spazz would like "Monkeypiece"...
  5:21pm green mountain man mark:

pencil dick neck nosed job geek.
  5:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Woooohooooo! Koichi Sugii!
  5:26pm Uncle Michael:

What's the story on Monkeypiece Theater?
  5:26pm Brett:

I love Koichi Sugii!!!!
  5:26pm green mountain man mark:

what is the salon part of it? Like, would this be played in a hair salon? If so it kinda reminds me of being in Korea and getting hair cuts there.
  5:27pm Koobas:

NEW! click > Hide > to remove this comments field.
  5:28pm G:

Salon means something like dancehall there, I suspect, mark. Haven't researched it, though...
  5:28pm G:

"salon" just means "big room" in French
  5:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Salon Music, as in: music for formal parties in long halls.
  5:34pm green mountain man mark:

I can't make it down there for that on the 13th. Had my sneezebox all ready for the record fair in November. Probably wouldn't be the same at this one day event to bring the box. September will be here before we know it.
  5:36pm green mountain man mark:

there is enough time though, for listeners and DJs to make a baby and have it be delivered at the record fair. If you calculate it right.
  5:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Like this Sinceros--great production, sounds like that slick, late 70s Arista sound.
  5:44pm Matt from Springfield:

@mark: Perhaps I should donate a bunch of towels towards the Record Fair, then...
  5:45pm Dave E.:

My old pal Irwin!
  5:46pm Irwin:

Matt: 1981 on that Sinceros track. Epic Records.
  5:50pm green mountain man mark:

yes. must have plenty of towels on hand for a birth. I remember when my daughter was born. I think the doctor knew that this would happen. He took those clamps they put over the umbilical cord and he scrucnhed up the cord so it was like a tight balloon. He gave me some scissors and said cut it! I did and blood splattered all over my face. He said with a big smile "Welcome to fatherhood."
  5:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Irwin.

@mark: Like confetti celebrating her arrival! Only made of blood.
  5:56pm green mountain man mark:

and now here we have 12 year old Zoe.
  5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

Cults Percussion Ensemble are so hypnotic--forget C.P.E. Bach, I've found a new CPE!
  5:59pm Droll:

Blood confetti! It took three hours, but the comments board made it there!
See yinz next week.
  5:59pm Matt from Springfield:

@Droll: "Godwin's Other Law", fulfilled! ;)
  6:00pm Mike East:

my baby's cord didn't explode, but there were alot of other fluids going around that day.
  6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Great show, thanks Irwin!
Have a good night, peoples!
  6:00pm G:

That was a saucy number, from Worcestershire
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