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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options December 7, 2012: Who's A Big Baby

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Frangry & Michele  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options 0:00:00 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

Avatar 6:00pm FRANGRY:

  6:00pm the glowing one:

Avatar 6:00pm FRANGRY:

  6:01pm Carmichael:

Dammit, I nearly missed the Robot Dance!!!
  6:01pm the glowing one:

  6:01pm TheMarmot:

Hola Frangry and Michele
  6:03pm the glowing one:

Hi crybabies! Neh-neh-neh-neh!
Avatar 6:04pm FRANGRY:

201 209 9368
  6:07pm Doug in Tangiers:

I'm getting Frangry panties for her birthday.
  6:07pm Johnny Muller:

You got something special coming your way!
  6:07pm Cliff:

Don't you mean your Hay-Zeus year?
  6:08pm Weed Head:

i believe a nice 1/8th is in order for your birthday, Frangry.
  6:08pm Caryn:

So, I have a few months left of my "Jesus year". The way things are going, death seems decidedly more likely than doing anything significant.
Avatar 6:09pm FRANGRY:

I accept all present, big or small.
  6:09pm Honey boo boo:

I'm a giant baby.
  6:09pm Carmichael:

John Boener's a big-ass baby.
  6:09pm God:

your Jesus year? Did I send you down again?
  6:10pm Caryn:

@Carm: while Limbaugh is a baby with a big ass
  6:12pm JoJo:

Frangry, I'm assuming Pancake is NOT a big baby, correct?
  6:13pm aaron:

Terrible topic, but I love how that makes you squirm.
  6:13pm Eric:

In my experience, internet commenters are generally big babies.
  6:14pm g:

Who's a big loser?
  6:15pm Michele's Pants:

I'm squeezing tight and I'm so happy!
  6:15pm g:

Who's a big hypocrite?
  6:15pm g:

Who's a big racist?
  6:16pm seang:

you guys are big babies
  6:16pm Caryn:

Let's tweek the topic suggestion into: What is your least favourite movie?
  6:16pm Doug in Tangiers:

  6:16pm ME:

Change the topic damnit
  6:16pm Indica Jones:

New topic:we're you a doofus/lame/weirdo in high school?
  6:17pm TheMarmot:

Favorite Aquatic Mammal?
  6:17pm Doug in Tangiers:

15.5 pound baby born in China.
  6:17pm bigBaby:

Apparently me. I had a dream last nite and during the dream I pee'd and it felt really good. I pee'd a lot. I woke up in little a puddle of my own pee. A puddle! So much pee! I am 36.
  6:17pm g:

What is the right age to freeze eggs? Discuss.
  6:17pm Spike:

Spitt Romney. He is still having a temper tantrum over the election.
  6:18pm Carmichael:

That dude on the Boston Celtics is a big baby.
  6:18pm mto:

what would you rather do than Christmas? and where?
  6:18pm dOOseldorf:

Frangry and Michel..please kiss..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6:19pm Weed Head:

baby whales are like 300 to 400 pounds when they are born.
  6:19pm g:

Why do doves cry?
  6:20pm Doug in Tangiers:

why is Frangry trolling for a dude? Are there no listeners available.
  6:20pm g:

Did Frangry text Mr. Pee Butt?
  6:20pm pgw in mntclr:

been there.
  6:21pm Weed Head:

Frangry said "suck it up" refering to banging her internet dude.
  6:21pm g:

Frangry's hook-up must have thought he's HUGE!!!
  6:21pm Terry:

Frangry, Speaking of Michele's smokin' pants, have you ever kissed a fellow hot chick?
  6:21pm Cliff:

You meet the most delightful people on OkCupid.
  6:22pm Brett:

I cried when watching the new Disney short "Paperman"
  6:22pm James Bondage:

I'm jealous. I had no idea that Frangry was so desperate for a lay. I'm here!!!
  6:22pm Carmichael:

This caller is totally baked.
  6:22pm Caryn:

If the babysitter never gets back to you, do you do like in beauty pageants, and give it to a runner-up?
  6:23pm huge junk:

I made Frangry cry.
  6:23pm Jimmy:

I cried when Abraham Lincoln died at the end of "Lincoln", didnt see that coming
  6:24pm Michelle O.:

John Boehner is a big baby.
  6:24pm Frangrys mom:

WHAT? you had sex???
  6:24pm pgw in mntclr:

Glen's on the Orlando Magic now
  6:24pm little junk:

I made Franfry laugh.
  6:24pm dOOseldorf:

Angus T. Jones is the big baby ...he doesnt even know yet how big a baby he is..just wait til he cant get another show biz job..then will see real tears
  6:24pm jno:

glen davis is now on the magic
  6:25pm Caryn:

I cry at the drop of a hat. Any hat. Maybe I'm making up for lost time, because I was apparently a really quiet baby.
  6:25pm Hobo Joe:

Frangry gave up the back door to the dude from Sugar Ray.
  6:25pm Dave Miller:

  6:26pm tool 3435:

Frangry's chance of getting laid again...zero%.
  6:26pm Carmichael:

I cried when I saw the vampire die on Lincoln, didn't see that coming at all.
  6:26pm new zealander:

Why do Witches ride broom sticks? Where does it come from? Google it. Bet you can't guess.
  6:27pm Frangry's junk:

I liked Mr. Pee Butt and wanted that fractured arm guy to go away, so I made her CRY!
  6:27pm All Men:

Excellent 3-way - Frangry, Michele & Kimberly
  6:27pm pgw in mntclr:

i'm a big baby because my lexapro stopped working
  6:29pm dOOseldorf:

Frangry musta run outa Perks
  6:29pm Frangry's frozen eggs:

We'd like to have a good time like Mr. King Bean.
  6:30pm ToTo Too:

  6:30pm Caryn:

Chris Brown is a big baby. Complete with temper tantrums.
  6:30pm Carmichael:

Frangry: "Thanks for the tip." I get it.
  6:31pm Bernardo:

I cry at the end of West Side Story, like clockwork, when Natalie Wood throws herself on Tony's body and tells everyone to back off. And when Frangry shares too much.
  6:31pm Carmichael:

This caller thinks he's at a drive-thru.
  6:31pm Johnny Muller:

What's really weird is if BOTH people started crying during sex
  6:32pm pgw in mntclr:

he slept over? he's the big baby.
  6:32pm Guys:

Our damaged chromosome explains everything.
  6:32pm the glowing one:

or if the dude starts to cry
  6:33pm g:

Rape jokes are FUN!
  6:34pm Gray G:

Old Hispanic women are the biggest babies, or Los Bébés Grandes. They over exaggerate all of their problems and LOVE to pretend to pass out
  6:34pm g:

Sam is CREEPY.
  6:34pm TheMarmot:

Oh boy, creepy as fuck.
  6:34pm Carmichael:

This caller is NOT wearing pants.
  6:35pm g:

Don Knotts cried during sex (I heard).
  6:36pm pgw in mntclr:

Michele, how did you not dump-button that dude?
  6:37pm Carmichael:

Jessie's gonna give her complete bio. At least 2 hours ....
  6:37pm g:

meat spin?
Avatar 6:37pm FRANGRY:

  6:38pm Brett:

  6:38pm Scott9393:

Uh. this is RADIO....
  6:38pm TheMarmot:

if you like meatspin.org try FingerSlam.com
  6:38pm Jealous Guy:

Is Michelle's boyfriend a BIG BABY?
  6:38pm Gray G:

I work for Jersey City EMS and half of my "unconscious" calls are old Hispanic women who pretend to "die" after getting into arguments with their family
  6:38pm Carmichael:

For the name, not the site I was expecting.
  6:38pm Mr_Donut:

That just earned me a promotion!
  6:39pm g:

Meatspin makes me dizzy!
  6:39pm Carmichael:

Definitely NSFW!
  6:39pm Scott9393:

Cat abuser
  6:40pm Vike:

Hitler was a big baby - cyanide - get your ass out of the bunker and dance with Mr. Full Metal Jacket! Plus that was a baby mustache
  6:41pm Caryn:

Wait, who was the celeb who threw her boyfriend's cat at him during an argument? That's gonna bug me now.
  6:41pm Gray G:

Lemon party.com
  6:41pm Catherine:

Bridezillas are big babies.
  6:41pm Carmichael:

This caller is 12 years old.
  6:41pm Cats:

Throwing us is punishable by a death slap by a transvestite.
  6:41pm Adler:

You didn't appreciate what that pussy had gone through
  6:41pm Adler:

You didn't appreciate what that pussy had gone through
  6:41pm George Bush:

Answer my call ya jerks
  6:42pm Scott9393:

Lintman gets a shirt
  6:42pm Lint:

We want to bloke that callers throat.
  6:43pm Frangry's Shoulder:

  6:44pm Scott9393:

and so the downward spiral begins
  6:44pm g:

Being an idiot does not make you a big baby.
  6:44pm Vike:

  6:45pm Gray G:

Poor people who complain about the rich getting taxed
  6:45pm pgw in mntclr:

that hitler dude wasn't wearing pants either
  6:45pm Lucy:

Why can't people study what they want? Big Babies are people who think you can't be successful if you dont do the same old shit that the economy wants you to do and then get mad at you having a problem with the way the economy is set up.
  6:45pm Meek-Mok:

Michelle just won a T-Shirt.
  6:45pm Jeez:

Anyone who dollar drops the price of their shoes and knockoff bags is a frigging HUGE baby.
  6:46pm "Bless your soul" man:

I repent because i'm a meatswinger (more of a vienna sausage swinger).
  6:46pm g:

Cretins and salutations?
  6:46pm duanewayne:

best call
  6:47pm gamsu:

Ken: randomly listening, looking at commentary; is this what you had in mind?
  6:47pm the glowing one:

that caller's drunk
  6:47pm Vike:

Anyone who puts puss in a squirtgun and goes after people in an adult theater is a big baby!
  6:48pm Frangry's Box:

At least I'm happy.
  6:48pm other david:

anyone who whinges about wfmu programming on the comments board is the biggest baby, in fairness.
  6:48pm Meek-Mok:

Are all the callers drunk right now?
  6:49pm Gray G:

Teenage girls who don't get positive comments for their sluttish pics on facebook
  6:49pm Duane Wayne:

Homeless people that don't accept pennies.
  6:50pm Lucy:

Benjamin walker's voice makes him sound like a big baby
  6:50pm dpcd:

Jeez is right. I am so tired of that Tory Burch and her adversarial C Wonder former husband.
I used to work for them. She is okay. He is crazy.
  6:50pm Caryn:

Hmm, is the winner of today's show going to get a regular t-shirt or one of those WFMU toddler tees?
  6:50pm gamsu:

After listening, I forgot, you do 7 second delay.
  6:50pm Carmichael:

Hey other David! Is this show interrupting your midnight?
  6:51pm Jordan:

12/14/79 - The world has never been the same.
  6:52pm other david:

@Carmichael: nu-uh, I'm interrupting it! Like a big baby.
  6:52pm Vike:

is this officially your worst show? is it because you're both hungover?
  6:52pm g:

Party at Maialino's?
  6:52pm That Guy:

A couple love taps to the face never hurt anyone
  6:53pm Winnie the Pooh:

  6:53pm Greg N:

My senior year in highschool there was a girl in my class that was a jerk and we all had to post on a board where we were going to college and she was very afraid of clowns so we wrote that she was going to clown school for grad school. She was in tears and I felt bad
  6:54pm dpcd:

Oh, that is it! The biggest Big Baby country has to be Israel.
Right on.
  6:54pm Carmichael:

The caller's not a big baby, just a fat ass.
  6:54pm Jordan:

Please say FOODBED! It hasn't been uttered once.
  6:54pm Catherine:

Bridezillas are big babies.
  6:54pm Cliff:

Oh, I didn't even think of that...I was 10 pounds, 7 ounces myself when I was born
  6:54pm Vike:

it's almost over - you should both puke in your mikes and laugh through the oatmeal! Go out in a hale of hurl!
  6:55pm Catherine:

Bridezillas are big babies.
  6:55pm Lucy:

Golden Dawn is a big baby
  6:55pm cosmic matrix:

you guys are all big babies for thinking that people who question obama's history are on the wrong track. GET YER HEAD OUT OF THE SAND.
  6:56pm Carmichael:

These callers sound like the Jerky Boys.
  6:56pm Caryn:

Wrestler Alexander Karelin's mom said he weighed almost 20 pounds when he was born, so he was a big baby.
  6:57pm F. News:

Karl Rove is a big baby.
  6:57pm Carmichael:

cosmic matrix is a big baby.
  6:57pm boogerbut:

he waws a brave baby how dare you
  6:57pm Vike:

Satan is a big Baby
  6:58pm Satan:

People who say "Hail" to me are Big Babys.
  6:58pm Duane Wayne:

people who cry during the lion King.
  6:58pm JaJa:

Frangry's $ shoes are BIG babies.
  6:58pm Vike:

Go away - come back with a great show next week - like all your others! You guys rock! Except tonight :)
Avatar 6:58pm FRANGRY:

  6:58pm g:

  6:58pm boogerbut:

"hiii yer on th-raaayio" yeah the shows done...
  7:04pm dpcd:

Sorry, the developed country that gets 70 percent of our foreign aid AND dictates our foreign policy freely thanks to Hillary et al, then pretend they don't have the nukes that Iran may or may not be making... well boo hoo.
For every Israeli who died in the recent Gaza debacle, how many non-such were killed?
The big baby will have a tantrum on Wall Street if he can't control everything all the time.
  10:24pm Izzy Real:

@dpcd: Antisemites are generally big babies!
  4:13pm fake jane:

I agree with dpcd; sorry about the politics. Israel, the government, is a big baby and a liar and other negative adjectives. In Palestine are some big baby religious fanatics with home made missiles and rocks fighting the Israeli religious fanatatics.... religion against religion yippeee. Israel is still a bigger baby and rich & greedy besides. Or maybe because of being rich and greedy.
Yeah I kind of feel dirty talk ing about politics but amongst plenty of corrupt (of varying degrees) governments on our planet, Israel is a big, big baby. And this is not anti- Semitism, Izzy Real. You are a big baby.
Have I sullied one of my favorite entertainment pages? Name calling was a bit too tempting tonight. Am not crying but do apologize; now I do not have to go off for another 12 months or so.
Send or delete, send or delete? I need therapy from the board. Send.
  6:59am A fish:

This was a weird show, in a good way.

I still think Frangry is a big baby in the way she treated Andy.
  7:09am A fish:

Also, Frangry is a big baby for not hanging with the common folk at OWS.
  5:55pm vike:

  5:57pm vike:

Thank you for not sucking as bad as last week!
  5:58pm vike:

wait - this is last week's topic? is this a repeat?
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