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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options November 30, 2012: Foot In Mouth

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Frangry & Michele  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  6:00pm G:

  6:01pm G:

Isn't most of the entire comments board foot-in-mouth, really?
Avatar 6:01pm FRANGRY:

  6:01pm Doug in Tangiers:

whats the phone number? It's different.
  6:01pm Johnny Muller:

Phones don't work. Something about Chris T asnwering machine
  6:01pm Ken:

Yeah once a call comes in you will see it.
  6:02pm Skirkie:

I was in the liquor store throughout all of the theme song apparently.
  6:02pm G:

A totally call less call-in show, so innovative! :)
  6:03pm Doug in Tangiers:

This show is officially over before it ever began.
  6:03pm Doug in Tangiers:

Give us your cell number.
  6:04pm Shitshow:

Oye Vey now leaving brooklyn!
  6:04pm Ken:

OK, log out of that skype account, I will log in and see if I can shut down the damn voicemail.
  6:05pm Weed Head:

you ladies sounded orgasmic over that first call.
  6:05pm Caryn:

So does this mean Verizon got their act together?
  6:05pm hamburger:

any mention of foot AND mouth disease? it causes blisters in the mouth and LAME-ness of the feet. according to wikipedia...
  6:06pm James Bondage:

This show should change the name to "Dead Air Weirdo."
  6:07pm Jordan:

As always ladies, your WORST show is your BEST show!
  6:08pm Teletubs:

I am the ghost of Whitney Houston, and this show is makin me get the come down shakes! what?
  6:08pm puddin pants:

Train Wreck Weirdo
Avatar 6:08pm FRANGRY:

NEVERMIND. the number is 201 209 9368
  6:09pm Caryn:

I once woke up in the middle of the night to see my dad leaving with some bags. Since he often came home or left at odd hours to catch an early flight for his business trips, I didn't think anything of it and joked to him, "So, you're finally leaving us, heh?" and went back to sleep. Next morning, our mom tells us our dad moved out last night. D'oh!
  6:09pm Danne:

Hi Frangry :) <333
Hi Foodbed :) <3
Hi Weirdos :)

I'm leaving work in a couple minutes - will be in listener mode tonight on the turnpike :/ - might call though
  6:10pm Steve Luke:

Telephone waste land.
  6:11pm The Hole Board:

Stick a foot in Spike's mouth, PLEASE!!!!
  6:11pm Jason:

Michele, What's with the HVAC guy fetish?
  6:11pm The Hole Board:

She has HVAC guy butt crack fetish
  6:13pm Doug in Tangiers:

The only thing that could make this show better would be for Frangry to lose her panties again.
  6:13pm Svenk:

Michelle, go ciao yourself!
  6:13pm Caryn:

It's a 100 % true, Michele! And to this day, I feel mortified thinking back about it. My dad must've felt so awkward...
  6:14pm Ken:

So is 201-209-9368 actually lighting up?!
  6:14pm TheMarmot:

I went to a Christmas dinner at a friend's house one year. My friend's sister passed me a gift she got for me. When I opened it up and discovered it was a scarf, I instinctively reacted, "Oh wow, this will keep me warm at night." My friend's sister dropped her jaw as all of the other relatives chuckled heartily. DOH!
  6:15pm Jonathan:

Frangy, How strong has your left arm gotten?
  6:15pm Patrique:

Once in 7th grade math class I kept on saying that something was retarded, perhaps a homework assignment or something, not realizing that a few seats behind me was this girl Shannon who was only mildy retarded, but she had one arm and the other was one of those arms that had a metal hook. I felt like such a jerk as she called me out on it after class. Sad but true.
  6:15pm Caryn:

Congrats about the arm, Frangry!
  6:16pm Danne:

Frangry has the right to bear her left arm? :) Congrats :)
  6:17pm Ken:

Yes, I also want to know what Kurt did.
  6:18pm Bennie Hill:

Frangry, I found your panties in a cab. Let me know if you want them back.
  6:18pm G:

Change the name of the show to "Phone System Talk" with Fric and Frac. NPR awaits!
  6:19pm Caryn:

@Frangry: Oh yeah, it was rough for a couple of years, but me and my dad are fine now. And I have a great stepsister now because of all of it. And yep, I've certainly been in therapy...
  6:19pm cg:

I was in the car with my coworker, and we were listening to the news. They were talking about cancer research, and I joked that "only stupid people got cancer." My coworker got really quiet. On the drive home he reminded me that both of his father just had surgery for cancer. Ugh.
  6:22pm Franclynne:

Frangry, you're way too cool for hip hop mags.
  6:22pm Jonathan:

Frangry, PLEASE ask your MOTHER to PLEASE call in. It would be priceless!
  6:23pm Johnny Muller:

What's the number?
  6:23pm Danne:

I think I've called with this story before. My brother used to cashier the soda vendors at the Meadowlands. So at the end of the night he has to cash them all out before they leave. So he goes to give this guy his change and it falls on the floor and my brother goes "what do you got a hole in your hand?!?" and the guy proceeds to hold up his hand which is missing the 2 middle fingers...
  6:25pm Scott9393:

Once was compiling a set of several thousand flaming emails for our legal dept to use in a lawsuit, and by accident sent them to everyone in the company (about 1500 people).
  6:25pm andymorphic:

i wanna be facebook friends :(
  6:25pm Danne D:

similarly one time years ago when I was working my then-boss was typing on the computer and it looked like his thumb was curled under the rest of his hand and I say "what are you doing, playing hide your thumb" and he shows me his hand which is missing a thumb. I had worked with him over a year and never noticed it.

Kinda like I missed the missing "D" in my name on the prior comments I made.
  6:26pm Scott9393:

Amazingly, didn't get fired
  6:27pm Danne D:

@Scott - lol they were too scared of you to fire you :)
  6:27pm Caryn:

Danne, you need to work on your digit awareness skills!
  6:27pm Charles:

What is Food Bed
  6:28pm Danne D:

Whoa Frangry and Foodbed made $256,000 of their $250,00 show goal. Good job.
  6:28pm Danne D:

Someone, please explain the glory that is Foodbed to Charles :) I feel unworthy to do so.
  6:28pm Caryn:

The SUW 2013 Marathon Swag: a kit-ten calendar.
  6:29pm Scott9393:

@Danne D - Never thought of that....maybe could have used it as leverage.
  6:29pm G:

@Scott9393: So check this out:

  6:30pm mr. machine:

went out to dinner with my girlfriend and her mother. her mom said her hair looked terrible. i blurted out "i'd hit it./" needless to say dinner was ruined. p.s. someone please stick a dirty foot in spikes mouth. his calls are terrible.
  6:30pm Scott9393:

note to callers: SWALLOW
  6:31pm Danne D:

Short answer to Charles.
Michele is also known as Foodbed :)
  6:31pm Weed Head:

charles is a douche
  6:31pm Danne D:

Anyway I'm really leavin' now. Have a good night comment critters :)
Bye Frangry :) <333
Bye Foodbed :) <3
Bye Weirdos :)
  6:31pm Jimi:

Here's a PAY-PER-VIEW event. Frangry & Michele dressed as KIT-TENS playing NAKED TWISTER!
  6:33pm mr. machine:

no i said it about her mom
  6:33pm Franclynne:

Can I say "a-hole" on the radio?
  6:34pm robyn:

i am missing this whole thing. dammit! catch you in the archives ladieeez.
  6:34pm robyn:

also i agree, john mccabe wins.
  6:35pm Christian:

Have either of you ladies had an adult foot in your mouth?
  6:35pm alberto:

"i don't have facebook...hate it" :)
  6:36pm Weed Head:

we got it, mr. machine. you would hit the mom. nice.
  6:37pm not cool enough for you:

ugh you guys make me sick!
  6:37pm Scott9393:

Pocono sounds high
  6:38pm G:

@Weed Head: that was wit alright...
  6:39pm Charles:

Thanks, Danne D and Weed Head. I still don't understand.
  6:39pm Just Sayin:

The motto on the show sounds a lot more like Andy than Frangry.
  6:39pm Chris:

Is Foodbed an AUNT in real life?
  6:40pm Scott9393:

Ken would hit that waitress
  6:40pm Weed Head:

Pocono Johnny is my hero. I hear he saw Frangry's nude bottom at the hook up.
  6:40pm mr. machine:

whenever i hear ladytron come on my radio i know my favorite time of the week is here. thanks girls. shout out to you:)
  6:40pm Just Sayin:

When hooking up, almost all bottoms are nude.
  6:41pm Doug in Tangiers:

Frangry practically spontaneously combusts when she talks to Pocono.
  6:42pm Lame Jane:

Aunt Foodbed...hahahah. sweet.
  6:43pm Frangry's Studio Chair:

@Doug: Tell me about it!
  6:43pm Clam bake 69:

guys yelling at old handicap ladies = radio gold.
  6:43pm Bennie:

How does Michele drink lying on her back? Does she have an iv drip?
  6:43pm Charles:

  6:44pm keving:

I'm eating food in bed, listening to people talking about eating food in bed.
  6:44pm Skirkie:

I think this is a rival DJ.
  6:44pm Frangry's Studio Chair:

Isn't Frangry "professional"? :P
  6:44pm Doug in Tangiers:

This guy sounds like a vampire.
  6:44pm MicheLLe:

Michele, Can I join the FOODBED club, even though I have 2 L's?
  6:45pm Skirkie:

It's like he's leaving a message on a machine.
  6:45pm Doug in Tangiers:

He said "fairy" nice to meet you, like "very"
  6:46pm Bennie:

I do crack bed sometimes.
  6:46pm Weed Head:

That last dude sounded like Mr. Moviephone.
  6:46pm Cliff:

He sounded like the guy that used to be on WFMU on Monday evenings talking about Bush and Nazis and stuff.
  6:47pm BoBo:

Michele, How often do you change the FOODBED SHEETS?
  6:47pm Caryn:

Yep, eating a sandwich in my foodbed right now. Send me a club badge!
  6:47pm seang:

Dave Emory
  6:48pm Caveman:

  6:48pm James Bondage:

No one laughed at Frangry's attempt at humor. "Beet Red." (crickets...)
  6:49pm Frangry's Studio Chair:

Them's some funkyass sheets, bitches
  6:50pm Skirkie:

I actually laughed out loud at the beat red thing, for what it's worth.
  6:50pm Nicole:

oh no! Every time I call, the call ends at 2 seconds. Why would it do this?
  6:50pm Clam bake 69:

I'm investing in Lady hanes. Michele is keeping them in business,
  6:50pm keving:

Not my story, but a friend in college would sometimes follow through on his jokes too much. In one case, he was reading aloud to me as if he was typing to a professor: "Dear professor, I love you and I want to suck on your little toes."

However, he was actually writing the email in a reply to his young and very pretty French professor. He also somehow managed to hit "send."
  6:50pm BoBo:

Michele, Please give 30 PAIRS of your panties to Miss Commando Frangry.
  6:52pm douchey the raccoon:

Incest stories = award winning!
  6:52pm sweet cheri:

i enjoyed this show,, hi ken. happy holidays everybody!!
  6:52pm Doug in Tangiers:

BoBo: NICEEEEE!!!!!! hells yeah!
  6:54pm Buckwheat:

  6:54pm shaun the midgit:

I'm so little I can look up Frangry's skirt and see proof of her no panties. uh huh.
  6:56pm LaLa:

Frangry, Have you been in the famous FOODBED?
  6:56pm Bennie:

what about the "lick" guy. that was the funniest!
Avatar 6:56pm FRANGRY:

  6:56pm tool 3435:

what I learned from this show tonight: Michele wears enough underpants to clothe a small nation and Frangry wears NONE.
  6:57pm Scott9393:

Good show, F & M
  6:58pm Nicole:

Ugh, I had a good one!
  6:58pm eat it:

foodbed has 60 pairs of panties. hehehe.
  7:00pm Charles:

Hmm, the winner pick was suspiciously feminist.
  6:37pm Vike:

John Merrick was the biggest baby - "I am not an animal?" Yes you ARE an animal and a Meat Head - a big-headed freak animal so shut up and get back in the cage!!
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