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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options November 9, 2012: Superstorm Shut Up, Weirdo

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Frangry & Michele  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options 0:00:00 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  6:00pm Ken From Hyde Park:

You are weird.
  6:00pm G:

Holy cow, weirdo board up early!!!
Avatar 6:01pm FRANGRY:

  6:02pm Ric:

Luck Be A Weirdo Tonight
  6:02pm Caryn:

Hello, fellow weirdos! That almost rhymed...
  6:02pm G:

It's 6 oclock, and time for the Music Bed Tape Loop Show
  6:04pm robyn:

what is anger management like? sometimes i think i should join a group. not really kidding.
  6:04pm Cecile:

Avatar 6:04pm FRANGRY:

201 643 7649
  6:04pm G:

State of the Station Redux

Ken has a disaster story or two. One involves a longgggg hug
  6:05pm Caryn:

Dare: keep swearing for 5 minutes, and then end up fundraising for the next 5 years to pay the FCC fines.
  6:05pm JackInAZ:

This could be a potential disaster!
  6:05pm robyn:

my question has been ignored...source of ANGER!!!
  6:06pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Let me get this straight. For gas rationing, you can get gas on odd days if your plate is an odd number or has just letters. You can get gas on even days if your plate is an even number or ends in zero. When I was a kid, zero was an even number. That's weird that they're telling people that.
  6:06pm G:

What deodorant does Kris Krispy Kreme use? And does it really work well enough?
  6:06pm seang:

it's good to be angry but not all the time
  6:07pm robyn:

i do fear for foodbed, in the room with two folks of renowned capacity for anger.
Avatar 6:07pm FRANGRY:

this is def a disaster
  6:07pm Ric:

Was that my email?
  6:08pm Cecile:

I tried to join a group because I wanted to try handling it w/o my therapist, but I called 5 or 10 different places and they wouldn't let me get in w/o a therapist referral. So I said "screw it" and went back to my therapist.
Avatar 6:08pm FRANGRY:

the number tonight is 201 643 7649
  6:08pm Cecile:

I was pretty pissed.
  6:08pm 232:

I dare Chris Cristie to hug Ken again. Apparently Ken has only hugged thin folks that smell nice.
  6:08pm Wrestling Announcer:

And now for a surprise guest: ANDY... COHEN...!!!!!
Death Match 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:08pm Cecile:

But it worked out better in the end.
  6:09pm JackInAZ:

Johnny Muller made a bed-burrito
  6:09pm Cecile:

my ballot experience was equally horrible. 2 hours in line.
  6:10pm robyn:

Cecile, that is annoying. I'm kind of therapist averse having had a mediocre experience previously.
  6:10pm Skirkie:

Wait, Ken fought Billy Martin?
  6:11pm Caryn:

I'm thinking the batteries in those blue-haired biddies' hearing aids had worn out and they couldn't get new ones due to Sandy. Totally deaf. So shouting was in order.
  6:12pm chlamers:

Billy Martin famously fought a marshmallow salesman. Was that you, Ken?
  6:12pm JackInAZ:

Hat of a bucket!
  6:12pm Cecile:

I would go in with goals for what you want to have happen. A good therapist will tell you if you are unrealistic, but be enthusiastic if they are doable goals.

they should be really supportive when youj're right, but also call you on your BS. I lucked out.
  6:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thirteen minutes past and no Spike yet? Disaster!
  6:14pm Skirkie:

Stopped paying attention.
  6:14pm robyn:

"give me the ability to rage correctly." joe orton
  6:14pm G:

Hopefully he drowned with a Spike right through his head.
  6:15pm G:

Pick the best parts of your story, Andrew Phonedude. Blow by blow is not best for *everything*.
  6:15pm Cecile:

yup, that's the secret, robyn. Good luck!

Have a great weekend everyone!
  6:15pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Tom Scharpling gave Spike a heave-ho Tuesday night, so maybe he's feeling badly.
  6:16pm linder:

The sound of the wind gives me nightmares.
  6:17pm Skirkie:

Spike has nothing to add. He'll call and talk about Mitt Romney.
  6:17pm Caryn:

Somehow this show is weirder than the David Lynch movie on TV right now.
  6:17pm Dooseldorf:

voters in California do not want to know what is in their food
  6:17pm robyn:

sound advice Cecile. joe orton, i was never sure if he was quite sincere.
  6:17pm robyn:

foodbed, what is the most complicated food you can eat on your bed? i think dipping sauce makes things too difficult, but perhaps i am wrong.
  6:18pm G:

Great phone quality, dude.
  6:19pm Ric:

Great – gossip!!
  6:20pm Caryn:

Ooh, Foodbed, have you ever ended up with an antbed (ants in your bed) due to eating in your bed?
  6:20pm Ric:

It's a pity he ran off, an on-air punch-up would have been a first.
  6:22pm now is the time:

For a boiler story Ken!
  6:22pm seang:

Who had the most hurricane sex?
  6:22pm robyn:

"your dog drowned? YOU'RE ON THE LIST!!!"
  6:23pm Caryn:

What broken stuff did you find today, Ken?
  6:24pm Greg:

One time there was a blizzard and I had to eat caterpillars.
  6:24pm John McCabe in L.A.:

hi guys
  6:26pm New Topic:

What really happened to Andy Cohen? Ken?
  6:27pm Caryn:

New topic: Frangry and Foodbed read Ken's sexts.
  6:27pm Paul:

Tonight's topic is Frangry and Foodbed Pester the Hell Out of Ken.
  6:27pm JackInAZ:

Is this the Krusty Krab?
  6:27pm John McCabe in L.A.:

its going to voicemail
  6:28pm seang:

the show is going fine, I'm entertained
  6:28pm PSE&G:

Thank you for holding. -- SUCKERRRRRRRR
  6:29pm robyn:

now i want crab cakes with hollandaise sauce.
  6:29pm Skirkie:

I you guys qualify for FEMA assistance after suffering through this show.
  6:30pm Skirkie:

That is to say "I think."
  6:30pm Caryn:

@Skirkie: I think Ken should submit a recording of this show to FEMA to prove that they need the money now. FEMA will surely see what horrible consequences Sandy has had.
  6:31pm John McCabe in L.A.:

ken play your voice mail
  6:32pm FEMA:

It may sprinkle tomorrow, or something. We're closed till next week. Have a good weekend. We will be.
  6:32pm robyn:

guys you're not attracting weirdos. you're attracting bored people. you need to spice it up.
  6:32pm Gray G:

New topic:
Activities to do without power/hurricane activities
  6:33pm Caryn:

Did this dog also have just 2 legs?
  6:34pm robyn:

for example, what deep seated fear from your childhood did the storm force back to the surface?
  6:35pm Gray G:

What's the number...
  6:37pm Caryn:

"I can't take a picture, because we're talking on my camera." Sentences you didn't hear a few years ago, except in dadaist texts.
  6:37pm robyn:

pubes = spice?
  6:38pm Gangas Dong:

Dear Ken, please leave the radio show your are an unsavory character who is unfit for radio.
  6:38pm Gangas Dong:

Dear Ken, please leave the radio show your are an unsavory character who is unfit for radio.
  6:38pm Gangas Dong:

Dear Ken, please leave the radio show your are an unsavory character who is unfit for radio.
  6:38pm Gangas Dong:

Dear Ken, please leave the radio show your are an unsavory character who is unfit for radio.
  6:38pm Gangas Dong:

Dear Ken, please leave the radio show your are an unsavory character who is unfit for radio.
  6:38pm Gangas Dong:

Dear Ken, please leave the radio show your are an unsavory character who is unfit for radio.
  6:38pm Gangas Dong:

Dear Ken, please leave the radio show your are an unsavory character who is unfit for radio.
  6:38pm Gangas Dong:

Dear Ken, please leave the radio show your are an unsavory character who is unfit for radio.
  6:38pm other david:

pledge premium right there:
$365 to guarantee pubes wont arrive with your swag
$300000 to guarantee you get any and all pubes found on the WFMU console
  6:39pm im not a grass:

i can confirm ( as i was in the library) that the lights were off in the studio whilst kurt was doing his show
  6:40pm robyn:

no it's the return of 50 shades of frangry...
  6:40pm Caryn:

@od: this just reminds me of how Frangry included a mystery hair with my SUW t-shirt when I won. She taped it to the package and drew an arrow to point at it.
  6:41pm other david:

@caryn: hahaha! oh that is brilliant
Avatar 6:42pm FRANGRY:

  6:42pm robyn:

i would've canned andy. he was stringing you guys along for a while as to whether or not he could be on the show.
  6:43pm Bill F.:

I got message saying the phone isn't in service or something.
  6:43pm im not a grass:

kurt also admitted live on air that he did an hour long stretch without speaking as he was "too busy playing....records"
  6:43pm Caryn:

@od: I kept the package. And I did manage to creep Frangry out by joking that I used the hair to floss my teeth. (Didn't really do that, Frangry. After all, I'm not Spike.)
  6:44pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Are NJ libraries giving people a break if they can't return books on time?
  6:44pm Bill F.:

It says: "The number or phone you dialed is incorrect." Your phone is incorrect. Sounds about right.
  6:45pm other david:

@Caryn: methinks the lady doth protest too much!
  6:45pm Cliff:

So Ken, why did you fire Andy anyway?
  6:45pm NJ Libraries:

Two words, KENHP: "Revenue Stream"
  6:46pm Guessing:

Andy C. is the untouchable topic of untouchable topics for this trio
  6:46pm JSF:

Not working. The phone is not working
  6:46pm Caryn:

@od: hah! Hey, I can forward the hair to you, if you want to use it. Then you'd see it's dental gunk-free.
  6:46pm Ric:

Who does their show naked? Irwin? Mr Fine Wine? Bryce?
  6:47pm Guessing:

As Ken just said, "I'd rather not."
  6:47pm Gray G:

I want to tell my story from Irene, where stripped down to wade thru the flood waters to get to my house... But there's no call in ability
  6:47pm BILL ZEBUB:

  6:47pm John McCabe in L.A.:

maybe Frangry can play some of her favorite songs
  6:47pm Irene:

I saw Gray in his skivvies
  6:48pm JackInAZ:

  6:48pm other david:

@Caryn: I think I'll pass... the "dental" qualifier has me nervous about what gunk might be there! :P
  6:48pm robyn:

tales from anger mgmt!
  6:48pm sounds:

Like Ken is getting ready to pop
  6:49pm Caryn:

The pube would be understandable if it had been there since Wednesday. That 2 hours of Prince could've gotten either Duane or Kurt very excited.
  6:49pm Irene:

only 11 minutes left, they can drag themselves across the finish line with some early outro music
  6:49pm Ric:

Trekkies or investment bankers.
  6:49pm Jordan:

Question for Ken. He can be diplomatic. 1 answer is Frangry, 1 answer is Michele. BETTER BOOBS? BETTER BUTT?
  6:50pm Caryn:

Come on, people. Pledge! Or do you want this mess on the air every week?
  6:51pm G:

Doctor Bootygrabber here should hold a little two-person beauty pageant and give his evaluative comments. I think Andy just didn't have the right "look" for this show :P
  6:51pm Ric:

You can't sue - that question was entrapment!
  6:51pm John McCabe in L.A.:

this was all a conspiracy by ken so he can pitch for the last 15 min
  6:52pm robyn:

well most of your djs don't have boobs.
  6:52pm Audience:

  6:52pm Gray G:

Will frangry and Michelle make a new sexy calendar, without Andy creeping me out every month
  6:53pm John McCabe in L.A.:

for the longest time I thought Even Funk Davis was a dame
  6:53pm Jordan:

Thank you Frangry & Michele for answering my question. FU KEN!
  6:53pm Genghis Dong:

This show should be renamed Shut Up Ken
  6:53pm Genghis Dong:

This show should be renamed Shut Up Ken
  6:54pm Dave in PA:

Could we get pieces of the damaged WFMU electrical equipment as premiums for the Hurricane Recovery pledges?
  6:54pm G:

Are you saying Ken is a weirdo? No problem, everyone is a weirdo if you look from the right/wrong angle...
  6:54pm Ric:

Ken in stalking mode.
  6:55pm Scott9393:

show should be called FranKenShell.
  6:56pm Believe it or not:

Best show ever
  6:57pm Skirkie:

Is it me? It's me isn't it?
  6:57pm Scott9393:

audio on the burn phone was actually better than normal
  6:57pm Jordan:

  6:57pm other david:

  6:58pm John McCabe in L.A.:

this reminds me of the old days of SUW when they didn't know how to work the equipment
  6:58pm Scott9393:

gonna get a puPEE?
  6:58pm Margatron:

Were the records damaged during the storm? If it's just the revenue lost from selling the records, couldn't WFMU just hold another record selling event? Can you guys talk more about that?
  6:58pm Cliff:

Terrible show, but I'm still laughing a lot so it's ok.
  6:58pm KIT-10:

Avatar 6:58pm FRANGRY:

  6:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Better co-hosts with Ken? Andy Breckman or Michele/Frangry?
  6:59pm Dave in PA:

Pubic Hair Premium??
  7:00pm G:

I bet Ken would trade any piece of junked equipment for a suitable certified check that clears successfully. Talk about a conversation piece for your residence entryway.
  7:01pm G:

@John Mc: Old days??????
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