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"I fancy him at the court of Minos, anxious to know what sort of unmentionable monster the Minotaur may be, whether he is as frightful as all that or perhaps charming?" - Albert Camus (Visit homepage.)

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Options October 5, 2012: Making Love (What's a Record Label?)
~Animation by Minnesota Jeff

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments
Sammy Gordon  Making Love   Options   Greg Records  1976  45   
Aki Onda  Radio Waves in the Air   Options EASY NOT EASY Festival, Oct 8th 2010  Free Music Archive  2010  WAV  http://freemusicarchive.org/curator/Roulette/Roulettes_EASY_NOT_EASY_Festival 
Evan Cordes  At the Window   Options Instagr/am/bient: 25 Sonic Postcards  disquiet  2011  WAV  http://disquiet.com/2011/12/28/instagrambient-25-sonic-postcards/ 
Jaap Blonk & dj sniff  1   Options   SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/djsniff 
Borisov, Nosova, Bosetti  at Loop Hole   Options   SoundCloud  2011  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/olganosova 
Hyena Sparerib  Why Bobby Sherman is Better Than Picasso   Options   SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/hyena-sparerib 
Ben Harper  Redundens 6   Options   SoundCloud  2011  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/benharper Based on the top melodic line of Arnold Schoenberg’s Three Pieces for Piano, Op.11. Each pitch class is replaced by a short sound sample, selected using the random function on the Freesound website. Dynamics, amplitudes, and rhythmic durations are equal throughout. 
Big Sphinx  6 Bands   Options   SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/bigsphinx - being a mix of clips stolen off the mixing board from 6 bands who played at Conundrum Music Hall last Saturday: GOTTHEIT (cola) HULLCOGAN (cola) RED KING (awesome) I A MIRROR (lex) SAAWARIYA (n. augusta) Day Tripper (l. sams) mostly the clips are from RED KING (featuring the vocal stylings of mr. Brian Barr), I A MIRROR, and SAAWARIYA. I was still figuring out how to get decent samples off the board during Day Tripper's set, and then I got sidetracked playing with the dimmer board during HULLCOGAN and GOTTHEIT's sets. apologies to all concerned. 
Arkm Foam  Beetles Noises   Options   SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/arkm-foam - Recorded in Jamaica Plain, MA by Arkm Foam using two turntables and two LP's of Beatles' Revolver. 2005. 
Afro-Beatles  Revolution vs Water Got No Enemy   Options FELA meets The Boys from Liverpool  SoundCloud  2011  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/afrobeatles/sets/afrobeatles-fela-meets-the-boys-from-liverpool/ 
Sonic Spray  Super-Tuff   Options   SoundCloud  2011  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/sonic-spray (XTC cover) 
The Harpits  Spooky   Options Greatest Pits  lawrencejoseph.org  2005  MP3  http://lawrencejoseph.org/1indexh2.html (Classics IV cover) 
Chris Lawhorn  Fugazi Edit   Options Fugazi Edits  chrislawhorn.com  2012  MP3  http://www.chrislawhorn.com - In late October, I’ll be putting out an album of instrumental tracks created using samples from Fugazi’s catalog. The project’s being released with the band’s permission and will benefit a couple different charities. 
David Moscovich  Afterbirth   Options   SoundCloud  2011  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/user3728033 
Miguel Frasconi  Karlturner Ikehausen   Options   SoundCloud  2008  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/frasconimusic - Ike Turner & Karlheinz Stockhausen passed away within one week of each other in 2007. IT"s "Rocket 88," 1951, is thought by some to be the first piece of "rock and roll." KS's "Etude," 1952, was his first piece of electronic music. Here their souls' merge as they move on. 
Marc Thorman  Hot Rod Gang Chopped and Screwed   Options   SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/marc_thorman - A psychedelic sound journey through cut-up & remixed scenes from 1958 B-movie "Hot Rod Gang." Musique concrète meets Mashup. 
Christopher Cathode  Reel #4   Options   SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/christopher-cathode - with the C'est Si Bon Band (C'etait Si Bon, maintenant) at the 2012 Festival FrancoFun in Lewiston, Maine. 
Blue Sausage Infant  Krackrock   Options Locust Hit the Ground Screaming: 1987​-​2010  Bandcamp    WAV  http://bluesausageinfant.bandcamp.com/track/krackrock 
Sex People  Pet Wedding   Options Drive-by Intimacy Bomb  Bandcamp  2011  WAV  http://thesexpeople.bandcamp.com/track/pet-wedding 
The Saddle Crabs  Stave Off the Drab (Be a Saddle Crab)   Options   myspace    MP3  http://www.myspace.com/thesaddlecrabs 
John Alan Kennedy  My Baby Had a .45   Options   SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/john-kennedy 
Don Van Vliet  Let's Get to the Good and Go   Options   SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/garylucas - recorded in Gary Lucas' apartment NYC the night after appearing on David Letterman for the second time August 1983 
Big Huge Spears Fan  My Mother Got Lost in the Rug   Options   SoundCloud  2011  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/bighugespearsfan 
The Poopsticks  Chocolate Candy Bar   Options Buttflood  SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/bryan-murray-2 
Bubblyfish  Butterfly DayMusic   Options   SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/bubblyfish 
das  Mr. Clean Commercial   Options         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O43yzSY_TAk 
Adern x  Guardando L'orologio ogni Ora   Options   SoundCloud  2011  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/adernx/ - 
J.C. Combs  Recycled Piano   Options   SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/jc-combs 
Joel Grant Taylor  Entanglement 1 for Harpsichord, Vibraphone and Two Pianos   Options   SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/joelgranttaylor 
Jorrit Dijikstra  Lament   Options   SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/jorritdijkstra 
Josh Rutner  Flurry   Options   Bandcamp  2010  WAV  http://joshrutner.bandcamp.com/ 
Michael Evans and David Nuss  Damcomg Stars   Options NATCH 6  Natch  2012  WAV  http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Michael_Evans_and_David_Nuss/NATCH_6 
Mudang Rouge  Liquid Lavender Light   Options Famtasy Horizon  dontrustheruin  2012  WAV  http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Mudang_Rouge/Fantasy_Horizon/ 
Shayna Dunkelman  Pepmix   Options   SoundCloud  2011  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/peptalk_music 
Black Spirituals  Litness   Options   SoundCloud  2012  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/blackspirituals 
Music behind DJ:
Bojan Gagic 
Sea Organ Spring 2009 Zadar Croatia   Options   SoundCloud  2011  WAV  http://soundcloud.com/bojangagic 

Listener comments!

  3:06pm G:

Cute ass.
  3:06pm northguineahills:

I miss Aki. I was just listening to him last week.
  3:07pm BSI:

Aki just played down here (DC) at the Sonic Circuits Fest. Groovy-as-hell set!
  3:08pm kiemzi:

Avatar 3:09pm DJKG:

ha! i saw aki at anthology film archives right after he got back from dc, bsi!
  3:13pm nic:

love this
  3:14pm steve:

is Aki using synths now? taping other people's synths?
  3:18pm Berg:

@nic love this too :) making neighbours unhappy but who cares
  3:19pm common:

the zoundz!!!
Avatar 3:21pm DJKG:

hey steve - i doubt aki is using synths, but i wasn't at the show. tapes and effect pedals is still his rig, i believe.
Avatar 3:21pm DJKG:

and hi, everyone!
  3:23pm das:

hi ku
  3:24pm BSI:

Yep, (DJKG & steve) - the setup in DC at least was multiple cassette walkmans, portable amp, pedals, & plastic battery-powered robot bird decor item... thing.
  3:24pm Berg:

show sounds are mixed here with Souccot celebration songs in the courtyard - an amazing experience!
  3:34pm steve:

im gonna start Steve Records
  3:35pm ?:

Soundcloud, sim, oui, yes.
  3:40pm Jaca Pwal Adamu:

Soundcloud track request
  3:40pm Carmichael:

Hiya Scott. Happy Friday!
  3:44pm tim from champaign:

Cool concept for today's show! I dig.

Also, for listeners in Central Illinois/Chicago area there's a Letha and Dan Melchoir benefit show tomorrow at Reverberation Records in Bloomington, IL at 2:00 pm.
  3:44pm DCE:

hyena sparerib, yes, I will certainly research that one and pass around that soundcloud url on various social media...
Avatar 3:47pm DJKG:

i used to live in bloomington!
  3:48pm Jaca Pwal Adamu:

Bluesy burro pulses
  3:51pm Jaca Pwal Adamu:

Soundcloud track request: Kuraj's "Somos Ratos"
  3:51pm tim from champaign:

I knew that for some reason DJKG. Sorry about the spam but thought it might be of interest for anyone listening to the show from this neck of the woods.
  3:52pm Cecile:

this sounds like the soundtrack to the animated cartoon "Skrillex Builds a Shed."
Avatar 3:52pm DJKG:

spam for a good cause is no problem, and melchior's a good guy!
  3:54pm Cheri Pi:

this is badass
  3:55pm BSI:

HAH, Cecile!
  4:03pm Cecile:

f'ing with the Beatles is the classic little black dress for noise artists.
  4:06pm BSI:

egad, comical sacrilege! One of my favorite Fela tunes...
  4:07pm Cheri Pi:

Cheri Pi is dyin' over here!
  4:07pm Cheri Pi:

Sacrilege indeed! Sorry Fela!
  4:08pm breugelesque:

For the second time today, I'm going to have to turn to the archives in the middle of a program. Free form is failing me today. I'm sorry, Kurt. Stay golden.
Avatar 4:08pm DJKG:

i actually think the juxtaposition is more than a joke. they made a pretty powerful video for this as well. the lyrics might make more sense in the u.k. than in nigeria - that's the point i suss off it, anyway.
  4:09pm Cheri Pi:

I'm turning my headphones off, until this crisis is over.
  4:10pm breugelesque:

Audio abortion.
  4:11pm BSI:

I must dig that video.
not being critical, just had to hoot about the Fela choice. I've also had about thirty handfuls of dark-chocolate-covered espresso beans, so I'm probably hallucinating across the multiverse right now...
  4:12pm Cecile:

I actually quite liked it.
  4:13pm steve:

i liked that as well, thought it could be the three cups of coffee talking
  4:14pm Caryn:

I wonder what I'll hallucinate with a belly full of Angry Birds candy (what? they were on sale!)... I did like the Afro-Beatles, at least.
  4:15pm Cecile:

caryn, are those the angry birds gummies?
  4:16pm Caryn:

@Cecile: I suppose so.
  4:18pm Carmichael:

Me likey Beatles mash. Good fun for ears.
  4:19pm Caryn:

@Cecile: by which I mean, I don't know if there are different types of AB candy available in different countries, so I can't be sure if it's the same ones you're thinking of.
  4:22pm ColdNorth:

Its Harpits, not Hairpits
  4:24pm DCE:

but "Hairpits" is so much funnier!
  4:24pm Caryn:

Gotta second DCE here, humour wins out.
  4:29pm Cecile:

caryn, I think they are just gummies over here, too.

Kurt, I have a request for the recording of Fabio's broken muffler.
  4:30pm ColdNorth:

Beetles, Hairpits...all the great band names are being mutated today.
Avatar 4:33pm DJKG:

ColdNorth, sorry, was in a mild panic situation here. Fixed it now.
  4:33pm northguineahills:

My mexican sunflowers are finally blooming a bright orange, attracting tons of monarchs & other butterflies and honey & bumble bees. It's on my fire escape and over 2 meters (and it's rather bushy as opposed to the traditional sunfower). I'm going to see if I can make some tea out of the petals.
  4:37pm DCE:

that's a nice mental image, ngh...a bunch of our flowers are giving it a final go before the inevitable decline
  4:38pm Jaca Pwal Adamu:

Buchla Perdita
  4:39pm ColdNorth:

No problem, thanks for saving me having to buy domain hairpits.com
Avatar 4:41pm DJKG:

well i do think you might should buy it anyway.
  4:43pm ColdNorth:

Just checked, and shockingly, it is still up for grabs!

These math problems are getting tougher.
  4:44pm green mountain man mark:

Just had an "oh shoot!" Moment. ! I just woke up from a long needed nap on the couch and dreaming of all kindsa sheat. I woke up minutes ago. What was about the first thing I thought of seconds after waking up? Oh shoot Kurt's show!
  4:44pm Jaca Pwal Adamu:

  4:45pm Jaca Pwal Adamu:

the band Haute Tamale
  4:46pm Jaca Pwal Adamu:

  4:47pm Jaca Pwal Adamu:

  4:48pm Jaca Pwal Adamu:

  4:50pm Cecile:

  4:51pm Carmichael:

He he. Someone came into my office during the Beatles thingy and wanted to know why I was listening to "a bunch of different music at the same time".
  4:51pm BSI:

thanks & cheers, DJKG...
  4:52pm northguineahills:

I must have have stared off for a bit, I didn't notice the BSI track being played.
  4:54pm Carmichael:

Whoa, BSI! Way to freak out!
  4:54pm common:

happy weekending!!!!
  4:54pm BSI:

NGH: it was a wee flea-speck of 60 seconds. Blink and it's long gone...!
  4:58pm Jaca Pwal Adamu:

I got to complain and you got to complain, hope that we are good friends again.
  4:59pm green mountain man mark:

@carmichael-one of my favorite phenomenonas. When people walk in on me and wfmu and I am looking at them as if they are a third moon.
  4:59pm BSI:

The good captain... this is brilliant.
  5:01pm Cheri Pi:

BSI! in da hizzay!!!
  5:05pm Cecile:

someone needs to do the rug song for Hoof and Mouth
  5:07pm green mountain man mark:

I need to call my mom. I was going to call her this afternoon in plenty of time before Kurt's show. Then I fell asleep on the couch.
  5:07pm Caryn:

Please tell me the Poopsticks name is correct, and not misspelled. I need my immature comedy fix.
  5:08pm Caryn:

@gmm mark: hopefully you can reach her, and she's not lost in the rug
  5:10pm BSI:

Holy crap that Rug song is now the center of my universe.
  5:13pm Caryn:

I'm kinda hoping the rug song becomes the "Dr. Bootygrabber" of this show, played every week.
  5:15pm ?:

  5:18pm fatty jubbo:

This SoundCloud spelunking is great.
Avatar 5:19pm DJKG:

thanks, fajuib! it was a lot of fun exploring.
Avatar 5:21pm DJKG:

fajub, i meant.
  5:21pm green mountain man mark:

Imagine if Kurt's show was already turned on while I was taking a nap and I woke up while the mom in a rug was on. And I woke up all groggy thinking I missed my mom's show and that I needed to call Kurt.
Avatar 5:23pm DJKG:

i know someone who used a bell to teach her cats to come when it was time to be fed. once she fell asleep on the couch and one of the cats got the bell and rang it. she jumped up and fed them.
  5:23pm Caryn:

Well, Kurt, since you said there's stuff you don't have time for today, a second show of spelunking is in order at some point. Hopefully.
  5:24pm Caryn:

@DJKG: so the Pavlov's cats had a Pavlov's owner?
Avatar 5:25pm DJKG:

yeah, i think she pavolved herself!
  5:26pm Caryn:

I wonder if the same happened to Pavlov?
  5:32pm das:

always the bridesmaid
  5:32pm Jaca Pwal Adamu:

  5:32pm green mountain man mark:

Whenever I think of or hear someone mention Pavlov and the dogs an image of an old cartoon comes to my mind. The dog's mouth is watering over some food and it gets intense and then turns to a rain storm. Then a huge thunderstorm.
  5:35pm das:

I think of being haunted by the barenakedladies
  5:38pm Cecile:

das, your Mr. Clean ruled! You was robbed.
  5:40pm das:

Thanks, I think they were afraid of how much cleaning fluid they would sell if they went with it
  5:42pm Cecile:

they had a fear of success.
  5:43pm Caryn:

"Liquid Lavender Light" also sounds like a cleaning product.
  5:46pm Bubba:

This tune reminds me of "Schwarma '78"
  5:49pm Bubba:

It was the first time i had meat hot sauce on a doughy pita
  5:57pm L. Ron:

The Sea Org?
  5:57pm Cecile:

No, the Sea Organ.
  8:37pm seang:

Thanks for playing the Saddle Crabs, Kurt!
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