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The program formerly known as The Fuzzy Glove Hour, Whores, and The Happiness Hut. Ken and Andy, also known as The Enema Boys, further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards on a weekly basis. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options October 3, 2012: Live at the UCB: Author/comedian D.C. Pierson; artist/author/online baby replacer Chris Baker; and musical guest Chris Cohen of Deerhoof. Also 7SD Presidential Debate!

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Ken & Andy 

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Listener comments!

  6:02pm kat330:

Ken for President!
  6:02pm Danne D:

1st :)
  6:03pm Danne D:

dammit 2nd :(
  6:03pm kat330:

Ha! Not so fast, Mr. D!
  6:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Everybody clap!
But, not for DC Pierson..withhold your clapping until he arrives.
  6:03pm Caryn:

I guess that means that kat is president of the comments board.
  6:03pm G:

A new viral video shows Ken telling a secret closed meeting of big contributors that he just can't worry about what the 47% who never pledge want.
  6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Turn up the mics, turn down Irwin's music!
  6:04pm kat330:

Andy's mic is a serious deficit.

S'okay, Danne, you'll be first the second time around.
  6:04pm the glowing one:

I'll boycott this election and rather pledge to WFMU!
  6:04pm Danne D:

"A man's reach should exceed his grasp" - unless he's on a subway of course
  6:04pm Caryn:

Ken's cronies have turned down Andy's mike! J'accuse!
  6:05pm kat330:

I abdicate, Caryn. Actually, Philo's home late tonight, so I'm doing double duty until he arrives -- if he does before show's end.
  6:05pm ?:

hope they're wearing suits for this :3
  6:05pm the glowing one:

@kat330: the debate is obviously rigged
  6:05pm Fredericks:

This is just like the "real" debates.
  6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: And those 47% are disappointed. They're going to punish Ken by--still not pledging, and still listening to WFMU for free.
  6:05pm kat330:

Apparently the sound engineer is biased toward Quinn.
  6:05pm Carmichael:

The sound level is set to "non-existent". Please crank it up.
  6:06pm kat330:

Must work for "Fox" news.
  6:06pm what Ken *should* say:

"Excuse me, I **paid** for this microphone!"
  6:06pm Danne D:

I'd like to vote for Quinn as President of Seven Second Delay
  6:06pm Caryn:

@kat: yep, she's the Nader/Perot candidate, clearly.
  6:07pm Danne D:

Gestures - very important on the radio
  6:07pm Danne D:

@what Ken *should* say: you sure about that?
  6:08pm Caryn:

Yeah, Ken will turn that 98 % into 99 % or die trying!
  6:08pm Sound Man:

Worst miking EVAR
  6:08pm dale:

new political slogans:

tippicanoe and andy too
a radio in every pot
are you better off than you were last week?
  6:08pm Irwin:

Tech note: the studio board is jammed to 11. Still the volume is insufficient. Problem at the source.
  6:09pm Matt from Springfield:

@dale: For Ken, "A POT in every radio"! :)
  6:09pm Danne D:

I almost forgot they had a premium
  6:09pm kat330:

Well, Fox certainly wouldn't support Nader/Perot! :) But since Quinn's pageant material, as I understand it, and Fox DID support Sarah Palin....
  6:09pm Danne D:

Oh. that's why I forgot that
  6:10pm Danne D:

@Irwin - do you think Anonymous is hacking the signal?
  6:10pm kat330:

Holler out to Mike Noble -- you there?
  6:10pm G:

ugh, the haitian pirate station in central Brooklyn just started jamming the over the air signal. I think they get off their job driving dollar vans up and down Flatbush Ave at 5, and are done with dinner and ready to fire up the transistors at 6... Stream time for me...
  6:11pm Listener zero:

What about the Ken & Andy's Kavalkade of Komedy CD from two years ago?
  6:11pm Matt from Springfield:

@Irwin: Well at least you're doing everything you can on your side--next time, maybe they'll set up the UCB sound better.
  6:11pm Dan B From Upstate:

still haven't gotten my comedy covers CD, either.
  6:11pm Caryn:

Ken sabotaged Andy's mike and filled the audience with cronies, but Andy will strike back by using his Hollywood connections to make a tv ad where a little girl on a flowery meadow is killed by a nuclear bomb, somehow implicitly blaming Ken for all that has occurred.
  6:12pm Matt from Springfield:

Where is their Masturbatorium anyway? Studio A? ;)
  6:12pm kat330:

Can someone tone down Quinn if unable to boost Andy?
  6:12pm dale:

touche, matt
  6:13pm Danne D:

Clearly Andy's fish aren't better off than they were four years ago.
  6:13pm kat330:

@Matt: Well, it ain't Studio P. That's in Salem, Indiana.
  6:13pm Lassie:

  6:14pm mike noble at ucb:

The crowd here is so calm and placid, it's sort of amazing. They're like the opposite of the Beacon Theatre crowd.
  6:14pm Timmy:

Lassie is saying Andy fell down the old abandoned mine shaft! Good girl, Lassie!!!
  6:14pm Matt from Springfield:

And left tied to the roof of Andy's van in the cold as they abandoned it too!
  6:14pm kat330:

Fishkill -- always a stop on our interstate crossings between New England and southern Indiana.
  6:15pm kat330:

Mr. Noble -- do you have any sway with the sound engineer? ;)
  6:16pm Matt from Springfield:

I think that was a pastiche of several different Bad Parent incidents from Andy...
  6:16pm Listener zero:

I blame Andy's bad mic technique for the sound problems.
  6:16pm mike noble at ucb:

Slow on the uptake here, what's wrong with the sound?
  6:17pm kat330:

Andy is barely audible. Quinn is too loud. Ken is OK.
  6:17pm dale:

mike - it sucks
  6:17pm Listener zero:

@mike noble: Andy sounds a lot more quiet than Ken or the moderator.
  6:17pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Turn up Andy! The onions crackling on the stove are drowning him out, and they're pretty quiet.
  6:18pm dale:

sorry - my comment was not constructive. i apologize
  6:18pm kat330:

Crackling onions?? Whatcha cookin, Pete?
  6:19pm kat330:

A true fact, heh!
  6:19pm Matt from Springfield:

@LZ: Andy doesn't have enough mic policy experience to be President. Always too loud, too soft or at the wrong angle.
  6:20pm amEdeo:

I am glad to hear that Andy is addressing the dangers desks present to pants wearing.
  6:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Onions--they make some people tear up, and make Andy Breckman inaudible! :)
  6:20pm hamburger:

4 more years!
  6:20pm Fredericks:

Is the show better than it was four years ago?
  6:20pm That's What She Said:

Always too hard, too soft, or at the wrong angle.
  6:21pm Caryn:

Wow, Andy started slow and came back to take the crown! Who would've guessed?
  6:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes, Andy is writing some zingers for Mitt tonight!
  6:21pm Blue 2:

@TWSS: Quinn is obviously used to having long oval objects very near on in her mouth.
  6:22pm kat330:

@Fredericks: I believe we know the answer to that.
  6:23pm Caryn:

@TWSS: Now I'm waiting anxiously to see if Romney resorts to the "that's what she said" zinger.
  6:23pm Listener zero:

"It wasn't a 100% my fault" –– Uncle Nigel's catch phrase could work for either Romney or Obama.
  6:23pm Fredericks:

Doo we?
  6:23pm Dan B From Upstate:

Can Andy get Quinn's mic now?
  6:24pm kat330:

@Caryn: You saw last night's Fallon?
  6:24pm Willard Mittens:

"...and so that's why I couldn't get my Florsheim off with the shoehorn--it was a Self-Hating SHOE!" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (cough) . . . . . . . . . . . .
  6:25pm Matt from Springfield:

If only Andy WAS feeding Romney "zingers" like that! :D
  6:26pm Caryn:

@kat: no, they don't show Fallon here. What happened?
  6:26pm kat330:

Ken's platform of a cat-free Internet is changing my vote.
  6:27pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Onions. Caramelized onions.

Andy's a little more audible now. In any case, as with most things, I assume the blame is squarely on Andy Breckman.
  6:28pm kat330:

@Caryn: Unless I'm conflating it with Stewart or Colbert, he did a podium bit of possible Mitt Zingers, including those of the TWSS ilk. Very stiff and badly timed. Funny.
  6:29pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: You should escape the mechanism, provided it only looks for "c" cats.
But Ken's been extremely anti-Cat. He's denied the existence of cats!
  6:29pm Caryn:

I oppose cat-free or baby-free applications for the same reason I oppose people who say "I never listen to/read/watch that genre of music/literature/film". Because there are always good representatives of a theme or genre, even if you dislike the majority. If you're not open to them, you'll miss the good stuff.
  6:29pm kat330:

@Pete: I sauteed onions earlier -- YES, for my fish tacos, a broken record on this list, I know!! -- and I heard no serious crackling. An opening sizzle salvo at best. :)
  6:29pm Caryn:

@kat: aah, I see
  6:30pm kat330:

OK, whichever dude ensures it will be a gangnum style free Internet has my vote!!
  6:31pm kat330:

@Matt: Granted, I can reach a surfeit of "cute cat videos" myself. But completely *free* of cats? Never.
  6:31pm Matt from Springfield:

It's an Internet meme, Andy!

"I see. How can I make money off these memes?"
  6:32pm Caryn:

I saw the "gangnam style" video for the first time yesterday. And it was on tv, and I didn't even realise what it was until a little time had passed. Have managed to completely avoid the "internet phenomenon" on the net.
  6:32pm kat330:

Thanks for the correct sp. Caryn. :)
  6:33pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Guest is now super quiet. Still probably Andy's fault.
  6:33pm ifny:

Chris Baker: why have 'patent pending' on your website? GPL that puppy and be done with it!
  6:33pm kat330:

Even better: whichever candidate can ENSURE a Kardashian-free Internet, I'll vote AND donate to you!
  6:33pm Caryn:

Ok, but how many people have seen the North Korean parody video of the "Gangnam Style" video? Political propaganda aimed at an internet hit! I wonder how you could google that?
  6:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, that is kind of worth it, just to block Kim K like a digital bouncer!
  6:34pm Seoul Brother:

Today, youtube. Tomorrow, the world!!
  6:35pm Caryn:

@kat: a Kardashian-free tv would be preferable. Online, I don't care, and can at least enjoy snarky critiques of them.
  6:35pm Listener zero:

I can't listen to this with the varying sound levels. Too annoying. Smell you later!
  6:36pm kat330:

One medium at a time, Caryn, one medium at a time. :)
  6:37pm kat330:

Must be using Quinn's mic. Give that one to Andy, please??
  6:38pm Caryn:

I'm actually worried that the Romney camp, trying desperately to seem cool and "with it" (cf. Mitt's "Who let the dogs out" moment), might steep to a Mitt version of the "Gangnam Style" meme, considering the dressage angle.
  6:38pm kat330:

Are our audio comments falling on deaf ears?? Does anyone care?? ;)
  6:39pm Matt from Springfield:

The 7SD Radio Party Van!
Instead of giving away T-shirts, they charge you $5! Also the UCB doesn't travel anyway. Also it's not a party.
  6:39pm kat330:

Irony left with the Seinfeld show.
  6:40pm Matt from Springfield:

Use whole irony to get a healthy foam. Skim irony just waters it down.
  6:40pm Caryn:

@kat: hey, I'm watching "Seinfeld" right now!
  6:41pm kat330:

Woo-hoo! Multi-tasking!
  6:42pm kat330:

I'm reading the closed captions of the broadcast news shows.
  6:42pm Matt from Springfield:

I'd like to visit the big Powell's "mothership" if I ever go to Portlandia.
That's a good non-Amazon place to purchase books if they have them. Ships from Portland, OR!
  6:43pm Caryn:

@kat: exactly! Changed the channel though, because "30 Rock" is starting, and that has precedence, being a non-rerun.
  6:44pm kat330:

Hope it's good, but I fear 30 Rock jumped the shark last season. :/
  6:44pm hamburger:

wow that chris baker has interesting projects on his site
  6:45pm Caryn:

@kat: well, we're a couple of seasons behind, so it's still good
  6:46pm the glowing one:

woah, Andy is honestly impressed
  6:46pm ?:

@MfS -- Powell's is indeed heaven on earth. I go as often as I can. If you love bookstores, you must go !
  6:46pm kat330:

@TGO: I think he's hoping to angle for a job.
  6:46pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: I don't think there was a specific jump-the-shark moment; but like I've said, it's supposed to be the last season and I think that's a good idea. End it before they run out of good ideas.
  6:47pm Matt from Springfield:

@glowing: A staff writer.....!
  6:48pm kata:

oops, @MFS -- that was me actually, not "?" ; howdy peeps !
  6:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Stay tuned for the "Sexy Reboot of Monk", on movie screens Summer 2014!
  6:52pm Matt from Springfield:

Howdy kata! I suspected you might be the ?, if not you one of the other Portlandians here :)
  6:53pm kat330:

Philo's home -- duty calls away from keyboard canoodling. Sooo, happy debate-night (as opposed to date night) all!
See ya!
  6:53pm Matt from Springfield:

Gorgeous performance!
Chris Cohen has a great voice, and just that electric piano/keyboard and bass sets up a great minimalist feel!
  6:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Good night, kat and Philo!
  6:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Serenely strange!
  6:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Forget Henry Winkler! His sister puked on his shoes, so much better!
  6:57pm Caryn:

"We can't have Winkler, so here's an anecdote about someone puking on him! It's about 2 %, as opposed to the 90 % we talked about last week."
  6:59pm the glowing one:

that song... https://0-media-cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/vg/image/1335/98/1335982824883.jpg
  7:00pm Matt from Springfield:

All right Chris Cohen!
Have a good night, everyone!
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