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The program formerly known as The Fuzzy Glove Hour, Whores, and The Happiness Hut. Ken and Andy, also known as The Enema Boys, further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards on a weekly basis. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options September 26, 2012: The Elevator Episode

Ken & Andy 

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Listener comments!

  5:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Whoa! "Trapped In The Elevator" (pts 1-95)!
  6:00pm kat330:

Here! Hi, Matt!
  6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha ha! Club sandwich w/ bacon!
  6:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Hiya kat!
  6:01pm Caryn:

Yay, it's the "Elevator of Death" hour!
  6:01pm Danne D:

Welcome to the Elevator to Hell
  6:01pm Mother Hen:

Oy, Matt, it's in my nature to vorry! But I'll try not to fret whenever you disappear.
  6:01pm Danne D:

That Elevator is scary as hell
  6:02pm Matt from Springfield:

Now, they've DONE it all. And they've done it NOW.
  6:02pm kat330:

Hey, Caryn and Mr. Duckcaller!
  6:02pm Philo Gristle:

There was a dutch horror movie I remember seeing as a teen called "The Lift" about a killer elevator. I hope this isn't the case here. Hello!
  6:02pm Caryn:

Hiya, kat! And Danne, Matt, PG and others!
  6:03pm listener mark:

The elevator that circled the drain.
  6:03pm kat330:

@Philo: Wow, that film sounds like a downer.
  6:03pm Danne D:

Trapped in an elevator with Andy Breckman...

Trapped. In. An. Elevator. With. Andy. Breckman.

I think I'd up my pledge not to risk that.
  6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Oy, I leave for von moment, or maybe a veek, and you see vat they do ta me! :)
But it's all fine. Time to break fast, preferably vit some KOSHER pastrami on rye! Andy..!
  6:04pm Danne D:

@kat who is this Duckcaller person that you are referring to? Maybe Philo knows? :)
  6:04pm hamburger:

there's a video on youtube of a guy stuck in an elevator for 41 hours. hope this show doesn't feel like it lasts that long...
  6:05pm kat330:

So you guys figure Ken's holding out that Wash. Sq. busker episode to use as donation bait? Otherwise, I fear we are never going to hear that busker sucker.
  6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

Hello all ya "Delayers"!
@Danne: I once remembered Elevator To Hell as the "Elevator Death Trap"--someone suggested it would be a good band name.
  6:06pm Matt from Springfield:

@Andrea: Only...your SANITY.
  6:06pm Danne D:

A female.









  6:07pm Philo Gristle:

Philo IS semi-all knowledgeable. He believes Mr. Duckcaller inhabits another timeline to this one.
  6:08pm Danne D:

This premise reminds me of this gameshow:
  6:08pm Matt from Springfield:

@Philo: Florida-originated universes run alongside our own, but completely parallel--they never intersect. You must make an upward quantum leap to access it (fortunately our AccuPlaylist allows this).
  6:09pm Matt from Springfield:

But I don't think there's ANY way to access this parallel universe where apparently Andy B is interesting :)
  6:09pm Danne D:

Andy B is interesting. In that creepy sorta way.
  6:09pm kat330:

What's with this Florida nexus and the FMU community?? Found out just today that NGH is also a Floridian.
  6:11pm kat330:

Only women ride the elevator, or was this orchestrated? Surprised Andy is not asking "so who do you like better? Me or Ken?
  6:11pm Philo Gristle:

Philo uses his sub-unconscious to access parallel time-linearities. All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension.
  6:11pm Danne D:

Interesting in that FMU is getting more guest on this show than they get for the UCB
  6:11pm tim:

This show is fantiastic. First time listening to you@
  6:12pm Fredericks:

Hello from New Port Richey, FLORIDA!
  6:12pm Matt from Springfield:

Boing Boing! There we go again!
@Danne: Man, this is creepy in a late night Comedy Central direct-to-DVD commercial way!
  6:12pm kat330:

In the confines of an elevator, he should be asking "Who smells better - me or Ken""
  6:13pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

It's just like being locked in the elevator with them.
  6:13pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: NGH made the downward quantum leap, though he is orig from FL as well.

Hiya Fredericks still in FL!
  6:13pm Danne D:

welcome aboard Tim. Check out the archives for years and years worth of this sort of failure :)
  6:13pm kat330:

Hey, Fredericks!! I was Mother Henning about your absences as well. Glad to see you are alive and kicking@
  6:13pm Philo Gristle:

@Dave That's true every week!
  6:14pm Danne D:

Andy is actually asking women how much they weigh?!? Why don't ya ask their age too.
  6:15pm Matt from Springfield:

@Tim: Don't you run the boards during live UCB shows, or is this another Tim?
If this is the Tim I'm thinking of, is that a joke being the first time "listening" to the program? :)
  6:15pm Ken:

The busker episode will air one of these days. It's a lot of editing and I haven't found the time yet.
  6:15pm kat330:

@Danne:! Hehheh! I just scrolled back to see your comment about more guests. :)
  6:15pm Fredericks:

Hello, Katt, Matt and other Delayers.
  6:16pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I also like the stereo field of the recording.
  6:16pm kat330:

Hey, Ken! Now we know you are alive at the end of this!
  6:17pm Nathan:

Once they hit the limit it's going to be a total let down. All it does is start beeping. Farting at that moment would be hilarious though...
  6:17pm Danne D:

@Ken perhaps the busker episode can be a Boxing Day gift for the listeners? :)
  6:17pm Philo Gristle:

@kat You should have put a spoiler alert there!!
  6:18pm Matt from Springfield:

The radical priest came to take them away.
  6:18pm Caryn:

Oh, Ken, you've taken the suspense out of this episode. Now we know you survive. Spoiler alert next time!
  6:18pm Danne D:

"Delayer" would be a good title if Andy decided to do an album of Yes covers.
  6:18pm John McCabe in LA:

Andy you can't say pussy on the air
  6:18pm Danne D:

  6:18pm kat330:

And, hey, if you *were* to pique more interest in the busker show to offer as a premium, that's not a bad idea. Just sayin'.
  6:18pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Hopefully they brought some food and water
  6:19pm Danne D:

@caryn it's entirely possible that Ken is notifying us from the elevator via smart phone
  6:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Alarm bell! That button should've gotten stuck as well, while they remain stuck and recording! :)

Ha ha Danne :)
  6:19pm other david:

This is brilliant
  6:20pm Fredericks:

Yes, Danne.
  6:20pm ScottC:

truly one of the most pathetic cries for attention in the history of elevator radio shows...
  6:21pm Matt from Springfield:

The Elevator waited for civilian noncombatants to leave. It's had a grudge against you two for a while, now it's gonna finish you.
  6:21pm Caryn:

@Danne: or he could be messaging us from beyond the grave. That'll be the twist ending of the show: we just hear a crash and then Ken writes on the comments board that he's been dead for a couple of hours.
  6:22pm kat330:

Welcome to our party, OD! :)
  6:22pm ScottC:

I think they should start a small fire to keep their body temps at safe levels
  6:22pm kat330:

AHH! Ken had Devin Kettlecorn??!!
  6:22pm Danne D:

@Caryn that would be kinda brilliant actually
  6:23pm Danne D:

Ken wants to keep the police dogs away I think...
  6:23pm Caryn:

If this turns into the movie "Devil", which one does everyone think is Satan: Ken or Andy? Don't answer right away, because Andy might be the way-too-easy red herring.
  6:23pm powiva:

oh man they need an elevator repairman, this really could get tragic
  6:23pm ScottC:

I know from Bourne Identity movies that you can open a door in the roof of the elevator and climb up the greasy cable to the floor above...
  6:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha HA! Now YOU guys were in an emergency, and your ECL totally didn't work! Serves ya RIGHT!! :)
  6:24pm ScottC:

I would pay good money to watch Andy climb up a greasy cable...
  6:24pm Caryn:

Hah! Nice call-back to the ECL! Of course, considering the list doesn't work, he's not going to get help that way. That failure will now come back to bite him in the ass.
  6:25pm kat330:

Right on, Matt! (Another sore point, the ECL, along with the busker show. )
  6:25pm Danne D:

@Caryn I think they answered that with their premium "Death Defying Radio Stunts"
  6:25pm kat330:

@ScottC: I was visualizing that very thing. Somehow I bet Andy didn't climb the rope to the ceiling in gym class.
  6:26pm Fredericks:

Used an elevator phone whilst stuck in an elevator and got put on hold.

Glad I had a cellphone as backup.
  6:27pm Carmichael:

Andy has a tie on. Cmon, McGyver, get to work!
  6:27pm lewis:

I can't stop smiling!!!
  6:27pm Ken:

Whatchyou talkin about? The Emergency Contact List works like a charm!
  6:27pm Dan B From Upstate:

Did anyone get a 7SD emergency text? I gave my phone number for nothing? :-(
  6:28pm kat330:

This could turn into a Sartre play.
  6:28pm Philo Gristle:

Charms don't work. Ha!
  6:29pm Carmichael:

Make sure you answer the pone with, "Hello, Elevator."
  6:29pm Caryn:

@Carmichael: screw the tie, they both have glasses and a bunch of radio equipment! Hell, McGyver would've built a nuclear bomb by now with all that stuff.
  6:30pm Danne D:

@Ken I don't think I ever got put on there either - I think I'm a backlog person :(

To think that Andy was trapped in an elevator and coulda been a captive audience for a call of mine is too sad a thought to bear
  6:30pm Danne D:

(of course I actually didn't look at my cell phone once during the whole time this happened...)
  6:31pm ScottC:

one of you guys needs to take the other hostage THEN you'll get some attention...
  6:31pm Matt from Springfield:

This episode is great! I have to leave soon, so I'll split at the halfway mark, and catch up later! Have a good time here folks, and a good night!
Mike Lupica fills-in at 9 tonight!
  6:31pm kat330:

@Danne: NONE of us who called with our emails got put on it. Unless Ken whittled it down to a very elite group.
  6:31pm Danne D:

I love that they have success but it's impossible to hear it :)
  6:31pm kat330:

See ya, Matt!
  6:32pm Philo Gristle:

See ya, Matt!
  6:32pm Carmichael:

  6:32pm Danne D:

@Kat well if his criteria was elite people you shoulda made it, not so sure about myself though :)
  6:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks, take care!
  6:33pm kat330:

@Philo: Gee, now I know why we wound up together. :)
  6:33pm Caryn:

I think they have one successful ECL member, and it's the woman they pestered and who originally wanted to be off the list but gave in after 5 calls to be on it.
  6:33pm Danne D:

Take care Matt :)
  6:33pm ScottC:

  6:33pm Philo Gristle:

No, tapenade.
  6:33pm Danne D:

ooh now I can hear the call
  6:33pm Ken:

The Emergency Contact List app I have divides the contacts into two groups - emails, and phone numbers - I cant send a message to both groups and since 95% of what I have are phone numbers, I only send to those - I dont send to the email only people. Sorry.
  6:34pm kat330:

Call an order into Jimmy John's. That should work if there's truth in advertising.
  6:35pm Danne D:

Perhaps this success of the ECL will prompt Ken to complete the task. I mean, it ain't like he's got anything else to do at the station ;o)
  6:35pm Carmichael:

Ken, I'm on the ECL for street address only. Can you mail me an alert?
  6:35pm Danne D:

(I really am not sweating the ECL btw Ken) :)
  6:36pm Danne D:

That'd be awesome if Carmichael got a postcard of an elevator like 2 weeks from now
  6:36pm Ken:

If anybody wants to be added to the Emergency Contact List, email me at ken at wfmu dot org
  6:36pm Carmichael:

With Domino's, it's 30 minutes or it's free. Give 'em a call; it's a no-brainer.
  6:36pm Caryn:

Maybe the twist ending is: all these years, Ken has been a volley ball, and both Andy and all the listeners have just suffered from delusions and mass psychosis.
  6:37pm the glowing one:

I just tuned in, WFMU building has an elevator?!? wow
  6:37pm kat330:

Email you with our email that you already have? We don't own a smartphone, Ken, so we have no number to give you.
  6:38pm Caryn:

In horror movies, the scooting out moment is when people die horribly.
  6:38pm Carmichael:

I think Ken will wake up in bed in Chicago, next to Suzanne Pleshette.
  6:38pm Ken:

Sorry Kat, the Seven Second Delay Emergency Contact List is not SIM-only. No emails.
  6:39pm Caryn:

Or Andy will turn out to be a retarded kid staring into a snow globe of a radio mast. Well, he's 50 % there already.
  6:39pm Philo Gristle:

The Hellevator Guillotine!
  6:40pm kat330:

So it won't be a spoiler to tell us who smelled the best at this point -- or the worst?
  6:40pm ScottC:

if it's Andy it's flop sweat
  6:40pm Dan B From Upstate:

Sitcoms have taught me that this is the perfect time for a clip show.
  6:42pm kat330:

Chow down on one or the other and Hearty White will play with your bones.
  6:42pm Caryn:

@Dan B: if this was a sitcom, this would be the "characters talk out their long-simmering conflict while trapped in a confined space" episode.
  6:42pm hamburger:

good job they didn't mix this concept with the adult diaper drinking water pee show... hey-o! or not.
  6:42pm Danne D:

Herman Cain would make an awesome Seven Second Delay gues.
  6:43pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

You should have bottled some of the sweaty elevator air for fundraiser premiums.
  6:43pm Danne D:

@Dan B - they should have done this next week and had The Fonz save them
  6:44pm Fredericks:

They need an intuitionist. Where's Colson Whitehead when you need him?
  6:44pm Caryn:

@Danne: yeah, by hitting the side of the elevator door with his fist.
  6:45pm Fredericks:

A screwdriver should work.
  6:45pm Dan B From Upstate:

And then the Fonz says, "Ehhhhhh!"
  6:45pm kat330:

Ken, I was only keen to be on the ECL list hoping it would be a way to find out about repeat 7SD's without bothering you with an email. It really was to save you time and me embarrassment for wasting your time.
  6:46pm Caryn:

@Dan B: and an intern girl runs under both of his arms and he walks out flanked by the girls
  6:46pm Dan B From Upstate:

I used to live in a building with an elevator like this. I know the key Ken's talking about. I had to open the door for many people. Everyone else in that building was lazy.
  6:47pm Danne D:

This is beautiful:
The 12 Days of Elevators!
  6:47pm Pat:

This is the best episode of seven second delay in months.
  6:47pm Elevator Repair Guy:

How's your liability insurance? Whatever it is, triple it. There's that treble damages negligence thing, y'know.
  6:48pm kat330:

@Pat: I've always said the at-home shows appeal to me more (in general) than the UCB shows.
  6:48pm Philo Gristle:

@Pat Yep, a very good episode! Like in the 'good' old days.
  6:48pm Danne D:

seriously that video is worth the watch - I bet Ken will like it.
  6:48pm Elevator Repair Guy:

[peering into the electrical box] Wow, I haven't seen a setup like this in awhile.
  6:48pm Lulu:

This is a classic episode! <3
  6:49pm Dan B From Upstate:

Seven Second Delay truly is in a golden age.
  6:49pm Vero:

that's right, a la Archie and Meathead when they were stuck in the basement
  6:49pm Fredericks:

It's frightening to climb up on the floor. I kept thinking "if the elevator kicks back in gear I'm going to lose something important".
  6:50pm Lulu:

Can this photo be on the wfmu homepage? It's so great :-)
  6:50pm G:

Andy has to get back on the horse, and Ken has to get back on the horse's ass.
  6:50pm Caryn:

This has been such a success that they'll now milk the idea to death. "Andy and Ken trapped on the roof", "Andy and Ken trapped in the basement", "Andy and Ken trapped in a closet because the family came home while they were robbing the house"...
  6:50pm kat330:

@Danne: That game show premise either stole a bit from the "Ellen" show, or she stole it from them. She was dropping people through holes for incorrect trivia answers for 2-3 years now. Maybe longer.
  6:51pm kat330:

That IS a great photo!
  6:51pm Danne D:

@kat vice versa - russian roulette was on years ago
  6:52pm kat330:

Cat-free fine. Kat-free, I might have a bone to pick.
  6:53pm Danne D:

Don't want Andy to go up against a Master Debater
  6:54pm Dan B From Upstate:

Oh, that elevator IS tiny. How did you fit so many people in there?
  6:54pm G:

Master Baiter v. Master Debater?
  6:54pm Danne D:

Speaking of game shows with trap doors, this story just came out a few hours ago:
  6:54pm Caryn:

@Danne: that would be a Master Debater vs. a Masturbator.
  6:55pm G:

Someone tell Andy that Angry Birds jumped the shark. That's so 2011!
  6:55pm kat330:

In the masturbatorium -- a stuck elevator?
  6:55pm John Wilkey:

I heard a song earlier that was all about Led Zeppelin. Who was that? Whats the song title?
  6:56pm Philo Gristle:

Wasn't it the Fonz who jumped the shark?
  6:57pm G:

Everything jumps the shark sooner or later. Usually sooner, anymore...
  6:57pm Danne D:

@Philo right you are - the 35th anniversary just passed in fact.
  6:57pm kat330:

Is this a full circle comments list now? I think it is.

So, g'night swell people! T&GC!
  6:57pm Danne D:

This was a great show :)
  6:57pm Vero:

It has been said SSD is going through a golden age...I heart this episode incredibly much.
  6:57pm Danne D:

Take care everyone :)
  6:57pm Philo Gristle:

Excellent show! Night, all!
  6:58pm Dan B From Upstate:

That was a good one!
  6:58pm G:

It would be tough for it to have been recorded later today...
  7:00pm seang:

hey John Wilkey--that was Carey's Problem
  7:00pm G:

Theme Music Filler!!!
  5:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Excellent show indeed! One for the ages!
Ken and Andy should get stuck in places while recording more often! ;)

Thanks K&A for this hilarious episode, and thanks Andrea for that playlist pic!
  7:06pm Listener zero:

A fantastic show! Thank you so much, WFMU!
  9:42pm LandOfJƏrƏmy:

still awesome.
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