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Options September 19, 2012: Your God is a just God, but mine has an awesome record collection.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
Carey's Problem  Led Zepplin   Options Arena of Shame  0:03:48 ()
Marco Benevento   Soma   Options TigerFace  0:07:53 ()
Tom Jones  Bad as Me   Options Spirit in the Room  0:11:35 ()
Robert Palmer  Parade of the Obliterators   Options Pride 12" b-side  0:15:34 ()
Megan Jean and the KFB  Voodoo Doll   Options Live at FloydFest (VA) July 2012  0:26:19 ()
Ondatrópica  Tiene Sabor, Tiene Sazón   Options Ondatrópica  0:29:32 ()
The We Are Unique! Ensemble  Download Your Credibility   Options The We Are Unique! Ensemble  0:34:00 ()
Charlotte Hatherley  Straight Lines   Options New Worlds  0:38:34 ()
Hayden Panettiere  Cruella De Vil   Options Disneymania 5  0:41:07 ()
RIAA  Sweet Dreams of Destruction   Options RIAA: The Singles  0:43:36 ()
Amy Annelle  The Cimarron Banks   Options The Cimarron Banks  0:54:07 ()
World Kora Trio  Africa   Options Korazon  0:57:19 ()
Swan Dive  Good to Be Free   Options William and Marlys  1:00:56 ()
Sam Kulik  More Than Your Dog   Options Escape From Society  1:04:18 ()
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti  Mature Themes   Options Mature Themes  1:06:57 ()
Insa Donja Kai (Insa Schirmer, Donja Djember & Kai Angermann)  Synoise   Options Insomnie Joyeuse  1:09:51 ()
Mi-Gu  Touch Wood   Options Choose the Light  1:15:11 ()
Lord Kitchener  Brooklyn Woman   Options Hot & Sweet  1:24:55 ()
Días De Septiembre  Lego   Options Días De Septiembre  1:28:26 ()
Fatboy Slim  Weapon of Choice   Options Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars  1:32:40 ()
The Chambers Brothers  All Strung Out Over You   Options The Time Has Come  1:38:07 ()
Buffalo Springfield  Uno Mundo   Options Last Time Around  1:40:38 ()
Heligoland  Lost and Lethal   Options Heligoland  1:42:34 ()
Thomas  Ringo (live): It Don't Come Easy/Surfaris: Wipeout (w/lyrics)   Options Thomas Sings  1:47:59 ()
Leona Anderson  Rats In My Room   Options The Sound of Worms - and Fish, and Rats!  1:52:10 ()
The McLeod Landfill Singers  McLeod's Landfill   Options Unknown  1:54:26 ()
Unknown  Daddy, Aren't You Glad I'm a Mormon?   Options Mormon children  1:55:32 ()
Crete Boom  Three Waters   Options Honest Lovers  2:01:26 ()
Lily Allen  The Fear   Options It's Not Me, It's You  2:03:23 ()
Beach Boys  I'd Love Just Once to See You   Options Wild Honey  2:06:37 ()
Eleni Mandell  The Future   Options I Can See the Future  2:08:34 ()
Jaggery  Hostage Heart   Options Private Violence  2:11:38 ()
Margaux  It's 1:51 / Home Taping Gives You Cancer / Radio Singalong   Options The Recovery  2:17:32 ()
Angil & the Hiddentracks  Trish   Options Now  2:22:12 ()
Ljova  East Berlin PA   Options Lost in Kino  2:25:32 ()
Mighty Sparrow  Don't Go Joe   Options Calypso Sparrow  2:34:42 ()
The Doctor's Children  Rose Cottage   Options Rose Cottage EP (12")  2:38:39 ()
Jerri (Angil & the Hiddentracks + Deschannel)  Go Fight   Options Jerri  2:44:26 ()
Bosques de mi Mente  Cientosenta Segundos en el Pasado, Parte 1   Options Ruido Blanco  2:48:43 ()
James Strilich  Medley (Girl from Ipanema Summer Samba)   Options Reflections  2:51:38 ()
The Zombies  What More Can I Do?   Options The Original Studio Recordings  2:54:29 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 9/19/12 3:01pm Listening Out There:

...am feeling Nordic-type today...maybe a bit 47 percent-ish too...
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:05pm Matt from Springfield:

You need better fan mail Irwin.
Either that or better fans...
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Carey's Problem, reminds me of Joan Marie Polo. Maybe if I heard them do a tribute to Michael Stipe?
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:07pm Roberto:

This is better than any Zeppelin song ever. And I really like Zeppelin!
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:08pm Matt from Springfield:

HA HA! Great ending!!
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:09pm Matt from Springfield:

M to the B!
Look forward to him coming in soon!
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:09pm Jeezy:

  Wed. 9/19/12 3:13pm Listening Out There:

...has Tom Jones been listening to Tom Waits? Good stuff...
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:14pm AnAnonymousParty:

Why does Tom Jones remind me of Foghorn Leghorn?
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:15pm G:

Is the author of the playlist photo email a sometime FMU playlist poster? :-)
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:16pm Foghorn Leghorn:

"You're the same, I say the same kind of bad as me, Son!"
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:16pm Line Editor:

Forget "e mailes" -- I mean, "replies back". UGH!!!!
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:17pm Letter to Donald:

None of yer Nordic beeswax, G!
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:17pm Foghorn Leghorn:

Ah say, ah say, ah say, talkin' about the little lady, boy!
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:19pm Matt from Springfield:

That reminds me G:

30th Anniversary of this emoticon today! Wiki front page news! :-)
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Quite the experimental rock track for Robert Palmer. I like it!
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:21pm G:

That reminds me, MfS:
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:22pm Droll:

. o O ( Not sure how I missed this Robert Palmer tune... maybe being instrumental and a B-side? Pretty fancy drummin'! )
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:23pm common:

i love robert palmer's song looking for clues
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:24pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: Exchange of usual emoticons today! :) :-)
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:24pm Denise in DC:

What is a "Nordic-type" alien? Is it anything like an Aryan?
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Ah, was Tom covering Tom.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:25pm Adolf:

@Denise: Close enough.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:26pm Caryn:

@Denise: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordic_aliens
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:26pm Denise in DC:

And why do I have a mental image of the brain-implanted woman as looking and sounding like the secretary in the original version of The Producers?
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:28pm Matt from Springfield:

Floyd VA! That's almost in Franklin Co. VA!
Nice to take scenic drives through. Just as hilly, and probably almost as "shiny" as Franklin.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:28pm Caryn:

@Denise: or just imagine 70's era Brian Eno. Both the hair and outfits fit descriptions of male Nordic aliens to a T. Hang on a minute...
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:29pm Denise in DC:

@Caryn: Holy crap. I had no idea. Guess I don't spend enough time around UFOlogists.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:31pm Matt from Springfield:

Incredible that there's an article on that, Caryn!
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:32pm Denise in DC:

Ulla. Her name was Ulla.

I can hear her now. "Bialyschtock and BLOOO-oom! Bialyschtock and BLOOO-oom!"
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:33pm Matt from Springfield:

"The term "Nordic" did not come into wide use until the 1980s. In earlier decades, the entities now described as Nordics were often called "Space Brothers"."

"And then the Space Brothers came to me..."
"How did they look? They were black then?"
"Um, no, they were actually quite light and blonde."
"So they were Nordics?"
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:34pm Caryn:

Oh please, Matt. If wikipedia can have detailed articles on the humanzee and furries, you don't think they have the different alien types covered? And the Google results? Man, the amount of "A-to-Z of alien species" pages...
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:35pm Nordic Aliens:

We're the opening act for "Turds of Misery"
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:37pm Listening Out There:

The Ensemble sounds a bit like Klaus Beyer, no?
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:37pm Caryn:

I remember once seeing a height chart of the different kinds of aliens. Nordics near the top of the chart, usually approaching 6 feet. Come to think of it, if that's the case, maybe they shouldn't be called Nordic aliens, but rather Dutch aliens. You could still have the blonde stuff, but with the added height thing.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:37pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: It doesn't have to be correct, as long as there's an organized "UFOlogy" to categorize the different threads of thought, I suppose Wiki can have articles and a "UFOs and ufology" template box!
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:38pm Caryn:

@LOT: if they sound like someone else, they're not very unique, are they?
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:38pm Parq:

Denise, I think Ulla was less brain-implanted than brain-extruded. But actress Lee Meredith went on to do some memorable sketch work for Johnny Carson and has for many years worked at a highly respectable beautician's school in Bergan County NJ, so respect.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:38pm Denise in DC:

**hurries to look up "humanzee"**
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:41pm Denise in DC:

**voice rising in pitch** THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "VERY UNIQUE." "Unique" means one of a kind. THE SOLE, ONLY, EXAMPLE ANYWHERE IN THE MULTIVERSE.

**breathes into paper bag**

Sorry. I feel strongly about this issue.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:41pm Caryn:

@Matt: exactly. I mean, wikipedia explains plenty of theories and made-up concepts, detailing what the people who believe in them believe. Doesn't have to be verifiable reality, just a cultural concept that exists.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:42pm Matt from Springfield:

"Some sources, such as UFO Contact Center International, refer to Nordic-type aliens as Pleiadians, referring to the Pleiades star cluster." As a Subaru driver, I know that Subaru is Japanese for the Pleiades stars (that's explains the logo!) So while some people believe them to be aliens, perhaps they're merely encountering blonde Subaru drivers?

"Contactees have said that the Nordics are concerned about the earth's environment or prospects for world peace" -- ya see! :)
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:42pm Denise in DC:

Hey, I'm not disrespecting Ulla, or Lee Meredith. I think The Producers is one of the greatest movies of all time. It is, however, indisputable that her character was not intended to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:43pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh Lord no!! Now that Miley's grown up and dresses like Pink, Irwin's moved on to another source of Disney pop dreck!
**dives under desk**
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:43pm Caryn:

@Matt: I wonder if the Japanese refer to the Nordic aliens as Subaru-dians?
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:44pm Caryn:

Hey Matt, look at it this way. Since Hayden's character was killed and maimed in numerous ways in "Heroes", you can at least youtube her dying horribly if you hate the song. Less opportunities for that with Miley.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:45pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: I think that can be explained in the anime, "Shiny Magic Western Subarudian Ha Ha!"
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:45pm Listening Out There:

...great upmash...
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:45pm Matt from Springfield:

LOVE RIAA! And this is a creepy, yet creative mash-up!!
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:46pm Parq:

Denice, I think you will dig this.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:48pm Caryn:

I suspect RIAA fans have a hell of a time trying to find them online.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:51pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: A la the loop "100 Hours Justin Bieber Getting Shot" :)

@Denise: Speaking of YT, and your grammatically correct sense of "unique", you may enjoy this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ltb_14CWqDA :)
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:55pm Denise in DC:

@Parq, that is a great article -- thanks!
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:56pm Michael:

Very nice ole pal. I remember Bruce from when I first started listening. Sorry to hear of his passing.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Well thank you Irwin, a fine tribute to a Station Manager past.
And thank you Bruce, for your contributions to WFMU and its culture.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:57pm Denise in DC:

@Matt -- love it! I have certainly had the urge to slam people's heads into the nearest hard surface when they have screwed up their grammar.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:58pm Carmichael:

In my part of the country, we have the Greys and the Reticulans. No Nordics, no MIBs, no anal probing. That I know of.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:58pm Denise in DC:

I must have missed Irwin's tribute to Bruce while I was off watching Matt's video.
  Wed. 9/19/12 3:59pm Robert:

It's like "Eve of Destruction" & "Sweet Dreams" were made for each other.

Sorry to hear about Mr. Longstreet. He was so far in the background (and I guess that was among his virtues) that I don't recall peep about him, but it was on his watch that I started listening.
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:00pm Parq:

Just hearing the name "Bruce Longstreet" is enough to take me back to my early years as a WFMU listener. My condolences to Irwin and all the other long-timers on the loss of your friend.
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:00pm Denise in DC:

Back to work for me. I'll be listening but not typing. Have a good afternoon, all.
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:02pm Matt from Springfield:

@Denise: BBC's adult puppet show "Mongrels"! It's very funny, brainy and slapstick all at once!

It was a nice tribute, but I myself am going back to listen to it again without distraction, it's great.
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Take care Denise!
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Ahhhhhhh, classic Moog sounds!
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:16pm das:

Ahhh, this is the good stuff
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:19pm Matt from Springfield:

1) Inhale. Breathe.
2) Touch Wood.
3) Choose the Light.
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:23pm das:

I'd turn out the lights for the first two. *rimshot*
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:26pm Matt from Springfield:

The Honourable Lord Kitchener!!
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:27pm Matt from Springfield:

It'd be cool if there was a "Musical History of Brooklyn" comp, with a lot of old calypso for the mid 20th century period.
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:27pm Matt from Springfield:

@das: That *was* rimshot worthy. Fine show!
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:34pm Caryn:

And now I feel the need to go watch Christopher Walken strut his stuff.
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:41pm Carmichael:

Otis! My Man!!
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:42pm Buffalo from Springfield!!:

Great choice, love this song!
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Listen to all those fans of Thomas!
I've been looking for live bootlegs of Thomas for a while now!
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:51pm AnAnonymousParty:

Proof that it don't come easy.
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Hwwwow. "Wipe Out". Wow.
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:53pm Wavering Davey:

Hop out
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:53pm Wavering Davey:

Hop out
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:53pm AnAnonymousParty:

Now if we could only get some Digger Smolken!
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:55pm Matt from Springfield:

A musical about Leona Anderson, featuring music she wrote, is long overdue.
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:55pm Wavering Davey:

Is she saying "in my womb"
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:55pm Caryn:

How come I feel the orchestration is really wrong for the song topic of rat infestation?
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:57pm Carmichael:

Is this a young Debbie Boone?
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:57pm Caryn:

Don't think there are very many landfill jingles. But if there are any others, we can rely on WFMU to air them at some point.
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Oh YES! Internal Mormon media, this stuff is super incorrect indeed!
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:58pm Denise in DC:

@Matt, did you see the musical about Florence Foster Jenkins when it was here?
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:58pm green mountain man mark:

Mormonism started in Vermont. Isn't that weird? And Romney came here recently to work on screwing up his campaign.
  Wed. 9/19/12 4:59pm Matt from Springfield:

"International Lining Technology recently provided the liner materials and installation of the liner for our final closure cap at the McCloud Landfill in Siskiyou County." Seems to be the aforementioned McCloud Landfill, in McCloud, CA.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:00pm Matt from Springfield:

  Wed. 9/19/12 5:00pm Ike:

OMG @ "Macleod's Landfill!" Hilarious! See Irwin, corporations CAN make terrible decisions all on their own! Or is "Macleod's Landfill" somehow the government's fault? ;)

Kidding. I'M KIDDING. Please, no political arguments today or my head my explode.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:02pm Matt from Springfield:

@Denise: Wow, no I didn't know about that early "outsider artist". Pretty good musical?
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:03pm Carmichael:

"We are the 47%."
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:06pm Caryn:

Gotta say, this is probably the one Lily Allen song I like unreservedly.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/19/12 5:06pm Alison Porchnik:

47% of the population still doesn't know about Florence Foster Jenkins.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:09pm Matt from Springfield:

Wild Honey Beach Boys! Sadly more than 47% probably aren't familiar with this album and its songs. I was once one of those, but you can change! Get help, by getting this album! It can save a life! Well probably not, but it's a good album!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/19/12 5:10pm Alison Porchnik:

Matt, I am one of that 47%. Sad, isn't it?
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:10pm Denise in DC:

@Matt: I knew about Florence, so I was predisposed to enjoy it. But yeah, it was fun.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:11pm Irwin:

I'm not the 1%. I am the ONE.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 9/19/12 5:14pm Alison Porchnik:

Hubris before the fall.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:15pm Matt from Springfield:

@Alison: You can buy the "psychedelic" Beach Boys albums 2-to-a-CD: Smiley Smile/Wild Honey, Friends/ 20/20, Sunflower/Surf's Up. Very great, a whole nother side to the Beach Boys!
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:18pm Matt from Springfield:

I give a "Like" to EnormoCorp's website!
(They'll own me pretty soon, so better get on their good side...)
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:18pm Caryn:

I think "Surf's Up" is the best Beach Boys album. "Pet Sounds", schmet sounds...

Loving the Jaggery.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, some nutty material today! Was this from R. Stevie Moore's Sam Goody used cassette bin? :)
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:21pm other david:

Nutty suits my disposition to a tee tonight. thanks Irwin!

Hey folks.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:21pm Caryn:

Seriously, if this was a youtube pick, fine. But an actual album of this? Sweet lord.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:21pm Matt from Springfield:

Rita Coolidge's #1 AC cover of Boz Scaggs' "We're All Alone"
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey OD! I'm on the verge of buying some granola and mixed nuts later at this rate! :)
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:23pm Matt from Springfield:

"Here's one that I re-CAWL..."
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:24pm Matt from Springfield:

Good Lord! Where can we find MORE Margaux??!!
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:25pm other david:

hehe, that sounds like an acute case :)

Irwin - I was gawking at old playlists, you've played some Microdisney, just wondering have you got a favourite album of theirs?
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:25pm Caryn:

I get the same feeling that Margaux track ends with not when I listen to the radio, but if I watch an awards show aimed at a younger demographic. Which includes all the MTV awards. I have no idea who 95 % of the people are. Feel totally out of touch.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:27pm Irwin:

@OD: Lots of M'disney, but couldn't name a fave LP. Fave track is "Loftholdingswood."
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:30pm Carmichael:

@OD: I was just listening to Stiff Little Fingers last night while cleaning the kitchen. I even snuck in a Saw Doctors song or 2. Yeah!
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:30pm other david:

@Irwin: Thanks! That's a definite favourite of mine too, also some cuts from first album like "Everybody is Dead" and "Escalator in the Rain".. it's all in the lyrics:

"some ugly girls and boys in the park one fine morning/
swore they would save the world by the next friday night/
but when friday came they were in a bar/
looking sad as I spoke to them"
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:32pm other david:

@Carmichael: good god, the Saw Doctors!

One wishes one was on the N17
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:32pm Droll:

Caryn, I'd feel more out of touch if there was ever a time I was more in touch. I don't get the impression I'm missing much if I just hang out here at Irwin's show. Besides, Margaux got home taping all wrong, it was killing the music industry, not the listener. Napster (and most releases) seems to have finished the job
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:35pm Snark:

Yeah, noncommercial radio is serious, and boring. Have you heard NPR lately? Grow up people.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:36pm other david:

And no Wilmoth Houdini! Controversial, Irwin...
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:36pm Matt from Springfield:

2X Classic Calypsonians!
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:37pm Matt from Springfield:

@OD: There is no longer an "equal time" requirement for US radio ;)
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:38pm Carmichael:

@OD: N17 is classic. My favorite is I Useta Love Her.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:38pm Caryn:

@Droll: yeah, I think I'm currently feeling even more out of it than usual, as being home sick, in the last 2 weeks I've even mostly lost count of what weekday it is. Missed last week's Irwin because of it. And in the past week, suddenly all the info I've managed to retain has been weird bits of trivia that I don't think are particularly useful in everyday life.
But Irwin's DJ premium arrived yesterday, so yay!
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:40pm other david:

Ooonce, long long time ago.

@Carmichael, their songs are ingrained on the Irish psyche forever! Favourite Irish band though is probably Whipping Boy.

@Matt: this may be true, but Wilmoth was the best!

Rabble rabble rabble!
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:44pm other david:

These Children of "The" Doctor, make luscious guitar noise.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:45pm Droll:

Caryn, Indeed! Nothing gets to the heart of what's hip on the radio like mashing up an hour of Tullis & Clark! Also cures homesickness and being sick at home.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:46pm Carmichael:

@OD: I have heard some Whipping Boy on Phantom FM, I think from Heartworm. As I am in California now, I live vicariously through folks like you and my mates at Ireland's 32 in San Francisco. Slainte!
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:51pm other david:

@Carmichael: Yeah Heartworm was their "big" album - sold all of 80,000 copies!

It was good and, sort of defining for me (released 1995), from it I discovered My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth.. and a long tangled mess that eventually led me to WFMU :)

I don't feel like there's a lot of great music coming out of the old sod this side of 2000, but... remain wanting to be surprised.. some of the better stuff is hip hop, believe it or not!
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:53pm Parq:

As is so often the case, Irwin, this show had everything. Bruce Longstreet clearly knew talent when he saw it.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:53pm Caryn:

Yay, The Doctor's Children! Anyone have their "King Buffalo" LP? Hopefully you'll play "Blessed is the Man" one day, Irwin. Oh, and OD, I seem to remember they supported Michrodisney at one time.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Feel like I'm riding in a swanky elevator-with-lounge!
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:55pm other david:

What... what! Caryn, they seem horribly badly matched... good bands.. but.. not.. well, it's like mixing ketchup with vodka.

Matt, I for one like this swanky elevator, but becoming gradually more concerned that it has halted and is now stuck.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

@OD: Well maybe the elevator's broke and we're trapped, but I don't care! There's still plenty of drinks to go around! Who cares...oh crap, oh NO! We're out of booze!! We're gonna die in here! Without booze!! Aaaaah!
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:57pm other david:

Thanks Irwin, this was a great one sir.
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:58pm other david:

@Matt: someone make a pipe.. PLEASE WE NEED TO MAKE AN ALCOHOL TUBE!
  Wed. 9/19/12 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

I second OD! Fun and ecstatic show today, even if a little nutty! :)

Thanks Irwin! Have a good night everyone!
  Wed. 9/19/12 6:00pm Caryn:

@OD: well, it was in the mid-80s, and not being that familiar with Microdisney, I can't tell if their earlier stuff was more akin to TDC.
  Wed. 9/19/12 6:00pm Michael:

Fun show - thanks Irwin.
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