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Options August 8, 2012: You know me better than I know myself. So please explain me to me.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Lee Morgan  Yes I Can, No You Can't (edit)   Options The Gigolo  0:00:00 ()
The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble  Mi Corazon   Options Mr. Machine  0:02:58 ()
St. Etienne  DJ   Options Words and Music by St. Etienne  0:10:21 ()
Jon Kongos  He's Gonna Step On You Again   Options Kongos  0:14:51 ()
Paula Stewart, Ted Thurston, Stanley Grover, and Maggie Worth  Who's Doing What To Erwin?   Options Let It Ride! (Broadway cast)  0:24:50 ()
The Primitives  The Witch (Halloween Mix)   Options Echoes and Rhymes  0:27:03 ()
Elin Skrzypski  Hopp!   Options Kiddy Contest 2004  0:31:04 ()
Oppenheimer  Song for G   Options This Racket Takes Its Toll  0:33:30 ()
Little Feat  Easy To Slip   Options Sailin' Shoes  0:36:32 ()
Megan Jean and the KFB  Red Red   Options Dead Woman Walkin'  0:45:21 ()
Dave Cloud  Let's Get Away   Options Dave Cloud  0:48:19 ()
Caleb  The Beatles' Revolution   Options Caleb Buries Paul — and John, George and Ringo  0:51:57 ()
The Beatles  Hard Day's Night (alternate)   Options Anthology  0:54:29 ()
The Black Keys  Everlasting Light   Options Brothers  0:56:45 ()
Lothar and the Hand People  Machines   Options Presenting Lothar and the Hand People  0:59:57 ()
Garrison Starr  The Train That is Bound for Glory   Options Amateur  1:07:21 ()
The Kiosk  Clyde   Options I Shall Be Rereleased  1:10:32 ()
Steve Winwood  Spanish Dancer   Options Arc of a Diver  1:17:11 ()
Daniel Harnett  A Season   Options Hey Richard  1:23:30 ()
Linda Perhacs  Sandy Toes   Options Parallelograms  1:25:48 ()
Ulver  Everybody's Been Burned   Options Childhood's End  1:28:42 ()
Cleve Pozar  Echo Afrika   Options Solo Percussion  1:32:09 ()
Lava Children  Mothra   Options Lava Children  1:38:00 ()
The Good Rats  Tough Guys   Options Ratcity in Blue  1:47:14 ()
The dB's  That Time Is Gone   Options Falling Off the Sky  1:49:53 ()
The Chills  Push   Options Brave Words  1:53:10 ()
Ahmad Jamal  Blue Moon   Options Blue Moon  1:54:33 ()
Jason Karaban  Succeed 101   Options Shift  2:09:04 ()
Janean Brady  I'd Be A Woman Again   Options I'd Be A Woman Again  2:12:13 ()
Bruz Fletcher  My Doctor   Options Drunk With Love  2:14:57 ()
Zwerg  Permeate Your World   Options Whims 'N' Words  2:17:41 ()
Bee Gees  Run To Me   Options To Whom It May Concern  2:21:40 ()
Aaron Roche  Death Is All Around   Options !Blur My Eyes  2:24:52 ()
Crosby, Stills & Nash  Urge for Going   Options CSN Box  2:33:13 ()
Superdrag  Rocket   Options Regretfully Yours  2:36:38 ()
Klaus Beyer  Wein Baby Wein   Options Das Weisse Album  2:39:19 ()
Klaus Beyer and Osaka Popstar  Monster   Options Klaus Beyer Covers Osaka Popstar  2:41:50 ()
The Jam  Don't Tell Them You're Sane   Options This Is the Modern World  2:44:38 ()
Sam Ulano  S.S. Rhythm   Options Drum Fairy Tales  2:48:12 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 8/8/12 3:04pm rrg:

  Wed. 8/8/12 3:04pm Crotchety Old Line Editor:

"better than"
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:05pm rrg:

I'm sure that will be fixed in jiffy.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:06pm rrg:

A jiffy. In A jiffy.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:06pm yeah:

..it'll be better then!
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:06pm Crotchety Old Line Editor:

That's what they all say :)
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:07pm rrg:

This starts like "Iko Iko"...
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:07pm still b/p:

I'll see you your bean eaters and raise you a "Well, Clarice, have the beans stopped screaming?" li'l munchkid:
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:09pm hamburger:

I think it's a split pot!
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:10pm Clark Barr:

Wunnerful Wunnerful! Now where is the bubble machine?
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:13pm Alison Porchnik:

This music gives my sitting-here-at-my-desk some bouncy urgency.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:16pm Ice Cubicle:

We aren't allowed to do "bouncy urgency" in our offices, even with a door shut. Especially not with a door shut.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:18pm Woo:

I just got new headphones at FYE for 19.99. I'm bouncy.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:19pm rrg:

Stereo! Real stereo content here.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:20pm Alison Porchnik:

I'm trying not to look too bouncy, now that I've got a new colleague in the office. More like "looking busy on the outside, feeling bouncy on the inside."
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:21pm Woo:

Kongos! Does this qualify as glam rock or world music?
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:22pm paula pc:

so great, that kongos
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:22pm rrg:

It's stereo glam world rock music.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:23pm rrg:

Confirmed again: if you answer the arithmetic question incorrectly, the Accu-Playlist won't post your comment.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:26pm Clark Barr:

Losers buy scratch tickets. Winners buy Lotto tickets!
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:26pm Alison Porchnik:

There but for the grace of God go you, Irwin. Especially at the A&P.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:26pm Woo:

Right you are about the scratch tickets Irwin.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:27pm B23:

I just got back from a lunch where I got stuck in a line behind someone buying scratch tickets...
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:27pm Sean Daily:

(edges away nervously from the radio)
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:27pm AnAnonymousParty:

Yeah, some day you'll be President and then we'll all be sorry!
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:27pm cool fool:

Euromillions is £148 million jackpot a mundo! gimme some numbers
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:28pm Alison Porchnik:

That's right - death camps are a little too extreme. Remember your heritage, Irwin.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:29pm rrg:

I was buying some scratch tickets at the convenience store and there was this insufferable old coot in line behind me complaining about it.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:29pm G:

Some corner delis and the like actually break one of their few profits on those voluntary extra tax payments, oops I meant losery tickets.

But I will throw exact change on the counter and leave if I have to wait behind them. And I have my comment all ready for when one of them says something to me about that.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:30pm Woo:

Why are you buying coffee at the same place they sell scratch tickets? Is the coffee good? Does FMU have a coffee maker? We could buy you one.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:30pm fred:

Work camps! Please kill me instead, I'm a liberal: work = bad. Then again, Chairman Mao liked work camps. I'm so confused now
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:30pm conveneince store guy:

I was buying a bunch of lottery scratch tickets and some guy behind me was muttering about death camps. Weird.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:31pm Alison Porchnik:

We're all doing it to Irwin.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:32pm cool fool:

Was wondering, if y'all won a mega jackpot, and it come marathon time, would you donate the million at the beginning of the pledge drive, which would spoil the fundraiser... or at the end, which would just be an icing on the cake occasion
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:33pm Clark Barr:

Lets take up a collection to get a Tassimo machine for WFMU so everyone can have a tasty latte or cappuccino!
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:33pm Sean Daily:

"And what do you burn a witch with?"

  Wed. 8/8/12 3:33pm fred:

@cool fool: I'd keep most of it for myself, but soak Andy with a 5 or 6 figures donation
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:34pm Mariano:

@ cool fool:

I'd make a separate anonymous donation, with the understanding that I'd get all swag in perpetuity!
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:35pm G:

Irwin could annoy counterhogging lottery losers by simply stating his own name.

Lean over their shoulders and say, "Er, win?" Then do the sarcastic fake sympathy thing when naturally they say "no".
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:35pm Woo:

If I won the jackpot I would donate coffee. Regular only. I don't believe in decaf. It's like a cat without claws.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:37pm cool fool:

just saying how with wfmu making requests for derranged millionaires to make a $1million dollar donation, if there were ever to be one, surely it'd be from a listener lottery winner
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:37pm paula pc:

if you need a face with a voice for this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9fT5U55Bf8
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:37pm ?:

@G: Or using his other name for urgency: "Chusid, already!"
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:37pm Laura L:

Danke für dieses furchtbares Lied, Irwin. Schrecklich!
Avatar Wed. 8/8/12 3:39pm Irwin:

Bitte, Laurische.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:48pm duke:

Will Ken go to jail? Will he attack Andy and eat his face?
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:49pm Alison Porchnik:

One can only hope.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:50pm cool fool:

will the bath salt episode will beat the drunk ken episode.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:51pm Sean Daily:

Remember Rule #2, Andy: DOUBLE TAP.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:52pm cool fool:

advice for andy: hockey mask
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:53pm ginger tim:

bath salts vs. ayahuasca --- which would win?
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:55pm Alison Porchnik:

Whenever I begin to think Irwin is talking to me through the radio, he plays a song like this and I'm jolted back to blissful reality.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:56pm Turnstone:

This song is hitting my sweet spot.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:56pm Michael:

Mr. Cloud is the budget Barry White me thinks...
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:57pm lefty:

  Wed. 8/8/12 3:58pm Clark Barr:

Wow, Caleb buried Paul, John, George, Ringo and Jobriath!
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:58pm kat330:

@Irwin: Only discovered a few days ago that I have joint custody of an Irwin Chusid production: The Music of Raymond Scott CD my better Finn half brought to the table. Nicely done.
  Wed. 8/8/12 3:58pm Sean Daily:

  Wed. 8/8/12 3:59pm rrg:

Good. We don't hear enough of the Fab Four on WFMU.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:00pm lefty:

thanks, Ween
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:01pm das:

This is the best song I've heard performed by the beatles, the legend continues.
Avatar Wed. 8/8/12 4:02pm Irwin:

@lefty: For the fab.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:03pm lefty:

can I go on record and say that I am actually WORRIED about Ken?
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:05pm lefty:

also..the four kids in those pictures look as if they HAVE ingested bath salts.
Avatar Wed. 8/8/12 4:05pm Irwin:

We're all on widow watch.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:06pm lefty:

  Wed. 8/8/12 4:10pm das:

What's the story with bath salts, how are you supposed to ingest them?
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:10pm Alison Porchnik:

Yes, that's a man's name.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:11pm das:

I quit cheap street drugs after airplane glue and gasoline. Mostly
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:12pm Alison Porchnik:

I just ate a stick of pure Romanian sugar on an empty stomach. It won't be pretty.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:13pm beth salts:

Andy should hide the fava beans.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:13pm beth salts:

and wear a helmet
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:13pm fred:

Andy should have them handy as decoy
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:14pm beth salts:

Ken, actually, should have the helmet
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:14pm Woo:

What about good ol' LSD? Do the kids still use it?
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:15pm beth salts:

Alison-I just ate a pretzel stick dipped in Elmer's Glue. Delish.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:15pm Alison Porchnik:

I'm hoping against hope he's going to cave and resort to Epsom salts. Which should be even more interesting, given their powerful laxative effect. The audience will require ponchos.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:16pm beth salts:

no, kids drink Purell.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:16pm fred:

@Woo: I think the cops have cornered that market
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:17pm beth salts:

@fred: yes, to tweet it.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:19pm G:

That little blond ogling the jam looks like she has dentures.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:21pm fred:

@G: if Ken gets that look looking at Andy, we will know better than to blame it on dentures
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:23pm Droll:

I wonder why bath salts so captured listeners' imaginations. Was there a similar refer madness before the pot brownie episode?
"Gee, I hope that pot doesn't make him go postal."
"If that pot doesn't kill him, the Big Gulp will."
"I heard pot changes your chromosomes, this is really what happened to Barrett."

. o O ( I think the bean-snarfing boy looks like a young Old Codger)
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:24pm ?:

For the record, I am also worried about Ken. Unless this is a hoax. He's got to stop hurting himself for our entertainment! WFMU needs him to be healthy and safe!
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:24pm Woo:

Ken, we love you, call collect.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:25pm fred:

@Droll: A young old codger? That's beyond my imagination. I humbly bow before your powers
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:26pm beth salts:

  Wed. 8/8/12 4:28pm Sam:

Maybe bath salts will turn out not to be dangerous, but I doubt it. You can't compare it to reefer madness. Pot will make you paranoid, make you hungry, but bath salts make you much more anxious and suicidal. It's more like crack, you do it once and already it changes your brain in bad ways.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:29pm fred:

@?: Tell that to that blood-soaked deer tick. But I tend to agree, he's taking it into worrying zone
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:29pm G:

Safe? Based on decades of weekly data, it's a safe bet that any 7SD premise will fizzle. Statistically, Ken could not be SAFER...
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:31pm Sam:

Too bad they can't hypnotise him while he's on the bath salts
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:32pm beth salts:

maybe Andy will prepare a bath with said salts and dump Ken in it--he COULD be outnumbered. I would get down to UCB to see that.
Love the song, too, Irwin.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:32pm das:

I feel that man has ruled this world as a stumbling demented child-king long enough! And as his empire crumbles, my precious bath salts shall rise as his most fitting successor.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:34pm fred:

@Sam: he probably has exceptional resistance to outside interference, proof being his running the station for so long. Irwin has been here for roughly a century and he's still a Republican, so these people are tough
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:37pm Sam:

Irwin just doesn't want those Bush billionaire tax cuts to expire.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:40pm Sam:

There Irwin, did I explain you to you?
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:41pm Woo:

Randy Travis has an excellent mug shot in the news today. That's what drinking will do to you.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:44pm jay:

handsome as ever
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:44pm Droll:

Why is everyone assuming Ken is doing this for the show or the station? It's entirely possible Ken has personal reasons for wanting to ingest bath salts. I defend Ken's right to choose for Ken.

In the worst case, the station can use the Key-Man insurance to pay off the mortgage. Win-Win.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:46pm Sam:

You're right Droll, Ken obviously WANTS to do this. That's what I admire about him, he does what he wants, follows his dreams and doesn't take any shit. I'd hate to see him lose the will to live though.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:47pm G:

@Sam: That's Andy's job. Division of labor.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:48pm still b/p:

It's the bath pepper that'll really jack your synaptic junctions.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:49pm Sam:

If Ken's smart he'll pretend to take the bath salts, but secretly spike Andy's drink with it. Andy on bath salts would be a major catastrophe.
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:50pm National Weather Service:

There's a 30% chance of rain. Are you happy now?
  Wed. 8/8/12 4:51pm Sam:

On any given day there's a 50 percent chance that there's a 30 percent chance of rain.
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:06pm Alison Porchnik:

I feel bouncy but less urgent now, thanks to Ahmad Jamal.
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:08pm Alison Porchnik:

FYI, there is a blue moon this month. And by blue moon, I don't mean Irwin's ass.
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:18pm Alison Porchnik:

A shout-out to "?" ?
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:18pm fred:

People, I just opened a Wilson & Morgan 12 years old Laphroaig, and this bottling deserves public praise. Peat addicts should take notice. This is gooood stuff
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:18pm AnAnonymousParty:

This almost makes me want to be a woman!
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:19pm Droll:

I understand wanting to be a woman, but I'm not sure what "Again" means. Is this the outro on a concept album, and if so, what is the concept?
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:19pm Clark Barr:

What was she before?
Avatar Wed. 8/8/12 5:19pm Irwin:

@AP: "?" got the hook.
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:20pm Alison Porchnik:

@fred - Laphroaig -hardcore.
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:20pm Dominick:

My Doctor!
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:20pm Alison Porchnik:

I noticed, IC.
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:22pm Clark Barr:

Did Nöel Coward OD on Bullshots?
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:28pm fred:

@alison: not out-hardcoring you, just giving proper reference: Wilson & Morgan Barrel Selection, 12 years old Laphroaig, cask #700297, distilled in '98, bottled in 2010, 118.6 proof. If available near you, just grab it. Wonderful stuff
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:39pm rrg:

You just won't play Joni's original of this, will you?

Well, fine. I've got it here. More for me.
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:46pm Nazerbean:

Dies ist so gut.
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:46pm the glowing one:

even better than the original, well done Klaus
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:48pm other david:

mein gott..
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:55pm the glowing one:

I'm imagining him doing that with no audience at all
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:55pm Some Drummer:

This Sam Ulano rules!
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:55pm ginger tim:

This guy is on bath salts!
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:55pm Droll:

Sam Ulano makes it sound so obvious. I wish more songwriters used drums instead of acoustic guitars.

See everyone next week, and don't worry about Ken's stunt, Liz is going to be a great station manager.
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:56pm other david:

That he does.
  Wed. 8/8/12 5:58pm Some Drummer:

Bath Salts!
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