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The program formerly known as The Fuzzy Glove Hour, Whores, and The Happiness Hut. Ken and Andy, also known as The Enema Boys, further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards on a weekly basis. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options July 25, 2012: Live from the UCB Theater, with comedian Pat Cooper, NYU Prof, Artist & Secret Service Interviewee Kyle McDonald, Hypnotist Steve Marino, and Tammy Faye Starlite

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Ken & Andy 

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Listener comments!

  6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Everybody clap!
  6:00pm kat330:

Hey! Right off: Matt, Danne, ANYone received ANYthing from the ECL notices list?
  6:02pm Matt from Springfield:

NOthing! I might send an email to Nick, just so my email is in the system. Though if no one else received anything I don't think that would work.
  6:02pm G:

last week's ECL = hour-filling schtick, no less and no more
  6:02pm glenn:

  6:02pm Matt from Springfield:

That hypnotist was AMAZING! So great!
  6:03pm Matt from Springfield:

@glenn: The 7SD Emergency Contact List, the concept last week.
  6:04pm kat330:

G, I know, you said that before, but it was referenced again on some program today: "Special notice will go out to those on the ECL" "secret tunnel entrance", etc. Why go to such lengths after the fact of the shtick?
  6:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Bath Salts Ken! Maybe he'll get TAZED! We can only hope!
  6:04pm G:

cannibalism? that bites.
  6:04pm G:

@kat330: "how long can we string 'em along?"
  6:05pm glenn:

ah. i missed it. obviously.
  6:05pm kat330:

Can they walk on hot coals?
  6:05pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

BLERG! I'm a few minutes late. :(
  6:05pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: That was by Ace, wasn't it??
  6:06pm kat330:

Fine, I'll let it go, but I'll never be calling into the station again. :)
  6:06pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: Anyone can walk on hot coals, I don't think it requires hypnosis.

So...hypnosis is like getting people drunk, without alcohol? :)
  6:07pm G:

i am getting sleepy.
  6:07pm Matt from Springfield:


Hey BGZ!
  6:07pm kat330:

A super suspension of disbelief.
  6:08pm Caryn:

Hmm, is my drowsiness due to getting hypnotised or just lack of sleep?
  6:08pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

@kat330: Or as a I like to call it a disbelief of disbelief!
  6:08pm kat330:

@Matt: Guess you didn't hear the Tony Robbins news bite. No, everyone canNOT walk on hot coals (without being singed, IAE).
  6:08pm Philo Gristle:

I can easily get into my subunconsciousness.
  6:08pm bath_salt_bob:

"bath salts" is an ambiguous, catch-all term for a lot of drugs... i recommend that ken figures out precisely what chemicals he's getting (ones to avoid, IMO: MPDV, mephedrone)
  6:09pm G:

@caryn: or your response to show content???
  6:09pm Matt from Springfield:

:D Good Andy-style joke!
  6:10pm giraffe-o:

That actually is a funny joke
  6:10pm G:

if they think andy is pajamas, will they try to put him on when they get sleepy?
  6:10pm Matt from Springfield:

Not These Guys Again, with Ken and Andy.
  6:11pm Philo Gristle:

Who's this Hobo Ken?
  6:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Heckled Ken is awesome! They need a hypnotist EVERY UCB show! This is actually exciting stuff for a change!
  6:12pm G:

If you get P:at Cooper on politics, he and Ken are gonna bitch at each other the whole segment.
  6:12pm kat330:

Why didn't they clap?
  6:13pm Matt from Springfield:

And Black Gallagher, though that didn't last long...
  6:13pm hamburger:

you could cut the tension in the air with a BUTTER knife!
  6:13pm Caryn:

Wasn't it Gallagher and his uncle? Oh like I care.
  6:13pm Pasquale Caputo:

  6:14pm Matt from Springfield:

I like that they seem to have given the hecklers mics, so we can hear the insults clearly.
  6:15pm Caryn:

@Matt: maybe it's just a well-designed theatre, which allows sound to travel well?
  6:15pm G:

Is he allowed to be out of the nursing home this late?
  6:16pm kat330:

Miss Brooklyn? Isn't that a pageant title?
  6:16pm kat330:

An empty theatre also carries sound better.
  6:17pm Caryn:

Is Brooklyn the only place to deserve applause, or could he just list the boroughs and bathe in the adulation?
  6:17pm dale:

i wanna hear some insults. besides andy's.
  6:17pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn,kat: Both good methods of travelling sound :)
  6:19pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

I hope he tells the story about Sinatra firing him.
  6:20pm Caryn:

@Matt: that's the new Volvo slogan. "Travelling sound."
  6:21pm Matt from Springfield:

We were for them BEFORE we were against them.
  6:22pm kat330:

  6:22pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

I like the pat down. Normally I have to pay somebody $50 to touch me in the swimsuit area. The TSA does it for free!

  6:23pm Caryn:

I loved it when the woman complained to the TSA supervisor that her patdown had been too intimate. The supervisor asked her to show how she had been patted down, she demonstrated it on the supervisor, and the supervisor sued her for sexual assault. In other words: if they do it to you, it's standard operating procedure. You do it back to them, it's assault.
  6:23pm kat330:

Coward Howard. Can't be a dog and try to die a cat. Truer words never said.
  6:24pm kat330:

Oh, YES, we're agin Chevy Chase!
  6:24pm Matt from Springfield:

We're AGIN Chevy Chase, and you're not!
  6:24pm kat330:

Ask him about Elliott Gould and Keith Carradine, too.
  6:24pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

I hate Chevy Chase!
  6:24pm Caryn:

Love the old west-style "we're agin it!" It's like a deleted scene from Blazing Saddles in here.
  6:25pm mike noble in dc:

i'm pretty sure there's no love lost between chevy chase and howard stern.
  6:25pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

I own a Pat Cooper record. :D
  6:25pm kat330:

Good one, Matt!
  6:25pm G:

@caryn: the government would love us to be docile. TSA employees (not to mention other agencies) are the thin end of the wedge.
  6:26pm Matt from Springfield:

@BGZ: Was he always this cranky? :)
  6:26pm kat330:

Yes, BGZ, you seem to know his material very well. :)
  6:26pm dale:

listening to this is like passing a stone
  6:27pm kat330:

YAY! I'm 1/16th Native American, so I'll take my 40 acres and a mule.
  6:27pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: "Repeat after me: I, (I,) your name, (your name,) am AGIN..." :)
  6:27pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

He used to be a little more jovial. Now he sounds indignant.
  6:28pm kat330:

Of cranky comics, I'm partial to Lewis Black. Love 'im!
  6:28pm Caryn:

@Matt: oh you, Hedy...
  6:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@BGZ: Still, I'm liking him--and his mind is still razor sharp.
  6:29pm Matt from Springfield:

"That's - HEDLEY!"
  6:29pm Caryn:

I feel like I'm not listening to a broadcast from the UCB Theater but from a hotel ballroom in the Catskills. A couple of decades ago.
  6:29pm kat330:

Sounds to me like he's mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. I get that. Rant on!
  6:30pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

One of my fave Pat moments was this meltdown he had on Stern's show. He stormed out of the studio. People on the street started calling in saying they saw Pat here and there walking down the sidewalk muttering aloud to himself. They said it was like in a Godzilla movie when the newsperson on TV is reporting where Godzilla has been and where he's headed.
  6:31pm Pasquale Caputo:

Who told you that!?!
  6:31pm Caryn:

Hedley should've been proud of being confused with Hedy Lamarr. She was a brilliant inventor.
  6:31pm Caryn:

Hedy was also the inspiration for Catwoman.
  6:32pm dale:

i don't think ken will get him off the stage
  6:32pm glenn:

she invented one thing. more than me, that's for sure, but still.
  6:33pm kat330:

[clap, clap, clap]
  6:33pm Matt from Springfield:

An Eye-Talian firecracker is he!
  6:34pm kat330:

Women love a man with a hoarse, raspy voice. We figure maybe they're all done yelling.
  6:34pm Caryn:

@glenn: true, but it's one thing with multiple applications
  6:34pm Matt from Springfield:

Speaking of Golden Earring from last show: Hedy Lamarr, Miss RADAR LOVE! :)
  6:38pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

I heard Pat tell a story about opening for Sinatra. Some of Frank's guys come to him before a show and tell him Frank wants him to drop the jokes about the pope. So he goes to Frank to find out if it's true. Frank denies it. Pat says something like "Good. 'Cause I don't tell you how to sing 'Witchcraft'" and that was the end of Pat opening for Frank.
  6:39pm kat330:

Like Stern, Frank was no cat.
  6:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Seems a violation of the users privacy, but considering that you can program computers to do that just by going to a website (instead of installing spyware, as I assumed), the bigger concern seems to be how easy it is to do that on public computers.
  6:41pm kat330:

The N.A. part of me believes that photographs steal some of the soul.
  6:44pm Caryn:

I wonder if Ken is feeling cannibal-y at all?
  6:44pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

I wonder if he makes Lite Brites that have Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters on them.
  6:46pm Imminent Cannibalism Victim:

  6:47pm Matt from Springfield:

The hippy evangelist: Tammy Faye Starlight!
  6:48pm kat330:

Is SHE hypnotized?
  6:48pm G:

It's Mother Guido Sarducci!
  6:49pm Caryn:

Tammy Faye's voice and delivery is like a female Woody Allen.
  6:49pm G:

Work on that southern accent!
  6:49pm kat330:

Her accent is all over the map.
  6:50pm Matt from Springfield:

Well she's starting to crack up now, but before then I loved the thoroughness of her act!
  6:50pm G:

  6:50pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: Good comparison!
  6:50pm G:

  6:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Tabby Faye Starlite.
  6:51pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

It's a drinking game. Knock back a shot every time her accent changes.
  6:52pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Stabby Faye
  6:52pm kat330:

Hearty White should ask her on his show for a duet segment.
  6:53pm kat330:

There's a small town nearby here called Starlite. Big Huber's winery is about all there is there.
  6:55pm kat330:

Wrote it off the cuff, I bet.
  6:56pm Matt from Springfield:

  6:56pm kat330:

Maybe not. 50/50 chance being from the same tube.
  6:56pm Matt from Springfield:

Divorce and NASCAR, destroying traditional marriage.
(Along with Glee and Mormons).
  6:57pm Fuckthis Kike:

Wow. Jews aren't racist at all.
  6:57pm Matt from Springfield:

"Do Caesarian Men Have Penises?" by Andy Breckman.
  6:58pm Fuckthis Kike:

jews are so not racist and not bigoted at all.
  6:58pm Fuckthis Kike:

Can someone send this mentally-ill kike skank back to her kibbutz?
  6:58pm Caryn:

News is on in the background. The last 3 items: 1) Kim Jong-Un got married. 2) Gun purchases are up 43 % in Colorado after the cinema shooting. 3) A blind mouse has regained its' sight. Hmm...
  6:58pm kat330:

Dirty ol' hound dog.
  6:58pm Fuckthis Kike:

Oh, and btw, we know that jews did 9-11.

  6:59pm Matt from Springfield:

@FTK Thank you, Weev.
  6:59pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Her lyrics are so clinical.
  7:00pm Danne D:

Crap I have to check out the archive:(
  7:00pm Fuckthis Kike:

It's funny how this jew female jokes about inbreeding. I guess she really believes in the Talmud.
  7:00pm Danne D:

Seems like I've missed out on a fun comments board this show.
  7:01pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Hi Danne!
  7:01pm Matt from Springfield:


This was quite an exciting show! @Danne: Just have to read the comments as you listen I guess ;)
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