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Options July 19, 2012: Peer Pressure Guest This Week= Brad Davidson- Wipers, Phantom Ratio,

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Deep Purple  Might Just Take Your Life   Options RIP Jon Lord  0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Deep Purple   Highway Star   Options   0:09:33 (Pop‑up)
Deep Purple  Hard Lovin' Man   Options   0:15:41 (Pop‑up)
Deep Purple  Pictures of Home   Options   0:22:44 (Pop‑up)
Deep Purple  Perfect Strangers   Options   0:28:01 (Pop‑up)
Inepsy  Who's Next   Options   0:41:01 (Pop‑up)
Wipers  Romeo   Options   0:44:26 (Pop‑up)
Witchcraft  Walk Between the Lines   Options   0:47:44 (Pop‑up)
Magic Circle  Magic Circle   Options   0:51:29 (Pop‑up)
Interview with Brad Davidson      1:00:46 (Pop‑up)
Pink Fairies  Do It   Options   1:20:20 (Pop‑up)
Chrome  In A Dream   Options   1:23:41 (Pop‑up)
Interview with Brad Davidson      1:28:59 (Pop‑up)
Suicide  Frankie Teardrop   Options   1:39:45 (Pop‑up)
Alice Cooper  Halo of Flies   Options   1:50:10 (Pop‑up)
Interview with Brad Davidson      1:58:31 (Pop‑up)
Wipers  Better Off Dead   Options   2:11:17 (Pop‑up)
Wipers  Youth Of America   Options   2:13:33 (Pop‑up)
Steely Dan  The Boston Rag   Options   2:23:58 (Pop‑up)
Captain and Tennille  Love Will Keep Us Together   Options   2:29:19 (Pop‑up)
Interview with Brad Davidson      2:32:45 (Pop‑up)
Iggy Pop  Sister Midnight   Options   2:39:41 (Pop‑up)
Interview with Brad Davidson      2:45:18 (Pop‑up)
Phantom Ratio  All Our Obstacles   Options   2:47:41 (Pop‑up)
Phantom Ratio  God Told Me To   Options   2:50:22 (Pop‑up)
Broken Water      2:54:23 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  12:11pm Cecile:

morning, all!
Dude. The Wipers' bassist.
  12:11pm Droll:

Thanks for opening with DP! For no reason I can understand, no FMU has done a Jon Lord tribute (yet).
  12:11pm DCE:

Highway Star is a much better showing of Lord's talents.
  12:11pm Andrew Waterloo:

This takes me back to endless hours of playing Rock 'n Roll Racing
  12:12pm SteveL:

Can't imagine DP without the organ.
  12:12pm Georgia:

The Wipers, yes!
  12:13pm MD:

  12:13pm Cheri Pi:

James Leg should fill in if they ever tour again- but those shoes can never be filled :(
  12:13pm SteveL:

Think The Stranglers ever listened to this track? (Thankfully, I'd say yes.)
  12:14pm Filepe "Infidado" Gonzalez:

Kick out the Jams DK with DP!!
  12:14pm fred von helsing:

yeehaw !
  12:14pm Cheri Pi:

Diane-you gonna play some Jay Reatard today? He loved the Wipers
  12:15pm Cecile:

  12:15pm Cheri Pi:

CP <3s DP
  12:17pm Cecile:

Question for Brad Davidson:
How perturbed were you when you heard the Foo Fighters's "Everlong" and realized what basically sounded like a Wipers song was a massive hit?
  12:18pm Cecile:

do you have Perfect Strangers in the on deck circle, Diane? Love it when Clay trots it out.
  12:19pm Tom - In Marine Park Brooklyn:

ooo Purple and more purple ,,, still like Rod Evans and That first Captain Beyond but that's just me > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiXcqxms3Bs
  12:21pm Cheri Pi:

This is hitting the spot!!
  12:24pm Tom - In Marine Park Brooklyn:

Jon , yea he was great , just played ,, love him much ,, not the overblown Keith Emerson or Rick Wakeman ---
  12:24pm purpletrator:

please, only DP Gillan today.... none of that sickening Black Sabbath with Gillan singing this week!
  12:25pm DCE:

some Purple 1.0 would be great too. Rod Evans=king of all British singers
  12:26pm Cecile:

if the guest requests it, Diane will play it.
They get to pick their records.
  12:26pm Cheri Pi:

I love the natural scratchiness and channel switching in my ears
  12:27pm DCE:

what is it about that tiny island that produced so much killer rock?
  12:27pm Tom - In Marine Park Brooklyn:

.. and Blackmore ones said organ just a rhythm instrument ..... haha !!!
  12:28pm purpletrator:

Did Lord ever wear a cape? also, agreeing with Cheri Pi, the sound of the vinyl is great with headphones.
  12:28pm SteveL:

Tom: That's funny. Yeah, it drives the rhythm, but soooo much more.
  12:29pm Cecile:

  12:29pm Cecile:

  12:29pm Blackmore's organ:

(shooting blanks)
  12:30pm Tom - In Marine Park Brooklyn:

perfect strangers PERFECT example of the Organ driving it home to the gutt !!!!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:30pm efd:

yes! Great tribute, Diane, and especially nice to hear "Perfect Strangers." I really liked this record when it came out.
  12:31pm Cheri Pi:

I like this part
  12:32pm Cecile:

Gillan sounds great on here, too.
Avatar 12:32pm kamikaze:

Hey All! Thanks for checking in! The loss of Jon Lord is massive; at least we have his music. Glad to rock out with some Deep Purple anytime, this time more sad! Brad Davidson who played bass for the Wipers and is in the newer Phantom Ratio is on PEER PRESSURE today at 1pm !!!
  12:36pm Mike East:

Damnit! Where have I been?! I missed Jon Lord tribute!
  12:40pm Andrew Waterloo:

DP is something I've been needing to hear through fresh ears for awhile now.
  12:41pm Cecile:

pancreatic cancer. that takes you fast.
  12:45pm Cecile:

hells yeah.
  12:47pm Don:

hells yeah is right.... ROMEO always kills
Killer DP set BTW... of course
  12:48pm Cheri Pi:

So Gun Club!
  12:49pm ron in South Florida:

I met Ian Gillan in NYC at a release party for one of his discs a while ago. I asked him if the next time that he saw Jon Lord he would tell him how much of an influence he had on me as a musician. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have know what to do. I can only hope that he did. Thanks for the tribute Diane.
  12:51pm Cheri Pi:

I love Swedish doom. Play some Kadavar soon?
  12:52pm Cecile:

Cheri, they were there first. Romeo was on their 3rd album - they had already debuted that great sound in 1979, a full two years before Fire of Love came out on the Is This Real album.
  12:52pm Cecile:

WItchcraft were one of the most fun shows I ever saw, back when I was seeing shows.
  12:52pm purpletrator:

  12:53pm Cheri Pi:

Wow! Jeffrey was from the West coast right? I wonder if he was at any Wiper shows at the time...
  12:53pm Cecile:

he might have been...
  12:54pm Cecile:

or Ward Dotson was...
  12:57pm Cheri Pi:

I have to grab lunch, be back soon.
  1:10pm Cecile:

The Spikes in Australia reworked "Youth of America" as "This is Australia" in 86 0r 87
  1:11pm Cheri Pi:

WOooooosh, and I'm back in the nic of time. I listened to the hell out of DLJ last night
  1:18pm don s:

i guess i saw brad with the wipers twice in boston in the 80s. first at the rat, then at the paradise. i can't forget the immense heaviness of the first show and the pure rock of the second. they were amazing.
  1:20pm Cecile:

I only saw them once, in '86, but you are right about the heaviness. And the loudness, it was like sheets of sound.
  1:20pm Cecile:

Yes! Larry Wallis!
  1:21pm Cheri Pi:

  1:22pm purpletrator:

Rollins Band covered this, I believe...
  1:24pm Chris from DC:

Always regretted I never got the chance to see the Wipers. Ooh, Chrome.
  1:29pm Cheri Pi:

such a good Chrome choice.
  1:35pm BadGuyZero (Dallas, TX):

Chrome is one of those "secret handshake" bands. If you meet someone that's into them you know it's going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. The Wipers are one as well.
  1:36pm Cecile:

ITA, badguyzero.
  1:37pm purpletrator:

Helios Creed solo is pretty nuts, too...
  1:39pm judi gore:

i had the trippy pleasure of working with Helios last Sept. Quiet man. I love working with Phantom Ratio though!!!
  1:41pm Cecile:

that's so cool, judi!
  1:42pm purpletrator:

I bought Creed's "Superior Catholic Finger" on vinyl in high school...
  1:42pm common:

This is a creepy-ass song!
  1:43pm dc pat:

man, back in the day I couldn't stand Suicide. I was stupid. Crucial stuff.
  1:43pm Siriusly:

wondering why we don't hear more Suicide on WFMU
  1:44pm Cecile:

the critics used to make fun of them in the 70s, but the first time I finally heard them in the early 80s, it was instant love.
  1:44pm Cheri Pi:

I bought this as a 10 inch a couple years back, Lydia Lunch on the other side.
  1:46pm Filepe "Infidado" Gonzalez:

wild stuff, digging the Frankie teardrop!
  1:46pm Cecile:

when I did my end of the world show years ago, I made sure to play Frankie Teardrop. I think I had like 2 copies going and it just went on and on for 20 minutes. Too bad i didn't tape it.
  1:48pm dc pat:

"2 copies going" - need more of that on FMU too.
  1:48pm Cecile:

this is scarier than most of the stuff from "scary" bands...
  1:49pm Mike East:

I was definitely creeped out the first time I heard this Suicide track...also intrigued. So intense.
  1:50pm david from ks:

,,,,,,,ridiculously funny!!
  1:50pm BSI:

Clearly I have missed much.
Not going anywhere now.
  1:51pm Cecile:

And that line..."we're all Frankies..."
  1:55pm Cecile:

man, I really like Alice's singing.
  1:56pm BSI:

oh, HAH, never realized the name Halo of Flies was an Alice Cooper thing first. Suddenly the universe makes a bit more sense.
  1:56pm judi gore:

I interviewed Alice in 2002 at a gold tournament. He is funny guy...my favorite!
  1:57pm Cecile:

he seems really cool.
  1:58pm Chapel Hillian:

Saw Alice a few weeks ago - Halo of Flies was the best song. He lined up the guitarists/bassist in the center of the stage and elaborately directed them with his walking stick
  1:58pm Cecile:

nice, c-hillian.
  2:00pm Cheri Pi:

Alice Cooper is playing with Iron Maiden 2night 2 hourrs away, I can't go becasue I have to be the boss this week at work... :(
  2:01pm BSI:

screw leadership!
  2:01pm Cheri Pi:

what is up with my spelling? My keyboard is akimbo
  2:02pm Cheri Pi:

Oh BSI- how I would love to...
  2:05pm Cheri Pi:

Maybe Bruce could pick me up on Ed Force 1
  2:09pm dc pat:

wasn't Cooper one of those guys that would drink all night with Moon, Lennon, Ringo, etc?
  2:13pm Cecile:

  2:15pm BSI:

what Cecile said.
con gusto.
  2:15pm Cheri Pi:

Now I really want to drink. Will have to catch up on my Wipers library after work!!!
  2:15pm Cheri Pi:

  2:16pm Cheri Pi:

What BSI said Cecile said
  2:19pm BSI:

What alla-y'all said. Again. Just for emphasis.
  2:20pm Cheri Pi:

The Love Train effect is still in effect
  2:21pm BSI:

2-note basslines that go on forever are what makes life worth living. You may quote me. Ashamed to admit being Wipers-illiterate until today.
  2:22pm Cecile:

really, BSI? I envy you discovering their catalog.
  2:23pm Cheri Pi:

really BSI- you're in for a real big treat. this is the silver lining!
  2:24pm Mike East:

I agree with BSI, and I also know nothing of Wipers and think this is awesome. Feels so good to discover new shit! (new to me)
  2:25pm Cecile:

I dig this song a lot more than when I was in my early 20s and first hearing this. ("Wow, this is long....")
  2:26pm Cheri Pi:

I like Steely Dan. Reminds me of my childhood in an American neighborhood in Japan.
  2:28pm BSI:

The depth of my ignorance is astounding. I'm the perfect age to have been a total Wipers-head as well. Hell, it took Brian Turner a few months ago to turn me on to The Screamers, fer crissakes. Still discovering crucial shite...
  2:29pm Cecile:

hey, I was sick to my stomach for not really getting a good listen to Frogs music until this week. I had plenty of chances.
  2:30pm northguineahills:

@Cheri PI: I also lived in an American neighborhood in Japan as a child, in the 80s.
  2:31pm Cecile:

when I was a teen I really loved T&C.
Their 8 track was the first place I heard DIsney Girls.
  2:31pm Cheri Pi:

Didja really NGH??? I lived in Tokai.
  2:31pm judi gore:

Theres that sense of humor my man has that I told u about!!!
  2:31pm Andrew Waterloo:

You just can't hear everything, you can only try and be as open minded as possible.
  2:31pm Neil Sadaka:

Hey, I'm back!
  2:31pm Tovarich Volk:

So, uhhh...... what's with the Cap'n and Toenail?????
  2:31pm northguineahills:

Yeah, the Wipers infinite two-note bassline is epic.
  2:32pm Cheri Pi:

I love today's guest. It's another match made through the airwaves.
  2:32pm Cecile:

Exactly, Andrew.
  2:33pm Some Surf Punk:

Any love for Dennis Dragon?
  2:33pm still b/p:

Saw the Tubes cover this in a show in '76, honoring(?) it as the biggest song of '75.
  2:33pm ?:

was "Love Will Tear Us Apart" an explicit repudiation of this song?
  2:34pm Cecile:

the beach ain't nothin but a bird bathroom
  2:34pm northguineahills:

I lived in Atsugi.
  2:34pm Andrew Waterloo:

So, does the captain own a boat, or does he just drive a large Cadillac convertible?
  2:35pm Cecile:

I DID!!!!!!!!!
  2:35pm Cecile:

they had a skit called the "bionic watermelon" It was the only thing that made me laugh on that show.
  2:36pm Some Surf Punk:

@ Cecile - Drew singin...
  2:36pm common:

MAN, cecile, I remember that shit!
  2:37pm Cecile:

yes, surf punk! I remember that!
  2:40pm Cecile:

neo boys!
  2:44pm Cecile:

who was playing guitar on this?
  2:44pm Some Surf Punk:

CArlos alomar
  2:45pm Cecile:

wow. thanks, surf punk, forgot how goo he was.
  2:48pm Some Surf Punk:

Fun Fact - "Fun Time" of the same album was featured in The Hunger soundtrack.
  2:49pm Filepe "Infidado" Gonzalez:

  2:50pm Filepe "Infidado" Gonzalez:

I'm digging the Phantom Ratio!!!!! and of course DK!!!
  2:50pm judi gore:

SHIT!!! This is **NOT***** ALL OF OUR OBSTICLES!! This song is titles OCCUPANT>
  2:54pm northguineahills:

It's been pleasure Diane & Brad. Thanks!
  2:57pm judi gore:

Thanks Diane!!!! ANd everybody!!!! We'll keep ya posted if and when we come your way. Plz send any booking requests to me. Judi Wright @ FACEBOOK...I don't have a proble with saying FACEBOOK!! YOW!
  5:47pm wipers fan:

Brad was a great interview, his new band Phantom ratio is amazing!!!!
  5:54pm Mr. Ray:

Goddamnit, stop playing Sister Midnight!
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