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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options May 25, 2012: Word Hate (With Michele)

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Listener comments!

  6:02pm Jesus:

Can't wait to get this started
  6:02pm mark on the train to northport:

Ding dong anyone home ?
  6:03pm Danne D:

Hi Michele <3
Hi Frangry <333
Hi Weirdos :)
  6:03pm Danne D:

Avatar 6:03pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos
  6:03pm 50 Shades of Weird:

Where the hell is Andy?!?
  6:04pm Cool Fool:

I miss Andy already :)
  6:04pm Jesus:

Fierce....can't stand it
  6:04pm alberto:

so is this, "i am weirdo"?
  6:04pm Danne D:

Need new episodes of the Michele show :)
  6:04pm 50 Shades of Weird:

Moist Vulva?
  6:04pm Matthew:

How about phrase hate? I hate "naughty bits"
  6:04pm Jesus:

your show should have been called "Just the tip"
  6:05pm Caryn:

Hello ladies! BTW, got my SUW t-shirt in the mail, with the lovingly labelled hair stuck to the package. Thanks for the lovely note too, Frangry!
  6:06pm 50 Shades of Weird:

"Work it, girl" or "you go, girl." ENOUGH, ALREADY!!!
  6:06pm Caryn:

I actually like "moist". It's a lovely word.
  6:06pm Scarlett:

it's Johnny Molar
  6:06pm Carmichael©:

Hi freaks.
  6:06pm mark on the train to northport:

Words I hate : twitter and variations there of !
  6:06pm G:

I refuse to use any babytalk girl words. Not doin it. Yummy, veggie, tummy etc etc

Also, no pseudo-sophisticated words used by females who want to sound upscale but only sound trite: Lovely, perfect, etc.

A lot of foodie lingo is pompous cliches, too...
  6:07pm Lewis:

I've grown to hate the word "epic" because of over use.
  6:07pm Phillip in San Antonio:

I hate the word coagulation.
  6:07pm 50 Shades of Weird:

Andy has be totally vindicated!
  6:07pm Scarlett:

I hate the name Josiah :(
  6:07pm robyn:

@ G "foodie" is kind of terrible.
  6:07pm Danne D:

So Johnny likes the idea of groping but doesn't like talking about it out loud.
  6:07pm other david:

2012:A shutup weirdo odyssey - "my god, I am Andy"
  6:08pm DEED:

  6:08pm mark on the train to northport:

Why do you hate Sheila , jonnie ?
  6:08pm Carmichael©:

  6:08pm 50 Shades of Weird:

"Shawn" is fucking horrible...
  6:08pm G:

@robyn: agreed. i weakened
  6:08pm Phillip in San Antonio:

we can barely hear michelle
  6:08pm Danne D:

@Carmichael© I was gonna say the same thing :)
  6:08pm 50 Shades of Weird:

Is Andy gonna call in?

Will you hang up on him?
  6:09pm robyn:

i also don't like the word "chill" or "wicked" as adjectives. i have purposely avoided calling anything "chill" my entire life. using "heart" as a verb as in "I heart you" is terrible as well.
  6:09pm Carmichael©:

Great minds think like, Danne ...
  6:09pm G:

dumbass realty words: elegant, cozy, spacious, charming, sundrenched, on and on and on. Do they work from a realty thesaurus? If so, it fits on one side of a sheet of paper.
  6:10pm Caryn:

I'm annoyed by the (I think Oprah-inflicted) use of "va-jay-jay". If you're not adult enough to just say vagina, then you have no business doing anything with one.
  6:10pm Michele, My Bele...:

Michele isn't talking enough...
  6:10pm Jesus:

Call Andy for help..lol
  6:10pm Carmichael©:

  6:10pm mark on the train to northport:

I hate non nerds using nerd computer lingo . IMHO
  6:10pm Michele, My Bele...:

Puke inducing words...


  6:11pm robyn:

it's a kate gosselin thing i think he's talking about.
  6:11pm Michele, My Bele...:

We can't hear Michele...is she in the same studio???
  6:12pm Caryn:

I'm annoyed by people who use computer/texting abbreviations when they speak, going "LOL" and "WTF" in conversation. Those are for writing, not saying!
  6:12pm g:

Sweetie? Who says that?
  6:12pm Lewis:

Hey! I saw Wonderful. And I'm 22.
  6:12pm Michele, My Bele...:

What about "smarvelous"???
  6:13pm alberto:

it always seems that people who use the word "typically" overuse the hell out of it. annoying.
  6:14pm Danne D:

It'd be funny if like 20 people in a row called in saying they hate the name "Andy"
  6:14pm g:

Did he mean "flawless"?
Avatar 6:14pm FRANGRY:

michele was fixing the phone but shes back now!
  6:14pm Danne D:

Jenna call in 2 minutes.
Jenna call in 2 minutes.
  6:14pm Caryn:

I like the meaning of "crepuscular", but the word itself brings to mind other nasty words, like "pustule". Ugh.
  6:14pm Michele, My Bele...:

Is this Spike's brother on the phone?
  6:14pm Cool Fool:

wow - whiny bukowski!
  6:14pm Phillip in San Antonio:

I hate it when a southern person says sugar!
  6:14pm DEED:

and now he's calling suw
  6:15pm g:

  6:15pm ben:

I hate how people use 'junk'
  6:15pm Caryn:

@g: I say "sweetie" occasionally. Of course, I'm channeling Edina Monsoon then, and go "Sweetie, darling, sweetie..."
  6:15pm Danne D:

That was an animatronic Jenna built especially for the marathon
  6:15pm Spike:

If those children are under age 25, ship the little bastards to Antarctica.
  6:15pm G:

People who can't get through a minute of conversation without saying "like" because they are unable or unwilling to pick the right words. "He was, like, uh, not happy, and I was uh, like, embarrassed."
  6:15pm mark on the train to northport:

Jenna Jenna Jenna , where are you ?
  6:15pm Carmichael©:

It's a "mute" point.
  6:15pm Phillip in San Antonio:

With a Georgian accent mostly
  6:15pm Michele, My Bele...:

That Jenna was a fucking hologram like Tupac!!!
  6:16pm Danne D:

Frangry is the designated drinker tonight
  6:16pm robyn:

also shout out to michele, i am eating food in my bed as i listen to this show right now. foodbed is the way and the light.
  6:16pm Michele, My Bele...:

Whatcha drinkin', Frangry???
  6:16pm G:

Tell Andy to mess with his own "log".
  6:16pm Jim B:

When Jacqueline Susanne (Valley of the Dolls, Frangry) used "boobs" for breasts in the 60s, it was obvious then that she was out of it. Today, not only do people still use it, you actually still hear "boobies".
  6:16pm Carmichael©:

When people use a word incorrectly, it's guaranteed that they will do it 10 more times in a row.
  6:16pm thom:

I can't stand the name Doug. I don't know why but I just picture some slack jawed yokel who doesn't know the difference between a hen a chicken and a rooster.
  6:17pm Danne D:

  6:17pm Phillip in San Antonio:

Can't stand the word foodie!
  6:17pm g:

@ Edina: How's Saphie?
  6:18pm G:

Yes, boobies is the only term used any more lol. More babytalk.
  6:18pm other david:

"like" & "y'know" when used as punctuation and/or when one does not in fact "know".
  6:18pm Danne D:

So if Michele is "FoodBed" is Andy "OilBed" and Frangry "PeeBed"?
  6:18pm Michele, My Bele...:

I don't like the word "fanny."

It's called an "ass" people!!!!
  6:18pm Lewis:

  6:18pm Carmichael©:

  6:18pm G:

  6:18pm g:

If she eats food in bed, where does Michele have "intimate moments"?
  6:18pm mark on the train to northport:

  6:18pm robyn:

flaccid is pretty bad. i like "foodbed & peebed." sounds like a variety show in the underworld.
  6:19pm Spike:

My late grandmother's name was Bertha, Pet.
  6:19pm Danne D:

I always thought Prudence was a cruel name to give your kid. Everyone shouting "HEY PRUDE" at her.
  6:19pm Caryn:

@Michele: unless you're in the UK, and then fanny is vagina.
  6:19pm Spike:

Patience and Prudence
  6:19pm G:

"Yknow" is another thing people throw in when they can't be bothered to pick the right wording. They're begging you to figure it out for yourself.
  6:19pm random dood:

Where the heck is Andy? Not really a name but I don't like "hipster" bc those who use it are secretly jealous.
  6:19pm g:

  6:20pm Phillip in San Antonio:

Flaccid is a new prescription medication from Pfizer
  6:20pm r.d.:

and bring back worth it!
  6:20pm g:

Is grabble a form of physical Scrabble?
  6:20pm Caryn:

I'm eating on my couch, but since I sleep on the couch, can I use the term foodbed?
  6:20pm Danne D:

If Michele likes saying "Ciao" so much maybe instead of "FoodBed" she can be "ChowBed"
  6:20pm Ghost of Etan Patz:

  6:21pm other david:

"I drank your beer because .. like.. y'know"

rabble rabble!
  6:21pm adl:

  6:21pm G:

If you want to couch it that way, Caryn, go ahead...
  6:21pm Sack Macaque:

Flaccid vulva...
  6:22pm Danne D:

Frothy makes me think of Rick Santorum
  6:23pm FrankenNewYork:

I dislike pet peeve but I dislike "at the end of the day" more and "going forward" even more.
  6:23pm robyn:

a flaccid foodie in his foodbed grappled with his schedule.
  6:23pm other david:

Frothy makes me think of rabies... so same thing.
  6:23pm Sack Macaque:

I hate the name "Chauncey."
  6:23pm Dave in PA:

schedule is pronounced that way in England
  6:23pm ben:

Tasking and sourcing are pompous words, and Scout is a doucey name.
  6:23pm Phillip in San Antonio:

i hate the words ordained minister
  6:24pm Danne D:

So if Michele substitutes for Jesse on the schedule you can call it the "Chow Show" :)
  6:24pm g:

Names: Scooter, Chubby and Four Eyes.
  6:24pm LSMFT:

What about all those crappy business-speak phrases, i.e. "that said" "at the end of the day" "bottom-line" "what's the take-away" (barf!!)
  6:24pm Chris J:

  6:24pm philip b:

flabby, jowl, veiny, crepuscular
  6:24pm Sean Daily:

"SHED-yoo-el" is a British pronunciation of "schedule". So when people from the British Isles or the former Commonwealth say it that way then, yeah, it's all right.

But when Americans say it that way, they're pretentious pricks.
  6:25pm Carmichael©:

  6:25pm Sloppyscales:

Agree with "blessed". I dislike resonate when not used in relation to sound. You know, when used in a "Fresh Air" kind of way...
  6:25pm Phillip in San Antonio:

  6:25pm MT:

Canadians and Brits say shedual
  6:25pm Eric:

Jacket. Mom used to ask, "Do you want a jacket?" and it just sounds waaaaay wrong.
  6:26pm mark on the train to northport:

I hate mutz and gabba-goul
  6:26pm r.d.:

adding -ies to words like twinsies
  6:26pm Carmichael©:

  6:26pm adl:

Delivery Guy John makes the delisht!
  6:26pm g:

His nub is delish?
  6:26pm Phillip in San Antonio:

slit is pretty hideous
  6:26pm Sack Macaque:

"Slacks" is horrible!!!
  6:27pm Caryn:

"Lank" sounds awful. "Sachet" often annoys me.

Snobby names, like the first names Farquhar and St.John, annoy me, especially since people named that are usually inbred twits. They're fun names to say, but the people who have those names? Sheesh.
  6:27pm Sack Macaque:

Shouldn't Andy call in now and destroy the show's momentum?
  6:27pm alberto:

  6:27pm HateMyTown:

I'm 37, white, and from a small town. Therefore, I do not call people my n---er, I don't call people dawg, I don't say fo shizzle my nizzle, and so on, you get the idea.
  6:27pm the Delish slit:

Frothy magic !
  6:27pm G:

any dumbass rachel ray words: yummo, delish, sammy (sandwich), EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). so many women copy that shit. even my goddam sister now. don't they think we know they are copying a cheesy semi-celeb?
  6:27pm g:

I'm sure his rod is equally tasty, as long as you snap off the woody end.
  6:28pm philip b:

  6:28pm Phillip in San Antonio:

mambo is a dumb ass word
  6:28pm thom:

when people refer to pregnancy as being preggers
  6:28pm g:

  6:28pm mark on the train to northport:

Karma is largely over used .
  6:28pm Danne D:

LOL yes I did hear Michele's "Ciao" before she hung up.

The cool thing about "Have a good one" is that people will bring it up during the everyday course of business and then I think of Frangry :)
  6:28pm other david:

Andy's fingernails must literally be nibbled down to their nubs, this show is delish.
  6:28pm penal:

foreskin , tepid . dylan , pube
  6:29pm Andy Cohen:

  6:29pm MEinNH:

  6:29pm Danne D:

That dude was all "hey hot chicks on the radio"
and Michele was all "not in my food bed" and Frangry was all "have a good one creepo"
  6:29pm g:

Clot is never a good thing.
  6:30pm zoran:

yummerz is even worse than delish
  6:30pm Creep #1:

i want to see picture of michelle. thanks. ciao.
  6:30pm ben:

  6:30pm robyn:

sexual, but still, - "frottage." also, "cottage cheese." never liked "ricotta" either."
  6:30pm Danne D:

Creep #1 needs a spelling lesson
  6:31pm g:

  6:31pm g:

  6:31pm adl:

Maybe it's just because it's used pretty much exclusively used by 45ish white men referring to blues bands they see at the Beacon Theatre, but I'd add slammin'. Also rockin'. Pretty much everything which ends in in'.
  6:31pm Phillip in San Antonio:

tigger is a lame word
  6:31pm Michele, My Bele...:

"Smegma" is the ugliest word in any language...
  6:32pm other david:

  6:32pm Danne D:

Anyway, I'm off to the Devils game so I'll be off the comments board :) GO DEVILS!!!
Bye Weirdos :)
Bye Michele <3
Bye Frangry <333
Have a good one!
  6:32pm Bob in DC/VA/Wherever:

  6:33pm robyn:

oo "smegma" is good. "pap smear?" "smear"?
  6:33pm Phillip in San Antonio:

Once when i was in Louisiana i heard someone call they're dumb kid Tooter.
  6:33pm g:

  6:33pm Kenny in green bay:

Any-who..... Zygote
  6:33pm Not that or that Andy Cohen:

anyone who says words that end in (a). For example Soder instead of soda
  6:33pm G:

Jenna couldn't call today because she never met a word she didn't like. Vajayjay is her fave.

Fave is another annoying word.
  6:33pm other david:

Toodles Danne D!
  6:33pm mark on the train to northport:

Are we sure Nicole wasn't Jenna's buddy ?
  6:33pm mark on the train to northport:

Are we sure Nicole wasn't Jenna's buddy ?
  6:33pm g:

  6:34pm Scuttle:

  6:34pm ben:

Smegma is gross. The word is top-notch.
  6:34pm zoran:

  6:35pm Michele, My Bele...:

"Frankfurter" is lame...

It's a fucking "hotdog" people!!!
  6:35pm Caryn:

"Septum", "nub", "syringe", "speculum", "gangrene", and "flank".
  6:35pm Lewis:

I hate lame portmanteaus like "Chillax" or "Terribad"
  6:35pm Michele, My Bele...:

  6:35pm g:

  6:35pm Sloppyscales:

I had a student whose name was Latrina. I felt bad for her...
  6:36pm g:

Is this sayings or words?!
  6:36pm other david:


Names: Josh, Chuck & Sandy.
  6:36pm Scuttle:

  6:36pm r3d14l:

I hate the word zaftig because as soon as it's incorrectly pronounced as "soft dick" it loses all real world meaning. It darkens the soul.
  6:36pm mark on the train to northport:

Biobreak great word !
  6:36pm Jim B:

"Outstanding" was always just a covert op to force everything into some presumed military hierarchy.
  6:36pm Phillip in San Antonio:

Planking! This one also tied into the people who are dicks episode.
  6:36pm Michele, My Bele...:

"Shoot me an email"

I'll shoot you, motherfucker!!!
  6:36pm G:

I'm tired of "Not gonna lie" and "I'm not sayin I'm just sayin." Both worn out and way past their sellby date.
  6:36pm Robb From Fort Lee:

Hella, tween, bromance.
  6:36pm gaySean:

I hate the word STRATEGIZE!
  6:36pm Andrew:

Uvula and Vacuum or maybe I don't like u's
  6:36pm g:

Is this the female Rick Perry?
  6:37pm kiemzi:

haha ambrosia
  6:37pm robyn:

"Ciao Weirdo! With FoodBed and Peebed."
  6:37pm rob:

I hate smear, smegma and pappy
  6:37pm adl:

I hate the word "spunky."
  6:37pm g:

  6:37pm Caryn:

"Guesstimate" annoys me. And the old-time advertising speak that added "-wise" to the end of words. "Lunch-wise, I suggest we go get a burger."
  6:37pm alberto:

  6:38pm Michele, My Bele...:

Andy should be there too, but with a ball gag in his mouth so he can only grunt his approval...
  6:38pm g:

  6:38pm Lewis:

"Buddy" is annoying.
  6:38pm g:

  6:38pm Michele, My Bele...:

By statute, STUPID!!!
  6:39pm chef:

You mean spunk - fondue anyone, chow.
  6:39pm Phillip in San Antonio:

  6:39pm Michele, My Bele...:

  6:40pm mark on the train to northport:

Nicole ! Rage!
  6:40pm g:

  6:40pm Cliff:

  6:40pm robyn:

i don't love "mayonnaise." or "mayo," really.
  6:40pm Lewis:

  6:40pm flacidous:

you two are a gaggle of giggling girdies!
  6:41pm Bob in DC/VA/Wherever:

  6:41pm g:

Jenna's late? What does that mean?
  6:41pm robyn:

  6:41pm adl:

Never thought about this until now, but the word "pump" is...so...gross.
  6:42pm Skirkie:

Tofurkey rhymes with some peoples names
  6:42pm Bob in DC/VA/Wherever:

  6:42pm penal:

enough with the negative.
  6:42pm Caryn:

"Turducken" can be a fun word to say, but the "turd" in the beginning gives the word unfortunate connotations.
  6:42pm Michele, My Bele...:


Does anyone ever use that word anymore? It sucks!!!
  6:42pm g:

  6:43pm kenster:

i hate the word 'vegan.' who would want to eat anything called that?
  6:43pm mark on the train to northport:

Slob nob
  6:43pm Michele, My Bele...:

Why hasn't Andy called in???

Is he OK???
  6:43pm Skirkie:

  6:44pm other david:

I dislike it when people describe being pissed off with something as "having a beef"
  6:44pm giraffe-o:

  6:44pm Michele, My Bele...:

You got kumquat in my smegma!!!
  6:45pm Tom:

I can't stand the word "preggers".
  6:45pm Michele, My Bele...:

You got smegma on my vulva!!!
  6:45pm ben:

Frangy is drunk!
  6:45pm robyn:

i love "nom." i'm intrigued by the fact that that the inventor of "foodbed" does not like "nom."
  6:45pm other david:

@Michele, My Bele - would you like it with clotted cream?
  6:46pm mike noble in dc:

i think i missed that pee story... did frangry get stung by a jelly fish or something? zac efron style?
  6:46pm robyn:

@Tom or the phrase "we're pregnant." No you're not. SHE IS. Dick.
  6:46pm mike noble in dc:

NOM always makes me think of the national organization for marriage.
  6:46pm Michele, My Bele...:

Medallion of filet minyong
Avatar 6:46pm FRANGRY:

a dude i slept with peed on my butt while he was sleeping. best story ever
  6:47pm ben:

A madialion is too small for a burger, but they say it
  6:47pm Caryn:

People who call women "little ladies"...
  6:47pm Jesus:

  6:47pm giraffe-o:

I hate the clackety-clack of someone typing on the air
  6:47pm g:

  6:47pm mark on the train to northport:

Canola ( as in the oil ) as its a brand name not a plant .
  6:47pm G:

They put Andy in a bag and left it on the street, and when they went back it was gone.
  6:48pm Charles:

a priori torments me non stop
  6:48pm DPCD:

"Atdatpointintime" was a favorite lawyer term back in the '80s. Makes me want to strangle the speaker to this day. Sorry, but they wanted me to think the word "then" didn't exist.
  6:48pm Michele, My Bele...:

Are you sure it was pee, FRANGRY???
  6:48pm mike noble in dc:

my lady friend really hates the word "panties" and claims that no women actually use the word.
  6:48pm mike noble in dc:

ANGINA always sounded dirty to me.
  6:48pm robyn:

  6:49pm Caryn:

"Squeegee", and people who say ASAP as A-sap.
  6:49pm zoran:

ciao babes
  6:49pm g:

  6:49pm Michele, My Bele...:

"Crotch" is a very horrible word...
  6:50pm Sloppyscales:

  6:50pm g:

What does Michele call panties?
  6:50pm giraffe-o:

  6:50pm Charles:

I don't like "panties" either. sounds like neon looks.
  6:50pm Angrea:

Is a varietal of Frangry I came across.
  6:50pm thom:

has anyone said "pantaloons" yet?
  6:50pm Michele, My Bele...:

I don't care for the word "buttocks."
  6:50pm mike noble in dc:

is the end result of FRANGRENE amputation?
  6:50pm Caryn:

"Everything that ends in -wurst is the worst."
  6:50pm Bob in DC/VA/Wherever:

hurdy gurdy
  6:51pm other david:

  6:51pm kiemzi:

pamplemousse is AWESOME
  6:51pm Nick:

Andy has to go! You ladies are much more compatible together. I don't miss all the arguing and the board problems (oh, you still had that today..never mind...
  6:51pm Phillip in San Antonio:

  6:51pm g:

Santorum. Google it.
  6:51pm r.d.:

pamplemouse? I love that you stupid american
  6:51pm Charles:

butt sounds dumb unless there's a word after it.
  6:51pm Ann's gina:

I'm not into to watersports.
  6:51pm adl:

"Plump" is pretty bad.
  6:51pm Phillip in San Antonio:

burlesque is overrated
  6:52pm Michele, My Bele...:

  6:52pm steve from SF:

  6:52pm g:

  6:52pm Skirkie:

  6:52pm Charles:

hurdy gurdy, gig
  6:52pm Phillip in San Antonio:

Socal i hate that!
  6:53pm mike noble in dc:

Dumpster needs to be capitalized, it's a trademarked company name.
  6:53pm mike noble in dc:

@Skirkie - only like salve if you keep the L silent
  6:53pm Charles:

fondle is a good colorful word, unless it's happened to you many occasions as a kid.
  6:53pm r.d.:

woo hoo sf in the house
  6:53pm g:

  6:54pm SUW:

Number one with the delivery demo for .....
  6:54pm g:

Girls shouldn't fight.
  6:54pm Phillip in San Antonio:

Or Cali i hate when people say Cali
  6:54pm Michele, My Bele...:



CHUBBY for an erection
  6:54pm zoot allors:

i hate the word PEWberty or POOberty = your choice!
  6:55pm Caryn:

Both heinie and hymen are bad-sounding words.
  6:55pm DPCD:

For Crissake, the pamplemouse is a pineapple. You force me to defend my HS French teacher and Lisa Simpson at the same time!
  6:55pm Charles:

I hate REALLY, too
  6:55pm G:

The Big Apple. Totally downmarket. Or for out-of-towners.
  6:55pm Charles:

wifey sucks
  6:56pm Phillip in San Antonio:

I hope everyone hates the word negro
  6:56pm Michele, My Bele...:

  6:56pm G:

Pamplemouse is grapefruit. Ananas is pineapple.
  6:56pm g:

  6:56pm Charles:

I like negro
  6:56pm ben:

Hiney and kiester are not over-used, and are dopey but kinda nice!
  6:56pm Caryn:

@DPCD: pamplemousse is grapefruit. Pineapple in French is ananas.
  6:57pm G:

I hate pamplemeeses to pieces.
  6:57pm giraffe-o:

"gooch" isn't the word for that. It's a 'taint', or a 'choad'
  6:58pm adl:

Another bad one: "Lick."
  6:58pm Michele, My Bele...:

  6:58pm other david:


Also, you're running out of Dumps!
  6:58pm Phillip in San Antonio:

kitten kaboodle
  6:58pm Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

Belly. Makes me picture a grown man dressed up as a baby
  6:58pm MEinNH:

  6:58pm mike noble in dc:

i'm wearing pants right now that have a crotch gussett.
  6:58pm g:

Axe instead of Ask.
  6:58pm DPCD:

And spell it "pamplemousse."
  6:59pm zoran:

bumps then dumps
  6:59pm g:

  6:59pm robyn:

good show ladies. michele, we miss you :( although i miss andy too..
  6:59pm robyn:

guess that means goodbye frangry...
Avatar 6:59pm FRANGRY:

  6:59pm Michele, My Bele...:

  6:59pm G:

  6:59pm DPCD:

  7:00pm Cliff:

Great show tonight! Ciao!
  7:00pm Michele, My Bele...:

Have a good ciao!!!
  7:00pm G:

whose ss# was that, actually, if not made up?
  7:00pm ben:

What other word is there for "lick",for chis-sake?
  7:00pm robyn:

just kidding..
  7:00pm Caryn:

Supposably, this is the end of the show. Anyhoo, gotta go.
  7:00pm other david:

Seriously, best SUW in ages. Thank you ladies!
  7:00pm Charles:

baby bump
  7:01pm Michele, My Bele...:

Is the show over?
  7:01pm Michele, My Bele...:

Bring those ladies back!!!
  7:03pm Michele, My Bele...:

TUSH or TUSHIE is fucking horrible...
  7:06pm Michele, My Bele...:

Andy, are you out there, man?
  7:08pm G:

Yes, kill baby bump in the crib. Sudden diction death syndrome.
  7:08pm Michele, My Bele...:

It's gonna be OK, Andy...

Come down off the ledge, please...
  7:15pm Michele, My Bele...:

Is this thing still on?

What the fuck????
  7:19pm Michele, My Bele...:

Andy would NEVER leave the comments board on this long!

Shame on you Frangry and Michele!!!
  7:21pm other david:

Shhhh, they're drunk!
  7:25pm Michele, My Bele...:

Andy, you may need to ground Frangry.

This is simply unacceptable!!!
  7:32pm Michele, My Bele...:

  12:29am Jordan:

I just listened to the show and I think I now love Michele almost as much as I love Frangry!
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