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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options May 4, 2012: Mommy Dearest

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options 0:00:00 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

Avatar 6:01pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos
  6:01pm Danne D:

Hi Andy :)
Hi Frangry :) <333
Hi Weirdos :)
  6:01pm Tommelise:

Hello, Weirdos!
  6:01pm stinkbug:

  6:01pm G:

  6:01pm Danne D:

Winner guy has a better radio voice than Andy.

Just sayin'.

Hi Tommelise :)
Hi Stinkbug :)
Hi G :)
  6:02pm listener mark:

Hi Frangry
Hi Andrew
Hi Mark in the car
  6:02pm Tommelise:

Hi, Danne D! :-)
  6:02pm Colonel Kurtz:

What's a chicken?
  6:02pm G:

Do commenters need to take vitamin C for self-protection? :-)
  6:02pm robyn:

i'll be using this show to gauge whether i need intensive psychotherapy.
  6:03pm Andrew Waterloo:

Tissue Walrus!
  6:03pm Spike:

Mother Knows Best
  6:03pm Tommelise:

Please don't tell me she just stuck her Kleenex up her nose!
  6:03pm Later DJs:

Lysol the living shit out of Frangry's mic at 7:01
  6:04pm Jordan:

Frangry, "We crave your germs!"
  6:04pm Danne D:

@G if the comment boards passes diseases we'd all die like Capone did.
  6:04pm Andrew Waterloo:

  6:04pm G:

Ok, we won't tell you, Tommelise
  6:04pm Carmichael:

It's Shut Up Weirdo Time. Everybody Crap!
  6:04pm Colonel Kurtz:

Chickens and hens are different, aren't they?
  6:05pm Colonel Kurtz:

Chickens and hens are different, aren't they?
  6:05pm G:

Spike is hacking the phone system to be first so much.
  6:05pm Caryn:

@G: I used to carry a sock full of vitamin C pills for protection... I've moved on to a sock full of nickels.
  6:05pm listener mark:

Your mother knows how to push your buttons because she is the one who installed them.
  6:05pm Tommelise:

Worst thing my mom ever did to me: give me aspirin (she forgot that I was allergic to it).
  6:06pm Danne D:

Are hens and chickens different? That's the question, though.
  6:06pm Colonel Kurtz:

What kinds of dudes is SPIKE into?

  6:06pm Tommelise:

Listener Mark: Indeed!
  6:06pm G:

Keep talking over Spike. That works somewhat.
  6:07pm Danne D:

My Mom is great. Worst thing probably was buying me an Anthony Robbins book for graduation.
  6:07pm robyn:

one of the worst things my mom ever did to me was tell me, when I was around 15 or so, "you know I wasn't a VIRGIN when I got MARRIED, RIGHT??" Uhhh, ok...
  6:08pm Tommelise:

New topic: Tissue possibilities. What can be done with tissues?
  6:08pm Hooker-Decoy Cop Frangry:

My Mom made me become a cop!

And then the cops made me a Decoy-Hooker!
  6:09pm Caryn:

My mom did tell me the details of my conception. Although it explained some things, it was definitely TMI.
  6:10pm Davice:

Nose tampons?
  6:11pm Davice:

My mom gave me a wedgie.
  6:11pm Hooker-Decoy Cop Frangry:


You should get people to wear a wire and record the awful things your MOTHER-SMOTHER says!
  6:12pm Tommelise:

That is an awful thing to say!
  6:13pm Caryn:

Decoy-hooker cop should handle the surreptitious recording of Mark's mother.
  6:13pm Tommelise:

Aren't we all "an accident"?
  6:13pm Davice:

Hack, hack, snort, splat.
  6:13pm Jordan:

Frangry, Your Mom/Popcicle issue must be talked about tonight.
  6:13pm listener mark:

My mother announced that she never breast fed any of her children. It was Thanksgiving Day. At the dinner table.
  6:14pm Davice:

I was an unsuccessful abortion.
  6:14pm Hooker-Decoy Cop Frangry:

I knew a girl who's Mother would steam off her (the daughter's) scabs over a kettle on the stove for some crazy reason.

That's just bad crazy!
  6:14pm Lewis:

My mother had me convinced till i was almost 18 that I was some sort of psychotic social inept that would never connect in a healthy way with another human being. This is your mental disorder, son! Oh wait this one!
  6:15pm Davice:

Hooker - did she eat the scabs too?
  6:15pm some other guy:

I don't like your mom, frangry. Our date is off.
  6:15pm robyn:

my mom's mom made all her kids sit on the couch during serious thunderstorms...so they could "all go together"...
  6:15pm Hooker-Decoy Cop Frangry:

Davice - that's a good question!
  6:16pm stinkbug:

Frangry seems to act nicer when she's not alone with Andy.
  6:16pm Davice:

If they touch you now they would have slime all over them.
  6:16pm Caryn:

Sheesh, the comments board has disturbing moms.
  6:16pm Hooker-Decoy Cop Frangry:

I'd like to pray in tongues on Frangry too!
  6:16pm deed:

sounds mlike Santeria
  6:16pm Danne D:

I wonder what Mike McKenzie's mom was like.
  6:17pm Tommelise:

You never know if your illness got scared away from all the chanting.
  6:17pm Todd 76%:

My Mom was a perpetual community volunteer. I was a nerdy 12 year old, big for my age. Somehow she found a barely-large-enough yellow terrycloth bunny rabbit costume that left just my deeply embarrassed face showing, and sent me into a bowling alley on a busy Friday night to solicit March of Dimes donations from drunk bowlers for the fourth or fifth year in a row. Open ridicule, cheek and butt pinching ensued. I collected well over $100, big money for 1968, but my psyche is still dented...
  6:17pm Danne D:

You guys should've done this as a live remote from Mark's car.
  6:17pm Davice:

I wonder what Obama's mama is like
  6:18pm Danne D:

@Andy Catholics started it all with Original Sing
  6:18pm andy staub:

there are evangelical catholics who "speak in tongues", and other things. there were some in my parish growing up...
  6:19pm Danne D:

Spooning with Frangry has suddenly become much less appealing
  6:19pm listener mark:

I wonder what Johnny Muller's mom was like.
  6:19pm Davice:

Is Fran sticking to the chair yet?
  6:19pm Hooker-Decoy Cop Frangry:

Michael rowed the boat ashore, Halleluiah!!!

Sing it, FRANGRY!!!
  6:20pm Hooker-Decoy-Cop-Frangry:

Manson Family
  6:20pm Jordan:

We really need a Jenna Mom story!
  6:20pm Davice:

It's ashow about boogers and mothers
  6:21pm Tommelise:

People will avoid telling terrible things about their mothers because they're afraid of what they will do to them.
  6:21pm Lewis:

Did they apply lotion?
  6:22pm Davice:

Penis burning is a sin
  6:23pm Hooker-Decoy-Cop-Frangry:

What is everyone gonna get their Mother for Mother's Day???
  6:23pm Caryn:

A bit late, but: A chicken is a specific species of poultry. A hen is a female of any type of poultry. It can also be a female squid or lobster.
  6:23pm Davice:

Are some mothers bad because of the Fruedian concept of penis envy?
  6:23pm Hooker-Decoy-Cop-Frangry:

  6:24pm Davice:

Why did the hen cross the comments board?
  6:24pm robyn:

god, the kitten killing caller reminded me of the fact that my mom gave my dog away. god!! it's all coming back now. this is terrible.
  6:24pm Caryn:

Oh yeah, my mom once made me sleep in her bed so her best friend could have sex with some random hook-up in my bed. I was 14, and creeped out. Well, at least she changed the sheets afterwards.
  6:25pm robyn:

and i actually have a good relationship with my mom!
  6:26pm robyn:

Oof. That's a good one Caryn.
  6:26pm Hooker-Decoy-Cop-Frangry:

Get Dog-Piss Mom to throw dog piss in Mark-in-the-Car Mom's face!
  6:27pm Caryn:

@robyn: I think my mom's porn past left her unaware of certain sex-related mores.
  6:27pm Hooker-Decoy-Cop-Frangry:

Was it Donny Brasco?
  6:28pm Tommelise:

I wish I could call and tell a story, but my mom is next to me.
  6:29pm mike no-balls:

my other nickname is "foghorn" because i blow my nose just up to the point of eardrum bursting.
  6:30pm Waiting:

For the "my Mom circumcised me with a butter knife" story.
  6:31pm Hooker-Decoy-Cop-Frangry:

I'd like to know Andy's opinion of "Farewell Intercourse."
  6:32pm Danne D:

I have to say, I'm surprised there's yet to be a cannibalism story tonight. Usually the over/under is 30 minutes.
  6:32pm Corey:

Me and mom mom got into a screaming match when i was about thirteen. She got a nosebleed and claimed i was killing her. I ran away for about a week.
  6:33pm Hooker-Decoy-Cop-Frangry:


Does your Mother have a favorite child? Which one?
  6:33pm robyn:

@caryn i bet! i remember you writing a little bit about your mom's past before, it was interesting.
  6:33pm listener mark:

Excellent photo Andrew.
  6:34pm Scuttle:

Thats what Adler says bout only childs!
  6:35pm Hooker-Decoy-Cop-Frangry:

Self-Aware-Selfish-Jerk. Lame.
  6:36pm Hooker-Decoy-Cop-Frangry:

Heart-Shaped Pubes?

Was it Valentine's Day?
  6:36pm John McCabe in L.A.:

nobody is going to beat that
  6:36pm Tommelise:

That's a misconception about only child individuals.
  6:37pm pierre:

Bonsoir tout le monde !
Bonsoir Andy.
Bonsoir Frangry.

Long time wfmu listener, sometimes non-listener, first time i hear this show live.
  6:38pm John McCabe in L.A.:

that's a good look for you Frangry
  6:38pm Tommelise:

It's like a cascade of tissues coming out of her nose.
  6:38pm pierre:

It's a talk show, right ?
  6:39pm Caryn:

Heh, the tissue looks like a miniature ghost floating in the air in the second pic.
  6:39pm Charles:

When I keep accompany my mom anywhere, she has an itch to mention my better looking older brother when someone she meets tells her that I'm handsome. "Oh, I have another son... too."
  6:39pm Hooker-Decoy-Cop-Frangry:

I am the Walrus!
  6:39pm G:

for those needing URL assistance:

  6:39pm Charles:

  6:41pm pierre:

As french i can't really call because it'll cost me lot of money. But to contribuate, let's say my mother sometimes advice me to not smile on pictures.
  6:41pm Tommelise:

Once my mom tried to hook me up (again) with my ex-boyfriend, while I was with my current relationship.
  6:41pm Hooker-Decoy-Cop-Frangry:

Is that tan lady really TAN?

It looks more like spray-on stuff...
  6:42pm Danne D:

That first picture on Andy's blog makes it look like the tissue is levitating in front of Frangry like a magic trick :)
  6:42pm Charles:

Same here with the smiling. So shallow. That's like telling someone not to be happy.
  6:43pm Hooker-Decoy-Cop-Frangry:

Unemployed AND didn't have jobs?
  6:43pm Caryn:

I'm almost hoping for Mario Cantone to call in with that "my mom burned down our house for the insurance money" story of his.
  6:43pm Kevin:

Frangry, Where's your buddy Jenna - too sensitive of a subject maybe?
  6:44pm Danne D:

Frangry looks hot in those photos - she could model for Kleenex.
  6:44pm Danne D:

@Kevin clearly Jenna's mom monitors her phone usage.
  6:45pm Caryn:

@Kevin: Jenna still has to live with her mom, so I think she might be nervous about calling in. Or she might have a perfectly fine relationship with her mom, the freak!
  6:45pm G:

Jenna's mom heard the premise and cut the phone line.
  6:46pm pierre:

@Charles : my mother told me that sometimes i don't look really bright when i'm smiling on photos.
  6:46pm LSMFT:

Looks more like a femidom in Frangry's nose, than a Kleenex!!
  6:48pm Danne D:

Mom finally finished writing the script for Jenna.
  6:48pm G:

The Jenna dirt comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:49pm Next month:

You gotta do Dads. Far more demented shit from the world of testosterone.
  6:49pm Alex:

Frangry, someone has to say it - "Tissue, I don't even know you"
  6:50pm Charles:

@pierre - hahaha, sounds familiar. it must be a european thing.
  6:50pm Danne D:

No Station Manager Ken call tonight.
  6:51pm G:

He doesn't need that kinda trouble, Danne :-)
  6:51pm Tommelise:

Frangy: Are you sure you come from a Hispanic background?
  6:53pm Charles:

my mom also made me go to iglesia universal. spooked the sheet out of me, and then they sold her a bunch of nutritional yeast stuff.
  6:53pm KevinBK:

When i was a teenager my mom cut off my liberty spiked punk rock haircut, while I was sleeping
  6:53pm KevinBK:

When i was a teenager my mom cut off my liberty spiked punk rock haircut, while I was sleeping
  6:53pm Danne D:

  6:54pm g:

Ken's mom tried to kill him.
  6:54pm TheFrequency:

So, wait - is Station Manager Ken the same as the co-host of Seven Second Delay?
  6:54pm G:

Sounds like a heavy Oedipal relationship :-)
  6:54pm listener mark:

I came home from the hospital emergency room after a car accident, my mom was angry because I couldn't eat dinner. I had stiches in my face. I was full of pain meds.
  6:55pm G:

yes, TheFrequency
  6:55pm Tommelise:

He's traumatized.
  6:56pm TheFrequency:

Thanks yall
  6:56pm Lt. Surge:

Foot fetishes are serious business.
  6:56pm listener mark:

Let's end it here.
  6:57pm g:

Poor Mark.
  6:57pm Hogart:

Mark looks famous.
  6:57pm Tommelise:

This show lacked magical stories. :(
  6:58pm Scuttle:

Remember that from R.Crumb movie except with legs, same idea I guess
  6:58pm alberto:

good job, marc!
  6:58pm g:

I think Mark prefers being in his car.
  6:58pm Caryn:

Oh wow, I won! Yay!
  6:58pm Jordan:

Get better Frangry.
  6:59pm g:

Hasn't Frangry been sick for a month?
  6:59pm Caryn:

Can I use the "E-mail frangry" link?
Avatar 6:59pm FRANGRY:

Avatar 6:59pm FRANGRY:

yes you can use that link!
  6:59pm Danne D:

Goodnight folks :)
Have a good one!
Bye Andy :)
Bye Frangry :) <333
Bye Temporary dude :)
  7:00pm Danne D:

Yay Caryn :)
  7:04pm Caryn:

Thanks, Danne! Childhood traumas finally pay off!
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