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Playlist for 04 April 2012 Favoriting | Experiments in the Time Space Continuum

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Hornorkesteret  Urent Trav   Favoriting Fjaer Og Jern 
*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Hans Reichel  Oway Oway   Favoriting Yuxo 
  0:01:06 (Pop-up)
Yat-Kha  In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida   Favoriting Re-Covers 
  0:04:06 (Pop-up)
Bradford Reed  Motivational Music for Pedestrians   Favoriting Bradford Reed Live! at Home      0:07:48 (Pop-up)
Pierre Henry  Wailing   Favoriting Variations for a Door and a Sigh 
  0:11:46 (Pop-up)
Keuhkot  Lifestyle   Favoriting Laskeutumisalusastia    *   0:13:52 (Pop-up)
Music Fur Alle  Os   Favoriting Twice 
  0:16:53 (Pop-up)
Music Fur Alle  Otto Gaz Fur Der Liebeling Kalas   Favoriting Twice 
  0:18:47 (Pop-up)
Pierre Raph  Crotch Batterie   Favoriting The B-Music of Jean Rollin 1968-1979 
*   0:21:33 (Pop-up)
Ennio Morricone  Dies Irae Psicodelico   Favoriting Barry 7's Connectors 2 
  0:23:47 (Pop-up)
King Midas Sound  Goodbye Girl   Favoriting Without You 
*   0:32:09 (Pop-up)
Romvelope  Dental Triangle   Favoriting One Course Meal 
  0:35:37 (Pop-up)
Boom Bip  Pele   Favoriting Zig Zaj 
  0:38:46 (Pop-up)
T Raumschmiere  Rabaukendisko   Favoriting Radio Blackout 

  0:42:06 (Pop-up)
Mouse on Mars  The Beach Stop   Favoriting Parastrophics 
*   0:45:45 (Pop-up)
Gelbart  Pop-Q   Favoriting Mass Hypnosis by Proxy 
*   0:48:52 (Pop-up)
Brausepöter  Keiner Kann Uns Ab   Favoriting Komplett! 1979-1991 
*   0:51:20 (Pop-up)
The Fall  Greenway   Favoriting Ersatz G.B. 
*   0:53:24 (Pop-up)
Pierre Raph  Gilda and Gunshots   Favoriting The B-Music of Jean Rollin 1968-1979 
*   1:05:20 (Pop-up)
Negativland  Guns - Now   Favoriting  
  1:08:24 (Pop-up)
Steinski and Double Dee  The Motorcade Sped On   Favoriting  
  1:16:59 (Pop-up)
The Chambers Brothers  Tim Has Come Today   Favoriting       1:20:55 (Pop-up)
Shintaro Sakamoto  A Stick and Slacks   Favoriting How to Live with a Phantom 
*   1:34:14 (Pop-up)
Honeymoon Killers  Wait and See   Favoriting Crammed Global Soundclash 1980-89, Part Two: Electrowave (V/A) 
*   1:39:53 (Pop-up)
Flying Lizards  Hands 2 Take   Favoriting Fourth Wall 
  1:43:11 (Pop-up)
Rally  Min Del Av Stan   Favoriting 2 
  1:47:19 (Pop-up)
Frankie Rose  Gospel/Grace   Favoriting Interstellar 
*   1:51:18 (Pop-up)
Lee Ranaldo  Angles   Favoriting Between The Times And The Tides    *   1:54:43 (Pop-up)
Hunx  Set Them Free   Favoriting Hairdresser Blues 
*   1:56:41 (Pop-up)
Shlock Rock  Another Note In The Wall   Favoriting Kosher Cake 
  2:07:58 (Pop-up)
Nod  90s Rock   Favoriting O Nod o Moon 
*   2:14:10 (Pop-up)
Bobby Conn  The Truth   Favoriting Macaroni Album 
  2:18:07 (Pop-up)
Detroit Grand Pubahs  Sandwiches   Favoriting       2:22:21 (Pop-up)
Feedtime  Clowns   Favoriting The Aberrant Years 
*   2:33:25 (Pop-up)
Sudden Infant  Sonic Claustrophobia   Favoriting Invocation of the Aural Slave Gods 
  2:35:28 (Pop-up)
Moritz  Bohemian Rhapsody   Favoriting  

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  2:39:13 (Pop-up)
Norweigan Big Band  In The Hall of the Mountain King   Favoriting  
  2:45:03 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:03am pierre:

Bonjour Ken !
  9:05am Oh ahs aht:

Oh Long Johnson!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:05am Ken:

Ca va Pierre?
  9:09am fred:

Good morning everybody!
Salut Pierre! One week until Sonic Protest... are you going to see Flipper?
  9:10am pierre:

@fred : definitevely ! i even manage to grab a poster at the Bimbo tower shop, i like that poster.

@ Ken : ça va bien, merci !
as i told earlier on Scott Williams show, i've met two fmu related people : BSI and Benjamin Walker. Both super nice persons.
I met Ben W in Bimbo Tower, and we shared some drinks afterwards. Good times !
  9:10am dc pat:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:13am Ken:

You lucky French bastardes and your great Sonic Protest Fest
  9:15am other david:

  9:16am glenn:

smash door kill kill. is that faster pussycat kill kill's little sister?
  9:17am BSI:

Yep, I missed out on all the Sonic Protest goodness. Timing is everything? Cheers to Pierre & all the ships at see....
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:18am Ken:

Pierre - Im so happy to hear you had a drink with Benjamen. If he spilled anything on you, just send me the receipt for the cleaning bill, and please accept my apologies.
  9:21am pierre:

You lucky American (name of your choosing) and your great Radiovision festival !

@ BSI : How's your green eyed dog ? :-)

@ Ken : no liquids were spilled, and i had to eat the last green olive, he let me have it. So no, i will not complain at all :) but thanks for your concerns.
  9:21am fred:

@Ken: I'm sorry I missed that meetup. When will Andy stop in Paris? I have just the perfect T-shirt for that occasion
  9:27am BSI:

@Pierre: Gomez the green-eyed dog was freaked out (we haven't left him that long before) but he's a goofy beast... One long walk and all was forgiven!
  9:28am common:

yea lips of blood is a great, bad film
  9:28am Michael:

Ken - believe it or not there's 3 or 4 Jean Rollin films available for streaming on Netflix. I "watched" a few...
  9:28am Luke:

I'm here. Play something sad for me please.
  9:29am pierre:

@BSI : he seems like a comprehensive dog.

@ fred : There might be other real meetup for all the french-fmu community, this one was a bit a last time organisation. But he'll come back soon. And yeah, there is BT hitting France ! >
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:38am Ken:

Why so sad Luke?
  9:40am Sam:

Bonjour Pierre, bonjour Ken, bonjour Pele, bonjour tout le monde!
  9:45am Michael:

Boston area note: no Red Line service between Harvard and JFK.
  9:45am Sam:

That's a wicked pissah!
  9:49am ricardo montalban:

Buenos dias, Senor Ken!
Marvelous show!
  9:50am Vivian:

Michael, why no Red Line service?
  9:50am Luke:

Ken, not so sad; I was listening to happy music on the way to work and I need a dose of sadness.
  9:51am Michael:

I'm not that Michael but appears Boston.Com reporting a trash fire is the cause
  9:52am Luke:

I love the Jesus Camp Raptor gif
  9:52am pierre:

how do you make four skeletons and a republican fit in a car?

— this look like the start of a joke.
  9:55am OM:

Funny story - I keep a list of tracks that I've heard here that I really enjoy. I just pulled it up so I could add Pop-Q... and there it was, as the very last entry.

I thought my computer started reading my mind until I looked back through your archives and saw that track come up a few months ago.

I guess I'm consistent, at least?
  9:57am MD:

Beeping out "To Feed the Dog" was a great choice...XOXO
  9:58am Sam:

@Pierre: How?
  9:59am Sam:

I don't think you did bleep it out, I heard somethin'
  9:59am Charlie on MTA standby:

It may never reburn,
No, it may never reburn,
But its smoke is still unblown,
It'll whack your Wednesday 'neath the streets of Boston,
Though it's the trash that'll never reburn.
  10:00am Vicki:

"The most up to date people are 20 seconds behind"
- Ken Freedman
  10:00am Sam:

What does the test of the emergency alert system sound like a squirrel farting?
  10:01am Luke:

Ken, web listener here. Can you say the time on the air so I can check my delay. My guess is 46 seconds.
  10:01am Lizardner Dave:

Greetings from five minutes in the future, wait what's that shadow approaching outside my win
  10:02am pierre:

@ Sam : well i guess the answer lies in the picture Ken added in front on the song.

… and ok … i'm at least 3 minutes behind… sad face
  10:03am morr:

always ≤1min of your time checks?!?
  10:03am Cecile:

Lurking and working. Keep the magic happening, Ken.
  10:05am Aaron in Jcity:

hey ken - congrats! -
  10:05am Sam:

Oh duh, I should have looked. My browser always jumps back to the top of the page.
  10:07am Mark:

Ken how does it feel to be well ahead of the technological curve?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:09am Ken:

OK, Time check coming up people! Sync you computer time to !!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:10am Ken:

Thanks Aaron! Just my luck, they eliminated the Million Dollar Cash Prize last year, but Im still happy I won the award.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:11am Ken:

Cecile - Dont lurk! All is forgiven!
  10:12am Michael:

FYI worldwide 'FMU listeners: Red Line running again, trash fire nightmare averted.
  10:13am Luke:

My time (CST FTW) is synced and ready. Holding for the official WFMU Time Broadcast.
  10:15am moose:

'rock music freaks' hohoho
  10:15am Cecile:

I have loads of work at home, plus the gas meter guy on his way and other miscellaneous schtuf.

So it's all good.
  10:15am Sam:

How can they be sure there are no monsters in the subway tunnels?
  10:17am Mark:

Sam, you can never be sure
  10:17am fred:

This video could go nicely with that negativland:
  10:22am Tim:

That's enough personal talk about me.
  10:25am Carmichael:

I'm gonna lurk today, Ken. I feel like 10 pounds of crap. In a 1 pound bag.
  10:25am Oh Long Johnson:

Here's some gifs 4 u Ken -
  10:27am Mark:

can't do that time here at work is controlled by active directory
  10:28am pierre:

sometimes i think i have to choose between the comment board and the music (slow internet connection wise…). Which would be a shame really.
  10:29am tim from champaign:

Tim from Champaign, Jack! That's who!
  10:29am βrian:

Apple will not allow either. All the time server choices belong to them!
  10:30am Chris:

Glance into the world just as though time were gone: and everything crooked will become straight to you. #Nietzsche
  10:30am jeremy:

listening on the flash stream. when you said 10:30, my clock read : 10:30:27
  10:30am common:

1 min. 30 seconds
  10:30am Mark:

27 seconds
  10:30am Cecile:

Oh, Carm. Feel better.
  10:30am βrian:

Only 3 seconds behind you.
  10:30am Luke:

28 seconds behind here in Tulsa
  10:30am still b/p:

31 sec.
  10:30am caver_mike:

27 seconds
  10:30am fred:

27 seconds here in Paris
  10:30am Carmichael:

It's 10:30 here, but it's Saturday.
  10:31am Brian C:

27 seconds -- 128k MP3 stream -- shoulda checked on 91.1
  10:31am OM:

I'm 28 seconds slow in Kentucky via the MP3 stream.

27-28 seconds seems pretty common?
  10:31am ang:

2 & 1/2 min behind
  10:32am Chris:

Curious ... This corner of the inter web stream is in real time.
  10:32am Andrew:

Only 30 seconds in London, UK
  10:33am northguineahills:

I was 27 seconds behind.
  10:33am βrian:

Nay, it's true. But I'm surfing on a big pipe, so to speak.
  10:33am Cool Fool:

hey, who farted?
  10:34am Sam:

Be happy think that nothing is wrong!
  10:34am efd:

I feel like there have been times when I've had the internet stream and radio playing at home, and the stream has been ahead of the radio.
  10:35am jeremy:

@βrian what's the method to your madness? 128k mp3? ac stream? russian hackers?
  10:35am Mark:

Pierre hasn't weighed in with his time?
  10:36am Vicki:

3 minutes ahead
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:36am Ken:

Hnmmm, so the broadcast signal is delayed by 20 seconds, but the internet signal is not... and people with a big pipe can listen practically in real time! I never ever realized this. It makes no sense.
  10:36am Patrick:

i only used the clock on my stove, but Ken you at WFMU are in the future there, by about 16 seconds! congrats, you seem to be time traveling there in Jersey CIty! are any of the other effects, aside from erratic behavior, showing up?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:36am Ken:

Yes, the stream can be ahead of the radio! How can it be?
  10:36am OM:

Pierre is still listening to Ken announce the last set ;)
  10:37am Vicki:

I know what's next
  10:37am Mark:

The Twilight Zone
  10:38am pierre:

… just completely going crazy about my internet connection, that doesn't even allow me to hear the 32k STREAM!!! that's it, i'm mad at my computer, i hate it…

i can't comment !!! (which for me is like cutting my tongue… damn !)
  10:38am earwax:

I'm listening to next week's show
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:39am Ken:

Does it mean that when I hit the dump button to eliminate a curse from a siong, that the curse is NOT bleeped out on the stream? Where is Scott Williams and John Fog when I have Time Space Continuum questions??!!
  10:40am Vicki:

I heard Mark E Smith sing entirely different lyrics
  10:40am teethoven:

I'm listening to next week's show too. Next week.
  10:41am OM:

I feel an experiment coming on!
  10:41am still b/p:

Dump a particular word you speak after telling us what it's going to be -- we'll report result.
  10:41am Mark:

I think everyone hears Mark E sing different lyrics
  10:42am Vicki:

Great show! Particularly liked the second half of the show where you started playing everything really slowly
  10:42am Cheri Pi:

Pierre! We won't forget you, promise.
  10:43am Cheri Pi:

Just back from the dentist ; uncomfortably numb
  10:44am Braveness23:

I was wondering when that rascal would show up. Hi Pi!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:45am Ken:

OK. What word should I dump? or I could dump a whole phrase! Give me a short 4-6 word phrase for our little dump experiment!
  10:46am glenn:

x ray burns blows dead bears.
  10:46am Cheri Pi:

Braveness23! I enjoyed several Old Speckles last night thinking of you and yours.
  10:47am Mark:

how about "I had to wank off the cat to feed the fucking dog"
  10:47am pierre:

Thanks CheriPi. I've manage to find a solution, I'm now using the smartphone app. Which allow me to listen, comment, and make lists of my favourite song on the radio ^_^ yeah technology !
  10:47am Vicki:

ha ha ha
  10:48am Jabberclocky:

Say, "Oh, frabjous day! Dalooh! Delay!"
  10:49am Vicki:

you can't say "wank" here
  10:49am Vicki:

"fucking" is fine though
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:49am Ken:

OK, Scott will be back soon and then we can do this test and get to the bottom of this... btw, SCOTT THINKS ALL OF YOU WHO SAY YOU'RE LISTENING IN REAL TIME ARE LIARS!!!!
  10:49am teethoven:

It's 7:50 here and your show starts at 9? I get up at 6:30 and you're already spinning. How is this possible?
  10:50am Mark:

but can you say "feed"?
  10:50am Carmichael:

I listen in reel time.
  10:50am jeremy:

ken, should it matter what digitial stream is being used for this experiment? flash (beta) vs 128kmp3 vs 20k real vs 20k windows?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:50am Ken:

I say no. You're not liars. Scott says otherwise.
  10:52am Vicki:

you should count to a hundred and hit the dump button and people can say what they missed, and then the comments will be really really interesting for about the next hour
  10:52am Cheri Pi:

Vivre la technologie!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:53am Ken:

Jeremy, yeah - the smaller streams like the aac or 32k MP3 should be the fastest, in theory..
  10:54am pierre:

@CheriPi: ;-)

On the app, I think there's actually a visualization of the delay with the playing bar. Then again it might be me not understanding a thing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:54am Ken:

OK, I shall say "I had to wank off the cat to feed the fucking dog" THATS HOW MUCH CONFIDENCE I HAVE IN technology. Not to mention the caps lock key.
  10:54am Cecile:

Ken, how do I know you're telling the truth?
  10:55am George Carlin:

Shit, piss, fuck, motherfuck, cunt, cocksucker, tits.
  10:56am Carmichael:

I'm a genie in disguise.
  10:56am Cheri Pi:

ken, this is riskier than your balloon flight. Bon chance my friend.
  10:56am Mark:

  10:56am Oh Long Johnson:

You forgot "Mongolian Clusterfuck" George...
  10:57am Mark:

so this is the new Lee Renaldo, hmmm
  10:57am pierre:

@Cecile: he's not.
Then "how do we know everything he told us is..."

-we don't.
  10:57am jeremy:

Lee Renaldo is cringing somewhere knowing that someone (me) is listening to him in 20k. I miss sonic youth, but I am really glad that I can still hear them individually
  10:59am Cheri Pi:

I miss his Punx
  11:02am Andrew:

its happened about 4 times lately. I hear a song on fmu. I think, "christ, that is some shit MOR rock". then I find out its the new Lee Renaldo record.
  11:03am jeremy:

the 20k windows stream is about 40 seconds behind...
  11:04am other david:

Good lord, I'm around 90 seconds behind!

Is Ken still alive or did the lyme finally get him?
  11:04am ang:

2min 31 sec behind-more precisely
  11:04am Vicki:

"5, 4, there!"
  11:04am Luke:

No cursing on the stream
  11:04am Cheri Pi:

No Curses.
  11:04am dc pat:

bummer, didn't hear it online
  11:05am Patrick:

on the internet and i head nuthin!
  11:05am Mark:

I didn't hear it on the internet
  11:05am jeremy:

didn't hear it on the flash stream or on the 20k stream
  11:05am ang:

not over air
  11:05am THE FCC:

Ken, sit down. We need to talk.
  11:05am still b/p:

Didn't hear it but we don't know you really did it.
  11:05am Nick the Bard:

Not on the air, not on the webstream
  11:05am Vicki:

I'm two and a half minutes behind too
  11:05am jaypee:

20 seconds behind for me on the 128kbs stream.
  11:05am F:

I was kinda hoping for an uncensored stream.
  11:05am vanya:

it didn`t go out over the air!
  11:05am Lizardner Dave:

It did however speech to text on the comments stream.
  11:06am morr:

I've never been so offended in my life!!
  11:06am brian:

hey ken, since you're breaking new ground today, can we hear the aristocrats?

long live lenny bruce!
  11:06am Andrew:

well I didn't hear that 'fucking'. but I definitely did hear the MES one. (internet listener)
  11:06am Mark:

I have to say Scott may be right
  11:06am jaypee:

I actually screamed "fuck" in place of your fuck and my entire office is now aghast.
  11:07am glenn:

maybe you could put up some "two girls, one cup" gifs.
  11:07am fof0:

Hello, good morning al...What the @£#@! is going on here?! Wanking cats? Cats are meant to be loved. <3

There's one show in Ken's archive where he swears a lot. Don't remember which one thou. I think it was one streamed online only.
  11:07am Vicki:

yes, I definitely heard the Mark E Smith one too (not joking)
  11:08am dave:

mes says the line twice, but switches animals, so 2nd time he's feeding the dog etc.
you edited the 1st instance of fucking but not the 2nd-- its right near the end
thats how it went down i believe
  11:08am giselle:

argh shlock-rock!
  11:09am Vicki:

yes Dave, that's true - I heard the dump go for the first one
  11:09am Mark:

I believe dave is correct
  11:10am fof0:

so the wanking off cats was just an experiment? I was about to literally google "how do I feed my dog wanking off my cat?" but then I read some comments above. Still don't get it.
  11:11am Andrew:

if dave is right ken must suspend himself. immediately!
  11:11am Detroit Mac:

I am lurking also - but a big Congratulation to our fearless leader: Ken, for his NSCB award.
  11:11am Michael:

'Ye can't have yer kugel until ye've had yer brisket---how're ye goin to have yer kugel before you've had yer brisket?'

(Note that for a dairy kugel, that is precisely _wrong_.)
  11:11am Cheri Pi:

I want to get Schlock Rock for my dad but chances are he wouldn't even know the original songs.
  11:11am still b/p:

Oy. Those SR boys need to give it just a li'l pep, some bounce..
  11:12am giselle:

omg, if you don't learn eevrit you can't have any pudding
  11:12am Mark:

tis a line from "Greenway" by the Fall fof0
  11:13am adler: is a good place for time
  11:16am Michael:

Grid bless Google image search; I wanted to see if that image behind the gels on the couch were by Freas, so I isolated that part and searched. I didn't find out who painted it, but I _did_ find that these are from the Miss Beatnik of 1959 competition (or hack).
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:16am Ken:

Scott, what's the verdict?!
  11:16am Lizardner Dave:

Is that a cat on this playlist?
  11:16am pierre:

Quick experimentation : the delay on my computer and on my phone is at least 01.00minute. So I can still hear Ken choosing a song while the song's already playing. This is too much, I don't know if my brain can handle this...
  11:17am Mark:

would now be the time to mention that I've already listened to next week's show?
  11:18am fof0:


Oh, thanks! I think I get it now. I've just arrived here and first thing I hear on the show is Ken talking about cats and dogs.

And because I know Ken hates cats kind of made sense, but not in that common-sense sense, but in a perverse common sense sense.
  11:18am adler:

All of the streams are post-dump, except for some of the video streams
  11:19am BSI:

"Time" is, like, total fascism, man. We live in bubbles of pure light. We just can't comprehend everything happening in circles, dig, but like, ......... what?
  11:19am Big Sausage Pizza:

Comma-zero, comma-zero, comma-zero
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:21am Ken:

If everything is post-dump, then nobody can actually be listening less than 20 second behind. I know what the problem is. When I say the time on the air, you are hearing it 20 seconds behind. DUH. Im a moron.
  11:22am Sam:

What time is now?
  11:22am Mark:

post-dump could be construed a few ways
  11:23am Cecile:

  11:23am Cecile:

  11:23am Bevis:

huh huhhh he said post dump
  11:25am Blondgomba:

Swell, the last one with the colonel and the Macaroni Album is a healthy guffaw. Thanks, I just finished lunch.
  11:25am βrian:

128K stream for me, at a major academic institution.
  11:28am dc pat:

that's the era we're living in: Post Dump
  11:29am Mad Man:

Make breakfast count with a delicious bowl of Post Dumpies!
  11:31am Mark:

this might be too slow Ken, I can barely understand a word that you're saying
  11:32am Carmichael:

I like slow Ken. I also like slow zombies.
  11:33am Luke:

Ken, when you say the time on the air I look at my clock to see the delay. If all audio is delayed 20sec and MY delay is 28sec, then my real delay is 8sec.
  11:34am Sam:

I don't like slow zombies. They scare the bejesus out of me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:34am Ken:

Correct Luke!
  11:35am common:

slow dirty zombie babies
  11:37am Sam:

This is good cuddling music
  11:37am Butt-Head:

huh huhhh "Accidental Discharge"...
  11:39am jaypee:

  11:40am Ricardo Montalban:

I wonder if that woman has bought a computer by now.
  11:42am G.W. Bush:

Tacos rule!
  11:43am ITT tech:

Today she has a degree and a good job in compudah engineahrin'.
  11:43am allan:

dudes eyeing them tacos hard
  11:44am Sam:

The internet is just a way for the government to control us. It's not functioning that way fully yet, but in the future it will be simple for them to switch into total fascist spy mode and arrest everyone based on all the incriminating data they'll have on all of us. Imagine if Stalin had had electronic files with everyone's correspondence, bank account info, political views, personal hopes, dreams and fears......
  11:44am other david:

A tastefully understated cover, if ever I heard one
  11:45am still b/p:

Seen the guy who sings whole BR in police car backseat? Similar to that one.
  11:45am jan:

Ken- the gun theme, is it because you are anticipating seeing
Sons Of Guns this evening on Discovery Channel? It's a fascinating
view into the world of automatic military arms in domestic possession. Do not miss!
  11:45am βrian:

No tacos, please. Malai Kofta Kashmiri.
  11:46am pierre:

This is awesome!
  11:46am fof0 (:

yeah, tacos! one of these days we should only talk about tacos in the comment section. Mmm...Tacos. And then Burritos.
  11:46am Mark:

"Think. It ain't illegal yet. " George Clinton (Funkadelic)
  11:48am Mark:

and then... Nachos!
  11:48am Blondgomba:

Bewitching show, boy, inhaling every minute.
  11:48am Lizardner Dave:

The guns are Ken's observance of the anniversary of MLK's assasination, I suspect.
  11:48am βrian:

Aloo Ghobi, maybe. No tacos, please.
  11:49am βrian:

Does the WFMU bat catch mosquitos?
  11:51am Carmichael:

Does the Pope shit in the woods???
  11:52am Sam:

Dolphins are delicious!
  11:52am BSI:

Dammit man, don't mention curry at this hour!
gaaah, my fate is sealed....
  11:54am BSI:

onion kulcha! yellow dal! chili/garlic pickle! STAT!
  11:56am hamburger:

love me some animal singing christmas carols... love it!
  11:56am βrian:

That's a naan starter.
  11:56am Mark:

  11:56am allan:

I like everything about this
  11:56am Luke:

Walking around outside. Dog noises made me look around. I was Kenned again.
  11:57am fof0 (:

doplhin tacos...mmmm....
  11:58am still b/p:

There are so many packages of ready-made aloo palak and dal palak in my cupboard, it looks like I'm preparing for a civil emergency.
  11:58am MD:

XMASS IS ON THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11:59am Ricardo Montalban:

Fun show, Ken! Thanks for making pretty radio sounds.
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