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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options April 3, 2012: Lemon Fire

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Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
THE IN-THEME          0:00:00 ()
ELSE TEICHER  What an Idea Is / Dying Pachycephalosaurid on I-75   Options Whored  Beta-Lactam Ring  2010  0:01:05 ()
DDAA  Jet Over Kashima Airport Include the Hit Miss Vandann   Options Jet Over Kashima Airport Include the Hit Miss Vandann  Illusion Production  2012  0:08:31 ()
BENE GESSERIT  Enfant des Rues   Options A High, Happy, Perverse and Cynical Cry of Joy  RE: EE Tapes  1984  0:32:31 ()
PETER GORDON  Foreign Waters   Options V.A.: Just Another Asshole #5  RE: Atavistic  1981  0:35:58 ()
THE ASSOCIATES  Kitchen Person   Options Fourth Drawer Down  RE: V2  1981  0:36:45 ()
FELLINI  Rosas   Options 3 Lugares Diferentes  Baratos Afins  1987  0:41:40 ()
ANDY BLINX / DON HUNERBERG  Red Ants   Options V.A.: Just Another Asshole #5  RE: Atavistic  1981  0:45:17 ()
PERE UBU  Turpentine   Options Worlds in Collision  Fontana  1991  0:46:06 ()
BOREDOMS  Heebo   Options Pop Tatari  Warner Bros.  1992  0:48:48 ()
SCOTT MARSHALL  Theme from the Video "(un)Intended Nature"   Options Music from "Men's Stories" and Other Songs  Paniculture  2000  0:52:09 ()
BENE GESSERIT  Sahid Bahey (1985)   Options A High, Happy, Perverse and Cynical Cry of Joy [bonus track]  RE: EE Tapes  1984  0:59:06 ()
DERDIYOKLAR IKILISI  Sofor Gardas   Options Disko Folk  RE: Guerssen  1980  1:02:03 ()
JOHANNES WELSCH  Fire   Options Sound Creation  Deep Listening  2012  1:05:40 ()
AHMAD ZAHIR  Awship Shuder Aye Dil   Options Vol. 2  Guerssen  2012  1:09:32 ()
CASSIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE  Cassiotone for the Painfully Alone Joins the Foreign Legion   Options Answering Machine Music  Tomlab  2000  1:17:32 ()
AIRBUS  I'm About to Lose My Mind   Options Test Flight  Guerssen  197?  1:20:07 ()
CHRIS NELSON  Dinner Time   Options V.A.: Just Another Asshole #5  Re: Atavistic  1981  1:22:33 ()
AIRBUS  Every Day Is Like Saturday   Options Test Flight  Guerssen  197?  1:27:34 ()
BEE GEES  Lemons Never Forget   Options Horizontal  Atco  1968  1:31:42 ()
OCTOPUS  Laugh at the Poor Man (1969)   Options Restless Night [bonus track]  RE: Guerssen  1971  1:34:46 ()
BEE GEES  The Earnest of Being George   Options Horizontal  Atco  1968  1:37:58 ()
MINUTEMEN  Black Sheep   Options Joy (7" EP)  New Alliance  1981  1:40:45 ()
BOREDOMS  Which Dooyoo Like?   Options Pop Tatari  Warner Bros.  1992  1:41:50 ()
SANDRA SEYMOUR  Dogs   Options V.A.: Just Another Asshole #5  Re: Atavistic  1981  1:43:55 ()
PAUL BRETT'S SAGE  Take Me Back and I Will Love You   Options Schizophrenia  Dawn  1972  1:44:41 ()
BOREDOMS  Nice B-O-R-E Guy & Boyoyo Touch   Options Pop Tatari  Warner Bros.  1992  1:48:53 ()
CRESSIDA  To Play Your Little Game   Options Cressida  Vertigo  1970  1:53:21 ()
FRUUPP  Sheba's Song   Options Modern Masquerades  Dawn  1975  1:56:37 ()
LARRY SIMON   Eggs Benedictus   Options V.A.: Just Another Asshole #5  Re: Atavistic  1981  2:05:05 ()
GRAVY TRAIN  The New One   Options Gravy Train  Vertigo  1970  2:05:50 ()
MONUMENT  Give Me Life   Options The First Monument  RE: Guerssen  1971  2:11:03 ()
GRACIOUS  Introduction   Options Gracious  Vertigo  1970  2:14:53 ()
CRESSIDA  One of a Group   Options Cressida  Vertigo  1970  2:20:47 ()
MONUMENT  Dog Man   Options The First Monument  RE: Guerssen  1971  2:27:23 ()
SAMURAI  Face in the Mirror   Options Samurai  RE: Progressive Line  1971  2:30:44 ()
FREEDOMS CHILDREN  Aileen   Options Astra  RE: Shadoks  1970  2:37:19 ()
KINKZOID  Devil on My Couch   Options Further Unpleasantries  Mook  2008  2:39:21 ()
GLENDA HYDLER / SUSAN FISHER  It's Hot Love   Options V.A.: Just Another Asshole #5  Re: Atavistic  1981  2:43:09 ()
OCTOPUS  Tide   Options Restless Night  RE: Guerssen  1971  2:43:56 ()
F. J. McMAHON  Sister Brother   Options Spirit of the Golden Juice  Re: Rev-Ola  1969  2:49:31 ()
FRIENDS  Once in a Winter Town   Options Fragile  RE: Lion  1972  2:53:32 ()
FRIENDS  You Need Friends   Options Fragile  Re: Lion  1972  2:59:24 ()
CURD DUCA  Hypno Traffic [PLUS]   Options       3:02:19 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 4/3/12 11:55am Wendy del Formaggio:

Ooh! I like being the first one in the theatre. I get first choice of where to sit.
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 11:57am tonyc:

Hey Wendy! Did you bring the cheese snacks?
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:00pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I did, tonyc! Take some and pass the plate around.
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:01pm Van in DC:

Just beaming in from the mothership. Hi Tony!
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:02pm listener james from westwood:

good tuesday all, and welcome back, tony!
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:02pm tonyc:

Else Teicher = Thom Jones = DDDJJJ666, who filled in for me last week (thanks, Thom!).
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:02pm tonyc:

Heya, Van and Listener James!!
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:04pm Brain in KU:

Hello Tony & folks. What's the difference between Gorgozola & Dolcelatte?
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:06pm tonyc:

Hey there, Brian the Brain...
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:06pm Ricardo Montalban:

DDDJJJ666 did a great job substituting. Some of the other kids told him you let them come and go as they please and that you didn't leave us a homework.
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:07pm listener james from westwood:

enjoyed the deutsche detour last week.
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:09pm listener james from westwood:

@brain: the difference is i know how to make a good gorgonzola/sun-dried tomato pasta sauce w/ the gorg. little bit of white wine, maybe some garlic. it's good over beef tortellini. not for the day before a cholesterol test, now.
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:10pm tonyc:

Glad you both enjoyed the fill-in! I'm sure Thom will be back on Give the Drummer Radio at some point....
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:14pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Brian, Gorgonzola is a cheese which can be found in a few forms. One is Dolcelatte, or "sweet milk". That's the softer one that most people know. "Mountain" or "Aged" Gorg is more crumbly and piquant.
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:16pm tonyc:

Wendy: Saw you quoted in the press (OK: facebook), claiming that monkeys enjoy cheese too.
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:19pm listener james from westwood:

it was def. the aged gorg in my particular recipe then.
i attended a company holiday party that had a whole stilton. i don't think i got more than 20 feet away from it at any point during that event. :)
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:21pm tonyc:

Coming up later in the show: the Bee Gees, the Minutemen, and lots of U.K. prog.
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:22pm Ricotta Montalban:

Will there be songs about cheese?
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:23pm Doug S.:

I am digging this show by TTTCCC111!!!
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:24pm tonyc:

Ricotta Montalban: Yes: I'll be playing the Minutemen's classic song "Black Sheep Cheese."
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:25pm tonyc:

Thanks, DDD-DougDoug!!!
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:28pm fromage rock:

no camembert electrique?
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:29pm listener james from jarlsberg:

lol@ ricotta montalban. let us now all adopt cheese-related tags!
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:29pm northguineahills:

ok, this is working for me..., what's DDAA?
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:29pm tonyc:

Fromage Rock: No Gong today, no -- but there will be cheesy prog.
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:30pm listener james from jarlsberg:

(jarlsberg was as close as i could get to bergen in norway and still be cheese-ulent!)
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:30pm Ricotta Montalban:

a hommage du frommage?
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:34pm tonyc:

Northguineahills: DDAA are a great French band, formed in the late '70s. I did a blogpost on them a while back: blog.wfmu.org...
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:39pm Josh Carr:

These tunes are exactly what I need right now. Thx.
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:40pm northguineahills:

Thanks tonyc!
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:41pm tonyc:

You're mos' welcome, Josh and Northguineahills!
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:42pm tonyc:

Many thanks to listener Iker for this great Fellini track!
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:47pm Brain in KU:

Now what would an Alfred Jarry cheese taste like?
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:48pm Brain in KU:

Pataphysics Blue.
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:49pm Ricotta Montalban:

I llked this UBU album. It took me a while to warm to newer UBU, but I liked this one.
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:50pm Brain in KU:

Tony, any trips planned to Europe in the foreseeable?
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:50pm tonyc:

Most people seem to think it's the worst Ubu album -- but there are some good tracks on it for sure.
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:51pm Ricotta Montalban:

I purged a lot of LPs in the mid/late 90s and that was one of them. I find myself missing it even though I wasn't overwhelmed by it at the time. But I feel that way about lots of lost records.
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:52pm Ricotta Montalban:

Yet I still have Pop Tatari.
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:53pm tonyc:

Brain: Unfortunately not. My trip to Belgium last year will have to do it for a bit.
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:55pm Dan from Asiago:

Say Cheese, Tony!
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:55pm Brain in KU:

Belgium is bigger on chocs & beer than cheese anyway. Now France.................or UK.
  Tue. 4/3/12 12:56pm mirrorman:

Long Viva Pa Ubu!
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 12:59pm tonyc:

Hey there, Dan & Mirrorman!! A tip of the cheese-wedge hat to both of you....
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:01pm listener james from jarlsberg:

an alfred jarry cheese would taste like "merdre!"
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 1:05pm tonyc:

In case you're wondering, this Derdiyoklar Ikilisi is Turkish. They were buskers, and originally sold this album on the street as a cassette.
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:07pm Van in DC:

Now how oh HOW did you know I was wondering about that Tony? :)
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:08pm Bleu Dervish:

Since we all already saying cheese, how 'bout a group photo.
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:10pm Ike:

Oops, I missed part of the show. Looks like an especially good one, too.
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 1:11pm tonyc:

And Ahamd Zahir is from Afghanistan. (Figured I'd tell you BEFORE you started wondering, Van.)
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 1:11pm tonyc:

Gratings -- I mean greetings -- Ike!
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:11pm Van in DC:

ha ha :)
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:15pm listener james from jarlsberg:

the tony coulter radio chartsweep/rough guide of turkey would be a hell of an audio document. or afghanistan for that matter.
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:16pm Van in DC:

As for cheese, I had bleu cheese salad dressing on my salad for lunch...but the best part of lunch was the yummy pineapple, peach, cantaloupe, strawberry, orange fruits that I loaded up on from our cafeteria.
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 1:16pm tonyc:

Cheese and a shake to you, Bleu Dervish!
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 1:18pm tonyc:

Listener James: I was planning to play Turkish stuff during my Greek special of a while back if I ran out of material. My Afghan special would last all of 5 minutes.
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:21pm listener james from jarlsberg:

heh, would be one of the smaller sets in an overall mideast sonic tour!
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:22pm listener james from jarlsberg:

i can't keep bleu cheese dressing in the house. i just go thru it too quickly. buffalo wings are a bleu cheese delivery system for me.
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:27pm Van in DC:

I hear that listener james from...jarlsberg? Too many wings for me the past year, which is why I'm trying to be good now (except for the beer part ha ha)...gotta be able to squeeze back into my suit here soon for a concert :)
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 1:30pm tonyc:

Methinks this Airbus song sounds rather Kinks-y in parts, no?
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:33pm Van in DC:

The Bee Chees!
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:33pm conrad:

Kinks-esque, yes. And the first airbus song started off just like the VU's "Rock'n'Roll.' I started singing over it
"Jenny says when she was just five years old..." before I realized it was a differrent tune.

Oh, and my mom's maiden name is Muenster: FACT!
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 1:34pm tonyc:

Van: Ha ho hee!

Hola, Conrad Muenster!
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:37pm listener james from jarlsberg:

^^^ van wins.
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:37pm Ricotta Montalban:

Clever hippies electro-quoting Bizet...
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 1:41pm tonyc:

Frankly, I would have been more impressed if Bizet had quoted Octopus.
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:42pm Ricotta Montalban:

Clever SoCal Punks quoting Marx
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:50pm Ricotta Montalban:

I need to dig up that Boredoms album again. It's survived so many musical purges, even though I haven't listened to it in years.
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 1:54pm tonyc:

I love their albums from the '90s. It always amazes me they're on a major label (Warners).
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:56pm Ricotta Montalban:

I think that was a weird era for music. The majors were signing up any band that they thought were 'alternative'. No doubt it was due to more commercially viable 'alternative' artists name checking them.
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 1:56pm tonyc:

This here is the U.K. prog set, by the way....
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 1:57pm tonyc:

Ricotta M: Guess a similar thing happened in the '60s, when people like Captain Beefheart got signed.
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:58pm Ricotta Montalban:

I remember here in the NW, there was a retail store chain called Waves that was seemingly just to sell 'alternative' music. Before long they became liquidation centers for all the major label stuff that the big retail stores couldn't move when the 'grunge/alternative' bubble popped.
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:58pm chairman of the board:

Chocolate synthesizer.
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:58pm Doug S.:

Give the Drummer Radio: Unpasteurized and proud of it!
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 1:59pm tonyc:

Chairman: Yes! My favorite Boredoms album....
  Tue. 4/3/12 1:59pm Ricotta Montalban:

I think it happens anytime there's a perceived revolution in music. Punk, Alternative, etc. Look at all the stuff gobbled up on Sire in the wake of punk and new wave.
  Tue. 4/3/12 2:03pm Ricotta Montalban:

I don't think record labels are in the position to take any chances on anything remotely weird anymore.
  Tue. 4/3/12 2:04pm listener james from jarlsberg:

that's why the free music archive's such a treasure.
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 2:04pm tonyc:

Ricotta M: Guess not, now that they're down to their last billion dollars.
  Tue. 4/3/12 2:13pm Ricotta Montalban:

Wow! This track is epic! And I don't mean that in the ironic, hipster sense.
  Tue. 4/3/12 2:14pm Ricotta Montalban:

@Listener James: Indeed it is! I've found so much amazing music there! FMA Rulez!
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 2:16pm tonyc:

Kudos due to Jason Sigal for the FMA's excellence.
  Tue. 4/3/12 2:17pm Ricotta Montalban:

I also dig their featured playlists, etc.
  Tue. 4/3/12 2:18pm maestroso:

Just started listening at the beginning of this set of proggy goodness. Awesome! Where do you find this stuff?
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 2:21pm tonyc:

Greetings, Maestroso! These particular proggers are easier to track down than many. There are multiple reissues of most of their albums out there, as Vertigo was/is a high-profile label in the world of prog.
  Tue. 4/3/12 2:25pm maestroso:

Thanks tonyc, I'll definitely have to look this.
  Tue. 4/3/12 2:31pm maestroso:

...look FOR this...
  Tue. 4/3/12 2:31pm Gentlemen of colour:

Arthur Brown Rules.
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 2:32pm tonyc:

Yes he does -- even via proxies.
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 2:33pm tonyc:

Samurai = The Web (same group, w/ a new name)
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 2:37pm tonyc:

Freedoms Children were from South Africa.
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 2:39pm tonyc:

And KinkZoid are post-Blitzoids. My latest blogpost features a bunch of KinkZoid tracks: blog.wfmu.org...
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 2:55pm tonyc:

The next show -- in 2 weeks -- will be the vinyl-I-picked-up-in-the-last-month-or-so show. There's a big pile of it lying around here, I'm glad/sad to say....
  Tue. 4/3/12 2:56pm Van in DC:

Oh wow, didn't realize the time was so late. Thanks Tony!
  Tue. 4/3/12 2:56pm listener james from jarlsberg:

dug the heck out of the program, tony, and looking forward to the vinylfest!
  Tue. 4/3/12 2:57pm Ricotta Montalban:

Thanks for a mah-velous show today, Tony!
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 2:58pm tonyc:

You're welcome, Van! And thanks much, Listener James & Ricotta M!

One last track coming up....
Avatar Tue. 4/3/12 3:00pm tonyc:

Thanks for listening everybody!! Hope you enjoyed your cheese treats. See ya in two weeks!
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