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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options February 17, 2012: Three Wishes

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  6:00pm stinkbug:

Avatar 6:00pm FRANGRY:

Avatar 6:01pm FRANGRY:

we are in studio B for the next three weeks. call us 201 536 9368
  6:01pm Deed:

Hi Weirdos
  6:02pm hamburger:

shut up weeeeeeirdo
  6:02pm stinkbug:

wow, show is so much better from studio B
  6:04pm G:

Wow, comments are so much slower for a studio B show :-P
  6:04pm Zoot:

0 points to Andy for that. Dudes should not be offering massages to women on airplanes.
  6:04pm Tommelise:

Hello, everyone!
  6:04pm Mike McKenzie:

Can I massage your feet, Frangry?
  6:04pm g:

I'd like 3 wishes on a plane. One would definately be a foot massage.
  6:05pm G:

On planes, Frangry massages only purloined gum.
  6:05pm robyn:

i'm at work. it's hard to think about this stuff right now since i'm so busy suppressing my thoughts hopes and dreams.
  6:05pm stinkbug:

Calling Frangry cranky is like calling Frangry cute.
  6:05pm Alison from Toronto:

Hi weirdos
  6:06pm TubaRuba:

Good evening, weirdos
  6:06pm Danne D:

Hi Andy :) Hi Frangry :) <333 Hi Weirdos :)
  6:07pm Tommelise:

There showing The Bodyguard at one of the local TV stations here in PR. I think one of my wishes would be not to find it's Spanish translation too distracting.
  6:07pm Danne D:

I have a hockey game tonight so I'll be mostly listening on radio - sorry :(

Looking forward to the SUW all-stars :)
  6:07pm G:

This concludes the phatic portion of the comments board! :-)
  6:07pm Tommelise:

  6:07pm Danne D:

TUBA RUBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's the Marathon Premium?
  6:08pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Wishes on a plane
  6:08pm linda:

where is my calendar from last year!!!!!
  6:08pm Danne D:

welcome back :)

Hey Tommelise - hey all :)

Mister Johnny - it's a 2013 SUW Calendar :)

anyway - will be shoving out in a couple - make sure you pledge tons of $$$$ to SUW and FMU and have a good one!
  6:08pm G:

Does Spike call at the start of every FMU talk show? Is he on retainer? He was the first Best Show call Tuesday, and things went up from there.
  6:09pm TubaRuba:

Hi Danne
  6:09pm G:

Welfare doesn't cover airline tickets.
  6:09pm Tommelise:

Hi, Danne D! :-)
  6:09pm Danne D:

@linda - you should e-mail the swag czar as I have already received mine.

I like to fly...I just don't like to crash.
  6:10pm other david:

Spike is Mister T?
  6:10pm Cris the Waiter:

My calendar is fantastic! Andy's version > the original Zeppelin cover.
  6:10pm Danne D:

Looking forward to reading the comments post show :) You're in charge, TubaRuba :)

What's the theme of the 2013 SUW Calendar?
  6:10pm TubaRuba:

My one and only wish is to always have a good one
  6:11pm Listener zero:

Is the new calendar going to be sexier than Ken & Andy's premium?
  6:11pm G:

Andy should make a little sound bite of Frangry saying just now "I took my clothes off." Then use it whenever during future shows.
  6:11pm Cris the Waiter:

@Mister Johnny - SUW does classic album covers.
  6:11pm G:

It's three minutes from Jenna's scheduled on-air time.
  6:12pm g:

Weirdos can't fly.

Classic albums covers, AGAIN?
  6:13pm Cris the Waiter:

@Johnny my fault, thought you said 2012. No idea on 13.
  6:13pm Tommelise:

I've only flown once and it was kind of boring. :-(
  6:13pm Cris the Waiter:

For 2013 calendar, since there are twelve eggs in a dozen, you should cook eggs in 12 different ways.
  6:14pm G:

Yeah, we want the list of 2012 premium defaulters!!!!!!
  6:14pm Danne D:

(okay coming back in for a second just to make the quick observation that it is brilliant to have a premium that doesn't need to arrive for another 10 months)
Take care.

Frangry, you better warn Michele about Andy's evil plans.

Have a good one!
  6:14pm g:

I would spend my 3 wishes on banning talk of premiums.

The theme should be recreated famous photographs.

January should be Andy & Frangry raising the flag on Mt. Surabachi.
  6:15pm TubaRuba:

What is this guy mumbling on about? Drop this douche, Frango!
  6:15pm g:

I would spend my 3 wishes making callers get to the point faster.
  6:16pm G:

They should pose as famous radio hosts or talk show pairings of history
  6:16pm Tommelise:

I bet that one of Frangry's wishes is that she would have limited the amount of wishes to zero.
  6:16pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

This show should be called Short Attention Span
  6:16pm seang:

worst call ever?
  6:16pm Ric:

Great crop of weirdos so far this week!
  6:16pm Cris the Waiter:

A friend of mine took some ecstasy and then a plane to east Asia and was allegedly the first American to be institutionalized in the country where he landed in twenty years.
  6:16pm robyn:

tiny and awesome - Prince!
  6:17pm Listener zero:

Wow, this show has become lazy with topics to the point of surreality.
  6:17pm Ric:

"worst call ever? "

Saddest caller ever!

February is Andy & Frangry as the Sailor kissing the Nurse in Times Square on V-E Day.
  6:17pm stinkbug:

Don't we get to hear about Frangry and Andy's valentine's day?
  6:17pm Gemma:

The worst thing that ever happened to me on public transport was a guy pooped himself in the seat in front of me, and then asked me if I had a boyfriend. I said no. I don't know why.
  6:17pm TubaRuba:

I listened to the Tiny & Awesome show on the podcast and it was so good that it brought me back.
  6:17pm G:

Frangry's list:

1. I wish I'd picked a different topic
2. I wish I'd picked a different topic
3. I wish I'd picked a different topic

She uses this list every week.
  6:18pm Ric:

Great topic. It's going be a sad parade of lonely men tonight.
  6:18pm Listener zero:

Either Andy's hearing is off, or he always picks faulty headphones. I think he's been mishearing things several times a show for months now.
  6:18pm Orlando R:

Frangry!!! your patience is killing me!!
  6:19pm Aharon:

I'd wish for better callers, but the genie'd probably go on strike.

March is Frangry self-immolating like the Buddhist monk in Viet Nam.
  6:20pm TubaRuba:

So. How much has Andy had to drink? Sounds like 1/2 a beer
  6:20pm G:

Joe Pyne was who Morton Downey Jr. was copying in the 1980s on TV.

Bob Grant started as a radio fill-in for Joe Pyne in California in the 1960s, and popularized "GOMP" in NYC after moving here to do his show in 1970. He's still on the AM band on Sundays. Must be 80 years old now.
  6:20pm nj guy:

I would spend my 3 wishes on eternal beer, eternal ganga and a warm bed.
  6:21pm robyn:

i wish i could fly, i wish i was independently wealthy, and that i knew more languages.

April is Le Baiser de l’Hotel de Ville
  6:22pm TubaRuba:

Does that old-timey Brooklyn guy still call in at the end of each show?
  6:23pm G:

He forgot to ask for anyone to see his talent. That's Cassandra's mistake.
  6:23pm Skirkie:

I can see SUW on E! like Stern was.
  6:24pm Cecile:

I want Johnny Muller's wishes.

May is Vietcong Execution
  6:24pm Mrs. Clotworthy:

My wishes are for 3 straight days of perfect sunsets for everyone!
  6:24pm Skirkie:

I would hate to live in a world where people could switch genders whenever.
  6:25pm Ric:

That Muller, he's such a pro at this call-in thing.

I WISH Andy wasn't such a downer...
  6:25pm Listener zero:

Bring back Rayjay
  6:26pm Ric:

Does Gladys still call in?
  6:26pm other david:

Future Shut up weirdo topic: Why is Andy trying to crush everyone elses dreams?
  6:26pm stinkbug:

i WISH "I'm Worth It" was still on the "air"
  6:27pm g:

I wish for Downton Abbey seasons 3, 4 and 5!
  6:28pm Curley Whirly:

Andy, it's HAMLET, man, HAMLET you quoted! Willy Shakes charges no copyright fees so at least give him the (Jersey City street) credit.
  6:28pm seang:

haven't heard Gladys in a while, I wish
  6:28pm G:

@Andy: Did you ask about "we are such stuff as dreams are made of"?? That's Shakespeare's last play, The Tempest.
  6:29pm glenn:

dreams are made ON.
  6:30pm Tommelise:

1. I wish I could pass my driver's license exam.
2. Be a linguist.
3. Have money to travel more.
  6:30pm mr El Donutsu:

I wish Kenny G. was going to be on the marathon with Professor Dum Dum.
  6:30pm Cris the Waiter:

This dude's a bro.
  6:30pm G:

Right, I modernized it for the comments board masses, dude. "made on" would just confuse 3/4 or more of the audience
  6:31pm TubaRuba:

@Tommelise - I have a degree in Linguistics - you can have it, it's not doing me any good

Peep Show meets Downton Abby would be awesome.
  6:31pm ADL:

Very disturbed that I agree with Andy about Peep Show. At least I'm not fondling my own feet as I type this.

My wish...open bar FOREVER.
  6:32pm Orlando R:

Have frangry booty pop during the fundraiser


Who is your favorite character on "Peep Show"?
  6:34pm mr El Donutsu:

Pretend that there is a string attached to your butt and that someone is pulling the string up towards the back of your head. Slowly bring your butt up, as if you were going to touch your back with the top of it. Once you have done that a couple times, try doing it very slowly to some music...
  6:34pm ADL:

Frangry! Hit the dump button! Andy just said "Google."

Isn't FRANGRY blonde?
  6:34pm g:

As a vegetarian I wish my farts were scentless colored balloons for all the world to enjoy!
  6:34pm Orlando R:

Frangry, Teach Andy how to Booty Pop.

I wish I could stop time...
  6:36pm TubaRuba:

All callers should be more like Jenna
  6:36pm Tommelise:

Jenna wants to be the very best.
  6:36pm G:

Jenna didn't make her regular :15 call till 35 after because of the studio phone number change. Kids!
  6:36pm Ric:

OK, that's why the regulars aren't calling... they're using the old number saved in their mobile phones.
  6:37pm Cris the Waiter:

3d Posters = AWESOME
  6:37pm Silent H:

1st wish, a wish for everyone I think deserves one. 2nd wish, a bank account that always has 50k in it. 3rd wish, the ability to travel time forward and back. Airplane story, took a zanex before the flight with a few drinks and woke to a flight attendant shaking me.
  6:38pm seang:

geez Andy sours the intimate moments, with booty pops and robots
  6:39pm Tommelise:

I'm going to take back my wish. Instead, I wish that mosquitoes didn't exist! (Yes, I just got bit by one)
  6:39pm g:

Jenna has the potential to be the next Sarah Palin.
  6:39pm other david:

Rumour has it that if SUW doesnt meet its goal, Frangry & Andy are being replaced on the air by Jenna & Spike
  6:40pm Orlando R:

I wish for a brand new hardwood floor for a certain person.
  6:40pm g:

I think this guy is flying.
  6:41pm mr El Donutsu:

I wish the world was devoid of aromas, just like Titio's vodka.
  6:42pm Travel Agent Assoc.:

We are no way related to this caller.
  6:43pm ADL:

I made it to Florida and back during this call.
  6:43pm g:

  6:43pm TubaRuba:

In case you ever wonder why shows need call screeners, remember this call
  6:44pm other david:

I have one wish, and that is that frangry had the ability to electrocute boring callers, instantly
  6:44pm TubaRuba:

  6:44pm Orlando R:

cool story bro
  6:44pm g:

Remember pre TSA?
  6:46pm Orlando R:

First Class on International flights is the best.
  6:46pm toshi:

i wish frangry would stop thinking we're all listening to her show because we think she's hot.
  6:46pm Tommelise:

I'm also going to take back my second wish. Andy, can I poop people's dreams with you?
  6:46pm g:

I remember smoking cigarettes and drinking my one free alcohol beverage on airplanes. I wish for those innocent times.
  6:46pm Ric:

Pancake would want a paintball gun.
  6:47pm Pancake:

I wish they wouldn't talk about me.
  6:47pm robyn:

i just saw 40 years into the future in which frangry has a radio show where she talks exclusively about what her stuffed animals tell her. the pancake sex was a bit of a curve ball though.
  6:47pm G:

@g: Stop voting for politicians that favor bossy government.
  6:47pm TubaRuba:

What the eff just happened with that momentary dip into Frangry's Pancake fantasies
  6:49pm g:

@ G: You've seen my voting record?
  6:49pm Orlando R:

I wish Frangry had a "dump" button for Andy when she's annoyed with him.

Frangry, you haven't showered since Tuesday?

Which Tuesday?
  6:49pm G:

Going by the station demo.
  6:50pm TubaRuba:

Well, that was a failed attempt to call out toshi, but at least it led to Andy getting in a few insults on Frangry
  6:50pm Ric:

I wish Downtown Soulville was on next.

Cockfighting should be an Olympic Sport!
  6:51pm Tommelise:

An Italian Fight Attendant at JFK once said that I look like Audrey Hepburn. I felt pretty that day.
  6:52pm Cynic:

Those Italian FA's are pretty slick, eh? How far did he get? :-P

Audrey Hepburn in "Roman Holiday"?

Next week's topic:

Where's the weirdest place you've ever vomited?
  6:54pm Jordan:

Frangry, Does Pancake also have a drinking problem?
  6:54pm seang:

vomiting in a cab is the quintessential urban experience
  6:54pm Bongolia:

I wish Ron Paul was president cuz he would free the WEED man.

Pancake goes to AA.
  6:54pm seang:

luck is everything
  6:56pm Tommelise:

@Cynic: Nowhere.
@Mister Johnny: More like "Wait Until Dark" Audrey, I tripped on a stair because I'm nearsighted blind. Then he said that.
  6:57pm alberto:

1. all bills paid
2. a top chef on hand at all times
3. no physical repercussions from self-destruction
  6:57pm Tommelise:

Yes, this show was terrible. :-(
  6:57pm josh from Kearny:

My wish is frangry says yes daddy more often. Like she just said
  6:57pm josh from Kearny:

My wish is frangry says yes daddy more often. Like she just said
  6:58pm Eric:

1. Sex.
2. Sex with a woman.
3. A WFMU app that lets me post messages.
  6:58pm Ric:

Don't telll him your PIN number Frangry!
  6:58pm Skirkie:

This dude's a creep.
  6:58pm Simon Metz:

  6:58pm other david:

oh god, we're weirdos, WEIRDOS, not creeps.. honestly :(
  6:58pm Tommelise:

This is probably the highlight of the show.
  6:58pm alberto:

yes, not their best, but certainly not the worst. :)
  6:58pm josh from Kearny:

I wish this guy stopped interviewing
  6:58pm TubaRuba:

Ugh what is happening
  6:58pm g:

I once involuntarily babysat an adolescent Indian girl on a red eye from Paris.
  6:58pm G:

This caller is a creepy perv. As opposed to a noncreepy perv.
Avatar 6:59pm FRANGRY:


I've got Marathon Fever!
  6:59pm Orlando R:

Frangry booty pops next week
  6:59pm TubaRuba:

Good nights, weirdos
  6:59pm g:

  6:59pm seang:

this show was messed up in a good way
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