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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options January 27, 2012: Stuff You Stepped On

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  6:01pm stinkbug:

  6:01pm Carmichael:

I'm doing the Robot to this song!
Avatar 6:01pm FRANGRY:

  6:02pm Danne D:

Frangry sounds extra hawt tonight
  6:02pm Johnny Muller:

201 536 9368?
  6:02pm listener mark:

Hi Frangry! Hello Andrew !
  6:02pm Saboteur:

nothing can go wrong, except for the feud with kurt!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  6:03pm Robert in Seattle:

I stepped on a lot of little people on my meteoric rise to mediocrity
  6:03pm Caryn:

Hi to all weirdos!
  6:03pm Saboteur:

cart sabotage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar 6:03pm FRANGRY:

  6:03pm Carmichael:

You need an echo when announcing the title, Frangry.
  6:03pm Saboteur:

cart bumping = passive-aggressive feud
  6:04pm Carmichael:

We're a commune, man.
  6:05pm Saboteur:

rich is outside the studio masturbating into pizza??????
  6:05pm Lapdance:

I once stepped into someone elses "life" on the floor of a nasty gay bar in the east village in the early 2000's.
  6:06pm Geezus:

His wife denied him the hand job he was promised for months.
  6:07pm listener mark:

And with a pedi they scrape your calluses and corns !
  6:07pm mr El Donutsu:

You know they slice your heels off with a razor!
  6:07pm Caryn:

I was originally worried that the caller was gonna be one of those guys who has a "walk in mud in high heels" fetish. Phew!
  6:07pm Cris the Waiter:

Heyyyy everyone!!
  6:08pm Timekeeper:

Jenna is seven minutes early this week.
  6:08pm Keith in Vermont:

We just got done watching "Ready To Where," which has a running gag about stepping in dogshit.
  6:08pm r i s k y:

Hey andy and frangry, I've stepped into a garbage filled lake in Lodi NJ. Fell up to my neck in styrofoam, swamp muck and other grossness...
  6:09pm Johnny Muller:

cause beer poop makes sense
  6:09pm Jesus:

My brother once stepped on a toothpick and it impaled the bottom of his foot
  6:10pm Carmichael:

Where the hell is Spike?!?!
  6:10pm Sean:

At least a third of the calls tonight are going to be poop-related.
  6:10pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Haha, poop.
  6:10pm florence vermont:

Stepped on a spiney black sea urchin. Poisoneous and ouch.
  6:10pm Cris the Waiter:

I hope you guys let ME go to the marathon... I put in my calendar and everything!
  6:11pm G:

  6:11pm florence vermont:

Stepped on a spiney black sea urchin. Poisoneous and ouch.
  6:11pm glenn:

trays full of paint, pails full of drywall compound, nails. you name it, i've stepped on it.
  6:11pm Jesus:

She started listening because she was trapped in John McCabe's van
  6:11pm stinkbug:

Why is Frangry so nice to Jenna nowadays?
  6:11pm G:

I once stepped in a Spike call and had to throw out my shoes.
  6:11pm Lapdance:

I once stepped in poop, which is poop spelled backwards.
  6:11pm mr El Donutsu:

I stepped in a big pile of pine tree pitch. Had to throw away my flipflop!
  6:11pm Carmichael:

I actually stepped on a piece of glass while walking out of the river. Holy shit, am I participating?!?!?!?
  6:11pm stinkbug:

oh, i see, Usher:Bieber::Frangry:Jenna
  6:11pm G:

@stinkbug: So she comes down to the station
  6:11pm Cris the Waiter:

  6:13pm Lapdance:

Oh I did also once step on on a sea urchin in Greece. Not cute!
  6:13pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I realized it makes more sense for me to donate money rather than spend a bunch of money to volunteer at WFMU. Duh.
  6:13pm G:

OMG, it's Death Match of the Grammar Nazis
  6:14pm stinkbug:

maybe Buzz Aldrin will call in!
  6:14pm mr El Donutsu:

What did Frangry's mom step in?
  6:15pm Caryn:

"Shut Up, Grandpa" with Andy Jr. & Jenna
  6:15pm Robert in Seattle:

Dave from Seattle, I think we should be able to volunteer via Skype, or conference call, or something.
  6:15pm jizz nazi:

new topic: Whats in Frangrys pants?
  6:15pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

That's true!
  6:15pm Sean:

@Mr El Donutsu: That should be the topic
  6:15pm G:

@Andy and Frangy: You two should just get married. Then everyone will totally understand why you bicker continuously.
  6:16pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Shut up, Andy! Ya weirdo!
  6:16pm Jordan:

Frangry's Mom stepped on a popsicle!
  6:16pm Lapdance:

New topic: Who is the youngest / oldest person youve had intercourse with and how old were you when said intercouse occured. EX: madonna and her new man
  6:16pm Tommelise:

Topic's idea: Possible bad ideas for a topic that Andy can come- up with. (Sorry Andy, but this topic idea is terrible)
  6:16pm Caryn:

Starting with "I was in Iraq", I almost expected him to have stepped on a mine or something...
  6:16pm Jesus:

It's the Pancake and Jenna show
  6:16pm JessStar:

I Stepped On A Rat :(
  6:16pm JessStar:

I Stepped On A Rat :(
  6:17pm stinkbug:

dave, why not create a google+ hangout?
  6:17pm florence vermont:

You guys keep stepping on each other!
  6:17pm G:

@ Lapdance: I was 44 and she was 21.
  6:17pm Tyler Perry's Name:

a shiv, a pack of smokes, and a tampon
  6:18pm Michele Fan:

We're Worth It! Damn it!
  6:18pm 1mckrs:

What's in Newt Gingrich's pants?
  6:18pm Robert in Seattle:

How about "Who's Face Did You Sit On?"
  6:19pm Cris the Waiter:

Robert wins!
  6:19pm G:

Was 1/6's I'm Worth It the 13th and last? If so, 13 was bad luck for *that* series.
  6:19pm Danne D:

Andy - quite the authority on "crush" videos, eh?
  6:19pm Jesus:

My wife stepped into her shoe which had cat vomit
  6:20pm Lapdance:

I want to step on an American Girl doll's face but i fear her spirit would haunt me while i sleep.
  6:20pm Danne D:

Yay to the Michele fans :)
  6:20pm Tommelise:

I once almost steeped into a Chihuahua puppy. When I saw it, I thought it was a mouse and I screamed.
  6:20pm listener mark:

Only two Google searches per show.
  6:20pm abigail:

I stepped on a dead sparrow once, as our cat had left on the floor, as a present.
  6:20pm Jim B:

My dad's WWII story: He was on a troop ship in Algiers Harbor when they came under night attack by German aircraft. They managed to get off and hiked full bore for several hours into the countryside until they found an empty barn. Exhausted they pitched themselves into what they thought was a pile of hay and immediately passed out. When they awoke the following morning they found that they had been sleeping in what my father called "soft manure".
  6:20pm mr El Donutsu:

OMG, cat vomit cat vomit cat vomit!!
  6:20pm Danne D:

Andy wants to make "crush" videos featuring Frangry? Ew.
  6:21pm Caryn:

It was raining cats and dogs, and I went out and stepped into a poodle. PA-DUM-PUM!
  6:21pm Robert in Seattle:

Chris the Waiter, I don't win because it should have been "Whose"?
  6:21pm 1mckrs:

A friend of mine makes a living selling custom photos of wmoen stepping on things like melted gummmi bears
  6:21pm but nut:

topic: What kind of poop fell on you
  6:21pm poke:

What's the number
  6:21pm Carmichael:

So this is the New Age of Inquiry, eh?
Avatar 6:22pm FRANGRY:

  6:22pm Lourdes:

I was a bored child so I used to put toothpaste in my moms church pumps and she often stepped in them when getting ready to go to church.
  6:22pm lucie:

how many different types of things can you step in that are worth talking about?
  6:22pm Carmichael:

New topic: "To whom are you related?"
  6:23pm will:

Could you raise the level of the debate a few steps?
  6:23pm Cris the Waiter:

Robert, you're also DQed because my name is Cris and not Chris. No hard feelings, though.
  6:23pm Robert in Seattle:

Can I claim the t-shirt in honor of that time I should have won?
  6:23pm poke:

I keep getting disconnected
  6:23pm stinkbug:

lucie, tacks, wood/splinters/animals,sidewalk cracks, etc.
  6:23pm Carmichael:

At lease call him a liar or something. Jeesh.
  6:23pm Tommelise:

One day I'll be able to be reach the same level of frequent calls as Jenna.
  6:23pm G:

That might be easier than lowering it, will...
Avatar 6:23pm FRANGRY:

@robert which time?
  6:23pm ass cream:

get this ass off the air...and the caller too
  6:24pm Cris the Waiter:

This caller is also not a very funny/interesting person. :(
  6:24pm Step on It!:

Hurry up 7 o'clock!
  6:24pm Sean:

I really hope this person does not become a regular
  6:24pm Caryn:

This fall, walking home, I realised I was bleeding and my white shoe was filling with my blood, so you could say I kept stepping on my own blood.
  6:24pm Carmichael:

*least*. Jeesh.
  6:25pm Carmichael:

Or around.
  6:25pm Cris the Waiter:

I like stepping on plush carpeting.
  6:25pm jugg nugget:

is this the "worst of" show?
  6:25pm Kirkland3000:

I don't know whats going on..im at a starbucks sans earbuds! but once I stepped on an ex-g/fs copy of her her fav dvd movie and shattered it so I put it back in the case n she never found out while we where together...yay me!:D
  6:25pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I like when people say "Step on it!" in movies. Does that count?
  6:25pm G:

@Sean: he said "that was awful, sorry" at the end of his call, so i think he figured out his quality level without having to be told...
  6:26pm Robert in Seattle:

Yellow sateen...Rocky Horror...impotence
  6:27pm crazy eyes:

is this amature hour?
  6:27pm mr El Donutsu:

Frangry, why are you not so drunk anymore?
  6:28pm mr El Donutsu:

My daddie says you where never really drunk.
  6:28pm The Board:

sippy cups, only plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6:28pm stinkbug:

I want a show where Frangry go back and forth naming cast members of Saturday Night Live.
  6:28pm chink lids:

Frangry: start drinking immediately. The show is sucking bad!
  6:29pm Tommelise:

Topic idea: Why is tonight's show is going from bad to worse?
  6:29pm Tommelise:

Topic idea: Why is tonight's show is going from bad to worse?
  6:29pm Caryn:

Ooh, at our summer cottage, my 7-year-old brother stepped on a snake.
  6:29pm Jordan:

Frangry, you must have a "stepped on a boys heart" story to tell us!
  6:29pm Carmichael:

Dis guy has woikin class roots.
  6:29pm Cris the Waiter:

I stepped on a horseshoe crab once. that was pretty bad.
  6:29pm Shit GM's Say:

(legendary quote from a radio General Manager, famous in the radio industry): "If jocks can't eat it or fuck it, then for sure they'll break it."
Avatar 6:30pm FRANGRY:

@tommelise we have lost the will to live
  6:30pm @jizzypants:

If you can't win a t-shirt tonight you wont ever win.
  6:30pm Shabazwell:

I once stepped on a mike that made it go into mono.
  6:30pm Carmichael:

"You're disrespecting the music!"
  6:30pm listener mark:

You're circling the drain.
  6:31pm Kirkland3000:

they should play "Step On" by the Happy Mondays at the end...
  6:31pm Tyler Perry's Name:

sometimes a show can be saved from boring hosts by the quality of the callers, but rarely happens here, and what can you really do with superfluous topic choices?
  6:31pm G:

you think there are registered Republicans from Florida listening???????
  6:32pm Spike:

I don't vote for Republicans. I eat them for breakfast.
  6:32pm @jizzypants:

just end the misery and drop the "F" bomb right now.
  6:32pm dirtyPlainfield:

romney looks like he has a tight ass. just sayin
  6:32pm Caryn:

Which Republican would you rather step on? Which Republican's poop have you stepped on?
  6:32pm Kirkland3000:

when Frangy doesn't blog for a few days is it because shes too hungover to?
  6:32pm jesse:

wtf answer the phone, im ringin n ringin n ringin
  6:32pm Danne D:

@G Frangry probably has relatives in Florida listening :)
  6:32pm listener mark:

be, do, eat
  6:32pm Cris the Waiter:

I was playing with my band a few years ago outside a coffee shop, and it was the summer time so I was barefoot. I stepped on an effect pedal ready for the big chorus and electrocuted the shit out of myself. Embarrassing and painful.
  6:32pm Danne D:

Bitch and Poop and Ass: The Andy Cohen Story
  6:32pm G:

Republicans, Danne? :-)
  6:32pm Step on It!:

Newt Gingrich once was into that weird sec fantasy called crushing. He told the hooker "step on it!"
Avatar 6:32pm FRANGRY:

@kirk it's because im probably getting laid
  6:33pm G:

My guess would be that Frangry forbids any relatives from listening
  6:33pm Tommelise:

I just realized that Andy's laugh and my hubby's is identical.
  6:33pm Tommelise:

I just realized that Andy's laugh and my hubby's is identical.
Avatar 6:34pm FRANGRY:

@G they dont want to
  6:34pm Danne D:

"Newt: So Frangry, do you and Andy still have an open radio marriage?"
  6:34pm G:

What a coincidence -- I just realized your last two posts are identical
  6:34pm death race rex:

I'd step in Frangrys crotch pie if she let me
  6:34pm Kirkland3000:

@frangry....pggtthh..and by getting laid you mean in your bed crying and puking? jk :P
  6:35pm Shauntayelarimaza:

I once stepped on Levar Burtons foot on the 6 train and he was really nice about it.
  6:35pm Danne D:

@Tommelise is your hubby Andy's long lost twin? :)
  6:35pm glenn:

frangry's getting laid? this is new.
  6:35pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Never step on a crack. You'll break your mom's back.
  6:35pm will:

They're all just making it up, anyway.
  6:35pm Danne D:

My feet have been itching the hell out of me the last 3 days :(
Avatar 6:35pm FRANGRY:

@glenn not new. just not spoken about
  6:35pm G:

laid and peed on, how romantic
  6:36pm lover:

i am head over heels in love with show!!!
Avatar 6:36pm FRANGRY:

@G hahahahahah
  6:36pm Danne D:

I wonder what the cover of "Bitch and Poop and Ass: The Andy Cohen Story" would look like.
  6:36pm Kirkland3000:

new topic!! who's sleeping with Frangry ?
  6:36pm will:

I, on the other hand, am underwelled
  6:36pm poop:

new or future topic - letting someone borrow something that you later regretted
  6:36pm Tommelise:

@Danne D: Who knows!
  6:38pm poop:

these calls are good - for me to poop on
  6:38pm Caryn:

When I was a kid, we went for a walk in the woods. After a while, we came into a bog area. I ended up walking into a watery bit and sinking in up to my knees. My dad had to lift me up by my armpits. My boots were left in the bog, because they were stuck there. Was carried home in my wet socks.
  6:38pm Danne D:

@Tommelise does your hubby talk about dead russian aristocrats?
  6:39pm Danne D:

I know who Frangry is sleeping with...
  6:39pm Danne D:

  6:39pm will:

I'm just sleeping
  6:39pm G:

Is Pancake good in bed?
  6:40pm dick snatch:

only 20 minutes left in this suck fest
  6:40pm Caryn:

Hey, as long as Andy & Frangry keep the listeners from moving from "gruntled" to "disgruntled", I'm happy. Current status: just gruntled.
  6:40pm Tommelise:

@Danne D: No, but he loves Russian Lit!
Avatar 6:40pm FRANGRY:

fuck you, dick snatch
  6:40pm stinkbug:

What would have happened if that one guy got pee on Pancake?
  6:40pm G:

"I'm Catholic"

"Aren Jew?"
  6:40pm Paul:

I stepped in a hole and sprained my foot real bad.
  6:40pm Danne D:

My brother once stepped on a Fire Ant Hill right before he got on his motorcycle - within a couple miles he was in agony from those stinging bastard bugs
Avatar 6:40pm FRANGRY:

sorry i just really wanted to say that
  6:41pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Wow, hold comments today. Must be a record.
  6:41pm Danne D:

"Fuck You Dick Snatch! The Francine Dreyfus Story"
  6:41pm Grand master Jizz:

Fire ants = fire crotch
Avatar 6:42pm FRANGRY:

hahahaha danne d!
  6:42pm Danne D:

whoa it's like a total fire ant coincidence.
  6:42pm Jordan:

Frangry, I hope pancake never steps on your heart.
  6:42pm stinkbug:

This show is prejudiced against leg amputees.
  6:42pm Ed:

And then I said "dead ant, dead ant..."
  6:42pm Paul:

Is stigmata just when someone miraculously has wounds like Christ's?
  6:42pm bob:

i stepped on the remote control during a tense superbowl and every shouted profanities at me with crazy faces
  6:43pm Danne D:

@Ed bringing the Pink Panther jokes. Excellent.
  6:43pm JessStar:

My mom step on a kitten sadly it died
  6:43pm JessStar:

My mom step on a kitten sadly it died
  6:43pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

"holy comments" I mean
  6:43pm Cris the Waiter:

  6:44pm G:

stigmata just means "wounds" in ancient Greek. it can be those of Christ himself, Christlike ones, or really any wounds
  6:44pm stinkbug:

I once stepped on a banana peel, slipped, and the world laughed.
  6:44pm Dick Snatch:

duty, dooty, dotee
  6:44pm Tommelise:

I stepped into this comment's board, now I cannot get out.
  6:44pm Danne D:

@Listener Dave from Seattle - My personal best is 60 comments (at least that's how many I had the one show I counted)
  6:45pm G:

Old Catholic School Joke:
"Sister Rose sat on a tack. Sister rose."
  6:45pm Caryn:

@Paul: it can also be sores or just a feeling of pain in the places where Jesus supposedly had his wounds. Or rope burns on the wrists. The Greek word can also refer to branding iron marks.
  6:45pm Danne D:

Tommelise's hubby should call in talk about Russian stuff with Andy. (that might have to be an episode where Frangry has the day off though)
  6:45pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Comment comment comment comment comment
  6:45pm janx:

this show has set a new standard in suck
  6:46pm G:

Barbi's next on the line
  6:46pm Kirkland3000:

Stigmata is that awesome song by Ministry lol...they should play that at the end too! ;]
  6:46pm listener mark:

Hi Ken.
  6:46pm Ed:

I once stepped *off* the Stratosphere in Las Vegas.
  6:47pm Paul:

Thanks G and Caryn.
  6:47pm Tommelise:

Stepping on in Spanish means "pisar", which can also mean "mating". ...Poor Pancake. :-(
  6:47pm Pancake:

I love it when Frangry spoons me
  6:47pm Caryn:

@Paul: Stigmata can also be in the form of sweating or crying blood, often after receiving Holy Communion.
  6:47pm Jordan:

What sound did Pancake make when you stepped on him?
  6:47pm G:

Expect a Ken Car Crash theme show Weds at 9
  6:47pm Cris the Waiter:

I wonder if anyone has slipped on a banana peel?
  6:48pm Wondering:

Caryn's feisty. I like that.
  6:48pm Pancake:

I'm all by myself in this big apartment and I hear bad people walking around
  6:48pm Danne D:

@Frangry - here's a good topic for a future week - describe your weirdest high school teacher
  6:48pm listener mark:

Ken has a circle of people? A drum circle?
  6:49pm Pancake:

mommy please come home
  6:49pm G:

...and then he went postal
  6:49pm glenn:

i have stepped on a banana peel. they are very slippery.
  6:49pm Caryn:

Why, thankee, Wondering.
  6:50pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I was with a friend riding motorcycles in the California desert some years ago. My foot was kind of bruised from tromping on the kick start lever. I saw a tortoise, but I didn't step on it.
  6:51pm Pancake:

mommy, i'm cold and need water, please hurry!
  6:51pm Randy Bachmann:

These Bachmann Eyes, are cryin'
  6:51pm Paul:

Bachman is crosseyed? I like how English people call it boss-eyed.
  6:51pm listener mark:

This show is the "Jan Brady" of all the SUW radio programmes.
  6:52pm juddy:

  6:52pm Tommelise:

Wasp are vicious!
  6:52pm lippy:

Bachman \Turner Overdrive
Avatar 6:52pm FRANGRY:

no im worth it. i quit.
  6:53pm Michele Fan:

Where's my boricua mami at?
  6:53pm Listeners:

  6:53pm Caryn:

The wasp attack in "The Shining" freaked me out when I was a kid.
  6:54pm Cris the Waiter:

I can't even call in for this. I've got nothin'.
  6:54pm Tommelise:

I'm sorry guys, but tonight's show is terrible. :-( I'm going out. The outside world may be more entertaining.
  6:54pm Pancake:

mommy, my tummy hurts and I'm feeling woozy
  6:55pm Listeners:

Listeners not calling when they got nuthin would be progress...
  6:55pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Needs more beer
  6:55pm listener mark:

"Jan Brady" because it's not the cutest like Cindy or the prettiest like Marsha. Just something to fill the time slot.
  6:55pm Pancake:

my water bowl is empty
  6:56pm Jordan:

I stepped on a girls heart at 16 @ it still bothers me 18 years later.
  6:56pm Kirkland3000:

I stepped on your moms face
  6:56pm Caryn:

I stepped on my sister-in-law's wedding dress while dancing with her and tore all the ligaments in my ankle. I can never wear high heels again.
  6:56pm Danne D:

G'night Tommelise :(

:( to no more "I'm Worth It" :(
  6:57pm Wondering:

No high heels? Damn.
  6:57pm Danne D:

Andy hangs out with Rex Ryan
  6:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

When I was a kid, my dad would toss out a cigarette butt and I'd step on it with my stilts, much to his amusement. I miss my dad.
  6:57pm Tyler Perry's Name:

this show doesn't even get to rate being the worst. nothing about it stands out. an average show.
  6:57pm G:

Wondering's crush is evaporating LMAO
  6:58pm Danne D:

Hmmm, in honor of Andy should the show change its name to Shut Up Weird Toe?
  6:58pm Caryn:

Doesn't Andy have that toe fetish? He's like Kevin Spacey in "Wiseguy", going "the toes knows" and injecting drugs between his toes in his spare time.
@Wondering: well, I can wear them if I keep my feet up. Can't walk or dance in them, though.
  6:58pm Wondering:

Not at all.
  6:59pm Paul:

Why did you quit I'm Worth It?
  6:59pm let's...:

...end it here.
Avatar 6:59pm FRANGRY:

Avatar 6:59pm FRANGRY:

i hated it.
  6:59pm Danne D:

Goodnight Weirdos :)
Goodnight Andy :)
Goodnight Frangry :) <333
  7:00pm Geezus:

Duh, she wasn't worth it.
  7:00pm dan in falls church VA:

I was in Santa Barbara and I left my shoes out on the patio and after putting them on I felt something moving--squirming!--in my right shoe. I took it off and there was a lizard in it. I had already put some of my weight on that foot, so he was clearly injured. He kind of limped/slithered away. I don't think his prognosis was very good. I was very upset because I like lizards! I used to keep them as pets when I was a kid. It's still upsetting to think about. That's why I'm posting this tale as a comment rather than calling it in; I don't feel that I can count on Andy and Frangry to be sensitive to the emotional content this anecdote holds for me. :( :( :(
  7:00pm G:

end "it"
  7:01pm Danne D:

awwwwww :( that's a sad story dan - poor lizard
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