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You see a blanket on the ground. It's your favorite color, smooth and soft. You can sit on it, or lie on it. It's a flying blanket, and you are the pilot. You are in control. You can fly anywhere you wish, just by thinking about it. You are the pilot.

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Options January 9, 2012: Their only mistake

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Artist Track Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Brian Eno  The True Wheel   Options Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)  Astralwerks    0:00:00 ()
Matthew Burnett  Think It Over   Options Title of Tape: Little Plastic Box #5  Wuwa    0:04:25 ()
The Fibonaccis  Looking for Eddie   Options V/A: Film Noir American Style  Tapes and Ding Dong    0:09:13 ()
Blackhouse  Stairway to Heaven (Deluxe Dub Mix)   Options Blackhouse  Blackhouse Music    0:13:59 ()
Andrew Paine & Richard Youngs  The Horizon Project   Options The Horizon Project  La Station Radar    0:20:38 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
Silverwater   Options Silverwater  ReR Megacorp    0:35:31 ()
Psychic Ills  Ring Finger   Options Hazed Mind  Sacred Bones    0:42:31 ()
Nâ Hawa Doumbia  Kungo Sogoni   Options La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol. 3  Awesome Tapes From Africa    0:47:17 ()
Dombrowski  Synthesis   Options Synthesis  Dombrowski  http://www.printedmatter.org/catalogue/moreinfo.cfm?title_id=3537  0:53:18 ()
Jim Bowie  Dos Locos Hermanos Americanos   Options Banjoman  Music of the World    1:04:53 ()
Little Orphan Annie  Maybe   Options OST Annie  Columbia    1:09:27 ()
Albert Ayler  Angels   Options Spirits Rejoice  ESP-Disk'    1:12:03 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
Silverwater   Options Silverwater  ReR Megacorp    1:16:23 ()
The Necks  Rum Jungle   Options Mindset  ReR Megacorp    1:28:12 ()
Big City Orchestra  Victor and Victim   Options Planet of Giants  Peuleschille Tapes  Photobucket

Big City Orchestra website: here
1:49:40 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
Silverwater   Options Silverwater  ReR Megacorp    2:08:31 ()
The Azusa Plane  Hi, How Are You   Options Resonating Subleties  Shrimper    2:15:31 ()
Andy Stott  Passed Me By   Options Passed Me By/We Stay Together  Modern-Love    2:17:41 ()
Sissy Spacek  The Drummer   Options Rip  Gilgongo    2:24:40 ()
Larkin Grimm  Without A Body or a Numb and Useless Mind   Options Soul Retrieval  Bad Bitch    2:26:47 ()
Wizz Jones  See How The Time Is Flying/St. James Infirmary   Options Huldenberg Blues  Sunbeam    2:31:03 ()
Red Krayola  Hurricane Fighter Plane   Options V/A: Epitaph for a Legend  Sunspots    2:37:05 ()
Helios Creed  Galactic Center   Options Galactic Octopi  Transparency    2:41:01 ()
Elks  Destined for the Sun   Options Destined for the Sun  Tee Pee    2:46:46 ()
Music behind DJ:
The Necks 
Silverwater   Options Silverwater  ReR Megacorp    2:52:56 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 1/9/12 9:06pm sonar:

hi dad
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:07pm Dan B:

Hey Sonar! Hugs to all of youse guys
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:08pm 12539:

I wish my dad was this cool.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:08pm Marmalade Kitty:

evening Dan!
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:09pm Dan B:

I can be everyone's dad if you all want. Hi MK!
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:09pm other david:

bloody eternity since I last tuned in live to Mr. Bodah - howdy!
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:10pm Dan B:

Ah, there you are Other David! Good on ya.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:11pm sonar:

nice little music there
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:11pm Richard from Venezuela:

Good evening Dan and all the listeners.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:13pm Dan B:

Sonar, yeah, this is cool isn't it? Richard, welcome!
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:14pm sonar:

Hey!Where's my thank you?
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:15pm Dan B:

@Sonar, hey, thanks kiddo!
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:15pm Sonar:

just uppercase
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:17pm sonar:

not tnymore
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:18pm sonar:

  Mon. 1/9/12 9:21pm sonar:

  Mon. 1/9/12 9:22pm Dan B:

@Sonar, I see you go back and forth about whether or not to use a capital S in your name. I used to spell my name "dann" when I was in 8th grade because I thought it made me more "unique."
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:22pm PB:

Good evening DB, very interesting set (as usual).
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:24pm sonar:

Dan,no capital"Dann"!
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:26pm sonar:

come on
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:27pm Dan B:

@PB, welcome to this evening's Event. @Sonar, it's true -- dann with NO CAPITAL D and two ns! Wasn't that weird?
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:28pm emmagineering:

Ooooh nice! about time there was some new r youngs. Can't get enough of his/that camp of music
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:29pm Dan B:

@emmagineering - it's a little 3" CD and his son Edward also plays on it along with Richard and Andrew.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:30pm sonar:

sonar eyes see a missing ap'ostraphe!
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:32pm sonar:

whatever it doesn't really matter
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:32pm sonar:

  Mon. 1/9/12 9:33pm Dan B:

@Sonar - you mean ap'ostrOphe? Should it be between the n and s in ns?
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:33pm Dan B:

@Sonar, g'nite, see you in the A.M!
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:34pm sonar:

  Mon. 1/9/12 9:34pm sonar:

  Mon. 1/9/12 9:35pm Detroit:

just tuned in 10 minutes ago. This is great.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:35pm sonar:

  Mon. 1/9/12 9:36pm Kushy:

We control sonar's horizontal, we control sonar's vertical
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:38pm emmagineering:

Hehehe sooo kewl to include the young uns in the recording project!
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:38pm Marmalade Kitty:

Is that Destroit? :)
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:39pm Patrick:

BASF tapes.... craptastic, used to get 10 of them at kmart for a couple of bux
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:41pm George of Troy:

Cheap cassettes in plastic bags- Dan, you might be thinking of Recoton?
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:42pm Detroit:

Here Kitty Kitty!
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:44pm Detroit:

How ya feelin' tonight Dan? Are you finally at 100%? Or are we going to hear the game show again?
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:46pm Dan B:

@Detroit - finally kicked that damn sinus infection! Then I promptly had a gout attack - but that's not audible on the radio, thank God.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:46pm PB:

I absolutely love trippy music like this.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:49pm T-Zero:

Happy to note the sinus monster has finally been chased off, Dan.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:49pm Marmalade Kitty:

not sure whether to bin my cassettes.. just dusty old relics and memories sitting in shoe boxes.. never the heart to get rid of 'em!
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:49pm Detroit:

Phuck. Gout won't induce the super loud game show voice. Just kidding, well, I just keep listening in 2012 and hope you get better. Damn.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:50pm damien:

Greetings from Troy, New York. And a Happy Full Moon!
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:52pm T-Zero:

@DanB and MK: I still have a medium-sized moving box in the closet full of cassettes from the 80's. I still play them now and then.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:52pm Tom Miller:

I've always loved the Fibonaccis, they were out of Vancouver I think. Look for thei track "Sergio Leone."
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:52pm PB:

@MK, I have some LPs that my parents bought me for my 7th birthday in 1964 (mono copies of A Hard Day's Night and Twist & Shout). I will never, ever part with those. Don't throw those old cassettes out, you'll probably regret it some day.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:52pm Dan B:

@damien, heya - didn't know it was full tonight. That explains all these whiskers. @MK, yeah, I keep winnowing them down, but there's a core pile I cannot part with. @Detroit, gout is the new black, it's COOL. @T-Z, thanks brother.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:54pm Tom Miller:

@MK, don't get rid of those cassettes! Future media archaeologists will thank you.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:54pm 12539:

I have cassettes of wfmu fragments from the late 80's, but no working player.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:55pm Dan B:

@12539, we collect old WFMU air checks around here. If you ever digitize any of them, let me know!
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:57pm Tom Miller:

BASF cassettes were terrible, but the company did invent magnetic recording tape as part of the Nazi war effort. So there's that.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:57pm 12539:

I probably should have them digitized before they disintegrate.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:58pm emmagineering:

bagpipe music that I actually like. Oh, and I had marmalade on my pancakes yesterday.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:58pm Detroit:

I pitched all my cassettes. Really glad you folks are around.
  Mon. 1/9/12 9:59pm Detroit:

I don't know if I've heard much bagpipe music that I didn't like, actually.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:00pm Dan B:

I wish I had a dedicated radio station library for all my old cassettes...oh hey, wait a minute! Maybe WFMU wants them! (But probably not if they're old X, Neil Young, and Michael Jackson tapes. WFMU's library is a little more eclectic than that and full of stuff that's not available on LP or CD.)
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:01pm Dan B:

I was wondering if this bagpipe would drive people away, or just out of their minds
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:02pm T-Zero:

... Rufus Harley... need I say more?
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:02pm 12539:

Bagpipes are a magnet for the Airborne Demographic.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:04pm Dan B:

Oh good, out of your minds it is then!
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:04pm Marmalade Kitty:

I love my old John Peel show/session tapes.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:06pm Destroit:

well, count me in as a bagpipe fan. Great background music, which, no offense, is a decent chunk of my radio listening. For instance, I'm watching the NCAA fb right now with you, so bagpipes are perfect. Powerful instrument when I'm in critical listening mode too (headphones, speaker freaking, long drives, etc.)
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:10pm Ike:

OH SHIT, what the fuck is this?!?!?!? Jesus CHRIST, Bodah!
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:10pm 12539:

Okay, dann, I won't turn this off, but I may fiddle with the volume a little.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:12pm remax:

damn, this or the banjo needs to go
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:12pm Little Snarky Annie:

The whines will come out
In comments, in comments, in comments, in comments
They're only a Send away!
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:12pm Destroit:

He's just getting ready for phase 2!
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:13pm Richard from Venezuela:

Gaelica from Venezuela make good bagpipe music.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:13pm Dan B:

OK, it's safe again you intolerant gits. This is Albert Ayler. Now tell me, is he playing that tune from Annie?
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:14pm Ike:

I don't think I've EVER been so relieved to hear Albert Ayler in my entire life.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:15pm Richard from Venezuela:

  Mon. 1/9/12 10:15pm Little Snarky Annie:

@Ike: We get it, we get it, sheesh.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:16pm Destroit:

Wow Ike! If you feel this strongly about Annie, I'd hate to see your rant on Tim Conway! :)
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:16pm PB:

Guys like Albert Ayler and Ornette Coleman were always way beyond me, although I have always liked Thelonius Monk.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:17pm mark:

Watch Annie on Netflix with the all new Albert Ayler soundtrack: http://goo.gl/4YNJS
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:23pm Destroit:

No, the Nords pacified their opponents, then raped and killed em. Sad, but true.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:29pm Destroit:

  Mon. 1/9/12 10:31pm Richard from Venezuela:

Free jazz. Awesome. Lately i become a fan of Paal Nilssen-love music work. Superb drummer.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:32pm Richard from Venezuela:

Universal scrobbler is down. Crap.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:38pm Dan B:

Which part of tonight's show was the heartfelt but possibly untrue story? Or is that part yet to come?
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:40pm Destroit:

That's you call dad. Not mine.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:42pm remax:

this mahjong much more exciting!!
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:42pm remax:

this makes mahjong..
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:45pm Dan B:

OK reload the playlist page now to see the nice cassette skull
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:49pm other david:

Alas, poor Mötley
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:50pm Dan B:

@Other David, did you know him, Horatio?
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:51pm other david:

a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy!
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:52pm remax:

its like huffing gas
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:54pm remax:

which i looooove
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:54pm Dan B:

@remax, definitely no easing up in this one. I love those dulcet tones in the background though.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:55pm oskar (from Bs.As.):

  Mon. 1/9/12 10:56pm PB:

Is this the new Janet Jackson release?
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:56pm remax:

dan b, i dig it for sure
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:57pm Destroit:

I like this track.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:57pm Dan B:

@PB, it will be when I get through with it. (Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week!) But seriously, have you ever wondered why an obscure San Fran band's 1987 cassette-only release sounds like the new 2012 Janet Jackson wonderhit?
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:58pm PB:

Progress DB, progress.
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:59pm remax:

progressive new jack is on tha way
  Mon. 1/9/12 10:59pm Dan B:

As always, Michael J. Fox knew before any of the rest of us -- we have to go backwards to find the hit music of tomorrow.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:00pm Dan B:

Oh man, is that *auto-tune* on those screams?! That is *so 2010*!!
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:01pm Destroit:

Fox would have had more 'wobble'. Zing.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:02pm other david:

This is all kinds of awesome
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:06pm PB:

Cassettes did have a limited duration back in the day, didn't they?
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:06pm Destroit:

I can really see how this was 1987.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:07pm Destroit:

That foghorn is fantastic.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:09pm Ike:

Do you mean lifespan, @PB? I've never worn any of my cassettes out, but I don't think I ever played any more than 50-75 times or usually much less. Also, I used good blanks like Maxell and Fuji. Never the big plastic bags of blanks (!). I still have cassettes from 1990 that I play on my car's cassette deck.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:09pm 1987 Marty McFly:

[addressing the shocked expressions at the dance after playing a drum and drone set of 45 minutes]

I guess you guys aren't ready for that, yet. But your kids are gonna love it.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:10pm PB:

@Ike, I meant like 35 minutes per side or something. I was hinting that DB needed to pull the plug on that last "musical" track.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:11pm 1987:

Well duh, we use different drugs from 2012
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:13pm Ike:

Max. 50-55 min. per side for reliable cassettes. 60 min. for thinner tape -- my father always warned me away from those, saying they'd tangle in the tape heads more easily.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:17pm remax:

got any behead the prophet, DB?
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:20pm Kat in Chicago:

Ooh, Andy Stott.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:24pm Dan B:

@remax, sorry no behead the prophet that I am aware of. @PB, all good things must come to an end, but not right away! I like what Fela said about how after 7 minutes, he was just getting ready to start singing and he couldn't understand how anyone would want him to end the song then! @Kat, hello to Chitown. I will be getting to know it in the next couple of years - my brother in law just got a job teaching out there.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:27pm Destroit:

Andy Stott is quality pushin'
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:27pm remax:

no worries, I just have a thing for toothless violinists in their sixties crunching out spazzcore
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:28pm remax:

but this'll do!!
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:29pm Destroit:

Sissy! Sissy! Where are uuuuuu!!!!
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:29pm Kat in Chicago:

Hi Dan! I started adding "Chicago" here because there's another Kat on the comments boards now. I've not a native Chicagoan but have been here for many years (excluding the brief NYC sojourn during which I discovered the wonders of WFMU). It's a good place to live most of the year...
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:30pm Lake Michigan Wind:

*most* of the year...
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:37pm Dan B:

Heh. Oh Chicago. Didn't Neil Young have a song where the whole chorus consisted of the word "Chicago" stretched out over 30 seconds?
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:39pm Kat in Chicago:

There are wide gaps in my Neil Young knowledge... missed that one.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:39pm T-Zero:

@DanB: Don't think I've ever heard Wizz Jones before. Glad you played that.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:40pm Tom Miller:

God bless the Red Krayola and all who sail with it.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:43pm Destroit:

Hello Kat. Thanks Dan for a great show, have to turn out the lights now. The Ole 9-5 is callin'...
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:43pm Dan B:

@Tom, indeed my friend. Never heard that one before. @T-Zero, that was from a live concert from 2006 -- his voice is showing his age, but check out his 70s recordings. Amazing voice and unparalleled guitar work. @Kat, I think I made up that NY song.
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:49pm Destroit:

Goddammit, are you cassette rockin and keeping me awake?!
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:52pm Dan B:

It's OK Destroit, I have to be at work at 9 AM too. :-)
  Mon. 1/9/12 11:55pm other david:

Excellent show as always Dan, thank you sir!
  Tue. 1/10/12 12:00am 12539:

Thanks, Dan.
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