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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options November 14, 2011

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Pheeroan ak Laff  Michelle de L'america de Sud Avez-vous la traduction? Non, L'amour est la Traduction   Options House of Spirit: Mirth      0:00:00 ()
Alain Bashung  Lavabo   Options Play Blessures      0:04:32 ()
Buffalo Bangers  Blockader   Options 7"      0:07:48 ()
Brian Eno  The True Wheel   Options Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)      0:10:58 ()
Maestros & Dipsos  Inertia   Options Unreleased, Australia 1984      0:16:18 ()
Rubella Ballet  Every Second Counts   Options Never Mind the Day-Glo Here's the Rubella Ballet      0:18:54 ()
Orchestra Peter Thomas  Umpta-Lady   Options Orion 2000      0:23:28 ()
Unknown  The Man   Options V/a, Cosmic Melody (1987)      0:25:45 ()
Prince Rama  Rest In Peace   Options Trust Now      0:30:57 ()
The Everly Brothers  I Wonder If I Care As Much (version 2)   Options Roots      0:37:10 ()
The Howling Hex  Play This When You Feel Low   Options Wilson Semiconductors      0:47:46 ()
Final Solution  Point Of View   Options V/a, Never Trash A Pretty Face      0:54:52 ()
Human Switchboard  Where The Light Breaks   Options Who's Landing in My Hangar? Anthology 1977-1984      0:58:24 ()
The Troopers  Love you   Options V/a, The Class of '81 (Music for the Upper Classes to Do Something To)      1:02:13 ()
Bebe Buell  My Little Red Book   Options V/a, Cover Girls    my 2007 WFMU Marathon premium  1:05:58 ()
Vita Noctis  Pitch-Dark   Options Against the Rule      1:08:20 ()
Cicciolina Holocaust  Zigomar   Options Albeit Albeit / Sibelius Spiders  1984  split w/ Sermonizer; Italy  1:12:14 ()
Jamka  Dimex Flex   Options Pari Passu      1:18:30 ()
David Lynch  So Glad   Options Crazy Clown Time      1:24:07 ()
Buraka Som Sistema  Vem Curtir (feat. Stereotyp)   Options Komba      1:39:54 ()
DK  ??   Ten Youth album      1:41:59 ()
U.S. Girls  The Island Song   Options On Kraak      1:45:12 ()
Sleep Chamber  Victmm (sex mix)   Options V/a, Sex & Bestiality      1:49:21 ()
Gary Wilson  My Eyes Are Closed   Options Feel The Beat      1:54:06 ()
Brian Joseph Davis  Yesterduh   Options V/a, New Traditions in Unrehearsed Acappella Speaking Choirs: Miniature Minotaur's 2011 Premium      1:57:41 ()
The Conduits  Free and Bound   Options Repetition Is The Sincerest Form of Repetition      2:01:19 ()
Maschine No. 9  Maschine No. 9 (Part 2) (exc)   Options Headmovie      2:07:23 ()
Morly Grey  Peace Officer   Options The Only Truth  1971    2:14:32 ()
The Donnas  Rock 'n' Roll Machine   Options 7"      2:20:15 ()
Ridiculous Trio  No Fun   Options 7"      2:23:05 ()
neskoóhAt  Watch the Skies   Options (from) the sky 7"      2:32:05 ()
Köhn  Armon Dates ptrn (exc)   Options Random Patterns      2:35:16 ()
Tom Cameron  Zoot   Options Music To Wash Dishes By      2:40:49 ()
Bronze  Showdown of Sorts   Options Copper      2:44:30 ()
Rangers  Sacred Cows   Options Pan Am Stories      2:48:48 ()
J. Geils Band  Centerfold backwards   Options       2:53:52 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 11/14/11 3:03pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

hello SCOTT
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that title is too long and too not-English
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:07pm hubba:

Hey Scott, DCE, et al... I've gotta snag a veggie-B, and then i'm coming back for das tunes...
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:08pm Cecile:

good afternoon, Scott! Do you have any Milton Cardona floating around there?
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:08pm Looms:

Hey! Nice to hear Alain Bashung on FMU.
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:13pm Cheri Pi:

Hey, I'm hearing lots of band names in this song, is it a game?
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:14pm Looms:

Dan Bodah is already on?!
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:15pm slugluv1313:

ah! THE TRUE WHEEL!!!!!!!! having a really crappy day, THANK YOU SCOTT for making things all BETTER!!!!!!!!!
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:15pm Craig.:

@Looms - beat me to the snark.

Great song anyway. Now I know I'll hear it at least twice today.
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:16pm Cheri Pi:

A certain Ratio!
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:16pm slugluv1313:

@ Looms and Craig -- DITTO!
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:17pm Scott W:

Alloo allayou! Yeah, Bodahtime - it's OK, you'll get to hear it twice today! I listened to it about 9 times over the weekend
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:23pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Scott Williams! On your radio this afternoon! And forever!
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:27pm hubba:

back... great sounds (great)
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:28pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I love the Peter Thomas Orchestra. So great! So goofy!
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:31pm Alex:

Max Berlin!
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:31pm Ari:

anyone know who this Unknown band is? or is it just a band unknown...
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:32pm Ari:

whups just saw it to the right! awesome track scott!
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:40pm Cecile:

wow, who produced this Rama track? It's a really good sound - almost poppy.
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ach, missed Prince Rama because of some yammering boob...
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:42pm m:

thanks scott, loved this song ever since i heard it on your pink noise vol. 2 premium :)
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:51pm Scott W:

thanks m! yah, hurray for that version, godddd! Cecile, it was recorded by Scott Colburn (SCG associate?? maybe?) and mixed by he w/ Julian Martlew
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:52pm Cecile:

that had such a snap to it. It really caught my attention, and I'm not the hugest Rama fan.
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:54pm hubba:

scott colburn did some of the animal collective stuff... he's did some of those SCG carnival folklore recordings, as well as climax golden twins stuff...

cheers new haggerty fun!
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:55pm jnot:

this is awesome laundry folding music
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:56pm Cecile:

It keeps their personality, but kind of tightens up the loose ends. Nice.
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:56pm Scott W:

thanks hubba! yeah, this nm hagerty waltz bizniss is pretty weird
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, I would not have guessed Howling Hex as the authors of this song.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:00pm wild neil:

Hello all! Scott! yourock! yourock!
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:04pm still b/p:

Missed True Wheel. Rats. Had interesting talk with a 15 yr. old recently who said he was "getting into" Eno's stuff from the 70s and had Taking Tiger Mountain and others on vinyl. Reported later that after our conversation he listened to it in full again that night.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:06pm wild neil:

This absolutely rocks so much I feel like I am going to explode with happiness. Thank you.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:07pm Cecile:

I think about that, and that's like me listening to my grandpa's 78s when I was 15. What a change. Well, Eno is a good place to start!
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:07pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I love the subtitle of this The Class of '81 comp. *chortle* Must check it out, on the merits of this song alone.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:10pm dc pat:

I could really go for Nic Fit by Untouchables about now...
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:11pm Chris from DC:

Now that I haven't heard in a long time, Pat.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:12pm glenn:

hmmm. bebe buell is nowhere near as crappy as i thought she would be. sorry, bebe.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:12pm dc pat:

I hear it often in my head...
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:16pm still b/p:

Bebe lives 'round here, and so every so often her role and story gits recounted agin in local print.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:19pm Cecile:

Cicciolina? Wasn't she that porn model who ran for Parliament in Italy, and was married to artist Jeff Koons for awhile?
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:20pm glenn:

yep. i think she was elected, if memory serves.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:20pm Ruby:

Vita Noctis sounds alright! Nicely crafted show, man.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:20pm hubba:

@ Cecile - must be... work's safe search won't let me investigate.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:21pm wild neil:

Sounds like....My Life in the Bush of Ghosts on valium in an aircraft hanger....at midnight in New Mexico ....
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:23pm hubba:

I remeber this one kid in art history class got in trouble for having a Koon's book... joke was on the instructor who didn't realize Jeff Koons was an artist... kid still got in trouble.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:23pm still b/p:

A young former porn star read to students in an elementary school the other day in Compton. Some parents no like.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:24pm glenn:

really? i'm shocked, shocked, i say.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:26pm wild neil:

Koons art is very explicit and shows penetration....
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:27pm still b/p:

Green Eggs and Slam...? No, no, no ..sorry...I didn't say that...
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:27pm hubba:

yeah, sasha gray... she's a hometown hero! she was in a movie about escorts, The Girlfriend Experience... by soderberg?
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:28pm Cecile:

Sasha Grey believes in literacy. She's a super-smart lady. Makes interesting music as well, and is a serious film fan.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:28pm glenn:

ahh. sasha grey. that explains it.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:29pm tony:

This Lynch tune is my new anthem
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:30pm hubba:

This sounds like Wayne Coyne... but, is this David singing? Spoonfed Hybrid "Lynched"
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:31pm Wendy del Formaggio:

There's a strange misconception out there that sex worker = stupid. Not always! Take a gander at $pread Magazine and change your mind. http://www.spreadmagazine.org/
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:32pm hubba:

In the context of his role in Twin Peaks as the hard-of-hearing veteran agent... swearing seems odd.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:35pm slugluv1313:

omg -- Bebe Buell lives in Jersey City??!!
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:38pm Cecile:

Wendy, I think many sex workers are smart people. What surprises me about Sasha is her very rarified taste.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:40pm Cecile:

Not a lot of entertainers, much less adult ones, count a Werner Herzog movie as one of their favorites.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:40pm djD:

Something weird about saying "sex worker" and "taste" in the same sentence.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:41pm glenn:

it wasn't actually the same sentence.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:42pm Cecile:

Yeah, djD. I think Jenna Jameson - to have and keep her fortune - is sharp. But I don't see her sitting down and watching Fitzcarraldo any time soon.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:43pm hubba:

i think there is an awareness of choice made to enter that field, yet some people are more less sure of the "why" they enter the field. Sasha Grey is a bit more priveleged than someone who does it because they are being forced, say through physical coersion.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:43pm djD:

ok I stand corrected I should have said, "something strange about a sex worker having rarified taste...
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:44pm slugluv1313:

a number of people who are in the adult entertainment field/"sex industry"/etc. are also huge animal rights advocates -- they do animal rescue, promote vegan lifestyles, etc. etc. etc.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:44pm listener james from westwood:

some sex workers are huge geeks, too. the D&D With Pornstars blog has game reports of 3 or 4 adult actresses (incl. grey on one occasion) who are as involved as my 12-year-old self was in a running dungeons & dragons campaign. dice, miniatures, character sheets, the works.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:45pm djD:

really?! they don't eat meat? that's hard to swallow!
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:46pm glenn:

well. i was briefly and mercifully married to a stripper ex hooker. no doubt she was as smart as they come, but the inner demons were just too much to deal with.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:47pm slugluv1313:

@ hubba -- DEFINITELY TRUE! huge difference between those who make the educated, conscious CHOICE to go into this type of work, as opposed to those who are coerced, trafficked, or just plain have to pay the bills and have not been able to find any other type of work!
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:47pm Cecile:

it's like any job. you'll get lots of people doing it for as many different reasons.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:47pm hubba:

I think parents should be a bit apprehnsive to let Sasha Grey teach their children about literacy. Last I checked, the sex worker industry is relatively unequal. I think Sasha Grey, and other people in her position, are a minority in the field. I'd like to think that it is a viable avenue for some, a necessity of reality, but it is not regulated, so tehre are no rights for the workers. But, even if there was rights for the workers, would it mean equality, or would if further perpetuate sexual abuse?
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:49pm slugluv1313:

@ djD -- HAW HAW!!! *somewhere* i read this funny online "debate" about being vegan and consuming um, certain human animal "by-products" :)
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:49pm Cecile:

I think the kids don't give a crap. She went there as just another volunteer. It wasn't career day.

If i were a kid, I'd be like "this pretty lady came to read to us. She was nice."
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:50pm Cecile:

Now if it was middle school or older kids, and career day, I'd completely agree with you, hubba.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:52pm hubba:

I think kids are bit more aware than one realizes. what they do with those experiences, especially as they are defined in the home, exists an will amnifest in ways unconsciouss. So, yes, kids are quite impervious to labeling and the like, but it is the process of paretns defining the expereince is what is used. How, who knows.
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:54pm BSI:

HA! Sleep Chamber!
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:56pm BSI:

Now gotta go dig out my ancient Coup de Grace & Women of the SS cassettes and frighten the spouse & dog for a while...
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:56pm ?:

A new SC album is on the way (just saying)
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:57pm Wendy del Formaggio:

But hubba, in all fairness, which professions enjoy equality, whether it be gender, racial or along socio-economic (read: class) lines? For many women (esp of color), gay men and transgendered people, sex work of all types -- escorts, prosties, film actors, Pro-Dom/mes, phone sex workers, strippers, et al -- is the one arena where the income is good, if you do it right you get a great deal of autonomy, and you NEVER have to worry about losing your job because of a lack of customers. It is literally a life-line for many people. Sure, there are inequal situations, but they exist everywhere else, too!
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:57pm slugluv1313:

@ Cecile, yes, i have a feeling you are right -- my guess is that the kids were not really told *explicitly* about Ms. Grey's claim-to-fame
and yes, i agree with you about the middle/high school kids and career day . . .
but this opens up a whole 'nother debate -- adults have all these *issues* and *concerns* about kids seeing explicit sexual material -- but how many REALLY young kids are exposed to explicitly VIOLENT material (such as people killing each other in full bloody color and detail on TV) before they are even in pre-school???
  Mon. 11/14/11 4:58pm forked tongue:

Uh, how was that not a song about the joys of rape?
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:00pm Cecile:

ah, whatever.
Sasha should just rescue abandoned dogs if she gets grief about her literacy efforts. Dogs and cats just don't care as long as you feed them.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:01pm Scott W:

Oh boy, forked tongue, you didn't catch what a clown that guy sounded like?
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:01pm slugluv1313:

speaking of *flashbacks* . . . got any Master/Slave Relationship in your goody-bag, Mr. Scott Williams?
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:01pm forked tongue:

I HATE clowns.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:02pm slugluv1313:

@ Cecile -- YES, non-human animals do not JUDGE! :)
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:05pm Ruby:

unrehearsed accappella speaking choirs make us happy!
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:05pm don:

  Mon. 11/14/11 5:05pm a bichon friese:

Print is dead.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:06pm glenn:

i'm pretty sure my cats are judging me every waking second of the day.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:06pm hubba:

@Wendy, I agree with you. But the field is defined by men, regardless of sexuality. This is a debate about what will exact greater change. i think Sasha represents a possibility, but I still think that possibility is tenuous. Where does the choice get seperated from the system in which the choice is possible? How much work do the parents have to do in this negotiation?

She didn't do anything wrong. I've got no problem with her educating my children. The stuff I put my kids through... this situation would be the last of my concern. I'm just arguing. sorry.

I prefer children over elephants... they forget.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:09pm feline-by-line:

I can haz roman a klef boox.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:09pm BSI:

Teehee, Slugluv1313: That's another one: M/SR. Haven't heard any of that Inner-X / The Other Sound material in a pig's age. Funny stuff.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:09pm glenn:

maybe the question should be - why does the school board need volunteers to read to the kids? why don't they receive enough funding to pay a librarian or somebody?
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:10pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Hubba, you're right about the "being defined by men" part. They are almost always the customers, and in the end, set the rules. For some sex workers, it's still a better situation, but no, it's far from ideal. You're right: how much choice does one really have in the present system? Oy, the politics of oppression. We could go on for HOURS, my friend.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:15pm Cecile:

glenn, school funding is ridiculously low in many districts. Also, even if the schools are well-funded, they are trying to get more community buy-in, and that might include getting volunteers to read.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:15pm still b/p:

Saw a story recently about a disabled man who went for paid sex gratification in Amsterdam, because opportunities are otherwise unlikely for him. Opponents of prostitution said he was still contributing to a system that exploits/commodifies women and gives them no power, just lower object status, so he gets no dispensation from their ethical perpsective.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:22pm Wendy del Formaggio:

still b/p, that's a good point that sex-negative people often forget: for some men who, for whatever reason, can't or won't find willing partners for either basic vanilla sex or something more "unusual," sex workers provide a valuable service, and they get paid handsomely to do it. Sure, there's a valid argument about the commodification of women, etc., but people still have human needs, and some people find empowerment by participating in sex work. It's a multi-faceted argument, and one that merits more serious discussion and less infantilization (all women are victims in sex work) and puritanical fear-mongering (they'll kidnap your white girls).
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:27pm Michael:

Chester Brown, a cartoonist, recently wrote an excellent book about his personal experiences with prostitution called "paying for it." Recommended!
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:27pm Looms:

Now that's a cover!
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:27pm glenn:

that works for all the white girls who have kidnapping fantasies.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:28pm glenn:

chester also ran for parliament at the exact same time his book was released. he didn't win.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:29pm Cecile:

Chester used to draw Yummy Fur. That was a dark, dark, dark comic.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:32pm Michael in London:

I didn't know that about parliament, I'll have to do some googling of chester brown. I have read some Yummy Fur...It is quite dark.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:36pm glenn:

admittedly, his losing may have had more to do with the fact that he ran as an independent against the incumbent, who was pretty much wheat in the bin to win the riding.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:40pm Cecile:

well, anyhoo, I'm out of here, have a great rest of your afternoon, all.
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:55pm Sandy in Houston:

Hooray for Scott!
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:56pm Scott W:

Hey you Sandy! Hurray for you
  Mon. 11/14/11 5:58pm Looms:

Don't make us sick, man! ;) See ya!
  Mon. 11/14/11 6:01pm Scottmcdowell:

Loved that last tune before the backwards one. Was that rangers? Awesome! Great show today Scott!
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