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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options October 7, 2011: Strange Discoveries

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  6:04pm Listener zero:

  6:04pm FRANGRY:

  6:04pm abby in france:

a urinal!!
  6:04pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Hello everyone!
  6:04pm Robert in Seattle:

Hej hej!
  6:05pm Danne D:

Hi Andy :) Hi Frangry :) Hi Weirdos! :)

:( I have to do crap for work so I can't really listen tonight :( I'll have to check out the archives. I also probably can't make it to the meet-up as well :(

But I hope you all have a good one! :)
  6:05pm Tommelise:

  6:05pm Sven:

do i get to dance with Andy?
  6:05pm powiva:

  6:05pm jd:

i can't wait for the first show after that meeting
  6:06pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Tell us more about Andy's Meetup pin!!!
  6:06pm Danne D:

Hi/bye TOmmelise :)

Spike should go back to calling Andy and Frangry his pets
  6:06pm G:

Frangry: It's ok to tell Andy he's worth it and his family stuff will be ok. In other words, lying is fine if he needs it right now.
  6:07pm FRANGRY:

pledge $75 to our show and get a calendar!
  6:07pm Deed:

Hi Frangry, Thanks for the T-shirt!
  6:07pm Tommelise:

Will this show be worth hearing?
  6:07pm Every Sane Listener:

Spike is still annoying as hell, even "Pets"-less.
  6:07pm Brass Knuckles:

Whenever I hear this guy I picture someone like Patton Oswalt with a comb over.
  6:08pm I dabble in clown rape...:

When will FRANGRY ask to change the topic?
  6:08pm Robert in Seattle:

I want to be at the meet-up! Can I Skype in?
  6:09pm Every Sane Listener:

Spike should have as a catch-phrase "I'M WALKIN' HEAH!!!!" That fits him.
  6:09pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Good question, ROBERT IN SEATTLE!
  6:09pm slab:

i went to a house one time and there were pictures of the family all over the walls. thought it was really strange. are they shrines? they had pictues of their kids, parents, and such all over the walls and in little frames on top of tv,s and book cases. and I am pretty sure these people in the pictures are still alive!!! so strange.
  6:09pm Danne D:

Have to sign off now :(
But I will say that the visual I have of Spike is akim to Uncle Floyd sidekick Looney Skip Rooney. Not sure I want to lose that.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing discoveries on the archive. Have a good one :)
  6:09pm G:

Jenna, 6:08. Is that a RECORD??
  6:10pm Listener zero:

Jenna badly telling bad stories and Andy trying to reparse them = Radio Cyanide
  6:10pm powiva:

  6:10pm Tommelise:

@ G: It must be a record!
  6:11pm I dabble in clown rape...:

I wonder if the new studio carpet is made of dog hair???

That would explain the horrible smell!!!
  6:11pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Will Andy be dressed "SLUTTY"?
  6:11pm FRANGRY:

pledge $75 to our show and get a calendar!
  6:12pm Prince:

Pubic hair
  6:12pm Tommelise:

Weird thinks in somebody's house, Mrs. Bush's fetus in a jar!
  6:12pm Corn Schnauser:

Big button
  6:12pm Tommelise:

  6:13pm scott:

Has anyone been to Graceland? Elvis wins for weird stuff in his home.
I've never been to Michael Jackson's house though.
  6:14pm Robert in Seattle:

Weird today?
  6:14pm I dabble in clown rape...:


I would like to bring gifts to the MEETUP for you (and Andy, possibly)

What would you like? Do you like Hydrangeas?
  6:14pm Listener zero:

oh GAWD renovation banter!
  6:14pm G:

It's a Home Depot carpet. The Home Depot co-founders were putting up the money for Chris Christie's campaign that he cancelled. Maybe they have special carpeting to poison Obama sympathizers.
  6:14pm G:

Does Frangry need a male or a female receptacle?
  6:15pm Weiner King:

I know I'll be there!!!
  6:15pm FRANGRY:

i like lillies
  6:15pm Sven:

Meetup will be a sausage party apparently.
  6:16pm G:

It should be a weiner roast, Weiner King
  6:18pm I dabble in clown rape...:

I found something soooo weird....

This grown woman in her 30's had a creepy stuffed animal on her bed. It's name is PANCAKE, and she talks to it like it's alive!

So strange!
  6:18pm Tommelise:

I'm trying to remember weird thinks I've encountered in people's house but people's house in Puerto Rico are weird. Specially those saint shrines some folks have on top of their TVs.
  6:18pm Listener zero:

Chris the Waiter did not get to have a good one.
  6:19pm G:

In the 70s, when my family visited a neighbor family at their lakehouse, one of their male kids pulled out his dad's Playboys to show us. And his dad caught him in the act. THAT was fun.
  6:19pm Danne D:

Frangry + Pudding Pop...no comment.

(try to listen and do calls at same time) - fail
  6:20pm scott:

Talking of fathers… I'm still haunted by my parents' DIY porn photos I found under their bed when they were moving house.
Yes, I'm in therapy.
  6:21pm Listener zero:

Sounds like a slut beer.
  6:22pm slab:

how about a live and fat pot belly pig this lady had as a pet inside her home and he slept with her in the bed and walked around interacting like a dog or cat with visitors. laid on the couch and such.
  6:22pm G:

This caller was in The We Blow's? Who knew.
  6:22pm Tor Enabled:

Quality slut beer. A keeper.
  6:22pm Tommelise:

This show is filled with "weirdos" and non of the callers have mentioned something "weirdly- mind blowing."
  6:22pm pgw in mntclr:

i went to an estate sale in scotch plains, and the basement included built-in shuffleboard and... wait for it... a black velvet painting of a viking.
  6:23pm Joe C in Jersey City:

Yo what is the topic?
  6:24pm G:

weird things you saw or found in people's houses
  6:24pm Can't Plug it without your help:

That's what she said
  6:24pm Listener zero:

Frangry, you got a cold?
  6:25pm E Double:

  6:25pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Can we get FRANGRY a Breathalyzer test?

She may be over the legal limit for a chat-show.
  6:25pm Robert in Seattle:

"Andy plug it, because I can't plug it myself"
  6:25pm G:

I'm Worth It's first show was at least as good as this show's most recent episode. Andy's JEALOUS!!!!
  6:25pm Joe C in Jersey City:

Ha ha @ Robert in the Pacific Northwest!
  6:25pm Listener zero:

LOL @ moth ball debate pitch
  6:26pm Tommelise:

Frangry should give advice for someone to make a good call!
  6:26pm G:

@Robert in Seattle: "That's what she said". DUH!!!
  6:26pm I dabble in clown rape...:

I have a MOTHRA problem...

Should I call GODZILLA?
  6:28pm Johnny Muller:

I used to get them from "Nebraska Scientific" it was a biology lab supply magazine
  6:28pm Danne D:

Frangry + Stuffed Animals = hawt
  6:29pm chuck testa:

  6:29pm Listener zero:

Andy, be a gentleman and quietly hand Frangry a tissue.
  6:29pm Joe C in Jersey City:

Frangry you do you girl! Drink if you want!
  6:30pm I dabble in clown rape...:

What kind of stuffed animal should Frangry get for her place?
  6:30pm Joe C in Jersey City:

Towels soaked in Urine.
  6:31pm G:

I call fake.
  6:31pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Rats love black-light - it's a well known fact.
  6:32pm G:

Then a chorus broke into "Let's Do the Time Warp Agan".
  6:32pm Danne D:

yay Tommelise :)
  6:33pm Joe C in Jersey City:

I once found my life's calling in a house.
  6:33pm I dabble in clown rape...:

All the weirdos should pool our money and buy Frangry a stuffed animal.
  6:33pm C#:

The rats in the bathroom with scary towels is terribly common.
  6:34pm Joe C in Jersey City:

Shit, with all the money she making on this show? She should buy US stuffed animals. Pull some Oprah type shnick up in this piece.
  6:34pm G:

@I dabble: Ken took care of that. It's called Andy.
  6:34pm g:

Dead cats go better with red wine anyway.
  6:35pm Jesus:

I went to a house last week and it was crawling with cockroaches
  6:35pm Joe C in Jersey City:

Yeah okay, and I blow dudes on Tonnele Avenue for free too.
  6:36pm I dabble in clown rape...:

How about one of those pickled Great White Sharks???
  6:36pm G:

What's the weirdest thing Andy and Frangry ever found emptying FMU wastebaskets? That could get pretty "out thee".
  6:37pm pgw in mntclr:

it's phrenology
  6:37pm FRANGRY:

pledge $75 to our show and get a calendar!
  6:37pm G:

  6:37pm Joe C in Jersey City:

OH OH OH I have a good one!
  6:37pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Good one, G!!!
  6:37pm Danne D:

Pork Brains have a lot of cholesterol
  6:37pm Jesus:

I went to a house on Wednesday that is owned by an African American couple and they had a massive "Mammie" collection displayed in their living room and kitchen....that was strange
  6:38pm g:

  6:38pm Jesus:

  6:38pm Joe C in Jersey City:

My friend found all his parents' S&M gear. That was pretty effing weird.
  6:38pm Listener zero:

Be careful with eating brain. Beware the prions!
  6:38pm I dabble in clown rape...:

the study of neff...obviously.
  6:38pm G:

nephrology = kidneys.
  6:38pm Robert in Seattle:

That's not so weird, Jesus.
  6:38pm other david:

Oh god - did Home Depot guy spike the carpet?
  6:38pm Johnny Muller:

  6:38pm Joe C in Jersey City:

  6:39pm Listener zero:

  6:39pm pgw in mntclr:

nephrology = the study of Nora Ephron
  6:39pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Any black-light crazed rats in the trash at FMU?
  6:40pm Joe C in Jersey City:

I have personally masterbated on many a paper towel at WFMU. When I volunteered at the last fund drive that's pretty much all I did.
  6:40pm dale:

jesus, why was that odd? a lot of african americans collect negrobilia (this IS what's called).
  6:40pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Any t-shirt giveaways at the MEET-UP???
  6:41pm Listener zero:

It's mastUrbated, Joe C! Geeez!
  6:41pm Robert in Seattle:

That cannot be what it's called!
  6:41pm Listener zero:

Personally, I would go into the free t-shirt room to masturbate.
  6:41pm Robert in Seattle:

  6:42pm I dabble in clown rape...:

How much money did that raise, Joe C in Jersey City?
  6:42pm Joe from Bayonne:

I got your elephant trunk right here!
  6:42pm Joe C in Jersey City:

Not when I do it @zero
  6:42pm I dabble in clown rape...:

I wanna put the U in masturbate!!!
  6:42pm Joe C in Jersey City:

Oh my goodness that's a great idea @Clown Raper
  6:43pm Jesus:

It was such a racist image of African Americans, but I guess I understand
  6:43pm Danne D:

(Note to self - avoid marathon shifts when Joe C is also volunteering)
  6:43pm Danne D:

Andy is way too interested in the home enema kit
  6:43pm G:

@Bost in Seattle:

  6:44pm G:

Bost = Robt
  6:44pm g:

Did Ron Popiel sell The Home Enema Kit?
  6:45pm G:

Andy is interested in home enema kit, scared of toilet plungers. What does that add up to, I wonder.
  6:45pm Deanna:

Lots of people give themselves enemas at home. Wouldn't it be weirder if you had someone else do it for you?
  6:46pm Robert in Seattle:

@G - well, it's in Urban Dictionary so, you know...there you have it!
  6:46pm Joe C in Jersey City:

Damn yo Frangy all slurring and her speech and what not.
  6:47pm Joe C in Jersey City:

Levels are for idiots.
  6:47pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Hoarding crumpled wrapping paper is so CRAZY!

Does SPIKE hoard wrapping paper?
  6:47pm FRANGRY:

  6:48pm G:

That means it has *some* currency. Accept that or not, it's your dime.
  6:48pm Listener zero:

lol @ Andy's rationalizing his sucking at the board. LOVE YOU, ANDY!
  6:48pm Listener zero:

@Joe C She is just speaking through her fingers.
  6:48pm I dabble in clown rape...:

When is Mickey Digits gonna call. I bet he's seen some strange shit.
  6:48pm Joe C in Jersey City:

How you gonna do the meet up in the East Village?
  6:49pm Joe C in Jersey City:

  6:49pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Has FRANGRY been to ANDY'S house???

Any strangeness, FRANGRY?
  6:49pm Robert in Seattle:

G - I accept the currency. BTW, I think I'll start going by Bost from now on. It's like "Boss" and "Best" combined.
  6:50pm Joe C in Jersey City:

Obviously you guys are not sensitive to the needs of your listeners.
  6:50pm Joe C in Jersey City:

This story cannot be true.
  6:50pm Danne D:

Now we've reached the bottom of the barrel...
  6:51pm Robert in Seattle:

I'm The Bost.
  6:51pm Joe C in Jersey City:

A penis popped out of a suit of armor? WTF? (I haven't been really listening.)
  6:51pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Pop goes the weasel!!!
  6:51pm m:

That barrel thing is a typical pacific island souveneir
  6:51pm Tommelise:

"Dildo in a barrel" is the perfect name for a board game.
  6:52pm Bruce Stringsteen:

Hey, I'm da Bost!
  6:52pm I dabble in clown rape...:

What's Andy wearing to the MEET-UP?
  6:52pm g:

Ron Popiel sold "Dildo in a Barrel" back in the day.
  6:53pm Listener zero:

Andy is high tension and energy tonite.
  6:53pm Kwee:

  6:53pm I dabble in clown rape...:

I think it was WHAMMO!!!
  6:53pm Danne D:

This show is more fun than a barrel of dildos
  6:54pm Steve Jobs:

A Zune.
  6:54pm pgw in mntclr:

yeah, that was a "bababooey" moment
  6:54pm Perv's Pickup Line:

"You don't know me, but you know my sister Jenna."
  6:55pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Just a bow tie?
  6:56pm FRANGRY:

pledge $75 to our show and get a calendar!
  6:56pm depressed Persian cab driver:

Those ARE stupid novelty gifts for tourists, made by the thousands from the shrinking forests in the Philippines. Specifically the Ifugao province... guy in barrel is supposed to make you laugh, and apparently had lots of appeal to Vietnam era US troops stationed there.
  6:56pm Robert in Seattle:

You don't know me but I'm your brother. I was raised here in this living hell...
  6:56pm g:

Who buys a fake breathing dog?
  6:56pm Guessing:

Andy will wear a bowtie around his you-know-what.
  6:56pm Tommelise:

We're dead animal friendly.
  6:58pm Guessing:

Enema of the State
  6:58pm Danne D:

and the rats in the bathroom with a silver spoon
little boy blue and the man on the moon
  6:58pm FRANGRY:

pledge $75 to our show and get a calendar!
  6:59pm I dabble in clown rape...:

Should we have ANDY stuffed - like Trigger?

They could display him in the WFMU lobby. They could also have him run the board...you wouldn't notice a difference!
  6:59pm Robert in Seattle:

Jane Austen's Enema
  6:59pm FRANGRY:

BYE WEIRDOS listen to im worth it at 730
  6:59pm Danne D:

Good night weirdos :)
Have a good one :)
  6:59pm g:

C ya weirdos!
  6:59pm sandy:

I like rats.
  6:59pm dale:

the womean who played reba the mail lady collects a lot of that stuff.
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