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Street interviews, listener call-ins, vinyl gluttery, sporadic normalcy, original floperas and fiktion, blatant talking over songs, politix, tenderness, and a vague undercurrent of angst. Right up your alley!

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Listener comments!

  12:07pm Clay:

  12:09pm 12539:

  12:09pm Mr. Two Arms:

Hello, Clay. It is truly a pleasure to experience your radio show on a Monday afternoon.
  12:10pm J J:

(raises hand)
  12:11pm listener mark:

great ! great !
  12:12pm Clay:

Thanks Irene for letting me fill in. Hello everyone.
  12:16pm MD:

  12:19pm Clay:

I hear you MD. Hope you guys aren't minding this. A little short on laughs.
  12:20pm Clay:

This is Prelude doing After The Goldrush
  12:21pm Lizardner Dave:

Actually Clay there are plenty of laughs here. I can't decide what the UWS movement reminds me of more, South Park's Underpants Gnomes or the Judean People's Front bit from Monty Python's Life of Brian.
  12:24pm listener mark:

Keep a clean nose
Watch the plain clothes
You don’t need a weatherman
To know which way the wind blows
  12:24pm MD:

Prelude piece was nice...Thanks Dusty...
It's helping my soul...!!!
  12:25pm Clay:

I'll do the playlist later. Octopus routine happening here.
  12:27pm Sean Gostage:

Hey Clay, greetings from Bristol, UK, looking forward to listening to your show.
  12:27pm Clay:

Hello Sean!
  12:29pm Clay:

  12:29pm Vicki:

Hi Clay, nice to hear you while it's still light here
  12:30pm Clay:

Vick ... haven't forgotten Corpulent Britisher Hope you aren't mad at me.
  12:30pm Emile:

Great surprise to turn on fmu on a Monday and hear clay.
  12:31pm Vicki:

noooo, I'm not mad at you, plenty of time :) see you in a few weeks anyway
  12:35pm glenn:

i may not agree with what you play, but i will defend to the death your right to play it.
  12:38pm BSI:

Missus BSI was named after this very song.
  12:42pm dc pat:

is she a librarian? Mrs dc pat is...
  12:43pm Robert:

Stop the railroading of Bob Avakian! Or is that RCP slogan no longer applicable?
  12:44pm BSI:

Not a librarian, but an editor.... close, no?
  12:44pm dc pat:

gawd. I'm as socialist as anybody but guys like this make me want to bury my head under pillows...
  12:44pm average listener:

Oh joy, 3 hours of Radio Trollface.
  12:44pm dc pat:

ah, funny mrs. dc pat works as an editor too...
  12:46pm Clay:

201 209 9368 I might take calls in a bit. Please call and tell us how you feel about the Occupy Wall street movement.
  12:48pm zoot:

Tonio K's Funky Western Civilization seems to be the soundtrack in my little brain through all this...
  12:49pm glenn:

before mrs. d.c. pat came along, he was dc pubhdkfyhrbnfknbuyfdhjkswhjat
  12:50pm Randy in NC:

Protests down here in NC too...
  12:50pm Vicki:

I <3 Radio Trollface
Peoples, pledge to the Dusty Show now
  12:51pm dc pat:

glenn - you hit the nail on the head with that. If there's one thing I've learned from my wifey, it's to carve everything down to the real substance.
  12:51pm MD:

no 'fmu listener is average....
  12:52pm glenn:

i've got a cold, not the shies.
  12:52pm Van in Dallas:

Irene takes entirely too much time off ;)
  12:52pm Kurt:

Socialists make me laugh. Talk about liking to bury their head in the sand.
  12:54pm anti-olds:

Why does so much of OWS appear to drape itself in the '60s? Someone told me all them hippies sold us out and became all the bankers and robber barons OWS is protesting against.
  12:55pm Lizardner Dave:

I'm bailing to go on a conference call in 5 minutes, but long story short:
Sensible = WFMU: "We need money to get through the rest of the year so we will have a clever themed fundraising drive to try to get the money".
Non-sensible = OWS: "We're angry about the bad economy so we will mill about in the streets, block traffic and communicate our vague discontent via Apple products which, by the way is a company that trades for over $400 a share".
  12:57pm Clay:

ELP - The Barbarian
  12:57pm MD:

377.63...actually...Apple Stock...
  1:00pm chrisg:

hey Clay. Listening and enjoying your show... it's nice to hear you on more lately what with steeping in for other dj's. Good job bud..
your fan chris g the singer...
  1:01pm glenn:

i'm a very proud socialist. how am i burying my head in the sand, kurt? i am breathless with anticipation.........
  1:02pm Kurt:

Just the few mistakes the the Soviets and Chinese made. When you guys are in charge I'm sure it'll be nothing but wall to wall workers utopia.
  1:02pm listener mark:

Society has lost sight of what's important, the family and the community.
  1:02pm drewo:

Hi Clay. Always a pleasure to discover you doing a fill-in. Distracts me from my work. But that's not bad.
  1:03pm The Cal Guy:

Where can I buy a OWS T shirt?
  1:04pm Ike:

I think of myself as a democratic semi-socialist. The Chinese and Soviets were/are authoritarian maniacs who don't know the meaning of real socialism or the importance of basic human rights and also checks and balances, etc.
  1:04pm glenn:

communism and socialism are not the same thing. educate yourself a bit, and then we can talk.
  1:04pm Clay:

Loving the comments. Keep them coming. Call if you like, but HANG ON. Don't hang up.
  1:04pm dc pat:

Kurt - like we have now you mean?
  1:04pm Robert:

Gotta her that State Of The Station message Wed. and hear what cover story Ken gives for embezzling half the fiscal year's income.

But seriously, this is a surprise that is somewhat scary. A lower than expected rate of converting spring pledges into cash? Emergency needs? Tenant downstairs move out? Oh, the suspense....
  1:06pm 12539:

@Robert, I think that at the time of the marathon they announced they were $50K or so short of the goal.
  1:08pm Cecile:

hi, all!
  1:09pm Clay:

  1:11pm Kurt:

On this whole planet I can't think of one form of government superior to ours. Is it perfect? Of course not. At least I have a chance to succeed or fail on my own.
  1:11pm Robert:

Yes, 12539, but if pledging went pro rata that would require just a 1 day mini "marathon".
  1:11pm listener mark:

This country won't prosper as long as we pursue mindless consumerism.
  1:12pm Clay:

  1:12pm Cecile:

Ah, not the 70s AC/DC. That's 80s AC/DC. Play Sin City!
  1:12pm glenn:

NOBODY ever succeeds or fails on his or her own. never ever.
  1:13pm Cheri Pi:

Great call on the ACDC!!! so fitting.
  1:13pm glenn:

and the parliamentary system is far superior to the american system, hands down.( sorry guys)
  1:14pm Cecile:

I think there are more less-class-tied opportunities for you and your support network to move forward, I think what Kurt is saying.

But the real question is Bon or Brian? I vote Bon!
  1:14pm Clay:

OMG you're right Cecile 1980!! But, most likely recorded in '79. Yes, this must be correct.
  1:14pm Cheri Pi:

yeah, don't blame 70's ACDC for 80's ACDC's management decisions.
  1:15pm Cecile:

No. Bon died in 1980.
  1:15pm Cheri Pi:

  1:15pm Cecile:

BinB came out, after being quickly recorded, in late 1980.
  1:15pm Kurt:

Of course glenn, we need some government help right? Yours? Can I have some money for my morgage? I'm really getting tired of this work thing. Maybe I could become a hippie or something.
  1:17pm Ike:

AGREED Glenn@1:12. We all have to pay for roads, schools, police, firefighters, streetlights, etc. together. Pure libertarianism results in a total wasteland. Try making it in, say, Uganda or Burundi @Kurt. Good luck with that!
  1:17pm Cecile:

NO. They didn't record it until after Bon died. He died in early 1980.
  1:18pm glenn:

if you own a business, you ain't going to succeed without customers, that is to say other people. the money for your mortgage comes from bank capital, provided by other people. sheeeeesh.
  1:19pm greg in dc:

Great show, as always. My hope whenever I'm in NYC (apart from being picked up by the Cash Cab) is to run into you as you're taping. Listening to your show reminds me of being a kid and listening to WBAI in the run up to the 68 convention, except now I'm viewing the proceedings with equal measures of knowledge and cynicism.
  1:19pm Kurt:

Never said we don't need something to keep infrastructure up and going. I don't even mind paying taxes to do it. Not sure how you got that Ike.
  1:19pm MD:

  1:21pm Listener John:

Howdy, Clay! I remember you saying you were gonna fill in for Irene, but when I turned on the radio I thought it was Tuesday . . . Guess my brain is gone . . .
  1:22pm Clay:

Hi John!
  1:22pm dc pat:

"succeed or fail on my own" I think that's a good myth to keep people happy but try telling that to people living in SE DC who have zero opportunities/resources....
  1:23pm bruceleh:

The whole world's watching them chant 'The Whole World's Watching'
Yeah, that sounds like a clear progess.
  1:23pm Clay:

I see callers. If I don't answer, hold on. Waiting for the end of the song.
  1:23pm jaycjay:

@greg, sorry: The truth about Cash Cab is you don't just randomly get "picked up" by it. You first have to chosen by a scout for the production crew (usually saying they're looking for someone to be on a game show), sign some waivers, etc... then when they flag down a cab to "take you to the show" you just agreed to be on, it's the cash cab.
  1:24pm glenn:

Elizabeth Warren: "There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. ... You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear: you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for; you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate; ..." (washingtonmonthly.com)
  1:24pm The Cal Guy:

The whole world is out of calibration.
  1:24pm MD:

  1:24pm seang:

money is an idea, a human invention, we can change it
  1:25pm glenn:

clay, can you play the revolution starts now by steve earle?
  1:25pm Ike:

Great idea @Glenn! That's a great song.
  1:26pm OWS:

We'd love to change the world
But we don't know what to do
  1:27pm BSI:

stepped away for a minute.
did i miss the revolution?
  1:27pm Cecile:

I'll just settle for some competent, pleasant, responsible administration.
  1:29pm Ike:

Fair enough @Kurt -- most libertarians or "make it on my own" types don't seem to understand infrastructure at all. And I def. think that too many renters were encouraged to get mortgages a few years back, but there are also lots of predators out there, and there needs to be a way to check and balance them. Either educate people against them more thoroughly, or regulate predatory businesses.
  1:30pm MD:

Thank you IKE...
  1:31pm glenn:

i hate to be a grammar nazi, but - INFA structure.
  1:31pm Sean Daily:

Yes, American lives are NOT more important than other lives.

But my life is more important than you sumbitches...
  1:32pm BSI:

"'American Exceptionalism' is a fool's fascism."
  1:32pm Sean Daily:

Oh great. Someone ELSE who thinks the Answer To The World Problem comes from one guy and one book...
  1:32pm Kurt:

Those of a purely libertarian bent tend to make as much sense as those who think anarchy makes sense. Or purely socialist for that matter or purely anything.

But keep the communists coming Clay. Their sooo cute.
  1:35pm Cecile:

I'm going to be first up against the wall, so I'm not so hyped about revolution. Middle class is always the first to go.
  1:35pm glenn:

well, if you can't win an argument with logic, you can always try patronization.
  1:35pm Sean Daily:

"I don't think we've demonized each other. It's THOSE unholy sumbitches who demonized US! God I hate them..."
  1:36pm BSI:

  1:36pm Dialectics Break Bricks:

So, when the "real" revolution finally succeeds, will Chairman Bob and his cadres allow privately-owned radio stations like WFMU to exist?
  1:37pm Listener John:

I didn't realize that the RCP was still around, but it's true that I've been out of touch for years. A real live maoist . . .

But I bet they are just PRETENDING to be an important or leading force in this past week's events . . .
  1:37pm 1000 flowers bloom:

This fall: Dancing With The Cadres.
  1:38pm MD:

nice clay!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1:39pm Sean Daily:

By the way, more guitars like this, Dusty.
  1:39pm Kurt:

There will be a governent department that makes sure we all get plenty of pro-party/revolution programming 24/7 if we want it or not. Probably not much room for WFMU.
  1:42pm Cecile:

caller: I think it's Tony's web-only stream show.
  1:43pm Vicki:

ha ha :)
Tony Coulter - http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/TC - he's webstream only - will appear as a link on the front page at wfmu - Give The Drummer Some stream
  1:43pm Detroit Mac:

Real communism is like real christianity - they are both wonderful concepts for the structuring of society. HOWEVER, once more than 5 people are involved, a power struggle ensues, and the whole thing is fucked.
  1:43pm Cecile:

Ventura is kind of nuts - but Hulk Hogan went bankrupt three times, and Ventura got rich with a fraction of the salary.
  1:44pm Ike:

The pure, straight-up Communists and Maoists are just flat-out silly. Kurt@1:32, there's something we can agree on. But @1:39, huh? I missed something.
  1:44pm Andy:

Thanks for your honest coverage of the Occupy Wall Street events, Clay. Not even the so-called unbiased alternative media has such a high quotient of Real Talk.
  1:45pm glenn:

i left out some of that quote. here's the full thing. - There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody. You built a factory out there? Good for you. But I want to be clear: you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for; you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate; you were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory, and hire someone to protect against this, because of the work the rest of us did. Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea? God bless. Keep a big hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.
  1:45pm Cecile:

The media were tough on Jesse, but that started when he took offense at routine press questions that your average water commissioner answers from day one.
  1:46pm Vicki:

I just posted the Tony Coulter info up the comments page..
  1:46pm Sean Daily:

I'm not cynical, Dusty. Hell, I'm a part of Occupy Las Vegas (march down the Strip on Oct. 6, occupation on Oct. 15).

But some of the PEOPLE that you're talking to, man...
  1:46pm Cecile:

He did do great things for teachers and transportation. He selected a lifelong teacher as his running mate.
  1:47pm glenn:

to digress; this ham and brie croque monsieur i made for lunch is the tits.
  1:47pm Joe E:

The reason it's been difficult to determine what the protesters are complaining about is due to the simple fact that there are just so many things to complain about.
  1:47pm Cecile:

glenn, recipe?
  1:48pm jojo:

i was amazed last week by the immensity of the police presence with popo cars everywhere down there...i guess it's big now, there were only a few people last week.
Happy it's happening
But it's sure to screw up my Falafel lunch down there, I bet their all eating falafels, bastards
  1:49pm Wall St.:

Let them eat ham and brie croques monsieur.
  1:50pm Ben:

Thanks for the show. I'm feeling the passion in the protest.
  1:50pm Ike:

Somebody call in and plug Tony Coulter's awesome web-only show! (I can't call from work, plus I have a cold.)
  1:52pm glenn:

ciabatta bread. grill some ham for 10 mins or so at med low heat. place on bread. put brie in middle. close 'er up. grill for another 10 mins or so, until brie is melty and bread is crispy golden brown.
  1:53pm Clay:

Bread - Mother Freedom
  1:53pm Cecile:


Dude is like some (not all) of the old-school conservatives I came up with. People they ran off in the Reagan years. :/
  1:54pm dc pat:

Cecile - that's kind of what I was thinking. never hear from real conservatives anymore..
  1:54pm Listener John:

One little tiny comment: It seems that when anyone has a demonstration or an action, 1 million people come out to criticize their ideas or strategy. I don't want to criticize the Occupy Wall Street people -- let them work out their own action.

I don't like maoists or trotskyists or leninists or right wing paleoconservatives very much. (I like Michael Harrington's ideas, not that it matters.)

And I bet that the ideologues (and the true crazies) are in the minority out there.
  1:55pm glenn:

patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. - samuel johnson.
  1:57pm Kurt:

Beware the person who talks by quoting others.
  1:58pm Lizardner Dave:

Beware of the blob. It creeps and seeps across the floor and up the walls.
  1:58pm pizzadog:

Who said that, Kurt?
  1:59pm Cecile:

I'm glad that people are taking non-violent action.
I'm just deeply distrustful of slogans and the sayers of slogans.
  1:59pm Sean Daily:

PUH-LEASE let us know what that last song was, Dusty. PUh-LEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEESE.
  1:59pm Cecile:

But I'm not a charismatic change agent. I'm a competent, pleasant administrator.
  1:59pm BSI:

The thing that all these failed political systems have in common is PEOPLE. Get rid of all PEOPLE and stuff will work just fine. And yes, you may quote me.
  1:59pm Detroit Mac:

We're an enlightened society, and we only pace a high value on things like durable good and real estate. Human life is supposed to get out of the way.
  1:59pm glenn:

really? see, he said it better than me, and first. so why shouldn't i quote him. at least i read a book once in awhile.
  2:00pm dc pat:

  2:00pm Sean Daily:

Oops. Didn't see your previous post. Never mind...
  2:00pm Cecile:

BSI - my favorite saying is from Tin Huey: "I could rule the world if I could only get the parts."
  2:00pm Clay:

  2:01pm glenn:

and for what it's worth - the most left wing politician in the u.s. would be considered a right wing nutbar in canada.
  2:02pm Detroit Mac:

  2:03pm glenn:

give me immortality, or give me death.
  2:03pm dc pat:

the only way to get the inside dope is from the outside....dope...
  2:04pm Listener John:

Merle Haggard! One of my favorites. Back in the mid-1990s they released a big double CD retrospective of his career. I was working in a record store, and me and all the other weirdos, malcontents, punk rockers and anti-clericals who worked there all bought copies.

Because Merle is great.
  2:06pm marcia custer:

Kent Ohio! Represent... I'm listening from campus myself... The May 4th Tragedy was terrible and it is still being ignored in our community. Let's wake up and remember so that we can move forward!
  2:06pm glenn:

apparently, when he wrote okie from muskogee, everybody on his tour bus had just finished a big bong at the same time as they were leaving oklahoma.
  2:07pm Cecile:

Kent State is a blot. A terrible thing.
  2:07pm John Bingham:

Down with imperialist capitalist scum! Death to me! I am a byproduct of said cesspool!
  2:07pm BSI:

@Cecile: good one, that.
I tend to be an equal opportunity cynic, unfortunately. I want to believe, but when enough "leaders" of ANY stripe get together, something toxic and appalling seems to happen, every time.
  2:09pm Cecile:

I'm happy to be a late boomer, we started punk rock.
  2:11pm Cecile:

it did happen in Hungary. Then the Russian tanks came in.
  2:13pm Clay:

pop wfmu vinyl
  2:13pm Cecile:

Ha, in the Lemmy movie, Lemmy points that out about the Stones - he pretty much says the Beatles were the biggest brawlers in the game and that's why they were #1.
  2:15pm Cecile:

anyway, I'm going to haul my effete centrist butt out of there to the dentist. have a good, lively afternoon!
  2:15pm glenn:

czechoslovakia, no?
  2:16pm Clay:

By Cecile. Thanks for your input.
  2:16pm Cecile:

Also czech, but hungary, too.
  2:17pm Cecile:

  2:24pm yair yona (tel aviv, Earth):

FIY people, my family name Yona, is actually Hebrew word for Pigeon or dove. thought you should know.
  2:24pm Cecile:

Karen guested on "Love" a lot, and she was the young teacher on Room 222.
  2:24pm dc pat:

Bloomberg: "The protesters are protesting against people who make $40,000, $50,000 year and are struggling to make ends meet." what a douche, whatever you want to say about OWS, that's about the dumbest.
  2:24pm glenn:

she was alice johnson.
  2:24pm dale:

karen valentine was rm 222. and a few movies of the week, like 'coffee, tea or me' with richard long (i believe)
  2:25pm glenn:

multiply that by a hundred. that's more accurate.
  2:27pm Listener John:

@ Glenn -- Hungary was 1956, Czechoslovakia was 1968. There was an uprising in East Germany in 1953 that was put down by force -- I think that the Soviet troops were already there, though, so it may not have been an "invasion" or "intervention."
  2:28pm dale:

i got that wrong, she was his birthday gift in that one as a young 'escort' who couldn't go through with it as it was her first time. they end up falling in love. maybe that was called 'the girl who came giftwrapped'
  2:28pm glenn:

right. thanks.
  2:32pm glenn:

dog poop is unaffected by the ideological divide. everybody hates dog poop.
  2:33pm Pat:

I <3 Clay
  2:35pm Divine:

Everybody hates dog poop? Maybe, but I can be flexible for the right script.
  2:36pm Clay:

The Original Caste - One Tin Soldier Also recorded and made famous by Coven.
  2:38pm glenn:

sorry divine, edie the egg lady won my heart long ago.
  2:42pm yair yona (tel aviv, Earth):

oh man, I run from the day to day reality in israel with obama and wars and arabs and hasidic, and I get it here. oh man.
  2:43pm Clay:

Kenny Rogers and the First Edition
  2:44pm Julie:

I missed a Karen Valentine discussion!
  2:46pm glenn:

kenny rogers. worst. chicken. ever.
  2:47pm Robert:

Like the Hasid, I like John Bachelor too, but less and less as time goes on and a greater proportion of the material sounds canned, sometimes in the sense of glib, sometimes actually rerun. Bachelor & Alexander were most interesting when they were together, but because of the material more than because of their style.
  2:56pm Clay:

  2:56pm Listener John:

Thanks for another great show, Clay!
  2:57pm Vicki:

thanks Clay :)
  2:57pm Can Dialectics Break Bricks?:

I bet Chairman Bob is a closet Styx fan
  2:57pm glenn:

  2:57pm Can Dialectics Break Bricks?:

I bet Chairman Bob is a closet Styx fan
  2:57pm Clay:

Thanks for listening everyone. Take care ... always remember. March Wednesday Be there Aloha
  3:02pm BSI:

brilliant show, maestro.
  3:02pm dc pat:

glenn - should have been "sux"
  3:06pm glenn:

i sit corrected.
  4:58pm Matt:

Nice to see a fellow Kent Ohioan listening to WFMU
  5:04pm marcia:

woah i just got back home and saw this... i agree--- by the way, the may 4th class sounds pretty cool. is it a history course?
  6:19pm anon:

Can someone tell me what was playing from 5:40pm to 6:05pm today?
  2:05pm Mary:

All the music on your playlist, no mention of the greatest guitarist, Hendrix thought they were at *least* equals: Rory Gallagher??!! W.T.F.??? Shinkicker, Tattod Lady, Nadine...Million Miles Away? Come on, now!
  4:28pm lz:

check it: http://wearethe99percent.tumblr.com/
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